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A Night Elven Night - World of Warcraft Sex Story
09-19-2012, 06:55 AM
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A Night Elven Night - World of Warcraft Sex Story
My name is Dalas. I grew up in a poor family in Southshore, and as soon as I was able, moved immediately to the great city of Stormwind to try and make a future for myself.

I had never been very good with arms, nor had I felt the calling of the wild or the light, so that only left me with one choice; magic.

The only question was, which kind would suit me better? The path of the Mage, who follows the "goodly" path of magic, or... the path of the warlock, controller of dark, ancient, powerful magic and demons?

The answer would come soon, as I later found out. One night while drinking an ale in one of Stormwind's many great (and not so great) taverns, a man, hooded, cloaked, and cowled, approached me and asked if I was interested in... deeper knowledge. He told me to go The Slaughtered Lamb that night. So, being an ever curious youngster, I did so.

No sooner had I sat down than the same man approached me and beckoned me to follow him. He led me down a hidden stairwell to the basement, where several people, similarly dressed as him, stood in a circle. "This is the Warlock's Guild," the man said. "We have been watching you, Dalas. You seem like you do... rather well by joining our ranks. Come, and be inducted. We shall teach you everything you need to know..."

And, that's what leads me here. Stranded. On Kalimdor. In the middle of the blasted Ashenvale forest, with nary a Night Elf in sight for help. You'd think, after many years of faithfully serving the Alliance, I'd get some leeway. Not so, as it turns out. If only those blasted furbolg hadn't ambushed me back on the road a ways, I wouldn't find myself in this forgotten glade in the middle of nowhere. All I can do is wait, it seems.

I hadn't been waiting very long, as it turns out, when suddenly, from high above me, I hear a high voice call out in rich Common, "What are you doing here, Human? Are you lost?" I looked up and saw three Kaldorei women kneeling quietly and calmly on the massive branch on one of the trees in the glade. 'Why, yes, I do believe that is what I am, my lady. Would you mind terribly helping me out of this... very nice place so that I might be on my way to Darnassus, as I have been tasked?"

The Night Elves looked at me quickly, then, as one, leapt deftly to the floor of the forest. The leader walked up to me, shook her mane of rich blue hair, and pressed a fist to the purple skin over her heart. "It would be an honor to assist one of the Alliance such as yourself. We are all in this together, are we not? I am Anazune, the one to the left is Tyragon, and the one to the right is Maladrin. Please, come with us. Night approaches, and it would be best to make camp early."

I learned quickly to match names to hair color. Anazune had blue hair, Tyragon had green, and Maladrin had silver. They all wore their hair long and unbraided. As we walked, I could not help but notice how their bodies moved. Sleek, lithe frames toned with muscle... firm, large breasts that swayed easily... firm, round buttocks that just begged to be touched.

Just as I was imagining doing things to them that would have made a treant blush, Anazune called a halt. "This is where we shall make camp for the night. Now, let us sit and converse and bit, and we shall learn a bit about your story, Human," she said softly.

The elves prepared a fire, and then our dinner, and as we ate, we talked. They told me of their mission to reconnoiter the furbolg of Northern Ashenvale. I told them of my mission to Darnassus, and of the package which I was carrying to the druids there.

They looked at me appreciatively for a moment, then began conversing quietly in Darnassian, which I have no amount of fluency in. As they talked, I began to think about how my luck had turned from being lost in the middle of a forest to traveling with three gorgeous Night Elves. Just as I was imagining what I would do to each one of them, Anazune cleared her throat.

She stood and walked over to me, standing above me. After a moment, she dropped to her knees in front of me and looked into my eyes. "Dalas, we have been many nights without companionship, and none of us have ever been with a human. Would you please do us the honors?" I nodded, ecstatic at yet another surge in my luck.

Anazune reached into my robes and removed my throbbing penis, already hard from my earlier fantasies. She must have had some skill in sex, because when she took me into her mouth, I nearly passed out at the skill of it. She bobbed her head up and down my shaft, flicking her tongue across the tip of it and around the sides on her way down.

After only a few minutes of her ministrations, I came into her mouth. She looked up at me and frowned. "So quick? I was hoping you might last longer. No matter, you will still be punished. Tyragon, Maladrin," she said to the women behind her. They stepped up till they were in front of me also, then they all undid the ties holding their leather skirts up.

What I expected to see and what I saw were drastically different. I had expected to see three of the most beautiful slits I had ever seen in my life, clean-shaven and slick with desire. Instead, what I found before my eyes were three massive, veiny, throbbing, purple penises, all about a foot or more long.

I stared at their penises for a moment, then up at the women. "We had our appearance magically altered. To all outward appearances, we are women, when we were once men. Physically, we are women. We simply... declined to have our reproductive organs changed. For that, we were exiled," said Maladrin. "Indeed. Now, it is true we have never been with a Human. You will be the first," Anazune grinned wickedly at me.

I tried to get up and run, but Tyragon muttered a quick incantation and roots sprang out of the ground and held me in place. Under her direction, they forced me to my knees and bent me over, so that my torso was parallel to the ground. Anazune stepped forward and presented her penis to me. "Now, as I have done for you, you will do for me. Proceed," she stated in a very commanding tone. I turned my head away from her.

She motioned to Maladrin, who went to her pack and fetched back a small crystal vial. Anazune took it from, her, pulled out the stopper, and held the vial under my nose. I tried not to inhale, but eventually had to. Immediately I felt lightheaded and very, very aroused. "I am sorry we had to resort to the Gornberry Extract, but you were ebing uncooperative. I think now you will enjoy what we will do to you... many times," Anazune said with a smile. She re-stoppered the vial and presented her penis to me again.

I still had enough self-control to resist, but no strength to resist when she pushed the purple head of her penis into my mouth. She pushed in past my lips and as far down my throat as she could, until she bottomed out. Curiously, I did not gag. Was it another effect of the Gornberry? Mayhap.

Anazune began sliding her penis in and out of my mouth, using my face to pleasure herself. She moaned as she thrust, holding my head to her with every stroke. After what seemed like many, many such thrusts, she ejaculated into my throat, and I had no choice but to swallow it. Its taste was sweet, not bitter or salty. It made me... want more.

Anazune smiled down at me as she removed herself from my mouth. "I forgot to mention, Dalas, that once someone has swallowed my seed, they are forever my slave, and will do whatever I ask of them. Now, who do you belong to, Human?" she said gleefully. "You, my Mistress. I belong to you," I said obediently.

"Good boy. Now, Tyragon, you can release his arms, but keep his waist bound. He needs to be ridden – hard," Anazune told Tyragon. I felt the roots release my arms, but tighten slightly around my waist keeping my tightly bent over.

"I want you to give Maladrin a true sucking, Dalas. No holding back, do you hear me?" Anazune said to me. "Yes, Mistress, your will is my command," I said. Maladrin stepped up to me, presenting her penis for my ministrations. I took her into my mouth eagerly, bobbing my head up and down her shaft, flicking the head of her penis with my tongue. "Oh my, Anazune, he's amazing! I... I... feel like coming so much!" Maladrin exclaimed.

"Good, good. Now, lets see how he feels inside," Anazune said breathily. She walked around behind me, got to her knees, and pushed my robes up, revealing my anus. She slid the tip of her penis up and down my crack, then pushed the head against my sphincter. "Mmm, so tight... I love it when they're tight. You're going to take all of me into you, understand, slave?" All I could do was nod, my mouth moving and full of purple cock.

Anazune pushed the head of her penis harder into me, and after a few seconds of resistance, it popped into me. Still wet with my saliva, her penis slid in much more easily. She pushed and pushed, until she was fully inside me. I had never felt so full in my life. It felt incredibly good to be filled with her meat.

Then Anazune grabbed my hips and pulled her penis out, till only the head was left. I moaned in sadness, feeling the emptiness. They all laughed. "See how eager for my penis he is? This will be fun. Don't worry, my slave, you won't be deprived for long," she said, and with that, she thrust back into me. Her hips picked up a rhythm, and she slammed into me with forced.

I picked up the pace on sucking on Maladrin's penis, feeling ecstasy flowing through me at the ramming I was receiving. I felt so full, and the pounding of my anus made me feel alive and delighted. In moment, Maladrin cried out and came in my mouth, and I eagerly drank all of her delicious seed.

Meanwhile, Anazune picked up her pace yet again. Seeing that I had finished with Maladrin, she rammed me like never before. Eventually, I felt one, then two, then three thrusts stronger than all the rest, and then I felt Anazune's warm ejaculate flooding my bowels with their sticky sweetness. Anazune, sighed deeply, then got up and went to Tyragon. "You can let him go now, he is completely mine. Enjoy him, as I did. Maladrin, go use his anus. He seems to enjoy it quite a bit," she laughed as she sat down.

Maladrin positioned herself behind me and thrust he large penis into me, and I let out a guttural cry of ecstasy. As soon as Tyragon moved, the roots holding me fell away and I was free, but I had no desire to go anywhere. She moved around in front of me, presenting to me her penis now.

I took her into my mouth and eager sucked and slurped my way up and down her shaft, tasting her delicious purple flesh. Maladrin slammed my anus hard, riding me fiercely, trying to get another orgasm. Finally, she cried out, as did Tyragon, and they both came in me at the same time. I swallowed each drop of Tryagon's delicious seed as well, and felt Maladrin's sloshing around inside my anus, mixing with Anazune's.

Tyragon collapsed against a nearby tree and smiled at me. I got up, moved over to her, and sat myself down on her still-hard penis. It slid into me and a moaned with pleasure at being filled again.

I heard her sigh as I sank down onto her. Once the entirety of her shaft was imbedded into my stretched anus, I began to ride her shaft up and down, feeling it sliding in and out of me as I rode. It was a heavenly feeling – in and out, in and out. Her shaft was slightly veinier than Maladrin's or Anazune's, so my pleasure was heightened all the more. Finally, she couldn't stand it anymore, and came deep into my anus. Upon feeling her climax, I took experienced my own earth-shattering orgasm and came all over the forest floor.

Once they were all cleaned up, Anazune approached me. "You will forever be my slave, and I will take good care of you, so long as you obey," she said. I nodded eagerly.

"Good," she said. "Now, let us move on to our shelter. We have many things to do, the four of us..."


I will probably write more in this series. If not more continuations of this story, then more in a World of Warcraft theme. Hope you enjoy. Comments and feed back are always welcome and appreciated.

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