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Four-way Bride
10-17-2012, 02:31 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
Drinking in the sight of her passionate countenance, Pete twisted his cock to the side, forcing her tightness to yield further. He withdrew until the hard ridge of his glans was at the orifice of her channel, then jammed it into her for a third time, straight and hard.
"Ooooh… God!" Millie moaned and bit her lip. That thrust had hurt a little; Pete was forging deeper than Danny had ever gone. His thick cock crowding her internal organs, forcing them up.
Still she feared she didn't have all of him. She hadn't yet felt his testicles against her anus.
Pete pulled and thrust again… again… again, grinding and pushing. Tears clouded Millie's wide blue eyes. She kept biting her lip. As he gave a final deepening twist to his bone-hard, penetrating tool, Millie felt his coarse, contracted scrotum tickling her asshole.
He was all the way into her at last. Millie had never imagined that a girl could be so stuffed by a man.
"Now fuck with me!" Pete grated as he continued to lean on straight arms and gaze down at her shocked and thrilled countenance.
"Yes… yes," Millie gasped, beyond the point of offering a pretense, however much she had wanted to do so.
Pete withdrew his long, hard, slippery pecker until she felt the fat head throbbing in the tight circle of her cuntal lips. Then he jammed the wicked instrument all the way in once more.

"Umph!" Millie exclaimed.
He withdrew and jammed it into her again.



"Fuck me, damn it!" Pete rasped.
"Yes… yes… oh, baby!"

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10-17-2012, 02:32 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
Millie began to move against his quickening thrusts, finding it easy to fall in with the copulative rhythm. Her buttocks bobbed against the mattress. Her thighs rubbed silkily against Pete's pumping flanks. Her soft little belly patted against his corded stomach as his extensive rod stroked deeply into her again and again.
Millie stared up at the man whose cock was in her and marveled over the fact that he wasn't Danny. Now that her channel had deepened and widened to accommodate the size of his extra-long, thick tool, he felt almost like Danny. If she were to close her eyes…
She did so, and found it possible to imagine it was Danny who was fucking her.
Yes… oh, yes! she thought, screwing up her face and giving herself over completely to the passion that filled her.
She tossed her hips at Pete with unrestrained ardor, encompassing his entire shaft on every plunge. His bulbous cockhead jammed against the neck of her uterus as her wet cuntlips nibbled at the base of his stalk. His big balls socked solidly into the dimple of her anus. With every gliding, jarring stroke, Millie's excitement grew.
She began to babble: "Danny darling… baby… oh screw me, screw me! That's so good! Oh, lover!"
"I ain't Danny!" came a guttural response. "I'm Pete! Call me Pete!"
Millie refused to hear. "Danny… Danny… fuck me, Danny! Oh, fuck me!"
The young bride's hips began moving out of control – slamming rapidly upward as her cunt gulped hungrily at Pete's long, stiff cock. She bowed her back, lifting her head and shoulders, clinging to his neck. At last all her pent-up tension was coming out. She was letting it all go.
Pete fucked her fiercely, driving his hot cock with slippery speed into her rippling pussy. Millie writhed, screwing upward, panting and moaning as she twisted her hips around the blissfully impaling prick.
The thrusting stopped and Pete's deeply embedded pecker jerked, the head ballooning in the pit of Millie's vagina. Each burst of his hot semen, splashing into the mouth of her womb, gave Millie an added shuddering response. Her orgasm grew until finally the bed all but disintegrated beneath her, and she felt as if she were floating on a cloud, utterly free of all earthly bonds.
She felt Pete relax against her with a groan of deep satisfaction, but even this didn't bring her back to reality. It wasn't until a minute or so later, when the lanky cowboy withdrew his softened penis and rolled off of her, that Millie opened her eyes and thought about where she was and what she had done.
Sitting beside her, Pete grasped her chin and made her look at him. "You ain't gonna tell nobody about this, understand? You liked it as much as I did, and you're going to keep quiet."
She merely stared at him as the awful significance of what had happened permeated her mind.
Pete got off the bed, picked up his robe, and wrapped it around him.
He stood in the dimness, staring down at the well-fucked young woman. "Just keep quiet. Remember that, or it'll go bad for you as well as me." He permitted himself a slight smile. "You're a damned good piece of ass. I'll be coming to see you again."
After Pete had left the room, Millie lay unmoving in the silent darkness, her nightgown still rumpled around her neck, her vagina soggy with Pete's sperm.

It couldn't have happened! she argued mentally.
But she knew all too well that it had. Though her mind was in turmoil, her body was perfectly relaxed. All tension had melted away.
Shutting her eyes and fighting against the guilt that overwhelmed her, Millie pushed down her nightie and pulled the bedsheet up to her neck. She forced herself not to think. In less than a minute, she fell asleep.

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10-17-2012, 02:32 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
It was a dream, Millie thought after awakening in the morning. I dreamed the whole thing!
But the vividness of the memory made such a conclusion difficult to accept. Slowly, trembling with dread over what she would find, Millie reached underneath the sheet that covered her and glided her hand down her body, across the ruffled hem of her nightgown and up into the hairy cleft between her thighs.
Her pussy remained slightly puffed, the passage easy to enter. Slipping two slender fingers inside, Millie fearfully felt around. She encountered thick, gooey moisture.
No! she thought. Oh God, no!
Trembling harder, she spooned out a sample of the suspicious substance and brought it up to where she could see it. One look confirmed that it was semen.
She lay back, her brain swirling in sick anguish.
Why did I let him do it? she wondered desperately. You couldn't help yourself, came an answer. He forced you.
But Millie knew this wasn't strictly true. She hadn't gone to Pete, and she would never have done so, but she had let him come to her and take her when she could have screamed or run away. Worse yet, she had enjoyed herself tremendously. This part of her shocking recollection was the most vivid of all.
How can I face Danny? she wondered. He'll probably be able to tell, just to look at me, what I've done. I have no right to stay here, she thought. I should put on my clothes and leave. But how? Someone would have to drive me to town. Then what would I tell Mother? I have no money, so I couldn't go anywhere else. Anyway, I still love Danny. I do! I couldn't bear to lose him!
Millie rolled over, burying her face in the pillow, and began to cry. She sobbed until her pillow was wet and she was weak from the expenditure of emotion. Then she got out of bed, dabbed at her eyes, and put on her robe.
Emotionally deflated, but still sick with shame, she went to the bathroom.
After a long soak in the tub, she felt cleaner physically. Though her guilt hadn't been washed away, she believed she had submerged it sufficiently so that she could face Danny without giving away what she had done.
Danny! she thought. He deserves someone better than me. I'm no good!
As soon as Millie had dressed and fixed her hair and makeup, she went to Danny's room. Her young husband had spent a restless night, and he was so full of complaints about his miserable condition that he hardly looked at her. At first Millie felt relieved. Then she was hurt because he wasn't taking an interest in her.
She felt like saying, I let your brother fuck me last night! But the mere thought sent a new torrent of shame flooding through her, and she turned away to hide her reddening cheeks.
When Millie finally went down to breakfast, she found that the rest of the family had already eaten and gone out. She was glad of that. Rosa brought her food, but she only picked at it.

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10-17-2012, 02:32 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
She kept thinking about what she had done and wondering how she could make up for it. One thing was certain: she would never, never let Pete touch her again! She would claw his eyes out if need be, but she wouldn't give in to him. The same applied to Cal, in case he were to try anything.
Millie felt a little better after having reached this firm resolve. She finished her coffee and returned upstairs to be with Danny.
If only he weren't in that awful cast! she thought, blaming it for all her problems.

At the dinner table that night, Pete kept eyeing Millie. Each time she caught him looking at her, she felt flustered and looked away. Her cheeks were hot, and she knew she was blushing.
She glanced at Gus and found that he was also watching her. His leathery face bore a funny inquisitive look. Millie felt very ill at ease.
Maybe Gus knows what happened, she thought. If he does, will he tell Danny? Oh please, God, don't let him!
Cal was in his usual jovial mood, but he took no special interest in Millie. He ate quickly, then announced that he was going into town.
"On a week night?" Gus inquired with a scowl.
"Why not?" his son answered, grinning. "I won't be out too late."
"You going to see that red-headed writer?" Pete asked casually, his eyes on his plate.
"What's he talking about?" Gus asked Cal.
The husky young man looked uneasy and shuffled his feet. "It ain't nothing, Pop. Pete's just shooting off his mouth. Well, I'll see you later." He turned to leave.
"Wait a minute," Gus said. "There's something I want to say while we're all here together. I've already had a talk with Danny."
"What is it?" Cal asked, obviously anxious to be on his way.
Pete looked at his father but said nothing.
"Like I told you," Gus continued, "I couldn't get no place with Charley Sturm yesterday. We're stuck with them Sky-high taxes. So while I was in town I, uh, dropped over to see Trevor Reed."

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10-17-2012, 02:32 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
"You didn't tell us that before," Cal said.
"I know." Gus looked down. "I wanted to give it some thinking first. But I figure… well, you boys have got a right to know."
The middle-aged man raised his eyes and looked at both his sons. "Reed upped his offer for the ranch. He's willing to give us another ten thousand. That's above market value and… well, if you boys and Danny decide you want to sell out, I'll go along with it."
Pete squinted. "But, Dad, this place has been your whole life."
"That's just the point. I ain't got a hell of a lot of working years left, and it'd be wrong for me to insist on holding on here if you boys want to take the profit from the sale. Like I've said before, I figure each of you and Danny owns twenty percent of this place, for the work you've done. I can take my forty percent of the sale money and buy me a little spread I can handle by myself for as long as I feel like working, then sell out and move to Florida or some place."
"Aw, Pop!" Cal said. "You're talking crazy!"
"Cal's right," Pete spoke up. "My future's on this ranch. We can pay the taxes somehow. Next year we'll check the appraisal when it first comes out and file a protest while there's still time."
Gus grinned. "I was hoping you'd say that. But remember," he added, his expression turning grave again, "any time you boys decide among you that you want to pull up stakes, I won't stand in your way."
"Sure, Pop," Cal replied. "Well, be seeing you." With a wave of his hand, he took off.
Pete got up from the table. He glanced at Millie, then turned and walked into the living room, taking out his cigarettes.
"Danny's pretty worried about all this," Millie told Gus. "He thinks that Reed fellow might try something else to force you out."
"Long as my boys stand with me, we can face up to whatever Reed does," Gus said. He stood and gave her a smile. "Want to watch some TV?"
"Maybe later," Millie said as she stood. "I want to be with Danny for a while."
As she turned to leave, Gus took hold of her arm. In a soft voice, close to her ear, he asked, "Is everything all right, Millie? I mean, between you and Danny and all?"

Color rose in her cheeks. "Of course. Why do you ask?"
"No special reason." The white-haired man was watching her closely. "You just seemed kind of upset today. Pete or Cal ain't been giving you a bad time, have they?"
"Why, uh, no."

"You sure?"
"Yes." Millie forced a smile.
Gus let go of her arm and watched thoughtfully as she left the room. Then he took out his pipe and walked to the living room to join Pete.

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10-17-2012, 02:32 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
That night Millie placed a chair under the knob of her bedroom door. She lay awake in the darkness, wondering whether Pete would try to get in. Though the chair furnished evidence of her wish not to see him, she nevertheless felt an aroused tingle in her loins.
She kept thinking of the marvelous fucking he had given her on the preceding night – how wicked and wrong, yet how pleasurable it had been. Millie suffered a new onslaught of guilt.
If Pete came around, she didn't hear him during the hour or so that she lay awake. Later she dreamed she was with a man.
In the morning, thinking back over it, she wasn't sure if her dream lover had been Danny or someone else. The man's face had been indistinct, as was his form except for his massively rigid penis which had stood handsomely before her, then had burrowed deep into her belly. The dream had ended before Millie could achieve a release.
After tending to Danny in the morning, the frustrated young bride decided to go for a walk. With fall on the way, the weather had turned cooler, though the sky was clear. It was a perfect day for hiking.
Wearing blue denim jeans and a clinging red and white top, Millie set out walking along the trail which took off from the stable area, cutting across the open rolling rangeland. Pete and Cal were working near the stable. The younger man yelled a greeting while Pete merely looked Millie's way and said nothing. She gave them a wave and went on.
After topping the second rise, Millie felt like taking a short rest. Green grass bordered a meandering little stream which was lined by shade trees. Millie walked over to the inviting spot and sat down on the grass. The water gurgled pleasantly. Birds twittered in the branches above her. The sunlight through the leaves cast a lacy filigree on the ground.
She leaned back on her elbows and gazed at the blue sky above the horizon. At that moment, the world seemed perfect. All Millie needed was to have Danny beside her at that lovely spot.
I'd let him make love to me right here, the young bride thought daringly; right out in the open, under the beautiful sky, with the birds to watch us.
The thought set Millie's loins to tingling again, and she decided she had better continue her walk. She rose and brushed at the seat of her snug jeans, causing her taut, plump buttocks to quiver.
As she turned back to the trail, she heard the sound of a horse's hooves approaching. She tensed. Over the rise loomed Pete on horseback. He pulled his trotting horse to a stop and swung off.
"What are you doing here?" Millie demanded, her expression turning cross.
"You heard what Dad said last night," Pete replied with a slight smirk as he moved up to her. "The ranch is twenty percent mine. So I guess I have a right to ride across it."
"That isn't what I mean. I want to know why you followed me."

"Guess," Pete said. He suddenly pulled Millie into his arms.
Her full tits mashed against his manly chest, and he caught her startled, open mouth with his. His tongue jammed between her lips as his lips suctioned. Millie felt an immediate response that shocked and shamed her.
The other night seemed to be happening all over again. But Millie had promised herself that she wouldn't give in to Pete a second time. She began to struggle fiercely, beating at the slender cowboy and writhing in his embrace.
Finally Pete had to let her go. She backed up, breathing excitedly. Her large breasts rose and fell beneath her light blouse.

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10-17-2012, 02:32 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
"Who are you trying to kid?" Pete asked with a sneer.
"I don't want you!" Millie exclaimed. "I'm sick about what happened the other night. Now if you don't ride away from here right now and leave me alone, I'll tell your father."
"He's Danny's father, too."
"I don't care! If Danny finds out, it will be just that much worse for you."
"No, baby. For you." Pete's eyes were hard and evil. "Remember, I've still got those pants I took off you. How will you explain them?"
"Why, I… I'll just say you attacked me… and I couldn't stop you from taking my panties off."
"And you think Danny will believe that? Unh-uh." Pete shook his head. "He'll figure you cooperated. And he'll know I'm telling the truth when I say you took me into your bed the next night."
"You're hateful!" Millie cried. Her cheeks were red, and her eyes were about to brim with tears.
"We're all alone out here," Pete said, taking a step toward her. Millie backed up. "If you yell, nobody will hear. I won't have to work too hard to take you, 'cause you remember how good it was the other night."
Millie kept backing up. When Pete made a lunge, she whirled away and began running across the grass. Her heart was pounding in her throat. She knew Pete was determined, and she feared she wouldn't be able to get away from him.
As they dodged among the trees, Pete in close pursuit of her, Millie lost her footing and tumbled to the ground. Pete was on top of her, rolling her over on the soft grass and straddling her middle.
The desperate girl stared at him, her eyes wide with fright. Her body throbbed with shameful desire.
"I don't want to tear your clothes," Pete said, his breath heavy. "Cause after this is over, I know damned well you won't want to tell anybody."

"I will!" she insisted. "I'll tell everyone!"
"Then why didn't you tell 'em about the other night?"
"I should have! I was wrong. I won't make that mistake again."
"Let's see," Pete replied confidently.
He scooted slightly forward so that he could pin her arms to the ground with his legs. She heaved and twisted beneath him, but it was no use. She couldn't throw him off or slide free.
Gazing down at her, his eyes twinkling insolently, the rangy young man proceeded to open the fly of his jeans. He reached inside, grasped his thickened penis, and drew it out. The awful thing curved forward from the gap in his pants.
"See what I've got for you?" Pete said. "I want you to kiss it and make it stiff."
A terrible shock went through Millie. She hadn't imagined he would demand anything like that.
"No!" she exclaimed, her eyes wild with panic.
"You'll like it, baby. It tastes just as good as Danny's."
"But I've never…" She kept eyeing Pete's cock.
"You mean Danny never got you to suck his?" Pete chuckled. "That shows what a dumb kid he is."
"Danny's fine and decent! He wouldn't expect me to do anything so nasty!"
"I'll bet he's never sucked your pussy, either – like I did the other night. Remember?" Pete's prick lifted as he talked. "You liked that. And you'll like sucking my pecker, too."

"No!" Millie cried.
"You see?" Pete said, looking down. "It's gotten stiff all by itself, just from me thinking about your soft, sweet lips around it. I'll bet your pussy's dribbling."

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10-17-2012, 02:33 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
"Oh, I hate you, I hate you!" Millie railed, writhing desperately. But she could accomplish nothing. Pete remained firmly astride her, his knees pinning her arms to the ground, his immense prick waving back and forth just inches from her face.
The musky scent of his aroused penis drifted into Millie's nostrils, and she feared she was going to be ill.
If he actually pushes that thing against my mouth, she thought, I'll die!
Pete wiggled a little farther forward until his knees were planted next to Millie's shoulders and the ankle portions of his boots were hooked over her wrists. His massively erect penis soared directly above her face. The young bride stared up at it and turned slightly cross-eyed.
"Now we're gonna see," Pete said huskily, "how you like the taste of cock."

"Oh, no… no!"
Paying no attention to Millie's moaning protests, Pete ringed his thumb and index finger around the base of his manly stalk and tilted the organ down until it rubbed across the tip of her upturned nose. She gained a stronger burst of his fragrance. She also felt some moisture from his organ.
Millie's stomach lurched. She tried not to breathe.
Pete waggled his stiff cock across her face, and Millie tossed her head from side to side in a vain effort to avoid the shocking contact. His spongy cockhead kept colliding with her cheeks, nose, and eyelids. She held her eyes shut and her lips together. Sounds of anguish gurgled in her throat.
Finally Pete gripped her head with one hand and pushed his prick firmly against her nose with the other. He held her in that humiliating position as she wailed in her throat. After a short while Millie had to take a breath; she derived such a rich gust of cock smell that her brain turned giddy.
Surprisingly, however, she no longer felt a desire to retch. The scent of Pete's penis seemed less offensive now that she was getting used to it.
He swiped the bloated, rubbery bulb against her lips, and Millie began to whine anew. She tried to turn her head, but Pete's strong fingers were laced through her blonde hair, holding her steady.
Positioning the end of his pecker at the center of her full, pink lips, he twisted. Try as she would, Millie couldn't prevent her lips from being pried apart. The tip of Pete's nasty penis got between them. But she kept her jaws firmly closed, and he was unable to get between her teeth.
Pleased for the moment with the gain he had made, the lustful cowboy swabbed his cockhead along her teeth, caressing her lips in a way that titillated Millie despite her intense humiliation. Waves of excitement were coursing through the warm-blooded girl. She felt moisture dribbling along her sexual folds.
"Okay, baby," Pete barked at last, "we've played long enough! Now you're going to suck my cock."
"Nnnnnnn!" Millie said. That was the closest she could come to saying "no" without opening her mouth.
But she knew that if Pete continued to force the issue, she would have to open her mouth pretty soon. Then his big, nasty cock would be inside it.

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10-17-2012, 02:33 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
I'll bite him! she thought. But she immediately discarded that idea, realizing that Pete would become so enraged that he might hurt her severely. I'll get sick and vomit. Then that will make him stop, she thought. That will turn him off and he might let me go altogether.
Millie's mental discussion had taken only a second or so. She spent another second considering her tentative decision, while Pete continued to rub his penis back and forth between her slack, moist lips. Her labial nerve ends tingled. The urge to open her mouth grew stronger and stronger.
Finally Millie gave in to it, and her jaws sprang apart. With a grunt, Pete pushed his entire large, smooth glans into her mouth. The bulbous mass depressed her tongue and skidded along the velvety track. She gulped convulsively, which forced her lips and teeth to clamp around the shaft of his organ.
The flavor of Pete's fat, juicy cock titillated her taste buds. Millie was surprised that she didn't find the strange taste more repugnant than she did. There was a slight saltiness to it, but no suggestion of filth – except in what Pete's penis represented to the young woman's mind.
He wiggled his stiff prick in her mouth while gazing down through slitted eyes, enjoying her dismayed expression. As his organ pushed toward the back of her tongue, Millie fought a gagging reflex. She had forgotten that her purpose in letting Pete's cock into her mouth had supposedly been to force her to vomit.
Millie couldn't keep from gulping repeatedly as the slippery, bulging knob twisted in her mouth. Each time she did this, she accustomed herself a little more to the taste – and to the idea of having a penis in her mouth, which had been unthinkable a few minutes before.
Pete began to stroke his stiff pecker in and out of the soft, slippery circle of her stretched lips. His glans glided forward and back on her wet, slightly abrasive tongue.
Though tense and watery eyed, Millie was amazed that she was accepting this degrading treatment without struggling or even giving a whimper. She didn't find the act physically unpleasant.
Grinning, Pete pulled the spit-slick shaft out of her mouth. Millie stared up at him and said nothing. Her lips remained slightly parted. She was breathing heavily.

"Now lick it a little," Pete directed.
Without thinking, Millie stuck out her pink, slippery tongue. Pete smacked his cockhead against it. Millie's tongue slowly began to circle the bulging, dripping glans. She swallowed his juice along with her own copious saliva.
She found that she had become very hot. The crotchband of her delicate panties was plastered to her moist, throbbing labia. Her nipples were painfully stiff in her bra.
Pete pushed his prick forward a little, and Millie pursed her lips around the tip of it. She sucked of her own accord, no longer merely responding to a spastic urge.
"That's the way, baby…" Pete growled. "Nice, huh?"
Before Millie could answer – or perhaps react with aversion to her own acceptance of the perverted act – Pete jammed his cockhead fully into her mouth once more. Her brain whirled. She sucked deliriously.
"Okay, that's enough!" Pete said, and pulled his prick out of her mouth.
"Now how about a fucking?" Pete asked as he slid backward along Millie's body, his hands mauling her tits through her blouse and bra.

She was panting.
"Say, 'Yes, Pete'," he insisted as he began unbuttoning her blouse.
"Yes… yes… oh, no!"
He chuckled, opened her blouse, and palmed the loaded cups of her brassiere, rolling the firm, spongy breasts. He felt her nipples standing up hard.

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10-17-2012, 02:33 AM
Post: #40
RE: Four-way Bride
Pete backed up farther, opened the top of her denim jeans and pulled them down. Underneath she wore pink bikini briefs, trimmed with white lace. He pulled the jeans off her feet, taking her shoes also.
Millie kept staring at the monstrously virile organ, sticking out and upward from the fly of his pants. Her thoughts were divided between recollections of how his prick had felt and tasted in her mouth and her anticipation of how it was going to feel when he jammed it up the itching, passion-puffed crevice between her thighs. Far from wanting to stop him now, Millie could hardly wait for the penetration to occur.
Pete drew her to a sitting position, unhooked her bra, and took it away. Her luscious knockers stuck straight out, their erect pink tips tilted slightly upward. The mounds were gloriously full, with hardly a hint of sag. Pete brushed a hand roughly across them, shaking the wobbly globes and sending a thrill coursing through Millie. She whined anxiously.
"You want it, don't you?" he challenged. "Here – take hold." He grasped her hand and wrapped it around his thrusting cock.
"Oh God, it's so hard and huge!"
"Tell me you want it," he demanded.
"No… no…" She gripped his prick harder.
He grasped her tits and pressed them together. "Tell me you want to be fucked!"

"No! Don't say that!"
"God damn!" Pete snarled, straddling her waist on his knees. His thrusting cock bumped across her titties.
As Millie stared down, amazed and thrilled by what he was doing, Pete caught his upthrust pecker between her satiny mounds. He pushed her breasts together, enfolding his hot, throbbing shaft. Its bulging head stuck up out of her valley and, as Pete began hunching, Millie watched the rosy, mushroom-shaped prominence rise and fall as its stalk stroked the inner walls of her breasts.
"Lick it as it comes up!" Pete ordered.

"Lick it!"

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