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Four-way Bride
10-17-2012, 02:26 AM
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Four-way Bride
"Let her go!" Danny yelled.
His elder brothers opened the chute, and the colt under Danny bolted into the corral. A grin split Cal's fleshy face and Pete squinted through the swirling dust as the bronco bucked furiously. The twenty-year-old rider clutched the reins with one hand, his other waving jerkily in the air. He bounced in the saddle.
"Danny! Oh my God, you'll get hurt! Stop it!"
Pete shifted his gaze to his brother's new bride who was screaming and jumping up and down in alarm. Beneath her fancy Western shirt, Millie's breasts bobbed erotically, sending ripples through the shimmering, cream-colored satin. Her corn-colored hair glistened in the bright sunshine as she tossed her head. Lust uncoiled like a snake in Pete's loins.
"Hang on, Danny boy!" Cal shouted. "You've almost got her made!"
Pete kept watching Millie. He didn't see his kid brother glance around in search of his bride's admiring eyes. Pete also missed the bronco's vicious buck which sent Danny hurtling from the saddle.
When Millie let out a shriek and began scrambling up the heavy rail fence into the corral, the rangy twenty-six-year-old glanced briefly at his brother who lay writhing in the dust, then returned his attention to Millie. He mentally stripped the tight pants from her plump, twisting bottom as she went over the top rail and dropped to the dusty floor of the corral.
"Look out for that bastard horse!" Cal, who was ahead of her, yelled. He delayed giving aid to his brother long enough to grasp Millie's arm, jerking her out of the berserk horse's path.
"Oh, see about Danny!" Millie wailed urgently. "Is he dead?"
"Hell no!" Cal snorted. "He just got bruised some."
He moved to his brother's side and squatted. The handsome dark-haired youth lay grimacing in pain, clutching a leg that was stiffly extended.

"You all right?" Cal asked.
"I think my leg's busted!" Danny moaned. "It hurts like hell!"
"Oh, no!" Millie sympathized as she leaned over her fallen husband.
Pete ambled up behind the curvaceous blonde. Her pants were so tight that the crotch seam and leg elastics of her panties made imprints in the thin cloth. Pete imagined wedging his stiff prick into the softness of her upturned ass.
"Help me carry him to the house," blond-haired Cal said to his dark, wiry brother.
"Let him lie," Pete replied. "In case something's busted, he shouldn't be moved."
"Well, you can't just leave him here!" Millie protested.
"Get that horse back in the stable," Pete snapped at Cal. "I'll call Doc Carpenter."
Danny was whimpering and screwing up his face as he gingerly touched his stiff leg.
"Oh, darling… darling…" Millie sobbed, caressing his dust-streaked, sweating cheeks.
"That'll teach the shit to show off!" Pete snorted to Cal as he ambled toward the corral fence.
"You know, you can be God damned mean sometimes," his robust younger brother replied. But there was a twinkle of grudging admiration in Cal's eyes. He turned to capture the horse which had trotted to the opposite side of the enclosure.
"They're getting someone to help you, honey," Millie said as she continued petting Danny. "Just try to lie easy."
"Did you… see me up there?" Danny asked, brightness flashing momentarily in his pain-racked eyes. "I was… really riding that sonofabitch. I would've broken him too… if I just hadn't… looked around."
"Don't try to talk," Millie implored, clutching her young husband's head to her firmly resilient breasts. "Everything will be all right. Oh, how long will it take that doctor to get here?"

As the ambulance pulled away from the white frame house at Stallion Ranch and headed down the long driveway to the road, Millie turned disconsolately toward the porch.
"He'll be okay," Gus Hinshaw said, slipping his arm around her slender waist. "My sons are made of rugged stuff, all of 'em."
The pretty blonde smiled bravely at her new father-in-law. She had liked old Gus from the first, which was something she couldn't say about Danny's brothers. Pete was silent and hard-eyed. Cal was more friendly, but he was always making suggestive remarks. Danny was so unlike either of them.

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10-17-2012, 02:26 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
The white-haired man, who was in his middle fifties, clomped heavily onto the porch and opened the creaking screen door. He held it, giving Millie a crinkly-eyed smile as she preceded him into the house. Pete and Cal followed their father.
"I wonder if Danny will have to stay in the hospital," Millie said as she settled into a chair in the living room.
"That depends on the X-rays, I reckon," Gus replied. "One thing's for sure – he's going to be laid up for a spell."
"That'll be kind of hard on you, huh Millie?" Cal asked. "I mean, you two being newlyweds and all." He couldn't suppress a slight smirk.
"Dry up!" Gus snapped as the girl looked away in embarrassment. "You and Pete hightail it outa here and go tend to your chores."
"We, got nothing to do right now," Cal said.
"Come on, you heard the old man," Pete put in, heading for the door.

"Yeah, but…"
Pete gave his younger brother a poke in the ribs. Cal glanced at Millie, then turned and followed Pete out of the house.
"Don't take this too hard, honey," Gus advised as he pulled out his pipe and began filling it. "Accidents happen. It may not amount to much of anything at all."
"I hope it doesn't. I don't know why the doctor wouldn't let me ride into town with them."
"Cause there's nothing you could do." Gus lit his pipe and expelled white smoke. "We'll be hearing pretty soon. Let me go tell Rosa to listen for the call."
As the elder Hinshaw left the room to seek the Mexican housekeeper, Millie lapsed into a reverie which carried her back exactly one week to her wedding night. Though she and Danny had engaged in intercourse daily since then, it was the first night that stuck in Millie's mind.

Conditioned by the incessant preaching of a man-hating mother who had left Millie's father, taking the child when she was only two years old, Millie had grown up burdened by inhibitions and sexual fear. She had shunned dates and shuddered at the thought of marriage. But then she met Danny and fell in love. Two days after her eighteenth birthday they eloped.
During the first day of their honeymoon, Millie suffered growing apprehension. When the light in their hotel room was finally turned out and Danny approached the bed, the young bride had an impulse to bolt and take refuge in the bathroom.
But her love for Danny caused her to hope he would prove different from the selfish, lustful men her mother had railed against.
Tense and anxious, Millie waited to find out whether her hope or her fear would be fulfilled.
As soon as Danny had removed his robe and slid into bed beside her, Millie was shocked to discover that he was naked.
"Wh-where are your pajamas?" she asked tremulously.
"I don't have any," her bridegroom responded with a chuckle. "And you don't need this thing, either."

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10-17-2012, 02:26 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
Passing his hand quickly across the front of Millie's nightgown and thrilling her as he rolled her full, firm breasts, Danny immediately began sliding the nightie off her smooth shoulders.
"No!" she exclaimed, clutching the diaphanous fabric.
"What do you mean 'no'? Honey, we're going to make love. We can't do that with no nightgown in the way."
"Danny, I'm afraid!" she blurted.
His hands withdrew and he gazed intently at her shadowy face. "Afraid? Of what?"

"Of… of you!"
"Aaaw, baby! There's nothing to be afraid of." He snuggled into her neck and resumed stroking her titties through the sheer nightgown. "I'm the same guy you've been dating all these weeks."
"Yes, but… we've never been like this before, without our clothes on and…"
Millie stopped talking and sucked in her breath. Danny had shifted his lower body against her, and she felt the frightening hardness of his penis. It was like a club lying across her thigh.
"What's the matter?" Danny asked as he cuddled her.
"Your… your thing!"
He chuckled softly against her ear. "You mean this?" He flexed his erection against her thigh.

"It's pretty hard, ain't it?" His voice had grown husky. "That's cause I want you so."
"It'll hurt me!" Millie said.
"Maybe a little bit, the first time. But you'll get over that right away. Come on… let me feel you up. Then you'll want to screw just as much as I do."
"Danny, don't talk dirty!"
"It ain't dirty to say screw," the youth replied indignantly. "What do you want me to call it? There's a worse word I could've used."

"Don't you dare!"
Danny sat up, the covers skidding to his waist. He stared down at his trembling bride. "Now look – we're married, honey. I let you put me off all the time we was going together, but now things are different. I'm your husband, and I've got a right to make love to you. I realize how girls are… when they're cherry and all – they've got to be treated gentle. Well, I'm going to treat you just as nice as I can. But we're going to make it, Millie, so there's no sense our being silly about it."
Millie froze, concluding suddenly that her mother had been right all along. Men were selfish animals – and Danny was like all the rest. She began to struggle.

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10-17-2012, 02:27 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
Hurt and angered, the young bridegroom responded in a way that seemed to confirm Millie's fear. Forcibly pressing her against the mattress, he scrambled atop her. Panic-stricken, Millie attempted to claw or slap him, but Danny managed to catch her wrists and pin them against the bed.
Glaring down, breathing hard, his black hair hanging across his face, the man Millie had fallen in love with seemed to have turned into a monster. He let go of one of her arms long enough to grasp the top of her nightgown. Yanking viciously, he split the filmy garment down the front. As Millie squealed and writhed, the torn edges of nylon flew away from her heaving chest. Her bobbing, round tits were exposed, her coral nipples sticking up.
"Baby… aaw, baby!" Danny groaned, pressing his open mouth to one of the creamy pink-tipped mounds.
Millie gasped as her husband's tongue swabbed moistly across her sensitive nipple. He caught the thrusting bud between his lips and tugged at the firm, rubbery protrusion, stretching her pliant breast upward. His lips slid against the pebbled flesh of her aureole and onto the silken surrounding skin. Then, pulling as much of her titty into his mouth as he could hold, he bathed her erect, tingling nipple in his saliva as his tongue repeatedly stroked the small knot of erectile tissue, gliding and twirling.
Millie's senses reeled. She had turned hot and sticky between the legs. She panted, her gelatinous breast wobbling against her husband's mouth. He wrapped a hand around her other breast and squeezed. Her nipple tingled excitingly against his palm. She was acutely aware of Danny's thick, hard rod sandwiched between their bellies.
Danny lifted his head and gave her a warm smile. "I'm sorry about tearing your nightie," he said. "But we've got to do this right." His eyes stroked down to her breasts. "You're so pretty. Gosh, honey, I love you!"
He sealed his lips to hers. Danny's churning tongue filled her mouth, caressing her tongue and the silken inner walls of her cheeks. His hand surrounded a breast and squeezed rhythmically, making the sensitive flesh throb.
Millie's fear wasn't removed. It had simply been overwhelmed by a surge of passion stronger than anything she had ever imagined. As Danny pulled up her nightgown, his cock rubbing moistly against her bare stomach, her nerves drew taut. Her eyes stared up at him in the dimness, wide with fright and wonder.
Danny rolled off her, and Millie relaxed slightly. But when his hand glided down across her smooth, shivery belly and onto the hairy, puffed softness between her legs, the responsive girl gasped. Danny smiled, though there was a tenseness to his features as he fingered Millie's sex petals apart and probed into her moist, slippery cleft.
"Hey, you're ready, sweetheart," her bridegroom said exultantly. "You want it. You really want it!"

"No! Oh, I don't know what I want!"
"I do. You want what I've got for you. Feel it."
Danny grasped her hand and carried it to his upthrust prick. Millie's perspiring fingers curled around the thick, warm column. She was amazed by its bonelike hardness, and her fear took a sudden resurgence.
"That'll hurt me!" she exclaimed. "Danny…"
"Come on," he said huskily. "It's time."
Danny slid between her full, firm thighs, pressing them wide apart. The tip of his penis probed for the opening in Millie's soft, wet cunt. She held her breath. Her heart was thumping like a kettle drum.

Danny pushed.

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10-17-2012, 02:27 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
She bit her lip to stifle the shriek that welled up in her throat at the pain. Her eyes glazed with tears.
The pain receded as abruptly as it had begun, after which Millie felt a shocking sense of fullness.
"It's in!" Danny exclaimed, breathing hard. "Baby, it's in you!"
Danny was pulling and thrusting… jabbing… burrowing… wedging his hard cock deeper and deeper into Millie's virginal slit. The sensations which she felt were more startling than painful. There was no pleasure. She was still holding her breath, letting only enough air in and out to keep her lungs functioning.
But as Danny's massive rigidity tore ever more deeply into her belly, bringing no added pain, Millie began gradually to relax. The slight soreness at the mouth of her vagina, though aggravated by the friction of his shaft, was tolerable. With relaxation came Millie's first voluptuous response.
It felt good to have a cock inside her, stroking and going deep. She writhed and let out a little moan. She resumed active breathing, though her breaths were heavy and uneven.
"Unnh… oh… oh God, that's good!" Danny panted.
"Yes… yesss." She closed her eyes and twisted her lips. Almost of their own accord, her hips started moving with his.
The sheathing snugness of his bride's virginal pussy, now bobbing jerkily around his fast-stroking shaft, gave Danny such intense stimulation that he couldn't hold off the orgasm which was welling up in him. He groaned exultantly, his whole body stiffened, and his prick rammed deep inside her. She gasped, then mewed with pleasure as she felt her husband's warm spurts, accompanied by a spastic twitching of his embedded rod.

Danny sighed and lapsed forward.
Millie lay motionless beneath him except for the rise and fall of her cushioning breasts. She felt as if she were on a carnival ride that had slowed in preparation for a new burst of frenzied motion. But the burst didn't come. Millie found herself experiencing a vague and unfulfilled sense of excitement.
Danny's cock was softening and shrinking inside her. He was getting heavy. The dull soreness at the mouth of her vagina persisted, but that didn't bother Millie any longer. She was more concerned about a vague anxiety that mocked both her earlier fear and her briefly awakened desire.
Is it over? she wondered. Was that all?
Danny pushed back, his soft penis slurping out of her. He grinned boyishly. "Pretty good, huh?"
"I… I guess so," Millie said.
Is this what Mama warned me so much about? Millie asked herself in amazement. This nothing?
"Baby, you're wonderful!" Danny purred, snuggling down against her, wrapping her in his strong arms. "I love you!"
"I love you, too," Millie replied almost mechanically.
At that moment she wasn't sure how she felt about anything, except that her nerves remained taut – not from fear any longer, but from some cause she didn't understand.
In less than a minute Danny fell asleep, his arms still draped around her, his head resting against her neck. Millie eased herself clear of him and lay staring at the dim ceiling. Finally she dropped off…
"Fuck with me, baby!" Danny was saying excitedly. "Ooh, man! God damn! Oh, that's wild!"

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10-17-2012, 02:27 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
The room was still dark, and Danny was atop her. He lay sprawled between her thighs, supporting his torso on straight arms planted next to her shoulders, and he was pistoning his hard cock inside her at a frenzied rate. Millie's blonde hair tossed about the pillow. Her full tits quivered. Her belly was pounding upward to absorb her husband's rapid strokes.
The whole thing seemed to have happened of its own accord, and Millie hadn't become aware of what she was doing until she was in the midst of it.
"That's good… oh, it's good!" she panted. "I love it!"
"Yeah!" Danny said huskily. "Yeah! Oooh, God damn!"
His prick was a wondrous thing – thrusting, gliding, pumping, filling her with the throbbing power of his love. Millie was reaching for him eagerly, absorbing with her warm, moist pussy his every jarring plunge. She thrilled as his inrushing prick expanded the elastic sheath of her vagina, warming her insides. She felt his big balls flop against her tingling anus.
The carnival ride was really swinging now – wheeling, dipping, climbing.

Fireworks seemed to burst around her… in her. Her brain wheeled giddily.
"Oooh God, baby! Wow! Oh… Unnh!" Danny cried.
The thrusting stopped, and there was a pooling of warmth in Millie's belly.
She clutched her strong young husband with her legs as well as her arms and they rocked from side to side, moaning and panting from the bliss that had come to them in the middle of the night…
"Millie, the doc just called."
Snapping from her reverie, the girl jumped to her feet and asked Gus, "What did he say? How's Danny?"
"Now, take it easy." Gus made a patting motion in the air.
His elder sons stood behind him, Cal with a funny little grin on his face, Pete as grim as ever.

"Danny's coming home," Gus said.
"Then he's all right!" Millie exclaimed. "Oh, thank God!"
"He's gonna be all right," her father-in-law corrected. "He's got a busted hip. But he don't need to stay in the hospital. Doc's going to rig up some traction for him in the spare room upstairs. I figured it was better that way, so you could be near him and take care of him. Anyway, a hospital costs a lot of money, which we ain't got right now."
Millie sank into her chair. "How long will he be laid up?"
"Doc ain't sure," Gus said. "Maybe a month."
"Tough break, Millie," Cal said.
She turned dazed eyes on the heavyset young man who stood with his legs planted apart. He was swaying slightly forward and back, his tight jeans outlining the bulge of his privates. Embarrassed, Millie quickly lifted her line of vision. Cal wore a faintly discernible smirk.
Millie looked at Pete. He was staring at her, his dark, hard eyes as inscrutable as ever. He said nothing.
The young bride sheltered her face in her hands and cried.

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10-17-2012, 02:27 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
Millie stepped out to the porch. She rubbed the back of her hand across her perspiring forehead and stood quietly, gazing out across the rolling rangeland. In the distance, purple mountains blended with the sky. A brilliant sun bathed the landscape, keeping the temperature in the nineties – warm for northern Nevada, especially in late September.
Doc Carpenter had left a few minutes ago. Millie had helped him set up the contraption of ropes and pulleys necessary to support Danny's cast, after which she had remained in her husband's room and had tried to make him as comfortable as possible. Danny was good-humored about the whole thing. But Millie felt terribly depressed.
The screen door creaked behind her, and she turned around. Cal stepped onto the porch.
He grinned. "Danny's a lucky devil. He's sure got a pretty nurse to take care of him."
Millie turned back toward the landscape and didn't reply. Danny's robust brother moved up beside her. She wished he would go away. She didn't feel like talking with anyone.

"Sure hot, ain't it?" Cal asked.
"This kind of weather gets me to thinking about lying under a nice cool shade tree with a pretty gal. Know what I mean?"
Cal slid a hand across the small of Millie's back and took hold of her side, spanning the ridge of her panty elastic beneath her light dress. She tensed as he fingered the elastic.
"Somebody like you," Cal went on, his voice lower and a little huskier as he spoke from right above her ear. "Yes sir, Danny's a lucky guy."
Millie gave Cal a scornful glance. "How can you say Danny's lucky when he's in that awful cast?"
"Well, he won't have no work to do for awhile. But me and Pete will have to work twice as hard."
Why don't you get to it, then? Millie felt like replying. But she remained silent.
After a few moments, she shrugged away from Cal's casual embrace and walked to the end of the porch. He watched her plump bottom twisting under her cotton skirt. His loins ached with the wish to pull her skirt up and strip down her silken pants.
Blast Danny! he thought. How come a wet-nosed kid like him rates a beautiful chick like her? It ain't right. Now he's going to be lying up there in that room for a month, while Pete and me work our butts off. And he's going to have this luscious babe waiting on him hand and foot. He won't be able to screw her, though. Not while he's in that cast. Cal smiled to himself. That's going to be rough on them both. Unless I miss my guess, this little filly likes her fucking. God damn, would I love to give her the feel of my cock!
"What're you standing there for?" Pete barked at his brother as he stepped onto the porch. "We've got to fix that fence up at the draw."
"Hell, don't you think I know it?" Cal growled. His voice brightened somewhat as he added, "See you later, Millie."
"Yes," she said without looking around.
"What a piece!" Pete said under his breath as the brothers walked toward the barn.
"Man, you ain't kidding! How come we never saw her in Kenyon? How come Danny always smelled out the best stuff?"
"I saw her clerking in Connelly's store. She'd never hardly look at me, though."
"That's what I mean. Danny's always had a way with 'em, ever since he started sprouting hair on his nuts."

"I'm going to have her," Pete vowed.
Cal looked at him. "You sound like you mean it."
"Damned right I do!"

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10-17-2012, 02:27 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
"The old man would tar us if he caught us messing around with Danny's wife."
"How old are you, Cal?"
"Why, twenty-four. You know that."
"And I'm twenty-six," Pete said. "We don't have to take no shit from the old man any more."
"Come on now," Cal derided. "You're the one who always hops to every time he yells."
"Cause he's usually right," Cal's slim elder brother replied. "But when it comes to tail, a man makes his own decisions."

"Yeah, but…"
"It's better if you lay off Millie anyhow," Pete said as they entered the barn. "That way I'll have a clear field for myself."
"Think you can really make her?"
"Hell, I know I can!"
On the porch, Millie continued to think about Cal's arm around her waist and the way he had talked. She didn't like him, but she nevertheless had responded to his touch.
It's just that sex is such a new thing to me, she decided. Danny and I have only been married a week, and now – oh God, why did that accident have to happen?

At night the prairie sky was like a black velvet pincushion full of pinheads that glittered like diamonds. The air was still warm, but there was a slight breeze.
Millie had just made her young husband comfortable, helping him with the bedpan, then emptying it. She didn't like being a nurse.
She rounded the corner of the house and stopped on the small patch of lawn. She squatted and felt the grass. Noting that there was no dew, she sat down, tucking her skirt underneath her bare thighs.
The breeze felt good. From out on the range, she heard the faint intermittent bawl of the cattle.
"Feel like company?" a male voice inquired.
Millie jumped and looked up. "Oh, you startled me, Pete!"
He lowered himself to the grass beside her. "Sorry. I figured maybe you'd like to talk." Pete snapped his cigarette in a glowing arc across the lawn.
Millie was surprised by Pete's attitude. He had hardly said a dozen words to her since she and Danny had arrived at the ranch the night before.
The fact was that she felt like talking. She smiled at Pete's dusky profile beside her. "It's beautiful here at night."
"I like the quiet," he said. "I spent a week in San Francisco once. I could hardly sleep for all the cars and sirens."
Millie planted her arms in the grass and leaned back. Her full, firm breasts were thrown into startling prominence.
"The biggest city I've ever been in is Reno," she said. "That was kind of exciting."
"Reno's okay – if a man likes to gamble and do that sort of thing."
"Do you?" Millie glanced at Pete and caught him ogling her breasts. When she straightened up, he looked quickly away.
"I like it right here," he told her. "I'm gonna run this spread some day."

"You and Cal and Danny, hm?"
"Ah, they'll probably take off."

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10-17-2012, 02:27 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
"Danny says he wants to be a rancher all his life."
"What does he know? He's still just a kid."
"He's two years older than I am."
"But you're a girl. Girls mature younger."
There was silence for awhile as Pete and Millie entertained their separate thoughts.
"How come you married such a young guy?" he asked.
She gave a little laugh. "I'm in love with Danny. Anyway, he's the right age for me."

"You sure about that?"
Pete looked at her closely, his eyes hard and sharp. Millie felt uneasy. She wanted to get up and return to the house, but she didn't wish to offend Pete.
"I'm sure that I love Danny," she said.
Pete felt frustrated. His verbal gambit hadn't gotten him anywhere. That was how it usually was when he was with a girl. He could never seem to get around them by talking, and he didn't have the boyish good looks that they liked.
But he had what they needed, and he knew how to give it to them. Millie would like it, he was sure, once he put it into her. He'd never had any complaint from a girl whose resistance he had been able to break down.
Suddenly his hard, lean body crashed against Millie, his strong arms twisting her to face him. She gasped, but couldn't get out a cry before Pete's firm lips pressed hers, spreading her mouth open. His tongue crowded in.
Millie was horrified. As Danny's brother, Pete had no right to behave this way.
She began to fight, writhing in his determined embrace, trying to slide her mouth away from his. But Pete was pressing her backward to the ground, and her attempts to wriggle free only caused her breasts to wobble and rub against him, exciting him all the more.
Millie's brain reeled. Her brother-in-law's thrusting tongue, stroking hers as it churned in her mouth, gave her the kind of excitement which only Danny had been able to arouse before. Pete pinned her against the hard, ground, and there seemed nothing she could do to restrain him. One arm was free, and she beat at his back and side, but she knew the blows were having no effect. Pete was sprawled across her other arm and her legs, holding them down. She breathed gaspingly through her nose as the French kiss continued, causing her blood to race.
Pete slid a hand up her front to grasp a breast from underneath. He squeezed the large, pliant mound through her brassiere. A strong new thrill coursed through Millie.
Oh, this is awful! she thought. I can't let him do it!
Pete's hot breath was bursting against her cheek as he ground his open mouth on hers, hurting her lips with the brutal pressure. His wet, meaty tongue was flapping against her tongue and the walls of her mouth. Millie tried to move her jaws to bite him, but the force of his kiss prevented that.
His hand, which now covered her tit, was squeezing the warm, soft melon spasmodically, causing her nipple to swell against the cup of her bra.

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10-17-2012, 02:28 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
Millie felt a flare of warmth in her loins. She hated what was happening, but her body couldn't help responding to it – almost as if she were with Danny. She was utterly dismayed.
Pete's hand glided down across her belly, blazing a trail of hot sensation. He pawed at her pubic mound through her clothing, and Millie quaked deep inside. Desperately, she twisted onto her hip so he could no longer touch her most intimate area. Pete's hand skidded over her thigh and across the hem of her skirt, onto her bare skin.
Millie's thigh tingled where he touched her. Gasping through her nose and making anguished sounds in her throat, the distraught girl raised her knee in an effort to dislodge his hand. But that hand glided up the back of her smooth thigh, underneath her skirt, and grasped a buttock through the clinging nylon of her panties. He squeezed the lusciously resilient mound, his fingertips pressing her panty fabric into the crack between her buttocks.
Humiliated and thrilled by the shockingly intimate contact, Millie writhed, shaking her buttock in Pete's gasp. He pressed closer to her, and she felt his cock. Hard as an iron bar, it seemed about to burst through the coarse fabric of his jeans.
Giving a frenzied twist, Millie finally dislodged her mouth from Pete's. She gasped and was about to scream, but then she realized it would cause a fuss. Danny would find out. Maybe he wouldn't understand.
"Stop it!" she hissed at Pete, breathing hard and straining against him in an effort to break his hold.
He answered with a passionate groan against her sweet, soft neck, and his lascivious fingers clawed at the elastic top of her panties, grasping the thin band and pulling it down at the back.
Cool air touched the girl's exposed buttocks, followed by Pete's work-roughened hand as he stroked across her rear crack, spanning both satiny cheeks and squeezing them together.
"Oh, God!" Millie exclaimed as her hips heaved spastically, her mound grinding against Pete's hard-on.
He caught her mouth again, once more filling it with his tongue. She couldn't think. The strength seemed to be draining from her body. Her loins had turned into an inferno.
Pete pulled her pants down, slithering the elastic and nylon along her hot thighs. He left the briefs wound like a silken rope around her knees and pressed her onto her back. Millie gasped as her bare ass sank into the thick, tickling lawn. Pete placed his hand on her hairy mound, and the strongest blast yet went through her.
But her mind kept shrieking against the outrage. Her sense of degradation was joined by a mind-boggling fear. She had never believed a man could rape her; she would always be able to keep her legs together and fight him off, she had assumed. But she was no longer certain of her ability to resist. Something was working inside her to make her give in, even though she loathed Pete.
He jammed his hand down between her thighs, forcing them as far apart as the panties around her knees would permit. He stroked her soft, hairy cunt. Blast after blast of hot excitement coursed through her.
"No… oh, no…" she moaned as Pete sat up and gazed in the sparse light at the beauty of her lower region.

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