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Deepika Padhukone Abduction
11-28-2012, 07:59 PM
Post: #1
Deepika Padhukone Abduction
One Spring day, Deepika was walking home from shooting alone, as her car had broken down just near her appartment. She happened to notice a white delivery

van that seemed to be following her. Every time she’d turn down another street, the van would turn also, but kept its distance. It stayed just far enough

away so that she couldn’t read the license plate, or identify the driver. She started to get quite nervous, and twice she thought about running into one of

the businesses she passed by to call her Mom for a ride home. But instead, she kept on walking. After continuing on for several more blocks, it seemed that she

was worried for nothing. The van was no longer in sight. Relieved, Deepika continued on her way home without worry. Just as she rounded the last corner

from her home, the van appeared from nowhere, screeching to halt right next to the sidewalk. Two men jumped from the side door, and grabbed her from behind

before she could run away. Deepika started to scream, but as soon as she opened her mouth, one of the men placed a rag over it. It was soaked in

Chloroform, so she was almost instantly rendered unconscious.

It wasn’t until an hour or so later that Deepika woke up. Her head pounded, and her vision was blurred for a few moments afterwards. Almost as soon as she woke

up, Deepika realized that she was naked, and lying on the concrete floor of a room about 12 feet square. Looking around, the room she saw that it had no

furnishings, and only two doors and a small window high off the floor, well out of reach. One of the doors was large and made of steel. It had a small opening with

bars covering it. Deepika got up and ran over to it. Standing on her tip-toes to see out, she found nothing more than a long hall way, with nobody in sight.

Help, koi hai pls meri help karo. Hello koi hai?" she screamed.

Her calls went unanswered. Deepika quickly ran over to the other door, but after attempting to open it, she found it was locked too. She started to cry. ” Where

am I, and who did this to me?” she wondered. Deepika walked over to the corner of the room and sat down. It was somewhat cold, and getting dark fast. She sat

in the same spot all night, wondering where this place was, and why had the men taken her here. She tried to get some sleep, but she kept thinking about her

parents, and her sister at home. The night was very long, and she couldn’t get comfortable on the cold concrete floor.

The next morning, Deepika was wakened by the ” Boom” sound of the metal door slamming shut.

"ache se soi jaaneman?" a man asked Deepika. He was tall, tan and muscular and was dressed in jeans and a white dress shirt. His hair was dark brown, and was

cut short. She noticed he wore several large gold rings on his fingers, and a thick gold chain around his neck.

As Deepika looked up at the man, she said nothing at first. Then after a few moments she asked the man, ” Who are you? Please, Main ghar jaana chahti hu”,

she said, still curled up against the wall trying to hide her naked young body.

"Iskey baarey main chinta mat kar. Tu yha thodey din rahegi and I promise you be

fine" he said.

Then without saying another word, he pulled his cock out of his pants. The man started playing with it, making it grow. When he was finished getting it hard, it

was 7-inches long, and thicker than most men’s cocks. Deepika had never seen such a large penis. Soon she realized that she was staring at it, and quickly

looked away.

"Come here” he ordered her, ” I want you to suck this little one" .

Deepika couldn’t believe what he was doing, and just sat there crying. She had

never done that before, and it scared her. What would he do to her if she didn’t obey, she thought to herself. She soon found out. "Slap", the man hit her

opened handed across her delicate face.

"Mujhe majbur mat kar, yeh sab karne ke liye, bitch." the man yelled. "Now, here’s

what you get." he said, as he grabbed her by the ankle, and dragged her to the centre of the room. "taangey phela cunt."

Deepika did as she was told. Her face stung from the slap, and she didn’t want him to repeat that again for sure.

"to tu chusti nahi hai ha? Theek hai phir yeh kartey hai" With that, he grabbed her by the backs of her knees and forcefully pushed them up flat against her

chest. "vahi pakar kar rakh saali" he ordered. Deepika did as she was told. Then he stood over her, and began jacking himself off while staring at the young girls

pussy and ass hole.

Deepika was never so humiliated and embarrassed in her life. Here was a stranger

looking at her naked body, playing with his dick. Then the man reached into his back pocket and pulled out a large double dick dildo. It had one cock about

six-inches long, and another that was about four-inches long right below it.

"What the heck is that for?" Deepika wondered. She had never seen such a thing in her life.

Her question was soon answered. The man smiled at helpless bollywood diva, and started smearing a clear lubricant all over the grotesque looking device. Then he

placed the double dildo against her young pussy and started pushing it in. When the smaller cock started to enter her asshole, Deepika clenched it tight, trying in

vain to stop the anal intrusion. But the man persisted, and soon both cocks were buried deep in her tight holes.

"Oh my God" thought Deepika, "It hurts, please stop. Please chor do mujhe" She cried.

The man began pumping the dildo into both of Deepika’s holes. First he would slowly pump it in, then he would stop and hold it in her for a moment, then repeat

the slow pumping. He wanted her to get used to the feeling of it buried in her pussy and ass.

All the while he fucked her this way, Deepika continually cried out, ” Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh oooowwww, it hurts, it hurts, pleassseee stop!”

This lasted for several minutes. Then the man stopped pumping the dildo into her, and slowly removed it from her burning asshole and pussy. Then he started

beating his dick faster and faster, aiming his swollen cock at her crotch. Suddenly, the man knelt down closer to her, and placed his swollen dick head at

her asshole and jacked the first load into her still gaping butt hole. ” Oooohhh yaaaaa” he groaned, as the cum continued shooting from his cock. He milked the

rest of it onto her nearly hairless young cunt. As the thick globs of white cum boiled from his cock and onto her pussy slit it covered it with his sticky mess like

frosting on a cake.

" Agli baar jab main kahu chusne ke liye, tu bheekh mangegi" Without saying another word, the man then put is softening dick back in his pants, and left the room.

Deepika was completely disgusted. The strangers cum ran down her leg when she got up. She had nothing to clean up with, so she just curled up in the corner and

cried, with the mans sticky cum dripping from her asshole.

A couple hours later, the same man returned, but this time he had someone with him.

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11-28-2012, 08:00 PM
Post: #2
RE: Deepika Padhukone Abduction
This man was younger, and not quite as tall as the other man. He had long blond hair pulled back in a pony tail, and a neatly trimmed beard. He wore lots of gold

too, and smelled like expensive cologne. "hello deepika. You look better in real too" said the first man.

" Okay, Deepika. My names Jim, and this here is my friend Kurt. Like I told you earlier, you just do what we tell you, and you’ll be fine, got it?”

Deepika said nothing, she just nodded. "Good" said Jim. "I’m glad we got that straight."

"Hey, you weren’t kidding Jim, she is a real babe. Have you fucked her yet?" Kurt asked.

"Not yet, but I dumped my load all over her little pussy and ass" he replied. Then he continued, "She didn’t want to suck my cock, so I gave her a Creampie

instead', he laughed.

"Well then, can I rape her now?" asked Kurt, quite matter-of-factly.

"Sure, tum mere mehmaan ho” replied Jim with a grin on his face.” Oh God no” thought Deepika. "Please mister, let me go, I won’t tell anybody, please” . She


"kya tujhe sunai nahi dia" Jim barked.

Looking up at him Jim with a blank stare, Deepika started to cry again.

" kya tujhe sunai nahi dia"?” Jim paused for a few seconds, then yelled at her again. ” WHAT DID HE JUST SAY, BITCH!”

Deepika replied in a soft voice, "He wants to have sex with me" .

"That’s NOT what he said" Jim yelled back at her. "say it in hindi u slut and that

too exact" Now, WHAT did he say?”

"yeh mujhe ch*** chahtey hai" Deepika yelled back with tears streaming down her cheeks.

"That’s better" said Jim. "chalo sweetheart busy ho jao phir", as he left Kurt and her alone in the room together.

Kurt stepped into the hallway briefly and returned with a wooden bench. He placed it in the middle of the room, and told Deepika to get up on it and spread

her legs for him. Deepika’s spirit was nearly broken now. She did just as the man told her. The man took off his pants and stood over Deepika. His cock was bigger

and longer than Jim’s. It hung there like a thick rope from between his legs. He grabbed it and started stroking it, while rubbing Deepika’s firm young breasts.

Before long his penis was hard and sticking straight up. It was 9-inches long, and as thick as Deepika’s wrist.

The head was large and deep purple, and pre-cum was already leaking out of it. Kurt stepped around between her legs, and began pressing his cock up to

Deepika’s small pussy opening.

"uugggghhhh" Kurt grunted as he forced his meat into Deepika’s almost cunt.

"You’re pussy’s nice and tight" he said as he looked her straight in the eyes.

Deepika was in pain at first, this man was much, much larger than the dildo that

Jim had raped her with earlier. His cock was stretching her hole to the limit. The feeling was unlike any she had experienced before. She thought it would continue

to hurt, but after a few minutes it just made her feel full, and if it had been in another circumstance, she might have been able to enjoy it.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh" the man continued to grunt, as he fucked her tiny young cunt.Deepika tried to block out what was going on, but then realized the man

wasn’t wearing a condom, and surely would ejaculate his sperm into her when the time came. "Oh God" Deepika thought, "What if I get pregnant – or worse, what if

I end up with some disease." Deepika started crying again,

"Please don’t ejaculate in me" She begged, "please don’t."

Kurt didn’t even acknowledge her plea, he just kept fucking her sweet pussy. A

few minutes later Kurt could feel he was about to shoot his load. "Oooohhh yea,

I’m gonna cum inside of you" he said. "I’m going to fill your little cunt with my sperm bitch" . His pumping increased, and soon he was fucking her hard and fast.

Deepika knew he was about shoot his semen into her. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see his face when he squirted his seed into her body.

"Uhhhhhhh yea" he moaned, as the hot fluid shot from his cock, and into her tight pussy. His cum was flowing from him, filling her small hole with his sticky white

goo. His warm cum oozed from her cunt as he withdrew his big cock. Globs of semen ran down her ass, and onto the floor below her. The room was so quite,

she could here it splashing on the concrete. Kurt, pulled his pants back on, and left her there alone again.

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11-28-2012, 08:00 PM
Post: #3
RE: Deepika Padhukone Abduction
An hour or so had passed, and Jim returned to the room carrying a plate of scrambled eggs. "Mujhe laga tujhe bhukh lagi hogi deepika" he said, handing the

plate to Deepika. But just as her hand touched it, Jim pulled it back. "arrey Main bhul hi gaya tha extra cheezey daalni" With that, he pulled out his dick, and

started beating off until he spilled his load all over the plate of eggs. " There, that’s better" he said, as he handed the plate back to Deepika and left again.

Deepika was sickened. "What the heck did he do that for?' she thought. But she was starved, she hadn’t eaten since lunch the day before, and it wasn’t much

either. Deepika sat there staring at the plate of cum covered eggs for about ten minutes. She was so hungry, she decided she’d better just eat them. Besides,

she didn’t know if she’d get anymore to eat. The first couple bites made her gag. But after that, she just tried to ignore the foul taste. Just as she swallowed the

last bite, Jim returned to the room carrying a large platter of food in his hands. ” Hey, you really are a cum eater” he laughed. ” I figured you’d starve before you

would eat that shit, but I guess I was wrong, huh?” Deepika was embarrassed and humiliated once again. Without saying a word, she took the plate of food and

cup of juice from him, and eagerly ate it all. Deepika watched as Jim walked over to the other door in her room, and unlocked it. After he left, she looked inside. It

was a small bathroom with a shower. She took a long hot shower trying to get the dried cum off her body. Afterwards she put on the robe that hung inside the

door and laid down to rest for a while. Later that day the men decided it was time to let young Deepika experience the art of cock sucking. Jim came into the

room wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and tennis shoes. After kicking off the shoes, he slipped off the shorts, letting his dick swing free. "Time for that blowjob

I asked for earlier" he said. "Come over here and get on your knees bitch, its time for your first lesson – but take off the robe first" . Deepika knew that she didn’t

have a choice in the matter, so she did as he asked. She pulled open the robe, letting it fall to the floor. Standing before him, her naked body looked very

desirable. Deepika knelt down at Jim’s feet, and was looking straight at his cock. ” Go ahead, touch it” Jim said as he stepped closer to Deepika. With that, Deepika

reached out and grabbed his semi-erect cock her smallish hand, and began stroking its length. She had already seen the men doing it to themselves enough

to know what they liked. ” Oh yea baby, you know what to do. Go ahead, lick the head now” Hesitantly, Deepika stuck out her tongue and started licking his cock

just below the head. The she began to slowly suck his head into her mouth. ” Ohhhhh God, that’s right” said Jim, ” Suck it in deeper you little whore” . Jim

grabbed her by the back of the head and started forcing his long fat cock further into her mouth that Deepika could handle. Soon she started to gag on it, but he

persisted. ” Uuuggghhh” Deepika gagged, almost puking on his cock. ” Alright,
alright” he said, ” Don’t you fucking throw-up on me. Now take it in deeper, and

keep licking it” Deepika learned quickly how to do it with gagging on his big dick. She knew it was a matter of survival. Before long she was deep-throating him like

an accomplished whore, taking his length almost fully into her small mouth. ” Oh shit, oh shit, I’m gonna cum” Jim moaned. ” Swallow my load you little slut” he

ordered. ” Ooooohhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaa” . Deepika felt his cock twitch in her mouth, and the first jet of semen shot from it, squirting her deep in her throat.

She started to gag again, but concentrated on her breathing so she wouldn’t. His cock pulsed again, and more cum shot out. Deepika swallow his load as fast as

she could, not wanting to taste it. Still more cum flowed from his pecker, covering her tongue in its slimy goo. The taste in her mouth was much different

than when she ate the sperm on the eggs earlier. It was salty, and musky, and the taste lingered in her mouth despite her efforts to get rid of it. The rest of the

day, and well into the next afternoon, Kurt and Jim took turns jacking off in Deepika’s mouth, and making her suck their cocks.

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11-28-2012, 08:00 PM
Post: #4
RE: Deepika Padhukone Abduction
By that evening, she had swallowed six or seven loads of cum. She hated the taste at first, but each time it got easier. That night the men fucked Deepika’s

pussy several times. Usually they did it alone with her, but once they decided to double up on her. Kurt made her get on her hands and knees, and while he fucked

her doggy style, Jim had her sucking his cock. It wasn’t long before Kurt got bored with this position.

Hey, I’ve got an idea” Kurt said, ” Let’s both fuck the little slut”

What do ya mean?” Jim asked.

You get underneath, and slid your cock into her cunt” replied Kurt, ” Then I’ll stuff her from up here”

You’re gonna fuck her ass while I do her pussy?” he asked.

No, we’re both gonna fuck her cunt, at the same time”

Sounds kinda weird” said Jim, ” but what the hell, let’s go for it.”
With that Jim slid under Deepika’s small body, and held his cock in his hand. ”

Squat on it bitch” he ordered.

Deepika lowered herself onto his stiff member until it was fully in her pussy.

Okay, I’m in her” said Jim, ” Now stick it in”
Kurt’s cock found it her slit, and started pushing it in above Jim’s fat cock.

She’s pretty tight, I don’t know if this will work” Jim commented.

Sure it will, just keep pushing” replied Kurt, as he continued working his cock

into Deepika’s tight pussy.

Oooohhhhh, oowwwww” cried Deepika. ” I hurts, I can’t do this” she sobbed.

Shut up, slut” growled Jim. ” One more word from you, and we’ll do your ass like this”

That was all she needed to hear – she clenched her teeth and said no more. The pain was intense, but she knew the consequences of not complying with the men

would be much worse.

Kurt could feel his cock head enter Deepika’s slot. ” Oooooohhhhh yaaaaaa” he

moaned. ” It’s going it”

That feels weird” commented Jim, as he felt Kurt’s cock sliding in above his.

I’m in” cheered Kurt. ” Now, you just hold your cock still, while I fuck her” . Kurt started pumping into her pussy slowly, making sure he didn’t slip out. Her small

box was tight with one man’s cock, two was almost enough to rip her apart. After Kurt pumped her cunt slowly for a few minutes, he began picking up the pace.

With his cock rubbing up and down on Jim’s, he didn’t need to do anything, just lay there and enjoy the feeling.

Oooohhhh shit, Ughhhhh man” said Jim, ” I think I’m gonna cum” .

Go for it dude, fill up the bitch” Kurt groaned.

Oooohhh yaaaaa, oooohhh yaaaaa, I’m cumming” yelled Jim.

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11-28-2012, 08:00 PM
Post: #5
RE: Deepika Padhukone Abduction
The feeling of Jim’s hot sperm flooding the girls pussy, and drenching his pecker was too much for Kurt. He was starting to cum also. ” Take this bitch” Kurt

grunted, as his semen began flowing from his cock, almost at the same instant as Jim’s.

Their massive amounts of hot slimy spunk came gushing from her tightly stuffed pussy as the two men filled her young cunt with their warm cum.

Suddenly, Deepika was being overwhelmed with a strange feeling herself. The feeling of the two men’s cock stuffing her tight vagina, and the sensation of their

hot sperm rushing into her body, was more than she expected. Deepika started cumming also. Her body began jerking and her head was spinning circles.

Oooohhhh, ooooohhhhhh”, she moaned ” Oh Gosh, I feel funny” she thought to herself, ” Ooooohhhh yaaaaa, I think, No, I am, I’m having an orgasm!” She knew

she couldn’t let the men know what was happening to her, so she tried her best to hide it. Her body still jerking uncontrollability, the orgasm swept through her.

Her tight pussy clinched the men’s cock harder, causing them to pump even more cum into her cunt.

The little bitch just fucking came!” said Jim.

I thought so” said Kurt. ” How’d you like cumming you little whore?”

Deepika was now more humiliated than ever. She was just raped by these two bastards, and she actually enjoyed it – and the men knew it.

I’m glad you enjoyed it, sweetheart”, said Kurt. Then he gave Deepika’s puffy little nipples a celebratory squeeze, and climbed off. Jim’s cock slipped out of her

gaping, cum soaked pussy. After the two men left her alone again, she just laid there for several minutes as their combined semen oozed from her body like a

creamy white jelly. Deepika got up, showered then went to sleep in the corner of the room.

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