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Anushka Shetty Sex Episode
08-17-2012, 11:47 AM
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Anushka Shetty Sex Episode
It all happened five years before. Anushka was an yoga teacher by professional. And got her first chance in film acting in an movie directed By puri jagganth through an talent hunt.

The movie was wit the telugu actor Gopichand. Even though she was selected by an talent hunt. She was totally enjoyed by all the three. Gopichand was the person who enjoyed a lot. He touched her all over her body and played wit them a lot and even wit his influence over the director he even kept an rain song and made anushka to were and very transparant saree

and because of it he and the whole film unit enjoyed the view a lot and as for gopichand touched and play wit her navel and even kissed her breasts and wen ever he got chance kissed her lips wit her permission but Anushka had adjust them all due to persue her dream of acting and this was used will to their advantage by him and others. As Gopichand, the director and the produces enjoyed her beauty and body of her and during the promotions even big distributors and advertisers also enjoyed her and she tolerated all to get her work done.

Now the movie released and even her role was applauded and praise. And so she thought tat due to this movie she would get chance to act more. But it didn't happen as no one approached her or contacted her. So he felt very sad and used as she enjoyed all from her beauty to body but it had no use. So she again planned and started to teach yoga.

Now starts the story. We all know the telugu super star Nagarjuna. He had an son named Naga chaitanya. And he too like his father wanted to become an actor but he little to fat to become an actor. So his father asked him to get yoga to bring down his weight and also mental tension. So chaitanya selected Anushka as if liked her a lot and especially tat rain song in her movie and wanted to see her beauty very closely. So he enrolled himself to her.

After hearing tat Naga chaitanya has joined her yoga camp Anushka started to think tat he would be last way to enter film and more over his father Nagarjuna can make big and so started to think an plan. And at last came up wit one.

Anushka thought already many dogs have enjoyed her body and had sex wit her it was no bad thing use her body as an weapon to go big in life. So Anushka thought to attract Naga Chaitanya wit her body and make him introduce to his father and also give a piece of body to tat old fox Nagarjuna and gain importance in movie.

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08-17-2012, 11:48 AM
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RE: Anushka Shetty Sex Episode
Now Anushka started to think when to start seducing Naga Chaitanya and decided to start immediately. From the next onwards she started to give importance to Naga by touching him as though helping him in his training and sometimes even would touch his penis and act as though did it unknowingly.

Like this some days passed and Anushka thought it was the right time to make the next move on him. So on the next day of class she asked Naga Chaitanya to wait back after class hours and he to learn more. Naga was very happy as he was gonna get more time to enjoy his beauty.

As the class got over Anushka asked him to wait and went inside and come after sometime only wearing an loose t shirt and denim trousers.
On seeing her in tat position Naga got an immediate hard on but controlled them but Anushka found it out and smiled to see her plan working immediately.

Now Anushka started to do those yoga movements along wit him and during doing those she had to bent down often and during tat Chaitanya got to see her huge melons even her nipples were seen and then only he found out tat she hadn't worn her bra. He was amazed on seeing this and thought tat she had did this on purpose and later convinced himself tat it was not carried on.

Now it happens, chaitanya wasn't able to perform an certain movement and Anushka went der to help her and stood very close to him as her breasts were brushing his shoulders and even his chest. Now Naga going out of control. Now Anushka while helping him wanted missed his balance and made to fall down and while doing so she too feel on him and though unknowing or due to balance miss she kissed him hard on his lips and even strongly got hold of his penis but soon got up as though it happened wit out any necessary and ran out and before tat she gave him an very naughty smile.

Naga was amazed and happy by the things turned out and was more happy because he got green signal from Anushka from the smile she gave him and but he didn't know how to carry on to it. While Anushka was enjoying this sight from outside and happy to see the turn around of events.

So through my next update we can see How Naga gets courage to enjoy Anushka and how Anushka by acting innocently gets her work done by giving pleasure of her to other.
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08-17-2012, 11:48 AM
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RE: Anushka Shetty Sex Episode
Now Anushka started to devise an plan and decided to seduce Chaitanya in order to full fill her dreams. So from next day she started to give more concentration to him and went close to him very often and touched him as though helping him in her yoga and even sometimes sandwiched her breasts to his chests and rubbed his penis and did all these innocently.

Now Anushka started to think about next thing and thought to start it immediately and one day asked Naga chaitanya to stay after the classes get over as he must be taught more as he lacked skills. On hearing this Chaitanya got more happy as he was gonna more time to spend more time wit this beauty and he didn't know tat he was get more than he expected.

So after the regular classes were over Anushka asked him to wait for little time and he did it and after some time she come and seeing her Chaitanya penis throbbed to its full length because Anushka had changed from an regular dress and wore an loose t-shirt and short denim trousers and den came near him to teach him began to bend down to teach him various positions and tat time only he noticed tat she hadn't wease her bra and due to it he got to see her very huge melons and even her nipples and due to it went out of control but he didn't know tat there were still many thing to happen. As Anushka came near to teach him an very difficult position and started to hold him and after some time she wantedly lost her balance over him and he fell on her and she fell on him in tat way tat her nipples would fall directly on to his lips and then while trying to get up she again missed her balance and gave an hard kiss on his lips and she acted shy and insulted and ran to her home. After these things happened Chaitanya was dumb struck and happy and played the things happened in his mind again and again about the green signal he got.

So now he wanted to enjoy her for sure and so he went to Anushka home in the next day very early and on seeing him der so early Anushka was happy as her plan was going good and came to see him in the Orange saree she wore which showed her deep navel.

The saree was so thin tat it glued to her body showing her whole structure to him so he conformed tat he should enjoy her. So after seeing him she asked him to wait as she would go bath and come and while turning she gave him an very sexy smile and went. So now he slowly followed her to the bathroom and hid through window to see her bath. Only after seeing his reflection in her window she started to remove her clothes and bathed naked and soaped her body very slowly than ever in order to allow him enjoy her beauty and she sat in tat way way tat Anushka could give him an clear view of pussy. Naga after seeing it was bowled out and she to finished her bathing so he returned to his old position.

Now he was waiting her come out and she came to tease him more by only covering her body wit an towel and went to her room directly to change and Chaitanya also followed her and saw tat room was not closed fully and so peeped inside to see tat Anushka standing in front of the mirror. Anushka on seeing him again started to carry out her play by removing her towel and so she was completely naked and started to brush her hairs and our hero got his view through the reflection in mirror and so now he thought tat enough is enough and started to walk behind. ANUSHKA noticed it and started to breath hard as she had enter an place of no return and casually started to wear her bra and at the same time he too lifted her from back holding her naked navel. Anushka was excited but acted to shocked.
Tats it for now.
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08-17-2012, 11:48 AM
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RE: Anushka Shetty Sex Episode
So, Anushka was shocked by actions of Naga Chaitanya and tried to free herself from his grip or acted to so. But Naga had tight grip over her. So now she started to beg Naga chaitanya to leave her as it was sin for him as she was elder than him and so its wrong. But Naga was quick to answer tat he knew tat she had been enjoyed a lot by His friend Gopichand during the shooting of the movie and started to threaten her tat he would say this to her parents and even release those details to media.

Now Anushka acted as though she was scared and said tat she would do anything wat he asks but he should release any details about it but said him to do all wit knowledge of parents at home so asked him to take her to basement and do wat ever he wants. So, now hearing this Naga Chaitanya was happy and he didn't waste an min and started to kiss Anushka in her head, cheeks neck nape and even in her cleavage and her round navel and played wit and now came to her lips.

He kissed Anushka in her lips expertly and even Anushka was amazed by it. He first started to suck her upper lips softly and den turned his attention to lower lips as kissed them softly. Due to these actions Anushka slowly started to open her mouth on seeing this Chaitanya started to kiss her hard and poked his tongue in her mouth and both their tongue started to wrestle inside and so much of saliva got exchanged.

Now he was on full flow and so he wanted to taste Anushka's beautiful boobs and went to open her bra and Anushka took her hand and wantedly stopped him so Chaitanya again started to threaten him. So Anushka again acted as though there was no option but to surrender herself to him so she herself helped him to open bra. So once the bra was opened he fully immersed his face into boobs and kissed them many times and wit her nipples by pinching them and biting them a lot. And played wit her nipples by running his thumb finger over it.

After doing them he started to suck her melons. Once he started to suck Anushka started to give moans and immersed his face deep into her breasts and made him drink the milk.

Now he was fully satisfied wit her boob area and now took his attention to her navel area and started to lick her beautiful big stomach and inserted his hands into navel and played well by licking and kissing all over her navel. And he even went to take some ice from the fridge and put it into her stomach. The ice gave her something new feeling and it was giving pain but it was enjoyable and he even took the ice and put the drops of water into navel hole and made Anushka enjoy every bit and Anushka couldn't control her and started to moan more. So Chaitanya took something and closed her mouth and took her his attention to her pussy and licked it over her underwear which smelt gr8 and so he couldn't control more so he tore her panties apart and start to lick her pussy hard and even took two of his fingers and started to finger duck even like earlier he started to do things happening in an pron movie and so took ice cream from fridge and put into her pussy and started to lick it like an cone ice cream which was all enjoyed by Anushka well. Now after doing all there Naga chaitanya took his boxers to fuck her but now Anushka stopped him before going too far because she knew tat if she allowed him to fuck now then her plan will all be spoiled and won't be an actress.

So she asked him not fuck her as she some conditions for it. As if he wants to enjoy her na he must introduce her to father Nagarjuna to get herself into movie. Now Naga Chaitanya started to think and nodded affirmatively as he had become an slave to her body and she had promised him tat if he gets her an actress role na he can enjoy her anyway she wants

But now starts the problem. Even though Nagarjuna was an play boy before marriage but after his marriage wit his mother Amala he got himself cleared and started to become clean. So now if Anushka wants to act in movie na she needs to correct his father because Nagarjuna hates to support new faces. So now Anushka must some how make Nagarjuna to accept her and mostly by sexual urges only its possible Naga Chaitanya said to Anushka.

So now lets see how Anushka will be able to to convince and correct this one women policy guy to fall for her. Lets see in next update.
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08-17-2012, 11:48 AM
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RE: Anushka Shetty Sex Episode
Now even Chaitanya started to help Anushka to make his father wooed by her as he wanted to taste the body of her. So he gave various ideas to her.

So one day as planned Anushka asked Chaitanya to bring his father to her home and during tat time Anushka made possible tat her parents were not at home to get their work done in peacefull way.

Right from the time Nagarjuna arrived Anushka started to act in an slutty way as she gave naughty looks and wicked her eyes and bit her lips a lot to cover him and it actually seemed to working.

In order to correct Nagarjuna Anushka had one of her sexiest saree. An Black transparant saree wit and matching sleeve less blouse which helped Nagarjuna to read the body measurements of her.

Now Anushka continued to give teasing. So she went into kitchen to get tea for all. So Chaitanya followed her to kitchen and pinched her ass and said to her she damn sexy and he wanted her to be fucked right der by him. But Anushka asked him to wait as she was all his after being enjoyed by her father.

Now both of them came out of kitchen and Anushka gave tea to Nagarjuna by bending down a lot and due to this her whole assets were hanging in front of Nagarjuna which he enjoyed and went mad and more over his partner now started to grow.

Now Anushka thought it was the right time as so wicked to Chaitanya to leave right now and return back late for his chance and he did exactly. Now it was only her and Nagarjuna in the room and so Anushka started to take her chances and sat very close to Nagarjuna. Nagarjuna was growing mad and mad for Anushka and she knew it. Firstly she started to talk something non sense and put her hands in his pants and rubbed them and again showed her breasts to him in more tastefull way to enjoy. Tats it Nagarjuna was broken.

He saw tat whether Chaitanya was der or not and also whether he an green signal from Anushka. And as he got both. He fell on her in tat sofa itself and immediately removed her pallu and tore opened her petticoat and panties and started to lick her pussy hard and put down his trousers and took out his penis and signalled to Anushka to give mouth job and she immediately obliged to it and bent down to his penis into her mouth and started to roll her tongue over his penis tip and continued to do to increase his joy and den started massage his balls wit her mouth and hand and at last bit his penis shaft as she did it Nagarjuna could not control more and white liquid started to flow and Anushka drank them all.

Now he went directly to her pussy and directed his hard cock into her pussy wit full force from the beginning which she couldn't get control of and had to hold the sofa for grip. And while fucking her he bit her breasts and gave so many loves all over body but she controlled all those pain for future happiness and he did an ass fucking also and left the house.

After father went. The son came and enjoyed his part of the body but son was more tastefull in fucking and after was over Anushka went to take bath thinking wat had happened and the bite marks in body felt sad but again controlled her.

But Chaitanya as promised got her roll in next movie of his father's movie though being fucked by her director again this time she became an grand success and stands in front of us.

And Anushka wit out forgetting the help of the father son duo sleeps wit them even now after becoming an famous actress also. Tats dedication

The End
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