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For his promotion
08-01-2014, 07:44 PM (This post was last modified: 08-06-2014 08:22 PM by porngyan.)
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Wank For his promotion
Meena finished washing the dishes and started stacking them neatly. She heard her hubby Ravi move about in the other room. She was worried about him. He has not been his usual cheerful self in the last few days. Something was nagging him but he was not talking to her about it. Norm

The thought excited her above her concern for him. She always played with him before she made him talk and she loved playing with him. At thirty, Ravi is a handsome man, just the right height for her, about 5'8" and lean. He was strong too and she loved his touches. She looked down at herself. At 5'4" she had a shapely body that has not worn out even after the childbirth. Although she is only twenty seven, they had stopped with just one kid. Enough in these hard days, they had thought. 

Finished with the dishes, she took off the apron and smoothed her loose shirt. She did not wear a bra under it and her nipples slightly hardened at the touch of the fabric. The long skirt also felt comfortable. She went out to the hall and found Ravi sitting on the couch watching TV. There was a frown on his face that said he was not concentrating on the TV show. Meena came and sat next to him and snuggled closer to him. 

Putting her one hand on his shoulder she lifted his face with the other and looked into his eyes. Raja smiled at her and his hand went around her waist pulling her closer to him. 

"Not feeling sleepy?" she asked and her hand holding his face went down to rest on his bare thigh. 

"No." His answer was laconic and without life. Meena rubbed his thigh and let her hand slide into his shorts.

"Got some thing on your mind, baby, why not spill it?" she said casually as her hand found his manhood. It was half hard and she was proud. It was her touch that made it grow and he is her man. 

He pecked on her cheeks, "Don't know where to start, honey."

She pushed her breasts against his chest and said playfully, "Why not start here." 

They both laughed. Meena held his manhood in her hand gently squeezing it, feeling it grow harder in her hands. Raja pushed his hand into her shirt and cupped one of her breasts. She moaned at his touch and pressed her face to his chest.

"Tell me now." she whispered. 

"Our Regional Manager has resigned, you know what that means?"


"Yes, promotion for some one, don't know who it is gonna be," 

"Why, you are the next in line and efficient enough, aren't you?"

"There are other criteria on play, honey,"

"Such as?"

"Manoj is trying to step in."

"But he is junior to you, isn’t he?"

"Yeah, but he is playing a different game to get the promotion!"

"What game, Baby?" she was stroking him as she spoke and his hand moved from her one breast to the other, gently pinching her nipples, evoking moans from her. 

"The other day he gave a private party to the Executive Director in his house." 


"His wife Ambica is sexy, honey and she likes to flirt, and you know that."

For a moment Meena was quiet. She had met Ambica several times in the company parties, but never really came to know much about her as she was always among men. She never spent much time with women in those parties. Meena tried to visualise her. Ambica was tall and slim. She had a figure that made men stare at her and she dressed seductively. The men need not make any guesses about her. They could see half her breasts as they stood out and her long shapely legs and flat stomach were always on display, not openly but very discreetly yet so provocatively. 

"You mean the ED is that kind of a man." 

"You have met him, what do you think?"

Meena thought back. The guy was in his mid forties but looked younger. He would always give a gentle knowing squeeze to her hand as he shook her hands and she has always spotted his eyes openly stare at her breasts, deliberately moving down to stop between her legs. 

"Yeah, I guess he is that kind of a man," she agreed. “You think she might have hooked him in that private party?" 

"Hooked him? I am sure she gave him what he wanted and made him happy." 

"So no promotion for you?"

"No, honey, not unless ...," he stopped there and looked away. 

She felt his hands squeeze her breasts hard and felt his hardness throb in her hand and knew he wanted to be inside her. She took her hand away and pulled herself off of him. 

"Let us go to bed," she took him by his hand and led him to the bedroom. Once inside she stopped to close the door and switched on the soft red bedroom light. Without looking at him, she took her shirt off and then let her skirt fall to the floor. Stepping out she looked at him. He had his shorts off and stood naked, gaping at her. She saw the admiration in his eyes and looked down at his hardness that stood rock hard pointing at her. 

She walked into his waiting arms and he lifted her like a child, kissing her neck softly as he laid her on the bed and climbed on top. She had her legs spread wide as he came on top and took his hardness in her hands and guided it slowly into her wet opening. He stayed immobile as his tip touched the entrance and he looked her in her eyes, smiling. She closed her eyes and he thrust his hardness hard into her. She cried out softly at his thrust and wrapped her legs around his waist pinning him, her hands pulling him down on her. 

They stayed like that a while savouring the feel of each other, saying nothing doing nothing. As her legs relaxed around his waist he pulled himself half out and then thrust hard again, his hands moving under her to hold her. She lifted her ass to meet his hard thrust and then the rhythm began. He would pull half out and then thrust hard and she would respond lifting her ass to take him deep inside her. As the tempo increased she moaned and cried. He took one of her nipples in his mouth as he pumped into her and she went over the edge, her juices flooding. He did not stop. He kept pumping hard as she writhed under him softly screaming in delight. 

He loved her voice then, it was so sensual and arousing. As he felt himself ready to go over board, he stopped his thrusts and careful not to put his weight on her stayed still, their skins touching. Both were gasping for breath and did not speak for a while. When their breathing returned to normal, she began to push upwards wanting him to pump her again. He cupped both her breasts and squeezed hard making her squeal in pain and then began to pump hard once more, this time pulling himself almost out before thrusting again. She responded, moaning and once more they lost themselves in the rhythm of their love making. He was also groaning and their combined sounds drowned the plop, plop sound of him thrusting into her juicy tunnel. 

As he had withheld himself he was now more sure of himself not letting loose too soon and continued his pumping, stopping once in a while to kiss her and fondle her breasts and cares her armpits. Soon she was soaring once again and began to buck under him. He held her fast as he thrust hard and let her go over the edge two more times before he let his own juices shoot into her, filling her to the brim. Her inner walls constricted as he shot, sucking all his juices into her. Finally his thrusting lost speed and he slowed down to a stop and lay panting for breath. When he became limp and slid out of her, he rolled to lay besides her pulling her closer to him. 

They lay there quietly for a while and then she said, "You did not finish what you started telling me, love. You were saying, not unless.......," she prompted him where he had left off. 

He kissed her hair before replying for he loved the way she had remembered what he was saying after all the love making. 

"Honey, the final decision will be made by the Vice President. The ED can only give three choices in the order of his preference but it is the VP, Deepak Mehta who will make the final selection." 

“Shouldn’t we have VP on our side, then?"


"If Ambica can hook ED for her husband’s promotion, why can’t I handle the VP?" she was matter of fact. 

"I am not sure he is that kind, even if you are willing." 

"We can always find out. You know I will do anything for you, just as you will for me."

"I know, honey. But how would we find out?" 

"Well, I have met his wife a few times in parties. She has always been very friendly with me. I can sound her out." 

"You think she will tell you if her husband is interested in you?"

"Who knows? We lose nothing if I talk to her and feel her out?"

"Well, if you think that this can work ..."

"Would you mind if I slept with her husband?" 

"I... I... don't know. I never thought of that." 

"Think about it, my dear and tell me what you want tomorrow. I will do anything for you." 

"May be we should let it go, love." 

"Not without trying. Now be a good boy and sleep in mama's arms," with that she pulled his face to her breasts and held him, knowing he will sleep peacefully in her arms and she will too.


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08-01-2014, 07:54 PM
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RE: For his promotion
Will continue ...
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08-10-2014, 12:34 PM
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Wank RE: For his promotion
The morning found them both in a much better mood. Ravi having finished brushing his teeth came into the kitchen cheerfully and Meena gave him his coffee with that shy smile, natural for her after a night of love making. Ravi loved that gesture and pulling her to him kissing her on her cheeks lightly. 

"I am feeling a lot better now. I don't care if I don't get that promotion," Ravi smiled. 

"There is no tearing hurry, Ravi. Just think about it," she chided him. 

"Okay, madam," He said teasingly and went about his morning chores as he had to start working early. 

When Ravi was having his bath, Meena took out his digital diary and looked for the phone number of his comp

After Ravi had left for his office, Meena went about her work around the house and when she was finished and was free looked at the time. It was almost 12 noon. She went into their bedroom; got the phone number she had noted down and sat down on the bed with the phone on her lap. She hesitated a moment and then resolutely dialed the number and waited. She had already rehearsed what she was going to say and how she will go about it. 

A feminine voice answered the call but she knew it was not the lady she wanted, "I am Meena, wife of Mr. Ravi Prakash Shukla. Can I speak to Mrs. Mehta please?"

"Hold on," Meena thanked God that she was home. 

"Hello sweetie, how are you?" the voice was sweet as Mrs. Mehta spoke and Meena thought the lady was pleased to hear from her. 

"I am fine, Mrs. Mehta, thank you. How are you?" 

"How am I?" there was a pause and then Meena heard her sigh, "As good as can be, sweetie. Life is not all that interesting in this high society, you know." 

"I am so sorry, Mrs. Mehta. With so many of your social activities, I was under the impression that you are having a good time."

"Not on your life, sweetie. Anyway, can I do something for you?" She was sweet as honey as she said this. 

"Ma’am ..., I was wondering if you could find time to see me?" Meena paused. 

“Sure, sweetie. I will be home if you can come at 4 this afternoon.”

When the conversation was over, Meena felt pleased that she would be meeting Mrs. Mehta the same day. She decided to tell her husband about it and seek his clearance. She called him, “Ravi darling, Mrs. Mehta has agreed to see me this afternoon. What do you think?”

“Are you sure you want to go through with this.”

“I am ready to do anything for you if you are okay with this.”

“Well, I guess I have no objection ... but will Mrs. Mehta allow her husband to ...”

“It may not come to that. I have heard rumours.”

“What rumours?”

“That Mrs. Mehta is interested in girls. If it is true, I will have to please her and she, then, will persuade her husband to promote you.”

“Oh ... but if Mr. Mehta wants his pound of flesh?”

“I have 105 pounds, honey ... if you don’t mind.” 

“Okay, best of luck.”

At 2.30, Meena went into the bathroom. Stripping naked she looked at herself in the full sized mirror. Her full breasts did not sag and her stomach was flat though the lines of pregnancy were visible. She shaved until her mound was satin smooth. Sighing and hoping she was doing the right thing, she had her bath and with the towel draped around her, she came out, sat before the dressing table and dried and combed her long flowing hair. She then changed into a dress she had specially bought which she hoped would show off her curves and still look decent enough within the confines of the house. 

It was a coffee brown denim midi that barely reached her knees but was tight and the blouse she chose was a light pink semi transparent low necked one with just one flower on either side to cover her nipples. The bulge of her breasts and the valley between them could be seen. She felt a little embarrassed about the dress as she has worn such provocative dresses only a few times. She applied a natural glow to her rosy lips and licked it to make it perfect. Ravi never liked the dark red lipstick many women used on their lips and she preferred the natural glow as well.

When Meena reached Mehtas’ residence, her confidence began to wane. She rang the bell hesitatingly. The door was opened by Mrs. Mehta herself who welcomed her warmly. 

"It is lovely to see you, sweetie. You look gorgeous," she cooed placing her hands on Meena's shoulders. 

"Thank you, ma’am. You look stunning yourself," Meena blushed. 

Mrs. Mehta certainly looked attractive though she was much older than Meena. She looked at Meena appraisingly, if not lecherously. Meena was unsure whether she should feel relieved or threatened.

"You are here for a reason, Meena. Let me hear it." 

"Well... I...," Meena flustered.

"Be honest sweetie, I like that."

For a minute Meena was silent, not sure if she should tell the truth or play for time. Nervous and confused, she looked at Mrs. Mehta and saw something in her countenance that assured her that she could tell the truth.

"You know... the regional manager in the office here has resigned and someone has to succeed him."

"And Ravi is next in line if I am right? 

"Yes, but..."

"But what, sweetie?"

"Ravi thinks Manoj is trying very hard to get promotion."

"Manoj? But isn’t he is junior to Ravi?"

"Yes, he is."

"Then, how come ...?"

"He gave a party to the ED in his house and ... I guess you know Ambica ... Ravi says she ..."

"Oh, I know her well enough! If she impressed the ED with her charms ..."

"That’s why Ravi thinks that his chances are slim."

"Slim? There won't be any chance, sweetie if she has pleased the ED!"

"Well, that’s how it is. I was wondering if you might convince Mr. Mehta ..."

"Whose idea was it that you are here, sweetie? Yours or Ravi's?"

Meena blushed and lowered her eyes to the floor. She remained silent. Mrs. Mehta gently lifted her chin, looked into her eyes and said softly and yet in a commanding manner, "Tell me, sweetie."

**To be continued**

"I thought you could help. ... It was my idea to meet you, and Ravi approved," Meena replied in a quivering voice. 

"So you know what I want, don't you?"

"Yes," Meena blurted out.

Mrs. Mehta pulled her close and held her in her arms as if trying to mash her breasts with her own. 

"I will help you as much as I can, dear.” 

"Thank you, ma’am. I knew ..."

"Well...., have you done it before?"

"I have been curious about it but I never found someone I could be comfortable with."

"So you are comfortable with me and Ravi approves, right?" she laughed.

"Yes," Meena murmured.

“Wait here, sweetie until I get rid of the servants,” Mrs. Mehta said and exited from the drawing room.

Suddenly Meena became apprehensive. She had thought that the current visit was only exploratory, and things might escalate in future. But Mrs. Mehta had precipitated the happenings. She was lost in her thoughts when she suddenly felt a pull on her arm. Mrs. Mehta was leading her inside the house, “Come on, sweetie. The coast is clear.” 

When they reached the bed room, Mrs. Mehta clasped her from behind. Meena rested her head on her shoulder. Mrs. Mehta softly kissed her neck and licked her earlobe. Meena moaned as she felt the current passing through her. Mrs. Mehta turned her around, lifted her chin with her hand and looked into her eyes that were filled with desire. Holding her face with both hands she planted a kiss on her lips. 

Meena responded by kissing back and at the same time pushing her body against her. Mrs. Mehta's tongue came out probing between her lips. Meena parted her lips letting her tongue in. They kissed passionately long and hard. When at last they broke the kiss, Meena was almost out of breath and found it difficult to stand. Holding her with one hand Mrs. Mehta quickly pulled her blouse up and over her head revealing her swollen breasts with the nipples erect and standing out. She then sat her on the bed and took off her own blouse, all the time gazing at the now dazed younger woman before her. Her small breasts stood out with no trace of sag. Mrs. Mehta slowly removed the rest of her clothes and smiled at the younger woman reassuringly. Meena smiled back weakly. She was aroused by the nakedness of Mrs. Mehta but at the same time felt intimidated by the occasion. Mrs. Mehta pulled her and made her lie on the bed. She lay beside her and took her in her arms holding her close to her naked body. 

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08-10-2014, 12:39 PM
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Wank RE: For his promotion
"You are wonderful sweetie, so much of passion and fire!" Mrs. Mehta whispered into her ear and kissed her softly on her neck.

Meena blushed and kissed the older woman lovingly on her cheek, her hold on her tightening. Mrs. Mehta caressed her back slowly and kissed her full on the lips passionately letting their tongues duel. As they kissed, she undid the zipper on the younger woman's skirt and pushed it down and then with her feet pushed it off her legs and away from the bed. As the kiss ended she held her now naked body close letting their nakedness merge from head to foot. Her hands moved down to cup her bottom cheeks and she pulled her waist closer to her

Meena was not only aroused but also became conscious of her duty to pleasure the older woman. She brought her hands to the front of Mrs. Mehta and took her breasts in her hands. She kneaded them and brought her face down to take one of the nipples into her mouth. She sucked at it like a hungry child and licked around the nipple. Mrs. Mehta moaned as Meena sucked harder, squeezing the other breast hard. Her hand slid down over her flat stomach, fingers dancing on the soft yielding skin and she stopped at the mound between her thighs, cupping it. 

Mrs. Mehta’s hands were squeezing her bottom cheeks hard and she ground her swollen lips against hers. She also slid one of her hands down to the younger woman's thighs and then moved it to caress the inner thigh all the time moving it upwards towards her tunnel. Reaching the wet opening she traced the outer lips and slowly inserted one finger inside probing the soft inner walls. When her finger touched the clit she paused and let another finger join and then took the clit between the fingers tweaking it gently first and then hard. She was also moaning and crying softly as the younger woman's mouth and hand played with her breasts. 

Meena took the cue and touched the flower below the mound of the older woman. Finding it wet, she inserted her finger in it hesitantly. Mrs. Mehta sensing the younger woman's hesitation pushed her waist against the finger encouraging her. Delicately she explored the inside of the older woman as the juices were flowing freely soaking her finger. She wondered what it would taste like and the thought excited her and she moaned loud. 

Mrs. Mehta decided it was time to up the ante. She turned around and came on top of the younger woman straddling her face and slowly bent down to kiss her nether lips. Meena had no choice except to reciprocate. She put her hands around the older woman's waist and holding her she licked the outer lips tracing the opening and then let her tongue taste her juices. She began to suck and drink the juices flowing freely. Her tongue touched the clit and she took it between her lips and sucked on it letting her tongue flick at it too. She felt pleasure building inside her own stomach and move deliciously towards her love tunnel. She sucked hard as the older woman was grinding herself on her mouth wanting more of her tongue inside. 

Suddenly, their bodies arched as orgasm hit both of them together. They both screamed in rapture and shuddered against each other. The spasm seemed to last forever. When it subsided, they felt pleasantly exhausted. Mrs. Mehta just lay on top of the younger woman letting her whole weight to rest on the younger woman gasping for breath. Meena seemed to like the weight on top of her as she also lay panting for breath. When they became normal, Mrs. Mehta rolled over and turned around to take the younger woman into her arms.

She held her tightly and kissed her passionately. Fully satiated and happy, Mrs. Mehta whispered in her ear, “Sweetie, half the job is done. You have made me happy. If Mr. Mehta also gets his due, Ravi’s promotion is certain.”

Meena was just coming out of her reverie when she heard it. She suddenly realized that she had to please Mr. Mehta as well. Before she could open her mouth to reply, she heard the older woman talking on her mobile. When the call was over, Mrs. Mehta got up and walking towards the bathroom, she said, “Mr. Mehta will be here any minute.”

Meena recalled that she had told her husband that she was ready to please Mr. Mehta. So, what the hack! Let him come and have his pleasure. She was surprised though that Mrs. Mehta had no objection to her husband feasting on the young employee’s wife. May be such things are normal in high society, she thought.

She was jolted out of her musings by the voice of Mrs. Mehta, “Want to have a wash, sweetie?” She was standing beside her.

“Oh yes, thank you,” she got up to go to the bathroom. Once inside, she decided to have a full shower instead of a wash. She rubbed herself dry after the shower, and stepped back into the bedroom. She was surprised to find Mr. Mehta and a fully clothed Mrs. Mehta gazing at her nudity. Mr. Mehta’s cock, a thick seven incher, was out of the fly of his pants, and Mrs. Mehta was rubbing it gently. Meena instinctively turned back to retreat into the safety of the bathroom when she was stopped by the words of the older woman, “Come sweetie, I was just telling him how beautiful and talented you are. Let him have a look and decide for himself.” Meena had to turn towards them to display her charms.

Mr. Mehta seemed to agree with his wife but his intentions appeared to be different, “You are absolutely right, darling. She is lovely. But you know, honey, these days our interests are ...”

“Oh! I forgot to tell you, sweetie,” Mrs. Mehta spoke to Meena. “We are bisexual. We enjoy men as well as women. But I am sure my husband will find you as delectable as I have.”

“I don’t doubt your assessment, honey. But she has earned her rest,” Mr. Mehta said. “It is Ravi’s turn now.”

“You mean you want to ... oh!” Mrs. Mehta wondered aloud. “Meena dear, call your husband and ask him to reach here as quickly as possible. Let him also do something for his promotion.”

Now it was Meena’s turn to wonder. Will Ravi consent? ... If he can offer his wife to Mr. and Mrs. Mehta, she thought, why can’t he offer himself? But will he be asked to offer his cock or ... ass? Since Mr. Mehta’s cock was in Mrs. Mehta’s hand, she figured that her husband will be asked to take this monster up his ass. She looked at the cock again, and found its size and shape enticing. She would have loved to take it in her pussy and it would have certainly given her more pleasure than Mrs. Mehta’s cunt. 

But Mr. Mehta had different plans. Well, will Ravi...? ... Won’t he? ... Why not? ... Her decision was made. She would ask her husband to come and she would watch Mr. Mehta fucking him in the ass! She walked up to the bedside table and picked up her mobile. After all, it was his promotion at stake!

The end

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