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Asin Rapes Genelia with help of Abhisek and John
07-22-2012, 08:48 PM
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Asin Rapes Genelia with help of Abhisek and John
The shooting of the bollywood movie Dhoom-3 was going on. The movie this time featured the two hot new faces from south, Genelia D'Souza and Asin Thottumkal. Their male counterparts happened to be Ahhi and John. The shooting for that day was over and most of the crew was gone. Since the shooting was going on in the same resort where the stars were accomodated, John and Abhi just went down for a stroll. Both Genelia and Asin were in the make up room, getting there make ups off while John walked in.

Now its well known in glam business, what a nymphomaniac Asin is and how she loves to screw her co stars. So John and Abhi wooed her and they had already planned to have a three some that day. So John walked in and commented on Asin "Kya baat hai, aj to badi sexy lag rahi ho. Kahin kahar dhane ka irada hai kya." asin gave him a slutty smile. Then he bowed down and whispered to her "So are you ready to handle us two hunks?" Asin nodded and then in slow voice said "How'd it be if we make it a foursome? Genu has a young sexy curvalicious body and I just noticed she also has a hairy armpit. That smell really turns me on."

John was a bit shocked about her fetish. But then said "Thats okay. But will she be ready?" "Oh never mind if she'd agree or not. Who else is here? This resort is just left to ourselves. Even if she disagrees, cant you two guys pin that bitch down?" Asin asked with a evil smirk greedily looking at Genelia's bare arms popping from blouse. "What! Are you crazy. Can you imagine what'd happen if she goes to police." John was a baffled but Asin replied coolly, "Never mind. She'd go nowhere. We'd shoot everything and blackmail her. And its not as if she were an untouched virgin. To be at the level she's now in, she must have screwed several directors." "Well not a bad plan." said John, but indeed the idea of a foursome was already straining his boner which was struggling to take asylum in any hole. "now go fetch Abhi and we'd gag her and take her to my room."Asin ordered. She loved to be dominant. John nodded and went out.

Two minutes passed and Asin could hear the footsteps of both Abhi and John coming down there. So she shot Genelia a question "Genu, are you a virgin." Genelia was totally startled "WHAT!" Asin coldly just repeated herself and She answered "Yes, I'm a virgin." just then Abhi and John entered. "Thats good because today you'll be defiled." said Asin with an evil smile and she waved to both guys. Before Genelia could turn or resist she was gagged and was being carried to Asin's room to be plundered.

They took Genelia to Asin's room and tied her hands to a bar. Now was Asin's turn. She was a bisexual and she loved torture. So she got out a lash from her bag, motioned the guys to sit until she's finished and started mercilessly lashing Genelia.

Genelia still couldn't understand what was going on. She was yelling in pain but there was no one to listen.

After lashing her for sometime Asin took Genu's chin in her hand, ran hands over her soft red cheeks and then french kissed her, even though Genu protested.

While kissing Asin's hand slipped into Genu's T shirt and she caressed her little tits over her bra. After five full minutes of kissing she stopped and then she tore off her T shirt, revealing her tiny tits trapped inside a white bra. Asin laughed at Genu who had started crying anticipating what was to go on. She could see Abhi and John were masturbating and she knew she'd be screwed. She had never been fucked without her consent.

Asin loved seeing her cry. She went behind and lashed her back "Sali ro to aise rahi hai jaise teri ijjat pehli bar lut rahi ho." asin was running her hand over Genu's soft polished back and then she unhooked her bra, revealing the pair of perfect tanks ready to blow the brains of Abhi and John.

Since Genu's hands were tied above, her armpits were clearly visible with short hair. Though the AC was on, Genu was dripping sweat due to apprehension of fear.

Still in the back, Asin cupped Genelia's perky tits, pinching her puffy nipples time to time. At the same time she smelled Genu's armpits and even licked it. After having cleaned both her armpits and having enjoyed her tits she went before Genu.

With a big grin she started undoing Genelia's jeans. The frightened girl made several attempts to free her hands. Just as the fluttering attempts of escaping of a chicken going to be killed just amuses the butcher, it just made the rest three of them more hungry for her flesh.

By the time she had gotten Genu's pants out Abhi had stripped. "I cant wait anymore Asin ma'am." Asin turned to face Abhi "Why you prick. Isn't that 10 incher of yours happy with the pussy and ass of Ash?" Abhi made a wretched face, "Never mind that bitch. I want some young virgin ass, not the loose cunt of a ho. Tum to bollywood ka dastur janti ho. Jitni badi heroine utni jyada chudi hui chut."

"come one then hunks" said asin with a "come hither finger.

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07-22-2012, 08:48 PM
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RE: Asin Rapes Genelia with help of Abhisek and John
John strated stripping and abhi got behind Genu. He started with groping her ass with one hand and her tits with other. In the meantime as John had stripped, Asin jumped onto his lap. He started stripping the bitch while lip locking with her, enjoying her hot saliva. After she was stripped her assets were groped and her holes searched.

Their kiss was broken by a scream 'ah no. Please please leave me. Please' as Abhi was trying to enter Genu's ass. He used some lube on his forefinger and put it up her ass then tried sticking his dick which was too huge for a virgin unspread ass.

"You need mercy, eh, bitch." said Asin and got off John's lap and went up to her. She held her neck and slapped both her cheeks very hard. While Abhi's attempts to invade her ass went on, Asin continued with her frontal torture and if this were not enough, john came down and started licking and tongue fucking her dripping pussy.

Now asin's hands were again running under Genu's arms, feeling her silky soft hair. "You need mercy, here's your mercy." saying so Asin tugged at her armpit hairs. With the force she applied, several of the hairs came off. This act, which was more painful than the alien in the ass one, really elicited a heart rending cry from the little girl.

"you love that bitch dont you." said Asin devilishly as she continued her good work uprooting genelia's armpit hair and licking it clean and pinching her nipples and sucking onto them.

By this time Abhi was already 3" inside the thight ass and fucking the virgin hole without care. She continued crying but nobody seemed to care.

the ass pounding exercise continued for over twenty minutes till Ahhi came all over Genu's ass. asin rushed to lick the cum clean. Boy, was she a cum lover.

Now Abhi untied Genu and laid her down. She now knew resistance will only result in more torture. So she just lied down. She couldn't get up anyway after that crazy ass fuck.

They switched places with John licking Genu's cunt and Abhi standing up getting sucked by Asin. At the same time she made Genelia suck her boobs with a threat "bitch, if you try to bite or something, I swear you'd see no tomorrow. I'd fuck you till you fucking die out of exhaustion." so Genu just licked and sucked Asin's tits obediently, offering her pussy to be sucked by John.

After fifteen minutes of dick sucking John couldn't control himself and shot in Asin's mouth.

John who yet hadn't had a hole was impatient and just lifted Genu off ground now. Abhi also jumped onto Asin.

john was so strong that he just held Genelia in his arms like a baby and started to put his cock in her sweet pink hole. "Let me probe your virginity baby." said he and jerked her in her arms so that all 11" of his huge monster went in that wet hole. genelia did scream a little, but not much. As Asin speculated she wasn't virgin. Her cunt was wider but still tight. John wrapped his right arm around her and continued fucking her while torturing Genelia's tits with his left. Her tits were red by now what with slapping and pinching and sucking of Asin.

Meanwhile the slutty Asin bent down with her hands over the bed, giving Abhi a great view. He also bent down to level himself and put his monster in Asin's dripping hot cunt hole which warmly wrapped around his member. Excited by Asin's actions he pinched her nipples with one hand and ran his hand in Asin's armpits. Her armpits were not hairy, but not clean shaven either. There were stubs.
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07-22-2012, 08:48 PM
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RE: Asin Rapes Genelia with help of Abhisek and John
He was slowly fucking Asin, enjoying her tits and armpits thoroughly. Once he was satisfied he increased her speed till both of them were shaking alongside the heavy bed and Asin was making incoherent voices like 'ah uh uh ya ya....." And using a slang occasionally. "Madarchod aur chut marega? Ah mar gai. Hay." with asin's slutty hip movements, sexy sounds and her trick of tightening the abdominal muscles at the right time, Abhi didn't last more than 15 minutes. But within this time John had come once thanks to tight hole and Genelia's dripping young sexuality. He was doing her again in the ass thus making her cry again.

She was kneeling like a dog and he was riding her like a whore. He was holding her throat choking her while also slapping her butt and thighs. "Kyo behenchod Genelia. Aj maza aya k nai." he was screaming and pounding stroke after stroke.

Both Asin and Abhi smiled and kissed and groped each other for 5 minutes till John was finished. It was now the ladies' turn.

Asin went over to Genelia without giving her any time to relax. She held her by her hair and pulled her to middle of bed. She then spanked her several times on the butt which was followed by a long kiss. She then caressed Genu and her whole body and she spread her legs. She slipped her own leg in between and started to rub her pussy against Genelia's. Even after trying to refrain herself, Genelia couldn't help getting excited. She didn't want to feel lesbian but she loved it. Her nipples were getting erect. After five minutes of intimate pussy rub session Asin felt her nipples and laughed "Oh my poor lesbian lass. If you have so much sensation then I'd be obliged to fuck you more."

saying so she got the strap on cock on the table which has a clit stimulator. She put it on and entered her. It was substantially bigger than both cocks she had taken so far so she screamed a little. But Asin obviously showed no pity, entering her mercilessly.

She humped her for at least half an hour till both of them were drenched in sweat despite the AC. The two lads who were helping themselves and rushed there as the ladies were done.

They wanted to be sucked so Asin took John's sword. She shook it and gave it some jerks before taking in her mouth and sucking while teasing his balls. Abhi, not wanting to be left out, sat on Genu's chest and told her to hold her tits together as he titty fucked her. John came first as Asin sucked like a pro. Within minutes Abhi also came all over Genelia.

Both guys went off to their rooms to clean up while a worn out Genelia lay down. asin went over, slept beside her and licked the cum on Genu's face then kissed her, offering her some of the nectar which she gladly accepted. asin smiled wide "I knew you're a little whore with a deep wish to get fucked. Wasn't it so." genelia just smiled approvingly and they kissed again.
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