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Dia Mirza Seduces Meenal Jain Sex story
06-13-2012, 06:52 PM
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Dia Mirza Seduces Meenal Jain Sex story
Back in Mumbai, Dia was having one of those mornings. She hadn't been feeling well again that morning and it had reached the point where she had scheduled a doctor's appointment for herself later that day. She didn't know what was wrong because the feelings would disappear and then she'd feel fine the rest of the day. Hopefully her doctor could diagnose and give her whatever it took to fix the problem.

This morning had completely hectic, and Dia could feel her rope fraying. It seemed like every little thing that happened this morning was designed to get her screaming and Dia struggled to keep herself under control. .

"Hello?" Dia said. It was her agent, Raj, but Dia wasn't in the mood to talk about her career right now. "Raj, I can't talk right now. Call me back please. No...nothing's wrong. It's just a bad time right now..." Dia was at the Indian Idol studio to get in touch with the contestants before they started shooting

Just as Dia was about to completely lose it, she thought she was lost and was running late for her other movie shoots, she saw someone from the show.

"Meenal, thank God you're here," Dia gasped as she rushed over to her daughter's nanny. " I'm about to totally lose it! I need some me time!"

"Sure thing Ms. Mirza," Meenal said; " me Dia," Dia smiled, relieved to have a chance to get a moment of piece. Meenal Jain was one of the contestants on the show and one whom Dia would be judging. Dia couldn't help but notice how pretty the girl was with her long hair, fresh, beautiful face and large breasts. Meenal sometimesl wore a thin pair of glasses. But Dia didn't want to think about the girl like that, it wasn't right.

"Sorry...Dia..." Meenal smiled. She was never quite sure how to address her judge. She was Dia Mirza! Meenal didn't want to seem like the Indore girl that she actually was, but she was working with a real life movie star and it sometimes left her flustered.

"I'll be back down in a little bit," Dia said. "No problem Ms. Mir-I mean Dia," Meenal said cheerfully.

With a tired sigh, Dia left and headed to her van. She was wiped already and it wasn't even 10:30 yet. She needed a break. She needed to relax. With a wicked smile crossing her lips, Dia knew what she needed. She knew she couldn't get it right now, but she could sure think about it.

Throwing herself down on her bed, Dia undid the sash of her bathrobe and pushed it off her body, exposing the red bra and panties she was wearing underneath. She wished she wasn't alone right now. She wished she had a pair of soft girl lips and silky smooth girl skin against her. Until recently, Dia had had no idea how good another woman could be. Now it seemed like it was all she could think about.

Lying here on her bed, Dia felt like the other world was far away and she could indulge in the naughty thoughts playing in her head. More and more Dia felt like this new, slutty side of herself, the side that craved pussy, was growing and growing. She loved her double life. Thinking back to all the wicked things she'd done since that day Kareena seduced her in the shower was getting Dia's pussy wet. Dia could feel the wetness growing against the silk of her panties and she pushed them down her body, leaving a wisp of a trail of desire down her leg. She gasped as the open air of the room tickled her wet pussy and Dia didn't hesitate to begin teasing her slit with her fingers. Dia felt an overwhelming need to be bad right now. She didn't want to be a movie star. She just wanted to be nasty and slutty like she was the other day when she had let a porno star fuck her.

What Priyanka Chopra had done to her had just been amazing and Dia's pussy had wept with desire for her since. Dia had had no idea who she was before she had met her. She had been looking for someone else and Priyanka and her amazing tongue had quickly made Dia forget all her. Dia hadn't been able to walk straight by the time she got out of there and she loved it. The first thing she had wanted to do was rent some of Priyanka's movies. She had just watched them herself and masturbated to multiple orgasms.

Right now that was exactly what Dia wanted to do to herself and she got up off the bed, leaving her robe and panties behind, to run over to her dresser and opened the top drawer. She rooted through it impatiently until she found what she had been looking for. Dia excitedly grasped and withdrew her pale pink vibrator. She had been using this on herself so often lately and her body ached to feel it's stimulating shake again.

Falling back onto the bed, Dia immediately set to work on herself. The stress she had felt that morning was disappearing into nothingness as Dia reached around back and unclasped her bra, leaving herself completely nude on the bed. She turned the vibrator on low to start off and the gentle hum made her tingle with anticipation as she began running the toy over her bare breasts.

Dia teased herself with the toy, not pressing it too hard against her tits, but firmly enough so that the tremors of pleasure would caress her naked body. Her nipples quickly hardened and Dia pulled the toy away from her breasts and down her stomach. She ran it gently over her tummy and teased the tip of it against her thighs. Her pussy was close to soaked by the time she got there and Dia resisted the temptation to go in for the quick orgasm by jamming it into herself. That was the way her boy friends would have taken her and it was why she had gone so long without an orgasm before Kareena had opened her eyes.

As the sound of the vibrator's sexy hum filled her now content ears, Dia used the toy on her slit. She rubbed it against her wet pussy lips, not penetrating herself yet, but teasing her body with that imminent possibility. As she rubbed her dripping slit, Dia's mind wrapped itself around the delicious memories of her past experiences. She thought about all the naughty things she'd done. She thought about Kareena in the shower. She thought about Priyanka using her tongue on her. She thought about Priety taking her ass with those beads of hers. She thought about Aishwarya fucking her with her huge dildo. She thought about her and Urmila pretending they really were the sisters they played in a movie. It was all so hot and Dia was quickly whimpering in pleasure as she touched herself with her toy.

Dia was so lost in the pleasure haze she was putting herself in that she hadn't even noticed that she had left the door to her bedroom wide open. This fact was brought to her attention quite dramatically.

"Dia...Do you want to come out-OH MY GOD!!!" Meenal exclaimed as she walked into Dia's bedroom chattering away and saw one of the most stunning things her eyes had ever witnessed.

"Meenal!" Dia gasped in shock. "Shit!"

"It's ok...Miss With...I mean Dia...I...I...I...I didn't see anything...nothing at all..." Meenal stammered as she began to back away. She was totally convinced she was going to be get bad reviews from Dia and end up on whatever blacklist these famous people had.? "I'm sooooo sorry I walked in like this," Meenal said nervously. "Please don't fire me!"

"Oh no! No! I'm not going to fire you Meenal!" Dia insisted as she frantically grabbed her robe and covered her body with it. She was blushing from head to toe and Meenal wasn't any less flustered. Dia was kicking herself on the inside. How could she have been so stupid as to leave the door wide open like that.

"Meenal, I'm sorry!" Dia continued, seeking to assure the girl her position wasn't in jeopardy. "I'm so embarrassed. I shouldn't have left the door open like that. I just wasn't thinking!"

"Oh God no...don't be embarrassed...I mean you shouldn't be...I mean you're so beautiful..." Meenal sputtered, believing she was digging herself in deeper with every word. She did mean what she said though. Dia had nothing to be embarrassed about. She looked gorgeous.

As Meenal said that Dia perked up. She looked right at Meenal and swore she saw a flicker of lust in her eyes. Suddenly Dia felt her brain form a very naughty thought. What if she were to...wait...she couldn't do this. Not to Meenal. It was wrong. But that was what made it so right, Dia told herself. Meenal was so young and beautiful......Dia felt her pussy stirring again and the more she told herself she shouldn't do this, the more she felt like she had to.

"Maybe I should just go," Meenal offered, hoping if she got out now she could still escape with some kind words during the Idol show. Maybe Dia would let her off with a warning or something.

"No! Don't go!" Dia said suddenly. Meenal froze and the debate in Dia's brain continued to rage. This was absolutely crazy. She would be making herself vulnerable to one honey of a sexual harassment suit. But if it worked! Dia would have what she was looking for and more. She tried to stop herself, but it was as if her libido had seized control and her rational thought process was circumvented by her lust.

"Did you like what you saw?" Dia asked suddenly. The words rushed out of her mouth and she wasn't even sure if Meenal could understand her. It was as if Dia had to say them before she came to her senses and stopped this dead in its tracks.

"'re extremely beautiful...Miss...Dia..." Meenal continued to stammer. She wasn't sure where Dia was going with this. Was she hitting on her? No...she couldn't be. She'd heard a lot of celebrities were into swinging and all sorts of sex stuff, but Dia seemed so normal. What was going on here?

Dia's heart pounded in her chest. Her brain was screaming at her not to do this, but her body wasn't listening. She was now a slave to the lust that flowed through her veins. Meenal looked so innocent standing there and all Dia wanted to do was corrupt her young body.

"You know Meenal...not many people ever get to see what you just saw," Dia pointed out, her lust feeding her confidence. "You're actually pretty lucky."

"Ummm yeah, I guess I am..." a confused Meenal replied. She didn't know what to do or what to say. She did feel a dormant curiosity beginning to stir again though. She looked down at her feet and wished whatever this was would stop.

"Do you want to see more?" Dia asked.

"No...I uhhh...I mean I shouldn' wouldn't be right..." Meenal answered.

"Hey Meenal, how about you let your judge decide what's right and what's not," Dia shot back, feeling an evil rush through her body. This wasn't like her at all. She wasn't mean and she didn't snap at people, but this was so much fun. Her nipples were swelling up tight and she pushed off the robe, exposing her naked body once again to Meenal.

"Look at me Meenal," Dia ordered and the nanny complied. She'd averted her gaze when Dia revealed herself, but now she focused right on her body. "You think I'm beautiful, don't you?"

"Oh yes Dia," Meenal answered. "You're very beautiful."

"And you want to make your judge happy, don't you?" Dia demanded, not knowing where exactly these words were coming from. She felt twinges of guilt for doing this to Meenal, but she also felt such wonderful sensations of wicked pleasure that overwhelmed any reservations she had.

"Ummm yes?" Meenal replied, hoping that was the right answer.

"Then come here," Dia said. "Come here on the bed."

Meenal hesitated for a moment, but eventually complied. She wasn't so naive that she couldn't see exactly where this was headed, especially with the wide smile that crossed Dia's face when she began walking to her. What was most disconcerting to Meenal at this moment was that she found herself getting excited by this. She felt a pulse of energy starting to flow through her body. Her head was spinning and she wasn't sure whether she wanted this to stop because she hated it or because she liked it.

When Meenal sat herself down on the bed, Dia took a moment to admire her. She was dressed in @jeans and a t-shirt that couldn't help but hug her generous breasts. It was an outfit that was perfect for generating male curiosity on Indian Idol, but Dia had an entirely different game in mind. She began running her hands though Meenal's long black hair. It was in a ponytail that went down just past her shoulders. The glasses that only accented Meenal's down to earth sexiness augmented her black eyes. They were ultra thin frames and they made her look like an honest to God, girl next door. Dia could only imagine the long line of neighborhood kids who wanted to peep through her windows at night, hoping to catch a glimpse of her changing.

Meenal flinched a little when Dia touched her hair and the actress detected another flicker of lust behind those glasses. She didn't want to force Meenal into this. She wasn't that far gone. But Dia could sense that she did want this. Dia wanted to convince Meenal how good this was, just like Kareena had convinced her. Dia wasn't going to rape Meenal. If she thought she was really forcing Meenal, Dia would have stopped, but Dia was starting to feel that Meenal did want this to happen.

"You're pretty beautiful yourself," Dia said, admiring Meenal's soft, milky white skin. "How old are you Meenal?"

"20," Meenal shyly answered. Her body continued to tingle and she felt the beginnings of a moan form when Dia caressed her face with her palm. She stifled it though. She had to try and get a grip on herself.

"Have you ever been with a girl?" Dia asked, putting all her cards on the table.

"N-no..." Meenal replied. God, she was hitting on her! Dia wanted to fuck her! This wasn't happening. She wasn't into girls. But Meenal kept feeling those pleasurable sensations and she knew her pussy was starting to get wet.

"Ever thought about it?" Dia asked, continuing to caress Meenal's soft skin. Meenal didn't say anything. She just blushed and looked down. Dia knew that meant "yes" and she moved herself closer to Meenal on the bed.

Meenal flinched again when Dia crept toward her. She kept telling herself to get up and run away, but her legs wouldn't work. She was feeling that curiosity again. Meenal had tried to stifle it, but there it was. When she had been in high school, Meenal had been a cheerleader and spending all that time around such beautiful girls had gotten her so curious about what it would be like to make love to a woman.

Meenal knew she wasn't a lesbian or anything. She knew she liked guys. But she had been so curious about it. Her lustful thoughts, more often than not, had centered around her best friend, the captain of the squad. She had seen the way her friend had looked at her and she had wondered if the curiosity had been mutual. Meenal had never said anything or had the guts to act on it, so nothing had ever happened. But she had always wondered...what if? Now Dia was coming onto her and Meenal once again found herself asking that question.

Her parents had been so religious and brought her up in such a conservative environment. She had been taught that this was wrong, but it was making her feel so good.

"I...I...can't do this..." Meenal insisted, trying to find the will to get up. "It''s not right."

"Shhhh..." Dia said before silencing Meenal with a kiss on her lips. It was soft and inviting. Dia wanted to entice Meenal with how good it could feel to do this. She wanted to make her so wet and excited that she'd totally lose control. Dia was lost in her own lust and she wanted Meenal to feel the same way.

"Oh God," Meenal gasped after the kiss had ended. That had felt so good. Meenal had broken up with her boyfriend a month ago and hadn't felt the touch of a lover since. All the guys here in the Idol contest seemed like such self-absorbed losers. What Dia was offering her was making her heart pound. Meenal almost felt woozy. She didn't know what to do. She wanted Dia to stop and she wanted Dia to push her and pull her until she'd quenched the desire she was feeling. She wanted nothing and she wanted everything at the same time.

"Let me touch you Meenal," Dia said her voice huskier than usual. "Let me pleasure you. You interrupted me before I had a chance to come. Now you owe me. Let me play with your body."

Meenal was so torn that she could say nothing in response. She just sat there and let Dia kiss her lips and move her hands down to her breasts. Dia touched her breasts through her t-shirt. Dia's touch was so light that it was like it wasn't even there. But Meenal could feel what she was doing and she could feel her nipples getting hard and straining against her bra.

"You don't have to be afraid to admit you want this," Dia said. She felt so powerful being in control here. This must have been how Kareena felt and Priyanka felt and how all of them felt when they took her. "I'm not going to hurt you Meenal. I just want to make you feel good. I can touch you in all the right places. Just say you want me to. Say you want me to touch you."

Meenal didn't know what to say. Her body was waging war against itself. Suddenly her lips began to move and she heard her own voice. It was like she couldn't control her own body and she loved the sensation is caused.

"Yessss..." Meenal moaned, feeling Dia's hands on her breasts. "Touch me Dia. Touch me everywhere."

Dia responded by pushing her body on top of Meenal's and kissing her passionately. This time Meenal couldn't help but respond. She'd never kissed a girl before, but it was just as soft and sexy as she'd always thought it would be. Dia wasn't too aggressive in the kiss, but she was insistent and Meenal began kissing back. She opened her mouth and allowed Dia to push her tongue in. Meenal found her lustful instincts pushing her onward and she began sucking on Dia's tongue, causing the actress to moan into her mouth.

"Mmmmm Meenal I want you," Dia declared when she broke for oxygen. "I want to fuck you, you sweet little thing."

"Yesss please...fuck me..." Meenal sighed. She didn't want to question this. It had been the last thing in the world she had expected to happen. She just wanted to do it. She wanted to make love with her judge. She wanted to fuck Dia Mirza.

The two began kissing again and, as they did, Dia reached down for the end of Meenal's shirt. She hooked her fingers into it and began pulling it over her head. They separated just long enough for Dia to peel it over Meenal's head and it exposed the white bra Meenal had underneath. Her nipples poked against the cotton material and Dia hungered for them. Pulling away from Meenal's lips, Dia pushed her face down into the girl's generous cleavage. Meenal had amazing tits. They had to be a C cup at least and she couldn't wait to get at them.

"Ohhhhh..." Meenal groaned as she felt Dia's tongue begin to tease her nipples through her cotton bra. Meenal had sexier underwear she wore when she went out and she wished she had slipped it on this morning. She felt so plain next to Dia, but how was she supposed to know something like this could happen?

After high school, Meenal had tried not to acknowledge the curiosity she had felt for other women. She pretended it had never happened, but all those good, confusing feelings were back now and they brought friends with them. She had fantasized about this. She had dreamed of another woman seducing her and controlling her and that was just what Dia was doing to her. Embracing the fantasies she had once had nightly was like welcoming back an old friend and Meenal kept moaning while Dia licked at her nipples through her bra.

Hearing Meenal's angelic moans added fuel to Dia's fire. This was so risky. She was fucking the woman who is a contestant on a show she was judging. There were so many ways this could go bad, but all Dia wanted to do was think about the ways it could go right. Her tongue teased Meenal's nipples, getting the cotton wet and giving her a great view of the pink, erect nubs under the bra. Dia wanted more and she didn't hesitate in going for it.

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06-13-2012, 06:53 PM
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RE: Dia Mirza Seduces Meenal Jain Sex story
"Let's get this off you," Dia suggested, reaching back around Meenal to unsnap her bra. Meenal didn't put up any fight and Dia was easily able to expose the girl's beautiful breasts. They were so soft and sexy and Dia immediately got her mouth all over them. She kissed all over Meenal's tits, lavishing attention on them and even biting gently on her nipples. Dia wasn't sure how Meenal was going to react to that, but she quickly got a response.

"Yesss...bite them..." Meenal moaned. "Make me feel it!"

Dia was a little surprised to hear Meenal say that, but she was happy to comply. The actress was getting such a rush out of being in charge here and taking Meenal. She sucked hard on her nipples and nipped at them with her teeth, getting more happy cries from the young girl. Dia could feel the girl's arousal from under her @jeans, but she wasn't ready to get to her pussy yet. Dia had a few places she wanted to explore first and Meenal seemed to be enjoying having her nipples played with so much.

What Dia was finding out was Meenal was a serious sub in bed. She just wanted her lovers to work her over and push her around a little. Meenal supposed that was one reason she had been so open to Dia's seduction. She loved being controlled and dominated and Dia was making her so wet right now by pining her topless body down on the bed and biting at her nipples. Dia relished at the thought of making Meenal submit to her other fellow contestants Monali and Antra as well as previous years Prajakta and Aditi. She could see the sexy Meenal being ravaged and dominated by the foursome, esp the dark Antra making good use of Meenal's well endowed body.

"Harder..." Meenal groaned. Dia couldn't believe sweet little Meenal was in to having her nipples bit and twisted. Maybe she wasn't as innocent as she seemed, Dia grinned to herself. If this was really what Meenal wanted, Dia was ready to give it to her. She didn't go at it too hard. Dia didn't actually want to hurt Meenal. She just wanted to bring her pleasure and being a dominating judge was making Dia even wetter than she had been when she was lying back and pleasuring herself.

Dia continued nipping at Meenal's hard, pink points, grazing them with her teeth and then leaning up to kiss her again. Meenal was even more enthusiastic now and she wrapped her arms around Dia's body while sucking on her employer's tongue. Meenal pressed Dia close to her, pressing their bare breasts together. Their hard nipples rubbed back and forth. To Meenal it didn't matter now what the sex was of the person kissing her. It just mattered that they were making her feel good and filling the need she had.

"Do you like this Meenal?" Dia asked. "Do you like me playing with your big, sexy tits? Do you like me pinching your nipples and biting them?"

"Yessss I doooo..." Meenal sighed in pleasure. "More...please...more...I love it! Make me feel it! Use me like I'm your little toy!"

"Naughty girl..." Dia grinning when she heard that last part. She'd always been the one seduced. Every girl she had ever been with had been the aggressor. Now she was the one in charge and she wanted to play that role to the hilt. "Is that what you want? To be played with? To be my slutty little Indian Idol? Will you be a naughty girl for your judge?"

"Yessssss I will..." Meenal promised. "I'll be sooooo naughty! Control me Dia!"

"Call me Ms. Mirza," Dia replied with a firm tone that nearly had Meenal coming. She eagerly nodded her head and obeyed.

"Yesssss Ms. Mirza," Meenal moaned. "I'll do anything you say! Boss around your little slut!"

Meenal wasn't ordinarily that sexual a person, but when she got going her lovers had to stand back. She had a lot of pent up arousal and Dia was hitting all the right buttons on her body. Her sexy judge was making her feel exactly like she loved to feel in bed and Meenal longed for Dia to boss her around some more and really take her.

Dia pulled away from Meenal's tits and began moving down her body. She asked herself again what the hell she was doing, but her answer was provided by the arousal dripping down her legs from her pussy. This was new to her, but it felt so hot to take a woman like this. Especially someone like Meenal who, by any rational view, should have been off limits to her.

Ordinarily Dia would have been shy to do this to someone, especially when she wasn't sure whether or not they liked it, but she wasn't go take no for an answer. Dia bypassed Meenal's @jeans and went right for her sneakers. She quickly untied them and threw them off her feet. Her socks followed and Dia hungrily stared at Meenal's wiggling toes.

"What are you doing Miss Mirza?" Meenal asked. She had an inkling of an idea what was coming, but she wasn't sure.

"Just lie back and find out..." Dia replied with a wicked twinkle in her eyes. She leaned down on her knees at the end of the bed and lifted Meenal's left foot up to her mouth. She didn't hesitate for a second before sucking lovingly on Meenal's big toe.

"Oooooh..." Meenal moaned when she felt the first sensation of this. She had never considered her toes an erogenous zone, but whatever Dia was doing to her was working. Meenal hadn't expected Dia to be the type of person who had a foot fetish, but she was learning a lot of things about her judge this morning.

Dia was all over Meenal's sexy, painted pink toes. She sucked on each and every one of them, licking the nails with her tongue and then proceeded to move her tongue up and down the arches of her feet. There wasn't an inch of her feet that Dia didn't attack with her tongue and it had Meenal moaning and Dia dripping.

"Yes Miss Mirza...ohhh yess...that feels sooo good," Meenal declared as she felt the saliva from Dia's mouth dribble down her feet. She was about to soak through her panties and @jeans.

"Are you my little slut Meenal?" Dia asked, her eyes alight with desire. "Say it! Say you're my slutty little idol!"

"You know I am!" Meenal cried. "I'm your slutty idol Dia!"

"That's Miss Mirza!" Dia corrected, adding a hard slap to Meenal's crotch with her hand. Doing that was a pure impulse but it had Meenal rolling her head back and moaning.

"Again!" Meenal begged. "Do it again! Smack me! Spank my pussy!"

"Say please..." Dia teased as she reached up for Meenal's @jeans. Spanking through denim was no fun. If this was going to work, it was going to have to be flesh on flesh.

"Please ohhhhhh pleaseeeee..."Meenal whimpered. "Spank me for being bad! Spank my pussy! Make me sorry! Pleeeeeeeeeease!"

Dia undid the button and yanked the @jeans down Meenal's body, exposing the soaked panties she wore. Dia could see the lips of her pussy straining against the now clear panties and she couldn't stand to have anything keeping her from it. Reaching up, Dia ripped the panties right off Meenal, tearing the garment in two. Dia immediately felt a twinge of guilt about ruining one of Meenal's things, but the girl didn't seem to mind a bit.

" all my fucking clothes off!" Meenal cursed. The sentiment was nice to hear, but scarcely necessary because Meenal was now completely nude. Dia admired Meenal's wet pussy as the girl moaned uncontrollably. Meenal had a soft, furry bush of black hair. It wasn't too wild or anything. It framed her pussy perfectly and Dia was about to introduce her lips to it when she saw Meenal taking off her glasses.

"No!" Dia insisted, loving how Meenal looked naked except for the thin frames of her glasses. "Keep them on!"

"Sorry Miss. Mirza," Meenal replied meekly as she set them back on her face.

"Sorry won't do," Dia declared, feeling her arousal build with every passing second. "I was going to give you pleasure Meenal, but you lost that chance."

"Please Ms. Mirza...I-OHHHHHHH FUCK!!!" Meenal screamed out when Dia suddenly slapped her wet pussy. It felt even harder because this time she didn't have any clothing shielding the blow. Dia did it again and again and each time Meenal's sexy cries got louder and her pussy got wetter. "SPANK ME MISS MIRZA!!! SPANK MY WET PUSSY!!! I'M SOOOOOO SORRY I TOOK OFF MY GLASSES! PUNISH YOUR BAD GIRL!"

"Shut up Meenal," Dia growled. Her face was hard on the outside, but inside Dia was giddy. This was so fucking hot. Meenal was so into this and Dia was riding a wave of horniness she had never felt before.

"I've got a better use for that mouth of yours!" Dia declared as she moved herself up to the front of the bed and swung herself around so her pussy was right above Meenal's mouth. If Dia had bent down she would have been in the perfect position to do a 69 with Meenal, but Dia wasn't thinking about her pleasure right now. She was thinking about herself. After all, as judge her needs should come first.

"Lick me Meenal!" Dia ordered. "Get that tongue of yours in my pussy! Do it now! Please your judge!"

Meenal had no idea what to do here. She had never gone down on another woman before. All she knew was that she wanted to please her beautiful judge. She wanted to show Dia what a good, obedient idol she could be and if that meant eating the wet, sexy pussy hovering above her lips then Meenal could definitely get into that.

Starting off with a few soft licks, Meenal allowed herself to get used to the taste of another woman before she really got going with her tongue. She loved how sweet Dia tasted and she was just about to really begin licking her when she felt another hard slap to her pussy.

"Not fast enough!" Dia growled. "Eat that pussy you little slut! Make your judge come! Fuck me now!"

Dia continued the hard slaps against Meenal's pussy and the girl got the message. She picked up her pace and began lapping at Dia's dripping pussy. She knew what worked on her own body so she just transferred that knowledge to Dia. Finding her clit wasn't too hard and Meenal pushed her tongue into Dia's pussy to get at it. When she hit it with her tongue she began licking it hard and Dia immediately showed her approval.

"That's it!!! Ohhhh Meenal...that's a good slut!" Dia groaned. "Fuck me! Lick that clit! If only I knew what a fucking slut you were when I hired you! Mmmmm you're supposed to be taking care of my baby and you're taking care of me instead! You naughty fucking girl! Eat my pussy! Show me what a good girl you can be!"

That was just what Meenal wanted to do. She desperately wanted to be the good girl Dia desired. She wanted to be everything her lovers desired and for them to use her like a fuck toy. She loved how Dia was riding her face and slapping her pussy for encouragement. It made Meenal feel so nasty and dirty and she wanted more. Her glasses were now all fogged up and sticky from the heat and wetness of Dia's pussy, but she didn't dare take them off. If her judge wanted them on her face, then there they would stay.

Dia ground her pussy against Meenal's mouth. She was impressed by how quickly Meenal took to eating pussy. It made her want to give her idol a little bonus, but she didn't think Meenal was ready for the privilege of having her tongue inside her pussy. Instead, Dia reached down and brought Meenal's foot back to her mouth. She licked her feel and down all over the flesh, tickling and teasing Meenal before taking her toes past her lips again. The young girl squealed her pleasure into Dia's pussy but she knew well enough not to stop unless specifically ordered to.

"Mmmmm you nasty love this, don't you?" Dia demanded. "You love your sexy judge sucking on your toes. Show me how much you love it! Eat my pussy and make me come! Make me come over your hot farm girl face!"

Meenal licked even harder at the prospect of that. She longed to feel Dia's girl cream all over her face. It would show that Dia was the one in charge and that she was just a lowly idol, good for nothing but having cum on her face. Meenal let her instincts guide her, especially because she could barely see a thing now. She could just taste the wet pussy over her lips and feel the pink folds her tongue was playing in. It was enough for Meenal to do what was needed though and she alternated sucks on Dia's throbbing clit with hard tongue thrusts into her folds.

"Mmmmm more!" Dia ordered. "Tongue fuck my pussy! You interrupted my fun you nasty girl and now you're gonna get me off! Eat my wet, tight pussy! Lick my famous cunt you little nobody! You're nothing Meenal! Just my little pussy licking whore!"

Dia's words, of course, didn't illustrate her true feelings about Meenal, but she guessed it was just what the girl wanted to hear. Dia was right on the money and Meenal indicated that with a hard flurry of tongue strokes against her clit. With the kinkiness of what she was doing added to the arousal she had built up from her toy play, Dia was close to coming. Meenal was doing an uneven, but passionate job on her pussy and that was good enough to get her off.

"C'mon Meenal fuck me!" Dia urged. "I'm so fucking close! Make me come! Do what I say! I'm America's fucking sweetheart and you're my nasty slut! Lick my pretty pussy you nasty whore! Fuckkkkkkkk meeeeeee!!!"

The closer she got to coming the harder Dia ground her pussy against Meenal's face. The girl was now totally hooked on the taste of women and Dia's taste in particular. She longed for Dia's cum. She wanted it dripping from her lips and down her chin. She wanted Dia to ride her face every morning and make licking her pussy part of her job description. Meenal was Dia's little whore and it was all she ever wanted to be.

Meenal's hands gripped Dia's thighs and she impaled Dia with her tongue. She pushed it in and out of her tight pinkess, tasting her heavenly juices and feeling the heat build until Dia could take no more.

"OOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSS!!!" Dia yelled, her tits bouncing up and down so hard that she had to reach up and grip them. "YESSS MEENAL YESSSSSS!!! I'M COMINGGGGG!!! TAKE IT!!! TAKE MY MOVIE STAR CUM ALLLLL OVER YOUR SLUTTY FACE!!!"

Meenal did that and then some. She lapped up Dia's girl juice like it was manna from heaven. She let Dia ride her face until she had no girl cum left to give. Feeling Dia's cream on her face was the best thing she had ever experienced sexually and she let it soak into her skin as Dia cried out in orgasm. The actress' voice grew hoarse, but she kept screaming her pleasure. When she finally stopped, she rolled off the bed and gave Meenal a hard kiss on her lips. Dia was eager to taste her cream all over the nanny's beautiful, young face and she licked off whatever Meenal couldn't get with her tongue.

"Mmmm very good Meenal," Dia smiled contently. "I may not have to give you bad comments after all. Now it's your turn!"

"Oh no Miss Mirza...I don't want a turn," Meenal insisted, her lips and nose shiny with girl cum and her glasses desperately in need of a cleaning. "Your pleasure is all I wanted! Feeling you come is enough for me!"

"I decide what goes on in this bedroom," Dia reminded Meenal. "I say who gets a turn and who doesn't. In my house you always get what you earn and I say you earned a turn. Do you have a problem with that Meenal?"

"No Miss Mirza," Meenal grinned, very happy to have her own chance to come. She couldn't remember if her pussy had ever been this wet before.

"Get on your hands and knees Meenal," Dia instructed. "I have a little something I want to use on you!"

Meenal obediently assumed the position. She didn't know what was coming, but she knew she was going to like it. She deserved whatever Dia was going to do to her and she welcomed it. Whatever it was, it was going to make her come. Meenal knew that for sure.

Dia ducked into her closet and began looking for what she had hidden in there a few days ago.. Dia's eyes lit up when she found what she was looking for and she quickly pulled the strap on onto her body. She had gotten this from Carnal Knowledge the other day, with Priyanka's welcome help. Priyanka had even guided her through the dos and don'ts by fucking her with it and then letting Dia return the favor. Now Dia was going use it on Meenal and couldn't wait.

"You're such a nasty girl Meenal," Dia declared, emerging from the closet and smacking each firm cheek of her ass. She left a handprint on the flesh that quickly disappeared. Then she did it again, smacking Meenal's ass while grinding herself against the girl. "You know what happens to naughty girls, don't you?"

By now Meenal could feel the toy pressing into her flesh and she knew what answer to give her judge.

"Yes I do," Meenal grinned. "They get fucked!"

"Good girl!" Dia said, helping herself to one more smack of Meenal's ass. "That's just what you're going to get, nasty girl. I'm going to fuck you Meenal! You want it, don't you? You want your judge to fuck you!"

"Fuck me Miss Mirza," Meenal panted with desire. "Give it to me hard! I want to feel you fuck my bad girl pussy! Please fuck me Miss Mirza!"

The next sounds that came from Meenal were her cries from being penetrated by Dia's toy. Dia's strap on wasn't too big. Dia just wanted to feel the sensation of fucking another girl and Meenal was so willing to be taken like this. Dia had wanted to do this with Monali and Aditi a few weeks back when she'd spent the afternoon, but Meenal got to be the lucky first.

Meenal was so tight that Dia really had to push into her. Fortunately, Meenal was so wet that she had plenty of all natural lube at her disposal. Dia was able to get the toy inside her and began to steadily fuck her with it. Meenal responded with a series of high cries and squeals of pleasure. She screwed her eyes closed as Dia gripped her hips and fucked her. Meenal was in heaven. She hadn't been fucked like this in so long. Her heavy tits swung back and forth and her body filled with elation. Dia was taking her just like she needed to be taken.

"Take it slut!" Dia ordered, smacking Meenal's ass again. "Take this cock deep in your slutty pussy!"

Dia felt like she was someone completely different right now. This wasn't her and that's what made it so hot. She felt like Aishwarya. It had been so hot when Aishwarya had fucked her and now Dia was giving those sensations right back to Meenal's young body. Dia knew she could never be someone like Aishwarya. She could never be that fearless or sexual, but she could sure as hell pretend to be and that's exactly what she was doing as she fucked Meenal's tight pussy hard.

"Tell me how much you love it Meenal!" Dia demanded. "Tell your judge how much you love being fucked!"

"Fuck yes I love it Miss Mirza!" Meenal cried, her glasses bouncing up and down on her nose with each hard thrust inside her pussy. "Fuck me! Fuck your nasty little contestant! This is what I want! Make me your fuck toy! Fuck me and spank me and do whatever you fucking want to me!"

"Yessss that's what I want to hear!" Dia groaned, her thrusts increasing. "That's what your judge wants to hear! You're my fucking slut now Meenal! My fucking little whore singer! I'm gonna tell all my friends about you and they're all gonna wanna fuck this hot, tight pussy! Mmmm you'd fucking love it! You'd be our little pussyslut! Lining yourself up for each and every one of my lesbian friends to fuck you!"

Meenal had no idea if Dia was just talking dirty or actually had friends like that. If it was make believe then it would be a plenty hot fantasy and if it was real...that would be the ultimate! Meenal felt her body getting closer to orgasm. She didn't want her judge to stop fucking her, but she also knew her body wouldn't be able to take much more of this. Dia was fucking her so well and Meenal just wanted to come all over that hard strap on buried deep in her pussy.

"Ohhhh Miss Mirza...please give your slut more!" Meenal begged, her breaths growing short and uneven. "I'm sooooo close! Make me come! Please make your nasty little slut come!"

"Beg for it Meenal!" Dia ordered, adding more pleasure to Meenal's fucking by reaching for her ponytail. Dia grabbed her long, black hair and tugged on it hard, eliciting a scream of pleasure from Meenal. She did it again while keeping up the pace of her fucking. "Beg me to make you come!"
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RE: Dia Mirza Seduces Meenal Jain Sex story
"Please oohhhhhhhh pleeaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeeee!!!" Meenal wailed. "Fuck your slut! I need you to make me come Miss Mirza! I'm so unworthy of being fucked by you but please please please make me come!!! Make your little whore come like the nasty fuck she is!!!"

Meenal's words swam in Dia's head. Adrenalin pumped in Dia's veins and she began to think that her heart was gonna burst from the rush she was getting by doing this to Meenal. Dia knew there was only so much of this she could take too so she decided to take mercy on the girl and stopped teasing her. She concentrated on getting Meenal off. Dia pushed the strap on hard into Meenal's pussy and yanked on her hair, sending the girl flying.


More was exactly what Meenal got. Since the strap on wasn't too big, Dia was able to push it all the way inside her without causing any damage to Meenal. Dia had it almost there and, with one final push, she was able to bury it totally inside Meenal's cunt. Dia let the tight walls of Meenal's pussy hold it there and she used her free hand to smack Meenal's ass again, making it pink and pushing Meenal over the edge.

"MMMMMMMM OHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMM!!!" Meenal roared in ecstasy as she came. She rocked back and forth as much as she could with the strap on inside her. Her pink pussy walls clamped tight around the toy and pushed it out a little. Meenal grunted and sweated as pussy juice dripped down her leg and stained the sheets. Meenal cried out every wave of pleasure her body felt and when she sense the girl could take no more, Dia pulled herself out of her and lay beside her on the bed.

They began making out in a frenzy of girl kisses and tongue sucks, but their bliss was interrupted by a sound from down the hall.

Now that the spell of lust that had taken them over had been broken there was noticeable awkwardness between her and Meenal. They couldn't quite look at each other in the eyes and neither of them knew what to say. Finally Dia broke the silence.

"God...Meenal...I'm sorry...I didn't mean for this to happen..." Dia said, blushing at the memories of what she had done to this girl just a few minutes earlier. She still had the fucking strap on under her robe for God's sake. "I didn't mean to force you or anything! I just lost control and..."

"It's ok," Meenal assured her employer, pulling on her @jeans but not even bothering with her ruined panties. "I wanted it to happen. I just wasn't expecting it. It's totally cool though. I loved it."

"You did?" Dia smiled.

"Uh huh," Meenal replied, nodding her head. "It felt soooo hot! I didn't know you were into this stuff."

"It's a long story," Dia said mysteriously. "I just didn't want to make you want to quit or anything. I think you're a great nanny and I'd hate to lose you because I couldn't control myself."

"Really, it's ok," Meenal insisted.

" think you might want this again sometime?" Dia asked hopefully. She couldn't forget how much fun it had been to be the bossy bitch and control Meenal.

"Anytime you want...Miss Mirza..." Meenal smiled before kissing her judge on the lips.
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