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Aishwarya Rai Sex Story - Blackmailed, Fucked and Raped
05-30-2012, 10:17 AM
Post: #21
RE: Aishwarya Rai Sex Story - Blackmailed, Fucked and Raped
Feeling embarrassed Aishwarya kept her eyes pointed to the floor. I ordered her to turn and bend over the bed with her ass high in the air. Knowing she was to do as i said, she slowly turned and put her head and arms on the bed with her legs apart and her ass high in the air. Waiting for what was to come next she closed her eyes.

With one quick movement she felt the first of many slaps on her bare ass. Quickly taking in a deep breath, she braced herself for more. Slap after slap, first one cheek then the other. She could feel the heat coming from her ass where she had been slapped. I was sure that it would had hurted her a lot.

Knowing Aishwarya’s limits I stopped, and told her to climb up on the bed. Knowing she must do as she was told, Aishwarya slid on to the bed and up to her pillow. Turning she watched me removing my clothes. Once everything had been removed, i climbed up on the bed, grabbed her head, and told her to suck my cock.

Doing as she was told, Aishwarya opened her mouth and took it deep in her hot mouth. Slowly i started to push and pull, in and out of her mouth. Feeling her tongue glide over my cock, I looked down and told Aishwarya how much of a good little cock sucker she was, causing her cheeks to blush. Holding a hand full of hair i started to pump faster. Feeling the end close, I pulled out of Aishwarya’s mouth with a loud POP!

I Got off the bed and going to the bag i had brought with me . Aishwarya was surprised, for she never knew what I was going to do now. Feeling nervous and excited, she layed there wondering what was next.

With a smile, I pulled out rope and a blindfold. The smell of her nervousness filled the room. Climbing on the bed and slowly taking first her left arm and tied the rope around it and then up to the bedpost. Then taking the other end of the rope, to tie it around her breasts. Pulling the rope tight but not too tight, i then took her right hand and tied the rope around it and then to the other bedpost.

Once I had done my task, i slid down to her mouth and planted a kiss on her lips. As i pulled away, I slid a blindfold over her eyes and told her to enjoy what was about to happen next. Everything had gone dark.

Not knowing what was about to happen next, she felt movement on the bed. What was about to happen she might had wondered? Telling Aishwarya to spread her legs as wide as she can, a slap was placed on her pussy. Quickly sucking in a deep breath, she felt yet another and another.

Feeling the heat coming from Aishwarya’s pussy with each slap, i began to rub where i had placed the slaps i delivered to such a beautiful pussy. Slowly taking one pussy lip in my fingers and giving it a pull, then the other. They slid out of my grip her pussy was so wet with pleasure. Moving my hand deep into the folds, i grabbed a hold of her clit. First twisting it, then stretching was as far as i can before it slid out of my grip.

Feeling movement on the bed yet again, beads of sweat had started to form on her forehead. A cold breeze was felt blowing on Aishwarya’s glistening wet pussy lips. A moan has escaped her mouth. Rolling her head to the side waiting for what was to come next.

Feeling her pussy lips pulled open, another breeze was blown across her clit. Another moan was released from deep with in her. Laying there waiting, with one quick movement, MY tongue slid up her glistening wet pussy all the way up to her clit. Giving it a few quick flicks, the pleasure stopped as fast as it started. Throwing her head side to side, Aishwarya begged to stop as tear rolled down her eyes. “Oh please ! Please ! it hurts a lot!”

An evil smile was stretched across my face as i leaned in and teased her pussy some more. Moan after moan escaped her mouth. Suddenly i attacked her clit like it was my last meal. Sucking it deep in my mouth, biting it ever so gently and pulling it. A few quick flicks of my tongue and a scream was released from deep down in Aishwarya's soul.

Continuing my assault, taking first two fingers and sliding them deep into her hot waiting pussy. Fucking her as i licked and sucked her pussy, feeling her cum over and over. Now three fingers, working on a forth, i was amazed at how much Aishwarya's body can take. Releasing her clit from my mouth, looking down to see the site of having almost my whole hand deep within her hot wet love hole. Going for it, I slid all five fingers deep with in her. Thrashing her head and scream with so much pleasure. A finger was now placed on her clit where the mouth had once been. Rubbing, pinching and pulling, she was on a roller coaster of excitement and couldn’t stop cumin.

Working my hand in, out and twisting it around, looking for her spot. All of a sudden her head came fling off the pillow as I now realized i had found it. Aishwarya exploded and cumed like never before, it felt like she was never going to stop. Hot sweet cum flowed out and around my hand, making my smile even bigger.

Gently pulling, not wanting to let go, the hand that had been filling her pussy was now gone. Gasping for breath, laying there feeling empty, she waited for what else was store for her. Will her body be able to handle it? Only time would tell.

Moving in, kisses were placed on her now stretched pussy. Sliding up the bed to her face, I demanded her to clean my face. Loving the taste of her pussy, Aishwarya licked every last drop, then kissing me deeply.

Moving between her legs, placing my cock into the folds of her pussy. I raised her legs up over my forearms and thrusted with great force. A quick gasp for air and Aishwarya’s body was on another ride of extreme pleasure. Fucking her pussy with all of my being, i leaned in and wimpered “I love how wet your pussy gets for me. My little cum slut.”

I drived her over the edge and her hips started to buck, screaming “Oh ! Oh GOD ! OH I!” With hearing such, thrusting for the last time i cumed with such great force. Holding still as i released load after load of hot cum, deep into her pussy. SHe was amazed after having my hand deep inside her, how she can get her pussy muscles to tighten around my cock. We both collapsed on the bed, breathing heavy I reached up and removed the blindfold while placing a soft gentle kiss on her forehead.

Once we had returned to normal breathing, i moved up ( ) the bed and started to untie her hands and her breasts. Remembering i hadn’t paid much attention to them . I got both of her hands and her breasts untied and started to slowly rub her breasts. Moving my hands all over her breasts had now awakened her nipples. Feeling them harden under my touch, i then grabbed both of them between my fingers and started to twist and pull them, stretching them out as far as they can go.

Doing this had caused Aishwarya to start to cum again and again. Her breathing was coming in gasps as i continued my assault on her nipples. Releasing one, it was taken into my hot wet mouth. Sucking on it like a starved child, i then began to bite it, pulling and stretching the hard bud as far as i could.

With her hands free i pushed my head into her breast, making me take as much as i could in my mouth like a baby. “OH YES I! YES!” All of a sudden her body stiffened and screams came out of her mouth. Aishwarya had cum hard once again, her hot creamy love juice running down the crack of her ass. I stopped and let her regain her breath again.

Once she had her breathing under control yet again, I moved up the bed and ordered her to make me hard again. “I have more in store for you!” Turning her face towards me as i mad my way to her face. “Wait I want you to suck my cock while I lay on my back.” Moving so i can have the pillow, Aishwarya got in position.

Looking up into my eyes, she began to blush. Taking it in her hand, she started by gliding her tongue up and down my shaft. Licking all around the head and back down. Feeling me start to come alive again, she moved down and sucked first one of my balls then the other. Licking her way back up and taking my deep in her hot mouth, I sucked in a deep breath.

I loved the feeling of her lips wrapped around my cock. “That’s a good girl. Work my cock. Get it good and hard again.” Letting Aishwarya suck my cock a few more minutes, then i asked her to stop and get on her knees. Pulling her head up and sucking as hard as she could, she released my cock with a loud POP! Turning and getting on her knees, she felt me moving on the bed to get behind her.

Taking my hand i ran a few fingers of her little rose bud and caused her to gasp. Sliding my fingers down to her pussy, i slid them in and fucked her a few times before removing them and gliding them over her ass. Moving behind her, sliding her legs more apart i got into position and slammed my cock deep in her pussy. Reaching up i grabbed a handful of hair and began to thrust deep within her.

Taking my finger and running it around her rose bud and then slowly sliding in her ass, Aishwarya let out a loud moan. Working my finger in and out of her ass as i fucked her pussy. Stopping, pulling out of her hot wet hole.

I reacheD over to the nightstand and grabbed some oil. Taking some and rubbing it on her ass then rubbing some on my cock, I moved back between Aishwarya’s legs and started to play with her ass again. Telling her to relax and enjoy the feeling. Once i had worked three fingers deep into her, i then slid my cock up and down her hole. Working the oil onto my cock. Taking it and placing it at the entrance, i began to push. Feeling my cock begin to slide in, she tried to remain calm and enjoy the feeling.

Taking it slow, i pulled out a little then began to slide back in. Slowly working my way all the way in. Once i had reached my goal, I held myself there and allowed her ass to relax again. Reaching down between her legs, I found her clit hard and began to rub it.

Moans starting to escape her lips, i knew she was ready. Moving slowly, i began to fuck her tight ass while rubbing her clit. Aishwarya began to growl and moan from pure ecstasy. The room was filled with the smell of hot sex.

Working at a good pace now, I was fucking her ass and rubbing her clit. Everytime once in a while taking my free hand and slapping her ass, telling her “You love it when I fuck your ass, don’t you? My little cum slut.” All she could do was shake her head in approval as i continued to fuck her.

Quickly I pulled my cock out of her ass and then slammed it deep within her pussy. Throwing her head back, she began to cum and cum. Feeling it was never going to stop, it had turned into an endless orgasm. After giving her a few hard thrusts, i pulled out and told Aishwarya to suck my cock till i cumed.

Aishwarya did as she was told. I moved to her face and grabbed a handful of hair, as I thrusted deep in her hot mouth. Pumping away, forcing her to take it
all the way in, i looked down and say “That’s my little girl. Suck my cock. Make me cum for you.” Without me noticing, Aishwarya took a finger and tried to get it wet.

She pulled away from my cock to lick the head and as she was doing, she licked her finger and got it nice and wet.

Hearing me suck in a deep breath, she continued sucking as she slid her finger in and out of her ass. Feeling the end near, I grabed her head and said “I’m going to cum of you keep that up.”

Tensing up and with one last hard thrust, i exploded into the back of her throat. Feeling her throat muscles i pulled out just a little to allow her to swallow, as load after load was dumped into her hot waiting mouth. Breathing fast, she took in all . She removed her finger, swallowing every last drop. Feeling my cock begin to soften, I slowly pulled away from her face.

Collapsing on the bed, Aishwarya moved over trying to regain her breath . I took her into my arms and kissed her then layed her head on my chest as we both tried to regain our breath. Taking her face in my hand, i looked up at her and said, “You have pleased me very much. You are a true and wonderful little cum slave. Thank you for allowing me such pleasure.”

All that was left was the pleasurable pains of her body and the memories.

When all of a sudden, I heard a knock on the door ….

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05-30-2012, 10:18 AM
Post: #22
RE: Aishwarya Rai Sex Story - Blackmailed, Fucked and Raped
When all of a sudden, I heard a knock on the door ….

“ Whos on the door ? “, I asked in a low voice.

“How would I know, must be that bastard who came with you”, Aishwarya replied .

“ No, they would knock on the door at the rear of the building, not on the front door .

“Who’s there ? “, Aishwarya shouted from inside

“It’s Anil the organiser, I told you about my children . They want to see you “

“ Ok, wait, I will be there in a minute .”

“ Quickly put your clothes on, I will hide in the bathroom “ .

“ Do take all this stuff you brought also with you “, Aishwarya replied as she searched for bra on the floor .

“ Leave it off . Just put your dress on without the bra and panty . If you take much time, it will create suspicion .”

Aishwarya did what I said and went for the door not realising that her cleavage was outrageously visible and if any one dared to take a peek her glistening pussy had no protection “ .

“Don’t entertain them for much long, my friends might be on there way back “, I murmoured to her as I went inside the bathroom .

Aishwarya greeted the organiser and her son who had come along with his wife .

“Please be seated “, Aishwarya responded .

“Yes we will, Mam you also make yourself comfortable “, Anil’s son replied .

Aishwarya sat down on the cushion crossing her legs trying to make sure that her pantyless pussy was not visible to the guests .

But little did she know that it was revealing it even more and perfectly complementing the huge cleavage that was visible as a result of Aishwarya wearing the dress in so haste .

Soon they started to have a conversation with Aishwarya endlessly trying to keep it short so that they could leave as soon as possible .

When they heard some knocking on the door at the rear of the guesthouse .

Anil’s son offered to look it up …..

I was overlooking all the events from the bathroom and when I saw his son walking towards the rear door, I realised it was going to be trouble . It must had been the boss knocking at the door and with Salman held captive with him if things would had gone according to plan ..

“ Who’s there “, he shouted out loud from inside before opening the door …..

Realising the change in voice boss immediately pushed Salman away on the floor just in time before Anil’s son opened the door .

“Yes …”

“I’m here to see Mr.Kapoor “ ., boss replied .

“ Sorry, but there is no Mr.Kapoor here “

“Ok .. this must be the wrong address then . Sorry to disturb you “ ..

Anil’s son closed the door and headed back towards where everyone was seated .

When suddenly he noticed Aishwarya’s panty on the floor which I had forgotten to pick up .

He bent down trying to make everything that he was tying the laces of his shoes when he took Aishwarya’s panty from the floor and put it inside his trouser’s pocket …

“Who was it on the door son “, Anil asked .

“No one, just someone came up at the wrong address “ .

His wife asked him to take an autograph of Aishwarya on a piece of paper ..

But when he took out the paper Aishwarya’s panty fell down on the floor from his pocket …

Realising that it was a good oppurtunity to send them out Aishwarya shouted “ Hey what the hell is this ? “

Sorry, but I don’t know how it ended up in my pocket “…

“Please get out immediately “

Anil apologised on behalf of his son but Aishwarya was in no mood to listen .

“ Just leave . I’m going to pack my belongings and leave too in a few minutes .”

Feeling guilty they also stepped out with Anil’s son telling her wife “ Don’t be angry dear, I hid the panty inside my pocket to give it as a present to you “ .

Aishwarya locked the door and asked me to come out of the bathroom .

I immediately rushed towards the rear door and opened the door for boss to come inside . He had Salman with him with his both hands and legs tied and in a sense of tranquility .

Seeing Salman’s condition, Aishwarya immediately ran towards him .

“Why this show –off Aishwarya, you admitted earlier that you were just using Salman to keep him quite and not tell anyone your secrets .”

“What !! ?? “, Salman asked .

“Ohh Salman, don’t listen to them . They are just making it up “ .

“Well you know what Aishwarya, you are one hell of a bitch . Get away from me “ .

“ Salman you are blaming me and trusting these people who you hardly know “ .

“You think that I will tatter all your secrets in public after promising you that I will never let them out .”

“Ok, I admit I was at fault here . But you are going to give up our relationship for such a small thing .”

“How could you Aishwarya, just don’t talke to me right now “, Salman responded .

Meanwhile I was standing and really enjoying their confontration .

“Okie Aditya, I stood up to my words and brought you what you needed .Now its time for you to honour the deal”, boss interrupted .

“ Yes, I will . But before that I have got just one small thing to do “ …

I headed towards Salman and punched him right on his face.

“This is revenge for the ferry incident .”

“So ..shall we proceed now “ ..

“ Yes, i hope that my 25% share of the deal is ready “ .

“Yes, it is “ .

So . we all made our way out through tha back door to the place where I had hidden the papers .
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05-30-2012, 10:18 AM
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RE: Aishwarya Rai Sex Story - Blackmailed, Fucked and Raped

Scene 17

location : Limousine

Date : 7TH Feb, 2010 ( Day 4 )


So . we all made our way out through tha back door to the place where I had hidden the papers .

We all went out through the back door and asked Aishwarya to meet in the parking area where a limousine with the number plate Lm-26027 would be waiting for her …

After packing her stuff Aishwarya made her way out the front entrance where she was confronted by Anil but he was too ashamed to say anything .

The chauffer opened the door and Aishwarya got seated b/w me and Boss while Salman was seated on the other side facing us with his hands and legs tied .

Aishwarya was constantly trying to adjust her dress when boss said “ You don’t have to worry about me, I’m gay “ .

“Okie “, she answered

“But you must protect yourself from Aditya, he’s one horny guy “, to which we both started laughing .

Aishwarya was feeling weird sitting near Salman after what had happened .

She tried to confront him but he was in no mood to listen .

I was constantly giving the driver directions to where we had to go .

“Its still about 45 minutes distance from here on, so why not we have some fun around here “, I replied .

“What fun !! “, boss asked .

“What about Aishwarya satisfying you sexually “ .

“I told you that I am gay, I am not interested in sexual relations with a woman “, boss replied .

“ Don’t tell me that a gorgeous woman like Aishwarya doesn’t arouse you even though you are gay “, I responded .

“Yes but,,,,, “

“Just give it a try “, I commanded .

“Okie lets do it “ .

“Hey what the fuck, I’m the involved here so its my decision here and I am not going to do anything with this freak here inside the car “

“Dear you should understand that everything is in our hands now and you are a mere puppet for us, so you must better obey .”, I replied .

Aishwarya had no other choice and Salman could only look on .

His lips touched hers and she submitted to him totally without any alternative. His tongue pushed its way into her mouth and slid over hers; around her gums, her teeth. His hand slid down to her knee and then up her skirt, caressing it’s way up and down her leg, over and over again.

The windows of the car were well steamed up now from the perspiration pouring of their bodies, but neither noticed as they had their eyes tight shut. He slid one arm out of his shirt and then the other, and she started work on the belt of his trousers. Now her dress was undone and she let go of him for a second as she slipped out of it.

Her chest was flushed red and her breasts heaved. Her breasts spilled out and pressed into his chest. His lips left hers as she finally removed his belt and he pulled back to remove the trousers. She dived forward and dragged the underpants over his legs to reveal his erect penis within. They split apart again and sat there looking at each other. He leant forwards and began undoing her skirt.

She stroked his back while he did so, now going at a much slower tempo. The skirt went onto the pile of clothes and he pushed her back. Then he leant forward and kissed her again.

This time it was his tongue pushing into her mouth. His hand slid down over her body on top of the buttocks. He squeezed gently as his penis pushed against her leg. His lips slid down from hers to her breasts, kissing all around them and on the nipples.

“ I cant continue this anymore “, Aishwarya responded .

“Why what Happened, don’t you like what he’s doing to you “, I asked .

“I ve had far too much unprotected sex this week, I cant risk more “, she replied .

“You mean Condoms ? “, boss asked .

“Yes I do “ .

He reached over and opened the glove compartment, removed a packet and drew out of it a rubber condom. Replacing packet in compartment and closing it, he offered the contraceptive to her.

“Do you have condoms with you also in the car “ .

“Yes we do, one never knows when the need arises “, boss replied .

She dipped her head towards his groin and pulled his penis into her mouth. Giving one long hard suck, she withdrew it and carefully placed the condom on the stiff protrusion. Giving one more suck, she lay back, and submitted to him completely as he skilfully steered him into her body.

She was leant back against the car door, legs apart, stomach facing up and away from the door behind her at an angle, so the pussy pointed towards him. He leant over her, lying right across the seats, one hand either side of her smooth, curved body. His head bent down on her chest, the mouth running around her breasts. He was bent back slightly, but his hips began to move back and forth in a slow, controlled rhythm.

She saw the dark patch between them entered her; with each pull back she saw the large thick ridged penis glistening with sweat and her own vaginal secretions. He moved slowly, enough to give her a powerful feeling, but too slow for anything to happen, yet. Her world was consumed by a burning desire for orgasmic fulfilment. He continued his slow thrust and rise, teasing her starved senses.

The throbbing within her abdomen was an intense buzz, staying just this side of climax. She willed herself to orgasm, but at the same time knew she wanted it to last longer than that. She tried to straighten a bit, so that he lifted her completely, whilst keeping his penis inside, and turned so that she was sitting facing him across his lap .

She leant back looked down over the small folds of skin on her stomach. He had to lift her up and down to keep the penis and vagina sliding past each other. Her arms were out to the side, balancing slightly, and she was content to watch him wonderingly as he busied himself with her pubic region.

Except that he was not content. He needed climax. Desperately she began to raise and lower herself on her knees above his lap. The feeling in her vagina increased tenfold.

She staggered down onto him as the wave of sensation hit her. He had stopped. Both were panting now, the breath escaping their lips in groans and sighs.

“ You know Aishwarya, I bet that by now you must have had sexual relations with your father in law “ ..

“ You mean Abhishek’s Father “, she responded .

“Yes, The legend Amitabh Bachhan “, I replied .

“ I’m not a slut, so you better mind yourself “ .

“ A woman who has sex with 4 different guys in 4 days is the definiton of a slut “ .

“ Who’s the 4th guy “, Aishwarya asked .

“I assumed that as you were going to be spending 1 week away, you must had sex with Abhishek before meeting me at the airport for the flight .”

Aishwarya had no answer .

He started again, this time with increased urgency. She started moving as well in time with him, so the penis would slide almost right out each time. Down, she pressed her crotch into his lap, trying to envelope everything he had. Pubic hair tickled around her clitoris; simply an extra stimulus. Now the throbbing in her groin had reached fever pitch. She could hear nothing but her pulse throbbing in her ears and the short barks of pleasure that came out of his mouth.

He stopped his motion, but she had to carry on without any other alternative, increasing the feeling. Glistening vaginal fluids seeped over his pubic hair. His hands had left the hips and now were in around the penis. He found her clitoris and squeezed it in his fingers, rubbing hard around the slightly erect piece of tissue.

She actually screamed as a mixture of pain and intense pleasure flooded through her. She was submerged by a tidal wave of throbbing pleasure emanating from her reproductive centre.

All her nervous system was overwhelmed by the orgasm, so she saw, smelt and heard nothing but the throbbing of her pulse. Her arms crushed him into her chest with the strength of madness. All she could feel was the super-sensitive flesh around her crotch twitching as muscles sucked his penis deeper into her body. She felt another presence inside her. Opening her eyes, she saw him with a thumb up next to his penis.

She fell back again; her heart straining to escape her chest from between the swollen breasts. The sweat poured off of her and him, covering them both in their own blend of sweat. He started moving her again on his penis, wanting his own orgasm. She was too tired to join the action, but she felt herself building again towards another one.

The nerves around her sex organs informed her with startling clarity that his penis was pushing harder on her vagina now, almost touching the cervix, as more blood flowed to meet the demands being placed upon the organ. Once again they moved around, though this time it was her who started. She slowly leant over until she was kneeling forward on the other seat, elbows and knees supporting her.

He was kneeling behind her, having twisted the penis in her. As he took up the rhythm again, she started pushing backwards onto his organ. Entirely new sensations were being created due to the different orientation of his penis. She felt herself coming closer to another orgasm.

Suddenly, she felt him straighten up behind her, his penis pulsing with renewed vigour. Then she felt a slight tickle inside her over-stimulated vagina as his semen shot into the condom. Such was the vigour of his ejaculation that she felt the small feeling through the rubber. Small though it was it was enough to push her into orgasm again. This time she was expecting it and managed to keep hold of her senses.

Her vagina sucked again, trying to pull the non-existent sperm towards her egg. He fell over forward onto her back and there they stayed for a few minutes, breathing slowing down as their now placid sex organs returned to the usual size. His hands crept around to cup her breasts were they dangled from her chest.

Then he straightened up and made to pull his now small and floppy penis from her groin. She slipped a hand behind her and put finger and thumb round the male organ right were it joined her body. When he slid his penis out now, lightly covered with female and male secretions, the full condom remained inside her body. A thin rubber ring protruded from her vagina as it closed up after its ‘visitor’. It was almost like using a tampon, except that she felt it every time she moved her legs. It tickled around the vagina and clitoris. Permanent stimulation.

They got dressed in silence as the destination was not far away .

After a few minutes, I asked the driver to stop .

“Hey you brought me back here, its my bar only “.

“Well it’s the place where i hid your papers “, I replied stepping out of the limosuine ..

“ Where are the papers “, boss asked .

“First bring my share of money “ .

Inside a few minutes a guy arrived with a large suitecase which was supposidely carrying all the money .

I checked to make sure the money was intact .

“Now tell me, where are the papers ? “, boss asked .

“ First your driver will be taking me to a nice hotel in your car and on my way to the hotel I will tell you where the papers are hidden on the phone “

“Okie, get them both out of the car and take him to a nice hotel “, boss asked his driver .

“I’m taking Aishwarya with me, so pull Salman out only of the car only“, I replied .

So I got seated in the car with Aishwarya after Salman had been pulled out and made our way to the hotel .

After some time boss called me on a mobile

“So tell me, where are the papers now ? “, boss asked on the phone .

“Well at around 15 steps from the entrance of your bar there would be an electric pole “ .

“Yes, I can see that.”

“Now go towards it and open the switch board and you willl find your papers “ .

He asked me too hold on till the papers were in his hand .

“Thanks for the papers “, boss replied .

“ No need to say thanks, you also did so much for me in helping getting my Aishwarya back “ .

“No I have to thank you, so you could be expecting a surprise from me any moment as a friendly gesture “,

“ Okie, but when ? “, I asked .

“Very soon my friend “, he responded on the phone .

Suddenly the driver stopped the car and two men dressed in white opened the door and pulled both me and Aishwarya out of the car with force .

One of them grabbed the suitcase from my hand and hit me on the chest with it forcing me to fall down on the road .

I tried to carry on the conversation with the boss on the mobile and asked him “ What the hell is this ? “

“Let me tell you a secret Aditya “, he replied .

“What “, I replied in pain from the blow .

‘When you had asked me to grab Salman so that you could take revenge also accompanying the 25% of the share I had to give you . At the hotel he promised me 25 % of the share to save himself from all this “ .

“What !!! “

“So I thought taking 25% of the amount from Salman and not doing him any harm was a better deal then giving you 25 % of the share and not getting anything in return .”

“So you mean it was all a setup, and Salman was just acting like he had been kidnapped .”

“Yes my friend, I guess after all that hes a quite a good actor “, he replied .

Both the guys started beating me again till my bleeding started .

Sensing what just had happened Aishwarya asked the two guys to take her back to Salman .

“ Yes but before that we have a message for you from Salman “, he answered .

They both stepped towards her and ripped of her clothes leaving her completely naked .

“Salman said that you are on your own from now onwards and he doesn’t want any relations with you in the future “ .

We were both left stranded on the road with me badly injured and Aishwarya completely naked with the occasional people who passed by gazing at us .
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05-30-2012, 10:21 AM
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RE: Aishwarya Rai Sex Story - Blackmailed, Fucked and Raped

Scene 18

location : Unknown

Date : 7th Feb, 2010 ( Day 4 )


“ What do we do now ? “, Aishwarya asked while trying to cover herself from the humility with bare hands .

“ What do you expect from me in this situation . I’m badly hurt “ .

To add to our misery it soon started to rain heavily .

The tiny drops of rain water falling on Aishwarya’s body was like leaves shedding down from heaven .

Her naked body was glistening with the shine of the rain water .

“Here take my shirt “, as I offered it to Aishwarya so that she could cover herself from the staring crowd who were passing by …

Occasionally a few cars would stop by and offered us a lift to their place but Aishwarya would refuse everytime sensing their intentions .

“I’m feeling too cold, I cant just stand here in this rain “ .

“You yourself are not ready to take a lift at the moment, what can I do then ? “ .

“But how do I trust them “ .

“Aishwarya, The circumstances we are under we have no other choice “ .

“But …. “

“Okay, tell me do you have any money with you right now “ …

“ I ‘m not sure but there might be some of it in the hotel room along with my belongings . Do you h’ve any ? “

“ No, I ve none of my belongings with me thanks to you for your yesterday’s surprise “ .

“I can have money transferred here from India “ .

“Ohh that’s good, how much time will it take ? “

“ By tomorrow morning, I guess “ .

“Ok till then we will have to arrange some money “ .

“ We cant go to the hotel either right now “ .

“Why, any problem ? “

“You want us too drop into a 7 star international hotel in condition we are right now “ .

“Where will we spend the night then ? “, I asked .

“I know an Australian actor who has a villa in the city, he might be in town right now .”

“Do you know where he stays “ ..

“Yes I ve somewhat idea of the location “ .

“So how do you know him ? “

“I did a small role in his movie which was shot here in Dubai .” .

“Let’s go to the his residence and maybe if we are lucky we could find him “ .

“ Okay let’s get a cab “ .

“But how will he pay him afterwards, if he’s not at home “ .

“Do you know any other means of transports to reach our destination “

“I don’ t “, Aishwarya replied .

“What about city bus, its free of cost “ .

“Sitting among the crowd in the people half naked is not acceptable to me “, she responded .

“ Nobody will recognize you as no one would expect a famouse indian actress inside a bus like this “ .

“But … “

“Moreover no one would try to make any moves on you fearing the wrath of the crowd in the bus “

“Okay lets take a bus then “, Aishwarya responded as we made our way to the bus stop .

“Aishwarya entered the bus with several other people, making sure there were a few between her and me. It was a maneuver we thought of, so no one on the bus could tell we were together and not to give people on board a chance to recognize who she really was.

Though the condition she was under it was mere impossible not to draw any attention . The white shirt which barely came upto her ass revealing the crack and her glistening pussy to some extent . The secret was to climb onto the bus separately and sit far apart, so both of them could observe the people around them. She wedged herself between two large women and shuffled onto the bus with no noticeable connection to me, in fact she passed the driver without attracting a second glance.

She did draw plenty of stares as she moved sensuously down the long aisle to the back of the bus, weaving past people as they settled themselves into their seats. Though she had a pretty good idea why people stared, she wondered what it was that attracted them to her the most. Her long, dark hair, cascaded over her shoulders with a stylish flair and although it had been a couple of weeks since it was last styled, she kept it well controlled, so Aishwarya figured her hair might attract some attention.

The shirt was all wet and well pressed, displaying her breasts wonderfully wherever she went.

She had nothing on underneath the shirt and were filled out by a nice ass that curved down to her nicely tanned thighs. A tiny scar just above the bend of her knee added the slight hint of imperfection that simply seemed to improve her look. Her dark black eyes were deep set, giving her a mysterious look that she knew attracted some men, and a few women to her.

She moved toward the back of the bus, while i followed a few paces behind her, she felt her breasts brush up against an attractive man as she slid past. Just watching the men and sometimes the women react to her as she slid past them, lightly brushing against them, her hair lightly wafting over them, turned her on. Occasionally, when she was lucky enough to "innocently" brush against someone she passed just noticing their smile and slightly flustered response as she politely whispered, "Excuse me,"

She drew stares and pleasant reactions as people were noticed her aroma and appearance, but she knew he must keep moving toward the seats in the back, so she pretended not to notice.

She carefully slid into her seat and watched me sit nearby, close enough to block off any unwanted intruder, but far enough away so people would notice that she was a celebrity. She noticed that most of seats around them were empty, giving both a nice view toward the front of the bus. Scanning the passengers, she sat next to a man sitting near the middle of the bus.

The man to Aishwarya’s dismay recognized her and began to show some distinct interest in her, pointing her out to a friend .

He and his friend started to move closer towards Aishwarya .

I thought that due to the crowd in the bus they wouldn’t try to make any move on her but when they started to carass her hair, I was totally shocked .

“ Hey get off me “, Aishwarya shouted .

Seeing they might get into trouble both the guys decided to drop their advancements .

The rest of the bus trip continued in some silence now without any major activity .

Sensing the location she realized that it was the location of Dylan Mcdermott’s house .

She began movin towards the door. Watching me carefully move my feet to the aisle, avoiding the puddle on the floor, she prepared for a quick departure. Hearing the bus's brakes squeak, she moved swiftly to the side doors, gave her observer one last sensuous smile and climbed off the bus moving quickly down the sidewalk.

“ Where’s his villa “, I asked .

“I don’t remember the exact location, but I’m sure I will be able to recall once I see it ..

So we strolled through the houses and when Aishwarya finally recognized it we rang the door bell waiting for someone to answer the door .
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RE: Aishwarya Rai Sex Story - Blackmailed, Fucked and Raped

Scene 19

location : Dylan’s House

Date : 7th Feb, 2010 ( Day 4 )


We both stood at the door for about 5 minutes or so but no one answered …

As we were about to leave dejected, someone answered from behind “ May I help you “ .

Aishwarya looked behind to see Dylan standing at the door …

“ Do you know me “, he asked .

“ Its me, Aishwarya “ .

“Ohh sorry, I wasn’t able to recognize you dear “ .

“It’s fine “, Aishwarya responded as she introduced me to Dylan .

“ But, what happened to your clothes, you are in a complete mess .”

“Well that’s a long story “, she replied .

“Quickly come inside, I will find both of you something proper to wear “ .

He led both of us inside his house through the entrance .,

“You look dressed as if going out somewhere ? “, Aishwarya asked .

“Actually I was just about to leave for a wedding, that’s why it took me some time to answer the doorbell “, Dylan answered .

“Ohh, just get us some clothes if possible and we will leave “, she responded .

“Don’t worry, I am not going anywhere “ .

“You don’t have to change your program just because we dropped off all of a sudden “ .

“It’s the least I can do it for you . Wait, I will get you two some clothes “ .

“Thanks “, Aishwarya replied as Dylan went upstairs .

“ He seems like a nice guy “, I answered .

“Yes he is “.

“So how long have you known him “ …

“Since 3 years, but it has been quite some time since we had been in touch recently “ .

“ Is he married or single “, I asked .

“Married, he has a daughter too “.

“No more “, Dylan replied as he came down the stairs .

“What !! “

“Lisa and i got divorced six months back “

“Ohh sorry for that “, Aishwarya replied .

“It’s fine “

“Your daughter looks very pretty in the photo “

“Thanks . Aditya I brought this t-shirt and my trousers for you to wear “ .

“Thanks “ .

“Aishwarya I could find anything for you to wear except this saree from the movie we did few years back “ .

“Ohh !!!, it will do for me, thanks Dylan “, Aishwarya replied .

“ Aishwarya you can change upstairs in my room and Aditya you may change in the room down the hallway .”

“Dylan, may I ask you something “, Aishwarya asked .

“Yes sure dear “

“ As you might had noticed I am not wearing any bra or panty, do you have any “

“Ohh I forgot about that, let me check if Lisa left some before leaving “.

“Sure take your time “.

Meanwhile I went away to change into the new clothes .

“Aishwarya !! “, Dylan called her from his room upstairs .

Hearing which Aishwarya went upstairs to this room .

“I was able to find these bra and panties from Lisa’s old drawer, you can choose from these “

“Thanks Dylan “

“You get dressed here, meanwhile I will check on Aditya downstairs “

“These clothes of yours, fit me quite well “, I told Dylan .

“Yes they do “ .

“Would you mind if I could sleep in your room for sometime, I am completely exhausted .”

“Yes sure “, Dylan replied .

Meanwhile Dylan went upstairs to find Aishwarya standing there looking mesmerizing in the red saree . That’s when he realised that there was nothing more beautiful then her on the planet and his feelings for her rushed back into his mind .

“Wanna catch some movie on T.V “, Dylan asked .

“Ya sure, do you have Any Hindi Movie “

“I ve forgotten Hindi, as I was never in touch with it since you left .”

“Ok, then put any movie you feel is good “

“Have you ever watched Casablanca ? “, Dylan asked .

“No “

“It’s a great romantic movie “ .

Turning off the light, he sat down next to her and got ready to enjoy the film.

As he practically knew the film off his heart, for the first few minutes he could just sip his wine and let his mind wander, glancing occasionally at Aishwarya out of the corner of his eye. She was sat very neatly, her legs crossed around her saree, which had ridden up slightly above her knee, her smooth calves and perfect, fairly small bare feet glowing white from the light of the TV. The warmth of the alcohol suddenly made him feel how close her warm body was to him, only a few inches away.

With a smile he remembered the first time he met her, nearly 3 years ago from now.

Anyway, before he got completely lost in his reminiscing, he was distracted by the first really amazing fight sequence and started concentrating on the film. Once that scene was over, Aishwarya paused it to go to the toilet while I poured some more sake, and when she came back she sat much closer to him, so their bodies were touching. When she put her head on his shoulder he finally mastered himself and put his arm around her, feeling her snuggle nearer, but not saying anything.

They watched the rest of the film like this, his cheeks pressed lightly to her warm silky hair, and when it got to the really romantic scene with the hero telling her love that he'd found the brightest star of all he felt her hand reach for his, sending odd shivers through his body. Finally, the film ended and they reluctantly separated and stood up, both their eyes a bit wet from the ending, and neither of them saying anything or holding each other's gaze for long.

He switched the light off, so there was only the warm orange glow from the candles.

"Dance with me," he said with a smile, holding out her hand, so he took it and they both started twisting and jiving, singing along and laughing good naturedly at each other's dancing. Aishwarya changed the CD to the romantic soundtrack. They began chatting, slightly more manically than usual, their eyes constantly meeting and then one of them would look away a few seconds later.

When the CD finished, Aishwarya got up again and took a while choosing a new one. As she came back to sit cross-legged in front of him again, he couldn't help grin as the soothing voice of Celine Dion came from the speakers, and they continued their conversation until the end of the first song. As the second one started though, she seemed to make up her mind about something, and grabbed his hand, looking him straight in the eye.

“Dylan I had to call someone in India “, Aishwarya asked .

“Ya sure, but any problem “

“Actually I was in need of some money, so I had to call to get the money transferred .

“Dear, theres no need for that, you can always take money from me “ .

“But !! “

“Don’t object, you can take as much money as you want from me “ .

"Dylan, how do you feel about me?" she asked, a note of impatience in her voice. For a moment he just stared, caught off guard, felt his blood rushing to his head, and tried to look away, but couldn't. He took a deep breath.

"I... love you just like I did three years ago." he finally said it. And to his delight, none of his paranoid fears came true once he had. Instead Aishwarya's eyes widened and she blushed too, a big smile spreading across her face.

"Do you still love me after all this time?"

"Yes, you were the one who left me and got married in India, but I never forgot you ."

"But Lisa !! “

“I had to marry her because of my mother’s will “ .

They paused for a few seconds, but it was a different type to the pauses before, and they kept eye contact, then both leaned forward, a little hesitantly until Aishwarya pressed her fingers gently on Dylan’s lips.

Soon their lips met ….

Lifting the hand that she wasn't holding, he gently brushed her hair from her cheek and tucked it behind her ear, placing it around her head to pull her closer as their kiss became steadily more passionate. Aishwarya released his hand and drew him into an embrace, a bit awkwardly as they were both still sat cross-legged facing each other, until she pulled him up and pushed him back to the bed, still kissing him, and they ended up with him underneath her.

They kissed each other passionately for some more time on the bed until Dylan held Aishwarya’s hand and pulled her back again and stood behind her .

He took the pallu of her saree off from the shoulders and started gently kissing her on the neck and ear line . She whimpered as his hot lips and hot breath touched her bare neck.

"You're so beautiful Aishwarya," he told her, and she grinned.

He then undid her blouse followed by her matching bra revealing her heavenly breasts as they swayed in mid air gliding and touching as leaves falling in the wind .

Then he focussed his attention on Aishwarya’s deep navel which was appealing to him a lot . Aishwarya moaned as he touched her navel with his fingers and started to play with it which left Aishwarya grasping for breath .

Aishwarya removed his coat and then pushed him again on the bed . Things started to go a little faster than expected, her hands wandering firmly over his chest, then he felt one slip under his shirt, her smooth hand caressing the side of his stomach, so he allowed his hand that wasn't stroking her hair to feel her warm bare back. Aishwarya pushed herself up, kneeling over him, and pulled her petticoat down followed by her panty .

She was standing completely naked and her skin gold in the flickering candlelight.

"You're so beautiful Aishwarya," I told her, and she grinned.

Sitting up a bit himself, he wrapped his arms around her and carefully rolled over until she was lying on her back and he kissed her again, running his hands up her arms, following them from the silky underside near her shoulders, past her elbows and eventually to her open palms, their fingers meshing as she closed her hands around his. By now he had just let her instincts take over, kissing down her neck to her shoulders and the small hollow beneath her windpipe, working his way over her chest until he was kissing the top exposed part of her breasts.

His lips finally touching her tits, feeling the soft warm skin against his mouth as he explored it, the faint scent of her body filling his nostrils, while he let his fingertips do the same as his mouth on her other breast. Deliberately, he ignored her tempting pink nipple at first, kissing all the way down to the underside where it met her chest, then he extended his tongue, dragging it slowly up, tasting her skin, and then circling her nipple. As he closed his hand around her other breast, discovering that he'd been right in thinking they were the perfect size to hold, he could feel how she was tensing, her breathing having quickened and glancing up at her face he could see the tips of her white teeth biting her bottom lip in

When he finally decided he'd teased her long enough, he licked her round pink nipple, pushing against it with his tongue, feeling it getting stiffer, and then he closed his lips around it and tentatively sucked on it, getting a small squeak and intake of breath from Aishwarya.He continued like this, sucking and licking her nipple until it was as erect as he could get it, all the while squeezing her other breast rhythmically, enjoying the sensation of her soft flesh in his palm, then he swapped to see to her other nipple.

Once he'd finished there, he cupped both her breasts in his hands and resumed his journey of kisses down over her stomach, right down to the place were her flesh bulged.

Then he began kissing up her hairless legs, starting at her ankles, moving up her calves fairly quickly then slowing down as he reached her thighs. Stroking the inside of her knees with his hands and then up the outside of her legs, he peppered her inner thighs with kisses, working his way very gradually up to her crotch.

Holding her firmly with both hands around her waist, he pulled her a few inches closer to him so only the very tops of her legs were still on the bed .He lowered his head down so her long black hair was brushing his face, inhaling the faint but delicious aroma emanating from her pussy, and started to kiss all around her hole, not going too close, but close enough to get some of the juice that was clinging in droplets to her hair on his cheek. His hands slid up to cup her breasts once again as he did this, while she spread her legs wider, trying to encourage him to go further, her breathing quickening again and he traced the edge of her outer lips with the tip of his tongue.

His mouth watering now, he slipped his tongue in the slit between her inner lips, tasting her juices, and licked firmly and steadily up the entire length to circle the hood of skin over her clit which he could see, pink and swollen, but before touching ithe did the same movement again, making an appreciative noise to let her know she tasted so good. Carefully, he lightly flicked the tip of his tongue back and forth over her clitoris, getting a loud moan of pleasure from Aishwarya, so he licked a bit harder, and was soon lapping at it as if it were a delicious lolly, sometimes with an up-down motion, sometimes with circles, then as he got more into it, he did figures of eight and other shapes on it, sucking it a little as he did so. She started thrusting and moving her hips, sohe had to release her tits in order to hold her legs back, and he could feel his chin getting soaked from where it touched her opening, which he occasionally licked before she cried out to him to get back to her clit.

After a couple of minutes or so, he decided to try something else, so stopped licking and sucked on his right forefinger, getting it nice and slimy with his spit, and then pushed it ever so gently inside her hot wet vagina. He could feel the warm flesh enveloping it as it entered, pushing it all the way with his knuckles pressed in her damp pubic area, then withdrawing it, pumping it in and out while he bent down to continue his tongue work. She liked this so much that he decided to attempt it with two fingers, this time just lubricating his middle finger with her juices while still sucking on her clit and inserted it snugly inside her with the other finger.

He then again moved upwards to her body and started to kiss her neck and then her lips …

Their lips met as if they were in love with each other …………….
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RE: Aishwarya Rai Sex Story - Blackmailed, Fucked and Raped
Stoking her insides like this, he turned her palm upwards and noticed that he could feel a kind of bulge, and every time his fingers passed over it, Aishwarya's hips would tremble just a little bit more, or she would moan slightly louder.

Out of interest, he stopped pumping in and out of her like this, and instead kept his fingers inside her, running them back and forth over the mound, and changing his technique until Aishwarya gasped, grabbed his hair with both hands and told him to "keep doing that!" So he continued in a steady rhythm, still licking and sucking at her clit, while she moaned louder and wriggled, arching her back and wrapping her legs tight around his bare back, her hands pulling him into her crotch.

He didn't know how long he'd been eating her out, but all of a sudden her whole body tensed, and her breathing became so fast she was almost hyperventilating, and she let out a long loud cry, her hands gripping his hair so hard it hurt. She began thrusting very hard into his face, calling out incoherently and gasping while he continued to lick and finger her, moisture coming so freely from her pussy that he could feel a trickle all down his right arm to the elbow.

When she started to become a little less frantic, he started to withdraw his fingers, but she pulled his head even closer so his nose was almost pressed flat against her flesh and she begged him to continue. A minute or so later and she started again, panting and shaking, until she finally let him go and he could pull back for some air.

Standing up, he looked down at her, licking his hand clean, and saw her flushed face smiling serenely up at him from the nest of her messed up shoulder length, patches of sweat glistening slightly, while her pussy was wet and flattened from his saliva and her own juices, leaving a sizable dark patch of damp on bed clothes.

She beckoned him closer, and they kissed once more, her mouth tasting her own juices on mine, until she pushed him on to his back, a glint in her eye.

"Your turn now, darling," she said, and began kissing down his chest, her fingernails dragging sensuously over his skin where her mouth had gone before. Soon Aishwarya was kneeling between his legs as he had been, undoing his zip and pulling his trousers and boxers off together, releasing his semi-erect cock, and she raised her eyebrows.

“Major difference since last time I saw it!" he just smiled weakly, but not sure what to say in reply. Luckily, she didn't wait for one, and began kissing his thighs, letting his cock brush against her forehead or cheek, but otherwise ignoring it.

Closing his eyes, he tried to relax, feeling her warm wet lips moving up his legs, her hand carefully lifting up his balls so she could kiss just beneath them, before licking between and around them. One was suddenly surrounded by hot moisture as she took it in her mouth, the tips of her teeth just touching his sensitive skin there while her tongue caressed it.

Doing the same to the other, leaving the hair on them slicked back from her saliva, she moved on to the shaft itself, holding it steady by the tip between her thumb and forefinger, licking slowly up its hardening seven inch length, then around its width, always keeping to the foreskin, teasing him.

Finally, she pulled the foreskin back and he felt the tip of her tongue trace the ridge around the edge of the head a few times, then move up to explore the wide smooth surface on top, flicking over the tiny slit a few times. Just as he thought she was going to take it in her mouth though, she slid down to lick the base of his shaft, starting the process all over again, and repeating it until a small bead of precum leaked out of the tip of his penis.

Licking it up and looking straight into his eyes with that intense gaze of hers, she opened her mouth and pushed her head slowly down, her hot damp breath all he could feel for a moment, then the tip reached the back of her tongue and she closed her lips around the shaft.

He closed his eyes again as she began to suck, her mouth closing warm and wet around his dick, and she slowly pulled back, letting him slide out through her tightly held lips, and once she only had the smooth end in her mouth, she began swirling her tongue around it, took a short breath and then went down again.

Now and again she would bob up and down rapidly, then lick up his shaft before resuming her slow sensual tongue work, and after a few minutes he could feel pressure building in his balls as an orgasm built up.

Aishwarya seemed to notice though, as she was not entirely inexperienced, and stopped, standing up, and asking him to move. When he did she got on the bed and lay down, not across it this time but lengthwise, with her head on the pillow, her hands on his hips as he remained kneeling, trying to pull him down.

"Look, I don't have any condoms, Aishwarya," he told her, to answer her questioning gaze.

"Oh, that's OK Dylan," she said, seeming relieved that was all it was. "I trust you haven't got any funny diseases or you'd have said before, bring me a pill after we are finished so there's no need to worry about the two of us becoming three or anything. Come on, I want this!"

Reassured, he knelt between her open legs and lowered himself down over her, supported on his elbows, until her hard nipples were almost touching him, and they could feel each other's breath on their faces. One of her hands left his waist and he felt it hold his still erect cock, pulling it carefully down, the tip tickled by her pubic hair.

Then it was brushing her lips, both their breathing quickening in anticipation, then she was holding it, the head just dipped in her wet entrance, her eyes looking up at him, waiting. Slowly,he pushed her hips forward, her hot wet flesh closing around his dick, and Aishwarya gasped as he moved up inside her until finally his patch of hair covered skin above his crotch was against hers and he could go no further.

They began kissing again as he withdrew and got into a steady rhythm of sliding in and out of her, pressing his body closer to hers to feel her heat against him, but taking care not to squash her, and doing his best to concentrate on their tongues caressing each other so he wouldn't cum too early. Gradually he began to speed up, Aishwarya meeting his thrusts with her own, her legs tightening around his, her arms pulling him closer.

Their kissing became harder, the contact between their lips being broken occasionally, Aishwarya's moaning becoming clearer by not being muffled by his mouth. Once again he could feel the pressure of a climax building, so he forced himself to slow down to shorter thrusts, and rolled over on to his back, taking Aishwarya with him.

With her on top and a slight pause, he managed to delay the orgasm for a bit longer, and let Aishwarya take control. To begin with she just pushed her crotch back and forth, still lying on top of him, then she pushed herself up on to her arms, her hair falling down over her face and her breasts swaying as she began rotating her hips in a circular motion as she pulled herself up and down on him.

Pushing herself up further with her hands on his chest she got into a steady rhythm, sliding her vagina up and down on his cock, then he placed his hands on her tits, propping her up even higher, the nipples pressed against the centre of his palms, before she pulled away.

Now she knelt right up over him, his hands resting on her hips as they rose and fell, panting and moaning, her flushed face wearing an expression of concentrated pleasure, her hair plastered messily to it with the sweat that covered her whole heaving body with a glistening sheen in the dim light from the three candles that were still alight.

While one hand was holding him tight, she slipped her other through her hair to work on her clit, bringing her moans to a higher pitch. As he listened to her and watched his pale cock got swallowed by the pink hole amidst her black hair, then up her smooth shining stomach, over her shaking breasts to finally meet her half closed eyes, he felt the orgasm he'd been fighting off building up again, and he knew he couldn't stop it this time.

Meanwhile I had gotten up from my sleep and headed towards the kitchen to catch a glass of water .

After finishing it I searched for Dylan or Aishwarya but they were nowhere to be found when I suddenly heard some sound coming from upstairs ….

So I took the stairs but I as I was just about to complete the steps I realised that the sounds were of some woman moaning …

A door of one room was slightly open so I headed towards it and was left completely baffled by the sight in front of me …

Dylan was thrusting his cock hard into her, and at this Aishwarya speeded up too, her moans turning to cries and her face was contorting with her own climax. Her fingers rubbing her clit frantically, she stopped moving otherwise, as he was now thrusting right up into her, the contracting muscles inside her squeezing him tight with each stroke, a burning sensation in the end of his cock spreading all down it, the familiar haze of ecstasy filling his head, making him groan as well.

He slammed up one last time, holding himself inside her, and the tightness of her hot wet pussy twitching around him took him the rest of the way, and he felt his semen pumping itself into her. Aishwarya seemed to be finishing her orgasm, and fell forwards, kissing him passionately as he emptied himself into her, squeezing her against him, the ejaculation seeming to last for ages, a glow more intense than he'd ever known flooding his whole body.

Finally, the last few spasms subsided, their kissing calmed down until they stopped, and rolled on to their sides, panting, looking at each other with a kind of fond gratitude they never had before, and he realised that the music must have stopped sometime ago. And they stayed like this, kissing softly now and again, held in each other's arms, their sweaty bodies pressed together, his cock slowly softening and shrinking inside her, not saying a thing.

After he had slipped out of her, accompanied by a discharge of cum and pussy juice, which trickled warmly and wetly over both their legs on to the bed, they remained looking at each other in a kind post-orgasmic stupor. Her scent, the feel of her hair in his hand, and her eyes gazing into his becoming the only thing in his world, he felt he wanted to melt into her completely forever.

Eventually the last candle had burnt out, and in the darkness they drifted off to sleep ..

I just stood their and wondered what this horny bitch Aishwarya was upto know ….
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RE: Aishwarya Rai Sex Story - Blackmailed, Fucked and Raped
So I went downstairs and waited on the couch for Aishwarya to come down after she was awake ….

But she didn’t come and soon I drifted off to sleep too …

I was awoken the next morning by Dylan who asked if I wanted a cup of coffee …

I was enjoying my hot coffee at the table when I saw Aishwarya heading down the stairs .

“ So how did you sleep yesterday ?“, I asked not giving them the slightest idea that I was aware of the events that happened last night between her and Dylan .

“Well, she was not comfortable sleeping downstairs so she came to sleep in my room while I slept on the couch “, Dylan answered on his behalf .

“ Okie “

The room was filled with a weird bit of silence …

“ So Aishwarya did you call Someone in India and got the money arranged “, I asked

“No, actually Dylan offered to help me out with that “, Aishwarya answered .

“Ohh that’s nice of you Dylan hepling us in our need “ .

“That’s what friends are for Aditya “, Dylan responded .

When suddenly the doorbell rang …

Dylan asked me to open the door .

I was left completely spellbound when I saw a beautiful and stunning looking lady dressed in yellow standing in front of me .

She must had been around 21-22 years of age from what I could guess .

“Who are you ? “, the lady asked .

“ I am a guest of Dylan, what about you ? “

“ I am his sister Casey “, she answered .

Hearing it Dylan called from inside “Come on in sister “ .

So Casey made her way in to the house and hugged her brother .

“You remember Aishwarya “, Dylan asked Casey .

“Yes I do “, she replied .

“Since the last time I saw you Casey, you have turned from a college going girl into a sexy young lady “, Aishwarya told .

“And this is Aditya, Aishwarya’s friend “, Dylan responded as he introduced me To Casey .

“So you are an actor too in India “, Casey asked .

“I am an Obstetrician “, I replied.

“What ? “ ..

“Obstetrician is a person who checks pregnant woman regularly during their 9 month period to check out their progress .”, I answered .

“Okie “

“ So what is the reason for this surprise visit of yours “, Dylan asked Casey .

“Cant a little sister pay his brother a little visit “, Casey replied as she sat on the couch crossing her legs .

“ Yes you can visit me anytime you like Casey “, Dylan replied .

“Howz your life Aishwarya, heard you got married 2 years back “ .

“Yes everything is fine “, Aishwarya answered .

“ I guess I should drop into the pool now “, Casey told Dylan .

“But you have just come my dear “ ..

“ You know that swimming in the pool helps me relax a lot “ .

“Okay as you wish “ .

“Why don’t you all three join me in the pool “, Casey asked us .

“Ok we will see “, Dylan answered on our behalf .

So after Casey went away Dylan asked us two if we wanted to spend some time by the pool .

I agreed to take a dip in the water but Aishwarya agreed only to sit beside the pool and not go inside the water …


Scene 20

location : Swimming Pool

Date : 8th Feb, 2010 ( Day 5 )


As we stepped outside to go to the pool I saw Casey dressed in a black sultry bikini with shades of pink looking aesthetic and mindblowing .

"Hey, everybody," Casey shouted, "watch this," just before in did a wild somersault off the diving board into the pool!!! I gave her a mock standing ovation and Dylan called out, "I'd give that one a nine out of ten ."

Both me and Dylan immediately undressed ourselves till only our underwear was left and went inside the pool .

The heat was brutal. There was no getting around that. Summer showed no signs of letting up. A slight breeze might occasionally pass by, but it only moved the hot air from one space to another.

So the pool provided a great relaxation from the scorching heat .

Seeing us inside Casey swam towards us using only her legs .

“ What happened Aishwarya, why don’t you join us too “, Casey asked .

“No I ‘m fine here “ …

Noticing Aishwarya's hesitation Casey started to step out of the pool so that she could bring her inside herself .

“Quickly undress your self and join us in the pool “, she told Aishwarya .

“Actually I am not wearing anything beneath my saree “ ..

“You mean a bikini “ .

“Yes i am wearing no innerwear inside, no bra and panty“, Aishwarya asserted .

“ Then what, you don’t have to shy away from us if you are naked inside . “

“But how “

“Well Aditya is your friend, I’m a woman and Dylan must had seen you naked lot of times when you were together few years back . Then why are you shying away from all this“ .

“Okie “, Aishwarya replied .

So Aishwarya began to remove her saree while Casey stepped back into the pool .
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RE: Aishwarya Rai Sex Story - Blackmailed, Fucked and Raped
So Aishwarya began to remove her saree while Casey stepped back into the pool .

Soon Aishwarya got completely naked and was trying to cover her boobs with her bare hands .

“Come join us “, Casey told Aishwarya …

“I hope its not too cold “ .

“Don’t worry Aishwarya, it isnt “, I replied .

Aishwarya made her way into the pool as Casey handed her a water mattress like the one on which she was relaxing .

Aishwarya laid back on the mattress with her back facing the sun and breast pressing against the foamy surface of the mattress .

“ So What are you doing these days Casey “ ?, Aishwarya asked .

“ Well I am model for Victoria Secret “, she replied .

“ Ohh that’s a great platform for you I guess “ .

“Why don’t you tell this to my brother “ .

“What happened Dylan “, Aishwarya asked him .

“ I think that she should do something more than doing rmp walk in skimpy bikini for money “ .

“ Whats wrong in that . I was a model too and it served a great platform for me to showcase my talent and make my way into the movie industry “.

“ Ok, just leave it “ .

“So how do you know Aishwarya “, Casey asked me .

“Well I won a reality show and got to spend a week here with Aishwarya in Dubai “, I answered .

“I didn’t knew that “, Dylan interrupted .

“So I guess you too don’t know each other that well “, Casey asked .

“We are getting to know each other better slowly “, Aishwarya replied .

“So Aishwarya I am sorry than that I asked you to do this “ .

“Sorry for what reason Casey “, Aishwarya asked .

“Because I asked you to come inside the pool like this, you hardly know Aditya and it would be your first time being naked before him “ .

“That’s not the case “, I interrupted .

“What !!!!!!! “, both Casey and Aishwarya responded simoltaneously .

Immediately Aishwarya gestured me not to tell them what had happened between us in the past few days .

So I changed the topic .

Soon Aishwarya got busy talking to both Casey and Dylan while I was just concentrating on Casey at the moment.

Seeing her body covered in nothing but a skimpy black bikini was the greatest sight I could imagine at that time .

She was exquisite, with a near perfect figure of such delight that my cock grew in anticipation!

Meanwhile Dylan asked me if I could bring some wine from inside to which I readily agreed as it gave me a chance to change my boxers which I wasn’t feeling comfortable in .

“Aditya can I ask you a favour “, Casey cried out loud .

“Sure”, I replied .

“Please bring me some fruit from the kitchen while you are on your way back “ ………..

I went to Dylans room to which he had introduced me this morning and I opened his almirah to which he had given me full permission to take anything to wear .

I stripped down as fast as I could, grabbed white and dark blue trunks and pulled them on.

I did a quick one-over at the mirror to make sure the trunks fit fine. They seemed to be okay for being a year old and I couldn't help but look at myself.

I wasn't too bad looking if I had to say so myself .

I spotted the bottle of sun block and some lotion at the foot of the mirror and decided to take them for the ladies .

I bent to get them. The trunks stretched a bit over my ass when I bent down; I guess they were a bit tighter than I thought.

I had better be careful not to get too excited over Casey's or Aishwarya’s body or they might actually see my hard-on through these things

Uh oh. My cock was already starting to perk up at just the mere thought of Casey, I better control my thoughts or we'd have a pretty awkward situation on our hands.

I shook off all my stray thoughts and went to the kitchen .

I grabbed some fruit, wine bottle and glasses and headed back to the pool .

“There you are “, Casey replied on seeing me back and meanwhile Aishwarya was quite comfortable with her naked body inside the water .

“Aditya, did you change your underwear “, Aishwarya asked .

“Yes, I was not comfortable in them “, I replied .

“No change, I can still notice the tight hardon of your cock in these trunks”, Casey answered .

All four of us started laughing after hearing Casey’s remarks .

I handed over the fruit and knife to Casey and the wine bottle with the glasses to Dylan to serve .

We started to drink meanwhile Casey was busy with the fruit section .

I had to rub my eyes to be sure I wasn't dreaming …

One on side there was Casey floating in the water looking breathtaking with those incredible tits of her that were just waiting to come out from the skimpy black bikini

While on the other side was Aishwarya who was looking like an angel in that perfectly toned and tanned wet body of hers .

I was left in a dilemna to focus my evil intentions on which of the two ladies .
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RE: Aishwarya Rai Sex Story - Blackmailed, Fucked and Raped

Scene 21

location : Pool Party

Date : 8th Feb (Day 5)


In no time we were in a stage that could be called a drunken one .

“Hey you all, wanna play a game of water volleyball “, Casey asked .

“Ya sure “, me and Dylan answered .

“ You mean guys against gals “, Aishwarya asked .

Dylan made a diffrentiating line with the water mattresses so that the play could start and the ladies moved towards the other side of the line .

“The team that wins the first two points wins the game “, Dylan asserted .

“ What does the winning team get in reward “, Aishwarya asked .

“ The losing team has to strip off their remaining clothes “, I answered .

“But Aishwarya is already naked .”, Dylan reminded us .

“Well in that case, only Casey will have to get naked for them if they lose “ .

“Agreed “, Casey answered to everyone’s surprise as his brother was involved in the game .

“ Remember the last time we had a competition at the beach Aishwarya “, I asked

But she didn’t answer .

The game of water volleyball started .

The first point went to the ladies as I had paid more attention to Aishwarya’s bouncing boobs when she used to jump in the pool to hit the ball and as a result the ball dropped in front of me and we lost the point .

We won the second point due to Dylan’s brilliant dive to punch the ball over the line .

The third point would decide the fate of the winner .

I deliberately let the ball drop in front of me and let us lose the game .

The reason was that I thought that me naked gave me a better chance to make my move on Casey than her being naked .

“ Remember what the losers had to do “, Casey reminded us .

We took off our boxers and threw them back out of the pool ..

Soon we were even more drunk and splashing water at each other .

Casey even brushed her hand along my cock when she was playing in the pool with me. The brush was too pronounced and too prolonged to be accidental and it felt good to have her hand brush by the head of my cock.

Encouraged by the sudden rush i received by her accidental on purpose, no doubt, cock brush, when i lifted her up in the water, i placed both hands on her tits and had a good feel. I nearly took off her bikini when he let her down exposing her nipples

"Casey!" She said laughing at my sudden show of attentiveness to her boobs and adjusting her bikini .

Once the alcohol started freely flowing, cloaked by the warmth of the sunlight and the depth of the pool water, I was free with my hands taking liberties that i would not have ordinarily taken.

I was all over Casey feeling her ass and feeling her boobs. Always, she swam away from me.

Then, i cornered her by the pool ladder, i pulled her hand down by her wrist and put it on my exposed cock.

"Aditya is that a pool toy or a pull toy."

"Whatever you want it to be, Casey."

Casey, feeling the effects of alcohol, too, wrapped her hand around my cock and stroked it. She leaned her body against mine and whispered in my ear.

"Don't cum in my brother’s pool, Aditya."

With that, she removed her hand and slowly emerged.

I reached up and felt her ass and she remained there standing on the ladder for a few seconds allowing me to feel both cheeks with both hands but then when i ran my fingers down between her legs and tried to peel away her bikini and insert my finger, she gave me a swift kick to the chest, as she left and i fell backwards in the pool.

"I figured you needed some cooling off, Aditya," she said as she ran away from me .

Meanwhile Aishwarya was not at all comfortable with all the sexual advancements me and Casey were making at each other ..

“See what those two are doing in the pool “, Aishwarya said in a stern voice .

“Whats wrong in that “, Dylan replied .

“Whats wrong in that !!!!!!, she’s your sister and doing such things in front of you “ .

“ I have no say in her personal matters “ .

“Dylan I didn’t expect this from you “ .

“Just a second Aishwarya, are you furious with Casey doing it or with Aditya doing it “, Dylan asked .

“What do you mean ? “, Aishwarya answered with a question .

“ I noticed some sexual tension between you ( ) and Aditya some time back “, Dylan asserted .

“ Me and that bastard “, Aishwarya replied .

“ Bastard, I guess I missed something “, Dylan asserted .

“ Just leave all this “, Aishwarya replied as they both were looking directly in each others eyes .

Dylan brought her closer and hugged her real tight such that her breast were pressing against his chest and her pussy against his free hardened cock .

He crossed his Arms around Aishwarya’s back and moved them slowly downwards till he reached her ass and grabbed the ass cheeks with his bare hands .

“Hey what are you doing in front of them “ …

But before she could say anything more he started to kiss her passionately on the lips .

As Casey was walking on the perimeter of the pool I caught her leg and pulled her back inside.

I threw an arm around her shoulders hitching a ride on her back as she swam while humping her from behind .

I Dropped off into the water and popped up next to her body and we began to kiss passionately, her arms wrapped around my neck as our wet bodies moulded together in the cooling water.

Our tongues entwined as my hands worked down to her ass, grabbing her full ass cheeks and squeezing them gently.

She moaned in my ear from my touch as she started to kiss my neck; her legs lifted and wrapped them selves around my waist, my hard cock pressing up between them.

We kissed for the longest time our hands running over each other and her legs wrapped tightly around my waist trapping my cock between them. She pulled away and let her legs drop down and swam teasingly down to the shallow end; i swam after her and grabbed her playfully.

"Sit on the steps" she whispered at me.

I did as I was asked and sat on the steps my body now half under the water the other half out in the sticky air.

She stood in front of me and kissed me while gently rubbing my cock; i leaned back a little to allow her to rub all she wanted.

She stopped, then dropped her head under the water and took my cock in between her lips and began to suck. I moaned loudly from the sensation of her mouth and the cool water both swirling on my throbbing cock. She raised her head for a breath and then dropped it down again taking my cock further into her mouth this time. One hand grabbed the base of my shaft as her lips worked up and down fast. Her tongue swirled as she bobbed her head up and down.

She needed more air so she lifted her head and gave me a big smile, then she dropped down on to my hard cock and once again began to suck. She was getting faster and faster and her hands were also playing with my balls. The sensation was getting to be too much and I knew i was about to cum; bubbles released from her nose and they tickled my cock and balls as they surfaced.

This sensation felt wonderful; without thinking i put my hands on her head and began to work my cock in and out of her hot mouth. She felt my hands pushing her down and she smiled to herself knowing that i was close to cumming as she sucked my cock with more speed and determination. Her hand gently tickled my balls.

She needed a breath but could not raise her head because of my hands. She sucked harder and faster wanting me to cum so she could breathe; my hands pumped her head up and down as more and more bubbles left her nose and tickled me. She was desperate for me to cum now so i would release her head; she sucked harder and faster while her other hand manipulated my balls.

She felt my cock twitch in her mouth then a blast of hot cum entered her mouth she started to swallow; it was harder to do when you desperately want to breathe. She gulped down my cum as fast as she could as i slowly stopped pumping her head; i let go of her and she quickly lifted her head and took a deep breath.

"OH, Casey, I'm so sorry," i yelled as i watched her gasping for a breath. "I didn't realise what I was doing. It was so good I could only think about cumming. I didn't think about you needing to breathe," my words were panicked.

She took a couple of deep breaths and laughed. "That is ok, baby, if I really was in trouble I would've pinched you or something. Don't worry about it, Aditya, I'm fine."

We decided to rest for some time and see what the other the other couple was doing .

Meanwhile Dylan was busy with Aishwarya not caring about what I had done to her little sister .

Aishwarya was laying back and letting her body float up, her arms out wide and she felt so peaceful. He moved between her legs and squatted down so his mouth was level with her pussy. He stuck out his tongue and tasted her; it was an odd mixture of chlorine and her juices. He lapped his tongue at her to get used to the taste, swirling it up and down her slit. She lay there peacefully enjoying the sensation of floating and her old lover's tongue.

He slid a finger into her wet pussy and was surprised at how slick she was. His tongue found her clit and slowly began to flick it; water was splashing up and hitting his face as he worked on her wet pussy. He liked having the water on his face while he pleasured her; it was cooling and erotic.

He slid his finger out of her slick pussy and then moved his hands lower to her tight rosebud, as he sucked and licked on her tiny clit. She was trying to buck her hips as he fingered her. She felt him press his thumb gently into her tight ass and she gasped loudly as the sensations ran up and down her body.

He licked and sucked with fury now as his cock started to grow hard again; he liked licking his lover in the cool water. His thumb pumped in and out of her tight ass as he could hear her moans and groans getting louder.

He concentrated on her clit with his mouth sucking and blowing, as Aishwarya’s body started to shudder and shake and he heard her cry, "Oh ! I'm cumming!" He didn't stop his efforts he just slowed them a little so Aishwarya could recover.

She pulled away from him quickly and stood up and wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply. "Oh, Dylan, that was so good," she whispered; he smiled at her as she found his cock hard and ready again.

They kissed as she touched his hard cock under the water and he fondled her tits pinching those nipples. They moved over to the step and he sat down, she sat on his lap and they kissed more slowly and passionately.

He said, "I have an idea," as he pulled her up so he was standing. He dragged her closer to the middle of the pool so that the water was just covering his cock when he was standing. She made her turn around and bent over and told her, " Aishwarya, I want to Fuck you from behind!"
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RE: Aishwarya Rai Sex Story - Blackmailed, Fucked and Raped
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