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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
12-14-2011, 10:43 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Me: Sanjeev, which way is the toilet?

At that very moment, Mr. Yadav also expressed the same thought to Guru-ji about using the conveniences.

Guru-ji: Kumar, you can show Anita the way to the toilet.

Guru-ji paused a little and then added.

Guru-ji: Oh! But you need someone to help you there. Anita can you help him?

I was not prepared for this and almost stammered to reply.

Me: Err… Ya. No problem Guru-ji.

I went back inside the room again and helped Mr. Yadav to get up from floor and this he held me like he was clinging on to his wife. He was holding my blouse-covered back and of course his fingers inched very close towards my sweaty armpit. With the other hand he was latching on to his walking stick.

Mr. Yadav: This way Anita.

He showed me the way indicating through his walking cane. We were now completely out of the puja-ghar and out of view of both Guru-ji and Sanjeev. Mr. Yadav looked back down the stairs to see probably if someone was coming or not. I also glanced back and saw the stairs and hallway was clear. Believe me, I was expecting some manly action from this old man now, like taking hold of my boobs or squeezing my ass flesh and a tight hug may be. What more could I expect from this disabled person! But to my utter frustration, after having walked a few steps down the puja-ghar, Mr. Yadav did not do anything and walked dragging his feet towards the toilet. And in no time, we reached the toilet.

What should I do? I was cursing this old man in my mind, as he was so active while he was lying on my back, but now he seemed a real disabled creature. My whole body was almost aching for a tight male hug.

Me: You stand here; I will finish in a moment.

I said in an irritant voice.

Mr. Yadav: But Anita, I cannot stand alone. I will fall down.

Me: Then what to do?

I was speaking in a reluctant voice and still not aware of what he wanted actually.

Mr. Yadav: We have to go to the toilet together.

Me: What?

I looked angrily at him. What does this old man think? Yes, I have allowed him to touch my body for a while, but that was due to the compromised position of the yagya.

Me: What do you mean?

Mr. Yadav: Anita, please don’t shout. You can see my disabled state. You please hold me while I am in the bathroom.

Me: Okay, that’s different. I thought…

Mr. Yadav did not ask me any more question and slowly progressed within the toilet and I accompanied him. As I slowly pushed back the toilet door behind me, Mr. Yadav kept the walking stick on the bathroom wall hook. And then in a flash he opened his pajama string and lowered his underwear to bring up his semi erect lund to my view. I could not control myself and readily grabbed his tool, but pretended as if I tried to help him to urinate. We both were trying to maintain some decency through our acts. He held the toilet wall with one hand and my shoulder with the other for support. I could see his semierect penis was gaining in confidence as I held and stroked it.

I could realize Mr. Yadav’s right hand slowly making a progress from my shoulder over my blouse to my back and under my armpit and finally grabbing my right breast within my blouse. He removed the pallu slightly so that he can also view my deep cleavage and oozing flesh trying to break through my tight blouse. I continued to stroke his lund, now with two hands, and I was surprised considering his age, it got rock hard in moments. I had a belief that males take longer time to get erection with age, but this old fox got a full erection within a few seconds. The size of his penis was almost similar to my husband’s and I quickly removed the foreskin off the penis head.

All along I was stooping a bit and was stroking Mr. Yadav’s khada lund and now he was a bit too much excited probably for his age. Initially he was breathing heavily and was squeezing my tight right boob very hard. Now suddenly he took off his hand from the wall and as well from my boob and dragged my head towards his face with his both hands. Naturally he lost control, he leant onto my body and I almost fell, unable to keep his full body weight. Somehow I held him and as soon as he was stable, he forcefully started kissing me. His thick beard was all over my nose, lips, chin and cheeks. I was having an enormous tickling sensation. Honestly I was never kissed by any bearded man and hence never knew the feeling.

I tried to get his wet lips out of my lips, which were already filled with his saliva. I noticed though Mr. Yadav was disabled, he had great strength in his grip. Instead of getting his lips out of mine, he now started kissing me harder and inserted his tongue within my mouth and held me by my hair so that I could not move my head at all. I was still holding his lund with both hands, but what he did next forced me to stop caressing his hot tool. He was kissing me and simultaneously holding my head to keep it steady with both hands, and now suddenly he removed one hand from there and started pulling up my sari, petticoat and all from my waist.

What a pull! Before I could realize very well I could feel Mr. Yadav bunched up my sari off my round ass and with a couple of jerks almost my panty was exposed! I immediately left his penis and tried to save my modesty. But as I tried to drag my sari and petticoat over my bottoms, he was forcefully pulling them up and exposing my full gaand. Mr. Yadav left my hair and now he engaged both his hands to expose my gaand and my struggle went feebler, as I could sense this disabled man’s hand strength.

In a flash, he pulled both my sari and petticoat up above my waist. I was trying in vain to save my modesty. He was still kissing and biting my lips and now seeing that he had exposed my lower portion, he hugged me very tight. I remained in his arms with my flaring panty-covered ass clearly visible. He left my lips just for a moment and I could utter only two words. I was gasping desperately.

Me: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease. Stop.

Very obviously that plea went to deaf ears and I realized the old man was more curious to expose me completely now, as his hands were on the edge on my panty waistband now and he was pretty eager to pull that down. Though no doubt I was pretty excited, but was not completely off my senses and to be naked in front of an unknown man, that too fifty plus in age, was not acceptable to me. I thought the best way to get this old humbug off my body is to jack him off. And I started to stroke and coax his hard lund with the goal to get him masturbated. But he was a tough nut to crack.

I stroked and stroked his penis and it was throbbing to explode, but unfortunately by that time, Mr. Yadav’s desires were fulfilled. He was able to pull my panty down off my waist down my buttocks. I could not even obstruct him and stood with my panty stuck between my thighs and Mr. Yadav vigorously milking my plump ass cheeks. He had tucked my sari and petticoat in my waist and was enjoying a free ride of my bottoms. Now he was naturally eager to put his lund in my choot, but my thorough coaxing paid off at last and he jacked off vigorously right at that moment. My hands were filled with his cum and Mr. Yadav looked quite displeased that he could not hold out any more.

The toilet floor was filled with a pool of white fluid and without delay I dragged him to the toilet wall for support and also put his walking stick in his hand and for the first time in a long time I was free from his clutches. He was visibly not happy for natural reasons. I quickly tried to pull up my half-down panty, but soon realized that the way Mr. Yadav had dragged it down in his hurry, it had rolled miserably. I had to take that off because I could not stand with my sari and petticoat pulled up to my waist and try to straighten my panty down my thighs in front of a male. I dropped my sari down and pulled my panty down to the floor and picked it up and kept it on a wall hook. I adjusted my sari very quickly and tried to look decent. Mr. Yadav was all along watching me with lust being melting from his eyes.

His penis looked so limp now and I pulled up his pajama and knotted the string. Even after ejaculation, he seemed to have not lost all heat from body because as I was tying a knot to his pajama he grabbed both my boobs from the front and started cupping them. I tolerated this indecent act of his and I could realize how vulgar it was looking. I was tying a man’s pajama and he was openly pressing and gauging my boob size over my blouse! After I finished my job, I was really feeling an urge now to urinate. With all these hugging and groping and exposing, I had to discharge.

Me: Can you stand here for a moment as you are standing now?

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12-14-2011, 10:44 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Mr. Yadav nodded. I readily went to the latrine, sat down, pulled up my sari and started urinating. The hissing sound of my urination was clearly heard by Mr. Yadav due to so close proximity within this toilet. It was a long piss and I shamelessly had to do it making this 50 year old hear every bit of it. After voiding fully, I was feeling so alleviated that I could not express in words. I rose from my sitting position on the latrine and pulled my sari down and went back to Mr. Yadav. Since I was not wearing a panty, droplets of urine tricked down my pussy to my inner thighs I realized. I casually took my right hand on my thighs and pressed the sari there so that it gets soaked.

I was about to leave the toilet with Mr. Yadav that I noticed my panty hanging on the wall hook. I quickly took it off the hook and the old fox obviously did not miss to comment.

Mr. Yadav: Where would you keep this? You cannot go to Guru-ji with it in your hand.

I knew that very well, still he had to tell it. The rascal.

Mr. Yadav: You can keep it to me if you don’t mind. I can keep that in my kurta pocket for the time being.

I thought at this moment to keep my panty concealed from others’ eyes, the only place I could keep it was within my blouse, but that would be very uncomfortable for me.

Me: But…

Mr. Yadav: When the yagya is done you can take it from m. I will hand you over in such a way so that no one notices it.

I did not think much and agreed to him and handed him my semi soaked panty. Mr. Yadav took it and kept it in his side pocket. We were both out of the toilet now, Mr. Yadav walking with his stick and my support.

Mr. Yadav: Anita, one thing I must confess. You have a very sexy body. Your husband is an extremely lucky man.

I smiled with a slightly surprised face.

Me: How do you know that I am married?

Mr. Yadav: My experienced eyes can figure out that.

We both smiled and walked slowly towards the puja-ghar.

Mr. Yadav: Married women would be envious of you about this.

Completing the words, his lips came very close to my face and brushed on my cheeks and he was looking down my blouse. He quietly moved his right arm down from over my shoulder and cupped my right breast and gave it a very tight squeeze. I almost trembled at this behavior in the open hallway. And at the same time, his thick beard tickled me on my face.

Me: Please behave yourself.

Mr. Yadav: You are smiling and saying to stop me. How contradictory!

Me: That’s for your beard. It’s tickling me.

We were then at the turn in the hallway just before the puja-ghar and the place was a bit secured, not open at least, and Mr. Yadav did not allow that opportunity to go abegging.

Mr. Yadav: Give me a chance dear. I want to tickle your naked body with my beard, which your hubby can never do.

He whispered in my ears, now getting alarmingly closer and his right hand slipped inside my blouse now. I did not resist fully, but was still hesitating as we were still in the open. And Mr. Yadav probably could anticipate what was going on through my mind.

Mr. Yadav: Anita, no one will come here. You just hold my stick.

Me: No, not again. Pleeeeease.

Mr. Yadav: Have some mercy on this handicapped man dear. You are an angel Anita.

I was really not unwilling to have more male touches on my body and frankly though this man looked aged and was disabled, his grips were much stronger than my husband even. Yes, I cannot love him like Uday, but he was acceptable, except for his beard. That was giving me a real hard tickle as he approached me closely. I finally took his walking stick from his hand and held him otherwise he might fall.

Mr. Yadav was probably only waiting for me to take his walking aid and hugged me from the front as if he would grind me within his arms. My matured boobs crushed on his chest and he made sure that I could not utter a sound as he sealed my lips with his thick lips and started kissing me real hard. His thick beard was again giving tickling me on my face and I was feeling very amused as well as uncomfortable. But Mr. Yadav did not allow me much to think on his beard since he inserted his hands within my sari though my waist and started cupping my naked ass cheeks as I had removed my panty while I was in the toilet with him. My petticoat knot was also not very securely tied, which in a way helped him to do this lewd act.

I was instantly aroused to the full as I felt his warm and rough palms pressing on my bare flesh of my buttocks. And within moments, he took out his hands and moved up to pair of juicy upper treasures and directly tried to open my blouse buttons.

Me: Mmmmmmmm….

I struggled to speak, as all along his lips were sucking and biting my tender lips. I tried to nod my head vigorously indicating a “No” to this act, but Mr. Yadav seemed determined to grab my boobs in the naked form. I could realize he already opened a couple of my blouse hooks and was pressing my bulging flesh over it. I now started obstructing him with more force with my hands, but just then, we were both froze hearing a voice!

Sanjeev: Madam! Madam!

Sanjeev was coming in search of us.

Me: O! My god!

Mr. Yadav: Just keep quiet Anita, I don’t think he can see us in this corner.

We both waited quietly for Sanjeev to pass that corner in the hallway and to proceed towards the toilet. We both were breathing very heavily as we were very much aroused sexually, but still tried our best to be silent. Sanjeev passed that area without seeing us and I immediately handed over the walking stick to Mr. Yadav and adjusted my sari to decency. It had fallen from my waist and my petticoat was visible, which I at once covered and then hooked up my blouse though much of my cleavage was visible due to Mr. Yadav’s heavy duty squeezing. In a few moments we started walking ‘normally’ on the hallway back to the puja-ghar as if nothing happened and we knew very well Sanjeev would be back soon not seeing us at the toilet.

Exactly that happened and we had not even completed ten steps that Sanjeev was back and he expressed his surprise that he did not find us in the hallway, neither in the toilet. Mr. Yadav smartly managed the situation and we were back into the puja-ghar.

Guru-ji: You took so much time that I was worried that…

Mr. Yadav: No, Guru-ji I did not fall, but took some extra time in the toilet.

Guru-ji: Okay. Now let us get back our concentration and finish off with you Kumar.

Mr. Yadav: Ji Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Now that we have offered our prayers to Agnidev and Linga Maharaj, now we will meditate for Shilpa Beti.

We both were standing in front of the yagya fire and Guru-ji was sitting opposite to us. I noticed Sanjeev was over with the bhog preparation and he was also standing beside us.

Guru-ji: Anita, you get back to your previous position for the ‘pranam’ posture.

I obeyed Guru-ji’s words and sat on my knees first and tugging my pallu to my waist so that I make minimum exposure lied on the floor with my plump buns facing the three males. I also extended my arms above my head for the ‘pranam’. As I getting down of the floor, Sanjeev was holding Mr. Yadav.
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12-14-2011, 10:44 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Guru-ji: Kumar you also get back to your original position on your medium.

I felt Mr. Yadav’s body weight again on my body and his erect penis pricked me on my soft buttocks. Now that I was not wearing a panty, the feel was more evident and the arousal was more certainly. It reminded me of the same memories in my bedroom when my husband would ride my back wearing a lungi and I wore just a nightie and nothing inside. I tried to control myself and tried to concentrate on Linga Maharaj, but of course in vain.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, take this bowl and keep beside Kumar.

I saw Sanjeev came with a small bowl of white fluid with a spoon in it and kept it near my head. There were some small edibles floating in the fluid.

Guru-ji: You again pray for Shilpa Beti with full concentration and whisper that in Anita’s ears as before, but addition will be you fed her with one spoonful of the yagya ras (=fluid extract of this yagya) after each prayer. Okay Kumar?

Mr. Yadav: As you say Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Anita, this time there is a slight change for you.

Me: What Guru-ji?

I replied from my lying position turning my head towards Guru-ji and noticed that his eyes were fixed on my hillock-like sari-covered ass, as I lay on the floor. As our eyes met I clearly realized Guru-ji shifted his attention from my gaand.

Guru-ji: After Kumar feeds you the blessed ras, you relay the prayer to Linga Maharaj, this time in your mind, and then turn upside down. Kumar will repeat the same and the cycle will continue for six times, 3 above and 3 down. Okay?

It took some time for me to realize and before I could comprehend fully, Sanjeev explained me in very crude words what shamelessness I will have to exhibit now.

Sanjeev: Madam, its very simple. What Guru-ji meant was now you are lying upside down. Mr. Yadav will do his first prayer in this position. Then you recline in the normal horizontal position as we normally lie down in bed. Mr. Yadav will do his second prayer in that position. And like this a total of six prayers are to be performed. That’s all. Jai Linga Maharaj!

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj! Anita I know it’s a bit clumsy for any woman, but a yagya custom is a yagya custom. I cannot bypass it.

I had nothing to say, but to nod and obey Guru-ji’s words. My ears turned red instantly thinking of the very scene. I will be lying on the floor horizontally and Mr. Yadav would climb up my body for his second prayer. Prior also, he was riding my body for prayers, but still it had some dignity for me, as I was facing the floor, but this time it is like I am lying on bed and my husband would hug me getting on top of me. And to crown it, I would be watched doing this shameless act by two males. I could not look up at all and just kept my head down with my hands extended in the form of pranam.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, you stay near Kumar to help him get up and get down.

I realized Sanjeev came near me and sat beside me. Now Mr. Yadav was sitting on my left hand side and Sanjeev to the right hand side and I was lying on the floor in between them.

Guru-ji: Okay, Kumar you may start your first prayer. Everyone concentrate. Jai Linga Maharaj!

I felt a hand resting on my left ass cheek and a leg crossing my thighs and could well realize Mr. Yadav was getting on top of my back. Sanjeev must have helped him, but I was shocked the next moment, as I felt two different hands on my body. One was Mr. Yadav and surely the other one had to be Sanjeev! Mr. Yadav had not yet rested his body on my back fully and he was holding my blouse-covered back shoulder for support I could realize, but Sanjeev instead of dragging Mr. Yadav’s disabled leg onto my legs, he was gripping and feeling my well formed inner thighs over my sari! I was in such a clumsy position that I could not turn back, but fortunately in a few moments Mr. Yadav was fully stretching his body on my back and Sanjeev had removed his hands off my legs.

I heard Mr. Yadav whisper his first prayer. I was feeling much amused that he could still pray for his daughter! I evidently felt Mr. Yadav’s lund was growing harder within his pajama getting the touch of my alluring sari-covered flesh. This time the feel was much more appealing for me and unrestricted, as I was not wearing my panty. Same was the case with Mr. Yadav also, as I found in no time he was moving his pelvis in a subtle rhythmic fashion pressing more and more on my buttocks.

Now he took a spoonful of the yagya ras and fed me. My lips were already open due to the activities on my back. Sanjeev helped Mr. Yadav to feed me the fluid. It tasted really good and I wanted to gulp more, but Guru-ji’s order was one spoonful at a time. I then closed my eyes and relayed his prayer to Linga Maharaj.

Sanjeev: Madam, I will get Mr. Yadav down and now you turn to face us.

My heart was almost pounding as Mr. Yadav descended off my body. Now I had to turn and face Sanjeev and Mr. Yadav. As I turned I could very well realize I was looking rather tempting and noticed that both of them were looking very lewdly at my youthful body. I looked up and noted that Guru-ji was also looking at me with a smiling face.

Guru-ji: Now Kumar, you do your second prayer. Anita, as the medium you accommodate him fully on your body. The ritual says that the medium should be able to listen to the devotee’s heartbeat.

I was feeling so ashamed that I just nodded lying in front of these three males. Mr. Yadav was more than eager to ride me and as he rose on my body, I simply shut my eyes out of utter humiliation of being watched. As I turned to lie on the floor in normal posture, I did one change from my previous posture, mainly out of natural womanly shyness and kept my hands folded on my bosom. But…

Sanjeev: Madam, please keep your hands above your head in the pranam stance.

Me: I am feeling very uncomfortable like that.

I had to say now, but later found it was better not to have raised the issue, as Guru-ji made me more humiliated by his words.

Sanjeev: But Madam…

Guru-ji: Anita, we all know that you cannot remain comfortable if a male gets onto to your body. But my dear, every activity that we perform has an objective. If you keep your arms crossed on your breasts, how can you feel the heartbeats of Kumar? How would you feel the impulse of his prayer as a medium if your breasts do not meet his chest?

He paused a little and there was absolute silence in the puja-ghar. All three males were looking at my folded hands on my undulating blouse-covered full breasts.

Guru-ji: If it was a tantra yagya and you acted as the medium, I would have made you strip your clothes because that’s the norm of that ritual.

I was feeling so very disgraced hearing all this in front of these males and was cursing myself why I raised the issue at all. Wasting no more time, I raised my hands above my head from my lying position and naturally my pallu shifted a bit off my twin mountains and my blouse stretched making my boobs look more appealing and tempting.

In no time, Mr. Yadav was on top of my body and as he did that I clenched my teeth in shyness. I almost had the same feeling as if my husband was getting on top of my body and I am lying supine on bed. He would first kiss my neck and shoulder and then kiss my lips and his one hand would surely cup my breasts over my nightie or blouse, whatever I wore in the house, and would twist my nipples. Then he would definitely pull up my dress to expose my legs and thighs even if it was not an intercourse session, but just a limited love making episode. At times he would let me pass not pulling up my dress till my waist and hence not making me somewhat uneasy to expose my panty or pussy. Likewise Mr. Yadav placed himself quite securely over my body touching me everywhere almost except my ass!
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12-14-2011, 10:44 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Since my arms were extended above my head, he virtually had an unrestricted access to my upper part of the body and as he adjusted himself on my top, he even pressed by right boob with his elbow at least twice and also even touched my pussy over my sari as if adjusting his crotch. He positioned himself perfectly over me for fucking and I was feeling so very dishonored lying like this with two other males looking at me. Mr. Yadav now whispered his prayer at my ears and while doing that he licked and bite my ears too. Though my eyes were closed, I could very well realize that Sanjeev, who was sitting so close to me, must have been seeing this old man’s acts.

Now Mr. Yadav fed me with the fluid and while doing that his right hand was resting completely on my left peak and he was even openly pressing a particular portion of my bulging flesh, as he had traced my hard poking nipple through my blouse and sari. Sanjeev again helped him with the bowl and spoon and now I relayed his prayer to Linga Maharaj. I only knew what I said to Linga Maharaj, as I was again getting horny with this intimate cuddling by Mr. Yadav in the name of prayers.

I had to repeat the procedure a total of three times for his six prayers and at the end I was not only sweating profusely, but also having a very violent orgasm. As understandable during the later prayers, Mr. Yadav was more aggressive in his hugs while he whispered prayers in my ears. Once he even touched and brushed his thick bearded lips on my tender lips and tried to kiss me, but I was alert enough to avoid that. With later prayers he gyrated his pelvis even more indicatively and felt my whole body. And with each time helping Mr. Yadav, Sanjeev made sure that he touched every part of my lower part of the body. I felt him cupping my ass cheeks at least twice or thrice and felt the shape of my thighs over my sari on all the occasions he tried to help Mr. Yadav.

As I was not wearing a panty, my vaginal discharge was now dripping down my pussy to my inner thighs making my petticoat wet. I was then thinking that I wish I had my panty on. When this process was over with Guru-ji and Sanjeev shouting “Jai Linga Maharaj” and Mr. Yadav finally leaving my body, Sanjeev nailed the final pin to my humiliation crusade.

Sanjeev: The room has become very hot Guru-ji. We are all sweating. We should take a small break Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Yes, we can take a small break, but we must complete everything within auspicious time, which is by midnight.

I had got up from the floor by that time and realized that I immediately needed to adjust my bra, as Mr. Yadav had almost got my left nipple out of my bra cup through his continuous pushing and pressing on my breast area. But I simply could not do that in front of these males and was planning to go to the toilet in fact.

Sanjeev: Right Guru-ji. Mr. Yadav, can you give your hanky once. I am sweating too much.

Mr. Yadav looked visibly puzzled. I realized immediately what was Sanjeev referring to. It was not Mr. Yadav’s handkerchief, but my panty kept in his pocket in a crushed form.

I was feeling so nervous and anxious and did not know how to manage the situation. Same seemed the case with Mr. Yadav.

Mr. Yadav: I mean err… this is not my hanky.

Sanjeev: Is it someone else’s?

Mr. Yadav: No, no. I mean it’s not a handkerchief.

Sanjeev: O! But it resembles one surely. By the way, what is it?

Mr. Yadav was looking at me now and I really was frozen, as I saw no way out.

Sanjeev: Is there any problem? Am I asking anything too personal sir?

Mr. Yadav had to answer something now and he let the cat out of the bag.

Mr. Yadav: It’s nothing of that sort. I mean… err…

He paused just a little, glanced at me and reveled that the thing in his pocket was not a hanky, but my panty!

Mr. Yadav: Actually when we went to the toilet, I mean when Anita went to the toilet, she was feeling some discomfort, so she decided to take off her panty. As she had no proper place to keep it, I kept it in my pocket.

Saying that Mr. Yadav pulled out my panty from his pocket and openly showed it to Sanjeev. I lowered my eyes in extreme shame and felt like dying in front of these males. All three males were looking intently and attentively to my scanty undergarment. Sanjeev again remarked a superfluous humiliating statement.

Sanjeev: Oh! Madam then you are panty-less now?

I did not reply to his question and tried to avoid the situation.

Me: Guru-ji, if you please excuse me I will go to the toilet once.

Guru-ji: Surely Anita. But be back within five minutes, as the next yagya custom will involve Nandini.

I got off from the floor and almost snatched my ‘displayed’ panty from Mr. Yadav’s hand and went out of the room towards the toilet. I heard a soft laughter from Sanjeev and Mr. Yadav and felt so very offended and cursed myself time and again about my mistake of putting my undergarment into his pocket. I went to the toilet and washed my face and pulled up my sari and petticoat and washed my inner thighs too, which were sticky with my vaginal discharges, and then wore my panty though it was slightly wet in the front. As usual almost the whole of my round gaand remained exposed out of my panty line and I lowered my sari and tried to look normal and decent.

When I was back, I could not see Mr. Yadav, he must have left the puja-ghar and went to the drawing room, and Mrs. Yadav was there instead.
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12-14-2011, 10:45 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Seeing Mrs. Yadav again, I smiled at her and she smiled back. I thought if she only knew what his husband was doing with me all this time! Mrs. Yadav was in the complete white attire as before and now with more sweating, her bra was even more visible through the flimsy material of her blouse. She and Sanjeev sat side by side before the yagya fire opposite Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Nandini, all this time Kumar was praying for Shilpa Beti abiding the norms of this ritual. This yagya demands for a medium, which would transfer your prayers to Agnidev and Linga Maharaj. For you, Sanjeev will act as the medium.

Mrs. Yadav: Okay Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Anita, if you feel you can go and relax outside, as I would not require you right now.

For a moment I thought to agree to it, but remembered that Mr. Yadav would be around outside and he would definitely lust for me again in his wife’s absence. At the same time, the smoke and the heat in the room was also suffocating me somewhat.

Mrs. Yadav: You can spend sometime with my daughter. She must be feeling bored as I am here now.

I thought that was not a bad idea and that way I would also be avoiding Mr. Yadav and his forceful approaches.

Me: Okay. That would be better. Where is she?

Mrs. Yadav: You go down the hallway and stairs and instead of going straight to the drawing room, turn left. Shilpa is in her room only.

Me: Fine. Guru-ji then…

Guru-ji: Sure Anita, you can chat with Shilpa Beti and I can finish off with Nandini by that time.

I nodded and went out of the puja-ghar. I was really curious to know how Mrs. Yadav would behave in front of Guru-ji with Sanjeev. I wondered if the norms would remain the same for Mrs. Yadav as it was with me or would be something different. I was again getting a feel of unnecessarily curiosity within me. But now that I was out from that room, I had little option to see Sanjeev and Mrs. Yadav. I was thinking how could I steal a peep into the puja-ghar, but as I was walking simultaneously, I reached the stairs and started descending towards the drawing room pathway. I remembered Mrs. Yadav told to turn left for Shlipa’s room.

As I turned left I encountered a person, looked like the servant of the house and he looked at me questionably, which was obvious too.

Me: Actually Mrs. Yadav told me to go to Shilpa’s room. Where is her room?

The servant indicated to a door and we were standing almost in front of that.

Me: Thanks.

The servant went away and I stepped ahead and knocked at the door. There was no response from inside the room. The door was locked. I knocked again.

Shilpa: Who is it?

I could clearly make out from her voice that my knocking irritated her. I was wondering what I would reply to who I was because surely she would not recognize me by my name. Fortunately I did not have to reply and Shilpa opened the door. She peeped her face from the thick curtain on the door.

Shilpa: O! It’s you Aunty. I thought…

She did not complete the sentence and let open the door for me to get in.

Me: Your mom actually is busy in the yagya now. So I thought to spend some time with you.

Shilpa smiled and welcomed me to her room. As I entered the room, she locked the door behind me. The room was quite spacious, well decorated and with lots of electronic gadgets. As I turned my eyes from the room furniture towards Shilpa, I was a bit surprised to see that she was not wearing the pajama of her suit and was walking in front of me only wearing the long white kurta. Though she looked decent as she was covered till her knees, I could not find a proper reason for her at that time to be like that.

Shilpa: Aunty, you are with Guru-ji for how long?

Me: Actually I am with him for not so long, only recently.

As she talked she looked visibly uncomfortable and I noticed she was breathing heavily too. Her tight salwar was making her boobs look more prominent as she breathed heavily.

Me: What problems are you having in your studies?

I sat on the couch as I asked the above. Shilpa stood in the middle of the room and was probably hesitating for something and I looked questionably at her.

Shilpa: Aunty you sit for a minute. I will be back from the toilet. Actually I was going for it and hence had opened my pajama also.

Me: Oh! Okay, okay. I will wait. You can just switch on the TV for me.

As I said that I noticed the video player kept below the television was already ON!

Me: Were you watching any movie?

Listening to my question, suddenly there was a change in Shilpa’s face I noticed. She looked visibly anxious.

Shilpa: How do you know that I mean…

Me: The video player is ON, that’s why I said.

Shilpa: Oh!

She said in such a tone, as if she missed it completely. I saw the TV was switched off and could well realize now surely she was watching a movie and as soon as I knocked she switched the TV off, but forgot to switch off the video player. The teenager looked evidently caught red handed and now tried to act smart.

Shilpa: Yes Aunty, but that’s actually a very boring movie. I will switch on the TV for you.

I was getting curious now out of my natural instinct and wanted to know what Shilpa was watching. I must know why she had taken off her pajama though she said she was going to the toilet, but I was not convinced. As she proceeded to switch on the TV, I could see she was wearing a pink panty through the long cut of her kurta. Generally the salwar suits that I wear has the cut at the sides below my waistline, but I noticed in the kurta, which Shilpa was wearing, it was much higher, in fact above waistline, and it was abundantly exposing her sides and part of her petite butts even. I appreciated again in my mind her captivating figure.

Me: What’s the name of the movie?

Shilpa: It’s a dubbed film Aunty. Very slow, you wont like it watching from the middle.

I could well realize that she tried her best trying to refrain me from watching it, but I was now quite focussed to check that out.

Me: Shilpa, its just time pass. In 10-15 minutes Guru-ji will call you. Lets watch that only.

I left no way out for Shilpa and she reluctantly switched on the television for the movie to continue. I noticed that she was very quick enough to get inside the attached toilet with her white pajama in her hand. I concentrated on the TV screen and after some blurring on the screen the movie started playing.

Me: Ooooooooooooooh!
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12-14-2011, 10:45 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
The very first shot that I saw was a passionate kissing scene. The shot was taken from close quarters and then camera slowly zoomed out. The male actor was hugging the actress tightly and sucking her lips. The actress was also responding by scratching his back and pulling his hairs. They were in a room, but not on bed. Indeed the scene was hot, as the actress was wearing very scanty clothes and the actor was touching her everywhere. The camera panned from the back of the actress and rested at a side-view. The heroine was wearing something better than a brassiere, which could not hold her big sized breasts with a very small skirt advertising her ample-sized bottoms. I was shocked to see that the actress was not even wearing a bra. I must say she was looking extremely sexy in that outfit. It was a long teasing scene and they both were kissing and fondling each other for an extended period of time and throughout the camera panned on the heavy dose of skin exposure by the actress. The male actor was doing everything that sometime ago Mr. Yadav was doing to me behind the closed door of the toilet.

I could very well realize now why Shilpa was breathing heavily and had opened her pajama and was probably at the verge of masturbating when I knocked. It was a dubbed South Indian film and things were getting hotter on the screen every moment, as I noticed the actress was made topless removing her bra-like top, which was in any case quite nonexistent. Automatically and unknowingly my hands went to my breasts and felt my flesh and touched my nipples over my blouse and bra. My ears were red and I was also breathing heavily now exactly like Shilpa. I am at least 10 years elder than her, but the effect was probably the same.

I was really not used to see such movies though my husband did bring some porn VCDs after my initial days of marriage, but they were all English. In fact I have rarely watched such desi masala video. In most of the English porn VCDs that my husband brought everything was so very direct – the actress came to the screen almost naked, the males simply waiting to drop their pants, and intercourse was like bread and butter. I admitted in my mind that I liked this desi exposure and heating up process much more than what my hubby used to bring.

The actress was now only wearing a black panty and she was indeed a buxom lady flaunting her assets on the screen shamelessly. The male actor was also stripped to his chaddi and his erect covered tool was making me feel so restless. At that very moment, the door of the room opened and another lady appeared and from the dialogues I could realize that the two females were sisters who both loved this man. In no time, the male actor dragged the newcomer into the room and closed the door and in no time the newcomer girl was also stripped to her undergarments. Now the man was hugged from the front by the newcomer girl clad in her bra and panty, and he was hugged from behind by the original girl wearing only a panty. Both girls were pressing their ripe mangoes on the male actor’s body.

Me: Oooooooooooooooooo! O! My god!

When this blow hot scene was going on, the toilet door opened and Shilpa entered the room. I saw her eyes were stuck to the screen as well. In fact, any woman from 16-46 would have their nipples hardened seeing this sort of a scene. Shilpa like me was no exception. But I had to react so that things looked normal and I could not simply sit and watch this porn stuff with this teenager, though very honestly I wanted to see more.

Me: What’s this? You were watching this sort of a movie?

Shilpa was in the apologetic mode right away.

Shilpa: Aunty, believe me, I did not know it was like this. My brother gave it to me and said to watch privately. Aunty, please do not tell my parents.

Me: Brother?!?

Shilpa: Actually he is my father’s elder brother’s son, he is in college now.

Shilpa was visibly nervous and came near and held my hands.

Me: Your parents are so very concerned about you and you are wasting time by watching these filthy things!

I tried to act like a strict elder and Shilpa now virtually broke in my arms. She started weeping almost hugging me. Again in my mind I appreciated her developing figure. She was leaning on to me and my hands were touching her taut boobs, and they were so tight over her dress that I was made to remember my school days. I also had a good attractive figure in Class XII, but of course I didn’t have the sharpness of Shilpa and overall she looks prettier than me.

Me: Shilpa do not try to act innocent. You are not a little girl by any means.

I tried to shrug her off my body. She was still leaning a bit and wiped her wet eyes. I noticed her young breasts were protruding forward stretching her tight kurta fabric, as she breathed heavily due to sobbing. I do not know what went past my mind and suddenly I started behaving like a very strict teacher who had as if caught a misconduct of a pupil in class. Was I jealous of her very attractive developing figure, or her prettier face than mine, or her compromised situation before me? I really could not comprehend why, but I started conducting myself in the shoes of a ‘mistress.’

Me: Okay, enough. Stand properly.

I had paused the movie on the video player prior, as soon as I started conversing with Shilpa. She stood erect now and was not getting courage to look into my eyes.

Me: Shilpa, tell me the truth and then I will not let your parents know anything, but truth. I only saw a part of it, but you must have seen the whole movie?

Shilpa did not raise her eyes and nodded affirmatively.

Me: Tell me the story.

Shilpa: Aunty err… its mostly… I mean there is no...

She was stammering and I stepped in with a strong command.

Me: Whatever is the story just tell me.

Shilpa: Okay Aunty. Please don’t get angry. I am telling. Actually there is a girl who came for an outing at a sea beach with her family. She has two more sisters and here they meet another group and become friendly with them. The three sisters have an affair with the three boys of that group. Even the parents were shown to have affairs. Aunty there is nothing in the story.

Shilpa told the entire thing looking at the floor and I was getting an eccentric feeling of supremacy over this sweet teenager girl.

Me: Which part did you like the best Shilpa?

Shilpa: Aunty I told you its very boring, only full of those scenes. I didn’t like the film at all.

Me: Then why had you opened your pajama?

Shilpa: Aunty err… I actually… I told you I wanted to go to….

She was stammering and trying to voice a confident reply, but I did not give her any chance to do that.

Me: Am I to believe that each time you go to the bathroom, you remove the lower part of your dress?

Shilpa kept her head down and stood dumb.

Me: I want to know the truth.

Shilpa: Aunty actually, I mean, I was feeling very restless and hot seeing the scenes and so…

Me: How many times have you seen it?

Shilpa: This was the second time. I swear Aunty.

Me: When did you watch it first time?

She again kept dumb and was twitching her lips with her teeth. I was also feeling a circulatory boost within my blood vessels, as I was as if interrogating this sexy chick.

Shilpa: Aunty, please don’t tell mom. She would beat me to death.

Me: I will not till the time you reply me.

I tried to sound very strict.
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12-14-2011, 10:46 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Shilpa: Last evening, mom went shopping and dad was in the study and then I watched it.

Me: Did you get the same feeling like today?

Shilpa: Yes Aunty.

Me: You opened your pajama yesterday also?

I knew I was going a bit too far and asking too many private questions to this teenager, but I felt great thrill in cross-examining her. Shilpa’s face turned visibly red at this question and his hands automatically crossed in front of her pussy. Shilpa nodded her head in negation.

Me: Tell the truth Shilpa.

Shilpa: Aunty I am telling the truth. Yesterday evening I was wearing a skirt, so…

Me: Okay, say that.

I realized she must have fingered and rubbed her pussy pulling up her skirt.

Me: Shilpa, do one thing. You just forward the movie to the portion, which you liked the most. Here is the remote.

I handed her the remote and she was obviously tentative about doing that, but I portrayed a very strict appearance and commanding mode such that it looked very real. She took the remote, but was still thinking.

Me: What happened?

Shilpa: Aunty the film is full of those scenes.

Me: But you enjoyed them, isn’t it? I want to see which part you enjoyed the most. Don’t panic. I will not tell you anything. Just fast forward to that scene.

Though Shilpa was hesitant, but did not have the courage probably to drag the conversation further. She started fast forwarding the video and stopped after a while and pressed on the “play” button. The movie rolled on and both of us were concentrating on the television screen. Shilpa stopped the movie at a place where a girl was walking on the sea beach with a boy. Both were teenagers. It was not the same actress, whom I was watching when Shilpa was in the toilet. She must be the sister of that girl, I presumed. She was walking uncomfortably on the beach as her miniskirt was rising time and again due to the wind and exposing her legs. She was trying to cover her properly when the boy suggested her to sit on the beach. The girl liked the idea, but as she sat on the sand, the stiff wind raised her skirt so much that her panty-covered ass was flashed on the screen.

I looked at Shilpa from the corner of my eye and she was already breathing heavier and her hand on her pelvic area. I concentrated back on the TV screen. The girl could not even sit properly that the boy jumped on her and started pulling up her dress from everywhere. It looked so odd and it was clearly meant for male audience pleasure I understood, as time and again the girl’s skirt was pulled up to her waist by the boy exposing her white panty. Though the girl was trying to keep her skirt down, the effort was not enough. Within moments the girl’s top flew in the wind on the beach and her upper part was only clad in a white brassiere. Though she appeared like a teenager, I noted she had full boobs and they were abundantly groped and massaged by the boy on the open beach. The boy was now kissing the girl and also cupping her ripe mangoes over her bra.

I again took my eyes off the television screen to look at Shilpa only to find that both of us were watching the movie with our hands on our respective pussies. There was no difference in our approach - myself being married or Shilpa being a virgin. The fire in me was still there because of what Shilpa’s father did to me some minutes prior and seeing all these hot activities, I again started feeling the tightness within my blouse and the itching in my vagina.

The scene continued and I noticed Shilpa’s eyes wide open and glued to the screen. And why not? Even if I had the opportunity to watch this sort of pron at my teenage, I would get the same thrill. The boy was off of his jeans and T-shirt and was down to his shorts and the actress was almost naked except for her white inner wears. The boy was already in the fucking position with the girl below him and gyrating his hips very provocatively on her pelvis and squeezing her ample boobs with both hands. The camera was sometimes zooming on the girl’s face, boobs, and within the gap of her legs being parted below the boy’s legs and she was uttering all kinds of sexual sounds.

Me: Decrease the sound.

Shilpa immediately controlled the volume so that sound did not go outside the room and she was so engrossed watching this hot sequence that she did not even bother to look at me. In no time the television screen became a sexual ground with the girl was stripped completely naked and the boy also threw off his shorts and took out his lund. Seeing a male penis made me very excited again and the boy was all ready to penetrate her on the open beach. I wondered where it was shot. The beach though looked empty, the girl and the boy were now absolutely naked. I was really not ware that our desi actors and actresses have become so bold and hot scenes like these are shot in the open! The camera was showing the girls’ pussy in close up, but I was dying to see the actor’s penis, but that was rarely shown. Strangely the fucking scene did not continue for long and abruptly the next scene showed two girls on bed chatting.

Shilpa: Aunty, the scene is over.

Me: I can see that.

I was a bit dejected for the short longevity of the fucking session, but there was more waiting for me. The two girls chatting readily turned into a long and erotic lesbian scene and honestly for the first time in my life I was seeing lesbianism and that too with desi girls like us! Both girls were wearing nighty, but of course very sexy types exposing a lot of flesh. They came closer and started kissing each other and each one was squeezing each other’s boobs simultaneously making things look extremely obscene. The kissing was so slow and teasing, each girl licking and sucking the other girls’ lips, I was slowly getting wet within my panty now. A girl kissing a girl – I had never seen this and I could realize my heart was beating faster and seeing this after the initial fucking scene on the beach, unknowingly both my hands went to my heavy bosom and started tracing and twisting my nipples over my sari and blouse. I could even hear my own heart beat!

I looked at Shilpa and she was no different. She also was breathing deeply and her boobs were now looking even sexier in her tight kurta going up and down. I turned to the movie again. The two girls were crossing all limits now. They had opened their nighties and were clad only in their panties now. They both had good-sized boobs and were looking extremely appealing in topless condition on bed. Their naked and freely hanging boobs were swaying and jerking at every movement and each girl in turn were pinching each others’ nipples. Things looked really hot and wild when they started licking each other’s bare boobs and squeezed each other’s buttocks over their panties.

Right at that moment, a very weird idea struck me. Though for a moment I thought I should not proceed with it, but considering the compromising position Shilpa was in, I thought to go ahead with it. Honestly, I wanted to experience this new approach of excitement I was seeing on screen. The girls displayed heights of shamelessness when they pulled each other’s panties down and started licking each other’s pussies. I must admit I was getting excited by the moment seeing this desi lesbianism. I made up my mind.

Me: Shilpa.

I tried to speak in a strong cold voice, but my sexual thrill inside made my voice tremble. Shilpa was also not prepared for a word from me right at the middle of this blow hot scene. So she was a bit startled and looked up at me questionably.

Me: Come here.

Shilpa came forward and stood exactly in front of me.

Me: I have decided that I will divulge to your parents about your watching these dirty materials. It’s the question of your studies, I cannot compro… .

Shilpa: Aunty, please. What happened? Did I do anything wrong now? Please do not do such a thing. My mom will kill me. Aunty please.

Me: No, no. I cannot let you go.
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12-14-2011, 10:46 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Shilpa almost was begging me for a let off now. She held both my hands and was pleading me.

Shilpa: Aunty, please. Mom will make my life hell if she comes to know about this. I will do anything for you Aunty. Please Aunty don’t tell…

Me: Okay, okay. I can let you go on one condition.

Shilpa: I will do it, but please aunty, don’t tell mom.

Me: Shilpa I want you to enact the scene here that’s going on in the movie.

Shilpa looked very puzzled. She was looking blank almost.

Shilpa: W-h-a-t?

I looked at her eyes and tried to look as firm as possible.

Me: You do what you see on TV.

Shilpa: Aunty, I did not get you fully. You mean…

Me: Yes Shilpa. If you are so interested in watching these, I feel you must be equally interested in doing so. Right?

Shilpa looked with a very surprised face at me. She could not expect this sort of an approach from me I could realize very well. But for me the itching of my pussy is more important now than what this teenager thinks about me.

Shilpa: Aunty you mean I will do what the girls are doing in the movie?

Me: Yes and hurry up. Otherwise…

I did not have to complete my sentence as Shilpa agreed readily now.

Shilpa: Okay Aunty. I will do it. Will do it.

She was in a mixture of excitement, panic, and anxiousness regarding the whole subject.

Me: Get the video at the beginning of this scene.

Now I started to act quickly. I got up on the bed and indicated her to follow me. She started rewinding the video to the end of the beach fucking scene and paused there. She then followed suit and got up on the bed. The bed was a double bed and large sized. As she crawled on her knees on the bed to come near me, I saw her kurta’s neckline hung low exposing her tight biggies.

Me: You have a nice figure.

Shilpa could not even speak anything now. Her face was clearly saying that she was so very apprehensive at my approach. She just nodded.

I tried to guess her bra size, should be 30. I know pretty soon once she goes to college and with the introduction of a boyfriend, her boobs would certainly grow to larger size.

Me: Turn on the video in slow motion and you do exactly what you see on screen. Okay Shilpa?

Shilpa: Okay Aunty.

Shilpa was still evidently hesitant and I had to take the command of the situation. The video started in slow motion and the two girls were again seen lying in bed chatting among them. I pulled Shilpa close to my body with somewhat trembling hands. My heart was thumping, as I was about to get into my first lesbian experience. Never ever in my life did I think of this, but today due to the situational urge I dragged myself into it. I was not only feeling quite nervous now, but also a bit shaky though Shilpa had lowered her eyes as I touched her. Her pretty face was turning red and her palms were cold, I guess out of anxiousness. The sexual heat and drive within me took my mind’s control and I in turn took Shilpa in my control.

In the movie, the girls were now close enough and started embracing each other. I hugged Shilpa and felt her young perky boobs almost bounced off my matured heavy bosom. She was very hesitant to hold me and I forced her to hold my blouse covered back and we started feeling each other’s bodies.

Shilpa: Aunty I am feeling very uncomfortable.

She almost whispered in my ears. I hugged her more close to my body and assured her.

Me: If you did not feel uncomfortable watching it, why are you feeling ashamed now? Just watch the movie and not think of anything else.

Saying that I brushed my cheeks on hers. Her skin was extremely smooth, the fragrance of youth advertised on every part of her body. The girls on the movie had already started kissing now, but I did not have the courage somehow to kiss this teenager girl. Instead I cupped her tight breasts and tried to ignite her. Her boobs were not very large, but they were full and very firm and Shilpa was blushing heavily as I traced my finger on her nipples over her kurta and bra.

Me: Shilpa your skin is soooooo smoooooooooth!

Shilpa smiled and blushed again. I now took one hand off her conical breast and held her hand and put it straightway on my blouse covered mammaries. She readily started feeling my full breasts over my blouse and then gently started squeezing them. The action on the television screen made our activities more vivid and courageous. As the girls in the movie hugged, kissed, and almost stripped to nakedness, I was also growing hornier. I dropped my pallu on the bed and even pulled a part of my sari and petticoat above my legs till my knees. Simultaneously I made sure that Shilpa’s kurta was also over her tight breasts exposing her bra.

Me: Shilpa, now open my hooks.

I whispered in her ears and pulled up her kurta almost to her head exposing her upper part. Shilpa almost shivered at this action as she was shamelessly exposed now.

Shilpa: Aunty please, don’t do it.

I had no time to listen to her words and wanted the same sexual firepower to explode her too. I dragged her closer and entered my left hand straight within her bra cup and caught her young firm breast within my palm. The feeling of touch on her naked boobs made Shilpa go wild with excitement and my trick worked perfectly on her. She was almost hissing in ecstasy and sexual excitement. Her boob size and vibrant flesh did remind me of my school days again. Little did I knew then that I was unknowingly preparing her for Guru-ji, an incident I would never forget in my life, as that’s the only time I saw a LIVE virginity loss session in front of my eyes.

I could well understand that my direct touching and cupping of her naked boobs over her bra had made her almost mad with excitement and to add oil to the fire I deliberately twisted her nipples quite hard to turn her on quickly. Shilpa by that time had unbuttoned my blouse fully and I also made her half exposed like me by pulling off her kurta over her head. Now we both were in our bra along with our remaining clothes and fiercely hugging each other. I had driven Shilpa go wild with excitement and she was delivering me the tightest hugs and squeezes at my intimate body parts. Now to make things more exciting, I simply pulled off her pajama knot at one go and brought my heavy body on hers and made her lie down on the bed below me.

Shilpa: Ouch!

Shilpa gasped as I did that. Our bra covered breasts were resisting and bouncing against each other and now myself on top of her in a very advantageous position, I caught hold of her bra and pulled it up and exposed her very firm tits completely for the first time. I touched and felt them and honestly they were so smooth, so soft yet so firm that I was somewhat envious. I very well knew the teenage psychology and Shilpa also as if to reciprocate my action, she hugged me tight with her both hands from her lying position and in no time unclasped my bra hook on my back. Unlike my husband who has opened my bra hook the maximum number of times and to tell you the truth, he still fumbles, Shilpa unclasped it in one smooth go and now we were both topless in each other’s arms.

There was practically no need to look at the TV screen now as we both were thoroughly charged. Frankly I was also enjoying and getting excited by Shilpa’s touches and hugs though not exactly as it would have been has Shilpa been a male, but still it was a new thrill, which felt extremely good. Since I was still on top of her, Shilpa was fondling, pressing, and gripping my boobs from her lying position making me wild with excitement. I was already pretty wet within my panty and I naturally wanted something to be done there.
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12-14-2011, 10:46 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Me: Shilpa, my dear, now deliver something more.

Shilpa: What do you want aunty?

Me: Open my panty and…

I did not have to complete the sentence as Shilpa smiled and blushed at the same time and gave the nod. I pulled myself from her body and lied on the bed and she instantly got up and went towards my legs. Her naked boobs sprung and moved very alluringly as there was no bra to hold them. She threw a pillow at me to rest my head and pulled up my sari and petticoat a bit and inserted her hands within and went up towards my waist. A tremor passed my spine as she touched my panty and kept her palm directly on my pussy. I lifted my heavy gaand a bit and wriggled in that position so that Shilpa could pull my panty down easily.

Me: Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!

I exclaimed as she slowly pulled my panty down till my mid thighs. Now she took her right back to my pelvic area and rested it on my hairy choot. She was feeling my pubic hairs and teasingly pulling some of them with her fingers.

Shilpa: Aunty you seem to have a jungle there.

We both laughed at her words and she started massaging my pussy from the outside.

Me: Aaaaaaaaah! What a relief!

I again exclaimed and was feeling on top of the world. This is one exercise my husband also would like to do most obediently, i.e. massaging my choot with his palm, rubbing my thick pubic hairs, tracing a finger down my pussy hole to almost my ass hole and then fingering my hole. But his problem is he wants to do this making my lower half completely naked, but the way Shilpa was doing it I was feeling more comfortable as my sari was still tucked at my waist. Generally with my husband on bed, I wear a nighty mostly, though at the initial stage of my marriage on some weekends he forced me to wear skirts on bed and enjoyed my shameless upskirt views. But whatever I wore, skirts or nighties, he liked to do this massaging making me completely naked, which I did not appreciate at all, as most times he was still wearing his vest and pajama or shorts and I felt rather uncomfortable lying like that and my husband sitting down my legs.

Shilpa continued my choot massage and fingering for quite some time and I was rubbing my firm naked mammaries on my own with my two hands and enjoyed the whole process thoroughly. I turned to the TV screen once to find that the lesbian scene was over, but another sequence was going on where a lady, must be above 35, was wiping the floor and giving a man huge cleavage views. I concentrated back on bed with Shilpa.

Me: Stop now and come to me.

Shilpa pulled out her hand from below my sari and crawled towards my face. Her boobs were hanging like two apples and swinging vigorously as she moved. Any male would have voluntary masturbation seeing that scene I thought. At the next moment I thought seeing me lying on bed in topless condition would not also be far behind in terms of voluntary masturbation. I smiled within me reading my own thoughts.

Me: Do you want the same pleasure?

Shilpa: No, no aunty. I am okay.

I pulled her towards me and he fell on my body and I touched her cheeks with my lips and finally was able to kiss her very tender lips. It was not a long one as we both were uncomfortable as we both were kissing a similar gender’s lips for the first time in our lives. Shilpa was almost panting after the kiss and looked visibly nervous again. I coaxed her and tried to wipe out the guilt from her mind. At the same time I was on the verge of a discharge after my first lesbian experience and I was pretty much satisfied. Though I was not fucked on both occasions, first by Shilpa’s disabled father and now this lesbo thing, still I was not feeling frustrated.

Me: Who will go to the toilet first?

Shilpa: Aunty if you don’t mind I would like to go first.

I smiled and nodded. Shilpa got out of the bed and walked topless to the toilet and admittedly she was looking gorgeous. She picked up her bra and kurta off the bed and a fresh panty from the wardrobe for understandable reasons and disappeared behind the toilet door. I was feeling a bit tired now having two orgasms in quick succession. My semi dry panty was again wet almost fully with my vaginal discharge and I was still discharging in slow jet. I just closed my eyes and rested for a while on Shilpa’s bed.

Shilpa: Aunty, you can go now.

Shilpa looked fresh and I noticed she had changed her hairstyle and was looking prettier. I was still lying on the bed with my milk jugs gaping openly towards the roof and being in the semi-nude condition, my nipples remained taut. I got out of the bed covering my upper treasures with my sari and picked up my blouse and bra and was about to go to the toilet when Shilpa interrupted me.

Shilpa: Aunty the toilet floor is fully wet as I have splashed water there. It will be better if you leave your sari here.

Me: Right you are.

I whiffed off my sari to the floor and was standing now in my petticoat only and my freely hanging uncovered mammaries jiggling with every movement. I noticed Shilpa was staring at my naked boobs in an appreciative manner and I started feeling somewhat proud in my mind for my figure. Shilpa’s admiring looks actually made me more inclined about displaying my full figure to her.

Me: It will be better to leave my petticoat also here.

Shilpa: As you please Aunty.

We both laughed a little. I untied my petticoat knot and it slid off my waist brushing my thighs to the floor. I was now standing in front of this teenager wearing only a panty. Shilpa did not pronounce anything, but I could gather the “Wow!” from her looks at my naked heavy figure.

Shilpa: Aunty, your panty is spoiled. It’s fully wet.

I blushed a little hearing this though from a female. I bent a little to note it and found a circular wet mark on the front of my panty.

Me: I have to take it off. No other way.

Saying that I went to the toilet and closed the door though in fact there was no need as I was so shamelessly displaying my assets. I cleaned myself getting out of my last clothing and was feeling much fresh. I took my time and dried myself with the towel and got out of the toilet just casually wrapping the towel to my waist.

Me: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

That was what which went out of my mouth as soon as I stepped out of the toilet. I never ever in my wildest dreams expected that there could be someone else present in the room aside for Shilpa. And so I was very relaxed and did not bother to cover my mammaries at all and my towel wrapping on my waist was also very, very inappropriate. In fact, my big ass cheeks were partly exposed as I draped just to cover my hairy pussy. As I stepped out of the wet floor of the toilet with my panty in my hand, what do I see?

No Shilpa in the room, and a middle aged man standing with a bucket, whom I was seeing for the first time, looked like a servant of the house, standing in front of me! I was so dumbstruck by the situation that I made a complete mess of the whole situation. My first instant reaction getting out of the toilet in an almost naked condition was to cover my big swaying breasts. I tried to do that with both hands struggling to cover my whole proud flesh, ultimately covering only the central portion of my mammaries, i.e. my areolas and nipples, with my palms. This very action made my towel instantly drop from my waist to the floor, as it was not tied and my hairy choot was clearly displayed in front of the servant who was also absolutely astonished seeing me in such a horribly exposed condition.

Servant: Madam, any problem?
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12-14-2011, 10:47 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
I was in no position to answer his question and never ever in my life I was in such a clumsy position. Now came the worst part. I instantaneously bent down in an entirely naked posture to pick up the towel before that person, who was standing right in front of me. When I was half the way up from my bent position picking up the towel and trying to cover my open pussy again, in a hurry my panty, which I was holding in my right hand, slipped from my fingers. I should have simply ignored that because by that time that guy had seen my body entirely nude and that too in the bright illumination of the room. The light was so adequate that he could probably visually segregate even my pussy hairs!

After picking up the towel from the floor, I held it in a bunched up fashion in front of my pussy as a cover for it, but as I saw my panty slipping off my fingers, my reflexes prompted me to catch that while it was still in the air and in trying to do that I made an absolute muddle of everything. Though all these were happening within the wink of an eye, but to me it seemed to be never ending.

The awareness of my naked condition in the presence of a completely unknown man made me so panicky and tensed, I tried to do things in great haste and jumbled up everything. As I tried to catch my panty before it could touch the ground from a half stood up position, I lost my balance and my outstretched fingers in trying to grab it, hit the panty further away from me to the legs that guy standing with the bucket. I was significantly unbalanced, more so due to my heavily built lower half, and was down onto my knees on the floor. Naturally my left hand drifted off my pussy and so was the towel cover, and again my pussy was fully disclosed to the eyes of this lower class man along with my bubbling boobs.

I did not know what to do and before I could get up and ran into the toilet for a cover, that man who was till then standing with a bucket and gaping at me came forward for my help. For the first time I concentrated for a split second on him – he was a middle-aged man, very repulsive looking, dark complexioned but well built, wearing a blue shirt and a dhoti and probably had come to clean the toilet.

Servant: “Madam, careful, careful.”

He moved in quickly and caught me by my naked shoulder. For a split second my position was awesome in that room – I was unbalanced and standing on my knees on the floor, not a thread on my body, my jiggling vivacious boobs were hanging like two ripe pomegranates and my pinkish red nipples fully erect on them as if inviting that male, and he bent forward supporting me holding me by my shoulder!

I straightaway jerked his hand off my shoulder and covered my hanging boobs with the towel and stood up. I did not waste a second’s time even and ran into the bathroom, which were three to four steps away and I had no other option but to display my huge naked gaand in full proportion to this man till I closed the door. I closed the door and was so, so relieved. I was significantly panting, as I was feeling so ashamed and tensed. I took some time to recover and very soon I realized that I was only behind closed doors, but had simply nothing to wear! I had only the small towel and my wet panty to be dressed with. I tried to make out leaning to the closed toilet door if I could hear Shilpa outside, but there was no noise. Some moments passed and suddenly the servant spoke out almost shaking me.

Servant: Madam, I will clean the toilet, please dress up quickly. I have other things to do also.

Me: Wait, wait.

I was now slowly sweating a bit as I found myself in a tight spot regarding what to do. I looked around in the toilet to look for any used clothes of Shilpa. I did not find any dress hanging on the wall hooks, but as I explored further I found some dress material dumped in a bucket. I jumped into it and ran though it only to find a couple of colored brassieres and panties along with a pleated skirt and a crushed top. I was still standing stark naked within the toilet and as there was no other option I decided to wear whatever was available.

Servant: How long will I stand Madam?

The man was nagging me now and was getting over my nerves. I replied him with a stern voice.

Me: Either wait or call Shilpa once.

Servant: Madam, Shilpa didi has gone upstairs for some work of Seth-ji.

I could well understand that I was almost in a catch 22 situation. I could not get out of the toilet naked before a male and simultaneously if I ask this servant to call Mr. Yadav, he would certainly not leave me without enjoying me again when he would find me in this compromising state. The other option was to call Mrs. Yadav who would have saved me, but again she was busy in the yagya. Then I thought if I ask this man to pass me over my sari and blouse, but realized that could invite more trouble as he would knew that I have nothing to wear. So I dropped all ideas of calling this man and concentrated about how to wear whatever was available.

First thing I did was to wear my own panty, which was available with me though semi wet, but I really had no other alternatives. I bent a little and pulled up my right leg into the cut out hole of the panty and dragged it up till my knees and then pulled up my left leg and inserted it into the other hole and drew it up my smooth thighs to my plump buttocks. I took both my hands to my back and stretched the fabric of the panty on my wide curvy ass cheeks and tried to cover them decently and then wriggled a bit to ensure the whole of my long ass crack was properly covered by my panty.

Secondly, I picked up the couple of bra and could easily see that they were of same size and were of course of Shilpa. The cups were much smaller compared to what I wear, but there was nothing else I inserted my arms into the straps of the bra and tried to cover my mammaries. I knew it was not possible, but at least now my large roundish areolas were covered along with my perky nipples. I was no longer looking vulgarly indecent. The bra hook remained open at my back.

Thirdly, I kept aside the other bra and picked up the skirt. It was a nice pleated skirt and fortunately not very short and as I wore it, it covered me pretty decently till my knees. But the problem was elsewhere as the waist circumference was much smaller for me and I could not button it. Shilpa’s waist must be 28 or 30 and mine was 34 at least and with my bulging fleshy ass, the skirt fitted rather tight at my buttock area. I ignored it, as I knew once I get out of here, the first thing I would do is to put on my sari.

The remaining thing to be done was to cover my breast area decently. I lifted up the crushed top from the bucket and tried to smoothen it. Shilpa’s top was not getting smoothened at all as probably it was there in a crushed form for a long time. Then when I tried to insert my arms into the sleeves, I realized it was too short and too tight for a full-grown woman like me. I was a misfit from all angles for that modern short top. I dropped it into the bucket again and instead took the towel and stretched it in a way so that my full round globes remain covered tolerably.

Servant: Madam, any problem? Are you okay? Shall I call Seth-ji?

Me: No, no. No need to call anyone. I am coming out.

I was thinking whether I should tell him or not, but decided to tell him.

Me: Can you do one thing? Lock the door once.

Servant: Why Madam?

Me: Actually, I mean.. err… I do not have my sari in the bathroom, so…

Servant: Yes, yes Madam. I can see your sari on the bed.

Me: Right. Close the door and let me know.

Servant: But Madam, the rest of the things must be belonging to you also, as I know very well these are not Shilpa didi’s clothes.

I was thinking what to reply to this odd question by this man. He must have noticed my sari bunched up with my used blouse, petticoat and bra, as they were kept at same place on the bed.

Servant: Madam all your clothes seem to be here only. What have you taken then in the bathroom?

Me: Actually I forgot to take them, but…

I could not even complete my words than he intervened. He seemed to be a very talkative person and I was not at all amused by his words. It not only made irritated, but also was taking me to the height of embarrassment!

Servant: Oho! Now I realize that’s why you were not wearing anything when I saw you. But still Madam, you should be careful. Always lock the door of the room. No one will know that you are… err… ‘bilkul nangi’.

He paused just a little and then started again.
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