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Jack meets Tina then her little sister
08-11-2012, 08:23 PM
Post: #21
RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
I plunged my dick into her and found that she was tight. Very tight and I knew I would not last long in this one. As I pumped away I said "This isn't fair. You came already and Tina came, but Tammy hasn't cum yet."

"Yes I have. Once as I was sucking your dick, I fingered myself." Tammy answered with a smile. And once when the four of us were dancing I rubbed myself against Amy's leg to get off. So don't worry about me just fuck her silly."

I was already doing my best ramming into her as hard as I could. She was so tight but so wet and smooth. She felt like velvet around my dick. While I was busy banging her Tina slid her hand up under her blouse and was massaging her tits. I suppose Tammy felt left out as seeing this Tammy joined her sister. With the combined stimulation of my dick sliding into her pussy and the girls paying attention to her tits, she came. She leaked girl cum out all over the table on which I had laid her. But I wasn't done yet I continued to ram her pussy until I felt that familiar swelling in my dick and cum rushing through my balls and splashing against the inside of her womb.

I stood there for a minute recovering from my own orgasm before I pulled my dick out and stuffed it into my pants. Amy was still lying on the table apparently enjoying the high from her own orgasm. I stood there looking down at her exposed red bush and noticed my cum starting to leak out of her pussy. Tammy apparently saw the same thing as she pushed me out of the way saying, "I'm not going to let that go to waste." As she kneeled down and started to tongue Amy's slit, sucking up all the escaping cum. Amy just moaned and looked down at Tammy slurping her cunt. "I've never had a woman eat me." she said as she laid her head back onto the table. "I think I've been missing something."

Tammy finished cleaning Amy's pussy of my cum and stood up. Amy, now mostly recovered also stood up. "You guys are unbelievable. When I got dressed tonight I never imagined that I would end up having sex with a man I never met in public at the club, much less that he would already have two girlfriends and one of them would eat me out while the other played with my tits." She said.

"We like you. You're going to hang with us some more aren't you?" Tina asked.

"You aren't going to just use us for a quick fuck then dump us are you?" Tammy chimed in with that little girl pout on her face.

"I would love to hang with you guys the rest of the night, at least." Amy answered.

"Good now that that is settled lets go get another drink and do some more shaking on the dance floor." I offered.

With that we headed back inside. The next couple of hours we drank and danced and generally had fun. It took me a little while to realize it but the girls never left me alone after that, or unguarded should I say. If I wasn't dancing at least one of them would be with me, usually on my lap. I mentioned something to Tina about keeping her eye on me. She just smiled and said "We're protecting our stud from all the horny women here. We like Amy and are glad you met her but 5 is a crowd. Besides those two who were watching us on the deck have been hanging around watching you waiting for a chance and we are not going to give them one"

"Well I have to admit that I am glad you want to keep the numbers down because I am not sure I can keep the three of you satisfied much less a 4th or 5th." I laughed.

"We're not worried, we know you can handle the three of us. Are we going to invite Amy to come home with us tonight?" She asked.

"Do you want me to?" I responded

"I think she wants to and Tammy and I want her to?" Tina said

"OK then we ask her, are you ready or do you want to stay here a while longer."

"Well I don't know about the other two, but I want your dick in me soon. I have been horny all night. It is so cool to be dancing in these awesome dresses and flashing everybody. I feel like such a slut and I love it. I know Tammy does too. I think she would let you screw her on the dance floor. She has become such a slut!" Tina said.

"Sometimes, when I think about it, I find it hard to believe that less than a week ago she had not even seen a cock, much less touched one or had it in her mouth. 6 hours ago she was still a virgin. Now she is begging to be fucked and eating cum out of a pussy and wants more." I wondered aloud

Just about then Amy and Tammy joined us from the dance floor. They had been dancing like crazy and had teased every dick in the place to a raging hardon. As they got to the table each of them jammed their lips against mine and Tina's for some very hot kissing then they switched to the other one of us.

Once they pulled away and sat down I said "I'm getting hungry. How about if we find an all night restraint and grab something. Amy if you'd like we would really like to have you join us."

Amy looked at the three of us and a little hesitantly she said, "I 'don't know. I really had fun but I'd don't want to cut in on you guys and get in the way or anything."

Tammy started to plead with her, "Please come with us, we really want you too, all of us, right guys."

"Jack and I were just talking about it and we want you to know you're very welcome to join us. We all would like that. But if it's too much or maybe a little overpowering, we understand." Tina interjected.

"No it's not that. I just don't want to impose. I mean when I first sat down here I was kind of being a smartass and you girls have been so great to me. I never did anything like this before but I really am having fun and like you guys and I think I like sharing too" Amy said.

"Good then its settled you're coming home with us. Do you have to tell anybody that you are going to be late or early or whatever." Tammy asked.

'My friends already left. They were too drunk to worry about me so let them wonder when they wake up." Amy answered.

With that we gulped down what remained of our drinks and headed out for the car. Tammy slid into the front with me and Amy and Tina got into the back. As we drove I glanced in the mirror and found Amy had her hand in Tina's dress and was massaging her tit while Tina had slipped her hand up Amy's skirt and was playing with her pussy. When Tammy saw this she did not want to be left out so she undid my pants and began to suck me off while I was driving. I slowed down, partly because I was having trouble paying attention to the road and partly to let her finish because even though I had cum a few hours before I had spent the time since with one or another beautiful sexy woman on my lap and I really need to let loose again.

A couple of minutes later I spotted one of those 24 hr diners you see at the beach, catering to the party crowd in the early morning hours. "Tammy, finish me off please. I really need to cum and we are going to pull into the diner." I said. She started sucking and pumping her hand harder and I shot my cum into her mouth just about the time I pulled into the parking place.

"That was good but now I'm not hungry anymore." Tammy giggled to the other two girls.

"That's OK you can come in and sit with us while we let Jack rest and refuel for when we get back to the room." Amy said with a leer.

We all ordered breakfast/snacks and wolfed them down along with our beverages. None of us realized how hungry we were until the food arrived. We ate like a ravenous horde and then got back into the car to finish the trip to our motel.

By the time we got back to our room we were all horny as Billy goats again with all the playing going on in the car getting us excited. The car just reeked of wet pussy and sex. The smell had gotten all of our hormones rolling so that between the parking lot and the room Amy already had her blouse open and bra off. Her tits were exposed for anyone who was out at 2:00 AM to see. Tammy did not want to be outdone in the exhibitionist category so she slipped her dress off on the stairs so that by the time we got to the door of our room she was stark naked and loving it. I think she really wanted someone to open one of the doors and walk out on her. Finally Tina had hiked her dress up so that her ass and pussy were barely exposed and she left it like that.

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08-11-2012, 08:25 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
I unlocked the door to our room and allowed the girls to enter before following them. As I stepped into the room I was embraced by all three women and they started to undress me. Before I realized what happened I was stripped naked and laying on the bed with Amy sucking my dick and Tina beside me kissing me. Tammy had decided she liked eating pussy and had her head buried in her sisters crotch. I was enjoying the attention but I really wanted to fuck Amy's tight twat again. I asked her to get up and straddle me. She moved like a cat slowly sliding up my body. She stopped at my chest and flicked her tongue out over my nipples before continuing up to let her lips and tongue meet mine.

Tina still lay next to me while her sister sucked her pussy. Tina was getting close to orgasm, her eyes were glazed over as she watched Amy kiss me. Amy broke our kiss and straddled me over my cock and lowered herself onto it. She was just as tight as before and wet as she could be as my dick slid into her. Tina was till watching as Amy fucked herself on me. Then Tina came as a shudder ran down her body and she flooded her sister's face with cum. When Tina had finished cumming and was easing down Tammy joined us and kissed her sister with a deep throat searching kiss. Tina responded by licking her cum off of Tammy's face.

"God, that is so hot, watching two sisters suck and lick like that." Amy exclaimed.

"Not half as hot as watching you fuck my boyfriend." Tina answered her.

"He's my boyfriend too. You said we could share him." Tammy said pouting.

"Since you want to share, why don't you park your pussy on his mouth before he gets bored." Tina laughed.

With that Tammy crawled up and parked her dripping cunt over my face. She was so turned on by eating her sister and watching Amy fuck me she was literally dripping juices. I teased her mercilessly, eating her but not giving her the attention she needed to cum and she responded by grinding herself into my face. All the time she rode my face and Amy my cock Tina was running her hands all over all of our bodies. I could not see but I believe she was paying special attention to Amy as shortly she shuddered, her pussy grasped my cock like a vice and her juices flooded out and cover my already soaked balls. She collapsed against Tammy and sat there for a minute before sliding off. I felt another pussy slide down over my cock as Tina mounted me and rode me hard. She bounced and banged on me trying to get herself off quickly and she succeeded in only a minute of two I felt another flood of girlcum rush over me. All this time Tammy was still riding my face trying to reach her own orgasm.

"That's not fair all, you two came and he won't let me." She whined.

"Ah, poor baby." Tina teased. Then Amy and Tina pulled her off of my face. I looked over and they had her pinned to the bed each holding an arm and a leg. "Come on Jack, come over here and fuck her. But do it real slow." Tina commanded.

I positioned myself between her legs, on my knees and slowly slid my cock into Tammy's pussy hole. Then very slowly started to fuck her. Tammy started to whine and plead for me to go faster. Finally I started to feel sorry for the poor girl. She had reached the female equivalent of blue balls. She needed to cum, had built up to a state on the edge of orgasm and had been held there so long she was almost in pain.

"Let's let her cum." I said to the other two girls.

"I guess she has suffered enough." her sister said.

"Not yet." Amy interjected. "I've never tried going down on a girl before. I want to try to make her cum. But you need to tell me how."

"Just do what Jack told me to do the first time I ate her. Just do to her what you like to have done to you." Tina told her.

With that I slowly pulled my dick out and moved over to the side that Amy was holding down as the poor kid was withering on the bed, nearly crying. Amy moved down between her legs and put her face down into Tammy's pussy. She slowly started to run her tongue up Tammy's slit and danced for a second over her clit then dove back down and rammed it in her hole. She spent a minute or two wiggling it around inside her then moved back to her slit. Tammy started to shake so hard that for a second I was afraid we had driven the girl into convulsions. Then suddenly she let out a scream and started to cum. She came so hard she was ejaculating again. When the flood started on Amy's face she was surprised and sat up only to find herself drenched. She watched in disbelief as Tammy squirted her. Squirt after squirt shot out of her pussy and slammed against Amy's tits and belly.

Then she was done. Her muscles started to relax and she laid there breathing hard, recovering. "You guys are evil she said, "But it was a great orgasm. How did you like eating your first pussy, Amy?"

"I liked it, it was fun and it got me so hot. I guess by the way you came I did a good job?" Amy giggled.

"It was great. Now come here and hug me." Tammy answered

The two girls locked themselves into an embrace and began to kiss and fondle on another's tits with fingers and tongues. It was not long before they were lost in their own little world of lust.

Tina and I moved off the bed to let them have their comfort and moved into the other bed. Throughout all this I still had not come and was getting to the point that I needed to. Tina and I lay on the bed and started a slow loving fuck.

"Thanks for taking care of the other two first. Now I can have you to myself for a while. I love the way your cock feels sliding inside of me. Just keep fucking me for a little" Tina cooed into my ear as I slid my member into her silkiness.

We stayed in the embrace just making love for a long time then I couldn't keep it down anymore. "I'm going to cum soon." I told her through gritted teeth.

"OK, go ahead and shoot your juice into me." Tina answered. I let go immediately, pouring wave after wave of cum into her belly. That was what she needed because as she felt my warm spurts of baby juice flood her vagina she arched her back and orgasamed.

We curled up tightly against one another and looked over as Tina and Amy had moved into a 69 and were each sucking the juices from the other. A glance at the window and I could see the eastern sky was starting to brighten. The sun was coming up. Tina and I drifted off to sleep, leaving the other two still locked in their lesbian embrace.

I woke around noon feeling Tina's warm body curled up next to me, and on the other side I felt someone else. I rolled over very carefully so as not to wake anyone and I saw that Amy was on the other side of me and Tammy beside her. Just then Amy woke and looked at me bleary eyed. "We came over her because that bed was all we with everyone's cum. Besides I like sleeping next to you." She said to me.

I gave her a kiss and laid back, reaching out my arm I pulled both of them closer and drifted into that half sleep half wake state and stayed there for a while. I don't know who was more surprised at what happened next.

I heard a soft knock at the door and decided to ignore it. Then I heard it again. Again I ignored it. Now the door opens and in comes a maid's cart and a girl pushing it. She was about the same age as the three girls I had in bed with me. We had kicked off the covers as it had gotten warm. So what the maid saw was a tangle of 4 naked bodies on one of the beds. 3 Female and one male, the male had a very visible erection also. She actually was about halfway across the room before she realized we were there and she just stood and stared.

"Good Morning." I said to her. That was enough to break her out of her shock.

"I'm sorry! I knocked and no one answered I thought the room was empty. I'm sorry. I'll come back later." She stuttered.

"No, no. Go ahead and do what you have to do." I responded. "Come on girls, time to get up. The lady needs to do her job."

Slowly the girls crawled out of bed and I followed. Now the poor maid just stood there, mouth hanging open as four naked people got up and started to move around. Tina and Amy each stretched accentuating their nakedness while Tammy clung to me and whined "I don't want to get up yet. Take me back to bed and screw me. I'm so horny when I wake up."

"Slut!" her sister called while Amy just laughed. The poor maid still hadn't moved.
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08-11-2012, 08:29 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
"Tina and Amy would you mind helping this young lady with the linens and I'll take this shameless hussy into the shower and give her another spanking." I said as I gave Tammy a hard smack across her naked ass.

"Ouch," she squealed, "more please." As she ran to the bathroom giggling.

"Actually, we'll get the shower started and you two can join us." Then to the maid "We just need the beds and fresh towels. Don't worry about anything else."

"Yes sir," she managed to get out "I'm sorry again I did not mean to barge in on you."

"No problem. We weren't doing anything too naughty." I answered with a smile.

As I made my way to the shower I gave both Tina and Amy a hug and a kiss and took a handful of ass and squeezed. As I was squeezing ass one of them took my dick in their hand and gave it a squeeze. And the maid just stared, mouth hanging open.

As I walked into the bathroom Tammy already had the shower going and was waiting for me. We got in and I started to soap up but she had other ideas. She dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth and started to give me a good slow blowjob. I felt my dick slide between her lips then she ran her tongue over its entire length as she slid me all the way into her mouth until I hit the back of her throat. Then so slowly she pulled me out of her mouth until just the head remained in her mouth and again down her throat I went. I had left the bathroom door open and could hear the girls in the other room.

Tina said to the maid, "We'll strip the beds and you can take care of the towels."

"Is it Ok to go in there with them in the shower and all." The maid asked.

"Go ahead, they won't care. We're not exactly modest here, if you hadn't noticed." Amy answered her.

"It was a little hard to miss." The maid said to nobody in particular. With that she walked into the bathroom carrying a load of towels. She stepped through the door and froze for about two seconds as she watched Tammy going to town sucking my dick. She dropped the towels where she stood and ran into the room. "I can't go in there. Their having sex in the shower!" She exclaimed to Amy and Tina.

"I knew that little slut wouldn't wait for us." Tina said as she strode toward the bathroom. She looked into the shower and saw what was going on. "Tammy make sure you save some for us or I'll kick you ass. You little whore!" Tammy just looked up at her with a grin as she continued to blow me.

"We better hurry or she won't leave us any." Amy said

Now I could tell that Tina and Amy were playing it up for the maid. She was obviously shocked and uncomfortable to have two naked women helping her with the beds while I got a blow job in the shower from another naked woman. But it was only a minute or two before I heard Tina say "thanks, we'll take care of the towels, Have a good day." And with that I heard the door close. Amy and Tina then came in and joined us in the shower. Tina forced her sister off my dick and picked up where she had left off while Amy kissed me and ran her hands over my body. I used one free hand to stimulate her by running two fingers into her pussy from behind. This left Tammy with nobody so she went after Amy's tits with her tongue and our little orgy in the shower went on with everybody switching places. We all soon came at least once. I shot my wad into Amy's mouth and Amy came while Tina was eating her out. Tina came while I fingered her and Tammy came on Amy's face.

We all got out of the shower and dried off. "I hate to tell you guy's this but I should get back or my friends will really start to worry. I mean it's already after 1:00 in the afternoon. I'm sure they're up by now and are starting to wonder where I am." Amy told us.

"Well if Jack will let me drive his car I'll run you back." Tina offered. "But only if you promise to come back later tonight."

"I think that's a promise I can easily make." Amy answered with a shy smile.

Amy and Tina threw some clothes on, Tina grabbed my keys and they headed out the door. Now I was alone with the insatiable Tammy. I knew she was just waiting for this when they started talking about taking Amy back. I hadn't finished shaving when they left and was still scraping my face when Tammy came in and hoped up onto the sink next to me. She was still undressed and just sat there watching me for a minute.

"I got an idea." She offered.

"What's that?" I asked, almost dreading the answer this little vixen would come up with.

"While you're doing that, let's shave my pussy." She gushed.

Now I will admit that I do really like a nice cleanly shaved pussy, I had never done it for anyone. The few women I had known who did shave never asked for my help. So I looked at her and told her, "That sounds interesting, but it's not something I have ever done and I don't want to cut you by accident. That would hurt and put you out of commission for a while."

"Then we'll just have to be careful. Here lather me up." She said as she handed me a can of shaving cream. I took the can and squirted a generous amount on my hand then applied it to her pussy, rubbing it in generously. Next I put a fresh blade in my razor and started. I started at the top and carefully scraped down to her slit and then very gingerly around her lips to get it all. The whole process went a lot quicker and more smoothly (no pun intended) than I thought it would. I rinsed her off with a hot wash cloth and revealed a smooth perfectly shaved snatch.

She stared down at it and then jumped off the counter and stared at herself in the mirror before she let out a squeal of glee. "I love it! My bald pussy! What do you think? Do you like it?" She squealed.

"I love it." I told her. "Now when I eat you out, no hairs in my mouth."

"Let's go try it out." She said as she grabbed my hand and dragged me toward the bed.

She plopped down on the edge of the bed and dragged me on top of her, "Come on, Eat me, please."

It was a request she didn't have to make twice. I dove my tongue in and started to lick her slit and her freshly shaved mound. It was deliciously smooth. I reveled in the silky feel of it against my tongue as I lapped all around, darting down to tickle her clit and spear her hole occasionally. I ate her to a gushing orgasm. Then as she was coming down from her sexual high I stood up and slid my dick into her hole and started pumping away. The sight of my meat sliding into that bald pussy was a real turn on. I fucked her until she came again. Having shot my load into Amy's mouth a little while before I was able to last a long time now. So we changed positions and I took her doggy style, then laid down and had her ride me.

That was how Tina found us when she returned. "I figured you would have gotten him to fuck you while I was gone." She laughed as she walked into the room.

"Come see what Jack did to me while you were gone." She breathed out as she rode my cock.

"What are you talking about?" Tina asked.

"Just come here and look at my pussy." Tammy urged.

Tina walked around so she could see Tammy's pussy and let out a gasp. "Oh my god! You shaved all the hair off of her pussy. She looks like she did when she was 12. Did it hurt Tammy?"

"No, it felt really cool and it is so neat to get eaten out like this. I can even feel his hair tickling me when we fuck." Tammy answered.

Tina stared at her sister's bald twat for a minute before she reached out and ran her hand over the newly shaved skin and then said "Could you do it to me too?"

"Sure," I said, "just let me finish here. Why don't you get undressed? I won't be much longer." I could feel my juices rising in me and knew I was just about to shoot my seed into Tammy. A few more strokes and I shot it into her belly and she pushed herself down onto me and ground into me as the hot cum filled her up.

As she slid off me onto the bed and we both caught our breath I told Tina "go into the bathroom and sit on the counter, get a wash rag and get it wet with the hottest water you can stand and hold it on your pussy. I'll be right there." She trotted off toward the bathroom, then stopped and turned to look at me before saying, "Don't let her distract you, I'm waiting."

I knew that was a warning and since I was trying to avoid any cat fights in my room I started to get up because I knew if I laid there Tammy would start to cuddle up and I would get comfortable in the afterglow of sex and not want to get up. I made my way into the bathroom and found Tina sitting on the counter with the wash rag pressed to her fur mound. I took the rag and rewet it with hotter water and placed it back over her pussy as I began to gather my shaving tools. I laid everything out on the counter and leaned over and kissed Tina very gently on the lips and whispered into her ear, "You're still my favorite, the best of all." A huge smile crossed her face when I had said this.

No matter how much these two sisters claimed to share and to enjoy it there is still that underlying jealousy and posseveness. Tina needed to know that she was number one, the top dog and she needed to demonstrate it by being dominant over her little sister and to a lesser extent over Amy. Tammy showed it by being aggressive and slutty. Since both considered Amy a temporary traveler neither worried too much about her status as they knew she would be gone in a couple of days.
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08-11-2012, 08:31 PM
Post: #24
RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
I let the warm wash rag soften up her hair for a minute while I nuzzled her and nibbled her ear, mostly to make her feel better but also because I liked to do it. Soon I was applying shaving cream to her pussy mound and rubbing it in more to stimulate her than to soften things up and it worked in both instances. I picked up my razor and went to work. In a few minutes I had her shaved baby smooth. She looked down at herself as I wiped off the excess shaving cream and beamed a smile at me.

"Um, looks good enough to eat." I said as I dropped to my knees between her legs and gave her a few licks.

While I had been shaving her Tammy had wandered in behind me and was watching. She stood there watching as I shaved her sister and as I ate her pussy. I was working on Tina's clit when I heard Tammy ask,"Can I try when you're done?"

"That's up to Tina.", I answered as I continued my work on her newly shaved smooth pussy.

"Tina, can I try your pussy, please?" Tammy begged.

"Hmmm, Ok. This is so neat I can feel his moustache tickling me. I'm gonna cum soon." Tina answered. I redoubled my efforts on her clit and within seconds had her in orgasm and her girlcum flowing onto my tongue. I gave her newly clean pussy mound a gentle kiss as I stood up.

"Let's move you to the bed, then we can let Tammy try out your bald pussy." I suggested.

We all moved to the bed and Tammy was bouncing around eagerly waiting to eat her first bald pussy. She practically attacked her sister as we lay on the bed. I watched as she licked her bald mound and moved her tongue down into her slit and found her clit. Both girls were enjoying the sensations by the moans and groans. Then I heard Tina say "Tammy, bring your pussy to me I want to try too."

Tammy needed no further prodding. She swung around and was soon locked into a 69 with her sister and the two of them went to town. Now despite having blasted my balls twice already I got a raging hardon watching these two gorgeous sisters eating each others clean shaved pussies. I moved down and positioned myself between Tina's legs and slid my hard cock against her slit. Tammy's tongue slid down to meet my dick as it caressed Tina's pussy lips and she licked the head of my dick. I moved it down a little and with a little shove slid into her love tunnel. I started pumping away on Tina while she ate Tammy's pussy and Tammy licked her and me as I pulled out on each stroke. I plunged my cock in and out of her and before long the sensations of being fucked and eaten sent her over the edge with a shudder she started to leak juices from around my cock. Juices that Tammy eagerly lapped up. Tina's work on Tammy's pussy did not go to waste either as shortly after Tammy let out a groan and stiffened as she came on her sisters face. I kept fucking her but knew it would be a while till I was able to build up the juice to shoot again and I was getting tired so I pulled out and laid down next to Tina. Tammy crawled to my other side and the three of us stayed there enjoying the sexual glow and touch of the others.

While we laid there Tina told us about meeting Amy's friends when she dropped her off.

"Amy and her friends are renting a condo for the week. When we got there she invited me up so that she could give me back the clothes she had borrowed and I could meet her friends."

"Well, we got up to her place and walked in she was holding my hand and she introduced me to everybody. They were all pretty hung over yet from last night and just sitting around. There were three guys and 4 girls counting Tina. Only two of them were coupled up so the rest were like just friends."

"You should have seen the looks we got from everybody. Here we were standing there holding hands, and she tells them that she met me last night at the club and came home with me and my sister. I think she was intentionally teasing them as she never mentioned you at all Jack."

"So after I say hello to everybody she drags me back to the bedroom. On the way she starts taking off her "T" shirt so before we are even out of the room her tits are hanging out on display. Once we get back to the bedroom she stripped out of my shorts and handed me the clothes back. Then she gave me a big hug and a kiss. The door was still open and one of them was peeking a little. So we let them look for a minute and gave them a little show. She was naked and kissing me and squeezing my ass and I started liking her tit a little, then we closed the door just so they would wonder."

"Now we were both horny again, so we ended up in a 69 for a quickie before I left. When I went to go I left and walked toward the front door. When I was almost there she came running out with just her panties on and everybody sitting there watching. She threw her arms around me and stuck her tongue down my throat. Well, I do like kissing her so I traded tongues with her for a minute and stuck my hand down inside her panties to squeeze her ass and tease her pussy. Then we let each other go and she said "Tell Jack and Tammy I said thanks and I can't wait for us to get together again. Especially for Jack's dick." Then she turned and ran back to the bedroom. I swear all three of the guys had hardons and were ready to blow their loads right in their pants and the girls just stared with their mouths open."

"She's gonna call later and let us know if she needs a ride or what and what time we should expect her. She's a lot of fun, I'm glad we met her. But I can't help wondering what her friends think now." I chuckled at the thought of her friends sitting there watching the display and being bewildered. I will admit that the imaginary sight I had in mind was hot and had me turned on. But my dick had already gotten a work out and needed a rest before I would be able to perform again. I was also getting hungry as it was approaching mid afternoon and we had not eaten since 2 AM when we went to the restraint. The girls were hungry also and since we had missed most of the sun for the day they decided they just wanted to walk on the boardwalk and get some food, just take it easy and relax.

We got up and dressed. I had the girls put on the white bikinis and a pair of shorts over them in case they decided they wanted to lie on the beach or go for a quick swim. Besides seeing them n shorts with just the bikini tops was a turn on they looked really good. We walked the boardwalk and grabbed some junk food to fill our bellies and did some shopping. I bought each of them matching earrings and necklaces and got a kiss and a very suggestive public hug from both of them and a look of disgust from the woman behind the counter. She was so disgusted she even took my money. I was annoyed and decided to piss her off some more so while I was waiting for my change, I spoke loudly "When we get back to the room I expect at least a blowjob from each of you and maybe some ass fucking." The old bitch stiffened up with her back to me. I knew I hit a nerve with her but when Tammy chimed in and said "You're the best daddy a girl could have." The old bitch nearly had a heart attack right there.

We were all able to hold our laughter until we got outside, but then we broke down and it was a full five minutes before we stopped. I figured the witch had it coming. We found a small shop that had beachwear and in it they had these mini skirt and top sets that I thought would look good on my girls so I had them try them on and they did look good in them. I told the clerk we would take one for each girl. Tina asked if they could wear them right away so the clerk gave them each a bag to put their clothes in and they went to the dressing room to change.

They changed alright. Each was wearing their white Bikini tops and the white mini skirts I had just bought and they looked stunning with there tanned skin and dark hair the White just set them off. Both of them stood there modeling for me in the store and suddenly they looked at each other and pulled up the front of the skirts to reveal two naked bald pussies. Then they turned around and bent over giving me a view of their asses from underneath their skirts. I got an instant hardon. As we walked out of the store, a girl on each arm I had the feeling that I was one of the luckiest guys on earth. These two were so willing and eager to please that if I asked, either one or both would have dropped down and given me a blowjob on the boardwalk in broad daylight and been happy for the opportunity.

The next hour we spent walking on the boards and the girls were flashing and teasing every guy they saw. They seemed to stop every hundred yards or so and lean over the rail looking out toward the ocean. Each one with their legs spread and bent at the waist. Asses and pussies out in broad daylight, getting aired out. Each time they would do this pedestrian traffic would get all clogged up as every male from 12 to 92 would stop and stare. I usually stood between them running a hand up and down their backs and occasionally letting it slide down to their asses for a little rub.

At other times they would have me get them a soft drink and they would sit up on the railing with their skirts hiked up and legs spread. There they sat sipping their soft drinks thru the straw looking innocent as the day they were born with their bald pussies showing, inviting anyone who wanted to, to look. They were enjoying themselves immensely, teasing all the young wannabe studs and with me standing there between them not one of those horny boys had the nerve to do more than glance over at them or stare from a distance. Finally the fun had to end. As we started walking again a cop approached me and said,"Look I know the girls are having fun and I sure as hell don't want to interrupt it but some old biddy just gave me an earful. But since I didn't actually see anything all I can do is warn you that now since I got a complaint I have to watch and if I see anything inappropriate I will have to issue a citation, OK"

"No problem. Thanks officer. I appreciate the warning." I answered.

He nodded and started to move away, and as he left I heard him say "Lucky bastard."

The girls were a little put out at having their fun stopped but then I suggested we had to get back to the room and check the messages to see if Amy had called. That got their minds on something else and off we went. I stopped at a liquor store and grabbed a few bottles of wine to take back to the room.

It was just 6:00PM when we walked back into the room and the little red light on the phone was flashing signifying we had a message. Sure enough it was Amy saying a couple of her friends were going to drop her off around 6:00. So she was due any minute. I told the girls that Amy would be here soon and asked what they wanted to do that evening. Just then there was a knock at the door and Tammy rushed to open it. She squealed with delight to see Amy standing on the other side. She practically jumped out the door to hug her and drag her into the room. She came in leading two people. The first was a girl, about 20, blonde, very petite with freckles and very pretty. The second was a boy, he looked a little younger maybe 18, he was average height and average build with brown hair and if I checked out guys I would say he was cute (at least my girls told me he was later) and definitely shy. It was evident from the way he stood there, with his head hanging.

"What did he do?" Amy asked looking a little confused

At that question Tammy grabbed Tina's hand and pulled her over next to her facing Amy.

"Do you like our new outfits?" Tina asked, "Jack just got them for us today. They have tops but we decided that they look better with our Bikini tops."

"Yeah they're cute." Amy answered, now even more confused.

"How about now?" Tammy asked as she and her sister lifted their skirts and exposed their newly shaved, bald pussies for everyone to see.

"Oh my God! He shaved your pussy. That is so cool. Did it hurt? What does it feel like?" Amy blurted out as she got closer for a better look. She instinctively reached her hand out to touch the girls' smooth mounds. She was so enthralled by the sight that she became totally oblivious to her two friends standing there watching this spectacle with their eyes popping out and their mouths hanging open.
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
"Amy," I interrupted, "maybe you'd like to introduce your friends."

She was embarrassed to have forgotten them but recovered quickly. "Jack these are my friends Stacy and Bob. They were nice enough to drop me off. Bob, Stacey this is Jack and these are his girlfriends Tina and Tammy, They're sisters."

Poor Bob, his eyes got even bigger, if that was possible at the announcement that these two were sisters and were both my girlfriends. Stacey, by this time had gotten herself under control and just gave me an appraising look as she said hello.

As I returned her look I could tell we were both wondering what the rest of the evening would bring.

I lay on the bed propped up by the pillows checking Stacey out. She was about 5' tall give or take an inch, small build, long blonde hair, blue eyes. It was hard to see her shape as she was wearing an oversized T shirt but since her breasts weren't apparent, she obviously was small breasted. Nice legs coming out of the shorts she was wearing. Her most striking feature was she was just really pretty. Not overdone gorgeous, just a naturally pretty girl.

My two girls, Tina and Tammy had dropped their skirts by now so were no longer standing there with their pussies exposed and they were greeting Amy telling her all about how I had shaved their pussies for them. Bob still stood there his eyes were just barely in his head and he was busy checking out the two girls who had just exposed their pussies to the entire room without a thought. You just knew he had a hardon in his jeans and was waiting for my girls to move on to the next act. I think he half expected them to strip naked and begin having sex with everyone at the same time.

Stacey looked back at me and asked, "So what are you guys doing tonight? Going back to the club?"

"I don't think so." I answered with a laugh. "It was fun but two nights in a row is a bit much. How about you and Bob?"

"We didn't have any specific plans. Just to hang out and bum around. Relax, you know." She answered.

Just then Tina interrupted insisting everybody listen to the story about how I bought them new earrings and necklaces and the way we blew the sales clerks mind. Me by openly and loudly proclaiming that I expected at least a blowjob and preferably anal sex in return for the jewelry and Tammy by saying I was the best Daddy in the world. We left the stuck up snob with the idea that the girls were my daughters and we were maintaining an incestuous relationship.

Amy got a fit of giggles after hearing the story and Stacey just laughed as though it were one of the best jokes she had heard in a long time. Bob stood there looking unsure. He may have been confused and thought the girls whom he had just been introduced to as sisters were actually my daughters also.

While everybody was laughing I cracked open one of the bottles of wine we had bought and poured myself a glass. "Anyone here thirsty?" I asked. "I have an open bottle of wine that wants to get emptied." Amy, Tina and Tammy immediately started clamoring for a glass.

"Well we should be going." Stacey offered.

"Why don't you like my wine? It's not good enough for you? Or do you find the company offensive?" I teased with a smile.

"Come on stay and have a glass of wine with us." Amy interjected.

"Well we don't want to intrude. But I guess one glass of wine is OK."

So I poured a round for everyone and we sat down to some general talk. Before long we finished that bottle and then a second. I found out Stacey was older than I had first thought, 25 and Bob was just turned 19. He was clearly uncomfortable but the wine was loosening him up.

Stacey was a nurse and lived in Baltimore. She had just broken up with the guy she had been living with for 3 years and came on this vacation with her cousin, Amy, as a way to "clear her head". While I at first assumed that she had broken the relationship off because she caught him cheating or he was a bum or something. She revealed that she kicked him out for "lackonookie". For those of you who are unfamiliar with lackonookie it usually is more common in females than males but can affect both sexes. It manifests itself in an almost non-existent sex drive, hence the name lack-o-nookie. In other words she booted her boyfriend not because he couldn't get it up but because he didn't want to get it up and on, no sex.

We had almost finished the third and last bottle of wine and I decided I was having a good time and it seemed as though everyone else was also, but the wine was nearly gone and I was getting hungry.

"How about some pizza, anybody getting hungry?" I asked.

Everybody agreed that it sounded good. I grabbed the phone book and called to order pizza from a place down the street. I knew there was a liquor store in the same block so we could get our food and beverages all at the same time. I got up and slipped my shoes on, grabbed my keys and started to go. "You want some help." Stacey asked.

"Sure, probably could use it carrying everything." I answered

"I want to come too." Tammy said as she jumped up.

I think she was more concerned about this new female making a play for "her boyfriend" than carrying pizzas but the extra hands would be nice. We walked down to the car and headed down the street. I dropped both girls off at the pizza place and parked down the block in front of the liquor store. While they picked up the pies I grabbed the heavier liquids. 6 bottles of wine and a case of beer can be a little heavy and awkward compared to 4 pizzas.

Tammy had seemed a little cold toward Stacy when we left the room so I was a little surprised when they came out of the Pizza shop and down the street laughing like girlfriends out for the evening. It turned out that the guy in the pizza shop was hitting on Stacey and Tammy shut him down by accusing him, very loudly and very publicly of being a child molester for trying to seduce her 10 year old sister. Stacy had the build to pass for a young girl and apparently it worked as the owner came running out and apologized to the girls for his son's rudeness and gave them the pies for free, "if they would only quiet down and leave".

"As we were going out the door he was yelling at him in Italian. He kept saying, porker or porketa or something like that, I wonder what it meant." Tammy giggled

"He was calling him a pig and telling him how upset his mother was going to be and that he was going to make him sleep in the dumpster with the garbage where pigs belong." Stacey answered laughing.

I looked at her and said "Is that a guess or do you speak Italian?"

"My grandmother came over when she married my American soldier grandfather so I learned to speak Italian because it's what the women in our family use when they don't want the men to know what's going on." Stacey answered.

I chuckled and said, "Poor guy just trying to get laid and he gets accused of being a child molester for hitting on a 25 year old women. He's probably scarred for life."

That was the second time in our trip that Tammy had used a quick wit and loud insults to drive off bothersome boys. She was not afraid to yell when the time came or to play the injured party. If she had been a guy I would say she had a set of Brass Balls. But I had seen every part of her and there were no balls there at all just a sweet pussy.

We got the free pizza and wine back to the room without further incident and everybody dug in while Tammy told the Pizza story. Everybody laughed and started to tease Stacey about being a little girl, how it was past her bedtime and she was too young for the wine.

"Yeah, you guys laugh," she said "just because I don't have any tits. It's not my fault. When they were handing out body parts I thought they said ticks and I figured if I had to have some they should be as small as possible. Guess I should have exchanged the ears too cause they must have been defective."

"Tits aren't everything. Hell you're a beautiful woman. I saw that the moment you walked in. I couldn't care less about your tits." I offered.

She blushed at the compliment and thanked me. Then Tina chimed in. "I agree with Jack. Your are very pretty you don't need tits to attract a guy. Besides you're lucky, when Tammy and I are 50 we'll be strangling ourselves in super support bras and you'll still be free and unrestrained. If I was a guy I'd hit on you in a second, hell as a girl I am still thinking about whether I should try to get you in my bed."

Well now Stacey was really blushing and at a loss for words. Finally she was able to eek out a small "Thank you." But as I watched her after that, I noticed she was checking out Tina as much as she was me.

We all ate our fill and we sitting there sipping our wine or beer when Tammy suggested we do something, she was getting bored. We were all pretty relaxed and no one felt like leaving their nice comfy spot. Tina suggested we play some cards. Now what game can you find that 6 people know how to play? Gin Rummy came up and we played a few games before the wine got the better of Amy. She had been a little more reserved and proper tonight than she had the evening before, probably because her cousin, Stacey, was there. So I was surprised when she blurted out, "Five card draw poker, I haven't played that in a while."

Well it was a game we all knew how to play, at least we all had a basic idea of the rules. "OK but poker is no good if you aren't gambling." I pointed out.

Since not everyone had a wad of cash on them and most were reluctant to lose what they had we finally settled on a convoluted version of strip poker. While Tina and Tammy were game for anything that involved taking clothing off, Amy seemed a tad reluctant, Stacey just commented that she didn't have anything worth looking at, I was always willing to get naked with beautiful women, but poor Bob I don't think had ever actually taken his pants off where a women might see him. But peer pressure being what it is, his ego wouldn't let him chicken out. He was clearly nervous, almost to the point of panic.
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
The betting rules we worked up were fairly simple. The three worst hands lost an article of clothing, the three best didn't. But the best winning hand got to keep all the losing articles to use against future losses. So conceivably somebody could end up with all the clothing while everybody else was stark naked.

The first hand went about as I expected. Tammy lost, losing her Bikini top. Amy lost, losing her T shirt, but keeping her bra and Bob lost, losing his socks. Tina won the best hand and all the discarded clothing. Second hand I gave up my socks, Stacey lost her socks and Tina lost Bob's shirt. Tammy won the pot. We went back and forth like that for about 20 minutes. I was dying of curiosity to see Stacey's tits or lack of them but so far she had not lost another hand and had actually won the pot twice. I decided to play hard poker and signaled Tina that we were going to go for Stacey as she was the only one left with a shirt on.

The next few hands were a disaster for Stacey. Amy figured out that we were going after Stacey's pile and joined in. We reduced her to only what she had on in 6 hands and on the seventh she lost again. She looked at Tina and I and the way we leered at her and she laughed. She stripped off her shorts leaving her in her T shirt and panties. I know you guys are dying to see my not-tits so you'll just have to try harder.

During our attack on Stacey I failed to notice Bob was down to his briefs and was beside himself. I felt sorry for him and poured him a glass of wine and had him drink it all down, to loosen him up. Tina, Stacey and I each were topless but had a good size pile of discarded clothing in front of us. Tammy was also topless with only someone's socks in front of her. I think she was really trying to loose everything just to get naked.

So a few more hands and a lot more wine and finally Stacey lost and it was either her panties or her shirt. She could follow the norm we had set with tops first bottoms last or she could strip off her panties and use her oversized T shirt to cover herself. With a flourish she pulled her shirt off over her head and proudly displayed a very cute set of tiny titties. Not much more than bumps on her chest hardly bigger than the aureoles surrounding the erect nipples but definitely cute and they seemed to go well with her size and build. I really wanted to get my lips around them but knew I had to wait to see if she would let me and then if Tina, as head chick, would allow another woman into her roost.

Bob had won a hand and had a small pile in front of him which relaxed him so he chugged 2 beers in celebration. Not a good idea as he was not a good poker player. Tammy had lost the socks she had and was down to just the skirt she had on with no underwear. While Tina, Amy and I still had a small pile in front of each of us.

Another couple of hands and Stacey had won one and had a small pile to work with and bob was down to his briefs again and drunk enough that he didn't care anymore. But Tina had lost and now had to remove her skirt. She took it off in a slow teasing manner and as she dropped it to the floor stood open for all of us to admire.

"Alright Tammy you're out." I said

"What do you mean, I'm out?" she asked.

"You don't have anything left to bet" I said

Her face fell as she realized I was right. "But I want to keep playing." She complained as she sat back down. Now I watched Bob's face, as he was sitting across from her on the floor. When she sat down she did it Indian style so her pussy was spread wide open. Bob just stared at her. It was probably the first time he had actually seen a naked woman. What kept him from drooling all over himself I have no idea.

After a minute she brightened and got a devilish look in her eyes. "I know what I have to bet." She said to us. "If I loose I'll let everybody watch me play with myself for 1 minute."

Tina, Amy and I laughed as we knew how shameless she could be. Stacey looked shocked but intrigued and Bob was the first to answer. "Yeah, that's cool, right everybody." he urged.

I looked around the circle and no one seemed to have any objections so we went on to deal another hand. This time Bob lost his pants, literally. In his excitement of having Tammy sitting across from him naked and spread, he completely lost concentration on his cards. He was beet red as he pulled his briefs down and sat back down with his dick sticking straight out. He wasn't poorly equipped. About average length, but not as big around as I am, with a light patch of fuzz. He was trying to cover himself but finally gave up. The girls teased him a little, telling him to move this way or that so they could get a better view. Finally Tammy told him, "Not bad Bob. Not bad at all." The compliment bolstered his confidence a little and he became less self conscious.

"Well Bob," I asked "Do you have anything to bet or are you just going to sit there and get drunk."

"I don't know." He answered. "I don't know if I'm drunk enough to play with myself in front of everybody like Tammy said."

"Ah come on Bob, don't chicken out on me.' Tina said with a look that would melt anything.

"Ok I guess. I'll take a chance." he said.

The next hand was dealt and played out and Tammy lost. "Ok is everybody ready?" she asked as she slipped her hand down to her pussy and started to rub herself. After about 20 seconds she slipped a finger inside and sat there finger fucking herself while the five of us sat there and watched. I looked over at Stacey and she was intently watching Tammy's show and enjoying it. She only had her panties on and they were a dark blue color. She was also sitting Indian style and I could clearly see the spreading wet spot in her crotch. I was timing Tammy and let her go about 15 seconds over before I told her time up she had to stop. "No not yet." she moaned.

"You said 60 seconds so times up." Amy teased.

Reluctantly Tammy stopped and withdrew her hand. Her fingers were glistening as she brought them out and drew them to her mouth to lick her juices off.

"Slut" Tina said laughing at Tammy's answering smile.

I glanced over at Bob and the precum was nearly running out of his dick he was so excited. We dealt another hand. Now Amy started to slide into one of those losing streaks. Finally she lost her last piece of clothing.

"Ok what are you offering to bet." I asked.

She looked around shyly and finally said "If I lose I'll let you shave my pussy like Tina and Tammy and everybody can watch."

"Works for me, how about everybody else?" I said.

We agreed all around and dealt again. Well didn't she lose immediately, and off to the bathroom we went. I ran hot water and wet the wash cloth again and proceeded through my third pussy shave of the day. I had actually gotten quite good at it by this time and was done in no time. As I finished wiping the excess soap off I bent down and gave her a kiss on her now smooth mound, then a quick lick in the slit. That elicited a moan from Amy and applause from the four people behind me.

We returned to the playing floor and dealt another hand. Now this time Bob finally lost and we called his bet. He looked around apprehensively before taking his dick in his hand and stroking himself. "Not to hard, we don't want you shooting cum all over the cards." I offered. We let him stroke for the full minute and he was just starting to get into it when we called time. It seemed as though he released himself a little reluctantly.

The next few hands went back and forth and finally Tina and I both were down to having to strip. So we joined the naked bunch that left only Stacey in her underwear. Tina and I both offered the usual masturbation bet. Then my luck changed and I won the next couple of hands and had a pile of discarded clothing to save me from public masturbation. But Amy and Tammy lost repeatedly and we all watched them play with themselves several times. Bob lost again in that set and he had no problem pulling his pud this time.

The next hand was the more interesting. Tammy, Amy and Bob all lost. All three reached for their genitals at the same time when Stacey chimed in. "It's getting kind of boring watching you three jerk off. Why don't we spice it up? How about if Bob fingers Tammy and Amy jerks off Bob and Tammy can finger Amy."

Bob was obviously nervous but eager and the two girls just giggled. So the three of them got into their circle and started to do each other. Tammy reached out and spread Amy's legs and slid her fingers into Amy's warm and wet snatch. Bob laid his hand on Tammy's mound and hesitated, "I've never done this. I don't want to hurt you." He said to Tammy. Just go slow and easy and you won't" she answered. With that he started to gently rub her shaved pussy mound as he worked a finger into her slit and then into her hole. While he was busy concentrating on that Amy reached out and took his dick in her hand and started to stroke him. All three of them were slipping into their own little world of sexual desire while Stacey, Tina and I watched. Stacey got up and crawled over next to Tina so she could see better and we watched. Nobody bothered to call time now as the three of them slid into their own sexual rhythm.

We watched as Amy moved her head up and took Bob's dick into her mouth and started to gently suck him off and as Tina moved her face into Amy's crouch and started to tongue her pussy and we watched as Bob blew his load into Amy's mouth. Then as she pulled Tammy's head up and kissed her to share his spunk then as they both kissed him giving him his own sperm.

I looked over at Tina and Stacey. Tina had her hand buried in her own snatch and Stacey was gently pulling on her own nipples. I leaned over and kissed Tina. Passionately I pushed my tongue into her mouth as though I were digging for gold. I pulled back and looked into her eyes and said to her "I want you."

She smiled at me and gave me a soft kiss on the lips then ran her tongue over my lips before she turned away to Stacey. She took the other girls chin between her thumb and forefinger and turned her head to meet her own and kissed her. Stacey returned her kiss with passion while Tina took hold of the smaller girl and pulled her over between us. She broke her kiss with Stacey, looked into my eyes and said "You want Stacey too, we both do." Then she looked at Stacey and asked "Do you want us both tonight."

Stacey hesitated then reached out and took hold of my cock. "This I want. I think I want you too but I have never been with a woman before." With that she reached out and with her other hand cupped one of Tina's tits.

Tina smiled at her and said, "Don't worry until a couple of days ago I never had either. It's not as good as being with a man, especially a man you love. But it is different and good. Comforting and sensual." As she said that she leaned over and kissed Stacey again. We both reached out and each hooked a finger in Stacey's panties and began to slide them down, she raised her hips so we could get them off easily and down we went. Down to reveal her pussy, which we found was shaved but not completely. She left a little strip of fur running up from her slit. I watched as they continued to kiss. I still wanted to wrap my lips around those tiny titties and flick my tongue over her erect nipples. I couldn't wait any longer.

I lay on the bed next to her and while she and Tina engaged in a deep sensual kiss I gently went for her breast. Since she was lying down they had almost disappeared. But there was still a little bump of tittie there and I first flicked my tongue over it then slowly wrapped my lips around the areola and sucked in with a slight pressure. She moaned in pleasure and started stroking my dick. I flicked my tongue back and forth over first one then the other of those tiny mounds. It was extremely sensual, to be sucking her nipples into my mouth and playing with them with my tongue. By now she was so excited she was jacking me hard and since I did not want to cum yet I had to lay my hand on hers and guide her off my dick.
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
I lifted her hand and guided it over to Tina's pussy. I just set it there and held it for a minute. At first she stiffened then relaxed and started to rub Tina's mound with her hand. She immediately found her slit and then her clit. Tina's body reacted as though she were melting, she flowed down onto Stacey with a liquid motion as the other girl ticked her clit and slid a finger up into her hole.

I moved my attention downward, kissing her chest and stomach, moving down to her prize. I reached her mound and the little strip of fur she had left there. I ran my tongue over her mound and through her hair down to the top of her slit. I could smell the heat and musk of her pussy, she was so hot that you could almost see the steam rising. I let my tongue slide into her slit and wiggled it around until I found her love button. I slowly ran my tongue over her clit then back again, she responded by humping herself into my face. I let my tongue wander down her slit until I found the entrance to her pussy then I slid it into her and wiggled it around, licking her vagina for all I was worth. She was so wet that the juices were just running out of her and I was sucking up as much as I could. I did not want to stop but I wanted Tina to share her with me so I looked up and saw that Tina had moved her oral attention from Stacey's mouth to her tits and it appeared that she was enjoying them as much as I had. I moved myself back up to Stacey's tits and gave Tina a kiss.

"You have to taste her." I told her. "She is so wet and it's like honey just running out."

Tina answered me with a lust filled grin and moved her own face down to the other girl's pussy. She immediately drove her tongue into Stacey's pussy and I could see by the look in her eyes that she loved it. I continued working on her tits with my tongue for a few minutes before I moved up to kiss her lips.

"Tina's eating your pussy." I told her after the kiss. "How is it to have another woman eat you out and suck your tits?"

"I love it its wonderful! But you guys aren't letting me cum yet." She answered between breaths.

"All in good time. When you do cum it will be the best orgasm of your life. That's what we want to give you as a gift for being with us tonight." I told her.

"I've already had better sex tonight than I have had in my life, without cumming. But I want you to fuck me too. I am so ready to feel your dick in me." She groaned.

"You have to ask Tina for that, beg her to allow me to fuck you." I answered.

"Tina, please can Jack fuck me now, please. I need a cock in me and I need it soon." Stacey begged.

"If I let my man use his cock on you what do I get." Tina asked teasingly, pausing from her pussy eating.

"Anything you want! I'll do anything! I'll…I'll eat your pussy. Oh God I want to eat your pussy and suck you tits." Stacey begged.

"OK, he can fuck you. First suck him off a little. I love to watch other women take my man's cock in their mouth."

I moved myself up to position my dick near Stacey's head. She needed no prompting or instruction. She sucked me right into her mouth and down her throat. The way she was going to town on me I couldn't let it go on for long or I would have blown my load down her throat and I did want to fuck her very badly. So I pulled myself out of her mouth and she whimpered. "More, I love sucking cock, Give it to me again. Please" she begged.

"More later, if you're a good girl." I told her with a smile. "Now I'm going to fuck you and maybe I'll let you come. Would you like too feel my cock inside you? Would you like to feel my hot sperm shooting against the walls of your pussy?"

"Yes, please fuck me!" she cried.

Now I moved down and positioned myself between her legs. I placed each of her ankles on my shoulders and put the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy. Since she was built so small I figured she would have a small pussy and would be a tight fuck. As I looked down at her snatch I could see little river a juice running out and back to her asshole.

I wanted to fuck her so bad I couldn't stand to tease her anymore so I let my cockhead slide inside and stopped. I waited for a minute savoring the feel of her velvety pussylips around my dick. Now I wanted to be all the way in so I pushed. I slipped right in and to my surprise I found she was no where near as tight a fit as I had thought she would be. I reveled in the heat and wetness around my cock and the nice fit we made as I started to slowly pump on her.

From the position I was in I could now see the other three and see what was going on there. Tammy was riding Bobs cock and Amy was sitting on his face and grinding herself down on him. Then while I watched I heard Tammy ask Amy to switch. And the two girls each got up and changed places with Tammy now squatting over his mouth and Amy sliding down on his dick. As they each took their pleasure they fondled each others tits and occasionally kissed. I caught Tammy's attention and asked if she was having fun. Instead of answering me. She smiled, closed her eyes and got up a few inches off of Bob's face. Next she put her hand on her clit and with just a few seconds manipulation she came on his face. It wasn't just a regular cum it was one of her gushers. She shot all over the guys face in a steady stream. It looked like she was pissing on him and it was a turn on. When she was done she looked back at me and said "What do you think?" and smiled.

Tina giggled, she had been watching the show as she played with Stacey's tits and was laughing at the way Bob was sputtering from all the juice shot at him. "Are you going to let that boy come" she asked Amy.

"What do you mean? He already came once in my mouth and once in Tammy's mouth. I think he's going to go again soon then we'll have to let him rest as he's already starting to soften up." Amy answered with a wicked grin. "I want this one in my pussy." She added as she rode him even harder.

I was still pumping away on Stacey and she was clearly in a world of her own as I fucked her. I figured she had waited long enough and I started to pound her and at the same time I reached down and rubbed her clit with the tip of my finger. Her eyes flew open and her mouth formed that cute "O". Seeing this Tina bent over and sucked one of her nipples into her mouth and took it between her teeth. I don't know how hard she bit down but it was enough to get a little scream out of Stacey and also enough to push her over the edge. She started to shake with orgasm as the feelings washed over her body, she flooded my cock with juice as I pulled out of her and offered her pussy to Tina. Tina greedily started to lap up the girlcum flowing from this cute little blonde. It seemed like she was going to cum forever and just as I was starting to wonder when she would stop I could see her begin to relax.

"You seemed to enjoy that. Was it worth the wait?" I asked.

She looked at me with a smile and answered, "Do you mean tonight or my entire life? I have never orgasamed like that ever! My insides are still doing flip flops." Her voice was dreamlike. She was obviously still in a state of orgasm or at least coming down from the sexual high.

I crawled up and lay down next to her and gave her a gentle kiss first on the lips then on her nipple. Tina lay on the other side of her and followed my lead as the three of us curled up together to enjoy the closeness and warmth. After a few minutes of quite petting and caressing Stacey broke the silence. "I think I'm hungry. I would love a snatch snack right now."

Tina smiled and kissed her. "I would love to supply that if you're sure it's what you want."

"Right now the only thing I want more is to feel cum splashing inside me." She answered Tina. Then to me, "I was waiting for you to cum but you didn't, was I alright for you."

"You were wonderful and if you really want me to cum inside you I would love to but where inside you do you want it?" I asked.

While we were talking I noticed that she was playing with Tina's pussy and sliding her finger up and down and occasionally letting it slip inside her. Tina was starting to react to her ministrations. Her eyes were half open and a low purr was coming from her.

"Maybe while your eating Tina I could get inside you again and finish off. Maybe I could make you cum again."

"I think that would be nice and you can cum inside me anywhere you want. After what you guys have done for me tonight I am your sex slave." She answered with a very serious look on her face and tone to her voice. "You can have me anyway you want."

With that she rolled over and began to lick Tina's tits and suck her nipples into her mouth. I looked over at the other bed and saw Bob sprawled out, his limp dick lying over his thigh. It looked as though he was well used. I started to worry that they had killed him but then I saw his chest move as he breathed. I suppose he just need to rest. The girls, Tammy and Amy were locked into a 69 eating each other with gusto, content for now to let Bob rest.

As I watched the girls my attention was drawn back to my own pair of nymph's. Stacey had moved her oral attentions down to Tina's pussy and was just starting to eat her and Tina was definitely enjoying it. Tina was spread eagle on her back and Stacey was on her knees with her head bent forward into the snatch she was munching. The position put her ass in the air and her asshole and pussy fully exposed and waiting. I got up on my knees behind her and aimed my dick at her pussy hole. I put the head against her hole and moved it up and down with my hand a little and suddenly Stacey pushed back and impaled herself on my meat.

Well I can sometimes be stupid but I do know that when a woman shoves herself onto my cock like that she wants to be fucked. I began to bang away on her pussy. I was not in a hurry to cum and I was building up a hell of a load so I just fucked her and enjoyed the sensation as I looked over her shoulder and watched Tina orgasm into her mouth as I fucked her from behind. About that time she raised her head and looked back at me. "That feels so good, but I want my ass fucked. Do me in the ass please." And she went back to work on Tina's pussy.

I pulled out of her and raised my point of aim a little to place the head of my dick at her puckered hole. I was dripping wet from being inside her so as I applied a little pressure I slid right in past her anal ring. She groaned deeply into Tina's pussy and I pushed a little more and was all the way in. I could feel her muscles contracting around my dick as I started to slowly piston on her anus. It only took a few strokes and I felt her tighten up and a flood of juice ran from her pussy onto my balls and down our legs. "You really like to be ass fucked, don't you?" I said

She again picked her head up out of Tina's pussy and answered, "There is nothing like it after a good pussy fucking like the one you gave me. And I decided I really like eating pussy." Back down went her head and her tongue into my girlfriend's hole.

All the talk of assfucking got the attention of the others and I suddenly had Amy on one side of me and Tammy on the other with there faces down so that they had a close-up view of my dick sliding into Stacey's backdoor. I glanced back over my shoulder and saw Bob was watching intently but his view was blocked.

"That is so cool! Watching you dick go into her ass. Sometime I'm going to get up the nerve to have you fuck my ass like that." Tammy said as she watched with her face only inches away.

"I'm going to cum soon." I said "Why don't one of you girls play with her clit to help her get off."

Amy got there first and started to furiously rub Stacey's love button while Tammy slid two fingers into her pussy.
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
"Oh cool! I can feel your dick fucking her." Tammy offered.

But at that point I didn't care what she could feel. I was just about to blow my load and the sensation of Tammy's fingers rubbing my dick through the thin wall between the ass and pussy while I fucked Stacey's ass and her sphincter muscles tightening up as she started to climax was all I could stand. I started to shoot gobs of cum up her ass. The feeling of my hot cum splashing against the walls of her rectum pushed her over the edge and she started to cum again. This orgasm was as intense as the first and she collapsed onto the bed with my dick buried in her ass and Tammy's fingers in her puss. Her face was still buried in Tina's crotch and she was breathing heavy almost panting.

I laid there for a minute, on top of Stacey, recovering myself, before I started to get up and slide my dick out of her ass. "What to see something neat?" I asked the other two girls. "Pull her ass cheeks apart."

They did as I suggested revealing her asshole and you could clearly see how I had stretched it out and the little trickle of cum running out of it. "Oh neat!!" Amy exclaimed. "Look how it's stretched out and God you must have shot gallons into her. Look at how it's running out."

"What she needs now is a good pussy licking. Why don't you two roll her over and give her a kiss."

"But she's my cousin!" Amy said.

"So, if I can do my sister why can't you do your cousin?" Tammy asked her.

Amy shrugged and a wicked grin crossed her face as she dipped her head toward Stacey's pussy. I moved to the bathroom to clean myself up and noticed Bob standing there stroking his again hardening dick. "What are you waiting for?" I asked him "Go stick that thing in one of them.

By now Tina had recovered from her pussy eating and followed me. Once we were in the bathroom she took the hot wash cloth from me and cleaned my dick off. Then stood up and gave me a very loving and sensual kiss. We hugged for a minute then returned to the bedroom. The four of them were on the bed we had vacated. Stacey was on her back legs spread with Amy's head between Stacey's legs just lapping away. Bob was behind Amy and pumping his dick into her pussy, while Tammy was sucking on Stacey's tits. Tina and I lay down on the empty bed and watched the action while we caressed each other. After a minute or two I was feeling naughty and said, "Bob move it up a little and go in the back door." He looked at me in surprise, then a grin crossed his face as he pulled out of Amy and moved his cock up to her ass and pushed.

Amy let out a squeal and picked up her head. "You're in the wrong hole that's my ass!"

"Does it hurt?" I asked

"Not anymore." She giggled as she wiggled her butt a little on his dick and went back to her cousin's pussy.

We watched the four of them go at it for a while and I started to get hard again, which is what Tina was waiting for, because as soon as I was rigid she crawled on top of me and lowered her pussy onto my meat. It was a very satisfying feeling to have my cock inside my girlfriend again. She rode me slow and gentle just sliding back and forth a little enjoying the feelings, physical and emotional that ran through us.

Over on the next bed, Bob was pumping furiously into Amy's ass and Tammy was alternating between sucking Stacey's tits and kissing her while Amy was still eating Stacey's pussy. Amy would grunt each time Bob met her with a forward stroke as he drove her into her cousins snatch. After a while Tammy slid out of the other bed and came over and joined her sister and I. She laid next to us and gently stroked us both as we fucked away. "Satisfied?" I asked her as her sister rode me.

"For now." She purred, "I had fun tonight. I've been fucked and eaten and eaten pussy myself and given a blow job." The only thing I haven't had is somebody cum inside me. That's because you're the only one who gets to do that. I love you too much to let anybody else have that privilege. I thought about letting Bob do me in the ass, but I want you to be the first for that. For now I'm content and just want to lay with the two people I love, you and my sister."

I gave her a kiss and told her, "I love you to. I think your sister is going to cum on my dick again and I know I am not far from shooting a load into her. I'll do your ass for you and be proud to be the first but I don't think it will be tonight. In fact here I cum into Tina's pussy now." My orgasm washed over me and I could feel Tina going over the edge as her pussy muscles clamped onto my dick, she shuddered and the usual flow of juice ran out of her pussy, over my cock and down over my balls.

Tina laid forward onto my chest and embraced her sister and me in a hug. "This is nice, the three of us together." She slowly slid off of me to my side and I found myself again sandwiched between the two sisters as they drifted off to sleep, both well fucked and content. I looked over at the other bed and could see that they were also spent and not going anywhere soon except to dreamland. I lay still and thought about what had happened over the last few days, even the last week and was amazed at the two women I had and the ones we had met. I wondered with a little apprehension what the future might bring. Well that was a problem for tomorrow.

There was a noise, not loud but something that did not belong and it woke me. I opened my eyes and looked around the room. I was, as I had fallen asleep sandwiched between the two sisters I had started to think of as my girlfriends. Then I saw what had awakened me. Stacey was moving across the room carrying two boxes of donuts and cups of coffee. She saw me and smiled, I returned her smile and carefully extricated myself from the tangle of arms and legs that covered me. Once I stood up I glanced over at the other bed and saw that Bob and Amy were still asleep. I walked over to the table where Stacey had set the goodies down and gave her a kiss before heading off to the bathroom to take my morning piss. She followed me in and stood behind me. She reached around and took my cock in her hand and aimed it for me as I drained the previous evening's leftover alcohol and other liquids. When I finished she shook it for me, a little differently than I would have, but it worked. Then she whispered "Grab some coffee and a donut and meet me on the balcony, oh you better put some pants on too."

I rooted around in the clothes that were spread across the floor and found the shorts I had been wearing the previous night, slipped them on, grabbed a cup of coffee and quietly opened the door to the balcony to join her. She was standing leaning against the rail sipping her coffee. She was wearing the oversized T shirt she had arrived in last night and when I looked again I realized that that was all she had on, as I could see the bottom of her ass cheek and her pussy lips peeking out.

"Did you go out like that or did you take your panties off when you got back?" I asked.

She grinned at me and answered "You guys have an effect on me. I went out like this and it felt so naughty."

"I take it you had a good time last night. No regrets?" I asked

"The only regret I have is I didn't meet you people sooner in my life. I have never had so much sex. Both quality and quantity were superb. But especially the tenderness you and Tina showed me. You guys treated me like I was one of you" Stacey said.

"Well you were one of us. Every woman deserves to be treated with tenderness and appreciation." I answered.

"Tina and Tammy are so lucky to have you." She told me as she kissed me.

"You keep that up and I am liable to take you right here on the balcony." I warned.

"Promise?" she teased "Finish your coffee first. Under normal circumstances I would tell you that you wouldn't dare. But after spending the night with you guys last night I think you probably would. And before last night I would never have let you, but now I think I am actually getting wet at the idea of you fucking me out here on the balcony in broad daylight."

I took a sip of my coffee and with my other hand pulled down my fly freeing my hard cock. I moved against her backside and laid it in the crack of her ass under the T shirt. She pushed back against me slightly, "Just not up my ass this morning. It's a little sore from the pounding you and Bob gave me last night. When I'm really horny I love getting ass fucked but I pay for it the next day, especially with some one as big around as you."

"I'm not that big." I answered, "Only slightly over average length."

"Yeah but you're at least half again as big around as the average. But that is a good thing." She answered while she rubbed her ass back and forth over my cock. I took myself in my free hand and bent my knees enough to get my meat between her legs. She leaned a little farther forward and I found myself at her entrance and she was wet, very wet. I gave a little push and slid right in. She was as warm and wet as last night and I started a very slow rhythm on her. While I was pumping on her I set the coffee down and reached under her shirt and began to play with her tiny tits. The size of this girl's tits so intrigued me, just little bumps they were. But they were so sensitive that touching them brought her juices flowing even more. She was getting into it now pushing back onto me harder and harder. I took hold of her T shirt with both hands and yanked it over her head, leaving her naked in the sunlight. Being in the open and naked turned her on even more, she started to hump me even harder and instead of covering her tits she straightened up a little to give the world a better look.

That was when I noticed that there was a couple in the parking lot loading luggage into their car. "If they look up they will get a show." I thought to myself, and just about then the woman did. She stared at us as though she couldn't believe what she was seeing then her husbands gaze followed hers and they both stared as I pumped on Stacey from behind. They stood there watching us and finally got into their car. But it didn't move they were just watching from a less conspicuous spot. About then I heard the door slide open behind me and felt hands on my back.

"Wake up horny again?" Tina asked. I glanced to the side and saw her standing there wearing nothing but her smile. She was running her hands up and down my back and then leaned forward and kissed Stacey.

"You have no idea how lucky you are. To have this guy whenever you want him." Stacey breathed out between thrusts.

"Oh yes I do." Tina answered. "That's why I don't mind sharing him, because if I let him have someone he wants and join in I know he'll come back to me and appreciate what I do for him and let him do. If I told him no and got jealous he'd do it anyway and I'd probably lose him and I have no intention in letting him go."
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
All the while she was fondling Stacey's tits and running her hand over both of our bodies. I felt Stacey shudder on my cock and the gush of cum as she climaxed on my cock. The warmth and wetness was all I needed and it pushed me over the edge as I shot ropes of cum deep into her womb. My cock began to soften and slide out of her pussy and she stood up straight on wobbly legs. I leaned over and kissed her and Tina also leaned over to her. "Are you going to come visit us after we get home?" Tina asked "We would like that."

"I think I would like that too. I had been thinking of asking Amy to move in and share my apartment with me and after last night I think I will. Maybe we could both come that is until one of us gets hooked up with a guy seriously."

"That would be great." Tina said as she led the other girl back into the room. "All three of us really like you and Amy."

The other Three were starting to wake up about this time. Bob had his hand on Amy's pussy trying to get her interested in another go round and Tammy was lying in the other bed watching everything and diddling herself. As soon as she saw me she jumped out of bed and ran over to give me a kiss. She immediately dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. "Mmm, you were fucking somebody this morning." She said and immediately she took me back into her mouth, "I know who it was, it tastes just like Stacey." All Five of us broke out laughing as she bobbed her head back on my cock.

"Come on you little slut lets the four of us get in the shower it looks like Bob and Amy are going to be busy." I said glancing over at the remaining two on the bed. "Unless somebody wants to join them."

Bob and Amy were still on the bed and he had is face buried in her pussy. She was laying there humping against his face and pulling on her nipples obviously enjoying the attention.

The four of us moved into the bathroom and the oversized shower there. Four of us could fit, as we had the previous day with Amy, my two girls and I. The difference today was Amy was out on the bed getting fucked and Stacey had taken her place. I started up the shower and adjusted the water while the three girls waited and when I turned around I found that Tammy and Tina had gotten Stacey up on the counter and were doing their best to seduce her, not that it took much effort. Tina had her head between the other girl's legs and was lapping away while Tammy had pulled Stacey's face to her chest and was enjoying the other girl's ministrations to her tits.

"Don't you two ever quit? I turn my back for 10 seconds and you're fucking the first naked person you see." I laughed.

Tina picked her head up from Stacey's lap and said to me, "I didn't want to see all that good cum you put in her go to waste, run down her legs and down the drain."

Tammy just giggled as Stacey continued to tongue her tits. "What a couple of sluts I hooked up with and to think that a month ago one of them would barely kiss me and the other was a virgin until a couple of days ago." I said with mock disgust.

With that Stacy let go of Tammy's tit and suggested "I think you corrupted them. You are a corrupting influence on young girls. Look at me until I met you I never touched another woman and now you have me eating pussy, sucking tits and having your girlfriends eat me. God I love it!" She finished with a laugh.

Well come on you three shameless sluts let's get in the shower before the water runs cold. All three giggled as they scampered past me into the shower. Tammy was the last in line and as she went past me she grabbed my cock and dragged me in with them. They grabbed the wash cloths and soap and started to lather each other up. When I reached for a cloth Tina slapped my hand and told me "Wait your turn. We'll get to you in a minute." She went back to lathering up the other girls while I stood and watched the three of them playing and washing, running their hands over each other. The show soon got to me and even though I had shot my load into Stacey shortly before I started to get hard again

I think that was what they were waiting for because they turned their attentions to me. Tammy and Stacey dropped to their knees and started to very slowly wash my legs and they alternated taking my cock into their mouths. Tina concentrated on washing my torso front and back. She very gently ran the soapy rag over my skin and stopped to kiss me occasionally. In no time at all I was so ready to fuck one of them again it wasn't funny. The worst part is they knew it and teased me. They would bring me close to cumming and then would back off. Suddenly, as if on cue, they all stopped stood and left the shower. I was disappointed but had not surrendered yet. I was determined to stick my dick in somebody's pussy.

We all got out of the shower and they preformed a similar ritual drying each other than the three of them drying me. It was a very sensual and erotic experience, having these three very attractive and desirable women run their hands over my body. All too soon they were done and we all went into the bedroom area.

Bob and Amy were still going at it only now he had her up on her knees and he was pounding her from behind. He was fucking her pussy and begging her to let him do her ass. She kept saying no that she wanted him in her pussy. When she saw us come out of the shower and evil grin crossed her face and she said " If you don't stop bugging me about ass fucking I am going to have the girls all hold you down and have Jack do your ass."

I laughed and played along, "All right I get to ass fuck Bob."

He took one look at my erection standing at its full 7 inches and froze, a look of terror crossed his face. Then Amy started to giggle. "You scared him with that thing" she laughed. He lost his hardon and I wasn't done with him yet."

"Well let's help Amy come on girls. Stacey you grab his feet and I'll hold his hands. Amy you can sit on his face and make him eat you till you come." Tina said as she jumped for the bed. Stacey was right behind her laughing with an evil tinge in it. They grabbed him and held him down on the bed while Amy positioned her pussy over his mouth and she lowered herself onto his face. She rode him like this as Tammy and I watched. The other two were calling for turns and the poor guy was getting face raped. I think he was more scared than anything as he wasn't getting hard at all. His dick was laying there limp.

Tammy was enjoying the show but not as much as having me to herself for a little. She had a hand on my cock and was jacking me as we stood there and her other hand was on her own pussy. Finally she looked at me and said "Fuck me, please. Just make love to me."

I leaned over and gave her a slow passionate kiss as I took her into my arms and moved over to the empty bed. I laid her down. She instantly spread her legs and wrapped them around me pulling me to her. I positioned myself so that my cock was against her pussy. I let a few slow strokes slide up and down her slit before I let it move down to her hole and then with a slow steady pressure I slid into her waiting love tunnel. She was hot and wet and ready to be fucked.

I started to slowly pump into her. It did feel good and after the last few days of multiple partners it was nice to only have to pay attention to one woman at a time. She stared into my eyes as I fucked her and I could watch as they began to glass over and her breathing started to become rapid and shallow. She was coming close to climax so I increased my pace a little and pushed a little deeper while she went over the edge and came on my cock. "God that was good." she sighed as I continued to fuck her. Cum inside me, please. I want to feel your cum splash inside my belly. I want the hot milky stuff inside."

She kept up the talk getting me even harder and hotter. "Slam your cock into my cunt. Make me your cum bucket. I want to feel you fuck my pussy." And on and on while I built up my load. Finally I had all I could take and I drove forward as hard as I could and released my baby juice deep into her womb. I gave her what she wanted and she responded by reaching another climax as I did. I collapsed on top of her and she held me and kept her legs wrapped around me as she stroked my hair and my back cooing into my ear. We were both content and happy.

I don't know how long we laid there before Tina came and joined us. She crawled into bed next to us and kissed each of us gently before joining our embrace. "I love you both." she whispered as we held each other. The three of us laid there for a while we could hear the sounds of sex coming from the other bed but didn't bother to look over to see who was doing what to whom. We just enjoyed being close.

After a while I had to get up and relieve myself. I noticed that the three on the other bed were just laying there and when Stacey saw me get up she began to stir. I heard her get after the other two. "Come on get up we have to pack and be out of the condo by noon." When I finished in the bathroom I found them getting dressed. "Are you going back today?" I asked.

"Our rental runs out and most of us have to be back at work so unfortunately, yes." Stacey answered.

"That's too bad I was hoping to see you guys some more." I said

"You will. Don't worry." She smiled at me.

We exchanged address and phone numbers and the girls got up to say goodbye with hugs and kisses. I shook hands with Bob and pulled him aside. "Scared you a little didn't we." I asked him.

"He blushed and hung his head, "yeah, for a minute I thought you were really going to shove your dick in me."

"Learn the lesson." I told him, "Don't bug a woman about ass fucking. If you want to ask but don't ask again if she says no. She either likes it or not and if you get her to submit when she really doesn't want to she will make you pay for it somehow."

He nodded and thanked me again for both the advice and experience. We sadly watched our new friends leave. The girls all shared a few tears and promises to keep in touch. Usually such promises are soon forgotten but I felt fairly sure that we would hear from these two girls again soon.

This was to be our last full day before heading back tomorrow and the girls wanted to get some more beach time in so we began to get ready for the beach with our swimsuits and towels and off we went.

We spent a nice relaxing day on the sand and in the water. I needed a little relaxation after the sex of the last 48 hours I was beginning to feel a little drained. We played in the water as we had previously. A little grabbing and exposing tits and pussies. Some time spent with the girls stroking my cock but nothing serious. I think we were all a little sexually exhausted for the time being. I spent a considerable amount of time sleeping on the beach in the sun and all too soon it was time to head back to the motel. We had skipped lunch, having pigged out on the donuts Stacey had went out for. So by late afternoon we were getting hungry.

We got back and showered off the sand and salt and just enjoyed touching each other and being close. Then we laid down for a short nap before we went to dinner. We crawled into bed, the three of us cuddling together and soon dozed off after some stroking and petting.
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
I was awakened about a half hour later, very pleasantly. I found Tina was sucking my cock and Tammy with her head on my chest just gently running her hands over my body. "I woke up and saw this thing staring at me begging to be kissed and I couldn't resist" Tina said as she lifted her head off of me. I just smiled in return and laid my head back down. Tammy turned toward me and kissed me with a slow gentle kiss. The kind you give someone who you really care for and she slowly let it build into a more passionate one. Tina had gone back to work on my blowjob but I felt her coming off of me and moving to straddle me. I knew what she was going to do so I was not surprised when she lowered herself on to my cock and began to fuck me. Fuck probably is not the right word as it seems to denote some animal passion or wanton desire. I suppose the best way to describe it is to say she made love to my and to my dick with her pussy. All the while she was riding me Tammy was kissing me, either my lips or my nipples. Between the two of them they were working me into a real state. I felt Tina's pussy clamp onto my cock as she came on me. She continued to ride me for a minute while she came down from the orgasmic high and then she slid off me and crawled up next to me. "Your turn.", she whispered to Tammy.

Tammy slid down and took her place on my cock as Tina took Tammy's place using her mouth on mine and on my chest. Tammy rode me letting my cock slide around in her warm, wet smoothness. I was in my own little piece of heaven as they worked on me. I began to feel the beginnings of Tammy's orgasm rise in her pussy and let her work it through until she came on me and her juices ran down my cock and over my balls. "Cum inside me. I want your cum in me." She begged as she rode me harder pushing me closer and closer to my own orgasm. Then there it was. I was shooting gobs of cum deep into her and I heard her sigh with pleasure as the hot sticky gobs splashed inside her womb.

She slid down off of me and took me cock in her mouth and cleaned our combined juices off of me then licked my balls clean of her and her sisters cum before she curled up on my other side and the there of us cuddled together.

Some time later we all were beginning to feel ravenous, all we had eaten all day was a bunch of donuts in the morning and it was approaching evening so we forced ourselves out of bed and into clothing. The girls chose to wear the same outfits they had the last time we walked the boardwalk. That is the miniskirts I had bought them and their bikini tops and no underwear. I chuckled to myself at how these two shy women, who had been raised in a strict born again household had so quickly changed into such sexual showoffs. I slid a hand under each skirt and patted bare ass as we walked down the hall and they each smiled at me.

We chose a casual but upper end seafood restaurant located on the boardwalk for dinner. The food was typical seafood fare and good. We ate our fill and spent the evening walking the boardwalk playing games, riding the rides and buying junk in the souvenir shops. We came upon one of those photo shops you find where they take you picture in various costumes with odd backgrounds and the girls each wanted a picture of the three of us.

We went in and looked over the backgrounds available they choose a very realistic looking beach scene then it came time to choose our outfits. The girls looked at each other and at the girl who was manning the camera. "We don't want outfits we want to be naked." Tina told the photographer. The girl smiled and agreed. She was cute with short brown hair and brown eyes, a nice tan from spending her days on the beach and a nice body visible through the tight shorts and top she was wearing. She pulled a curtain across the front of the shop to separate us from the storefront. Tina and Tammy quickly stripped off their bikini tops and skirts and stood in front of the backdrop with me between them. We took a ton of shots. Some with both girls and myself, some with each girl alone, some with me alone with each girl and some bordering on pornographic.

When we had exhausted most of the possible combinations the girls started to get dressed. I stepped out into the front area to look around the shop. As soon as I left the girl talk started, which I could clearly hear through the curtain. The photographer was curious and started hinting around at why the two of them were with one guy and could I take care of them both and did I ever get tired. It got pretty personal and lurid as girl talk often does. People claim that guys brag and yes many do but with women there are often no bounds they talk about anything no matter how personal and they often can get pretty damn crude. It sounded like they were done and coming out so I headed to the front of the store and pretended I didn't hear a thing.

We would have to come back in an hour to pick up the prints but before leaving we examined the proofs and choose the poses we wanted. The girls wanted nearly all of them so I splurged and cut a deal with the girl for the whole bunch as 5x7's. I paid for them and we headed out, figuring to stop back later and pick them up.

We strolled for a while longer and stopped for a drink at one of the boardwalk bars before heading back to pickup our pictures. The girl at the photo stand was finishing up with some people so we waited. I had to use the lavatory so left Tina and Tammy to pick up the prints. I told them I would be at the public restroom just outside and down the way a bit and would meet them here when I was done.

A few minutes later I found myself standing on the boardwalk looking for the girls. I had taken care of business in the restroom and was waiting where I had told them I would be. Finally I saw them heading down the boardwalk toward me.

"All set?" I asked

"Yep," Tina answered, "Do you want to do more boardwalk or head back?

"I guess we could do both at the same time." I decided.

We started a leisurely stroll down the boardwalk in the general direction of the motel, talking and just enjoying each others company. The girls stopped a few times to bend over or lean against the rail to show off their asses and pussies, just to tease me and every other living male within sight. Eventually we made it back to the room and by this time they had worked me up to be quiet horny. I was ready for some sex especially since as soon as they got into the room they dropped their skirts and pulled off their tops exposing their luscious bodies. But they wanted to go through the junk we had bought. I laid on the bed while they sorted it out, watching their naked bodies bounce and giggle. They were going thru the pictures when there was a knock at the door. Before I could move Tammy jumped up and ran to the door and opened it.

This girl had really become shameless. Here she was stark naked, answering the door, like it was the most natural thing in the world. She didn't even bother to hide behind it, just opened it up and stood there.

"Oh, Hi, come on in." I heard her say.

A few seconds hesitatation and she reached out and pulled a female arm into the room. "Don't be silly. Come in. We don't mind."

Then I saw who was connected to the other end of the arm, it was the brunette from the photo shop. She looked around taking in Tammy and Tina. Then she looked at me. "I'm sorry to bother you but I made a mistake and didn't give you all the pictures. I had them in two bags and only gave you one so I brought the others over because I heard you guys talking about leaving tomorrow."

"I thought we were missing some." Tina chimed in. She had the pictures spread out on the other bed and began adding the new batch to what she had. "Thanks. Would you like a glass of wine or something?"

"Uh, no thanks. I mean I wouldn't want to intrude or anything." She answered.

"You're not intruding, you're invited." Tammy said as she dragged her over to the sitting area and poured her a glass of wine.

"OK, thanks. Do you mind if I ask a personal question?" The brunette asked.

"No, go ahead, ask anything you want." Tammy said.

"Do you guys ever wear clothes?"

Both girls giggled and Tina answered. "Only when we have to. Besides we are busy teasing Jack, getting him worked up for later."

The Brunette blushed and took a sip of her wine. "You did fantastic work on these pictures. They're great. Come look at these." Tina gushed as she sorted through them. "By the way, I'm Tina, that slut over there with Jack is my sister Tammy and obviously that's Jack." She said pointing at each of us in turn.

"I'm not a slut. I just like to be naked with guys, especially Jack." Tammy protested.

"Pleased to meet you, my name is Sue." The brunette answered. She seemed a little uncomfortable at first but was starting to get used to being in a room with a guy and two naked women. Probably because of the way that Tina and Tammy handled being naked as just a natural state. No big deal. She and Tina began to talk and I could see that they were rapidly becoming friends. Tammy was lying next to me and just stroking my arms and chest, pushing her nakedness against me. I reached over and wiggled a finger between her legs and spent some time absently teasing her while the other two talked.

I listened to the conversation while I played with Tammy's clit and slit and occasionally slid my finger into her hole. Sue was a college student, the same age as Tina. She was working here at the shore for the summer. To earn a few dollars and get some sun. Unfortunately, with the hours they had her working she was getting the sun but not able to socialize much. Tina had refilled her wine glass a couple of times and she was really beginning to loosen up. She began complaining about not getting any sex. Her boyfriend was busy working construction for his uncle two states away and she wasn't getting the chance to meet anyone else.

The two of them were oblivious to what I was doing to Tammy, partly because they were engrossed in their own conversation and partly because of the way we were arranged on the bed. I was lying on my side facing them and Tammy was behind me laying flat. Neither of them noticed the sound of her breathing starting to become shallow and fast but when she came on my hand with a load groan it was too much to miss. Both of them looked over at us. Suddenly Sue blushed a deep red as she realized what had been going on while she sat a few feet away.

"Umm, I needed that." Tammy sighed as she draped an arm over me and hugged me close.
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