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Four-way Bride
10-17-2012, 02:33 AM
Post: #41
RE: Four-way Bride
Millie bent her head, stuck out her tongue, and swiped at the upward thrusting cockhead. After doing this several times, she let out a little moan, bent farther, and captured the entire meaty glans in her mouth.
Pete fucked his cock up and down between her tits and into the rosy, elastic circle of her lips.
"Now – tell me what you… want!" he snarled, grasping her blonde hair and pulling her head back.
She stared at his lean, hard face, her eyes misting as her scalp hurt and her body throbbed.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!"
Pete grinned evilly. "Where do you want my cock? Say it!"
"Inside me!" Millie panted. "In my… belly! All the way in!"

"In what?"
"In me! In my…"
Pete gave her hair another jerk.
"In my cunt!" Millie cried. "Oh shit, fuck my cunt!"
"With what? With what?"
"With your cock, you bastard," Millie howled. "Stick your cock in me! I want your beautiful, big, sweet prick!"
"That's it, baby!" Pete exclaimed, letting go of her hair and pushing her onto her back on the grass.
He backed up, gripped the thin elastic band at the top of her panties, and quickly peeled the garment out from under her hips. He turned her panties inside out as he hauled them up her tapering legs which Millie lifted to assist him. Pete tossed her pants aside and pushed her thighs wide apart.
The lips of Millie's pussy were so puffed with desire that they couldn't remain closed. Pete gazed delightedly at her coral inner folds which were running with viscous fluid. Her clit was sticking up.

Her little oval hole was palpitating.
Pete pushed down his pants and shorts, then scrambled between her thighs, tilting his cock, to her opening. He rammed his stiff dick all the way up her slippery channel, drawing a gasp from the thrilled young woman. His fat cockhead stretched her tissues wide apart.
Supporting himself on straight arms, Pete stroked his immense tool in and out of Millie's quivering, throbbing quim. Her intimate membranes molded themselves to his ramming organ, seeming to suck it deeper and deeper. His plunges bumped her womb. His heavy balls plopped against her tingling asshole.
Wild with passion, Millie gripped Pete's arms just below the shoulders, digging her fingernails in. She bowed her back upward and swung her head from side to side as she hunched against him, panting and moaning.
Suddenly he stopped fucking her and pulled his pecker out. The wet-red organ, rigidly upthrust and quivering with sexual power, swayed and bobbed as he backed off the startled girl.
"What are you doing?" she demanded. "Put it back, you prick. Fuck me, damn it!"

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10-17-2012, 02:33 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
"Roll over," Pete snapped, pushing at her hip. "Get on your knees and shoulders."
"Why?" she asked in anguish. But she did as he had directed.
Pete stared at her round upthrust ass, lusciously split into two perfect cheeks with a deep alluring crevice between. Her tiny, puckered asshole winked at him. Below it, surrounded by blonde fluffy hair, was the pink elliptical slash of her vulva.
Grasping his cock, Pete moved forward and sank into her pussy from the rear. He began to fuck her, slamming his straight, hard belly against her buttocks.
Millie gasped in rhythm with his jarring thrusts. Her hot nipples skidded in the grass. She felt deliciously humiliated positioned this way, out in the open, her ass in the air and Pete ramming into her like some beast. This, she believed, was the kind of treatment she deserved.
Millie's passion quickly surged toward release. Pete strove to achieve his climax. Neither of them heard the dull clop-clop of approaching hooves.
Cal topped the rise behind them just as Millie howled, "Oooh, I'm going to get it! Fuck me, you bull! Oh, you stallion! Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me!"
Pete drilled her upthrust ass like the passion-crazed animal he was. The sounds of slapping flesh were loud on the clear prairie air. As Cal stared at the shockingly abandoned sight, his prick stiffened against the horn of his saddle. "I'll be a sonofabitch!" he muttered under his breath.
Millie bawled as she climaxed. Her cuntal muscles gripped Pete's thrusting cock as if they wanted to pull it off. He jerked and growled fiercely as his balls gushed up their load of cream. Spurt after spurt of his thick, hot fluid pumped into the convulsing girl.
With a happy moan, Pete fell forward atop her forcing her fully against the grass.
Cal stopped his horse and dismounted. With his cock straining forward, threatening to burst his snug jeans, he ambled toward the passion-locked lovers on the grass.

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10-17-2012, 02:33 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
"Well, now just look at this!" Cal said. He laughed as he pushed his battered Stetson toward the back of his head.
Pete whirled around, pulling his slightly softened penis from Millie's quaking hole. The dazed girl stared at Cal over her shoulder.
"Git out of here!" Pete snarled at his brother. He quickly stood and stuffed his wet, red penis into his briefs as he pulled his pants up.
Millie was able to collect herself sufficiently to turn onto her bottom. She clapped a hand in front of her blonde-tufted loins and extended an arm across her bobbling breasts. Cal grinned as his eager blue eyes caressed her. A hump remained at the front of his pants.
"I said git!" Pete demanded angrily as he approached Cal.
"Just cool down, brother," the huskier young man advised. "We're gonna have us a little talk."
Millie uncovered her breasts and scooted forward, titties shaking, to snatch her pink panties off the grass.
"Don't put them on!" Cal told her. "Let's all just take it easy."
"What have you got on your cruddy mind?" Pete asked.
Cal's eyes twinkled. "The same damned thing you had on yours – gettin' myself a piece of…"

"No!" she exclaimed, fumbling with her panties.
"I told you to leave those fuckin' pants alone!" Cal said, rushing over to her. He snatched the silky undergarment from her hands. He held her pants up and looked at them. "Man, they're sure wet!" He chortled as he ran a thick finger over the slippery, gleaming crotch, then lifted the panties to his nose and sniffed them. "Mmmm, they smell good!" Cal said. He balled the panties and stuffed them into his pocket.
"Millie don't have to mess around with you," said Pete.
Cal looked at him. "Oh, don't she?"

"Shit, no!"
"Well, I'd just give another thought to that if I was you, Pete old stud. I saw you two screwing, and if I don't get my piece I'll blab the whole thing to Danny."
"Oh, please don't!" Millie cried.
"Course, there is another way," Cal said, looking at Pete.
"What're you getting at?" his older brother asked, squinting.
Cal suddenly became subdued. "Well, I was gonna talk to you today, Pete. Looks like now's the best time for it. I, uh, changed my mind about staying here at the ranch. I'm for selling out."
Pete's eyes widened. "When did all this happen?"
"Just last night. I was with Viv, you know."
Millie wondered who Viv was, but didn't ask. She was sick with shame over having been caught with Pete, and she was trembling for fear Cal would make good his threat to tell Danny.
"What's that red-headed slut got to do with it?" Pete asked.
Cal's face darkened. "Watch the way you talk about her. Viv means something to me."

"Sure – a cheap piece of tail."

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10-17-2012, 02:34 AM
Post: #44
RE: Four-way Bride
Cal balled a fist, then slowly relaxed. A grin crept over his fleshy face. "You ain't gonna rile me up – not now, not when I'm in the saddle."
"What are you talking about?" Pete snapped. "Make it plain."
"Okay – either you agree with me that we ought to sell the ranch, or I'll tell Danny about you and his bride."
Pete stared at his younger brother for several moments, then said, "Maybe you just better go ahead and tell him."
"Think good," Cal advised. "It'll bust the family wide open. Danny won't want to stay here after that. He'll agree to sell out, even if you won't. And it'll take only two of us to convince Pop. That's majority rule."
"Why do you want to sell all of a sudden?"
Cal shuffled his feet. "Viv and me are fixing to take off. We need some money to get us started."
"You want to give up your interest in the ranch just for a few weeks with that babe? Shit, she'll leave you as soon as the money runs out."
"She will not!" Cal declared vehemently. "She's… gonna be my wife."

"Cal, you don't even know her."
"I know all I need to know. Now, are you going to agree to sell or not?"
"Can't I… please get dressed?" Millie inquired plaintively. She was still sitting naked in the grass.
"Don't be in a hurry," Cal said, tossing her a grin. He returned his attention to Pete. "Well, what's it gonna be, brother?"
"Go ahead and make it with Millie," Pete said. "We can think over the other."
"Pete, what are you saying?" the surprised girl exclaimed.
"What's it matter to you – another piece more or less?" Pete retorted. "I've got important things at stake."
Cal glanced at the pretty girl who was trying to conceal her voluptuous charms as she cowered in the grass. He wet his thick lips, then turned away.

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10-17-2012, 02:34 AM
Post: #45
RE: Four-way Bride
"Naw, I don't think I'd better." He looked at Pete again. "If I was to screw Millie, I wouldn't have no leverage on you."
He hesitated, and his face slowly brightened. "But hell, it don't make no difference, does it? If Danny finds out we both fucked his sweet bride, he'll be all the more anxious to get away from us. He'll want to sell out for sure."
Horror gripped Millie. The thought of having sex with her other brother-in-law, after she already had sinned with Pete, was bad enough, but the prospect that Danny would find out about both transgressions and perhaps never speak to her again was unbearable.
Millie struggled to her feet and began to run. Cal took off after her. Pete stood and watched, realizing that his best bet was to let his brother take Millie and hope her tight little cunt would get his mind off Viv. There was something funny about that redhead, anyway. She just didn't ring true.
Millie dodged through the trees, her white buttocks wiggling and quivering. Her titties bounced. As her thighs scissored together, Pete's sperm dribbled down between them, creating a slimy slickness.
Running fast, despite the lustful swelling in his pants, Cal gained on the desperate girl. Finally he grasped her around the middle and hauled her to the ground, falling atop her.

"Please… please!" she cried.
"What the… hell are you fussing about?" Cal panted as he rolled her over. "You put out… to Pete. What's wrong with me?"
"I hate you!" Millie exclaimed, grappling with him. Tears welled in her eyes. "I hate both of you!"
"Now just simmer down…"
Holding her firmly against the grass as he straddled her, Cal smeared his wet mouth onto hers. His tongue stuffed its way between her lips. His hand, between their bodies, clutched a pliant, full-mounded breast. Powerless to resist him, Millie felt her resolve melting just as it had done with Pete. She didn't want to give in; she simply couldn't help herself.
She hated the humiliating incursion of Cal's tongue, the sucking of his slobbery lips against hers. She hated his hand on her breast, squeezing and punishing the sensitive organ. But her nipple stiffened against his palm, and her pussy began to generate a fresh supply of love cream.
Cal didn't prolong the deep kiss. After only a short while, he slid backward on Millie's voluptuous young body and began paying oral attention to her tits, licking and tugging at her nipples as he batted the wobbly boobs about.
She didn't fight Cal, even though her arms were free. What was the use? Her own traitorous body was as much to blame for her degradation as Cal was.
Pete came strolling up. The lanky man stood with his hands thrust into the hip pockets of his jeans, his pelvis arched insolently forward, as he watched his younger, huskier brother wallowing in the creamy billows of Millie's chest. She stared up at Pete, her eyes wide and helpless. She breathed through parted lips.
"Get her to suck your dick," Pete told his brother. "She likes that."

She moaned softly.

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10-17-2012, 02:34 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
Cal lifted his head. He stared at Pete. "She did that for you?"
"Hell, yes," Pete smirked proudly.
Millie had never hated anyone so intensely. Though Cal was on her at the moment, Pete was the man she most loathed.
"Damn, I'd really enjoy a blow job. Viv won't…" Cal caught himself before saying more, but the information was out.
"Millie will," Pete replied. "Won't you, honey?" He nudged her with the toe of his boot.
"No!" she exclaimed, eyes flashing defiantly. Now that the stimulation had momentarily stopped, her strength of purpose was returning.
"Show her your pecker," Pete advised his brother. "Once she gets a look at it, you won't be able to keep her from going down."
Millie shuddered with shame. But as Cal, grinning in lewd anticipation, began opening the front of his pants, her eyes were drawn to the widening gap. When he reached inside to take out his organ, she tensed. Her blood quickened.
Pete watched with amusement. When Cal's cock swung into view, stiffening to a firm erection, though smaller than Pete's had been, Millie felt a fluttery sensation.
"You don't have to sit on her," Pete said.
"Shit, she'll get up and run again," Cal replied, laughing as his naked cock stuck out.
"No, she won't. Will you, honey?" Pete gave Millie another poke with the toe of his heavy boot.
Her only answer was to whine. But she kept staring at Cal's prick.

"Get off her," Pete told his brother.
With obvious misgivings, Cal dismounted.
"Now lie on your back," Pete said.
"Aw, now wait a minute…"
Cal stretched out next to Millie, watching her all the while. Her sense of humiliation increased. Pete was trying to make her suck Cal's penis of her own accord, and she wanted to believe she wouldn't do it, but she didn't trust herself any more.
"Okay, go after him," Pete told her.
Millie stared at Cal's horn-like erection which angled backward toward his head. The thing was very stiff. Its bare rosy knob enticed her.

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10-17-2012, 02:34 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
"Get on your hands and knees and bend over him," Pete instructed patiently.
It was obvious that he was enjoying the situation. So was Cal, who eyed Millie while he grinned hopefully, saying nothing. Her heart thudded harder.
Shame was like a blanket that smothered her, holding her down. Her sensuality struggled against it.
Suddenly she thought, Oh God, I don't care!
Lunging onto her knees, titties leaping then dropping to dangle over the prostrate man, Millie bowed her head. Her silken blonde hair tumbled over Cal's belly and thighs.
He tensed and his eyes grew hot as Millie grasped his cock and held it perpendicular to his body. He watched her pink mouth open.
"Ah… man!" Cal exclaimed, blood racing, as his cockhead was suddenly engulfed by Millie's warm mouth. Her tongue pressed against him. Her copiously flowing saliva bathed his glans.
She sucked ravenously on Cal's cock, thrilling to the raunchy taste and the uniquely pleasurable sensation of having the thrusting, bulbous projection in her mouth.
Millie even enjoyed the sense of degradation which the shocking act gave her, made all the more intense by the fact that Pete was watching.
I'm a pig! she thought. A hot young pig, and Pete and Cal know it. Poor Danny! Too bad he can't know it too!
She drove her encompassing mouth as far down Cal's upthrust cock as she possibly could, her wet lips sucking slickly around the bone-hard shaft. The head of his organ touched the opening of her throat, but she didn't gag. She wished she could take his prick all the way to her pussy by way of her mouth.
"Get your hand in his pants!" Pete exclaimed, his eyes twinkling fiendishly as he watched the lustful display. "Play with his balls."
Oh, yes! Millie thought. His balls! His beautiful big hairy balls!
She dug for Cal's testicles but was disappointed to find they had contracted into knobs that clung tightly to the base of his shaft. She caressed them avidly, however, enjoying the abrasive coarseness of his scrotum against her hand.
Cal derived an even greater thrill in reverse. He groaned and writhed, wondering how long he could hold out. Millie's lips were working near the base of his cock, gliding and rhythmically contracting against the film of her saliva which trickled down his stalk. His ballooning cockhead bobbled on the base of her tongue and into the tightness of her throat as she lapped against his shaft.
Millie suddenly disgorged the slippery organ. She let it stick straight up in front of her face as she licked anxiously up and down its sides. Cal's aroma flooded her nostrils.
Pete's passion was reborn as he watched the suddenly sex-crazed girl eat his brother's cock with abject abandon. She engulfed the glans again, pumped her head up and down several times, then let the stalk escape once more and resumed licking the red, gleaming glans as it waggled back and forth across her face.
Pete walked around behind her and eyed her twisting, shivering ass. He dropped to his knees, opened the top of his jeans and pushed them down, together with his briefs. His cock snapped forward to point menacingly at the kneeling girl.
The lush roundness of her white, quivering buttocks made Pete recall the thought he'd entertained when he'd watched her wriggling over the top rail of the corral the other day. He grinned fiendishly, then spit on his hand and rubbed the viscous fluid over the end of his prick.

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10-17-2012, 02:34 AM
Post: #48
RE: Four-way Bride
Millie had resumed sucking Cal's cock, bobbing her head in long, looping strokes as she skidded his glans along the full length of her tongue, her stretched lips hungrily gobbling at his rigid shaft. Her ass waggled to and fro in front of Pete.
The lanky cowboy grasped her buttocks with both hands, spreading them wide apart to expose her small, puckered asshole. He poked the tip of his prick against the enticing indentation.
Millie felt the strange contact, but she was too immersed in the excitement of mouthing Cal's cock to think of anything else. She didn't even tense her anal muscles.
With a deft twisting thrust, Pete broke through the narrow aperture, opening her asshole wide as he drove his bulging glans into her rectum.
"Aaaaaagh!" Millie exclaimed around Cal's prick as she felt the painful penetration of her rear.
But the intense hurt eased immediately after it had begun, and she felt only a shocking fullness as Pete's stiff pecker sank into her squishy guts. Her asshole remained widely stretched around his shaft, but she had passed turds that big. Pete's immense glans was inside her where the constriction was not so intense.
Eyes watering, her entire body throbbing wildly, Millie went on sucking Cal's upthrust cock, pumping her mouth even more avidly on the thick stick. The husky cowboy was clenching his fists, desperately trying to hang on. His nuts churned feverishly as Millie caressed them.
Pete grunted with delight as he fucked his big dick in and out of his sister-in-law's twisting, hotly grabbing ass. Her sphincter was so tight around his shaft that he knew he wouldn't be able to last long.
Millie writhed between the two horny pricks – one in her mouth and the other up her asshole. The mingled sensations of hurt, degradation and wildly uninhibited passion were overwhelming in their combined force. She began to climax. Bucking and heaving, she took Cal's hot cock into her throat and fucked backward against Pete's brutally impaling rod. Her asshole spasmed around him.
Pete shot. As his semen burst searingly into her bowels, she bit down hard around the base of Cal's prick. He jerked and sprayed her throat with a thick gush of cum. Millie gurgled and gulped, desperately trying to keep pace with the ensuing spurts of his jism. But she couldn't swallow it all.
Some of the milky slime flooded out of her mouth and down Cal's twitching shaft. Pete was still quivering in Millie's rear, spilling the dregs from his sperm.
Her orgasm – the strangest, yet one of the most satisfying of her short sex life – sent undulations rolling through her from throat to tail. When the vibrations finally ceased, she felt emotionally drained, yet full of warm semen in two places where nature had never intended it to go.
Millie collapsed to the grass, letting Cal's softening penis flop free of her lips as Pete withdrew his stained tool from between her buttocks.

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10-17-2012, 02:34 AM
Post: #49
RE: Four-way Bride
During the remainder of the day, Millie suffered a certain physical discomfort as a result of Pete's unnatural assault upon her. But this was insignificant compared to the guilt that pained her soul. It seemed monstrous that she had committed adultery with both of Danny's brothers at the same time, and in a perverted way – and even worse that she had enjoyed herself tremendously.
She had an urge to tell Danny everything and to beg his forgiveness. But she feared there was no chance that he would understand. Confession might ease her shame, but it would almost surely mean the destruction of her new marriage and the loss of Danny forever.
Millie didn't believe either Pete or Cal would tell Danny. Cal had been positively tender toward her after the affair on the prairie, as if he had forgotten his girl friend, Viv, and his previously announced desire to run away with her. As for Pete, he had good reason not to tell Danny what had happened, because he didn't want Danny and Cal to line up against him in favor of a sale.
As evening came on, Millie's driving urge was to make up to her young husband for the wrongs she had committed against him. That seemed the only way of relieving her sickening sense of guilt.
They spent the evening together, watching TV on a portable set which Danny's father had provided. When the network fare ended at eleven o'clock, Danny asked his young wife to turn off the set.
After doing so, she lay down beside him on the bed, snuggling close. Even with his leg and hip in a cast, Danny's nearness warmed Millie in a deeper and more meaningful way than Pete or Cal had been able to do. They had aroused and thrilled her, but she didn't have the slightest feeling of love toward either of them. Her love for Danny had increased as a result of the experiences she'd had with his brothers.
If only I didn't feel so guilty! Millie thought.
The young bride's need to overcome this painful emotion inspired her to be especially attentive toward Danny. She kissed and caressed him as they snuggled together. She thrilled as he toyed with her titties. She had removed her bra before coming to see him to make matters as easy for him as possible. After he had rolled her lusciously resilient mounds through her blouse, Millie unbuttoned the front of the garment and let her breasts spill out.
"Wow, this is what I want!" Danny huskily exclaimed as he palmed the wobbly, rounded flesh.
Millie's nipples bristled passionately against her husband's caressing hand. He plucked at the thrusting rosy tips, rolling them between his thumb and finger, then using them as little handles to shake her lovely boobs.
Millie was growing hot. She wished with all her heart that Danny was free to fuck her. If only they could have lived normally as man and wife, she would never have let another man touch her.

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10-17-2012, 02:35 AM
Post: #50
RE: Four-way Bride
Danny's hand slid down her front, and Millie worked herself toward the head of the bed. This gave him easier access to her loins and permitted her to shove a bobbling, stiff-tipped titty into his month. As he licked and gently tugged on her firm, tingling nipple, his eager hand moved up underneath her dress. He petted her warm, soft pussy through the narrow band of sleek nylon that passed between her legs.
"Get inside my panties," Millie murmured. "Let me have your finger."
Danny hesitated, saying with an embarrassed laugh, "I don't know if I'd better get so excited. Remember, you told me you didn't much care for jacking me off."
A daring idea occurred to Millie. "Maybe there's… something else we can do tonight."
"Baby, if you're talking about fucking," he said, his lips brushing her tit, "there's just no way. You can't get on top of me with my leg hiked up in the air, and I sure as hell can't get on top of you."
"There's another way for us to have fun," Millie replied, her excitement increasing. "But get into my pants first. Finger me."
"Hey, you've gotten more broad-minded during the last couple of days," Danny said with a happy chuckle.
Millie writhed inwardly. "It's just that I miss you so, honey. I miss making love to you the way we did every night before you were hurt."
"Don't you think I miss it?" Danny replied, a husky edge to his voice, as he lifted the crotchband of her panties and touched his young wife's dewy, hair-lined slit. "This especially! Oh Christ, how I'd love to stick my dick into it!"
"I want your big dick!" Millie exclaimed in a tone that let him know she really meant it. To reinforce the point, she snaked a hand into his pajamas and grasped his stiff, warm rod.

"Oh, wow…" Danny said gratefully.
His middle finger wormed its way into her slippery snatch, and he went back to sucking her titty. Millie stroked his hard cock and tickled the bulging head with the tips of her fingers.
After a while Danny took his mouth from her tit and panted, "Oh God, I need to get my rocks off!"
Millie took a deep breath. Her brain was swirling giddily. Now that the moment to carry out her daring idea had arrived, she was concerned about Danny's response.
"Promise you won't be sore?" Millie asked. "I don't want you to think I'm awful."
"Baby, I'll love anything you want to do," he assured her. "Just do it!"
Millie sat up, tits wobbling tautly, and looked at his luscious prick as she drew the stiff rosy thing out of the folds of his pajamas.
"This is so wonderful!" she exclaimed, her voice husking up. "If I can't have it inside my body, I can at least…"
She bowed her head, breasts swooping, and to Danny's immense surprise engulfed his throbbing cockhead in her mouth.
"Aaaah!" he exclaimed, and a happy jolt went through him. "Oh, baby, I never thought you would… ooooh!"
She was licking and sucking at his bald, slippery glans with such obvious desire and relish that Danny had to steel himself against the wonderful thrills that resulted. He was about to shoot off.
Millie tingled with delight as she pumped her encircling lips across the ridge of his cockhead and ran her gliding, fluttering tongue all over the knob. Danny's prick was so much better than either Pete's or Cal's! It was the only cock she really wanted, and she found to her pleasure that she enjoyed it nearly as much this way as she would have if Danny had shoved it up her cunt.
The sensitive nerve ends on Millie's lips and tongue reveled in the marvelous excitement of encompassing and stroking her handsome husband's hard penis. She took more and more of the wondrous shaft into her mouth, letting his cockhead glide far back on her tongue as she lapped against his coronal ridge and sucked avidly at his thick, slippery stalk.
"Uuuh… uuuh!" Danny panted. "Oh, God damn! Oh, baby, you'd… better stop! I can't… take any more! I'm going to…"
Millie didn't stop. She sucked and licked his stiff dick even more passionately, mouth-fucking it with long, rapid strokes as her restless tongue tried to taste and caress every inch of the thrusting organ.

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