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Four-way Bride
10-17-2012, 02:35 AM
Post: #51
RE: Four-way Bride
"Aaaah!" Danny exclaimed. His whole body went tense, and his eyes rolled back. "No! Oh, SHIT! It's… wonderful… aaarrrgh!"
His throbbing prick erupted in Millie's mouth, splashing his thick, warm semen over her tongue and into her throat. The thrilled girl gulped and sucked him even harder. She gurgled happily as his cum streamed down to her stomach. In the midst of his vigorous ejaculation, Millie came, her whole body blossoming with luscious warmth.
She continued to suck and lick Danny's cock until she was sure she had gotten all the tasty cream he could possibly give her. When his organ began growing soft in her mouth, Millie released it and raised her head. She ran her tongue over her lips, swallowed a final time, and smiled at her blissfully happy husband.
"I love you!" Danny exclaimed with deep feeling. His eyes warmly mirrored the emotion that filled him as he caressed Millie's long, silken hair.
"And I love you!" Millie replied with equal fervor. "Only, you! Forever!"
Danny drew her down beside him, and they kissed. The faint foreign taste on Millie's tongue gave him a strange added satisfaction. What she had done had proved her love for him more strongly than anything else possibly could have, Danny felt – and by kissing her immediately afterward he was demonstrating his appreciation and understanding.
The married lovers clung together, their lips moving warmly, their tongues in moist embrace. The rest of the world seemed so far away that it might as well not have existed.

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10-17-2012, 02:35 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
After saying good night to her husband, Millie went to her own room and immediately to bed. With her guilt eased and her body pleasantly relaxed after her soft but satisfying climax with Danny, the young bride had no trouble falling asleep.
It seemed only minutes later, though actually it was about two hours, when she was jarred awake. Arms were around her, and a hard column was thrusting against her belly.
"Cal!" she exclaimed, staring directly into his face in the dimness. "Get out of here! You have no right…"
His thick lips sealed her mouth, preventing further protests. Millie's brain reeled as his aggressive tongue stirred her mouth while his hand palmed the shivery mounds of her bottom.
It's starting all over again! she thought with alarm. No, I can't let it!
But the old problem remained: if she were to resist, there would be a fuss and Danny would surely find out. Also there was the more subtle but equally troubling problem of her own sensual responses. Cal's kiss and touch were already stirring her up.
What's wrong with me? Millie wondered desperately. A man only has to touch me, and I'm ready to fuck or suck! That isn't normal. I must be a fiend!
But her self-remonstration didn't change the way she felt. The feeling grew stronger as Cal's lascivious kiss and impudent petting continued. Soon Millie's loins were on fire, and she had to have the only treatment that could extinguish the flames – a cock, properly applied, between her legs. After two consecutive orgasms without having her pussy pierced, the passionate young woman desperately needed to be fucked.
"Come on and stick it in me!" she panted as she broke away from Cal's kiss and grasped his horny prick.
"Suck it a little first… just a little," he begged, his labored breathing revealing an excitement at least as strong as hers.
"I want you to fuck me this time," Millie said, dropping all pretense of reluctance.
"I'll fuck you, don't worry! That's why I came here. But put your sweet lips around it, baby. Just for a second."
Millie slid toward the foot of the bed and tilted Cal's pecker. She bowed, her golden hair showering across his belly, then seized his meaty prickhead in her mouth. She nibbled on the rubbery glans, sucking and swallowing. She played with Cal's nuts.
"Baby… yeah!" He tousled her silken hair. "God, you do that good! Oh shit, I love it!"
Millie loved it, too. But she wanted to do more than suck him. She had to have his rod inside her.
After several slurping, gliding plunges of her encircling lips on his firm prick, she raised her head. She threw a leg across him and mounted up, aiming his sturdy lance into the aching hole amid her blonde pubes. She dropped until she was sitting on Cal's balls and his hard cock was sticking all the way up inside her.

"Jesus, you're tight!" he exclaimed. "What a pussy!"

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10-17-2012, 02:35 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
"Shut up and fuck!" Millie demanded, realizing that she sounded like the worst kind of tramp, but not caring any more.
She began to twist her hips and bob up and down on Cal's upthrust prong. He joined the salacious rhythm, bumping into her snug, slippery sheath each time she lowered her crotch.
Millie and Danny had screwed this way a couple of times during their honeymoon, just for variety, but he had preferred to be on top. Millie rather liked to top-ride, because it let her control the pace of the copulation.
Cal gazed at her big tits bobbing in the moonlight, then grasped them and kneaded the full, firm mounds like baker's dough as Millie posted on the saddle of his loins. His thick cock voluptuously stretched the tissue of her pussy as it rammed up and down, in and out. When she rotated her channel around him, the stretching was even more luscious.
As the excitement mounted, Millie fell forward onto her arms, thereby bringing her hot clit into firmer contact with Cal's stroking shaft. She gasped and writhed, shaking her head and wobbling her large tits in his grasping, milking hands.
Neither of them noticed the opening of the door and the arrival of a third person in the room. Pete stared at the moonlit spectacle on the bed, and jealousy assailed him. Where did Cal get off, taking over his territory this way? He had let Cal have her on the prairie because it had been necessary, but that didn't mean he was going to give his younger brother free rein.
"What the hell's going on?" he barked, not realizing how stupid the question sounded.
Millie stopped screwing and stared at Pete, her mouth falling open.
"Aw shit, what're you horning in for?" Cal growled.
"You're the one who's horning in," Pete said angrily, "and I don't like it."
"Why don't you ask Millie how she feels about it?" Cal suggested, breathing hard. "I know how she feels. Her cunt is grabbing onto me like crazy!"
"Shut up, both of you!" Millie whispered urgently. "Do you want Danny to hear?"
As it happened, however, Danny wasn't the one they had to worry about. He was soundly asleep. The boys' father, plagued by insomnia because of his problems with the ranch, had heard footsteps in the hall for the second time within the span of a few minutes. The footsteps had moved in the same direction each time and therefore could not have been made by the same person leaving his room and returning. Gus concluded that both his elder sons were up and about.
He immediately thought about Millie. From the time she had arrived at the ranch, Gus had noticed both Pete and Cal eyeing her. And during the last couple of days she had seemed nervous, as if reluctant to look either him or his sons in the eye. When he had asked her if everything was all right, she had assured him it was, but he had been unconvinced. With Danny flat on his back, his beautiful young bride offered a powerful temptation to a couple of horny bucks like Pete and Cal. Gus understood, because his own loins had responded to Millie's plump, writhing ass and erect, quivering tits.
The old rancher got out of bed and put on his robe. Moving quietly, he left his room and walked down the hall to the room Millie was occupying. Standing close to the door, he listened.
"… don't you ask Millie how she feels about it?" Cal was saying. "I know how she feels. Her cunt is grabbing onto me like crazy!"
Gus stiffened, his leathery face turning red with rage. Cal obviously had gotten to Millie, and it sounded as if Pete was trying to horn in. Gus could hear Millie's voice, but it was pitched softly and he couldn't make out what she said.
Considering only that he should put a stop to the outrageous adultery, for Danny's sake, Gus opened the door and entered Millie's bedroom.
The eighteen-year-old blonde had resumed actively screwing Cal, even though Pete was standing next to the bed and staring at them. All three were oblivious to Gus' entry into the room.

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10-17-2012, 02:35 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
The furious intensity of Millie's grinding atop Cal, her white back undulating in the moonlight and her buttocks bobbing up and down, struck Gus motionless. It was clear that Danny's bride wasn't being forced; she was the aggressor in the powerfully erotic scene. Gus felt heat surge into his loins. His old pecker, which rarely saw sexual action any more, stretched out against his bulky robe.
Pete also was hard with excitement as the young fuckers on the bed strove to a heaving, quivering finale. Millie's passionate wail mingled with Cal's lusty groan as he spurted his warm cream deep into her belly. They sighed in unison, and Millie fell motionless atop him.
When Gus finally found his voice, he barked in a rasping whisper, "Cal! Pete! Get outa here!"
Millie gasped. She rolled off Cal and desperately tried to cover herself with the bedclothes. But by that time Gus had seen all of her, including the hair-fringed, gaping hole where Cal's cock had been.
As Cal scrambled off the bed, sweeping his robe from a nearby chair, Pete faced his father defiantly.
"What's the idea of breaking in here?" the elder son demanded.
"Keep your voice down!" Gus snapped. "What's the idea of you being here in the first place?"
"That's Millie's business, not yours."
"Come on, Pete!" Cal urged, struggling into his robe. "For cripe's sake!"
Gus whirled on his younger son. "You're the worst! You bedded your brother's wife."
"Pete screwed her before I did," Cal hissed.
"Is that true?" Gus asked Millie. His eyes condemned her.
The thoroughly shamed young woman wished that she could die. "Yes… yes, it's true!" She buried her face in her hands.
Pete reluctantly – turned toward the door, following his embarrassed brother.
"Wait!" Gus whispered urgently. His sons faced him. "Not one word of this to Danny, understand? And both of you leave Millie alone from now on."

"Yeah, Pop," Cal said, eyes downcast.
Pete was silent. He left the room behind his brother.
Gus turned toward Millie who lay crumpled on the bed, sobbing gently. The bedclothes covered her bottom, but her white, graceful back gleamed enticingly in the moonlight.

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10-17-2012, 02:35 AM
Post: #55
RE: Four-way Bride
Gus' erection had lapsed. However, he remained uncomfortably aroused. "Why'd you do it?" he asked tensely.
Millie raised her head and looked at him. "Oh, Gus, I'm so sorry! They were after me and… Oh, I miss Danny so!" Again she pressed her face against the bed and sobbed.
The middle-aged man felt compassion toward her. Danny had told him she was a virgin on their wedding night, which meant she had been a good girl until Pete and Cal had led her astray. It was a cruel twist of fate which had caused Danny to be injured right after instilling her with a need for sex.
Recalling how passionately she was screwing Cal, Gus wondered how he would be able to keep her away from his able-bodied sons until Danny recovered. If he didn't figure out a way, Gus felt, the family would be torn apart.
The solution suddenly occurred to him. At first he was unwilling to accept it, but common sense as well as the heat in his loins argued in its favor. Danny wouldn't be capable of understanding, Gus realized. But Danny wasn't going to find out, if he could help it.
Gus approached the bed and placed his hand gently against Millie's back. She stopped crying and looked up at him.
"Don't blame yourself," he said, his tone surprisingly tender. "I reckon you couldn't help giving in to Pete and Cal."
"Do you really mean that? Oh, Gus!" Grateful for his understanding, Millie wanted to throw herself into his arms. But she restrained the impulse just in time, realizing she was nude beneath the sheet which she held around her.
The white-haired man smiled at Millie in the dim light. There was warmth in his crinkly blue eyes. "I'm gonna help you stay away from Pete and Cal. You want to do that, don't you?"
"Yes!" Millie eagerly replied. "Danny's the only one I love."
Trembling with a carnal urge too long suppressed, the fifty-seven-year-old man took off his robe. Millie's eyes widened as she stared at his long, meaty penis and dangling balls.
"Gus! No! Oh, my God!" She scooted backward against the wall, clutching the bedsheet in front of her.
"Shhh!" Gus said. "Don't let Danny or the other boys hear. They wouldn't understand. But this is the only way."
Millie's brain swirled wildly, unable to come to grips with the shocking reality Gus was presenting. He was Danny's father. He couldn't be asking her to have sex with him.
He sat on the edge of the bed and reached for her. Millie cringed. Gus took hold of the sheet which was her only concealment and began drawing it away. Millie continued to clutch the thin cover. But as she looked into her father-in-law's eyes and realized he was the only security she had, her fingers relaxed their hold. The sheet left her.
Gus gazed at her luscious young beauty – tits high and roundly tapering to rigid points, belly firm and gently rounded, hips full, blonde hair bristling wispily where her thighs and belly joined – and he was filled with a desire such as he hadn't known in years. His old cock stiffened and stood up from his lap, the bald knob suffused with rosy warmth, the brown stalk hard as in the days of his youth.
Millie stared at the evidence of her father-in-law's arousal, and she began to react as she had to every stiff prick she had seen at Stallion Ranch. She couldn't help herself.
Gradually she was making her adjustment to the inevitable. There didn't seem to be anything that could be done about it. If Gus, who was old and wise, could understand and accept her for the passionate creature that she was, why shouldn't she accept herself?

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10-17-2012, 02:36 AM
Post: #56
RE: Four-way Bride
She threw her arms around the middle-aged man, her naked breasts squashing against his firm, hairy chest. He snuggled closer to her as they sat on the bed, and she felt his hard cock standing against her belly. His mouth captured hers, his firm lips sucking at her sweetness. His tongue thrust between her teeth to caress the silken sides of her mouth.
Millie was launched on another passionate ride. She clutched Gus' cock as if it were a lever to direct her giddy flight. The feel of her cool, delicate fingers encircling his manhood gave him a marvelous new thrill. He felt the virility which he had feared was slipping away from him permeate his entire body, giving him a warm, lusty glow.
He stopped kissing Millie and pressed her onto her back against the bed. He began to caress and kiss her lush body.
Gus had almost forgotten how teen-aged titties felt. But now the memories of his youth came flooding back to him as he wrapped his gnarled hands around as much of each boob as he could hold and squeezed tenderly. Millie's urgent pink nipples thrust even higher than before, and he brushed his lips across them, marveling at their fresh firmness. He drew Millie's nipples into his mouth and took long, voluptuous sucks at each of them as her hand stroked his horny shaft.
She was doing some marveling of her own. Somehow she hadn't believed that a man Gus' age could produce a hard-on which would rival that of her twenty-year-old bridegroom or his slightly older brothers. But the proof was in her hand, and she was enjoying it.
Gus moved down along her body, forcing her to relinquish her hold on his staff. He licked and sucked at the satiny skin around her navel, then dug his tongue into the dainty cup. Millie squirmed with delight, causing her tummy to quiver against his face.
He had a definite destination in mind. Though at least one of his sons had fucked Millie within the last few minutes and presumably he deposited his sperm in her sexual crevice, Gus felt he must taste and orally caress her pink-petaled flower of desire.
First his chin, then his lips invaded the tuft on her mound. Millie held her breath. Gus clutched her firm, smooth thighs from underneath and lifted them into the air, spreading them wide apart. Her glorious scent touched his nostrils as he bowed his grizzled head. Then his lips and lapping tongue invaded her moist, slippery softness, and he was in heaven.
Millie was very close to paradise herself as she thrilled to the gliding, fluttering, twisting explorations of her father-in-law's eager tongue between the passion-puffed labia of her cunt. He circled and lapped at the thrusting tip of her clitoris, causing her to moan with delight. Gus caught the little pea-like protrusion between his lips and sucked at it, making Millie's passion build.
She wanted to bob her hips but somehow was able to restrain the urge, fearing Gus would lose his luscious hold upon her if she moved. She panted and made little whimpering cries. Finally Gus skidded his tongue down her velvety, slick trough and into the flaring elliptical hole of her vagina.
Millie had to move now. Letting out a voluptuous groan, she pressed her wet, meaty cunt hard against Gus' loving face and rotated her hips, her buttocks wiggling above the mattress. His tongue plunged in and out of her palpitating, grabby hole, and the motions of her hips returned his passionate oral fucking.
"Oh, that's… wonderful!" she panted. "Wow! Oh, Daddy… Daddy… that's so… good!"
Though Millie's silken thighs were brushing warmly across his ears as he slurped at her tasty twat, Gus heard what she called him. He was thrilled all the more. Clutching the cheeks of her wriggling ass in both hands, the impassioned man fluttered his fucking tongue at rapid speed in her syrupy, sweet box, and she came.
A ball of fire seemed to burst in her belly, sending down a shower of fresh viscous fluid into Gus' wildly lapping tongue. The heat radiated through Millie's entire body. She moaned with bliss.
Old Gus guzzled down his daughter-in-law's creamy goodness, then sent his tongue scouring along the plush, hair-covered portals of her pussy, gleaning every drop which had splattered out. He licked her clit a final time, twisting his tongue around the sensitive little knob and pushing its fleshy sheath as far back as it would go.

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10-17-2012, 02:36 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
Gus straightened on his knees. Millie lay in an utterly abandoned pose, panting.
"Fuck me… fuck me…" she breathed heatedly. "Stick it into me! I neeeed it!"
He was ready. His phallus stood so high and hard, so choked with blood, that it felt as if it might crack right off. But there was something else he wanted to do before he sank his shaft into the luscious girl.
Holding one of her lovely legs high in the air, he licked and sucked along its marvelously smooth, soft inner surface. Then he gave Millie a twist, and she flopped onto her stomach.
The passion-gripped girl feared that he intended to invade her tight rear hole as Pete had done. Hot as she was at that moment, she would have accepted the hurt in order to have the thrill of penetration. But it very quickly became apparent that Gus had no such brutal purpose. The sudden pressure of his whisker-bristling face against her soft, quivering buttocks told Millie that he only wanted to kiss her ass.
Pleased, she bowed her back and thrust her plump, firm fanny against her father-in-law's face, wriggling the wealth of springy softness against his leathery, stubbled cheeks. His wet tongue swabbed her palpitating asshole. Then his lips suctioned around the little puckered orifice and he kissed it lingeringly, drawing up a faint flavor which in other circumstances would have been offensive but which fed his mad passion at that delirious moment.
Finally Gus raised his head, smacking his lips over this latest treat. Millie rolled onto her back and reached for his lean, strong body.
"Fuck me!" she cried softly. "Oh, Daddy, you've got to fuck me now!"
Gus groaned as he settled himself between her uptilted, widely spread thighs. He grasped his cock and pointed its blunt, bloated head into the flaring mouth of her soft, wet pussy.
As the mature man's thrilling hardness invaded Millie's narrow, slippery quim, stretching the tunnel wide, she hooked her legs around his hairy thighs and wrapped her arms around his torso. Lying against her, his cock sunk into her belly to his balls, Gus felt a wave of bliss which was reminiscent of much younger days.
If he had thought about the matter, he couldn't have convinced himself at that moment that he was acting on Danny's behalf – to service Millie's needs so that Pete and Cal wouldn't get to her. But fortunately he was too excited to reflect on anything. The pleasure of the moment had him in its horny grip, and he wanted only to ride the wondrous surge of passion to its natural culmination within the sweet young girl on whom he lay.
He began to fuck her, moving his deeply sunk, rigid prick just an inch or so in each direction at first. But he bore perfectly against Millie's clit. This and the pumping agitation of his thick cockhead in the center of her belly gave her a combination of luscious sensations that proved wildly exciting.
Millie dug her fingernails into Gus' flesh and ground her sucking cunt around his hard shaft.
"Oh, Daddy… Daddy!" she cried. "I love it! Screw me! Fuck me all night long!"

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10-17-2012, 02:36 AM
Post: #58
RE: Four-way Bride
Gus' answer was a groan against her ear. His wet tongue licked the delicate whorls, and he sucked her dainty, sweet-scented lobe.
Gradually the slow, stirring strokes of his deeply penetrating prick became longer and more avid. This enlarged the area of Millie's sensuous response, and she derived the added thrill of feeling her father-in-law's big balls bouncing against her asshole as their bellies slapped.
She hunched with him, in perfect tempo. Soon their hips were pumping wildly together as they both worked for the reward of passion.
Millie reached it first, her buttocks writhing and bumping above the bed as her cunt grasped spastically around Gus' bobbing cock. Her wet tissues sucked at his penetrating manhood as her muscles rippled up and down the length of his rod.
"Oh!" she exclaimed. Then, as the orgasm grew in force and warmth, she babbled, "Oh my God… wow! Daddy! Lover! Fucker! Oooooooh!"
"Aaaagggh!" Gus rasped, and slammed her buttocks hard against the mattress as he nailed her deep. His thick, bone-hard pecker spewed forth a rich flood of long-stored semen.
When the storm had finally ebbed and Gus dismounted from the thoroughly gratified young woman, he said, "Remember now, you can come to me whenever you need someone. I'll always take care of you, and Danny will never know. That's better than fooling around with Pete and Cal. Young bucks like them are dangerous."
"Yes… yes, I understand," Millie replied, wanting only to drop off to sleep.
After Gus had put on his robe and left the room, it took her less than a minute to slip into peaceful slumber. She didn't dream.

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10-17-2012, 02:36 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
Millie awoke to the feel of a hard cock pumping in her vagina.
She blinked up at Cal's fleshy, smiling face. He was propped on straight arms, his light hair falling over his forehead as he rammed his sturdy dick in her palpitating pussy.
"You shouldn't… be here!" Millie panted. "You shit – wow! Oh, baby, that feels so…"
She was off again, writhing and bumping as her hot cunt milked at Cal's penetrating pecker. They came together, her wet pussy gobbling at the base of his shaft. Millie shook all over, and Cal ground his moist mouth onto one of her vibrating tits, licking and tugging at her nipple as he squirted the last drops from his balls.
"Baby, I'm crazy about you!" he breathed heatedly against her ear after their combined orgasm had finally tapered off.
"I thought… you were in love with Viv," Millie said, not really caring, but wondering at his sudden about-face.
"She's nothin' compared to you!" Cal said. "You're terrific, baby! I never was in such a hot, grabby cunt!"
Millie began pushing him away. "Don't say things like that! I'm married to Danny, and he's the man I love."
"But I can at least share you until he's up and around, can't I?" Cal asked earnestly as he looked down at her pretty face.
"No! You heard what your father said last night."
"Damn it, he don't need to know! I was real quiet coming in here."
"Cal!" Millie exclaimed, wanting to tell him his desire for her was hopeless, but not having the strength to do so after he had given her such a glorious release. Gus' solution hadn't worked out as he had thought it would.
Cal felt he had solved all his problems, at least for the next month or so. He got ready to drive into town, determined to tell Viv good-bye. He hadn't really wanted to give up his interest in the ranch, anyway, and now he didn't have to.
He even dared to hope that after Danny had recovered, he and his younger brother could somehow share Millie's favors. He had read a book about such things, and he didn't see why an arrangement like that wouldn't be possible for Danny, Millie and him.
He called on Viv at the small hotel in Kenyon where she was staying. The pretty redhead was surprised and apparently not too pleased when she opened the door of her room and saw Cal standing there.

"Honey, our date wasn't until tonight," she said with a frown.
Cal didn't smile. "Yeah. Well, that's what I came to talk about."
Viv backed up and let him into the room. She closed the door.
"I've been thinking things over," Cal began. "I'm afraid things ain't gonna work out for us."
Viv stood quietly, watching him and saying nothing.
"I like you a lot," Cal added. "But… well, I want to stay on at the ranch."
Viv moved forward and slid gracefully against him. He felt her firmly thrusting tits and the teasing curve of her belly.
"I know how it is to break away," she said gently. "But you're going to have to do it some time. And what we've got isn't going to happen again, for either one of us."

"Yeah, honey, but…"
Viv's moist, enticing lips brushed his, then caught hold, and her tongue slithered into his mouth. Though he had been with Millie just a few hours before, Cal responded.

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10-17-2012, 02:36 AM
Post: #60
RE: Four-way Bride
He tried to push Viv away, but she was determined, wriggling her lithe, slender body against his bulky form. Her questing kiss warmed him to the tips of his toes.
"There now," Viv finally said as she backed up, smiling proudly. "You can't tell me good-bye after that, I'll bet."
Cal was surprised by her attitude. He had expected her to be all broken up by his announcement that they were through. She hadn't been. Still, she was working to hold onto him. The whole thing seemed cool and calculating, somehow.
"I… I still can't go away with you," Cal insisted.
Viv's blue-green eyes narrowed. The young cowboy thought for a moment that she was going to lash out at him angrily. He almost hoped she would. That would make it easier for him to turn around and leave.
But Viv did something that shocked and thrilled him. Dropping to her knees on the carpet, she immediately unzipped his fly.

"Hey, what're you…"
That was all Cal could say before the aggressive young woman drew his growing but still-supple penis out of his pants. She looked at the rosy head as she held the organ around its base, the knob hanging in mid-air. Then she bent and planted a moist, tingling kiss on the tip of his peter.
A thrill went through Cal, and his cock started to stiffen out. Viv smiled up at him.
"It likes that," she said. "How do you suppose it would like it if I…"
She capped her mouth over the ballooning head of the organ which now stood stiffly out from the front of Cal's jeans.
"Wow!" he exclaimed, and his hands lit in Viv's hair.
She sucked his cock with long, looping lunges, the glans skidding along her tongue and into the opening of her throat as her lips gobbled along the spit-slick shaft. Thrills rocketed upward in Cal's body, making his head light.
Suddenly Viv stopped sucking him and let his horny pecker snap upright. She rose to her feet, smiling foxily.
"Now why don't we get into bed and fuck?" the glamorous young woman suggested.
Cal had to struggle to adhere to his purpose. But his mind had been firmly made up, and he had the Hinshaw toughness.
"Naw," he said, shaking his head and backing up. "I've got to go." His cock wilted.

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