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Asin and her bitch Genelia : The Lesbian encounters
07-22-2012, 08:49 PM
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Asin and her bitch Genelia : The Lesbian encounters
First part : Asin Rapes Genelia with help of Abhisek and John

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07-22-2012, 08:49 PM
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RE: Asin and her bitch Genelia : The Lesbian encounters
After that lesbian encounter during the group fuck they had that day, Genelia fell in love with Asin. They had had quite a time to enjoy themselves in their next shooting location in Thailand. They stayed there even after the shot was over as Asin was doing another film that was to be shot in Bangkok. She just had a minor role in it, the first and second lead was taken by Kareena, the zero sized hotty and Amrita arora, the spontaneous innocent beauty.

Asin had let Genu stay with her and learn the tricks of lesbianism as her slave. They stayed till the shot was to start, and then Asin took Genu with her to the set.

Kareena had given dates for that day, but being the high demand actress that she was, she didn't get there in time. So Amy was just taking a relax from work backstage when Asin got there with Genelia. They had some small talk before the director declared the shot postponed till next day.

Asin gave Genu a mischievious smile, indicating something was in her mind. Well, there was another nasty rape idea going on in her mind.

It was noon soon and they had a lunch. Kareena just reached there and apologized the director in a superficial way. He knew she was late deliberately, but he couldn't do anything, so he just remained silent.

The dish contained a good amount of garlic so that after the lunch, all their mouths had bad smells. The catering company didn't make any provisions for mouth fresheners. So Asin took out two pouches of a mouth freshener and gave to Kareena and Amrita. They denied at first but then agreed to it.

After it was all finished, they all went back to the rooms in back. The actresses rooms were separate. Asin was smiling all the way. When all others were gone, she pointed to the room of Kareena to Genelia who was with her, with a smirk. They both laughed then.

They knocked on Kareena's door on the pretext of giving her her handkerchief back. When she opened they both got in. genelia bolted the door while Asin directly attacked Kareena's tits fondling them.

Kareena couldn't understand. But she didn't like whatever was going on. She tried to shout but then just realized the sound that came from her throat was like the grunting of a patient. "Trying to shout Ms. Kareena? Remember the mouth freshener?" it was genelia's turn to burst out laughing.

"You've been my bitch for so long, now you can have your own bitch Genu darling. Go get the two lashes and chains and our stuff.

As Genelia went out Kareena tried to free herself as she was being pinned down by Asin. But she found that her limbs didn't move exactly she wished.

soon Genelia got their BDSM gear. They tied Kareena to her bed and then went to fetch Amrita there.

Amrita had just changed into her loose shirt and shorts when the duo knocked. When she opened, they didn't give her any chance to even wink. She was just dragged by both as if she were a dog. She also found her vocal chords and voluntary muscles in the same malady as Kareena's.

When amrita had been brought over and tied firmly, Asin kissed Genelia, running her hands through her hair.

"Choose your slave for today my dear Genu. We wont be disturbed today. Everybody has strict orders not to get into Actresses' quarters, and shooting is tomorrow afternoon." said Asin.

Genelia looked to the voluptuous Kareena and teeny weeny Amrita with greed. She was running her tongue over her lips. It was hard to decide. Asin laughed "I know its hard. Well lets both of us try one of them and then we'd try the other together. All right baby." and Genelia nodded.
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07-22-2012, 08:50 PM
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RE: Asin and her bitch Genelia : The Lesbian encounters
Their first target happened to be poor Bebo who still couldn't believe that she had been tricked. Both Asin and Genu got up to her and started kissing her cheeks passionately while sliding their hands inside her kurtee and massaging her breasts one each. When Asin was done she unhooked kareena's bra inside her kurtee by this time Genelia had got a pair of scissors. She started cutting Bebo's upper dress roughly and haphazardly and in minutes it was in pieces. Now genelia started to molest her bare white doodh as Asin stepped down, stripped to her inners and got her lash.

She decided to punish Amy first. The whip went on to treat Amrita's body which was barely covered with a loose shirt and short with no inners to a rough degree. "Genelia, look at this bitch moaning. She has no inners on." said Asin. But Genelia was too busy with her own experiments with trying to cut Kareena's nipples with the scissors that she had. The pain made Kareena cry, while on the other hand the red burning marks made by the lash on the lush white body of Amrita also made tears roll down her cheeks.

Asin was done with whipping Amrita and saw what Genu was doing. She was really interested so she took the scissors from her and tried it with Kareena's other nipple. Both of them were enjoying molesting kareena's mammes so much.

The scissor was then back into Genelia's hands and the target was Kareena's salwar now. This was again reduced to pieces revealing the beige panties covering Kareena's holy hole.

asin rubbed her over the panties while Genelia got down the bed, threw off all her clothings including inners and ran in ecstasy towards Amrita, who even after the flogging, was watching the show silently. Genelia madly tugged at Amrita's shirt, tearing it off her, sending the buttons flying. Her short were ripped off by Genelia soon who started groping her gorgeous and toned body. Meanwhile Asin had started sucking Kareena's pussy.

asin put her forefinger deep inside Kareena's hole. It was tight for one finger. "Sali, aisa lagta hai jaise kabhi chudi na ho. Par ye to possible hi nahi. Abhi recently jarur tune vagina tight karne ka operation karaya hoga. Kyu Saif ka lauda v tere chut ke liye chota pad gaya kya?" asin laughed hysterically. She then resumed her good work of teasing and biting Kareena's puffy clit and finger fucking her.

This way after enjoying groping, beating, biting and sucking Amrita's milky white body, Genelia felt her underarms. There was a little growth in there. An evil smile spread over Genelia's face.

She got in there, smelled them and then went down to the table to fetch the shaving kit. She shaved both the underarms of Amrita. She knowingly ran the razor several times without the lather to cause her skin to redden. Amrita felt a tinge of pain as one move of the razor also cleared her bush over her pussy. She gave a gasp. "Kyu tere khasam ko ye niche ke bal bade pasand the kya. Aise kya ghoor rahi be kutiya." said Genelia and slapped her face and tits hard before turning her over.

She then put the handle of the razor in the ass crack of Amrita without a warning. Even in the drugged condition, the murmur she made was testimony enough how painful it was.
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07-22-2012, 08:50 PM
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RE: Asin and her bitch Genelia : The Lesbian encounters
She spat on her ass hole removed the razor and started licking her pussy while dipping his finger into unknown charters in Amrita's shit hole.

Asin had licked Kareena enough to excite her to make her hole dripping wet. So she decided to fuck her now. But instead of getting a strap on, she grabbed a two way dildo, a new one that genelia discovered on net. "tu sali puri madarchod ban gayi hai mere training me." said Asin to Genu as she took the dildo. She put one end of it in Kareena's juicy cunt, lubricated the other side and put it in. Poor kareena was gonna play lesbian in real! She tried to protest which merely proved to be feeble shakes of hands. As Asin moved she was getting ecstatic, pulling kareena's hair, making short pitched high voices, laughing frantically.

Genelia was trying to sit on Amrita's face. Amrita tried to use her teeth but before she could, Genelia got up, gave a square punch on her jaws and closed her nostrils with pussy lips. "Would you lick your mistress nicely you bitch." shouted Genelia and Amrita nodded, getting choked. So she let her breathe and sat on Amrita's mouth. She was quite good at it as she learnt it from the partner of her ex bf who loved 3 somes.

After she was done getting her pussy sucked she looked at Asin who had finished fuckin and was kissing Kareena now. "Give that bitch to me, my mistress" said Genu.

"Ah here you go my little bitch. Come over." said Asin and went to Amrita.

Kareena was looking with bloodshot eyes at Genelia for having used scissors on her nipples. "Kutiya." said Genelia disgustingly and spat on both her eyes. Before bebo cleared her eyes, her next weapon of torment was ready. genelia was showing a candle over the bare body of Kareena. The flames pained sure, but the dripping wax falling on pubic hair was worst. Some wax made its way to her nipples too. Then it was time to get it off. As Genelia scrapped off the wax from the pubic hair, they uprooted with wax, making kareena wreathe with pain. She was going mad thinking of this humiliation. Finally she was ready for the ultimate thing. genelia preferred pussy rubbing to unnatural toys. And she did it so fervently that'd make any girl ecstatic. It sure worked on Bebo too.

She didn't want to have a feeling about what was going on, but she couldn't help either. The up and down movements of genelia's vertical lips on Kareena's cunt. The moves were so clinical and tangling and the groping and kisses of Gen so intimate that unexperienced Kareena had come thrice by the time Genelia finished with dripping her hole.
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07-22-2012, 08:50 PM
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RE: Asin and her bitch Genelia : The Lesbian encounters
Asin had decided to go for Amrita's back hole. She had got of the slim pricky strap on for that job and was loving it tremendously while fingering her own hole. After finishing she made Amrita lick the dick that was coated with her own shit. She tried to turn her head away, frowning at the smell itself. But Asin shoved it in her mouth saying "sali ko apni gand v badbudar lag rahi hai." Amrita had no option but to lick it. Asin lifted her by her hair and made her move up and down on the dick.

Then she got up. Genelia had also finished and was taking rest besides kareena, trying to calm her sweaty smelly body. "Come on genu, loosen that bitch. We'd lay her over this whore so they can get some bollywood pussy in 69. So kareena was loosened and her limp body carried over and laid over amrita in 69 position.

Kareena's legs and amy's hands and amy's legs and kareena's hands were tied. Genelia then shoved a vibrator in Kareena's ass who was on top and turned it on so she'd keep her hip moving.

Sure it worked. Kareena's hips got spasmic jerks, involuntarily rubbing her pussy against Amrita's nose and upper lips who spat on it in disgust. An angry kareena said "Bitch" in a feeble voice and to get off her anger, she dipped her tongue in amrita's pussy, thinking that'd intimidate her. Amrita did feel a shockwave running through her body, but retaliating she bit kareena's clit and circled tongue around it.

Asin and Genelia were enjoying it thoroughly. "Leave them alone mistress, lets go to bed and make love." said Genu with that characteristic slutty smile and went to bed. Asin followed her after giving Amrita's ass two spankings.

Our two lesbian sluts got on bed and did all their unspeakable things before falling asleep which were all noticed by crafty Kareena. Amrita was panting from the fuck kareena have her and she just laid down trying to sleep and forget about her immediate surroundings. The clock struck 5.
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