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A Night at the Burger Bus - Lydia Johnson Sex Story
09-19-2012, 06:55 AM
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A Night at the Burger Bus - Lydia Johnson Sex Story
Lydia Johnson was on the road since midday. It was past midnight and she was far from home. The thunderstorm was the only thing she saw for the last hour. The headlights barely cut through the rain. Lydia could see only one car length ahead. She was doing thirty miles per hour due to the weather and fatigue.

She slowed as she saw a sign for an all-night diner. It said the Burger Bus was six miles ahead in “friendly Sulfur, Oklahoma.” She needed to get off the road and take a break.

Lydia almost passed the Burger Bus. She sat in her Mustang convertible listening to the rain. The steady beat of rain on canvas mesmerized her. She felt her body drift away.

A tapping on the door woke Lydia. A man older than her with an umbrella stood beside the car.
“I wouldn’t want you to get wet, ma’am,” said the man.

Something in his voice struck a cord in Lydia’s memory. She was too tired and hungry to care. She shared the umbrella. They trotted to the diner.

A top heavy, slightly overweight blonde waitress stood behind the counter. Lydia removed her coat at a booth.

The waitress asked her if she wanted a drink before she ordered. Lydia asked of hot tea.
She glanced around the diner looking for the restroom. It was clean, which surprised her.

Lydia took off her slacks to remove her pantyhose and panties. She had at least four more hours on the road and wanted to be comfortable. The sensuality of emptying her bladder gave her a sexual relief close to an orgasm.

As she cleaned herself, her thumb brushed her clit. Oh, she needed to remove the tension. Lydia leaned back against the toilet tank. She opened her legs wide, freeing her sex to her waiting hand.

Her thumb again touched her clitoris. The vibration of the car and the road teased her without her knowing. She was instantly aroused. She felt a foreshock of future cummings. One hand stroked her little sex trigger. The other touched the outer edge of the inner woman. The warmth of her finger gave her another quiver. She felt hot liquid flow down her hand. She hoped it wasn’t the yellow stuff. It did, however, feel warm and nice.

Lydia was not a quiet lover, alone or with partners. The waitress heard moaning from the restroom. She eased the door open; she wanted to see if the customer needed help. The waitress saw that Lydia had the situation well in hand.
Lydia saw the silhouette of the waitress in the doorway. She stopped moving. She had one hand rubbing her clit and two fingers in her cunt. The waitress back out and closed the door. Lydia finished her masturbation, redressed and returned to her table. The waitress and the cook paid no mind to her.

The waitress got Lydia fresh, hot water for her tea. Lydia noticed the nametag said “Norma Jean”. The face nudged another stray memory in Lydia’s mind.

Norma Jean took the order and gave it the cook. The way he said “thankyouverymuch” gave Lydia a chill. She shrugged it off to the weather.
Lydia rubbed the back of her neck to ease the knots. Norma Jean stepped behind Lydia and tried to massage out the knots.

Lydia pointed out the spots that needed attention the most. She still had some of the woman-water on her hands. Norma Jean got a whiff of Lydia’s scent. Its muskiness warmed the inner woman of Norma Jean. It was not that Norma Jean was a lesbian. It was that she had not had sex in, well too long. She no longer had affairs with co-workers. That changed when she started caring for her old lover. The head trauma reduced lovemaking to near zero.

She and the cook Aaron, teased and joked, but never took advantage of each other. He would disappear for weeks and come back happy. But Norma Jean stayed with her Jack until his end. Now, she felt that the days of filling the hole between her legs was over.

Tonight woke her sexual hunger. Seeing the woman spread wide and playing with herself in the restroom rekindled a small spark of what once made her a whole woman.

Norma Jean stood behind Lydia. The pressure of her grip increased. Norma Jean was thinking about all the men she had between her legs. She felt the cock of her ballplayer husband return to where it belonged. Her mind was full of his memory; it produced her first orgasm in years. She felt a wetness that was missing forever, it seemed.

Lydia felt the hot panting breath of Norma Jean on her neck. The grip on her tight neck became almost painful. She knew the waitress was cumming. The closeness of the woman let her smell Norma Jean’s wetness. Lydia preferred men but was known to take her sex however she could get it.
Norma Jean’s orgasm stopped the massage. Lydia turned on her knees in the booth. This brought her mouth to Norma Jean’s breasts.

Lydia unbuttoned the blouse, exposing the breasts under it, held back by a bra. Lydia unhooked the bra. She pulled the breasts from their bondage. The nipples were hard, waiting for a mouth to take them. Lydia obliged.

Lydia tried to reach into Norma Jean’s panties. It was not possible. The panties were already occupied. They contained a man’s hand. Aaron was there.

He already turned of the lights and put up the “Closed” sign.

It was a cozy three way with Norma Jean in the middle. Lydia had her mouth on one tit; Aaron had one hand on the other. He kissed her behind the left ear. This arrangement brought on a massive orgasm for Norma Jean. Her knees crumbled. The only way she stayed standing was Aaron’s hand and fingers in her re-awakening pussy.

As her legs regained strength, Norma Jean undressed. She moved to Lydia and undressed her. The two undressed woman stood toe to toe. Lydia felt drawn to the waitress. Their lips brushed. Norma Jean pulled Lydia tight to her lips. Lydia opened her mouth to allow the waitress’s tongue to enter. Lydia wanted this woman’s tongue somewhere else in her body. She wanted to taste this woman.

“May I lick you, Norma Jean?”

The older blonde smiled.
“I’ve wanted my tongue in your cunt since I saw it.”

Norma Jean helped lay down Lydia on a table. She pulled up a chair and sunk her face into Lydia.
Lydia had two hands full of long blonde hair and her legs hooked behind her lover’s neck. It was soon clear to Lydia this woman knew the mouth was the second most important sex organ. Lydia did not want her to stop until Lydia was sated.

Lydia moaned during sex because she let her body be free to feel. She tuned out all except what was touching her. It was a velvety tongue this time. She let her mind concentrate on the area between her legs. The soft blonde hair teased her belly.

Norma Jean used her tongue well. She licked the edges of the outer lips. She licked the inner folds. Lydia gave a sharp gasp as Norma Jean bit her clitoris. It was not a nibble like she was eating ice cream. It was a solid bite, like it was a juicy piece of prime rib. When she ate a woman, Lydia thought, she ate well. Norma Jean chewed until Lydia smeared her juices over Norma Jean’s face. Norma Jean moved her mouth to cover the hole. She used her tongue like a cat drinking water. The image made Norma Jean chuckle, as much as a woman could chuckle with her tongue in another’s pussy.

Norma Jean inserted her tongue as deep as she could. It triggered another series of spasms in Lydia’s body. Lydia flexed her legs pulling the face in her crotch deeper in. Norma Jean felt Lydia’s clit with her nose. This caused Lydia to pull her tighter into her cunt. Norma Jean found she could not breathe and forced herself free.

Both women tried to catch their breath. Lydia had to come down from a high no one had given her before. Norma Jean because she was out of air.

Lydia slid off the table into Norma Jean’s lap. She sunk her tongue deep into Norma Jean’s waiting mouth. She tasted herself and Norma Jean. She licked her own juice off Norma Jean’s face.
Lydia helped Norma Jean onto the table. She did not use the chair. She would have slid of if she had.

She helped her “dinner” get settled. She stood at the edge of the table. She bent to Norma Jean’s seeping hole. This lifted Lydia's ass high and wide. Lydia looked at Aaron.

“We have a vacancy that needs filling.”

“Yes, ma’am”

Aaron stepped behind Lydia. He paused.
“Which one do you want filled?”

She looked over her shoulder.

“You’re a good ol’ country boy. Think if it as an over-under shotgun and fire both barrels.”

“Ma’am, I only got one good shot left. I’ll put it where it would do the most good.”

Lydia buried her face as deep as she could into Norma Jean. The waitress may have had a few years on Lydia, but she tasted sweet and young. Lydia brought her lunch to three quick orgasms. It took little effort for Lydia to have her way with Norma Jean. The older woman had done with out for a long time.

Lydia had Norma Jean on the edge of number five when she felt her feet being spread out a bit. She felt hands expose her pussy and fingers probe it. If Aaron wanted her wet, that was not a problem. She felt it roll down her thighs.

Lydia thought she would shove her entire head into Norma Jean’s pussy when Aaron rammed his meat into her cunt. It filled her, stretching her, making contact with every square inch of her inner flesh. Every tiny movement electrified a nerve. The twisting and pulling of the cock in her raised her awareness of pleasure. She could not concentrate on pleasuring Norma Jean with that flesh rod in her.

Lydia tried to focus on the woman in her mouth so the man in her cunt would not trigger her yet. Lydia wanted to make this small part of paradise last as long as possible. Aaron tried to make it last but he could hold back no longer.

It felt like a fire hose when Aaron released. Lydia felt every drop of his cum hit some part of her inner self. It poured into her. She felt some drip down her leg. How much could he have? As her own orgasm hit, she felt her channel grab onto Aaron. She felt it squeeze more out of his cock. It seemed that they both had two minute orgasms.

Lydia tried to cry out. Her mouth was stuffed with pussy. Her tongue was held captive by Norma Jean’s own orgasm. The pleasure was so intense that Lydia was mixing her tears with the cum in Norma Jean’s cunt.

Lydia finally quit. She rested her head on Norma Jean’s stomach. Norma Jean ran her fingers through Lydia’s hair. Lydia tried to kiss her lover. She could not move. Aaron was still hard and in Lydia’s cunt.

Lydia wanted to stand straight. That was impossible with that meat in her. She thought she felt sloshing in her womb when she moved. It was all the hot man juice Aaron gave her. It felt so good in her. She did not want him to pull out and drain on the floor.

The image made Lydia laugh. They copulated like dogs, and now like dogs, she had a male’s cock stuck in her. So there she was, bent over Norma Jean’s cunt with Aaron’s cock in her pussy.

Aaron pulled out at last. Lydia had to turn around and look at it. It was huge. She fell to her knees to take it into her mouth.

Lydia got her throat and mouth aligned to take it all in. She did not guess to the size of the cock, but it was the largest she ever had in her at either end.

Lydia used all her will power to take it. She took it to his balls. The diameter left her little room to breath.

She did not bob her head on his dick. She held it still. She did a series of swallowing contractions. She got a rhythm to where she could breathe and suck him. The mixture of his and hers cum sent her over way before she got him close again.

Lydia loved the taste of cum. Aaron was so deep in her she would not taste it. It was almost in her stomach. When she felt the cum surging up Aaron’s cock, she pulled it up to where the head was on her tongue. She gave a few more hard sucks and received a mouthful and more of cum. Like it did in her cunt, it poured into her mouth. She could not swallow it fast enough. It poured out around the cock in her mouth, dripping down her cheeks and chin. Norma Jean was right there to lick up any spillage. None was wasted by dripping on the floor.

Lydia felt tired. She sat naked on the chair and dozed off. She spent the rest of the night dreaming about Norma Jean and Aaron.

A tapping on the car window woke Lydia.

“Are you okay, ma’am?”

Lydia looked into the eyes of a young police officer. She got out of the Mustang, stiff and sore. She smiled as she remembered the great sex she had the previous night. She turned to get a morning cup of coffee from the Burger Bus.

She froze. The Burger Bus was gone. It was replaced by a strip mall with a Hardee’s in it.

“Where’s the Burger Bus, officer?”

“Ma’am, that burned down before I was born.”

“But I was in it last night. I had…”

“Ma’am, we get reported sightings of it occasionally. Rainy nights people will pull in to take a break and wake on the parking lot. The say they had something to eat in a place that burned down over twenty five years ago.”

The officer left. Lydia sat in her car wondering if the whole thing was a dream. If it was a dream, what happened to her pantyhose? And why was there dried cum on the inside of her thighs?
The real mystery came nine months later when Lydia became a single mother to a boy born with black sideburns.

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