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Four-way Bride
10-17-2012, 02:30 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
Her cheeks still glowing, Millie slid along the wall and hurried out of the pump house. She heard Cal's soft, mocking laughter. But he didn't follow her out right away.
She was about to enter the house when she noticed a car coming up the driveway. It was a new, sporty model. The sun glinted off its chrome trim.
Millie waited, thinking she might have to greet the visitor even though she still felt flustered from Cal's pawing. Just then he emerged from the pump house and stopped, watching the car approach.
Millie proceeded into the house. In front of a mirror in the deserted living room, she checked herself to make sure there was no telltale sign of her distressing encounter with Cal. She took several deep breaths to calm herself, then carefully arranged her hair about her shoulders.
When Millie felt she was ready to face her husband, she went upstairs. But in the back of her mind, guilt nagged.
It was your fault as much as theirs, she thought concerning Pete and Cal. You didn't have to let them go so far. You could have fought them off.
The troubled girl nearly panicked when she reached Danny's room. But she gained a firm grip on herself and opened the door. She forced a cheerful smile.

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10-17-2012, 02:30 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
"Well, hi there!" Cal said with a grin as he swaggered up to the flashy car which had stopped in front of the ranch house.
The driver and sole occupant was a young woman with bright auburn hair done in a fancy coiffure. She wore dark glasses. Her pink lips glistened.
When Cal reached the side of the car, his gaze dipped into the luscious white cleavage revealed by her low cut blouse.
"Is this the Hinshaw place?" the girl inquired, her voice carefully modulated to achieve a sexy effect.
The small hairs on Cal's neck prickled. "That's right." He kept grinning. "Who'd you want to see?"
She removed her glasses. Her eyes were a limpid aquamarine. "You're not Pete Hinshaw, are you?" Her lips curved invitingly.
"No, I ain't. That's my brother." Cal was visually caressing the lissome lengths of the girl's sleekly stockinged legs. The hem of her miniskirt was almost lap-high.

"Is he around?" the redhead asked.
"Yeah. He's out at the barn, most likely."
"I wonder if you'd be good enough to call him."
"Sure. Uh, who shall I say wants him?"
"My name's Viv Lanier. I'm from Reno."
"Sure. Well, just a minute, Miss Lanier." Cal flashed another smile. "Don't go away now."
She laughed throatily and turned off the car's engine.
Cal hurried to the barn. He found Pete throwing hay down from the mow.
"Where the fuck have you been?" the older brother snapped. "Do you expect me to do every God damned thing around this place?"
"Keep your pants on. There's somebody out here to see you."

"A babe!" Cal's eyes glinted. "Man, wait until you get a look at her."
"Who is she?" Pete started down the ladder.
"Her name's Viv Lanier. She said she's from Reno, that's all."
Reaching the ground floor of the barn, Pete faced his brother. "And she asked for me?"

Pete headed out of the barn. Cal started to accompany him.
Pete stopped. "I'm the one she asked for. Knock down some more of that hay, why don't you?"
"Aw, for Christ's sake!" Cal grumbled, but he turned to the task.
As Pete approached the car he saw the reason for Cal's excitement.
"Pete Hinshaw?" the girl asked.
"Yeah." He squinted at her.

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10-17-2012, 02:30 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
"Oh, this is going to be fun!" She smiled enticingly. "I'm a free lance writer, Mr. Hinshaw. Uh, can I call you Pete?"
"Sure." His dark eyes stroked the tops of her thrusting tits.
"Call me Viv… please. I made some inquiries around here and they told me you were the man to see about running a cattle ranch. I mean, I don't want to run one." She laughed softly. "I just want to write about it. I need some background information."
"Well, this place ain't mine. It belongs to my dad."
"But you sort of run it for him, don't you?" Her eyes were very wide and earnest.
"You might say that," Pete responded proudly, permitting himself a slight smile.
"Then you're just the man I want!" His hand was resting on the window ledge of the car, and Viv placed her hand atop it. "Where can we talk?"
Her warm, gentle touch sent a thrill racing through Pete's body. He feared for a moment that his cock might get hard.
"Well, uh, wherever you like, Miss… I mean, Viv. Uh, in the house?"
"You were working out in the barn just now, weren't you?"

"Then let's go there. I want to see what you were doing, and you can explain it to me. All right?"
"Well, sure… if you want me to."
He backed up, and Viv opened the car door. He watched her swing her legs around, catching a quick flash of her white panty crotch before she pressed her legs together and stood.
Viv remained close beside him as they walked to the barn. He was very conscious of her warmth. It seemed amazing that she had suddenly appeared from nowhere, asking for him. Her explanation was improbable, but Pete wasn't about to question it. She was there, and he wished to enjoy her presence.
"What a beautiful big barn!" Viv said. "What all do you keep in it?"
"Hay and special feeds… and other stuff. We keep the horses in a stable that connects to it."
"Why do you call the place Stallion Ranch?" Viv smiled up at him as they walked along.
"That was the name when my father took over. There used to be a lot of wild horses around here. The people who homesteaded this place made a living catching and breaking them."

"How interesting!"
"We still pick up a wild bronc every once in a while. My kid brother was trying to break one yesterday. He got throwed and busted his hip."
Viv seemed concerned. "Oh, is he all right?"
"He will be. He's flat on his back right now."
They had reached the door of the barn, and Pete stepped aside to let Viv enter first. He watched her cute buttocks undulate in her short, clinging skirt.

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10-17-2012, 02:30 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
From the mow, Cal saw them enter. Curious, he put his pitchfork aside and descended the ladder.
"Well, there ain't nothing much to see in here," Pete said quickly. "Why don't we go into the stable?"
Viv glanced from Pete to Cal, who was approaching with a big grin on his face.
"Better keep knocking down that hay," Pete said.
"Aw, there's enough down here now," Cal replied. "What can we do for you, Miss Lanier?"
"I explained to Pete that I'm a writer looking for some background information about cattle ranching."
"This here's my kid brother Cal," Pete said reluctantly.
"Yes, I met Cal a little while ago." The redhead smiled at him warmly. "Call me Viv."
Cal took her arm. "Well, I'd be glad to show you around the place, Viv. Pete's going to be pretty busy."
"No, I ain't!" the older brother flared.
"Remember you was telling me you'd have to check the stock vaccination records? The vet's coming out in the morning, and you're the only one who can read your chicken scratches on them cards." Cal grinned mischievously. "Anyhow, Millie's apt to get jealous if she sees you with another gal."

"Who's Millie?" Viv asked.
"Nobody!" Pete snapped. His expression turned vicious. "She ain't nobody. Butt out, Cal!"
"I don't want to cause any problems, Pete," the redhead said. "I imagine Cal can show me what I want to see."
The husky young man tossed Pete a triumphant look as Viv let him lead her away. Pete glared.
"I didn't realize Pete had a girl friend living here at the ranch," Viv said to Cal when they were out of his brother's hearing.
Her concern about competition struck Cal as peculiar. He had mentioned Millie only to embarrass Pete. But since it seemed to matter to Viv, the younger man decided to use Millie to maximum advantage.
"Yeah, Pete's pretty sweet on Millie," he replied.
"You probably have almost as much to say about running the ranch as he does, don't you? I mean, even though he's older?"
"Oh, sure. I can tell you everything you need to know. I can show you a few things, too." Grinning suggestively, he gave Viv's arm a squeeze.
"That sounds interesting," she purred, letting her hip brush against him.
This is my lucky day! Cal thought. Pete can have cold-pants Millie. I'm going to get me something even better!

"Wow!" Viv murmured enthusiastically as her hand boldly stroked the front of Cal's snug jeans.
They had just toured the stable and walked around to the far side of it where there was a pile of clean straw. The location was secluded – out of sight from the house and from the work area at the other side of the barn. Viv had suggested that they sit down in order to "talk more comfortably". Relaxing in the soft straw, the exciting young woman had purposely leaned against Cal. Not one to let such an opportunity slip by, Cal had embraced and kissed her. His cock had hardened, and she had felt it pressing against her thigh.
With her soft, delicate hand stroking his eager member through his pants, Cal was fired into action. He pressed the beautiful redhead onto her back in the straw and began running his hands over her body.
She writhed pleasurably, making no effort to restrain him. "Mmmm, you're so big and strong!"
Again Viv touched the front of Cal's pants, this time even more boldly. She clutched the turgid column of his penis which was straining against the coarse fabric.

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10-17-2012, 02:30 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
Emitting a voluptuous groan, the young man pressed his fleshy face to the softly quivering tops of her titties. He licked and sucked at the pliant, perfumed flesh as his rough hand skidded up the outside of Viv's thigh. Her skirt easily slid above her hips, and Cal palmed the resilient mounds of her bottom, sheathed in white, silken briefs. Her stockings, which had self-supporting tops, ended just below her buttocks.
"Cal! Oh, you're such a tiger! You're making me so hot!"
Viv clawed at the fasteners on his jeans. A new surge of pleasure went through the young cowboy as she reached into his fly and caressed his bloated organ through the fabric of his jockey shorts. Finally Viv's fingers threaded through the shorts' fly and grasped his naked prick. She pulled out the virile tool.
Cal raised his head from her breasts and stared at the stimulating sight of Viv's hand wrapped around his cock, clutching it just below the bulging head. She was smiling, as if she had never before gotten hold of anything so good.
Cal pulled up her stretchy blouse, bunching it at her armpits. Her pale, quivering breasts were cupped in a flimsy bra which didn't have to be unfastened. It was only necessary for Cal to stretch it and pull it up, as he had done with the blouse. Her pink-nippled titties bobbed naked before his lustful eyes.
While Viv caressed his upthrust prick, playing it like a piccolo, Cal eagerly grasped her tits. He squeezed the smooth, pliant mounds, forcing her nipples high in the circles formed by his forefingers and thumbs. He bent and swabbed his wet tongue across the little knots of erectile flesh.
"God, we mustn't do this!" Viv exclaimed, but she still did nothing to stop him. Rather she gripped his cock hard, daring him to try to take it away.
Cal didn't think about the possibility that Pete might come looking for them. Had he thought of it, he wouldn't have cared. His only wish was to enjoy the sexy creature that lay beside him in the straw, and he didn't want that enjoyment to stop until he had entered her to his balls and worked himself to a frenzy.
After pulling long, delicious sucks at her titties, he twisted to look at her lower region. Viv's white panties were stretched to near transparency over the slight curve of her belly and the abrupt little rise of her pubic mound. Curling auburn hairs showed through the sheer undergarment above the seam of its crotchband. Narrow strips of golden thigh gleamed between her stocking tops and the elasticized edges of her light briefs.
Cal bent and kissed Viv's belly button, licking into the sworled depression. She shivered responsively and tousled his thick yellow hair.
The blood was pounding in his veins, and his brain swam with excitement. He nuzzled the front of Viv's silken pants, breathing in the clean, sweet scent of her. His thick hand stroked her stockinged legs. Viv lifted her knees and widened her thighs to let his hand slide down onto the warm, smooth skin of her upper thigh.
Cal's blood-engorged prick quivered with excitement. Pre-coital fluid was oozing out the hole at its tip. His balls, contracted at the base of his shaft, were churning with a need which had accumulated for nearly a week – ever since his last visit to the cat house in town.
He stroked the narrow strip of white nylon that passed between Viv's legs, pressing her warm, plushy softness through the sleek fabric.
"Hurry!" she said. "If you're going to do it, please hurry."
Cal needed no further encouragement. He quickly pulled down Viv's panties, lifting her slender legs into the air to take the dainty undergarment off her feet. She spread her stocking-clad thighs wide apart, and the impassioned cowboy gazed with delight at the luscious display of ass and pussy nestled in the soft straw.
The silken, wispy hairs that tufted Viv's mound and bordered her enticing slit were as delicately red as the hair on her head. The inner lips of her pussy, exposed by the separation of her outer labia, were lusciously pink. The smooth, meaty folds gleamed with sexual moisture.
Cal pressed his hand against her naked cunt and thrilled to its warm, dewy softness. His middle finger wiggled into her split, gliding on an oily film as it penetrated the mouth of her vagina.

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10-17-2012, 02:31 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
"I want your cock!" Viv exclaimed, pulling at the rampant organ. "I know it's wrong, but I can't help myself. Screw me, screw me, Cal! Come on – stick it in me!"
"You're wonderful!" he whispered. "Man, how'd I get so lucky?"
Viv smiled up at him, but her eyes were tense with sexual urgency. Her glistening lips were parted to facilitate her heavy breathing.
Cal knelt beside the luscious girl and pushed down his underwear and jeans, his stiff prick pulling in through the fly of his briefs, then bouncing out above the waistband of the retreating garment. The edges of his blue work shirt framed his sexual potency.
He lost no time in scrambling atop Viv. She eagerly extended her arms around him and raised her legs. Gripping his cock, he worked the end of it into her slit. Pushing, he experienced a magnificent sensation as his rock-hard cock glided smoothly up Viv's honeyed cunt. Her channel gripped him snugly and warmly. She smiled up, her eyes alight with passion. Her legs hooked around the backs of his thighs.
"Baby!" Cal exclaimed. He began to fuck her fiercely.
His shirttail flapped against his hairy, bobbing butt. He lowered his chest against her titties, and the rough shirt fabric scratched Viv's nipples. But if this gave her discomfort, she showed no sign of it. She moaned pleasurably and gripped the hunching cowboy with her arms and legs as his bulb-headed dong pumped up and down in her tight, silken channel.
Neither Viv, who was looking straight up, nor Cal, whose face was buried in her sweet neck, saw a slender male figure round the corner of the stable and stop, facing them. Pete stared at the erotic spectacle in the straw and hated Cal for having cut him out with the obviously hot-assed redhead.
First Danny got himself a cute little bride, then Cal caught the only good-looking piece of tail that had ever wandered onto the ranch – and he, Pete, was left with nothing. He figured it wasn't right.
For Cal the moment was right indeed. His eager prick plunged time and again into the warm, slippery depths of Viv's pussy. He felt her voluptuous sheath grind gently and bump up to meet him. Viv let out little murmurs of delight as she clutched his back with her sharp nails and skidded her stocking-clad legs against his flexing thighs.
When Cal reached the short strokes, her heels flailed his buttocks, and she panted, "Uuh… uuh… ooh, wow… Fuck me… Fuck me… Ooooh!"
Viv's clutching vagina contracted spastically around Cal's thrusting cock, and his overtaxed balls shot out their spurts of thick, warm cream. He groaned with bliss as his pecker jerked in Viv's hot clutches and his semen foamed in her belly.
Pete turned, quivering with frustration, his aroused prick forming a hump in the front of his pants. Retreating around the, corner of the stable, he made a silent vow to get what he needed from Millie that very night. It would serve Danny right, he rationalized. The kid couldn't take care of a hot young cunt like Millie, anyway. And as for her, if she hadn't told anybody what had happened last night, she wasn't going to tell at all.
She would be his for the taking, Pete believed. He only had to make the move and let her know he meant business.

Tonight was the night.

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10-17-2012, 02:31 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
Millie lay in the dark, unable to sleep. She had been tossing and turning for half an hour. Though she occupied a room which was just down the hall from that of her handsome young husband, she had never felt so lonely and forlorn. To make matters worse, she was tense with physical frustration. She kept seeing images of Pete's rigid prick. She kept feeling his hands upon her, and feeling Cal's hands, also. She recalled the thrust of Cal's excited organ as it had strained against her belly when he had embraced her.
The distraught eighteen-year-old blamed herself for entertaining such thoughts, but she could no more turn them off than she could stop the moon from shining or hush the breeze that whispered across the prairie.
What would Danny think of me if he knew I had let his brothers touch and kiss me? she asked herself. And if he knew I was thinking about their bodies?
The speculation brought more guilt. Millie loved her husband – now more than ever, as she sympathized with his discomfort, lying in a lonely bed with his leg in a cast. But she needed him in a tangible way, and she couldn't have him – not for a month or more. Millie didn't know how she would be able to stand it, or how she would be able to hold off Pete and Cal for that length of time. Still, she would have to do so somehow, she vowed. She would have to be true to Danny.
She stared at the moonlight flooding in through her open window. The entire room was bathed in a soft glow. Every once in awhile a steer would bawl from out on the prairie. From somewhere farther away, a coyote bayed at the moon.
I'm not going to sleep at all tonight, Millie thought with alarm. This is awful!
Her right hand slid under the single sheet that covered her and stole down her body to her tense and smoldering loins. Through the gossamer nylon of her honeymoon nightie, she touched her hairy mound.
No! she thought, jerking her hand away. That's nasty!
Millie heard a click. Her eyes popped wide open, and her startled gaze swung to the door. It was opening.
Fear clutched Millie's throat. She sat up, the sheet falling to her waist. She was about to scream.
Then it occurred to her that she probably hadn't closed the door carefully enough and that the breeze was opening it. She threw back the sheet, intending to climb out of bed and push the door shut.
No! Someone was there! Millie held her breath and didn't move.
"Don't yell," Pete said as he entered the room. Wearing a terrycloth robe, he quietly closed the door behind him.
"What are you doing here?" Millie demanded in a harsh whisper. Her heart was thudding, her throat tight.
Pete approached the bed and took off his robe. He was naked. His long cock curved forward from his heavy balls. Millie stared at the shocking exposure.
"Get… out of here!" she demanded, finding it difficult to speak. Her heart seemed to be trying to leap from her chest.
"Take it easy," Pete warned as he sat on the edge of her bed. "If you make a fuss, I'll show Danny those pants I took off you the other night. He'll figure you was leading me on, 'specially since you never told him what happened."
"I think you're awful!" Millie exclaimed. She clutched the sheet around her firm, quivering breasts.
"We'll see," Pete said laconically. He swung his legs onto the bed and clapped a hand over Millie's mouth as he lay back, drawing her down beside him.
She whimpered and writhed, pushing at the offensive intruder. But she couldn't dislodge his hold. When she felt his prick thrusting urgently against her, Millie's muscles turned to jelly. She moaned.
Pete lifted his hand and quickly slid his lips onto hers, filling her mouth with his thick, hot tongue. She gurgled as his saliva dribbled past her lips. His hand slid along the back of her thigh, pushing up her nightgown. He clutched a plump, satiny cheek of her bottom.

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10-17-2012, 02:31 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
The aroused man twisted slightly to permit his straining prick to snap upward, and he sandwiched it between their bellies. His tongue stroked and circled in Millie's mouth.
Her brain turned numb. She retained enough strength of purpose to continue trying to push Pete away, but her efforts were foolishly ineffectual. Millie felt as if she were being sucked into some terrible whirlpool which was going to drag her down to destruction.
Pete pressed her onto her back and peeled her nightgown up to her armpits. As he continued to grind his hot mouth against her, he covered her breasts with his big hands and squeezed. Thrills coursed through Millie, and her nipples firmed against Pete's palms. Moisture broke from the glands of her pussy.
Pete finally released her mouth, and she gasped for breath. Now that she was able to scream, she didn't want to. Her cries would bring Gus and Cal rushing in; then Danny would find out. And if Pete were to show him the panties he'd snatched from her, Millie knew she couldn't look her husband honestly in the eye and say she hadn't responded.
These realizations flashed in Millie's mind within a span of less than a second, while Pete rolled her breasts and dragged his penis against her as he slid down her body, preparing to suck her tits.
She dreaded what was going to happen, but felt powerless to stop it. She knew, deep inside, that she didn't want it to stop. As sinful as this was, she wanted Pete to take her.
His hot, demanding mouth on the bristling crests of her titties sent the frustration-plagued girl into an orbit of sensual delight. Pete's rough hands, mauling her pliant tits as he sucked them, added to her excitement. She was glad he was treating her so crudely. She felt she didn't deserve tenderness, and she wanted none from him.
He moved farther down her body, letting her breasts bobble free. He licked and sucked at her navel. Millie bit her lip to stifle the shriek of mingled outrage and passion welling up in her. What was happening was wicked, and she hated it, but it was wonderful too!
Not since her wedding night had the young woman been torn by such conflicting emotions. Then the conflict had been between love and fear. Now that Danny had put her fear out of the way, her only restraints were her love for him and a sexual morality which fear had never given her much opportunity to exercise. These were overcome by her newly awakened sexual needs, which Danny was no longer able to service.
Forgive me, darling – oh, please forgive me! she silently implored her bedridden husband as his brother lifted one of her lovely legs and slid his tongue along the inner side of it, gliding up… up… up, dangerously near the warmly throbbing organ between her thighs.
Danny had never kissed so close to her pussy. As Pete nibbled at the smooth flesh of her inner thigh, licking and sucking, Millie gasped. His hand touched the hairy lips of her snatch, pressing the lush softness. He caressed up and down between her legs, wiggling her responsive cunt.
Millie tingled. She wanted to roll her hips against Pete's stroking hand. She felt the honey dribbling warmly and thickly through the folds of her vulva. She wished Pete would spread her legs wide apart.

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10-17-2012, 02:31 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
No! she thought. This is horrible! I don't want him. I don't!
Millie twisted her neck and stared at Pete in the dim light as he planted moist, gliding kisses on her belly and thighs. He continued to stroke her hair-lined split, making her yearn for deeper contact.
She inwardly bolstered herself against what she chose to believe was inevitable, telling herself that she wasn't going to enjoy it, even as her flesh exulted under Pete's kisses and his caressing touch.
He leaned back and stared at her pussy. The outer lips, adorned by golden curls, hid the succulent folds within. He bent, lifting her leg over his head. With her thighs spread well apart, Pete pressed his thumbs against the portals of her cunt.
Millie's wet, pink pussy was unfurled before his avid eyes. The smooth coral flesh gleamed with the passionate glaze spread over it.
The aroused girl quaked as her cunt was kissed by the cool air and by Pete's hot eyes at the same time. She couldn't help feeling humiliated, because no man, even Danny, had looked at her this way before. But the thrills which powered through her had reached an almost orgasmic pitch.
Oh God, do something! her need screamed at Pete, while her puritanical morality continued to protest feebly, No… no… no!
The slim, dark-haired cowboy bent his head. Millie held her breath.
She thought, He isn't actually going to…
"Oooooh!" she exhaled delightedly as Pete's eagerly sucking mouth smacked into the wet, warm, slippery chasm of her cunt.
Millie heard him slurping and she felt his mad tongue flip and glide along her honeyed folds, stropping the tip of her clitoris. She thrilled as never before, even though what Pete was doing seemed filthy and perverted.
He lifted her smooth, supple legs onto his shoulders and burrowed deeper into her juicy, muck-scented twat. Since he was no longer holding her labia apart, the slick, elastic folds clutched at his sucking lips and poking, fluttering tongue. He breathed in the clean, hot, female fragrance of her crotch. His blood pounded. His prick throbbed as it was sandwiched upward between his squirming belly and the bed.
"Oh, my!" Millie exclaimed between gasps as Pete ate her ravenously. "No… no… oh, I can't stand it!"
She squirmed, twisting her flaming, wet pussy against Pete's mouth as she tossed her head from side to side. Her blonde hair whipped across the pale sheet. Her tits leaped and trembled.
Suddenly an orgasmic vibration shook her, and Millie felt a release of tension. But as Pete kept sucking and licking at her convulsing cunt, his lascivious tongue wiggling in the pudding of wet, warm flesh, her release was cut short. Tension began to build anew.
"Oh… unnh… no… oh, darling!" Millie babbled, not thinking of what she was saying or whom she was saying it to, feeling only the wondrous thrills which were both good and bad, both desirable and shocking.
Pete's tongue and lips skidded out of her vulva. He caught a mouthful of outer lip, hair and all, sucking at the gloriously meaty morsel.
Mad with passion now, he rolled Millie onto her belly and buried his face in the pillowed softness of her quivering, writhing ass. He kissed and slurped at her anus, and as his tongue stroked wetly up and down between her buttocks the springy mounds vibrated against his cheeks.

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10-17-2012, 02:31 AM
Post: #30
RE: Four-way Bride
Millie moaned against her pillow and clutched the mattress, her fingertips digging in. She had never before known such thrills. After climaxing once, she was about to come again.
But Pete stopped kissing her ass before she could reach the second pinnacle. He rolled her onto her back once more and sprawled atop her, smearing his wet mouth across her bobbling breasts, snaking his tongue around her throbbing nipples, pulling the pink projections into his mouth.
Millie's hands caught in his long black hair and tousled it anxiously, finding it straighter and coarser than Danny's.
Danny! she thought. Oh God, what am I doing? This is Danny's brother. It's so wrong!
She jerked her hands away from Pete's bobbing, twisting head and exclaimed, "No! Stop! Please stop it!"
Pete's lengthy, rigid cock was whacking against her thighs and belly as he squirmed voluptuously, sucking her titties. Millie knew he would pay no attention to her plea.
Pete's lustful, thin-lipped face loomed above her, and Millie held her breath, anticipating his thrust. She wasn't concerned about her ability to absorb him without pain. Her pussy had never felt so wet and open. It was practically begging for his prick.
The massive head pushed against her slit, forcing the lips inward as it penetrated the tight portal. Then, inch by cunt-stretching inch, Pete's rod sank into her, slippery crevice.
The rigid, thick invasion caused the young bride's eyes to widen. Pete's penis had looked larger than Danny's; now she knew it truly was. The thing was huge! But there was no pain – only a very voluptuous sense of fullness. Every nerve end in her vagina became delightfully titillated as the great shaft pressed deeper and deeper into her belly.
Pete's eyes were hard and his lips cruelly quirked as he gazed down at the impaled young woman. At last he had what he wanted, and it felt even better than he had expected.
"How's that feel, huh?" he rasped softly. "You don't feel like fighting now, do you?"

"It's… it's awful!" she said, panting.
Pete gave a tense little laugh. He could tell by her eyes and the way she was breathing hard that she liked the feel of his dick. She wasn't moving a muscle, except within her cunt where the elastic encircling membranes were making spastic little contractions.
He twisted more deeply into her, then withdrew a little, releasing Millie's outer labia and allowing her hairs – which had been pulled in with his thrust – to escape. He pushed once more, drawing another cry from Millie as he forged deeper yet.
How much more of him is there? she wondered wildly. She kept her eyes open wide. Her pink lips were parted in excitement.

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