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Fucked on the Lonely Island
08-01-2012, 12:04 AM
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RE: Fucked on the Lonely Island
Thanx buddy!

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08-05-2012, 01:11 AM
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RE: Fucked on the Lonely Island
Joey woke up in pain. It was still dark but there was a storm on the bed. Om and Amy were tangled up and the game was going on. The bed, that was made in a very raw manner, was shaking as Om and Amy were indulged in their intimate moments.

Joey tried to get up. He shrieked and sat, unable to get up. He was in agony due to his painful ass. He somehow got up taking support of the walls and saw Om and Amy engaged passionately. Om was having a rocking time in the forest. Joey grieved at his loss and slowly limped out of the cottage. He saw John, who had woken up and was sitting under the tree.

Joey descended the stairs with much effort and sat a distance away from John.

‘You are not upset?’ Joey said, ‘Your husband is with the other woman.’

John smiled and gave him a teasing look.

‘Not at all! I am happy for my man!’ John spoke with pride, ‘I love him and this is a stupid little thing to get upset for.’

‘What?’ Joey was in awe, ‘Stupid little thing?’

‘Joey! My Hunk is man enough to satisfy me as well as her.’

‘He is a horny wild beast.’

‘Don’t you use such words for him again!’

‘Don’t you feel like having sex with someone else. What about me?’ Joey wanted to lure John and teach Om a lesson.

‘Get to walk properly first, you fucked up picklehead.’ John said in disgust, ‘My Om first manhandled you, then he played with you like a toy, you kept begging for mercy, you kissed and sucked his king sized dick, he rubbed you squeezed you and then even fucked you and you couldn’t do anything. Now you want me.’

Joey was a little disturbed, he had thought that John didn’t know of what happened in the night.

‘Don’t you even dare to touch me.’ John said in anger.

‘Why? What would you do?’ Joey tried to hide his guilt. He moved forward to grab John.

John was quick and he held Joey’s arm tangled his leg into Joey’s and pulling him down John flung Joey in air and made him land on the ground with a loud thud. Joey was stunned with disbelief and landed with his back and wriggled in pain.

‘Awwwhhhh! Ooooooooooh! Yooooou! Bitch!’ Joey cried with pain.

John smiled and saw Om had got out of the cottage. He came up to him and hugged him.

‘My sweetie! I am proud of you!’ Om kissed John.

Om kicked Joey’s butt and said, ‘You learnt a new lesson today, dickhead.’ Saying this Om spit on Joey’s face.

‘And listen, Om had decided to let you win the bout. But you moron, you incited him with your words. He never wanted to have Amy. He was not responding to her, you made him do that.’ John shouted.
Joey had enough disgrace, to get mishandled in the match, having to suck a cock, getting fucked up and then got beaten up by a woman. Joey lay, unable to get up.

Om told John to give Joey something to eat and resumed his daily routine. He went out to get the supplies.
John and Amy talked about Om the whole day. Joey had no strength to get up so he slept on the ground down the cottage.

In the evening Joey’s body felt relaxed but his heart was heavy. He didn’t dare to get away as he was afraid of the forest.

It was dark and Om didn’t return. Joey was feeling a sort of happiness that Om wouldn’t return, probably some wild animal would have eaten him up. But Om returned, he was late because he had to make arrangements for four persons now.

Joey was still sitting outside.

‘Hey dicky how’s your ass?’ Om asked Joey. He was rather sympathetic now.

Joey didn’t answer and sat still. Om went into the cottage. John rushed and hugged him. Om embraced him into his arms. Amy kept sitting on the bed and watched the duo expressing their love.
Since everyone was hungry, they had their dinner. Joey ate the fruits and felt much better.

‘Hey Om! I am sorry for everything! Please forgive me! I assure you that this won’t be repeated.’

‘That’s alright Joey! I have nothing against you now!’

Joey was in the cottage too. The three were happily talking on the bed while Joey sat on the floor and watched them.

‘Hey what happened to that businessman, who mysteriously disappeared while flying for his meeting. It was in the news, probably a year ago.’ Om asked Joey curiously.

‘Oh! The probe went on for about a month and finally it is feared that he had drifted into the Bermuda triangle. The last positions of the plane on the radar indicate that only. Nothing after that. No news, nothing. He didn’t return. His step brother has taken control of his empire and the business is on downfall.’ Joey replied.

Om looked at John worriedly. John was disturbed by the news.

‘But why are you asking that?’ Joey enquired.

‘I want privacy.’ Om said authoritatively, ‘Only me and my jaan!’

Joey and Amy questioningly looked at them.

‘I want to spend some time with my darling sweet heart. We are used to being lonely. Please.’ Om looked at Amy.

As they went out, Om shut the door and turned to John and enveloped him in his arms. John was disturbed.

‘So we are in the Bermuda island.’ Om pressed the heavy hearted John more tightly and kissed him.

‘We won’t be able to get out of here for the rest of our lives.’ John sobbed pressed tightly against Om’s hairy chest.

Om picked John in his arms and lay him on the bed. Then he also got on the bed and lay beside John. He dragged John and their bodies brushed. John looked into Om’s eyes and Om kissed his lips and sucked them. John gradually got drifted and answered his man’s lust. The two naked bodies tangled up and got heated. Om was over John and Om’s dick was into him. Om again fucked John.

Om spent the whole night with John. He fucked John several times as John would drift into his unpleasant memories again and again.

Surprised Joey and Amy got tired and slept outside the cottage.

The next morning Om got ready and asked Joey to get along.
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08-25-2012, 01:10 AM (This post was last modified: 08-26-2012 01:03 AM by thelostsoul14.)
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RE: Fucked on the Lonely Island
Accompanied by the lion Shankar, they moved into the forest. Om had a chord of emotions attached to John, now Jaan. So, he was a little perturbed, thinking of his ‘lady love’. He was capable of protecting his sex mate from any physical harm, but the mental disturbance that news had created was beyond his control. Lost in his thoughts, he drifted into a different direction. Joey was quiet all the way, as he didn’t want such ruthless and humiliating treatment again.

As they walked on, Om realized that they had lost their way. Joey panicked but Om was cool and composed. They moved into a direction hoping to find their way ‘home’. But they reached a sea shore. Joey was full of joy as he hoped to get help from some passing vessel. Om didn’t tell him that they were in The Bermuda and cherishing any hope was futile. So when Joey was wondering how to light up a fire, Om effortlessly did that with the help of some twigs and dry leaves. Joey was full of appreciation and admiration for Om. After sitting idle for hours, when Joey saw nothing, he exhausted. It was getting dark and he felt hungry. He looked at Om, he was sound asleep.

‘It seems he doesn’t want to get out of here.’ Joey thought. He stood up and woke up Om and asked him, if he could help him to find something to eat.

Om rubbed his eyes, stretched his arms and legs and they set off in search of food. Om had instructed Joey not to wander off. But Joey ignored the warning and went further, as Om had perched up a tree to collect some fruits.
Soon Joey saw a pack of wolves. He got frightened and ran, the wolves growled and ran after him. Joey called Om shouting as loudly as he could. Om heard him and jumped off the tree as he had sensed the danger. He rushed in the direction where the shrill cries were coming from. As he reached he saw a wolf had just jumped over Joey and others were behind him and about to follow suit. Om roared. The wolves that were behind stopped and the one that had attacked Joey raised up its head and looked at Om. Om stared it in the eyes. The wolf’s growl calmed down, he sniffed Joey and meekly turned away to its mates. Within seconds, the whole pack vanished into the forest. Joey sat up, a little bruised due to fall and also due to wolves paws. He looked at Om, dragged and clung to his mighty legs and thanking him, he cried. Om gave a pat on Joey’s shoulder and pulled him up. Joey stood on his feet, full of gratitude. He again burst into tears and hugged Om.

‘Everything is okay, buddy!’ Om cheered him up, ‘I told you not to wander about alone.’

‘I am sorry for that. You are god to me. You saved me.’

Om consoled Joey and they went to the place where Om had gathered fruits for their meal.

After savouring the feast, they returned to the sea shore. It was getting dark.

‘I am telling you, its no use sitting over here. I have tried that.’ Om said.

‘Ah! You must be right!’ Joey said, ‘Let’s return back.’

‘We have lost the way. It won’t be proper to proceed right now. Its dark, we will go in the morning.’

‘Even the ferocious animals are afraid of you. Good heavens. Who are you? And I tried to mess up with you. How foolish of me!’

‘You know what! I had made up my mind to let you win. Had you not blabbered, I won’t have treated you like that. I never had any thoughts about Amy.’

‘Yeah! I realize! What I did was wrong!’

‘No! You weren’t wrong! Even I would have behaved like that, if I were in your place. But one thing is for sure, I wont have talked such filth about someone’s lady.’

‘I apologise for that! Please forgive me!’

‘Don’t worry, I did what I wanted with you! I have no qualms. Now let’s take some rest.’

So they lied down, side by side. Om fell asleep within moments. Joey was wide awake, he had started worshipping his human god. He looked at Om, as his hairy chest was rising and falling. The enormous chest, the chest of The Man. He moved closer to Om and caressed his chest. Om was asleep, undisturbed.

Joey got a little more closer and rest his head on The Man’s chest. The soft hair brushed his face, and incited a wave that flashed through his whole body. Joey shrinked and rubbed his feet restlessly as he kissed the hairy chest of Om.

Om enveloped Joey in his massive arm and pulled him closer. Joey rubbed Om’s chest in ecstasy and nibbled his nipple. Om moved and opened his eyes.

‘I thought I had a man for company.’ Om said as he saw Joey wrapped up in his arms and kissing his chest.

‘Ah! I want to worship you! My man.’ Joey said.

Om lowered his underwear baring his enormous and erect dick.

‘It was urging for long, but I didn’t give you a thought.’ Om said with a glitter, ‘Go ahead, you worship me and then have the ‘Prasad’.’

‘What is pr…? What did you say!’ Joey was perplexed.

‘You will know it by yourself.’ Saying this Om pushed Joey between his thighs and plopped his hard and hot dick into Joey’s mouth. Joey started ‘worshipping’ Om by sucking his enormous cock. Om put his hands on Joey’s head and kept him in motion. Joey was enjoying the blowjob. Om’s hard rock like dick was giving him the flight of ecstasy. Joey was overwhelmed with Om’s lust and felt too meek in front of him that he didn’t mind shedding off his manhood. He was trying his best to please his man. He would look at Om every now and then who was constantly rubbing his head and face and looking down at him. Om’s contented smile made him continue his job with more pleasure.
The man wasn’t yet satisfied but Joey began exhausting. At this Om got over Joey and drilling his cock into Joey’s mouth got into fierce to and fro motion. Joey rubbed Om’s thighs that surrounded his head.
The animal in Om was unleashing his lusty objectives untiringly. Om had an enormous urge and stamina for sex, that drove Joey out of his senses. Joey was tired and wanted to relax but he couldn’t gather courage to ask Om to stop and pull out his dick, that was discharging the precum, out of his mouth. Joey was in pain as his mouth was stretched out to accomodate king sized cock. Om would choke him for a while as he would push his tool deep into Joey’s throat and pressing it further in.
Finally when Joey had begun feeling that this is going to go on forever the beastly cock discharged its lust. The beast satisfied himself by unleashing a hot jet of his thick and sticky semen into Joey’s mouth and then he spattered another loadful over Joey’s chest.

Om had a satisfied smile as he moved and sat beside him. Tired Joey savoured the semen spattered over his chest and mouth by wiping it through his fingers.

‘You have a dick more than 10 inches in length and 2.5 inches in width.’ Joey exclaimed as he panted.

‘Hahaha! Darling you were measuring it up.’ Om laughed.

Joey didn’t say anything.

‘Any how! My desires were getting stronger and I wanted to get to my ladies sooner.’

‘Ah! I am so tired! Let’s sleep and take some rest.’

‘No way sweetheart! I am hungry! Satisfy my hunger.’

‘After some rest! I will suck your dick very skillfully this time.’

‘No! Not sucking this time! Now I wanna fuck you!’

‘Whaaaaat? No that’s too hard for me!’

‘It will be smooth job after a few times.’ Om turned Joey, saying this.

‘Naaah! Pleeeeese!’

But Om didn’t budge and slapped Joey butts a few times, spit into it and rubbed it with his fingers. Joey cried in agony. He shuddered and writhed but had no escape.

Finally Om’s beast tunneled Joey and gave him a nice bang. The hairy body scraped and skinned the smooth body, making it burning hot. The two bodied entangled into each other. Om fucked Joey nicely and his thighs banged Joey’s thighs. Finally, the semen flowed into Joey and filled his ass to the brim, and trickled down slowly. Joey slept in pain, but not for long, as Om had become very horny.

Joey wanted to worship his man, but he chose the wrong way. They reached home after another two days. And meanwhile, Om had fucked up Joey innumerable times.
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08-29-2012, 12:27 AM (This post was last modified: 08-29-2012 12:34 AM by thelostsoul14.)
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RE: Fucked on the Lonely Island
Om and Joey reached the cottage. Joey was too fucked up and had a paining ass, so he dropped down at the foot of the stairway and lay down. Om went into the cottage put the bag aside. The ladies came rushing and hugged Om. John clung to him and kissed his hairy chest, Om embraced John tightly. Amy hugged up Om from behind and started kissing and caressing Om’s macho body. Om gave a passionate kiss to John and then pulled Amy into his strong arms, gave her a passionate smooch too.

After the ladies had expressed their lust for Om, they started complaining for his delayed arrival. Om narrated the whole episode as how they had lost the way. Then Om went down and carried Joey on his shoulders and brought him into the cottage.

‘I am going for a swim, darling. Will be back soon.’ Om winked and said after he put Joey on the bedding made on the floor.

Joey opened his eyes and moaned with pain.

‘I am coming with you.’ Amy declared.

‘I’ll get him some food and then join you. Have a rocking time dear.’ John smiled at Amy. Amy blushed and went out following Om.

When both of them went out, John got some fruits for Joey. He sat down near him. Joey looked at him.

‘Ah! It looks like you have been fucked hard by my man.’ John said, ‘How many times?’

‘Uff! I lost the count. He has a nice stamina, he is The Man.’ Joey said meekly.

John’s smile got wider and his eyes gleamed.

‘Joey, You remember the Canterbury Businessman who was lost during his flight, and they said that the plane was last seen over The Bermudas.’

‘Yeah! So?’ Joey said questioningly.

‘I am that businessman. My name is not Jaan. Om calls me that lovingly. I am John.’

‘Whaaat?’ Joey was amazed with mouth wide open and eyes staring him from top to bottom.

‘Om is the pilot, who was flying my plane.’

‘Man! What has happened to you? You must be joking. You are a woman. You don’t look like a man.’

‘Here is my driving license for the proof.’

Joey took it from John and stared at it unbelievingly. He then looked at John.

‘Om is man enough to make me a woman. He did to me what he is doing to you. First it seemed appeared awkward, but then I gave in. Now I am happy to be his lady.’


John looked at him with raised eyebrows and a smile.

‘You are smart enough to understand what I wanna tell you.’ John chuckled.

Joey sat up, panic stricken and looked at John. He still could not believe what he was seeing. He got up and went to the door and saw Om and Amy down at the banks of the spring. Om had grabbed Amy and was fucking her. She was ecstatically enjoying like a slut. Joey came back and sat on the bedding. He forgot everything, the pain, the hunger. He did not want to be a woman. But he couldn’t think of where to go.

John descended and went to where Om and Amy were having a game. John sat down and kissed Om’s strong shoulders.

Om looked at him.

‘You are so late darling.’ Om said joyfully panting.

John kissed Om’s lips. At this Om grabbed John and gave him a nice smooch. After satisfying Amy Om engaged himself with John.

After hours of fun and sex, they went into the cottage and lay on the bed. Om lied down between John and Amy.

There were cuddled resting their head on Om’s wide chest.

In the night Om got up and saw Joey, who was not asleep yet. He got down the bed and sat near Joey.

‘What’s going on?’ Om said dragging Joey into his embrace.

Joey shuddered as Om stripped him. He looked helplessly at Om, unable to say anything.

‘Noooo! Pleeeese!’ Joey sheepishly uttered, ‘Pleeese don’t do this!’

But Om, as usual, got on with his job and lay over Joey. Om’s huge cock easily slipped into his widened ass and began moving. The pain of losing manhood had struck Joey and he shrieked, vibrating under Om. The beast got wilder and wilder gradually shaking Joey, buried under his manly body, violently. Om again gifted him his hot ‘prasad’ and then shoved his dick into Joey’s mouth and lay holding him like that. Om was sound asleep and started snoring. Joey tried to move off Om’s hand holding his head. After a sweating effort he freed himself off and taking his clothes he slipped off.

The three, got up in the morning and found Joey nowhere. As he was the odd one out, the women didn’t care for him. But Om was concerned for him, as he was out in the forest full of wild animals and didn’t know how to survive.
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08-30-2012, 01:09 AM
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RE: Fucked on the Lonely Island
John laughingly told Om why Joey had run away. Amy also laughed with him. Om looked at John with surprise.

‘What? You disclosed your secret? Why darling?’ Om said.

‘Because we did not like him here. He was an intruder into our privacy. We can enjoy ourselves completely now.’ John said caressing his broad shoulder.

‘And you Amy? He is your friend, at least.’ Om exclaimed, ‘How could you do that? And how do you know that Jaan is not lying?’

‘She… I mean he has shown us the proof.’ Amy said caressing Om’s chest.

‘What proof?’ Om retorted.

‘My driving license, my macho man.’ John said kissing Om’s chest, ‘And now stop bothering about that bastard, and don’t spoil the fun. You are not going anywhere today.’

‘But he will become prey to the wild animals. How could you be so cruel? He is a human. Okay he was wrong in the beginning, but he had remorse.’

‘Pleeese Om don’t feel bad for him. Squeeze me in your strong arms. I want to feel you all around me.’ Amy tried to seduce Om.

‘Aaaah! Let me melt into your body. Hold me tightly against your wide, hairy and very manly chest.’ John hugged up Om.

Om pushed them away.

‘I am going to find him.’

‘Whaaaat?’ Amy and John shrieked in unison.

Om just shrugged them away and stepped out in hurry. He searched for him for two days continuously. But he could find Joey nowhere.

He returned back and lost all hope of finding him. Amy and John came to him and consoled him. John kissed his moustached lips.

‘This is to relieve you from the stress.’ John said seductively.

Amy kissed his neck and shoulders. ‘And this is to make you forget that punk.’

Om grabbed John and pulled him against his wide chest and looked at him in the eyes. John blushed feeling the hairy body surrounding him and dropped his head. Om raised his chin and clasped his lips against John’s and started giving him a nice smooch. John cuddled in Om’s arms and wriggled in ecstasy feeling the twitching muscles of Om. Om kissed his cheeks, his neck and his bosom. The sounds of Om’s lips kissing him intensified John’s lust.

Seeing Om reciprocate John, Amy also got into motion. She kissed Om’s perfectly V-shaped bare back and round shoulders. Om held her and pulled her in his lap and gave her a smooch passionately. He fondled with her breasts and squeezed them. Amy was ecstatic. She rubbed her face against Om’s hairy chest.
Om undressed both John and Amy and carried them to the bed on his shoulders. The two kept sighing and moaning. As Om put them on the bed, John clung to Om’s strong and hairy thigh and gave a kiss on his the enormous bulge in Om’s undies. John lowered it down and kissed the dense pubic hair that were visible on Om’s groin. He lowered it further and uncovered Om’s huge and beastly dick. John started kissing it at the root and advanced further, licked his balls tastefully.

Amy had got on her knees and started kissing and nibbling Om’s chest. Om had wrapped Amy in his arm and was stroking John’s head with the other.

John licked Om’s dick head, and slowly sucked it. John began sucking the majestic cock passionately and kept looking at his man’s face to see his contentedness. Om lied on the bed, John was on his thighs, sucking the sticky nectar of his master’s manliness. Amy was wrapped in Om’s arms and was being smooched wildly.

Om turned taking Amy under him. John clung to his thighs. Om pressed Amy’s boobs and scrubbed them nicely while indulging her in his passionate and wild smooch. Amy was out of her senses as Om covered her all around. She could smell that intoxicating manly odour that Om’s heating body was diffusing. She moved under him restlessly all grabbed up. His hot and hard cock was pressed against her stomach and discharging his lust on her. The hairy body was scrubbing her hard. Om didn’t let her free even for a second.

A little while later, Om stopped and looked at Amy hungrily. Her eyelids dropped feeling the lust laden gaze all over her. She held on to Om’s robust shoulders wildly and writhed. Om then looked at John and pulled him by his beautiful blonde hair and smooched him passionately. John rubbed Om’s body in deep pleasure.

After exhausting John with his intense smooch, he turned aside and pulled off Amy’s panty baring her throbbing pussy.
He softly rubbed it and started fingering her. She cried in joy rubbing Om’s hand that was giving her the pleasure. After playing with her for a while he buried her under his enormous body completely covering her and drilling his cock into Amy. Amy shrieked and writhed as Om tunneled her. The hot and hard like iron caused a great friction on the walls of her pussy. It throbbed in her, giving her strong vibrations that were fulfilling her desires. She was groaning and moaning. She felt thirsty, Om sensed it and started adulterating her with his saliva. She swallowed it gleefully. The two rocked hard. Om got into rhythm and banged her hard. He was wilder and wilder. Om’s cock was furiously scraping Amy’s clit as she was knocking her feet on the bed. Finally Om unleashed the violent discharge of his semen into her satisfying her. He got up and crouched, raised Amy’s head and inserting his cock into her mouth he released his semen. He delightfully saw Amy hungrily swallowing up his discharge. He then pulled both Amy and John against his body and lay down on the bed. John hungrily caressed Om’s chest waiting for his turn.

Om fondled with John’s boobs and kissed him. He now rode over John and fucked him up wildly finally giving John his favourite drink, the loadful of his semen.
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08-30-2012, 01:43 PM (This post was last modified: 09-01-2012 08:48 AM by thelostsoul14.)
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RE: Fucked on the Lonely Island
John rested soundly with head on his man’s enormous chest, his lips brushed the man’s nipple.

Om woke up in the night, feeling his agitated dick. He rubbed it a while and then stroked it. He then pressed John, who was wrapped in his arm, closer into his body.

John moved, still asleep. Om cuddled him up and enveloped him in his body. John slowly opened his eyes could see only the hairy chest in front of his eyes. He could feel the warm aroma of Om’s body. He kissed Om’s chest, and Om pressed him more tightly.

John sighed and rubbed Om’s wide back feeling the hard cock rubbing his body. Om eased off John. John raised his sight and looked up at Om who was watching him lustfully.

Om rubbed John’s lips with his thumb. John sucked his thumb. Om lied on his back and John rose up a little to caress the wide chest of his man. Om raised his hand to support his head, and an intense body odour of Om hit John’s senses from Om’s hairy armpits. John kissed his enormous, hairy and sweaty underarm. He sucked the sweat out of the hair in the underarm.

Om smiled with pride and grabbed John in his arms and slowly moved his head to John’s head. John restlessly waited for Om’s thick lips to grab his lips and his tongue to adulterate him with his man’s hot fluids. And this happened as John wanted.

Om slowly kissed John and then intensified gradually, fondling with John’s boobs simultaneously. Om made a movement, burying John underneath. His body started scraping and rubbing John badly. John went mad, as Om got agitated.

His every body part was exciting John into a heavenly passion. His kisses, his wild tongue, his hands running around fondling with his boobs, caressing his butts, back and whole body, his enormous hairy chest bulges rubbing his breasts, his hairy torso scraping John’s torso, his erect and hard cock rubbing John’s clit, his hairy thighs rubbing John’s smooth thighs.

Om had his woman completely surrender to him. He shoved his majestically charged cock into John making John go in wild motions. Ecstatic John writhed as his man showered his lust on him. Om made pelvic movements, adjusted John here and there, and fucked him deep.

Slowly and gradually, Om began his wild thrusts with full force, rocking John to and fro fiercely. John kept moving with his man’s motions and kept moaning and groaning helplessly as Om was in full control of him.

The beast in Om took charge and he wildly fucked John for quite a time.

With a final blow Om released a loadful of burning semen violently in John. John wriggled with ecstasy as he felt filled. Warm aroma of Om’s semen filled the room. Om kissed his satisfied lady and smiled delightfully. Finally he lay over John, his dick still slumped in John. They passionately embraced and slept peacefully.
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08-31-2012, 02:07 AM (This post was last modified: 09-03-2012 01:26 AM by thelostsoul14.)
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RE: Fucked on the Lonely Island
It had been twenty days, and Joey found no shelter. He was wandering about in the dense forests not knowing where he was going. He survived on the wild fruits. Some were good to taste and some utterly bitter. And one gave him an allergic reaction. He himself wondered how he was safe from the wild animals. He had eloped only in his pants, as he was afraid Om would get up and grab him. He knelt down, cried and shouted.

Another week passed by. Joey was feeling weak and totally drained out. He wanted to be as far as he could, to protect his manhood. When John told him the truth about his identity he didn’t believe it but when he gave him the proof of his past identity, he completely froze. And just then he had decided, that he would run away at the next available opportunity. The Lions were asleep when he got out. He crossed the river in front of the cottage, daring the beasts. But now he was safe and away from Om. Joey somehow managed to travel for the next two days.

It was a sunny morning, Joey got up but felt dizzy. Everything was faint in front of his eyes. He had become very weak. He tried to get up and saw a man approaching him. He shook his head, as he knew it was a hallucination. But he fainted.

When he opened his eyes, he could not see anything. It was dark. He tried to get up and felt quite weak. He raised supporting his elbow on the ground, he felt soft cushioned bedding under him. He saw a light far off. It seemed like he was in a tunnel. He got up with much effort and almost dragged to the end where he could see some light. He slowly walked and finally got out. He was panting, so he sat down and a while later raised his head to inspect the surroundings. The sun was right above his head, shining brightly. He turned to look at where he came out from. It was a cave. There were roughly made earthen pots and some burnt wood in front. Just then he saw a man sitting on a rock at a distance away wearing shorts.

Joey walked with much effort as he had no strength to call him. The man turned and saw Joey. He got up quickly.
‘Hey man! Be careful! Are you okay now?’ He called out.
Joey sat down. The man reached him and placed his hand on his shoulder and said, ‘Do you need something?’
‘Water!’ Joey could utter only this much.
He brought him water in the earthen pot. Joey quenched his thirst.
‘I am Chris. And you?’
‘You don’t look well Joey. Let’s sit over there in the shade.’ Chris pointed to a sort of bedding made with leaves.
Chris took him to the place he had indicated, holding Joey to help him walk to it. Joey sat down. He was panting.
‘Wait! I get you the herbal potion I made for you! It will help you regain your strength.’ Saying this Chris walked into the cave.
Chris was a fairly muscular man and charming. His fair complexion was in contrast to his light brown hair, and the reddish and smiling lips that gave him a pleasant personality. He was not thin or lean nor was he too muscular. He had an athletic body.

Chris returned with the potion. Joey didn’t much like its taste but he gulped it down as he wanted to be in good health.
‘So how did you reach here?’ Chris enquired.
Joey told him the whole story eliminating Amy and the Om episode from it.
‘Oh another plane crash!’ Chris sighed.
Joey stared at him curiously.
‘Actually we, I mean Aslam and me, too are here due to our plane crash. None survived it except the two of us.’
‘Aslam?’ Joey questioned.
‘Oh! He’s the man who brought you here!’ Chris said. ‘There he is.’
Joey turned and saw the man approaching them.
‘Don’t annoy him. Just don’t annoy him. Do as whatever he asks you to.’ Chris whispered.
‘Why? What happened?’
‘Ahh! I would tell you some other time.’ Chris begged him, ‘But please, do remember my word. Please!!!’ Chris said and got up.
Aslam was another robust beast, just like Om. Joey saw Chris approaching Aslam and they were talking while walking towards him.

Aslam was very muscular. He had dense hair all over his perfect manly chest bulges and abdomen. He was wearing a Bermuda displaying his hairy calf muscles. The sturdy shoulders and enormous biceps also had traces of hair as well as his upper and lower back. His wide jaw was bearded and black hair overgrown. His cheek bones were so prominent that his eyes looked sunk. But those eyes were very sharp and looked very cunning.
Joey was comparing Aslam with Om unconsciously. His thoughts were influenced by Om.
‘Are you feeling well now?’ Aslam spoke in a husky and deep throated voice.
‘Ah! I am very fine! I don’t know how to thank you for saving my life.’
Aslam’s eyes glittered as he showered a wide smile on Joey.
‘Kiss! There’s a wild boar! Today’s kill! We will have a roasted boar tonight.’ Aslam pointed to the dead beast lying at a distance.
‘He calls me Kiss, out of love!’ Chris said grinning as he followed Aslam to help him roast the boar.

Aslam got a sharpened stone and used it like a knife to skin the animal, then tied it on a thin but strong tree trunk to hang it over the fire. Then he lit up the fire, just as Om had done, with the twigs and dry leaves. The feast was getting ready. It was getting dark.
Chris brought an earthen vessel with some liquid in it and gave it to Aslam.
‘What’s that? The same potion you gave me?’ Joey asked Chris.
‘No! That’s crude whisky like drink! He hangs earthen pots on the palm trees that secrete it. Its very intoxicating but has a pungent smell and taste! It vomited it out in the first instance and never even tried to taste it since then.’
Aslam, sitting on a boulder, looked at Chris with one raised eyebrow and a strange smile. He was enjoying his drink. Chris got up and walked to Aslam, who did ‘the bottoms up’ and put away his earthen bowl. His lower lip protruding out and hanging down was all wet with a drop of saliva sticking to it. He wiped his mouth with the back of his palm and hungrily looked at Chris, who had just stood near the boulder. It wasn’t a very large one, and Chris’ head reached just below Aslam’s chest.

Aslam pulled Chris holding his hand and grabbed him in his arms. Chris’ body brushed against the rough, furry and beefy body of Aslam. Chris looked very delicate in the hands of Aslam, who caressed his bare back and wiped the big saliva drop off his lower lip and smeared it on Chris’ lips. Chris licked them and the hairy beast holding Chris’ head locked his lips against Chris’ lips and sucked him. The two bodies were in contrast, one very smooth and fair while the other very furry and slightly darker. Aslam’s hand ran over Chris’ head rubbing it, while he passionately smooched Chris.

Joey was shocked. He had ran away from getting into such a thing, and here he was caught in a much worse situation. He had started considering Om as a better choice than Aslam.

Joey didn’t notice when Aslam had thrown off his bermudas, revealing those massive and hairy muscles of his thighs. Chris was sitting on the enormously powerful thighs and caressing Aslam’s wide chest while Aslam was smooching him. His chest fur was so dense, that Chris’ fingers got lost with Aslam’s chest hair covering them.
Chris’ head moved as Aslam’s lips travelled from his lips to his cheeks and neck. Chris was moaning ecstatically.

Suddenly Aslam pushed Chris, who fell on the ground. Aslam jumped off the rock. He was only in a black micro underwear squeezing his agitated cock, covered under the small piece of cloth. Chris had raised himself up on his elbows and was between the pillar-like strong legs of the hairy beast. Aslam stood with his hands on his waist. He pulled out his underwear. His dark, very large and thick, circumcised cock was completely hard on. It was an enormous tool with which Chris was going to be drilled. Chris looked at Aslam with some creases on his forehead.

Aslam, with a loud noise, cleared his throat and bending down pulled Chris by his hair and spit into his mouth as Chris opened his mouth with agony. Chris swallowed it.
Joey was filled with disgust and remembered what Chris had told him – Don’t annoy him. He was already paying for messing up with Om.

Chris had started licking Aslam’s pubic balls holding his massive thighs. Aslam now spit on his cock and Chris raised and licked it off and ran his tongue around Aslam’s hard and hot cock. Aslam’s dick was now into Chris’ widened mouth. He was holding it with both his hands and sucking it passionately. But Aslam wasn’t satisfied. He pulled Chris’ strongly holding his face and gave a fierce pelvic thrust so that his dick drilled completely. Chris’ lips were brushing against Aslam’s hairy groin. Chris was in deep pain as the enormous dick had dug him to his throat. He was feeling choked and rubbed his thighs as if begging Aslam to release him. Aslam reduced his force and let Chris slip out the fleshy dick out of his mouth. Chris panted, Aslam looked down at Chris and gave him a tight slap on his face. And soon again Aslam popped his dick into Chris again holding him as before. Chris helplessly looked at Aslam, but he was very brutal.

Aslam now made some quick and little pelvic moves shoving his penis to and fro in Chris’ mouth. Aslam was smiling proudly as he fucked Chris like a beast.

Joey was wondering why sex seemed to be everything everyone wanted. Be it Om or Aslam. But Om, he thought was more human, because first time he treated him like that was because he had infuriated him and second time he had seduced Om to do that.
Aslam was making some very fierce pelvic thrusts. Painful Chris was vibrating along due to the thrusts vehemently. Aslam looked at the sky ecstatically and closed his eyes as he held Chris’ head tightly close to him completely drilling his large dick into him. He released his steaming semen into Chris with force. The white sticky semen flowed out of Chris’ mouth. He released Chris, who slumped on the ground completely exhausted. Aslam stroked his penis again and released another enormous stream of his lust on Chris.
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09-04-2012, 01:20 AM
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RE: Fucked on the Lonely Island
Joey didn’t want such harsh and rude treatment. He knew that he won’t be able to survive without Om or Aslam. Here only option remaining was Aslam. So he tried hard to visualize him as his superhunk. He remembered Chris’ words again.
Aslam checked whether the meal was ready or not. He cut off a little piece with the help of his stone knife and tasted it.

‘The feast is ready’ Aslam declared.

Aslam cut off a large piece and gave it to Chris who was sitting near the rock, all exhausted. He offered another to Joey and cut a off a leg for himself. He tore off the flesh and began chewing it tastefully. Chris had also begun eating. Seeing this Joey took a bite and it was semi cooked. He spit it off and threw away the piece on the ground.
Aslam scowled.

‘I cannot eat this.’ Joey clarified.

‘It seems he has tasted it for the first time. He will soon get used to it.’ Chris calmed Aslam.

Chris got up and gave Joey some fruits he slowly nodded his head, as if telling him not to do things like that.

After filling their stomach, the three got ready to sleep. The bedding was laid near the rock, in the open. Chris asked Joey to sleep near the rock. As Joey took his position, Chris lay near him. Aslam smoked a self made crude cigarette. It gave a pungent smell.

After finishing his smoke, Aslam sturdily walked towards Joey and Chris. He asked Chris to make place for him. As Chris dragged to a side making space between him and Joey, Aslam occupied it. He lay down looking at Joey. He wrapped Joey in his arm and caressed his back. Joey had to rest his head on Aslam’s muscular shoulder. Joey could not bear Aslam’s foul body odour but had no choice. Aslam held Joey’s hand and placed it on his chest. Joey sighed and breathed heavily.

‘Why are you breathing so fast?’ Aslam asked him in his hoarse voice.

‘Ah! Nothing!’ Joey answered. He was getting uneasy.

Aslam rubbed his chest with Joey’s palm.

‘You are quite fleshy! Not skinny like my Kiss.’ Aslam said filling with lust.

Aslam rubbed Joey’s bare back and shoved his hand into Joey’s Bermudas and caressed his ass cheeks. Aslam then pulled Joey’s head on his enormously hairy and rough chest. Joey moved uneasily felling close to being fucked.

The hairy man pulled Joey’s blonde hair and quickly locked his lips onto Joey’s. Aslam got excited, his one arm enveloped Joey’s shoulder and held his head another arm pressed Joey by butts closer to his body. Aslam had turned trapping Joey between his massive body and the rock, and his muscularly hairy thigh was on Joey’s waist. He passionately smooched and sucked Joey as Joey rubbed the beast’s hairy chest with both his hands. After smooching and wetting up Joey to his satisfaction Aslam pushed Joey down into his pubic region where Aslam’s excited and hungry circumcised cock waited for Joey. It had a quite large dick head that plopped on Joey’s face. He was filled with disgust but didn’t dare to refuse. So as Aslam shoved his erect cock into Joey’s mouth he unresistingly opened his mouth as he didn’t want Aslam to spit into him. It was steaming hot.

‘Ah! Suck it woman!’ Aslam said ecstatically.

Joey sucked it. Aslam made his pelvic motions to move his dick to and fro into Joey. After fucking him in the mouth Aslam turned Joey and rubbed his ass hole and then shoved in his hot dick into it. It entered easily as Om had fucked him quite many times. Aslam moved over Joey furiously and fucked him quite hard. The beast calmed down only when the forceful jet of enormous quantity of semen unloaded into Joey.
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09-07-2012, 12:41 AM
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RE: Fucked on the Lonely Island
Wooooooooo! Very nice going! John, Joey and Chris fucked by not one but two hairy hunks Om and Aslam. Good! Keep it up! Waiting for more sexion, that is, sex action or sex filled sections. Please continue further.....
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11-06-2012, 12:54 AM
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RE: Fucked on the Lonely Island
Thanks for your consistent support Hottie! But here I am stuck...! Cannot imagine it much further! Help please!
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