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Anushka Sharma
08-12-2016, 04:10 AM
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Wank Anushka Sharma

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08-12-2016, 04:11 AM
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RE: Anushka Sharma
Anushka sharma the young and hot actress of bollywood was on an roll after her recent blockbuster Band Bhaja baraat was running high in bollywood and tat too to her hot scenes and her lip kisses wit the Hero of the movie was now the talk of the town.

But even though she was tat much happening heroine she was not able to get any movie apart from the yash raj banner. Even though all those movie were all hit, Anushka sharma started to fear tat she will be left wit only one banner. So Anushka started to find different production houses.

So now i again come into action. Firstly i was first director to have approached Anushka to make her act in a movie but Anushka being head weight rejected my offer and went on to sleep wit Aditya Chopra nd giving an mouth job to yash chopra in order to earn new parts in their movies. And u guessed right even Shahrukh had also fucked and actually fucked her in many position in vast number of times.

But this and all happened some two years ago. But now i have become an well known director and even started to produce films. Anushka knew it and so contacted me but me being angry on her for ditching me said her an flat No. But she kept on insisting to meet me and even asked for apology and so i convinced myself and said her that i was busy shooting for my movie In America and will here for next month. So Anushka Sharma in reply said tat soon she is also visiting America for vacation and during tat time will meet me she told and disconnected the phone.

so after keeping the phone down Anushka started to plan her future action and so planned to go to America for sure even though originally she had no plans to go der. But in order to convince me she started to book her first class and left Mumbai the next day.

So no reaching Los Vegas. Anushka wit her influence over yash chopra got herself booked in Hilton hotel one of the best in the world and took some rest in order to take decision about the evening meetings wit her director.

Firstly Anushka Sharma thought to ask sorry to him but later she herself thought it was an bad option and thought an long time and took an final decision. Tat wat ever means she tries it won't work on him as she has insulted him and threw him off so in order to get tat mega budget film opposite an famous actor she planned denote her whole body to the director in order to get part which will make her famous and help her earn even more moneY.

Sleeping wit others in order to satisfy her needs was not at all new for her as all she got was by this only. And more over her all expenses r all by Yash chopra as she slept wit him and waked his penis and the remuneration is her trip to America.

So, in order make the director fall for her beauty she had to wear sexy dress and so she went for shopping and bought an very sexy black skirt.

So the evening arrived and Anushka Sharma wore her dress. It was skirt of knee height and will fully open her in black till her end of spinal cord and it really tight fitting rightly for her and showing decent part of her cleavage and started her journey to an casino were the shooting of director was going on.

Now its my introduction. Im short but good built and now was shooting an film in english wit Brad pitt and Natalie portman. Soon went to see the director and all through my way i got looks and hot steamy breaths from the men present around which was making me feel ackward but still moved forward and meet wit the director assistant who was an women to inform me about her arrival.

On hearing her name itself i got angry but i promised tat i would meet her and so i order to keep my promise i went. But once i saw her all my anger turned in to lust and sexual eagerness. Wow she was tat much sexy in tat outfit as all curve was fully known through tat outfit and tat skirt could not control her busty breasts and so more and more visible and as the skirt was only knee high her thighs and creamy knees were all visible. And now even Brad Pitt the famous joined us and once he saw he was bowled by her beauty and wanted her. As u all know English men are fond of indian girls.

Anushka Sharma on seeing both of us in this position was so happy as her planned had worked and now she came near us and sat in couch in front of us and rolled her thigh to others but moved it rather slowly so as give to give of her sexy yellow panties to both myself and Brad. On seeing this i was all fired up but could control it as it not right place. So i thought wat to do as decided to invite her to party conducted by us for the movie's trailer release and more over Brad was specially interested. So i took an invitation and asked her attend the party for sure. ANushka was very happy wit turn around of events and so she happily took the invitation and kissed in my cheeks and Brad's cheeks and went back.

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08-12-2016, 04:11 AM
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RE: Anushka Sharma
[font=&quot]Anushka Sharma after brief meeting wit the director returned back to her feeling tat her planned had worked but she was sure tat this was not enough and she surely had to denote her body to earn her place in tat mega budget movie and so she again started to select an dress and it was an saree. It was the same kind of Saree which Aishwarya Rai had worn in her last movie Robot.[/font]

[font=&quot]While me being bowled over by her and instant hard on which was hard to control and so cancelled tat days shoot and again started to think about her and tat sexy Dress she had worn and evening came and i reached to the party place which was already buzzing[/font]

[font=&quot]Soon after my arrival Anushka Sharma had arrived and seeing her on tat saree i was really bowled out not only me but even all celebrities like george etc. She had worn and completely golden transparant saree wit and matching blouse and petty coat. From tat saree her breasts and navel were completely visible which made my penis grow back into action. I have seen many ladies naked and even in movie i have seen Even Natalie portman half naked or in bikini but wasn't tat much aroused as seeing Anushka. Once she arrived she directly came to me asked me to accompany her to the dance floor and we started to dance. [/font]
On the dance floor she had me totally under her control and hold of such a way tat her breast were near my mouth and her hands in her ass and were dancing very nice to those beats and once in a while i got view of her naked breasts and navels and touched them.[/font]
After sometime of dancing she told tat she wanted to talk something personal to me and made me follow her. Once we reached an lonely place she closed the room and started to remove her cloths immediately. First i scared seeing her actions but later seeing her smiling at me i went near and gave her instant french kiss by sucking her lips hard sucking all juices and saliva. Den went to her breasts licked them and bit them hard and smooched her navel and came to my target of pussy and inserted my tongue first and den inserted my fingers into her pussy and started to give her nice finger fuck and den i was bowled over and wanted to fuck but she didn't allow me to do as she had suprise tomo and will show her in aircraft only. As we all were returning back home.[/font]
Once i left Anushka went to rest room to clean all saliva and was on her way to leave the party and was caught mid way by the two friends of hollywood Brad and george and they fully on control of lust and sex and seeing them both Anushka had to give in. They too were in an hurry. So soon the they removed their dresses and short and took their rock hard cocks and while brad pitt kissed her lips and put his cock in her pussy, george put his cock into her and played wit her boobs. And shagged her well and after sometime they interchanged their positions and fucked her to their heart consent. And Even Anushka Sharma didn't fight as these two powerful actors and so even may help in future and so even she gave them an blow job and massage to their cock. And before leaving she gave them her phone numbers and left.[/font]

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08-12-2016, 04:11 AM
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RE: Anushka Sharma
Once the party was over we all left but i was very super excited and also became an slave of her because of my actions wit Anushka Sharma yesterday as i got an piece and taste of her beautiful and tender body but wasn't able to fuck her body and so thinking about all this i wasn't able to sleep itself.

The next day me and all indian crew were leaving to india and so we got ready and left the hotel to go to airport and only mid way it came to my knowledge about the suprise to given by Anushka and i started to think about it and reached airport.

After reaching airport we got all the procedures done and went into the plane but still no Anushka. So i started to think tat she became tired due to the excessive fucking of Brad and george. As me and Brad being an good friend he told it to to me. Though i was angry wit her action but i had become an slave of her and so tried to contact her and within tat time she arrived and put an pat on my shoulder.

Wow again the dress she wore was mind blowing. It was dress of choli model. But it was just an blouse in top giving full view of her sexy navel and beautifully decorated choli in bottom which she had worn so much low. She sat beside me and gave me an tight kiss in my lips giving me green signal to do wat ever i want. Ours was an three sitter and so beside us was small boy of around 14 to 15 years of age. And his name was Ajith and once he saw Anushka in tat sexy dress he didn't take eye out of her and once he saw Anushka kissing in my lips his manhood started to considerable amount which i witnessed and amazed.

Soon the plane started and the place were we sitting was personalised as it was less of human movement except Ajith who was seeing as though he will eat Anushka alive. After sometime we saw ajith started to close his eyes and tats it i started to do my actions. I first started to open her first two buttons of her blouse and she too gave her full support and i started massage her boobs over her blouse and licked her cleavage which was above her blouse and even rubbed her nipples over the blouse. Now i wanted more and so i bent down and kissed her navel for many times and rubbed her pussy and clotris over her dress and den i started to think about the promise and asked her full fil it. But Anushka to told me to wait for sometime and den asked me follow her to the plane's rest room and i followed her like an dog and entered in to the room after she did it.

Once i entered, Anushka said to me tat i could do wat ever wit her body for sometime but she needed an promise tat in return she should get and main part in my movie. Seeing her naked in such an position i lost all my senses and nodded my agreement and den she said take me and enjoy me.

So tats it after hearing these words i started to work out in an hurry and started to kiss in her lips and played wit her boobs and at the same time tried to remove my pants. Wow playing wit her boobies was the most exciting part and now i came down no time to play wit her navel so tore open her bottom and licked her pussy and hard but i was not ready to enjoy her pussy in this non sense location so just started to fuck her ass brains out as she started to get exotic pain and pleasure out of it and i was enjoying her breasts like an pervert. So Anushka said tats enough. I accepted though i was angry wit her for let Brad fuck her and so started to plan.

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08-12-2016, 04:12 AM
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RE: Anushka Sharma
So i said to Anushka tat if she wanted an part in my movie she must do want i asked. So i said she must give pleasure to next person who ever visits the rest room next. Anushka shocked but accepted it after long thinking being fucked by many its no prob so she accepted and more over she was so horny. So i left bathroom and was waiting to see the lucky person.

So now i came out of the aeroplane restroom and hid myself in an place. While hiding i was thinking my activities i did wit Anushka like licking her pussy giving her an hard kiss even smacking her ass hole. Even after ten mins my cock hadn't lost it growth seeing it i was amazed and was waiting to pre who is the lucky guy who is gonna enjoy her. But wen i saw the person i was in an state of shock.

It was the same boy Ajith who was sitting beside us. He was now his way to restroom. Seeing this i was quiet sure that he is gonna enjoy and feel the thing he is gonna see in there and even thought the position of Anushka Sharma once she sees him but she has no other option but to fuck him in order to be heroine is my next movie.

Once Ajith the boy opened the door he was on shock. Why! Because his dream girl and the lady who was being enjoy right beside him was now standing der naked.

It was an golden situation and opportunity at The boy Ajith was just 15 to 16 years old so he didn't have any knowledge of sex expedition and more over very shy.

But wat ever position he may be into he was just staring at her naked body especially those two two mangoes which was hanging in front of him which was was actually 32 C and even he didn't even miss an chance to see her navel and even got an courage to touch and feel it. He was so much infamiliar wit sex tat he didn't wat pussy really used for so apart from touching and Feeling her navel he didn't have courage or knowledge to go further and even Anushka Sharma was feeling shy to stand naked in front of an 15 year boy so thought of sending him out.

But me being seeing the happenings got myself into action again and signalled to Her tat to carry on or else forget the movie. So now Anushka wit out any way to go started to seduce tat little boy.

So now started to see the boy in her sexual best and started to talk sexually while talking Anushka herself started to press her boobies and occasionally went near the mouth of Ajith just to tease and then she went very close in tat small compartment as though even air could not pass through kept her lips to his lips and started lip kissing him. At first the boy was little shy but as some seconds went he became bold and surprise of anushka he kissed her so beautifully like a professional kisser by sucking her lips and he even bit her lips in order to make her open mouth and started to give her mouth kiss and this continued for ten mins and den broken. The boy was expert in kissing and due to it Anushka was suffering for breath. But even though it happened the boy went back to become shy.

So Anushka Sharma started to boob tease and pressed her boobs near his mouth and after sometime some milk started to spill out of it and he tasted it. Den Anushka asked Ajith whether he didn't wanted to taste it and feeling very shy he took his mouth to her boobs and after first started to suck them very slowly but as the time went he again gained confidence so he started to suck her breast real hard and kissed them to his heart content first Anushka felt pain but it soon turned into pleasure and so she hid Ajith face deep into her boobs and he even bit her boobs many a time to give love marks to her breasts and even he went to suck her pussy but this he didn't need any signal. But wat i saw next was shocking now Anushka was fully driven by pleasure and seeing his manhood he was out of control but she couldn't allow him to fuck her but at same time she needed sex pleasure. So side decided mouth job so she took his 5 inches penis into her mouth and started to role over penis and started to suck them hard and even kissed her foreskin. And den started to massage his balls and did them beautiful as she started to feel that pressure was increase in his cock she started to suck his penis hard and even bit her penis shaft a bit and tats cum started to flow got into mouth but she couldn't take the whole and the rest fell on her body but the cum which was in her mouth she drank them fully. Now she took water in cleansed both her body and Ajith's body and after doing so she gave him an beautiful kiss and bought him back beside us but soon he slept hard due to her body tried.

Soon we reached Mumbai and i took her to my home and fucked her to my hearts content and enjoyed her in wat ever way i wanted and she back home wit her hearts content as she got wat she wanted as next day itself we signed the deal and she acted in my multi crore movie and now she has become the famous Anushka she is now

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