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Four-way Bride
10-17-2012, 02:36 AM
Post: #61
RE: Four-way Bride
At this point he fully expected Viv to curse him. But her eyes merely glinted with new determination. She dropped to her knees in front of him again.
Scooping one hand into his clothes and bringing out his soft, hairy balls, she used the other to stuff nearly his entire penis into her mouth. Her wild tongue lashed the flaccid but meaty organ as she sucked urgently at its base, her nose rubbing against the coarse fabric of his jeans.
Cal released a voluptuous groan, and his cock became pipe-like once more, forcing Viv to back up. She tugged at his tensing nuts and rolled them as she licked and sucked at the knob of his penis.
Though he clung to his decision to tell Viv good-bye, he knew he wouldn't be able to leave her until she had brought him off. He began to rock on the balls of his feet, fucking his stiff dick in and out of the girl's pink, moist lips.
Viv tried to withdraw as before, thinking that now she could get him to agree to go to bed with her. But Cal clutched her curly head and held her in place. He kept stroking his iron-hard penis forward and back, in and out of her mouth.
Viv was dismayed. The last thing in the world that she wanted was to suck this dirty cowboy to a climax. But she seemed to have no choice. His big dick was sticking into her face, pumping like crazy, and he had such a firm grip on her head that she couldn't get away.
Her efforts to resist had stimulated Cal all the more, and he was only a few strokes away from a climax. Fucking Viv's mouth even faster, he strove for the beckoning prize. His balls swung, slapping the girl's chin as he rhythmically rammed his pecker into her throat.
Viv gagged and gurgled, desperately trying to keep from vomiting. Her eyes watered. Suddenly Cal gave a lusty groan, and the cream bubbled up from his balls to stream hotly down the tube of his cock. The thick slime splashed into Viv's throat.
Horrified, she tried to keep from swallowing the nasty stuff, but couldn't. One gulp went down. Cal, however, let go of her head in his excitement, and she was able to back up. She took his next spurt on her tongue. Closing her throat, Viv held the bland-tasting, musky semen in her mouth. Cal spurted again, filling her mouth even fuller of the stuff.
Finally she was able to back up sufficiently to dislodge Cal's prick. It swayed away, dripping the last of his charge. Semen drooled over Viv's pink lip and down her chin.

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10-17-2012, 02:37 AM
Post: #62
RE: Four-way Bride
She struggled to her feet and rushed into the bathroom. Cal stood with a strangely bemused expression and listened to her spitting furiously into the john.
By the time she returned to the bedroom, his penis was restored to his pants and his fly was closed.
"That, uh, wasn't very nice," Viv scolded mildly. Then she forced a smile. "But I'll forgive you, darling… this time."
"Sorry, if you didn't like it," Cal said, turning toward the door. "I was trying to leave before, but you wouldn't let me."
"You mean, you're still going to walk out? After that?"
"I've got to," Cal said, opening the door. "Sorry to hurt your feelings, but…"
"Why you miserable creep!" Viv exclaimed.
At last Cal had drawn from her the explosive response which made him feel better about telling her good-bye. He grinned and stepped into the hall.

"Prick!" she screamed after him.
An elderly maiden lady, just entering the hotel's small, unattended lobby, stopped in horror. Cal tipped his hat as he edged around her and left the building. Viv slammed the door of her room.
"Well, I never!" the old maid exclaimed. She marched to, the hotel desk and began beating on the bell to summon the manager.

It was mid-afternoon at the ranch when Pete looked up from the work he was doing near the barn and caught a glint of sunlight off an approaching car. He recognized the sporty machine as that of Cal's girl friend.
Since his younger brother was out on the range rounding up some strays, Pete put down the harness he had been mending and ambled over to the open area next to the house where he waited to greet the visitor.
Viv brought her car to a stop and smiled at him. "You're just the man I want to see!" she cheerfully announced, swinging the car's door open.
Pete ogled her lovely legs as she brought them around. Again she was wearing a miniskirt that was so short it revealed a flash of panty crotch-pink today. Pete's penis stirred.
"How come you want to see me?" the lanky young man inquired. "I thought you and Cal was…"
"Cal's very immature, I'm afraid," Viv said. "I've always liked… older men, anyway." Her hands lit on the buttons of Pete's work shirt. She toyed with them while smiling up at him.

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10-17-2012, 02:37 AM
Post: #63
RE: Four-way Bride
Considering that Cal had taken Viv away from him at the beginning, then had muscled in on Millie, the elder brother would have been happy to beat Cal's time, if it were a question of that. However, Viv's pitch was just a little too blatant.
He had been suspicious of her from the start, but he hadn't been able to figure out her game.
"Ain't you got enough facts yet for that story you're writing?" Pete inquired coolly.
Viv took her hands away from him. "Well, not quite." She looked around uneasily. "Where's Cal, anyway?"
"Out on the range. He won't be back till supper time."
Viv smiled. "Oh, that's good!" She took Pete's arm and turned him around. "Let's you and I walk over to that big old haystack next to the stable."
Pete went with her, though his mind churned with suspicious resentment. Where did she get off anyway, he wondered, wiggling her butt around there, first making a play for Cal and then for him? What did she think he was – some simple boob who would be so grateful for the chance to screw her that he wouldn't ask any questions?
When they reached the large pile of straw where Pete had watched her surrender to Cal the other day, she drew him down beside her.
"Now, isn't this nice?" she purred, practically flashing a sign that read Kiss me!
"You sure you're a writer?" Pete stuck a straw into his mouth.
Viv blinked. "Why, yes. I told you that the first day I was here."
"What kind of a story are you writing? Maybe I'll want to read it some time."
"Do you read much?" Viv asked, chuckling. Her eyes seemed to mock him.
"Quite a bit," Pete replied evenly. "The nights around a ranch are pretty dull."
"Your nights don't have to be dull from now I on," the red-haired girl said boldly, placing her hand on the warm, tightly packed crotch of Pete's jeans.
He sprang at her, pushing her onto her back in the straw. "What the hell's your problem, baby? Are your pants so damned hot you've got to throw yourself at every man you see?"
"Pete!" she exclaimed, breathing hard as she stared up at him in surprise. "What an awful thing to say!"
"That's how it looks to me. First you go after Cal and let him screw you fifteen minutes after you meet, and now you're onto me. Why us, baby? Ain't there any hot cocks in Reno?"
Viv was speechless. She decided she had underestimated Pete, and perhaps Cal, also.
The lanky man slowly released her and leaned back. "You're a damned good-looking babe and – don't get me wrong – I wouldn't mind playing with you. But the whole thing seems kind of funny."
"All right." Viv sat up. "Cal and I had a fight. I wanted to hurt him, and I thought the best way to do that would be to have an affair with you." She suddenly smiled. "But I like you, anyway. I did from the first. It was only after Cal mentioned that you had a girl friend that I even looked at him."

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10-17-2012, 02:37 AM
Post: #64
RE: Four-way Bride
"What girl?"
"Millie, I think Cal said her name was. You remember him telling me."
"Millie's my kid brother's wife."
"Oh." Viv's pink lips pursed.
"That still don't answer the question of why a gal like you is so easy to make. Baby, you're no dog. If you was, maybe I could understand."
"Okay, forget it." Viv stood and brushed the straw off her. "You've made me feel cheap, and I don't care for that."
"Another thing," Pete said thoughtfully as he remained seated, sucking on the piece of straw. "Why was you so hot to take Cal away from here?"
"I'm not going to answer a lot of stupid questions."
Viv turned and started to leave. Pete leaped off the straw pile, caught her by an arm, and spun her around. She gasped and stared at him.
"Who sent you to see us?" Pete asked, getting a sudden brainstorm. "Was it Trevor Reed?"
"What if it was?" Viv snapped angrily. "It didn't work, so that's that. Now let go of me!"
Pete's studied calm ignited into anger. The cheap cunt had nearly torn his family apart, making Cal threaten to tell Danny about Millie and him, and forcing him to throw Millie into Cal's arms. He wasn't about to let her off easy.
"What's the connection between you and Reed?" Pete demanded. "Are you just some whore he hired?"
Viv's eyes blazed, and she swung her free arm, slapping him across the face.
Pete's anger turned to rage. He swept Viv off her feet, whirled around, and tossed her into the straw. She landed on her fanny, her lovely legs in the air. Her short skirt skidded to her lap, exposing strips of bare thigh between the tops of her hose and the elasticized edges of her pink nylon briefs.
Sputtering with indignation, Viv rolled over in an effort to get up. Her skirt wound around her middle, baring her bottom. The shapely cheeks quivered, the crack between them enticingly visible through the sheer nylon.
Before Viv could rise to her hands and knees, Pete landed beside her. His hand at the middle of her back held her down as he gazed at the inviting target of her lightly-covered ass.
The lean, hard-faced cowboy raised his hand and brought it down stingingly against Viv's bottom.

"Oh!" she exclaimed.
Fired by the springy quiver of her asscheeks and by the sound which his hand had made when he had smacked them, Pete raised his hand and brought it down again – harder this time.
"Ow!" Viv bawled. "You dirty bastard!"
"How much did Reed pay you to break us down?" Pete snarled. "Was it worth this?"
He spanked her sleek, quivering panty seat again.
"He didn't pay me, God damn you! I'm a…"
Again his hand struck her bouncy bottom.

"Ah! Real estate broker."
"Just working for commission, huh?" Pete said. "Well, this is it!"
He spanked her a fifth time.

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10-17-2012, 02:37 AM
Post: #65
RE: Four-way Bride
"Let me up! I'm sorry… I'm sorry!" Viv began to sob.
By this time Pete was so involved in the excitement of the spanking that he couldn't stop. He wanted to hurt Viv even more.
He grasped the elastic band at the top of her panties and stretched it back, causing the flimsy garment to skid out from under her tummy. Her white ass was bare. The satiny skin bore pink splotches where his hand had struck. Pete let the elastic snap against Viv's thighs just below the tops of her stockings, and he raised his hand above her once more.
As she writhed impotently in the soft straw, he spanked both bare buttocks, then just the left, then the right. The pink splotches turned an angry red.
The humiliated and painfully chastised young woman kicked and sobbed.
"What the shoot's goin' on?" Cal asked excitedly as he loped up.
Pete glared at him and continued to hold Viv down. "I didn't think you was coming back till night."
"The strays was easy to find. Man, what're you doing to Viv?"
"Oh, Cal, make him stop!" she pleaded tearfully. "He's killing me!"
Pete grinned lustfully as he looked at her rosy-streaked ass. "Ain't that a picture?"
Cal squatted in the straw. "What're you swatting her for?"
"Because she came out here slingin' her stuff at me after you and her broke up. And guess what I found out – she's working for Reed!"

"No bull?"
"She admitted it. She's a fuckin' real estate broker. If she could have got us to sell, she would've made a fat fee. Now she's just getting her ass burned, and she don't like it."
"Oh, please… please!" Viv moaned. Her buttocks quivered as she squirmed.
Cal grinned. "So she went after you, huh? Maybe she'd like to take on both of us… at once."
"You fiends!" Viv shrilled. "I'll have both of you arrested!"
"And have the whole story of what you and Reed was trying to do come out?" Pete asked. "Not likely."
"Come on, man," Cal said eagerly. "Let's jazz her!"

"No!" she cried.
"How do you want to do it?" Pete asked.
Cal pulled her bruised buttocks apart, exposing her pink little asshole and the red wisps surrounding the bottom of her cuntal slash. "Well, she's got two holes. That's just enough for two peckers, wouldn't you say?"
Viv was too shocked and terrified to make a sound.
"Your arithmetic's pretty good," said Pete. "Which hole do you want?"

"I'll take her pussy."

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10-17-2012, 02:37 AM
Post: #66
RE: Four-way Bride
"That's fine with me," Pete replied. "I always kind of liked them old dirt roads."
Viv found her voice: "No! Oh God, no! Listen… I'll take on both of you, but one at a time. Okay?"
"Listen to how eager she is," Pete said, still pressing the small of her back.
"You think we ought to have pity on her?" Cal asked.
"She didn't have no pity on us."
"I'll take you both at once," Viv said quickly, sniffling back her tears. "I'll suck one of you while the other screws me."
"Hey, that sounds pretty good," said Cal.
Pete seemed to consider the proposition. Finally he said, "Okay, but I figger she ought to suck both of us."
"Yes… yes, I will!" Viv exclaimed. "Just let me up."
"First you've gotta take off all them clothes," Pete insisted.

"All right!" Viv said. "Anything."
"Be ready to grab her if she starts to run," Pete told his brother, releasing the pressure on her back.
Viv quickly rolled over and sat up. Her fancy hairdo had gotten mussed, and there was straw in it. Her tears had caused her eye makeup to run.
"Help her off with her blouse," Pete said.
As the girl sat helplessly in the straw, Pete took hold of her pullover at one side while Cal grasped it at the other. They whisked the garment up over her head.
Viv's titties were cuddled in a low cut pale pink brassiere. Cal reached around her and fumbled the fasteners open, then whipped the flimsy garment away. Her pale tits jiggled, their pink nipples sticking out.
"Let's take them pants off," Pete said, wrapping his hand around the soft crotch of the panties which were halfway down her thighs.
As he pulled the pants away, Cal bent and licked at a titty while squeezing the other in his big, rough hand.
Viv whimpered in degradation, but she didn't dare complain for fear the coarse cowboys would give her the shocking treatment they had first threatened.
"What have we got here?" Pete said, roughly pulling her stocking-clad legs apart. He dug a hand down between the bare tops of her thighs and rubbed her velvety, hair-covered cunt.
Viv squirmed in a vain effort to avoid the humiliating pawing.
"Well, are we gonna get us a blow job or not?" Cal asked as he raised his head from her breasts.

"I'm ready," Pete said.

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10-17-2012, 02:37 AM
Post: #67
RE: Four-way Bride
Crouching at either side of Viv, the two men unlimbered their pricks. Wide-eyed, she glanced from one thrusting pecker to the other, both of which were aimed threateningly at her. It was easy to see that Pete held at least a two-inch advantage over his brother. Pete's rod was the longest Viv had ever seen.
He crawled closer, his stiff prick nodding. Cal followed suit, and the dismayed girl had both dongs poking at her face, so close that she could smell their aroused fragrance.
"Okay, baby," Pete said. "Start licking."
There was nothing Viv could do but obey. She stuck out her rosy little tongue and swiped it across the tip of Pete's dick. He clutched his rod at its base to hold it steady.
"Mine now," Cal said, holding his organ and leaning closer.
Viv closed her eyes as she licked his cock. But there was no way she could close her nostrils to the raunchy fumes that emanated from the spit-moistened, passion-hot peter.

"Back to me," Pete ordered.
The humiliated girl had to open her eyes to see where to lick. As her tongue glided over the crown of Pete's cock, he pushed forward. His fat glans shoved Viv's tongue back into her mouth and followed, plugging her face quite thoroughly.
Quivering at the brink of nausea, Viv sucked the meaty, juice-exuding glans. Suddenly Pete withdrew and pushed her face toward Cal, who immediately shoved his prick into her mouth. She was forced to turn back and forth, from one thrusting dick to the other, licking and sucking.
She didn't catch the signal which Pete gave his younger brother. When Cal flopped onto his back, his upthrust cock swaying like a flagpole in a hurricane, Viv took advantage of the opportunity to mount him and encase his penis in her silken, slippery box. That was one, at least, that she wouldn't have to suck any more.
Cal pulled the impaled young woman forward atop him, her titties compressing against his chest. He spread his legs well apart, to allow room for Pete to kneel between them.
The lanky cowboy dropped to position, his monstrously long, virile organ nodding. Its head still gleamed with the viscid glaze of Viv's saliva.
Pete eyed her lovely buttocks, split as she lay atop Cal, his shaft stretching the rosy orifice in her titian curls. Her cute little asshole winked from between the white mounds which still bore the pink splotches caused by Pete's spanking.
Taking a firm grip on his lengthily protruding prick, Pete wiggled forward and placed the tip of the tool against Viv's defenseless anus. As soon as she felt the contact, the frightened girl tried to squirm forward, but Cal's encircling arms held her securely. There was no way she could avoid Pete's twisting thrust.
Viv bawled as the fat, slippery head of his pecker painfully bulled its way through the sphincter of her ass and sank into her hot rear chamber.
"You're killing me!" she wailed.

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10-17-2012, 02:37 AM
Post: #68
RE: Four-way Bride
Paying no attention to her anguished cries, Pete began fucking her virginal asshole, thrilling to the tightness of the elastic portal and to the compressed condition of her rectum, caused by the presence of Cal's thick shaft up her cunt.
As Pete screwed her rear, the other man stroked up and down in her pussy, jostling Viv and increasing the pain of Pete's unnatural penetration. The hapless young woman moaned and sobbed as the two pricks pumped inside her at the same time, rubbing each other through the thin membranes separating the chambers that they occupied.
Pete forged deeper and deeper into Viv's ass, grunting as her spasming tightness gave him an extremely voluptuous sensation. Cal similarly was enjoying his thrusts into her tighter-than-usual vagina.
"Oh, I can't stand it!" Viv cried as she writhed in a futile effort to escape from the dual impalement, especially Pete's searing incursion up her butt which seemed to have set her guts on fire.
But the brothers kept fucking her, bouncing her, jostling her – pounding their hard meat into her with ruthless abandon.
Viv's moans tapered off, and she began panting.
Pete could hardly believe it when he felt her ass push backward against his horny penetrations. She worked avidly forward and back, first pressing against him, then against Cal.
"Fuck me… fuck me!" she breathed, the words barely intelligible. Her cries quickly increased in volume until she was screaming, "Fuck me… screw me… rip me! God damn you motherfucking bastards… Bull me! Ram me! Tear… me… apart!"
Cal and Pete all but granted her insane wish as they fucked her cunt and asshole furiously, each ramming as the other withdrew for yet another plunge. Viv hunched forward and back between them, bawling and squealing. Her titties flopped wildly about. Her pussy rippled around Cal's slippery, hard incursions as her anal muscles gripped Pete's penetrating red-hot poker.
Finally she let out an air-splitting shriek and climaxed, spasming in both holes at once as she shook all over. Pete groaned and spurted his hot sperm into her guts as Cal let go in her vagina. The three lust-locked lovers rolled together in the straw, oblivious to everything but the mind-boggling thrills that coursed through them.
Later Viv pulled her clothes together and scurried back to her car, her hair wildly disheveled and her makeup streaked on her cheeks. The brothers sat in the straw and laughed.
"Do you reckon she'll sic the sheriff on us?" Cal asked as his laughter subsided.
"Shit, no!" said Pete. "She and Reed have got too much to hide. Anyway, she had the time of her life. She'll be thinking on this for years to come."
"Well, I'm glad I'm rid of her," Cal replied. "Now I can concentrate on taking care of Millie."
"You?" Pete snapped. "What the hell makes you figure you've got the inside track with her?"

"I was in her room this morning," the younger brother bragged.

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10-17-2012, 02:38 AM
Post: #69
RE: Four-way Bride
"Yeah? Well, I'll be there tonight – and you'd best steer clear."
Cal growled, "Shit! I don't mind sharing her with Danny, cause he's her husband. But I don't see why the fuck I've got to share her with you, too."
"You figure you're big enough to do something about it?" Pete challenged, standing up.
Cal got up, stared at his older brother for a moment, then turned away. "Let's leave it up to Millie. I reckon she can decide for herself who she'd rather screw."
Pete was willing. Now that Millie had had a taste of his big dick, he felt confident that she wouldn't settle for less.
There would be trouble after Danny got up and about. But Pete would ford that stream when he came to it. If the final outcome were to split up the family and leave him with both the ranch and the girl, he could live with that. His main problem, Pete believed, would be to convince his old man not to sell out to Reed.
Maybe Millie could help, Pete conjectured. He had never heard of a father and son sharing the same woman, but he didn't see any reason why it couldn't be done. And his father wouldn't offer too much competition.
With this thought to stir his imagination, Pete went back to work.

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10-17-2012, 02:38 AM
Post: #70
RE: Four-way Bride
Millie was a busy girl during the next few days, entertaining both of Danny's brothers and also his father. She concentrated her efforts on seeing that old Gus didn't find out she was still bedding Pete and Cal, while keeping it from the boys that she was taking care of their father and each other. Her ingenuity was taxed to the utmost.
But the rewards made it all worthwhile. Millie reveled in an almost constant sexual high – getting screwed on the range, in the haymow, and on the straw pile by day, and ending up in Gus' bed at night. She made it a rule that no one was to visit her room and enforced the ban by keeping a chair propped under her doorknob. This helped her keep each Hinshaw from finding out she was entertaining the others.
Millie also took care of Danny by hand and mouth, and in a spiritual way she found this the most enjoyable activity of all. Her love for her handsome young husband remained untouched by her other sensual experiences, and his appreciation of her new lack of sexual inhibitions gave her added pleasure. They were as happy together as his physical condition would permit.
However, this contentment was soon blasted by the arrival in the mail of a menacing notice from the local water district. In precise legal language, the Hinshaws were informed that the district's board of directors had voted to divert Coyote Creek, which flowed across the rear of Stallion Ranch.
"Hellfire, they can't do that!" Cal exclaimed when his father brought the matter up for discussion that evening. "We need that water for the back range. It'd cost us a fortune to pipe well-water back there for the stock."
"I reckon they can do it right enough," Gus said with a sigh. "They tell us here in the notice that they'll put in a ditch from the new creek for our use, but we've got to pay a big assessment for the construction cost."
Pete said, "It's that sonofabitch Reed again! With him owning most of the land in the county, he runs the water district, too."
Cal glanced from his brother to his father. "Ain't there nothing we can do about it?"
"I'll see a lawyer," Gus said without enthusiasm. "But the district's probably within their rights, long as they're willing to put in a ditch for us."
"This is going to bust us for sure," Cal declared. "That bastard Reed! He's going to get his fuckin' way after all."
"Watch your language, boy," Gus scolded. "Millie's here."
The young woman had been sitting quietly at the side of the room, listening to the conversation among Gus and his sons. Now that everyone was looking her way, she spoke up.
"This Reed doesn't sound human. He must be interested only in land and money."
"He's human enough," Cal said with a bitter laugh. "The talk is, he's quite a ladies' man."
"Really?" Millie responded. An idea was germinating in her mind.

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