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Jack meets Tina then her little sister
08-11-2012, 10:35 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
We lay together for a little while as we each recovered. We each needed a shower as all of us had somebody's cum on us either from the previous night or from this morning. Tina took the lead here forcing us all out of bed and into the shower. She didn't even give us a chance to piss before getting into the warm water. Tammy and I were both whining about having to piss.

Like most men I am not to fussy about where I whip it out and relieve myself. In an alley, behind a bush along the road, Hell give me enough to drink and I'll even hang it out in the street and let fly. We guys are kind of pigs like that. Yes even in the shower. But we learn in Jr. High that you don't piss in the shower when you're sharing it. That's a good way to get the shit kicked out of you and it is a lesson you learn early and well. So when Tina said to us "If you have to piss go ahead." As the three of us stood in the shower she spread her legs a bit and an unmistakable stream poured forth. Tina is usually a little more reserved than Tammy. From Tammy I almost would have expected something like that but from Tina, never. Those thoughts must have shown on my face because as she straightened up she looked at us both and smiled, "Shock you, did I?"

Tammy was not one to be outdone so she promptly squatted and began to relieve herself. She finished and stood up. Now here I was left with what was becoming a painful condition. I had to piss and to make matters worse the sight of these two girls naked in the shower with me and very openly taking a piss had had an effect on my dick in that I had grown another hardon. "Oh well what the hell." I said as I relaxed and let loose. Before the beginning of the stream had hit the tub Tina had grabbed hold of my dick and was using it to hose her sister. I was shocked but after holding it for so long I couldn't stop the stream until it finished on its own.

Tammy squealed, "You bitch. You pig. You made him piss on me."

Tina laughed at her, "Yeah slut but you loved it. Look how hard your nipples are. You got turned on."

Tammy looked down shyly and smiled "Yeah it was kinky, wasn't it." She laughed.

"What a slut you are!" Tina laughed

"Yeah, I learned it from you and you love it." Tammy retorted. The both laughed and we all hugged before washing each other and getting out of the shower. We dried and headed for the kitchen. I slipped a pair of running shorts on, just to keep dangling objects out of harms way but the girls did not bother and continued about their day nude. They spent most of the day that way which gave the guy selling magazines quite a start when Tammy opened the door and stood in plain view while he tried to go through his sales pitch. He gave up and went away after three false starts.

The girls spent their time being affectionate and attentive to me and to each other. Stopping to kiss or fondle at a whim. We just wasted the day laying around watching TV and goofing off. Dinnertime came and we decided to grab something out besides I had to return the movies we rented, so the girls reluctantly got dressed. They pulled on the short skirts I had bought them and tank tops that were made to cover a swim suit. They were thin, thin enough that they left little to the imagination when worn without a bra or swim top. I looked at them before we left and just shook my head. I could clearly see there nipples straining against the material and the outline of their areolas as a dark spot on the material. I was afraid to ask if they had underwear on but my money said not. Our first stop was the video store to drop off the movies and the girls wanted to see if there was one they wanted to see that night. I walked through the door one of them on each arm and once inside ewe separated I went to the counter to return the films I had and the girls headed for the stacks to browse. I was a little embarrassed when I got there. The girl Tammy knew from the night before was working. The same one who had slipped the porn movies into our bag. She recognized me immediately and with a smile she asked "Did you enjoy my selection."

"Yes, it was very good." I answered

"Did Tammy like it also?"

Now it was my turn to shock, "I think it's safe to say she found it stimulating. So did her sister, Tina."

My revelation and hint didn't seem to faze her. "Oh, I know Tina from school too. She was ahead of us but I knew who she was. She watched the movies with you? Well maybe sometime we can all get together and have a movie party?"

Suddenly Tammy interrupted and I felt each girl take an arm, "I don't think we'll have time. We keep Jack pretty busy and he needs his rest." Before I was sure what happened I felt myself being dragged toward the door.

"That slut was trying to get him away from us." Tina exclaimed and by her tone I knew she was furious.

Now I was confused. A few days ago they were both almost eager to share me with other woman. I figured I somehow screwed up and started to apologize.

"It's not your fault. That bitch spent her three years of high school making every girl miserable by trying to take away their boyfriends. Even when she didn't succeed she at least raised hell. Then she would dump them and laugh about it." Tammy swore. "She can't stand to see anybody happy."

Well I knew I was off the hook this time at least I wasn't getting blamed for trying to cheat. So I kept my mouth shut and decided that in the future I would let them pick out any casual partners that got introduced. That was the last time that evening that I was left alone. Wherever we went, whatever happened at least one of them was always with me. Our dinner was quiet and fairly quick. We got back to my apartment without any more incidents.

I had no idea what the girls had planned for the evening if anything. It would be our last night of sleepover for a while. Tomorrow morning they would return to their parent's home to get settled in before they returned from their two week church retreat. I was getting a little anxious; I did not want them to leave. I had grown used to having them around and had really begun to have strong feelings for both of them.

As we walked into the apartment and got settled in I asked them "What do you girls want to do with the rest of the evening?" Tina responded by kissing me and giving me a hug. "Just go watch TV for a while. We don't have any real plans just share time with each other."

I was still feeling a little chastised from the incident at the video store so did as I was told without argument. I sat on the couch and flicked the TV on and let it veg my brain. I could hear the girls talking in the other room but could not make out what was being said. I did not worry much about it either, I had learned that when they wanted to involve me they would, in the meantime it was between them. Shortly they joined me on the couch. Tina turned the sound down on the TV and turned to me.

"We want to talk to you for a minute, seriously, OK?" She asked.

"Ok, what do we want to talk about?" I asked with a little trepidation.

"Tammy and I have come up with kind of a plan and we want to have your opinion and approval because it involves you."

"Well it's always nice to be consulted when somebody plans my future." I said with more than a little sarcasm.

"Don't get mad. We wanted to work it out between us than see if you agree. You're to important to us to lose you but we have to make sure it will work for us too." Tina said. I could tell my sarcasm upset her. So I backed off a little.

"Ok what is your idea?

"Well Tammy is going to be working 7-3 and my schedule varies. She doesn't have a car. So we figured I'd bring her to work everyday and then depending on my schedule and hers we would kind of use your apartment as a base. So when she gets off if I'm still at work she could come here and wait for me and when she's at work and I'm off I would come and visit. We don't want to intrude and just show up and take over or anything but it would make things work better for us, at least until we get our apartment."

"I don't have a problem with that at all. In fact it's what I assumed you were going to do. You have a key just get a copy for Tammy and then if I'm not home you can make yourselves comfortable. Don't forget I have to go back to work on Monday too. You know we could just dispense with all this if you guys just moved in. Not to put pressure on you but to remind you it's an option."

Both girls gave me a hug. Then Tammy spoke. "We talked about it but really don't want to dump that on Mom & Dad all at once. Tina's right it will be less of a shock if we slowly get into it with them. But, thank you and especially thank you from me. That's the first time you included me in that invitation." She finished her statement with a very tender kiss and a hug.

Tina smiled as she looked on then joined into the hug, "I love you both." She said "For tonight, we want to be with you. We want to make love to you. Each of us to make slow love and then fall asleep in your arms." With that statement she stood and began removing her clothes. Before she finished Tammy joined her and in seconds I had my two girlfriends, both sisters, naked and kneeling in front of me. They each took a hand and held it to their faces before standing and leading me to the bedroom.

They led me to our bed and began undressing me, kissing my body as they exposed my chest when they removed my shirt, then my arms. As they opened my pants and let them fall to the ground they kissed my legs and thighs. Then finally they pulled my underwear down and exposed my cock and they each kissed that and followed it by each taking it in their mouth for a few seconds of sucking. Tammy drew it in first and slowly released it to Tina. As Tina sucked me in Tammy stood up and kissed me with her arms wrapped around my neck. "I'm first." she whispered into my ear. "Take me. I want to feel your sperm swimming around inside my womb. I want to hold my legs up over your head and feel your cock slide into me."

I turned her around and laid her down on the bed. Her legs were hanging off and I could not resist the pussy staring at me. I went to my knees and gently kissed her pussy lips. Kissed them over and over, taking my time before I let my tongue slide into her slit and run up and down. Over her clit them up to the top and out so I could suck her lips into my mouth. She was gasping for breath through her whimpering. I had worked her to a frenzy and then I drove my tongue deep into her pussy and licked her hole out as best I could reach. Then she came. Her pussy clamped down on my tongue and a flood of juice poured forth. I loved the way this girl came. Always so much juice. I was often tempted to get a glass and see how much she could fill it.

But back to work. Before she could come down and slow her orgasm I moved up. Licking her belly and tits as I went, lingering on her luscious nipples. I sucked each one into my mouth and rolled it around with my tongue before I continued my way up her neck to her mouth. I kissed her slowly and gently, letting her know that I was not going to fuck her but make love to her. I positioned my dick between her legs and let my meat slide into her love tunnel. It was wonderful to feel her grasp my cock with her pussy. To feel her warmth and wetness engulf me as I stroked in and out.

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08-11-2012, 10:36 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
I glanced to the side and saw Tina lying next to us just watching and occasionally reaching out to touch one of us or the other as we coupled in love. I slowly pumped in and out of her sliding into her sheath and then back out while she stared into my eyes. We continued like that for what seemed like forever and at the same time was not long enough before I notice her eyes begin to glaze over and she began to hump back at me. She was nearing another orgasm and I quickened the pace. Her breathing became faster and more shallow, then I felt her cum on my cock and the hot wetness of it pushed me over and I felt the cum rush down the length of my cock and burst my seed into her womb. I drove forward and held there as I pumped sperm into her. We stayed coupled like that while we both came down from the sexual euphoria. I kissed her gently and she told me she loved me. Then Tina leaned in and kissed me, "Thank you for loving my sister." I returned her kiss and hugged them both into an embrace as I collapsed onto the bed. The sisters kissed each other then me. I marveled at how Tammy could have any energy left as she sucked her sister's tit into her mouth and began to tongue her extended nipples. I laid still as they played with each other for a little while. Then they turned their attentions to me.

Tina snuggled up against me and began to kiss me ever so gently on the cheek, the neck, then my mouth as she let her tongue tease across my lips. I felt the stirrings in my groin as my cock began to respond. Like Tina had earlier now Tammy took me into her mouth and began to suck me to hardness. Between one sister teasing my mouth with her tongue and the other teasing my cock I was rock hard again in minutes.

"My turn now." Tina said as she got on top of me and straddled my manhood. I closed my eyes and felt the sweet warmth as she lowered herself onto me. She was not in a hurry and once I was fully inside her she began rocking back and forth, enjoying the sensations of my cock buried to the hilt in her pussy. She had gotten worked up and ready watching me make love to her sister and the anticipation must have built because it was not long before I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and the warmth flood my groin as her juice leaked out and ran down over my balls.

She nearly collapsed on top of me as her orgasm subsided but she caught herself and held still on top of me. I reached up and took a nipple in between the fingers of each hand and pulled her down to me. Now she lay on top of me and I held her close while Tammy lay next to us and ran her hands over our bodies sharing our love. I held her like that for a few minutes before I started to slowly pump in and out of her. I did not feel the need to get off again quickly, but just wanted to love this woman to make her feel the pleasure she had given me. To show her the appreciation I felt for the way she shared me with her sister and the way they both loved me and worshiped me.

I continued to steadily work my manhood in and out while I held her close to me. She started to push back on me and before long we were locked in a frenzied embrace fucking onto each other trying to get each other off. Finally I felt her tighten up at the same time I felt my second orgasm of the evening building in my body. I cut loose and shot my reduced load into her and she achieved release an instant later again flooding me with her juice.

I held her close and then reached out and brought Tammy into our embrace. Both girls smile at me and kissed me as I lay near exhausted on the bed. Despite it being early evening yet we all drifted off for a little sleep. I woke an hour or so later and found that although Tina was sound asleep in my arms, Tammy was awake and watching me while snuggled against me.

I leaned over and kissed her. "Are you satisfied or do you want more?" I asked.

"Anytime I have your sperm swimming around inside me I'm satisfied." She answered. "As far as wanting more, always! But for now I am happy just laying here with you."

I drew her closer to me and fell back asleep. The next morning came and I woke in one of the best ways possible. With Tammy's lips around my cock. I looked down and found Tina and Tammy down at my Groin and although Tammy was sucking me off at the moment Tina soon took over. They kept trading back and forth every minute or so and were so engrossed in sucking me off did not even realize I was awake until I reached out and stroked their hair.

Tammy looked up, "We didn't realize you were awake. You took such good care of us last night we wanted you to know how much we appreciated it. SO we figured we'd take turns sucking you off until you shot for us." She giggled as Tina picked up her head and they traded places again.

Now Tina stared into my eyes "You were fantastic last night. You gave us exactly what we wanted. Now we are going to give you what you want." As she finished she began to stroke me hard into her sister's mouth. I don't know how long they had been working me but I was close and the extra effort of her jacking me was bringing me off. Just as I shot my first spurt Tammy took me out of her mouth and they both put their mouths on me at the same time and caught my cum between them. They sucked me dry and then as I was finished they kissed each other over my cock, swapping my cum between them with their tongues before they swallowed.

They both crawled up to lay with me and I notice that they were dressed. "We have to leave. There are some things we have to do before Mom& Dad get home and we have to be there to get the call they'll make before they leave. We're all packed and we just wanted to say goodbye." Tina told me as they hugged me.

"Tina's going to drop me at work tomorrow and then come here. So you can fuck her before you go to work and then since she works till 8 I'll be here waiting for you when you get home, so you can fuck me until she gets off work. So get some rest today, and stay away from that slut at the video store" Tammy interjected. They each gave me another kiss and rolled off the bed and were gone before I realized it.

I lay in bed, for the first time in two weeks really alone. For almost 24 hours I wouldn't have either one with me. I suddenly felt very lonely as I got up and made coffee.

I spent my first day alone in two weeks doing the odds and ends of life, balancing the checkbook, paying bills, but mostly sitting around being lonely. I didn't recognize it as being lonely at the time I just knew I was restless. Tina called me in the afternoon to let me know everything was cool and they expected their parents home in a hour or two and that if either of them got a chance they would call again later. It was good to hear her voice and after she hung up I started to realize how much I missed the girls.

I hung around the rest of the day and all evening waiting for a call from them and began to feel sorry for myself so I started to drink. By 8:00 that evening I was plastered and passed out on the couch, a half empty bottle of bourbon on the coffee table and a glass in my hand. That was how Tina found me the next morning.

She woke me with a shout and a shove. "Get up you lazy drunk. I had this place clean 24 hours ago and you messed it up already. Look at it. It looks like all you did all day was get drunk and make a mess."

I looked around with bleary eyes and through the fog of a hangover and realized she was right. The apartment looked like a pigsty and I probably looked and smelled as bad. I looked at her sheepishly and in my best little boy voice said "I missed you, so I got drunk waiting."

Who say's guys can't get away with anything.

She gave me a smile then tried to hide it, "Go get a shower and brush you teeth, I'm not going to kiss you the way you smell and don't forget to shave. I'll clean up here, again. You better not start this crap as a regular thing."

My answer was the only one possible, "Yes Ma'am" and off to the shower I went. I did feel a little better after getting cleaned up. When I got out of the bathroom I had a towel wrapped around me and I headed for the kitchen for coffee. I could tell she had made it as the aroma drifted throughout the apartment and I desperately wanted a cup. Tina was waiting for me in the kitchen with a cup of her own. She gave me a critical eye up and down then leaned over for a sniff. "Well at least you look and smell better now. This better not get to be a habit with you."

I gave her a hug and said "I just got lonely and missed you. I'll be good and keep the place clean. I really do appreciate how hard the two of you worked to keep the place presentable. I just got to feeling lonely and sorry for myself....:"

"Sorry is right! You were a sorry sight when I got here!" She exclaimed but there was no heat to the words, just underlying amusement. So I leaned in and gave her a kiss. I could tell by the way she returned it that I was forgiven, this time. I kept up the kiss and placed my hand on her tit to gently rub it. I got the desired response a little moan and she pressed against me harder.

"Let's go into the bedroom and I'll try to make up for being a bad boy." I offered.

"Ok, but this deserves at least two orgasms before you're fully forgiven." She answered with a mischievous smile.

I took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom. "I intended on three." I answered as I began to remove her clothes.

"Three might make me forget all about this mess." She offered as she laid back on my bed. I got between her legs and started to lick her pussy. I ran my tongue over her hairless mound and down through her slit to her clit. I then flicked back and forth over her clit a few times before sliding back up her slit and repeating the process, all the while I had both nipples pinched between my fingers and was rolling them around and pinching them. Back down her slit my tongue went and then I drove it into her hole before I pulled it back out and teased her clit again. On my second dive into her cunt hole I felt her tighten up so I locked my lips onto her clit and sucked it into my mouth. That sent her over the edge and she orgasamed onto my face. I didn't let her relax but continued as I had before, determined to eat her to at least two orgasms before I fucked her today. I soon felt her begin to shudder into her second and it immediately was followed by a third.

"Ok your forgiven." She breathed "now fuck me so I forget."

I moved my cum covered face up to her chest and kissed her nipples before I let my cock slide into her pussy. When it did enter her, she grabbed it with her pussy muscles and pulled me in all the way. Milking me for all she could get as I stroked back and forth inside her. I was in rare form that morning as I brought her to two more orgasms before I let my seed fly in her. I pushed in all the way and held it there as I shot spurt after spurt into her until we both collapsed on the bed to cuddle before we both had to go to work.

"That was wonderful." Tina told me as I lay next to her. "This may work out well. I get you every morning and Tammy can have you in the evening or maybe both of us in the evening. At least until we can get the apartment then we can be together more."

"You mean then you can keep an eye on me to make sure I behave" I offered.

"I'm not worried about that to much. I like the way you apologize." She snickered as she gave me a kiss.

We snuggled together for a little while before we both had to get ready for work. Before leaving I left Tammy a note, letting her know I would be home around 5 and she should make herself at home.
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08-11-2012, 10:37 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
When I did get home from work that evening I found Tammy in the kitchen making dinner for us. Tina was supposed to be done at 6 and would be by shortly afterward, so we could all have dinner together before the girls had to go home. I was a little surprised to find her wearing one of my T shirts, and nothing else, when I walked into the kitchen. "I hope you don't mind I borrowed a T shirt?" she asked "I didn't want to get anything on my uniform and didn't think to bring anything else."

"I don't mind. I'm just surprised you bothered to wear anything at all." I answered

"I wasn't, but then the paperboy came to the door to collect for the paper and I think I gave the poor kid his first boner. So I decided since you weren't here why waste the nudity on the neighbors. By the way I took $5.00 from the envelope in your desk for him."

"I heard you had a good time with Tina this morning. She called a little while ago to see how my first day went and told me how she found you this morning and how well you apologized too."

"So how was your first day?" I asked, trying to change the subject.

"It was great. The people are really nice. They even bought me lunch as a welcome present. Oh, and they were asking me all kinds of questions. Mostly about who I was dating and stuff." She answered.

"So what did you tell them."

"The truth. I told them my sister and I were sharing a boyfriend and we were going to move in with you later on, but for now we were just going to get an apartment for the two of us and then move in with you once you got us knocked up."

I sputtered out the soda I had been drinking all over the floor. "You did not tell them that!" I managed to choke out.

"I most certainly did. But they figured I was telling them to mind their own business by being outrageous and acting nonchalant." She giggled

I watched her standing at the stove stirring dinner and noticed how nice her ass wiggled in my T shirt. I could not resist putting my hand on it and feeling the firm flesh underneath the thin material, it felt so firm and smooth that I slid my hand up inside the bottom of the shirt and onto her bare skin. I stood there running my hand over her ass and onto her thighs for a minute when finally she said, "This is done I can turn it down and keep it warm while we wait for Tina. Come on let's sit in the living room." She took my hand and led me to the couch. She pushed me down on the couch and before joining me she pulled the shirt off over her head, then once naked she sat down on my lap and gave me a kiss.

"I should go change my clothes otherwise your going to leak pussy juice all over my good slacks." I told her.

"I don't intend for you to have them on that long." She answered as she began to kiss me and work to undo my belt at the same time. She was as good as her word it took her no time at all to get my clothes off. She had me sitting on the couch as naked as she was and had her head in my lap sucking my dick when she raised her head and looked at me. "I can taste Tina on you and your lucky I can't taste anyone else. You stayed away from the video store like I told you didn't you."

"Of course I did! Why would I want to piss off the two most beautiful women I have ever known just to fuck some slut? I am perfectly happy with the two of you, I don't need anybody else. Besides you two keep me so well fucked I don't think I would have the energy for anybody else."

"Right answer!" She smiled as she dipped her head back down to my cock. She took the head in her mouth and rolled her tongue around it and around applying just enough suction to make me want more. She worked me for what seemed like hours but was probably only a half hour or so. Finally she let me roll her over and I got her into a kneeling position on the couch and I let my meat sink into her from behind. I started to pump away. I had built up a good load from the work she had done on me and she had brought me so close so many times without letting me cum that now I almost couldn't cum. That was how Tina found us when she arrived, we were on the couch fucking away doggie style and she walked in the door.

"Well I can't say I am surprised to find you like this." She quipped. I was still pounding away and felt myself close to cumming but knew I would have to keep going to get there.

Tammy was nearly to her second orgasm and was having trouble speaking but she managed to get out "I'm gonna cum! Let me eat you while he fucks me."

Tina needed no further invitation she stepped out of her clothes and positioned herself on the arm of the couch with her pussy in her sister's face. She grabbed Tammy's head and shoved it into her cunt and held her there while I pounded her from behind. I felt Tammy's pussy muscles contract around my cock as she let go with her second orgasm and as usual she let out a tremendous amount of juice on my cock. The sensation of her hot juices flowing over my cock and balls and her muscles milking my cock pushed me over the edge and I shot my sperm deep into her as I held her tight against me. She was frantically eating Tina as we both came and her expert little tongue brought her sister off right after us. The three of us collapsed on the couch and laid there recovering.

Tammy was the first to move. "That was nice, thanks." She said as she kissed us both and got up to go into the kitchen and check on dinner. "Everybody eats dinner as they are now. It's ready." She called from the kitchen. So the three of us sat down for a nudist dinner. It takes a bit of getting used to but it can be fun, especially when Tammy intentionally drips things on her tits and asks us to lick them off. She really is quite a slut in private.

We finished dinner and cleaned up then spent some time sitting together and touching and fondling before the girls had to get dressed and head home.

The rest of the week was pretty much the same. Tina in the morning and Tammy in the afternoon or evening then both for a little bit then they went home. We were getting into a steady rhythm and it was beginning to get comfortable. That is until Saturday night.

Saturday started like any other day except I did not see Tina in the morning. Tammy was off so she did not have to get her to work early. Tina and I both were working a similar shift getting off around 4 PM. Tina had dropped Tammy off at my place, and while Tina and I were at work and she occupied herself by cleaning my apartment and doing the laundry for me. Once we all got home I took them out for an early dinner and we returned to my place for a little love and cuddle. They left to go home around 8PM. I turned in around 11 and was fast asleep when I heard a commotion in the apartment and what sounded like crying.

It took me a minute to realize it wasn't the neighbors and I wasn't dreaming. Then I realized I was hearing Tina's voice. I got up and headed into the apartment to see what was going on. I knew it had to be nothing good at 2AM. What I found was Tammy sitting on the couch crying and Tina with her trying to comfort her. I stood there for a minute taking it all in before I asked "What's going on?"

Once she heard my voice Tammy sprang off the couch and into my arms and cried even harder. Tina sat there with a pained look on her face. "I'm sorry we woke you I just didn't know where else to go in the middle of the night." She seemed on the verge of tears herself so I moved over to the couch and sat Tammy down and then sat down between them. I put an arm around each of them and said. "It's alright, just tell me what's going on."

Tammy's tears slowed down and she was able to get out "I'll tell it just give me a minute." Tina got up to get her a tissue. When she returned Tammy wiped her tears away and started the explanation.

"I was getting out of the shower, getting ready for bed when Mom came in with towels. I just hung up my towel and was naked, I hadn't started to get dressed yet and she just barged into the bathroom. She saw that I was shaved. That my pussy was shaved and she started hollering at me that only harlots and whores did such things. I tried to get dressed but she just dragged me downstairs naked hollering at me about being evil. She made me show Daddy. He threw a blanket on me and made me sit on the couch and he started quoting scripture. At first I figured I'd take the hollering and preaching, beg for forgiveness, say a few prayers with them and then go to bed. Just like always. But my mother went up and started going through my room while Daddy was preaching at me. She found the pictures."

"What pictures?" I asked.

"The pictures Sue took for us at the shore." Tina interjected

"Oh shit, all of them?"

"Yeah, all of them. Tammy had them hidden in a box under her bed. If I had known she was keeping them there I would have moved them because Mom knew about that hiding place for years now."

Tammy continued. "Well Mom brought the pictures down and showed Dad and then they thought that Tina had got me into prostitution, that you paid us and stuff. They were ready to blame everything on her but they figured I could still be saved so they call Rev. Johnson. They had him come over to save me."

Tina cut in, "That's when I woke up I heard the front door and started listening. They called that pervert to come over and save her from me. So I grabbed my bag and threw some clothes in it and then snuck over to Tammy's room and got some of her clothes and stuff. There is no way I was going to let that scumbag have my sister."

She must have read the question on my face. "Rev. Johnson is the pastor at the church and he tried to molest me when I was about 10. He asked Dad if I could stay and help him at the church office after bible study. I didn't want to but Daddy told me I had to contribute to the church. So the pervert tried to get into my pants. I was too young to realize what he was doing but old enough to know that I didn't want him touching me. Finally he stopped and took me home and told Daddy how I wouldn't help and was obstinate. After he left I tried to tell Mom and Dad what he had done but they thought I was lying and gave me a spanking."
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08-11-2012, 10:39 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
"I never knew about that?" Tammy cut in.

"No, I never told you. But I did tell Uncle Frank. My dad's brother. I don't know exactly what he did but Rev Johnson was in the hospital for 2 months and Uncle Frank went to jail for a little while. No body ever talked about it at least not to me but before he went away Uncle Frank got me aside and told me he scared Rev Johnson and he was going to have to go away fro a little while but if the Reverend ever tried to touch me again to let him know and he would "finish the job". I didn't know what he meant at first but I figured it out later."

"No wonder Mom won't let Uncle Frank come to the house anymore and we never see him." Tammy said.

"That's right and before you started bible school I went to Rev Johnson and told him if he even thought about touching you I'd tell Uncle Frank. The little worm pissed himself when I said that. So that alone was my revenge." Tina finished

"Well apparently it worked at least until tonight because he never did anything like that to me, until tonight. After he got there he told Mom and Dad to go to their room and pray for me, that he was going to get the devil out of me. He told them I would probably scream and everything but they should just pray and not come down or the devil might get them. Then he stood there looking at the pictures then at me. After a while he pulled the blanket off of me and dropped his pants. He said he was going to give me what harlots always want and he would chase the devil out of me cause the devil can't stand to be where a Christian man's seed is. That's when I started screaming." Tammy finished

Now Tina cut in, "and that's when I came down the steps. I saw that bastard with his pants down trying to pull Tammy's legs apart and I just kicked him between the legs. God that felt good. He just doubled up and went down on the floor. I told Tammy to get some clothes on quick and come back down, we were leaving. Then when she was upstairs I leaned down and told the son of a bitch I was going to tell Uncle Frank what he tried to do and he was going to come and "finish the job' he started 10 years ago. Then I started to laugh because I saw his dick. It couldn't be more than three inches long and as thick as a pencil. That's why I was laughing when you came down."

"Now that you mention it when he first dropped his pants I remember thinking is that all he has, where is the rest of it." Tammy giggled.

"Well when Tammy came down, I picked up the pictures and we left, but not before I kicked him in the nuts again. Then I didn't know where else to go, I didn't even think about it I just came here." Tina finished her story.

"Well I'm glad you did. I told you before you could move in. Now since the cat's out of the bag you both may as well just stay with me." I offered.

That got me a hug and a kiss from both sisters. As well as an "I love you". Then Tammy chimed in. "What about the rest of our clothes and stuff. My uniforms for work and everything."

"I'll sneak back and get them when they go to church tomorrow. You know they won't miss services after what went on. That will give me about two hours to get everything together and get out of there." Tina soothed.

"I'll go with you." I offered.

Tina was emphatic. "No. You both stay here. First if they come home they may call the police if you're there "as a burglar". If Tammy is with me they will try to keep her there. If it's just me they'll be glad to be rid of me because they think I corrupted Tammy. The worst that will happen is I won't get a chance to get everything we need."

I had to admit that what she said made sense. I finally talked her into letting Tammy and I stand guard at the diner across from the church so we could at least call the house to let her know to get the hell out. We only had a few hours left to get some sleep before we would have to get the girls stuff so I insisted we all go to bed and at least rest. Both sisters reluctantly agreed and we stripped down and I once again found myself between two naked sisters. Despite her show of bravado Tina was more upset than she let on. I held them both close and stroked their bodies in what had become a familiar way until they fell asleep.

Our clothing raid went off the next day without a hitch. It only took Tina about 20 minutes to get everything thrown into the car. Literally thrown into the car. It took us about 2 hours to unload it and sort it out. Two things became immediately apparent to me. First I was going to have to go out and buy a large dresser for them to use and second we would have to find a bigger apartment. While my apartment had huge closets and even with all the stuff the girls had we still had room for clothes. It was all the other junk that women accumulate that took up room. We nearly filled the spare room with their junk which left me very little room in what had been my office. But for now we would deal with it.

Getting the girls settled in was, interesting. I had experienced settling a woman into my home a few times before, my ex-wife and two short term girlfriends, but never two at the same time. Before we got too far I insisted we go get lunch and buy a dresser for the bedroom. So off we went. We grabbed a quick lunch at a fast food joint and then to the furniture store.

I should have known better than to take two women furniture shopping. Their tastes were completely different and for the first time since Tammy showed up and joined us they started to fight. I was embarrassed, they started to argue in front of the salesman. I asked him to give us a minute and then put my foot down. I made it simple for them. Whatever we picked would have to at least come close to matching what I had and while they could have an opinion, it would be my choice as I was paying for it and anybody who did not like it could move out and sleep on the couch. Second, I would encourage discussion and consensus between us, but I would not tolerate fighting and especially not in public. That incident set the tone for the future. I was in charge and would let them get away with a lot and would even defer to them at times but it was my way or the highway in the end.

After our discussion we found a nice piece relatively quickly that both said they could live with, it was Ok. But neither of them loved it. It was close enough a match to my existing stuff to satisfy me and the price was acceptable. I sent Tina for the salesman and we set up delivery. While we did the paperwork I told the girls they should go look at living room furniture as I knew my couch was getting a little old and would need to be replaced soon. After they left all giggles and friends again the salesman looked at me and said "God Bless you. Twin daughters, I don't know how you keep them under control but you managed somehow."

I looked him in the eye and said, "There not twins and they're not my daughters. They are my girlfriends and they live with me. Do you have a problem with that?"

He looked at me wide eyed and stumbled out his apologies "No sir, I'm sorry sir. I didn't mean anything by it sir. Excuse me sir, but are you crazy, two women?"

The last caught me off guard. I looked at him again and answered "Maybe. But they do keep it interesting."

He took my check shook his head and handed me my receipt. "The next time you need something, please ask for me. I, at least will understand what your... unique needs are. And for putting my foot in my mouth I will work a discount for you." I took the receipt, gave him a smile and a thank you, then left to collect my girls.

The trip back to the apartment was quite. Finally Tina opened her mouth, "Are you mad at us?"

I looked at her then at Tammy, "No, I'm not mad. I was a little embarrassed to have you guys fighting in front of a stranger. If we are all going to make this work, we have to be aware of each others feelings. More so than if it were just two of us. With three of us it's three times as hard to make a relationship work. I love you both and don't want to lose either of you but I won't let either of you make me miserable. I went through that once and I won't do it again."

"We're sorry." Tammy added. "You're right we shouldn't have fought like that in front of that guy."

"Ok, no harm done." I answered.

Once we returned home the girls both disappeared into the bedroom and came out a few minutes later, naked except for the collar and leash setup I had bought them earlier. "We were bad master and deserve to be punished." Tina said

"Yes Master, Please punish us. We need to learn to behave in public." Tammy added as she held out one of my leather belts.

I knew what they were doing. They were trying to take my mind off of the incident in the store. They figured if they "played the game" I would take out my frustrations and at the same time think of other things. Do you know what? They were right.

I walked over to them and took the belt from Tammy. "Alright bend over." I ordered. They both dutifully bent at the waist each with their legs spread about two feet apart. When I walked around behind them I had a beautiful view. Two of the sweetest asses staring at me with their pussies exposed to my eyes. I hauled back with the belt and laid it across Tammy's ass first, then again. It raised a nice red welt. Next I turned to Tina and laid two smacks across her, not quite as hard. Then I stepped back to admire my handiwork.

"Master I think I deserve more punishment." Tammy offered. "It was my fault. I was arguing with Tina because I wanted to be difficult."

"Tina, do you agree with that?" I asked. Neither girl had as of yet straightened up.

"No Master. It was my fault. I was trying to be the older sister and dominate." She answered.

"OK, so who is the dominate in this house? Who is boss?"

"You are Master", both girls answered in unison.

"Very good. Now let's remember that." I said as I hauled back and gave each another smack with the strap.

Still neither girl had straightened up and as I admired the welts rising on their asses I slipped a hand under Tammy and found that as I suspected she was dripping wet. She looked back at me and smiled, I slid a finger into her pussy in response. Then I went to check Tina. I was a little concerned that she would "get into it" less because of the beatings she took from her old boyfriend. But I found out I was wrong. She was as wet as her sister if not wetter. I slid a finger into her also and she looked back at me. "Like it a little rough do we."
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
"It would appear so Master. I surprised myself." She answered.

"Good. Service me bitch." I ordered.

She turned around and got to her knees. In an instant she had my cock out of my pants and I found myself in her mouth. She worked me in and out sucking and rolling her tongue over my head and shaft as she jacked me while sucking. I could tell from the way she was going at it that she had no intention of sharing me. She wanted my cum in her mouth. The way she was going at it she would have her wish soon. I did not want Tammy to feel left out so I ordered her to me.

She stood next to me and I reached over with my free hand and began to fondle her sex with my fingers. I slid them up and down her slit and then into her pussy while I leaned over and sucked her tit into my mouth. I rolled her nipple around in my mouth as I rammed two fingers into her cunt. She was dripping juice and in no time at all she came all over my hand. Just as she was letting loose on my hand I started shooting cum into her sisters mouth. I pulsed gob after gob into her mouth and she swallowed every bit. No even a drop leaked out she got it all.

"Very good. I feel better now. I think I will watch TV. Bring me a drink slaves." I ordered as I put my dick away and closed up my pants. I went to sit on the couch. In a minute they returned with a Scotch for me and kneeled in front of me waiting their next command. "Have you girls finished getting everything put away in the bedroom?"

"No Master we still need to finish straightening up." Tina answered. "We weren't sure what to do with all of our stuff until the dresser gets delivered."

"Just stack it on the floor along the wall. They will deliver it on Tuesday. We can live with it till then." I answered.

"Yes Master." Both of them chimed as they scurried off. As they headed for the bedroom I noticed that I really had raised some welts on their backsides. I made a mental note to be less rough next time.

We "played the game" The rest of the afternoon and as evening approached the girls were in the kitchen making dinner when Tina came out and kneeled in front of me. "Master I would like to make a phone call."

This puzzled me so I dropped out of "game" mode and asked. "Who do you want to call, and yes go ahead, I'm just curious."

She sensed my change in demeanor but held on to the subservient role. "I want to call Uncle Frank and tell him what happened."

"Do you think that's something you should do over the phone or should you speak to him face to face?"

"Well I'm sure that Daddy will call him and warn him not to believe my "lies" so I should at least call him and try."

"Ok. But I have two suggestions, actually three. First call him and tell him you and Tammy are alright and that you would like to talk to him, in person. Second ask him not to do anything to Rev. Johnson, yet. I have an idea. Third, call your parents and just let them know you're alright."

"I don't know if I want to call them. They'll want to know where we are and how to reach us.

"Just tell them you're staying with a friend and you won't give them the number because you don't want to inflict your family problems on your friend who is good enough to give you a place to stay. Tell them that once you get settled you will let them know where you are but for now you'll just call them once in a while. Make sure you tell them that you love them because believe it or not even though you and Tammy are hurting right now, so are they."

"Ok, I guess your right. We don't hate them and I don't believe they knew what that pig was going to do to Tammy, but what's your idea."

"Let me talk about that with your Uncle Frank. He sounds like the kind of person who just wants you to be happy and love you. We may not tell him that the three of us are together maybe just you and I for now. I'll have to decide that as I talk to him and get a sense of him. That is as long as you don't mind my meeting him."

"No, I don't mind. I think he will like you. But I still would like to know what your idea is."

"For now lets just say that as much as I would like to join your uncle in beating the shit out of our friend Rev. Johnson, there may be a better way to get your revenge that won't involve either Frank or I going to jail. So go make your phone calls."

She smiled at me and answered, "Yes Master."

Tina made her calls after dinner. She called her uncle first. Yes her father had called and yes he was worried, and yes he was going to "take care of the weasel of a minister" but yes he would wait to meet me and hear what I had to say. He asked to speak to me, so I got on the phone.

It was a short conversation. "I'm Uncle Frank. Are you taking care of the girls?"

"I'm Jack and yes I am."

"Tina seems to like you. For your sake I hope you're not smacking her around."

"Only when she asks me to"

That brought a pause then a laugh "Ok, I'll mind my own business as long as she stays happy."

"Deal!" I closed my end and handed the phone back to a puzzled Tina.

She finished the conversation by making arrangements for Frank to join us for dinner later in the week. Then she called her parents. It wasn't pleasant. As we discussed, she told them they were staying with a friend, and no she was not going to tell them who, She just called to tell them that she loved them and that they were alright. Tammy got on the phone, No she wasn't coming home, no she wasn't doing anything evil, yes she was fine.

I could tell that it took a lot out of the girls emotionally, so as they hung up I gave them a big hug and held them. I was holding them when suddenly Tammy started giggling uncontrollably. Tina and I just stared at her. Finally she slowed down enough to tell us what was so funny.

"I was just imagining, you know, on TV sometimes when they have people talking on the phone they show both of them by cutting the screen in half. I started picturing what it would look like me telling Momma I wasn't doing anything evil as I stood there wearing nothing but a black leather, spiked dog collar and a leash."

It was a mental picture that got all three of us laughing. Once we all calmed down I reached out and took the collars off of both of them. "Enough "game" for one day. Let's watch a little TV before we go to bed." A little TV is all we watched, the girls were both horny and for some reason whenever I have two beautiful naked women sitting on either side of me I have this need to touch them and I can't concentrate on the TV.

As we sat there I started running my hands up and down their naked thighs and up their flanks. Almost as one they reached over and undid my pants to expose my cock. Then they took turns sucking me off. First Tina was sucking me and Tammy kissing me then Tammy was sucking me and Tina kissing me. After about 15 minutes I led them both back to the bedroom. We laid together on the bed and without hesitation Tammy crawled on top of me and straddled my cock as she fucked herself on me. Tina laid there watching as she stroked my chest and legs, occasionally reaching up to pinch her sister's nipples as she pumped on me. She took her time and was enjoying riding my meat but finally she approached the point of no return and started to grind herself onto me. Then with a gush and a sigh she came on my dick, sliding off as she came down and making room for her sister.

Tina didn't want to ride tonight, she wanted to be ridden so I rolled over and let my cock slide into her very wet, very warm pussy. She melted into me as I slid in and out of her. She wanted to be loved tonight, She didn't want to be fucked she wanted closeness, so I held her close while Tammy stroked us both. I brought my face up to meet hers and I let my lips touch her waiting neck and slowly kissed my way up to her lips. We locked together in and oral and coital embrace, our tongues intertwined and I continued to slowly slide my cock in and out of her love canal. Suddenly and without any of the usual warning she wrapped her legs around me and clamped her pussy muscles on my dick as she came. The suddenness and the intensity pushed me over the edge and I shot into her filling her womb with my seed.

My head swam with post orgasmic fog and then I heard Tammy, "That was beautiful to watch. I love you both even more after seeing that. I could see how much love there was between you. I could feel it radiating from you and covering me."

She crawled over against us and enfolded us in an embrace. We fell asleep like that in a three-way hug that did not break till the next morning.

We spent the next few days settling into our routine. The new dresser was delivered on Tuesday and when I came home from work I found the girls fighting again. Claws fully extended and hissing at one another.

"Ok what is it this time. I thought we agreed to discuss thing and work them out." I demanded

It turned out they were arguing about who got the top drawer on the dresser. I was incredulous. The unit I bought had two top drawers and an even number on each side going down. I had chosen it specifically to eliminate this type of argument.
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
"I don't know what the fuck the difference is." I bellowed

"I like my underwear and bras on the top so I need two drawers" Tina demanded.

"So put all the underwear in one and all the bras in the other." I reasoned.

"Then how will we tell who's is who's?" Tammy asked

"What difference does it make. You both wear exactly the same size and buy the same brands and types."

"But we might end up wearing the others stuff." They both complained.

"This is silly. You two wear exactly the same size. You kiss each other. You eat each other out. You both get fucked by the same dick. Hell you even occasionally stick your finger in the others asshole. So how much more intimate can you get. Now answer me. What the fuck difference does it make?"

They looked at each other for a full minute then started to giggle. "When you put it that way I guess it is kind of silly." Tina offered.

Another major war avoided, but I was still annoyed. I calmed down as the evening wore on and the girls were both contrite so we settled in to another evening. I wanted to get myself ready for Uncle Frank coming to dinner the next day. I needed to mentally prepare for this as I could tell both girls thought highly of him and I felt a need to make a good impression. In a way it was worse than meeting their parents. Possibly because I knew this guy had all ready beat hell out of one man who had attempted to hurt his niece? Yes I was a little afraid.

Tina and Tammy gave him an edited version of the events. They were fairly open about some things. They admitted that they had gone to the shore with me while their parents were out of town and that they had stayed with me. They did leave out the parts having to do with sex and how they were naked in the picture their mother had found. They were graphic in their description of Rev Johnson and his activities, particularly when it came to his tiny dick. That brought a laugh from Frank. By the time they were done Franks eyes had gone cold and hard and I think it took all he had not to leave and kill the worm right there.

He looked at me and said "I promised the girls I would listen and hear what you had to say but right now I want blood! So what's your idea and it better be good."

I laid out my plan. "I am almost ashamed to admit that over the years I have met and befriended some, unsavory people. One of them is a porn dealer from Baltimore. He runs a titty bar, a whorehouse, and wholesales porn to adult book stores. I know for a fact that some of what he deals in is illegal child porn. I also know a guy who works vice for the state police. So what would happen if the Rev Johnson got a visit from the state police and they found child porn in his office, especially if there was a reporter or two handy."

"Ok, I'm interested and it might be better than beating the bastard half to death, not as satisfying but a more permanent solution. Tell me how you're going to work this." Frank demanded.

"My friend will gladly supply us with some samples of some really nasty stuff. Then if Tina is willing she can go to the church and tell him she may want to repent and ask him to meet her in the church proper to talk. That gets him out of his office and keeps her safe by keeping it public. We slip in the back door and put the "samples" in his office, spread them around, in the bookcase under cushions, out of sight but easily available. We will need about five minutes. Then we get out of Dodge. Tina tells him she'll think about it and leaves. As she walks out the State Cop walks in and asks to talk to the Reverend about certain allegations. They go to his office for a private discussion and he "finds" something in plain sight. No search warrant needed, he has evidence of a felony in plain sight so he searches, finds the nasty stuff and hauls the worm off in cuffs and of course there is at least one reporter waiting for pictures. Front page next day the little cocksucker is ruined even without a conviction he's ruined. If we get really lucky maybe a couple of girls who he violated step forward, and maybe the girls parents will start to wonder if Tina really was lying 10 years ago."

Frank stared at me for a few minutes just sipping his drink, "You are a devious bastard. I like it. But can you get all these people to co-operate."

"The samples are easy, one phone call and they'll be delivered the next day. The cop is already interested in Rev Johnson, rumors and complaints that people will make but not make official he wants the worm bad and won't mind if the rules are bent just so he doesn't have to bend them. The reporter is easy they are all lazy and love when somebody hands them something, they live for it. I have already done the homework we just need to agree. If your bent on killing him and going to jail, that's fine with me but this way he lives with the stigma the rest of his life."

"Tina this means you have to talk to the shit. What do you think?" Frank asked.

"If all I have to do is pretend to want to repent for five minutes I can handle that. I'm not afraid of him, I think he's afraid of me. Besides if we can get the bastard it will be worth it." She answered.

Frank looked at the girls and said "Why don't you girls give me a couple of minutes with junior here."

While I did not like being referred to as junior I sensed that he wanted to talk man to man. "Tina, we did not have any desert. Why don't you and Tammy go to that shop down town and get an ice cream cake. That will take you about 20 minutes."

Both girls looked a little apprehensive but stood up to go. "Be nice, both of you" Tina said as they left.

Once the door was closed I waited for Frank, at this point it was his move, and he made it "So tell me are you fucking both my nieces or just Tina?"

I knew this was truth time so I looked him in the eye and took my life in my hands "Both" I answered.

"Do they both know it and agree" He asked with a hard edge to his voice.

"They both are aware and agree. I love them both and I think they love me." I answered without wavering.

He paused and stared at me. "I think your right. The way they both look at you makes it fairly obvious. I can't say I approve of the arrangement but if they are both happy that's what matters. You know if you hurt either one I will hunt you down."

"I figured that, but you may find me a little more of a challenge that the good reverend." I answered with a smile.

"Yeah, you're probably right but I'd still kill you." He retorted.

"Probably." I answered with our eyes locked.

Again he stared at me. "Well, you got balls, I'll give you that. Most men would have blinked by now and started making excuses. I do have to question your sanity taking on those two girls and keeping them under control. You're a better man than I, Gunga Din." He quoted with a laugh.

I smiled in response. "I never claimed to be entirely sane."

That brought a bigger laugh from him. We sat and talked like old friends and equals until the girls returned. Tina and Tammy were relieved to find we had not killed each other in a testosterone induced frenzy and were happy that we were getting along so well. We had our desert and set up a schedule for our plan. Tammy was put out that she did not have a part until I explained that she was our backup bait incase Tina could not get him out of the office. That made her happy. Frank left with a handshake from me and a hug from the girls.

As the door closed Tina turned and put her arms around my neck to pull me in for a hug and a kiss while Tammy got behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist. "We're glad you and Uncle Frank got along Ok." Tammy spoke for both girls.

"Yeah, now what did you two talk about when you chased us out to the store?" Tina Chimed in.

"Nothing, just guy stuff." I answered.

"Don't give me that crap. When we left I could tell he hadn't decided if he should tear you apart or shake your hand. Then when we get back you guys are all buddy buddy." Tina demanded.

"He just asked me a question and I gave him an honest answer. He appreciated and respected the honesty. So then he was Ok."
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
"What did he ask?" Tina asked warily.

"He asked if I was fucking both his nieces or just one."

There was a sudden, sharp intake of breath from both girls as they stared at me. Then very slowly and cautiously Tammy asked, "How did you answer that?"

"I told him the truth. All I answered was "Both"."

"Then why are you still alive and uninjured?" Tina asked.

"Probably because I was honest. I think he either knew or suspected and the question was as much a test of me as something he wanted an answer to. I suspect that if I had lied you girls would have come home to blood and gore. But he respected the fact that I told the truth. He said he did not agree with our arrangement but as long as you guys were happy he was not going to object."

"Is that all he said?" Tammy asked

"No he did warn me that if I hurt you girls he would hunt me down." I smiled as I answered.

"But how would he know that we were all one......whatever you call an arrangement like this" Tammy asked.

"He said he could tell by the way both of you treated me and looked at me."

"I guess we are a little transparent when it comes to how much we adore you." Tina said as she hugged me close again. I put and arm around her and reached out the other to enfold Tammy in the embrace, I kissed them each in turn then both together. Holding these two girls always had an effect on me and my hands began to roam over their bodies and caress their backs and asses. I grew as hard as steel when one of them reached down and grasped my member and gave me a squeeze. I did not release them I just stood there enjoying the closeness and the affection that I felt, as well as the caressing of my manhood. But these two horny nymphs would not let me get away with that long and soon I felt my fly being opened and a hand reach inside my pants and massaging my cock. By this time I had worked my hand inside their shirts and was running it over the bare skin on their backs and down inside the waistband of their pants and ever so lightly running a finger to the crack of their ass, just at the top where the ass cheeks start. I would let my finger draw little circles. My efforts were having the desired effect as whoever was stroking my cock did so with a renewed vigor and someone else was fumbling with my belt and button of my pants while I kissed both girls.

Soon my pants fell down to my ankles and as one, the two sisters knelt in front of me and pulled my briefs down as they went. No I found myself standing in the living room, naked from the waist down with my two girls kneeling in front of me. Tammy was the first to take me into her mouth and I suppressed a shudder as she ran her tongue around the head of my cock and then sucked me deeper into her mouth. While she was busy giving me pleasure Tina started to open the buttons of her shirt to expose her bra encased orbs to us. Once she had her shirt off Tina moved over and kissed her sister gently on the cheek before reaching behind her and undoing and removing her bra. She next returned to her sister's face and kissed her again on the cheek then moving over and kissing her lips where they encased my cock.

This must have been some signal, whether prearranged or understood, Tammy released my meat from her liplock and Tina took it into her mouth and sucked me deep into her throat. I could feel her throat muscles massaging my head as she swallowed my cock, or at least tried to swallow the entire length. But now Tammy was working on removing her sister's blouse and bra and in no time I had both sisters naked from the waist up working on my cock with their mouths while I fondled their tits, pinching their nipples and rolling them between my fingers.

Tina was the first to stand up, Tammy was taking her turn sucking my cock, Tina wrapped her arms around me and kissed me, tenderly but with unmistakable passion she let her tongue slide into my mouth while her sister let my cock slide into hers. As Tina kissed me I now had access to her jeans and I took advantage of it by opening them and sliding them down to her thighs to give me access to her private regions. I let my hand slide down over her sex enjoying the silky smoothness of her shaved pussy. I allowed one finger to slide into her slit and over her clit. She pulled closer to me and held me tighter as I stimulated her.

"Tammy, Help me get your sister's jeans off." I ordered.

Without taking my cock from her mouth and without missing a stroke, Tammy pulled her sister's jeans down to her ankles allowing Tina to step out of them and freeing her to spread her legs a little, inviting me to give her more than a tease. I accepted the invitation and allowed a finger to slide into her and then a second. What I got in return was a moan from deep within her. I withdrew my fingers from Tina's pussy and with them dripping with juice, I offered them to Tammy. She immediately took her mouth off of my cock and sucked them both into her mouth cleaning her sister's cunt juice from them. Once she had licked them clean she stood and Tina again went to her knees and began working her mouth over my dick. First sliding her tongue down the underside and then around the head before drawing it into her mouth.

With Tammy now standing I opened her pants and worked them down over her hips while she kissed me. This time Tina was watching and without being told helped me get them all the way down and off so now both sisters were naked, one kissing me and the other sucking my cock. I spent a minute or two playing with Tammy's pussy getting her even hotter than she was, if that were possible.

Now I was hot and wanted to fuck. Between the tag team blow job and playing with both pussies I need to feel a pussy wrapped around my meat. I pulled my cock from Tina's mouth and joined her on the floor, pulling Tammy down with me. Tina must have sensed what I needed as by the time I was on my knees she was laying on her back with her legs spread, her pink pussy exposed and waiting for my cock to fill it. As I got within reach she grasped me and pulled me toward her. She would not release me until I entered her. I slid myself into her and felt that exquisite feeling of pussy around my cock. Tina let out a sigh that told me she needed me inside of her as much as I need to be there.

I started to fuck her very slowly; enjoying the feel of her while Tammy kissed me and played with my chest. Tina spoke. "Tammy, sit on my face, I want to eat you while he fucks me." Tammy immediately swung her leg over her sister and straddled her face allowing Tina's tongue to find her honey pot. I could tell that she found it as Tammy let out a loud groan, and clenched me tighter in her embrace as her sister ate her pussy while I fucked her sister.

Tina must have been doing an outstanding job eating her sister because in no tine at all Tammy went rigid then relaxed as her orgasm reached its peak. I continued to slowly pump my cock into Tina and shortly I felt Tina's pussy muscles grasp my cock as her legs squeezed against my sides. She climaxed and spilled girl cum all around my cock. After she subsided I asked, "Do you want to switch places."

Tammy answered first, mostly because Tina still had her mouth buried in Tammy's pussy. "No, just fuck Tina tonight. I'm happy holding you. Besides I'll jump your bones in the morning." She answered with a smile.

I kissed her gently and went back to pounding Tina with a renewed vigor. I was no longer worried about saving myself for a second sister so I fucked Tina with a determination until I felt the cum rise in my balls and rush down my cock. I blew my load deep into her, shooting gob after gob of sperm into her womb. She answered me with another orgasm, once again allowing me to feel her juices bathe my cock. I collapsed into Tammy's arms, spent and worn out. She helped guide me down to lay next to her sister and then got off of Tina's face. One look at Tina told me that Tammy had enjoyed herself as there was pussy juice covering Tina's face and running down her cheeks. Tammy laid down with us and we toyed with each other for a while before deciding we should move to the bedroom. We collapsed into the bed, curled up against each other and promptly fell asleep.

Tammy was almost as good as her word. She waited till the morning for her fuck but 4AM is as much the middle of the night as it is the morning. I awoke to find that in my sleep she had coaxed me onto my back and sucked me to a hardon. When I was awake enough to know what was happening she was astraddle me and riding my cock while Tina laid next to us and smiled while her sister got the fucking she wanted. I shot a load into her and she was collapsed on top of me, satisfied. We all drifted back to sleep.

The next few days went by in a blur. I got my friend to send the porn samples and set up a time with my friend, the state vice cop, to visit Rev. Johnson. We decided on Saturday. It fit his schedule, also we knew the worm would be in his office in the afternoon working on his sermon, and it would break in the Sunday paper. I got some hesitation from the reporter, he claimed his editor was giving him a problem. So I talked to the editor and simply told him if he wasn't interested I could offer my yet undisclosed scoop to the rival paper in the area. In the end he figured an hour of the reporter's time was a small gamble against being scooped by the competition and agreed, reluctantly, to let the guy have a photographer and an hours time to cover a story of which he had no idea of the subject.

The whole thing went off without a hitch. Tina went into the church and lured him into the main area to talk. Frank and I snuck in through the back door, planted the goodies and back out. Tammy waited biting her nails in the diner across the street. When we finished we signaled her by the detective walking in. Tina told him she would think some more and left. The four of us sat in the diner and watched, about a half hour later State Police patrol cars pull up, out comes Rev Johnson in cuffs. The reporter gets his pictures and an interview with the arresting officer, including a look at the evidence that was found and some pictures of it. He was so excited when he left to write the story I think he must have cum in his pants.

There were banner headlines the next morning "LOCAL CHURCH LEADER ARRESTED IN CHILD PORN RING." Complete with pictures of him and the evidence. The girls were gleeful and I was their hero. Frank called to congratulate me and the State Police detective called to let me know that they had hauled out 12 boxes of evidence, which included the stuff they found in the locked room in the basement and his home.

Now I was floored. Apparently there was no need to plant evidence the guy had is own stash. Over the next few weeks women began to step forward, one at a time and slowly at first to testify how the worm had molested them as children. The witnesses began getting younger and younger until a 14 year old girl came out and filed a formal complaint detailing 5 years of sexual service to the worm as a way to "save her soul from the devil". Now I am pretty liberated when it comes to sex but two things I have no tolerance for is abusing children and rape, so I began to feel proud and satisfied in the part I played in bringing the pig down. The girls were happy and after the first two weeks stopped paying attention to the news. As far as they were concerned it was done and justice was served.

I thought my biggest hope would be realized when Frank called one evening. The girl's father had called him. He was trying to reach the girls and wanted to talk to them. He wanted to know if Frank had heard from them. Frank gave him an earful and ended up telling him that he could reach the girls anytime but didn't know if they wanted to talk to him after he tried to turn them over to the child molester. But he would pass a message on to the girls for him.

I really had hoped the girls would be able to find a way to at least talk to their parents. Having lost mine and having only a sister that I was estranged from made me aware how important family can be. The girls called home, they didn't want to but I urged them to. Well their parents were sorry they didn't believe Tina and they wanted them to come home, but they insisted that they renounce their sinful ways and cut all ties with their sinful friends, etcetera, etcetera. Tina was gracious, thanked them for the offer but told them no, she was happy living with her boyfriend and was going to stay and build a life wherever it led to. Tammy just plain told them she was staying wherever Tina was. Both told them they wanted to be able to visit and talk. But the parents were adamant that if they were going to continue with Satan they were not welcome. It was sad really, to see these people cut off ties with their children because of a difference of opinion in religion.

After that things settled down and the three of us settled into a routine. We all shared my bed which was cozy until someone got restless. We shared sex and love and housework and chores. The two sisters insisted on doing most of the domestic stuff cleaning and laundry and the cooking. They did allow me to cook certain dishes which they decided I was better at then they were. One thing which really surprised me was that about two weeks after they moved in they came home one day and handed me a deposit slip from the bank. I looked at it and realized it was one of the preprinted ones I kept in my desk. The receipt showed a deposit made for two separate amounts. I looked at the girls, who were standing proudly in front of me, with a puzzled look on my face.

Tina finally spoke up "We decided that it wasn't fair for you to pay all the bills and buy all the food so we are going to deposit our checks into your account. Then if you can give us a small allowance for lunch money and clothes and stuff we'll be happy."

Tammy joined in "If we are going to be a family of three then we should act like it and put everything together. We know you will take care of us and be good to us and we don't want to take advantage of you. After all you are the Master." She added with a smile.

I was stunned. Every previous woman I had lived with had done nothing but give me trouble about money. They always expected me to pay all the bills and give them an allowance and they would keep their own checks besides. Now I had two who were just giving me everything and trusting me to take care of it.

Here the suspicious part of my mind kicked in, "What kind of allowance, 110% of what they contribute" I though to myself. But I bit my tongue and asked, "How much allowance do you think you'll need?"

They looked at each other and Tammy answered. "Do you think $20 a week is too much?"

I was shocked again. "I think if you're going to be buying clothes and lunch and spending money you will need more like $100." I answered.
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
Now they were shocked. That's when I found out that when they were living at home their parents demanded all of their earnings and gave them each $10 a week. They thought I was the most generous person in the world and they showed it by springing on me and smothering me with kisses and hugs. After a couple of minutes of excited fawning on me they dragged me back to the bedroom to show they're appreciation in more tangible ways.

By the time we reached the bedroom both girls had nearly all of their clothing off and they wasted no time in stripping me naked. Tina pushed me down on the bed so I was laying on my back and jumped on top of me. She began running her tongue over my lips and darting it into my mouth while she rubbed her pussy on my crotch. I was excited and ready to get fucked but she wanted to tease me a bit first. She turned around putting us into a 69 as she straddled my face. I stuck my tongue into her pussy and began to lick while she went to work on my cock with her mouth. I briefly wondered where Tammy was but discounted it figuring she was watching from somewhere I could not see her and probably playing with herself. I was enjoying the 69 with Tina and was losing myself in her young sweet pussy. As the pussy juice flowed out from her and down onto my face I suddenly heard Tammy say "I'm ready." With that Tina rolled off of me and I saw Tammy standing at the foot of the bed. She was wearing her leash and collar and a smile, but she was holding things which I didn't recognize.

I sat up to get a closer look and realized she was holding a collection of chains and handcuffs. I nearly panicked thinking they were going to tie me up, which is something I would not be comfortable with. I rolled off the bed to get away but instead of approaching me she crawled onto the bed and dropped her burden on it as she laid down.

Tina looked at me and asked. "How do you want to tie her up?" she had an evil grin on her face. I realized that they had not planned on restraining me but on chaining down Tammy. I looked at the collection of restraints on the bed and asked "Where did you get this stuff?"

"We called your friend and told him we wanted to give you a present, all tied up and he sent these up for us as a gift, sort of a house warming present." Tammy said. "Is that Ok?"

"Yeah it's Ok. I'm just surprised. I didn't know you guys knew about this stuff that's all." I answered.

"Well we didn't but it was his suggestion he said he thought you would like it and he sent some magazines and a video tape to help give us some ideas. It looked like fun and Tammy wanted to be the victim and I have to admit that it was fun spanking her that time so I thought I might like it too." Tina offered.

I looked at the two of them for a few seconds, "Ok Tammy get up on your knees. Tina cuff her hands behind her back then use the leg irons on her feet." I picked up a collection of leather straps and rivets and looked at it. The girls had it all tangled up so I untangled it and tossed it to Tina. "Here put that on it's for you, the Mistress."

She stared at it and said "We were trying to figure out what it was. But how do I put it on?"

I smiled and took it from her and helped her into the harness. When I had it on her the effect was, exciting. There was a wide belt that went around the waist and two smaller straps that each started out in the front connected to the belt then went down to her crotch where they joined then out the back and up the side of each ass cheek. The effect was to frame her pussy with black leather and push her ass cheeks together and hold them there. There was also a small snap in the crotch onto which an attachment could be snapped, but more on that later. Also starting at the belt another strap came up from the center to a point between her tits where it joined the crisscrossed straps that framed her tits and made them stand out even more than they did naturally. Once I had everything snapped and buckled I stepped back. Tammy was kneeling on the bed all chained up and as I stepped away from Tina, she drew a loud breath, "Wow, sis you look hot!"

Tina was looking a little apprehensive before her sister's comment now she beamed. I opened the closet door so she could see herself in the full length mirror and she just stared at herself turning slightly each way then turning around to see her ass. She did look hot! I was tempted to lay her down and fuck her right then and there. Instead Tammy interrupted "Tina, show him the rest of the stuff maybe he knows what it's for." Tina scurried out of the room and came back with a box.

I looked in and found that the girls had only brought a small portion of what we had. I started sorting thought it and pulled out a riding crop, which promptly went across Tina's ass. Then I handed it to her and told her to try it on her sister. She stepped over and gave Tammy two good whacks on the ass. Tammy yelped then smiled, "Thank you mistress." I glanced up at her and noticed that her nipples were standing at attention and there was moisture visibly glistening on her snatch. She was horny just sitting there chained up and watching her sister in the outfit.

That was when I came across something I had been keeping my eye out for. It was in the bottom of the box with a few other small items. It looked like a small rubber ball cut in half with a metal stud affixed to the flat part. I called Tina over and loosened her belt then reached in between her legs and snapped my find into place. I then pulled up her harness and re-buckled the belt. She stood there looking at me wide eyed. "That feels weird." She said. What she was experiencing was the rounded half of the rubber ball slipping partially into her pussy. Sliding between her lips and just holding her pussy open.

"Move around a little." I told her. She took a small step then leaned from side to side and front to back. A huge smile crossed her face. "Can I wear this thing all day, under my clothes at work. I would cum about one every half hour. The way that thing rubs against my clit, it's.... scrumptious."

I just laughed in response. Tammy started in "I want to try it!"

"Shut up slave!" Tina ordered and gave her sister a light crack across her tits with the riding crop. Tammy gasped as the pain shot through her, but she answered correctly "Yes Mistress."

I finished sorting through the box and found the girls had quite a collection of bondage accessories. I even found a piece for me. A wide leather belt with a leather codpiece with a slit in it to allow easy access. I slipped it on and picked up a small wooden handle which had an array of leather straps attached to it. A handy size cat-o-nine tails.

I walked over to the bed and Tammy. "Now bitch, you will pleasure us or be beaten." I ordered.

Tammy smiled back at me and said "I would rather die than be the object of your pervert pleasure." She fell immediately into the game I noted.

I answered her with my whip across her ass. Hard enough for a sting put not painful. "Lick your sister's snatch." I ordered.


I used the whip a little harder this time. That brought a yelp and she leaned forward. "Please Mistress may I eat you." Tammy asked.

Tina walked over and stood in front of her with her legs spread about two feet apart and pushed her snatch into her sister's face. Tammy started to lick at what she could reach. Tina gave her a crack with the riding crop across the ass, "Pleasure me well bitch."

Now Tammy was on her knees on the bed, bent over so that she could reach her sister's snatch, actually just her slit and mound. But this put her ass sticking up into the air. Tina was occasionally brining the riding crop down on Tammy's ass as Tammy licked her crotch. I walked around behind Tina and gave her a fairly hard swat with my whip. "Don't damage her, cunt. She's no use to us beaten up. No one will pay for a damaged sex slave."

"Yes Master." Tina answered as her sister continued to eat her.

"Does she have you hot enough girl? Are you ready for me to fuck you while the slave watches? I demanded

"Yes Master. I am hot enough. I'm ready to cum now

"Good. Sit back bitch and watch me fuck your sister." I ordered

Tammy sat back on her heels and watched as I undid Tina's belt and unsnapped her straps freeing up her pussy for my use. She sat back on the bed and laid down with her legs hanging over the edge. I pulled my cock out of the codpiece and slid the head up and down Tina's slit. She was wet and ready from the licking her sister had given her and the rubber ball that had been holding her open. I let myself slide in and felt that feeling of heaven as her pussy enveloped my cock. It only took three strokes when I felt her clamp down on my meat and gush her juices over me. She had been right she was close to cumming. I was worked up but did not want to lose my load yet so I pulled out and order Tammy to suck me clean. She dove onto my cock and sucked and licked like it was all she'd ever get. After a minute or two I swatted her with the whip. "Enough, now clean your sister."

Tammy worked her way down off the bed and between her sister's legs. No easy feat with her hands cuffed behind her and her feet in leg irons. Somehow she managed it and went to work in earnest on her sister's cunt. I watched for a couple of minutes while she ate Tina. All the while I was running my hand over her. Finally I reached down and put my hand on her pussy. I had barely touched her, I had not even slipped my finger inside her yet but she came in my hand. With an earth shattering orgasm she just plain gushed juice out onto my hand and the floor. She left a puddle on the floor, not a tiny one either. "Tammy, it appears your enjoying yourself."

She pulled her face out of her sister's pussy and answered "God yes, that may have been the best orgasm I ever had."

That just goes to show you that 90% of sex is in the mind.

I made her stand up and bend over to continue eating her sister, who by now was whimpering for more. Then as she was standing bent over I slipped my cock into her pussy and began to fuck her in earnest. I had had enough of waiting and I wanted to blow my load into a pussy. While I was pounding away on Tammy, each thrust was pushing her face harder into her sister's pussy and that was enough to bring Tina off again. As Tina came on her sister's face she clamped her legs around her head and watching the sight from the vantage point I had It just sent me over and I shot my full load of sperm deep into Tammy, which brought her off and she came again gushing girl cum out over my cock and balls and running down my legs. My release was so violent and the orgasm so intense that I lost my balance and fell on top of both sisters. We laid there catching out breath. Me with my dick buried into Tammy and Tammy had been pushed up so her head was on her sister's tits.

"Did everybody have a good time?" I asked

"Can we do it again? This time I'll switch places with Tammy." Tina asked

"Yeah, I want to try that harness on." Tammy exclaimed.

"Why don't we have dinner and rest first. It may be a while before I can get it up again after that." I suggested

Tammy wiggled her ass a little. "You still feel pretty hard inside me." She commented.

She was right I still was hard. But I was also hungry and just wanted to relax a little before another go round with these two vixens. "I'll tell you what. There are two harnesses there. You can each wear one while we eat and relax for a little while. Then if you both behave I will play with you again later."

They both eagerly accepted the idea and we got up and reset Tina's harness and then got Tammy into hers. They were stunning, standing side by side in their matching black leather harnesses against their fair skin, I was tempted to fuck them both again right there. That is the problem with having two beautiful women, I only have one dick!
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
The girls made dinner while I watched the news and they played "the game" the whole time. Keeping my drink filled, making sure I was comfortable offering me blowjobs etc. We were just about ready to sit down to eat when the doorbell rang. I was puzzled as we seldom got company. Then I had a frightening thought. Maybe it was the girls Uncle Frank. Having him show up with the girls in leather harnesses might not be good for my health so I shooed them back to the bedroom just in case.

After they were safely out of sight I opened the door. It was not Frank but I was surprised. It was Stacy, one of the girls we had met at the shore. I was thrilled to see her and invited her in and closed the door, I folded her into a hug which she returned by squeezing my ass. I laughed and called the girls out. "Hey look who's here! Come on out."

I thought Stacey's eyes would pop out when she saw what the girls were wearing. They ran up and hugged her obviously glad to see her.

"Uh, did I interrupt something? Something personal?" Stacey asked once the girls calmed down a little.

I laughed, "No we were just playing a game. Right girls."

"Yeah, its so much fun and we get sooo horny playing." Tina answered.

I laughed again at the look on her face. "Here I'll demonstrate." I offered, "Slaves, greet our guest properly!"

Both girls dropped to their knees and bowed their heads. "Good evening, Stacey!" They chimed together

"That's Mistress Stacey, sluts." I ordered.

"Good Evening Mistress Stacey, How may we serve you?" Tina answered.

Stacey laughed. "You guys are a trip to be around. Always something different."

"We were just about to have dinner, you'll stay and join us, I hope." I offered

"Oh, no I couldn't impose. I was just up here for a seminar and figured I'd stop by and say hello before I head back home. I need to be back tomorrow morning for part two." She answered.

"Do you mean to tell me you were in town for a seminar and didn't even plan on staying with us? I am hurt." I mimed being wounded in the heart.

"I didn't want to impose and I lost your number but had your address and when I tried to call the girls every time I asked to speak to them the woman who answered just hung up."

"Sorry about that we had some excitement here the last few weeks. The girls are living here with me now. We'll tell you about it over dinner. Then you can go out and get the clothes I know you brought with you out of the car. Because we are not letting you drive back tonight and then back here in the morning."

Stacey blushed in answer to my guess that she was hoping to be invited and prepared for it. "Ok, and thanks but it is actually three days, two nights."

"Even better." I exclaimed.

"Sluts, set another place and fetch the Mistress a glass of wine." I ordered

The girls scurried away. Tina set the table and Tammy returned with a glass of wine for our guest. Stacey had sat on the couch and as Tammy handed her the wine, then kneeled at her feet and began to remove her shoes for her. "I want to serve the mistress properly so I don't get punished." She offered.

Stacey looked at her in puzzlement, "Punished?"

"Yes Mistress its part of the game, sometimes the best part. Tina punished me earlier, see" and she stood and turned so that Stacey could see the welts on her ass. Then she turned back around and bent over, she planted a kiss on Stacey's lips which Stacey returned with enthusiasm. "I'm so glad to see you." Then she left to return to the kitchen.

Stacey looked at me and I shrugged. "She seems to get off on punishment. Not hard just enough to sting. Actually both of them seem to enjoy mild S&M. We also have a safety code. If they have had enough all they need do is say "Stop" and it ends. Tammy is always submissive. Tina seems to enjoy dominating her sister but can't seem to bring herself to dominate me. They enjoy it and no harm done so we play games occasionally."

"Well I guess as long as they enjoy it, no harm done." Stacey offered.

I could tell that she wasn't convinced but wasn't objecting either. Just about then Tina walked in "Dinner is served Master and Mistress." We moved to the dining area and sat down. As we sat eating I suggested "Why don't you girls fill Stacey in on the events of the last few weeks."

The took their cue and told our friend all about the things that had gone on since we had seen her last, starting with meeting Sue at the shore after Stacey and Amy had gone home right up through Rev. Johnson's arrest. "Wow you guys sure have had some excitement. But how did this Master stuff start."

"Oh, that's my fault." Tammy answered with a giggle. "I always kinda liked it when Jack would whack me on the ass, you know giggle and all. Well he realized how much I liked it when I tickled him one day, we were messing around so he put me over his knee and started spanking me. You know, just playing around. Well I just about came on his lap from the spanking. It was exciting. One thing led to another and here we are. It is so cool sometimes, when we're in the mood, to just be his slave."

Tina stepped in, "I was reluctant at first but figured I'd give it a try. I knew that no matter what Jack would never let anything hurt us so, what the hell. I really started to get into it when I got to punish Tina. I always wanted to beat her when we were kids so it's like a dream come true. Then I found out how much I liked being jack's slave. I get so wet when we play, sometimes I'm not sure if I pissed myself or it's just my juices running."

"So this is your idea?" Stacey asked.

"Well the idea was Jack's but we are the ones who got the harness and chains and cuffs and stuff and it's always us who starts the game. Particularly when we have been naughty and Jack gets annoyed with us, like when we fight between us girls." Tina answered

Is that what happened tonight? Were you guys, naughty?"

Tammy answered this time. "No we just wanted to show Jack how much we love him and appreciate him. So we are giving him a treat. Now you're here and it really is a treat."

After this question and answer Stacey seemed more at ease with our "game" and was even beginning to fall into it a little, ordering the girls to fill her glass, clear her plate, stuff like that. We continued the conversation.

"So Stacey, we told all our news. How have you been and how's Amy?" I asked

"Well, we have not had the excitement you guys have. But we are fine, actually pretty good. Amy moved in with me. She convinced her father that she is better off with me than in a dorm until she finishes school. So we are sort of a couple, at least we keep each other from getting too horny. We still look for guys but we haven't found anybody as good as Jack yet. We just keep trying. I got a promotion at the hospital, which is one of the reasons I'm at this seminar. Other than that there really isn't anything new, except I'm pregnant."

"What?" the three of us asked in unison.

Stacey smiled and giggled a little bit "I'm really happy about it. Actually I'm thrilled. I'm going to have a baby and the father is a really special guy, but I am not going to ask or expect him to do anything about it. This is my baby and I will love him or her and raise it."
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
Both girls jumped up and hugged Stacey and did all the jumping around that girls do when they find out one of them is knocked up. Finally Tina asked "What did the father say? Did you tell him yet?"

Stacey hesitated a minute before answering. "Well I was a little worried about how his girlfriend would take it I didn't want to hurt her because she is really special to me also, so I am hoping she will still be my friend as far as telling him goes. I just did!"

The three of us stared at her for a few seconds. I was stunned and didn't know what to say. Then Tina broke the ice, "I'm not sure how the father feels, maybe when he picks his jaw up off the floor we'll find out. But his girlfriend is thrilled, at least this one of his girlfriends."

"So is this one. So when are you moving in with us?" Tammy chimed in.

Stacey laughed. "I wouldn't mind moving in with you guys but my job is in Baltimore and I like it there. I just felt Jack had a right to know he was going to have a child. I guess I hoped he would be happy about it and all."

I recovered my voice and answered. "I've never been a father before, but if Tina and Tammy are ok with it. Then I think I am happy too. But I'm not sure how I feel about just making a baby and not taking responsibility at all."

All three girls beamed at me. The light from their smiles could have been used as a beacon for ships, so I figured I accidentally said something good. Then Stacey spoke again, "I would be happy if you would be a Father to our child. I would like it to know who Daddy is and how special he is. I figured we could get together once in a while as it grows up. How close you want to get and how much of a father figure depends on you."

I got up and walked over to Stacey, bent down and kissed her gently on the lips, the folded her into a hug. "Thank you, for letting me be the father of your child."

"Your welcome." She answered "But I need to warn you that Amy is jealous and she said to tell you that as soon as she graduates college she is going to come up here and rape you until you knock her up too."

That brought a laugh from Tina and Tammy. Then Tammy said "Tell her you can't rape the willing and also that she has to wait until he knocks up Tina and me first. But when she's ready we'll tie him down for her."

"Well this calls for a celebration. Too bad we don't have any champagne." I offered.

"Get off you ass and go get us some and while you're gone we'll talk girl talk about you and that tool you wear between you legs." Tina ordered.

Both girls jumped up and hugged Stacey and did all the jumping around that girls do when they find out one of them is knocked up. Finally Tina asked "What did the father say? Did you tell him yet?"

Stacey hesitated a minute before answering. "Well I was a little worried about how his girlfriend would take it I didn't want to hurt her because she is really special to me also, so I am hoping she will still be my friend as far as telling him goes. I just did!"

The three of us stared at her for a few seconds. I was stunned and didn't know what to say. Then Tina broke the ice, "I'm not sure how the father feels, maybe when he picks his jaw up off the floor we'll find out. But his girlfriend is thrilled, at least this one of his girlfriends."

"So is this one. So when are you moving in with us?" Tammy chimed in.

Stacey laughed. "I wouldn't mind moving in with you guys but my job is in Baltimore and I like it there. I just felt Jack had a right to know he was going to have a child. I guess I hoped he would be happy about it and all."

I recovered my voice and answered. "I've never been a father before, but if Tina and Tammy are ok with it. Then I think I am happy too. But I'm not sure how I feel about just making a baby and not taking responsibility at all."

All three girls beamed at me. The light from their smiles could have been used as a beacon for ships, so I figured I accidentally said something good. Then Stacey spoke again, "I would be happy if you would be a Father to our child. I would like it to know who Daddy is and how special he is. I figured we could get together once in a while as it grows up. How close you want to get and how much of a father figure depends on you."

I got up and walked over to Stacey, bent down and kissed her gently on the lips, the folded her into a hug. "Thank you, for letting me be the father of your child."

"Your welcome." She answered "But I need to warn you that Amy is jealous and she said to tell you that as soon as she graduates college she is going to come up here and rape you until you knock her up too."

That brought a laugh from Tina and Tammy. Then Tammy said "Tell her you can't rape the willing and also that she has to wait until he knocks up Tina and me first. But when she's ready we'll tie him down for her."

"Well this calls for a celebration. Too bad we don't have any champagne." I offered.

"Get off you ass and go get us some and while you're gone we'll talk girl talk about you and that tool you wear between you legs." Tina ordered.

Well I know when to follow directions and this was one of those times so I headed out to find a bottle of champagne. I did not have far to go but took my time so the girls would have the time they wanted for their "girl talk". I found a place that had a bottle fo chilled champagne and returned home. We opened it up and toasted Stacey and my soon to be new son or daughter. That was when Tina told me their plans for the rest of the night.

She started, "While you were gone we made some decisions. We are going to change the "game" a little. Tonight you are going to make love to Stacey, because she is the mother of your child, you will show her how much you care for her. Tammy and I will be your slaves and help both of you however we can but you're not going to have sex with us. Tonight you belong solely to Stacey. Tomorrow we will fuck your brains out to make up for it."

With that pronouncement she and Tammy stood up, still wearing their harnesses and each gave Stacey a long passionate kiss. Then Tina said to her "Welcome to the family. You are now one of Jack's wives and our sister. We love you. We promise to always love our little niece or nephew and help you however we can." Then both girls hugged Stacey to them and held her.

As they broke the hug I could see that Stacey was crying, all she could say was a simple thank you. Next they took me by the hand and led me to Stacey and put her hand in mine. We stood there holding hands looking at each other as Tina and Tammy each started to undress us. It took little time for us to both be naked and be led back to the bedroom.

We stood there at the foot of the bed with Tina and Tammy standing to either side of us as I took Stacey in my arms and kissed her. It started off as a slow loving kiss and progressed to one of passion. While I was kissing her I moved a hand up to run my thumb over the little bumps that were her tits. I circled each repeatedly with my thumb until I received a shudder from her. At that point she grasped my cock and began to work it back and forth. She was so small that to kiss her I practically had to bend over and when we stood kissing my cock pressed into her belly. If my cock were a couple of inches longer I could have tit fucked her standing up. But as it was we were making love, every touch every caress, every kiss meant love.

I leaned over and pulled her into the bed with me and we laid together facing each other on our sides, kissing and fondling. I leaned down and took one of her nipples in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it while sucking it into me. Her little buds of tits were exquisite. It may have been my imagination but there did seem to be more there than there had been when we had been together at the shore. Maybe the pregnancy was already forcing her body to respond and fill out her breasts. I moved on to other areas. I kissed her down between her breasts and down her belly to her pubic mound and over to her slit.
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