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A Change Comes Over Mom
07-26-2012, 04:01 AM
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A Change Comes Over Mom
When she told him on Friday that they were going skiing for the weekend, he just nodded his ok. He didn't always do what his mother asked but he'd learned over the years to choose his battles. This wasn't worth a confrontation. Although he didn't understand why anyone would want to be outside in below freezing temperatures, he knew that the hot chocolate and the women at the lodge would be tasty.

They left directly from the main office since she had packed what they would need before coming in. "Timothy did you get the new manager set up for the Belmar store?"

"Mother could we not talk about work? Everything was taken care of. "

"Listen Timmy, if it wasn't for me, neither you nor your father would have a decent job. You're twenty and I put you in charge of personnel. If you would have gone to college like I told you to, maybe you could help me out more and I wouldn't have to follow up every damned little thing... and if your father had a spine maybe... "

He let her go on. He knew there was no stopping her when she got into the "My Company" rap. Most of it was true but it was an endurance test and he hated it when she called him 'Timmy' - she knew it. Over the last year he had paid his dues and learned a lot; she even begrudgingly admitted it at times.

After she slowed down he said, "Roberta, take it easy; everything's in place for Monday, Belmar is secure, I also met with the accountants and set up the board meeting to discuss the five store expansion. I know your not sure about it but it's in uncertain times like these that people will be more likely to look for our kind of discount stores. Now, can we just enjoy the weekend?"

She gave him a half smile and said "All right" but the annoyance at him for calling her "Roberta" was in her voice.

When they arrived, through some foul-up, only one room was available for the first night. She gave the management hell but when all was said and done they had to share one room. They were both tired from work and the drive up so they went to bed early.

In the middle of the night, even though they were in a king size bed, Roberta felt Tim up against her. Her groggy initial thought was "Is my son trying to...?" then she heard the deep even breathing of sleep. What felt like a pole against her ass, turned her on. She gently reached back to see if it was as big as it seemed. She wrapped her hand around its width, over his briefs, and tried not to wake him. She almost let out a nervous laugh, thinking, "Where the hell did something this size come from; certainly not from his father?" Roberta started to imagine what her son's thick rod would feel like inside her. She felt the moisture that appeared between her legs and was surprised at herself when the idea of slipping him into her crossed her mind. When he stirred, she let him go and moved off into a disturbed sleep.

In the morning she laughed and said to her son, "That's quite a tool you had up against me last night. " He looked at her warily. "How about giving your mother a peek at it?"

"What are you talking about?" he said. She told him. His "No way" was emphatic but he wondered if that was why he awakened hot and hard. It wasn't that his mother's fine body didn't have a place in his consciousness; he had just never let himself go too far down fantasy lane. Catching a sight of her tit-flesh or creamy thigh here and there got him going, but he never actually thought of doing anything. He didn't have to, because she did.

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07-26-2012, 04:01 AM
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RE: A Change Comes Over Mom
The next night was particularly cold and as they sat with a blanket over their laps by the fire in the main lodge, his mother slipped her hand under the blanket and put it between his legs. After the initial shock, he nervously looked around. As he stiffened, he looked to see if anyone knew what his mother was doing to him. They were all talking and drinking and laughing as his mother slowly massaged his cock. She hardly moved her hand and mostly squeezed it. He turned to her and whispered, "Mother, please stop or I'm going to come in my pants. "

She grinned at him and said, "Would that be so bad?"

He answered her softly but forcefully, "Mother, I said stop. " She moved her hand away with a shrug.

"I'll be in my room all night; see you later. " She got up and left.

Tim was dazed from her touch, and his hardness, and now from this obvious invitation. His dick was throbbing and all his juices were telling him to go to her but he didn't... because she wanted him to come... because she told him to come... because she expected him to come.

When he woke up the next morning his cock was rock hard from dreams of his mother. Visions of his thick dick stuffing his mother's mouth and pussy decorated the long night. His mother was no less inflamed. They both masturbated before coming down to breakfast.

Tim and his mother never discussed the incident but he noticed a subtle change in her over the next few months. She seemed softer. She wore sweaters that accentuated the swell of her breasts. She stood closer to him: close enough for him to smell her perfume and feel her heat.

When the expansion worked out well she gave him the credit. He also began noticing a change in himself. He noticed himself noticing her. He liked her size. She was 5'8" and full breasted. Her ass looked enticingly firm and well rounded when she wore a tight skirt. At twenty, he was first noticing how pretty she was. He watched her walk and he watched the undulations of her movements. More and more he was imagining what he couldn't see.

During that period his father moved into one of the guest rooms in the spacious house they lived in. He found out why on the night his mother knocked on his bedroom door. He turned off the sound on the television and heard her say, "Tim may I speak with you?"

He let her in. She was wearing a two-piece nylon nightdress through which he could almost see her dark nipples. The movement of her breasts captured him. He almost reached for them involuntarily. "Timothy, I want you to know what's going on. Your father and I haven't slept together in a year. There was just nothing there for me anymore and I wanted my privacy; that's why he's downstairs now. Anybody else would have moved out but he never was that kind of man. He's got his office, his golf and his secretary and I guess he knows which side his bread is buttered on. He asked if he could stay in the house and I said it was fine if he stayed out of our way. " She sighed and sat on his bed.

"It doesn't matter to me mother, you know I was never close with him; I don't think we've had more than two conversations in the last five years. "

For better or worse it was his mother who had brought him up. Sometimes it had been war, but now he thought that she respected him for not letting her steamroller him all the time. "You know Tim we never talked about what happened at Mt. Snow. I want to apologize for making you uncomfortable. I... "

"Forget about it mother; I did. " The reality of it was that not a day had gone by when he didn't think about it.

"Tim I know I could have done a lot better with you when you were younger but... could you call me "mother" or "mom" sometimes? He didn't say anything. Roberta thought that her son had refused her that night because he was afraid or inexperienced. "Tim... we've never really discussed sex... I... well... have you ever been with a woman?"

"Plenty" he said. Plenty was two, one of which liked his size and one of which didn't. He was with the one who did for about eight months and they drifted apart when they both realized they didn't love each other.

"Tim, would you touch me please. " He walked up to where she sat and put his hand on her well-rounded breast. Her eyes closed as she lifted her top. His eyes caressed his mother's breasts as the flickering light of the TV played on them. In her son's hands, they felt as if they were covered with a fine velvety down. He took her nipples between his fingers and rolled and pulled on them. She smiled and reached for his cock and said, "Come to momma. "
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07-26-2012, 04:01 AM
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RE: A Change Comes Over Mom
Something snapped. When he thought about it later, he wasn't sure if it was her tone of voice or command that did it. He slapped her across her tits and said, "Get out. "
She was momentarily stunned. Her nipples tingled and she was at a loss for words.

"Honey... I... What do you want me to do?"

He was confused as she was at that moment and said, "Look I'm sorry mother... I... maybe it's better if you leave now. "

His mother stood as the nylon fell and covered her breasts. She kissed her son's cheek and just said, "All right Tim, if you want me to. " She left but the tenderness of her kiss remained.

That second incident accelerated the evolution of their relationship. His mother bought him little gifts and he was kinder in his responses to her. If they weren't mother and son, it might have been called 'dating'. They went to movies and plays and mostly talked. She found out how many books he'd read and that he was funny; he found out she could sculpt. He regaled her with jokes and she showed him her work that had been packed away in the shed for fifteen years. They got to like each other, very much.

She never pushed him past his lead. If he kissed her, which happened more often, she kissed him back. He had only touched her a few times and she had just let him. He liked to hold her hand and walk and she liked to curl under his arm on the couch. When the long Independence Day weekend approached he suggested they go to Mt. Snow. "Why would you want to go there in the summer?" she asked.

"It'll be pretty on the mountain without the crowds and we can take drives and walk... "

"Sounds great honey, let's go. "

The lodge was almost deserted and when Tim went up to the desk, his mother was surprised, pleasantly surprised, when he said, "One room with a king size bed please. "

When they got into the room she said, "I was hoping you wanted to be with me this weekend. " His kiss told her there would be no stopping this time; that he was going to make love to her. When her son's hand began massaging between her legs, her sigh contained all the relief of months of anticipation.

Roberta covered Tim's hand with hers as he rubbed. His other hand unbuttoned her top and then slid into her bra uncovering her breast. He felt his mother's nipple in his palm as he squeezed her fleshy tit a little too hard. The pleasure and discomfort excited her. As they kissed, he used both hands to remove her top and pull her bra down. He took hold of both of his mother's tits. He could feel the heat of the flesh that filled his hands. As he fondled her she started picturing herself on the bed, on hands and knees with her ass up in the air. She imagined her son's big cock approaching to take her from behind.

Within minutes she found herself in that position, waiting for her son to put himself in her. She anticipated his size but was still surprised when he first entered her. His initial penetration into her pussy excited her. She was wet enough but she became afraid as he slowly moved deeper into her channel. Her son's cock was stretching the walls of her vagina and she dropped her belly to the bed and said, "Wait baby... please... just one minute. "

She went to her suitcase and retrieved the lubricant she had brought in hopes that her son would be in her. Then she said, "Let momma suck you first. "

He was still kneeling on the bed in the position he had taken to fuck his mother as she approached, open-mouthed. When the knob went in past her stretched lips, she tasted the juice that had come from her cunt. She licked it all off him and then tried to take as much of the meat as she could back into her mouth. Neither of his girlfriends could do what his mother was doing to him. He felt her tongue circling the swollen head and pressing along the thick shaft. It felt wonderful but the more she sucked him the more he wanted to be inside her. He stroked her hair and said, "Mother... I want to be in you... I need to be in you now... in your pussy... in your pussy... "

"Yes darling... Yes... " She slathered her son's throbbing cock with lubricant and turned for him to take her. This time he went in and drove quickly to fill her grasping pussy. He'd never been so deep in any woman. His mother groaned with the assault and was almost brought to orgasm by the charge his first thrust sent through her. "Yes baby... that's what I need... your cock... that's what momma needs... Tim... Tim... at first it was a game to me but now I know you're what I need... you... and your big cock in me... doing this... like I've wanted for so long. "

She turned her shoulder and reached under her leg to massage his balls as his big cock massaged the walls of her vagina. The excitement of mother and son having each other, took them both to the edge quickly. He filled his mother's pussy and she felt as if it was the first time she'd ever been penetrated. Each thrust of her son's cock thrilled her. Sex had never done this to her before and she begged her son not to stop. He had no intention of stopping as he looked at her well-rounded ass and watched the insertions at the joining point of him to his mother.
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07-26-2012, 04:01 AM
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RE: A Change Comes Over Mom
Their first orgasm together was long and intense. Each sharp blast of cum caused them both to react. He pressed his mother's tits and rode her hard through their exclamations. As he continued pushing as deep as he could go, he said, "This is what you want isn't it mother... you want your son to fuck you don't you... you want your son's cock in your cunt don't you... you slut... you bitch...? Now you're mine... you're my pussy... you belong to me. "

That excited her almost as much as his fucking did and she responded by pushing back against her son's cock and saying, "Yes baby I'm yours... Momma's yours... your pussy. " All the nerve endings from her nipples to her cunt seemed to fire at once and she juiced all over her son's cock. She was astonished by the intensity of the orgasm that her son had given her. As she lay reflecting, her fingers found their way inside her and became coated with their commingled cum.

That first night with her son was an experience she wouldn't forget and one that would be repeated many times over the next few months. He became insatiable; he wanted her all the time, he wore her out. She could feel his hands on her as she slept. At the time she thought it was the excitement of having sex with his mother but later on she realized he wanted more; he wanted to possess her, body and soul.

His possession of her took many forms. It began that night with the 'storytelling'. He told her he wanted to watch her masturbate and she touched herself for him. The sight of his mother with her legs spread, hand over hand, massaging her pussy would never leave him. While she slowly rubbed and climbed, he had her tell him about all the men she had been with, starting with her first experience as a young woman. She licked her fingers and circled her clit as she described in great detail how she was touched and filled and what she was and was not willing to do for her men. This became a ritual during the respites when he wasn't on her or in her. He was excited to learn that she hadn't allowed anyone to have anal sex with her. He planned to be her first, her second and her third.

At first, his attentions kept her sore almost all the time but she thought that after the first few weeks he would settle into a more measured pace. She was wrong. All he ever wanted to do was fuck her, and he did. She loved him and what he did to her. She wanted the sex as much as he did but she became concerned when he got rough with her. She was becoming powerless to control the relationship. He took her when he wanted her and how he wanted her.

One night she as she was dressing to go to a community function he came up behind her and reached into to top of her dress. She wore no bra because of the construction of the dress and the surprise of contacting her flesh up to the nipple brought his hardness against her ass immediately. "Please baby, I have to go... oh honey... I'll be home early; I promise. "

He wordlessly answered with his insistent hands. He pulled her panties down and she sat helplessly on the bed spreading her legs. "Look at what you've done to me. " He could actually see the wetness on his mother's pussy. "What am I going to do with you?" she asked with an exasperated smile.

"Give me what I need," he said as he released his cock from his pants and brought it to her. She watched as her son began stuffing her with his thick meat. She took a deep breath as the sight of him entering her slickness resigned her to the fact that she wasn't going anywhere. This was where she wanted to be; this was how she wanted to be. Her son was fucking her and whatever else she thought about it, she loved it. She loved the size of him as he filled his mother's pussy. She loved the feel of him as he took her and she got lost in the rush of excitement that her body was helpless to resist. As the thrusts of the big pole took her higher, she thought of a line from "Diamonds and Rust"

Our breath comes out white clouds, mingles and hang in the air. Speaking strictly for me we both could have died then and there.

That was how she felt when he was in her. Everything disappeared and it was as good as it ever could be. Her whole body responded now to his touches and to the big cock that split and speared up into her belly. Sensations overwhelmed her as she watched his cock open her, as she heard the sounds of her wetness and as she felt and felt and felt. She moaned as her orgasm overtook her and she surrendered to it with loud pleasured abandon.

The roughness started after she raised her voice to him one day at work. He only glared at her. She later apologized but that night he made her strip and drape herself over the arm of the couch. He slapped her ass mercilessly until she begged him tearfully to stop. The pain didn't stop her from getting wet. When he calmed, he spread her legs apart and licked her to orgasm, as she remained prone in that position. It wouldn't be the last time he pained and pleasured his mother there.

One night he took her to his room and stripped her without a word. He took his undershirt and wrapped it around her eyes. He tied her hands behind her with one of her stockings. He forced her to kneel and shoved the choking thickness of his meat into her throat. "This is for you," he said as she obediently took as much of his cock as she could. "This is for you, you whore... " She used her lips and mouth in every way she could to please her son. Her tongue licked up and down the shaft and traced the edge where it met the head. She sucked on the thick helmet until he couldn't stand it anymore. He felt a torrent of cum waiting to fill his mother's mouth.

Tim pulled out of her mouth before the explosion they were both anticipating. He took a deep breath and retreated from the edge of orgasm. He took her by the shoulders and he forced his mother face down onto her elbows and approached her from behind. He drove the length of his hardness into her. Each stroke of her son's cock thrilled her, especially because it was her son's cock. He pounded her wet pussy and told her, "This is what you deserve... this... this... this. " Each word brought her a more forceful insertion.

She only inflamed him more when she said, "I don't know what I deserve... probably a lot worse for what I've done... but I know what I want. I want you to fuck me like this... to fuck me always... to fuck me... to fuck me. " His mother came screaming those words.

Often he would take her in the morning after she was dressed. He knew she would be anxious to leave for work and he would stop her in the kitchen as she grabbed a cup of coffee. He made her stand and take off her panties. He caressed his mother's pussy until it leaked and then he'd have her put one leg up on a chair. This would open her wide enough for him to insert his big cock into her pussy from behind. He'd fill her with cum and leave her panting and disheveled. She never refused him.
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07-26-2012, 04:02 AM
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RE: A Change Comes Over Mom
The more he fucked her the more he wanted her. Each time his momentary satisfaction betrayed him. In minutes he was on her again: in his mother's pussy, in his mother's mouth, until they were both sore. She never complained.

The first night he put his swollen knob on her pucker, she begged him to be patient. "Sweetheart, I'd do anything for you but you'll split me open; please wait until I can take you there. " She suggested vibrators and dildos until she could accustom herself to larger insertions in her smaller hole.

His obsession sometimes took him to flights of fancy. He started talking about wanting to get her pregnant. He told her he wanted her to have his child so he could see her belly swell with his baby and hold her big milky tits. Then she would belong to him. She told him she would do whatever he wanted but she secretly kept taking the pill, waiting for him to come to his senses.

In one fleeting moment, he did. The night he found peace, she was kneeling in front him. The night the demon that demanded he dominate her finally let him go, his big cock was as far into her throat as she could take it. She was trying to make him come in her mouth because he had been in her twice and her pussy was still sore. As she waited for her son to explode in her mouth, he pulled out and said, "I want your ass now. "

She tried to convince him that it was still too soon but she could see that he wouldn't be put off anymore. He put saliva on his cock and attempted to penetrate the tight ring. His mother almost screamed and begged him to use a lubricant. He relented. He came back with his cock glistening and slippery.

He was ramrod hard as he directed himself to her waiting opening. His mother let a high-pitched squeal out as the thick knob entered her ass. The pressure eased when he passed that first barrier but it was excruciating: excruciatingly hot and hard and good. His cock moved deeper into his mother's ass with each gentle but sure thrust. Perspiration beaded on her forehead and breasts, as she took more and more of her son into her yielding channel. His mother's whimpering and moaning was gradually transformed to sighs of pleasure as her son filled her with him. When he had all of it in her, and he felt the globes of her ass against him, he felt relief. He held himself in the deepest part of her and felt her vibrate with emotion. She began to tremble. A tenderness came over him and he kissed up and down her back with angel's kisses as he told her, "I love you momma... I love you. "

She was filled with his cock and his love and she said, "Your momma loves you too baby... and needs you. " They found their rhythm and pleasured each other with loving words as they reached for orgasm. His insistent insertions sped past his desires and he let go. The slippery cum and his loving words filled her. She came with her son and felt waves of pleasure with each of his thrusts and each jet he shot into her. He felt as if he would never stop coming in her. She hoped he wouldn't. Mother and son came until they were spent.

His first words to her were, "I'm sorry mom... I'm sorry I said all those things... I wanted to get back at you... hurt you... I'm sorry. "

"No darling, I loved it all... because I know you love me... it's something you had to go through so we can be where we are now... I'm the one who was wrong to begin with... that's done now... now we can be the lovers we were meant to be... in each others arms... where we belong. "

He kissed his mother tenderly, slowly, achingly, and their passion rekindled in a matter of minutes. He stroked the graceful curves of her breasts and hips for a long time languishing over the expanses of creamy skin. As his fingers played in and out of her slippery holes, she said, "Oh honey... yes... yes... I don't know how a mother could want her son to touch her like that but I do... I don't know how a mother could want her son's cock in her the way I do... oh... oh... yes... but I do want it... all the time baby... all the time... yes love... it feels so good... do it to me... with your fingers and with your mouth and with your big cock... put it in me love... please put it in your momma's aching cunt. "

He entered her moist opening smoothly and slowly filled her welcoming channel. The walls of her vagina fisted him as he swelled and throbbed inside her. She locked her ankles around him and smiled as he could only move in one direction, deeper into her. He pressed and hit the sweet spot that sent a jolt through her causing her to release him. Her pussy tingled with small shocks as her son's tip touched her off.

His mother's pussy was awash with juices, as he loved her with his cock. He gave her his whole length and width as each long stroke audibly slipped in and out of his mother's cunt. He waited for the familiar sounds that came from deep in her throat that usually announced her approaching orgasm before filling her with his pent up cum. She cried out and dug her nails involuntarily deep into his skin. They called to each other as he pumped cord after cord into his mother's waiting pussy.

In the aftermath, Tim was gently stroking his mother's sopping pussy. "Oh love", she said as she held him with little trembles, "It's all new... I'm new... you're all that's important to me now... oh sweetheart, I want you to want me forever... love me forever... make love to me forever. "

He answered with loving kisses all over her face, "I will, I will and I will. "

In the velvet calm that followed, the lovers held each other, heart to loudly beating heart, for a long time, ready to face the changes that would inevitably come; together.
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