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Jack meets Tina then her little sister
08-11-2012, 10:50 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
I ran my tongue down her slit tasting the sweetness of her juices and was nearly overcome with lust to dig my tongue deep into her hole to lick out all I could get. But I contained myself and worked my way down into her very deliberately until my tongue was teasing her clit and sliding into her love passage. It was then, while I was eating her that I realized that Tina and Tammy had taken up positions on either side of the bed and each was holding one of Stacey's hands while I ate her to climax. Because climax she did. Leaking cum into my mouth she shuddered and her pussy muscles clamped down onto my tongue.

I have, many times felt a woman cum while I ate her pussy so I am not unused to the sensations and they can and do vary from one woman to the next but this time I felt something that I had never experienced before. I was a sensation, that's the only word that can describe it, a sensation. It started at the tip of my tongue where it was touching her pussy and spread down my tongue, into my mouth, over my face and around my head, then down my shoulders over my torso, my legs and my feet. It was almost like the pins and needles feeling when your arm or leg goes to sleep. But it was mild and mixed with a warmth. It was almost like an orgasm, it imparted a general feeling of well being and euphoria. I did not want it to end but continue for ever. But end it did it slowly washed away. I looked at Tina and Tammy as I felt it fade and I saw they had their eyes closed but with a smile on their faces. Then as I watched them their eyes opened and they looked at me with such a look of love I felt like I was going to cry. With their free hand they each reached out and took my hands and pulled me up on top of Stacey.

As our sex met each others she wrapped her legs around me and I found myself inside of her without any effort at all. I just slid in like I belonged there. Then with Tammy holding one hand and in turn holding Stacey's hand, Tina holding our other hands I began to move inside her. She let out little gasps mixed with mewing sounds as I stroked my meat into her. I did not go fast or hard. Just a steady rhythm of in and out until I experienced the sensation again, only this time it started at the tip of my cock and flowed outwards over my body and I realized that Stacey was cumming again this time all over my cock. I kept pumping, slowly and without breaking the rhythm and after three or four strokes it happened again, then again after another few strokes. I realized that Stacey was in a continuous orgasm. I also notice that Tina and Tammy had not yet released our hands but had now crawled into bed with us and were lying tight against us, and they were shuddering almost as though they were in orgasm themselves. Then I felt my own orgasm rush upon me and the sperm race up my cock and explode into Stacey. As one, the three girls let out a combination of scream and groan then I passed out. But not before I realized what was happening.

With the four of us linked together our bond had become more than physical. When I had accepted Stacey's child as my own and the girls accepted Stacey as one of them, as one of my wives our bond became emotional and spiritual we were sharing everything, we were experiencing each other's orgasms. We were experiencing love. For just a few seconds as I slipped into unconsciousness I was part of each of them. I knew everything they knew and they were part of me and I understood. Tina and Tammy had been holding a tiny bit of themselves back from our relationship out of fear or uncertainty but when I accepted Stacey's pregnancy and embraced it their fear died and they knew with unreserved certainty that in giving me their love they had made the right choice.

While I was making love to Stacey and they were holding our hands they had lost those barriers and the sensation I felt was their love washing through Stacey and into me and they felt Stacey's and my love rolling back. But what we also exchanged was a piece of each other. What had knocked each of us out was really an overload of sorts. When I climaxed and shot my load into Stacey she in turn orgasamed and our combined orgasm washed into Tina and Tammy and theirs back to Stacey and I which pushed us into orgasm again we had created a cascade and our minds and bodies could not handle the intense and repetitive pleasure so they shut down.

It was what I saw while all this was happening which threw me over intellectually and as I came to I looked at Tina and she stared back at me and nodded "yes" then I looked at Tammy and she stared back wide eyed and said "I didn't know." Then I looked into Stacey's eyes and saw humor and she said to me "It looks like you have your hands full." Because as we all shared everything we became intricately aware of each other the way few people ever do. There were not four people in that bed making love there were seven. All three girls were pregnant. Tina knew and was trying to figure out how to tell me and Tammy did not know yet and was probably more surprised than any of us.

I suppose most men, and until it happened I would have though myself among them, would have run screaming into the night at having found out that he had impregnated three women at essentially the same time and they were all aware of the other and her condition. What I found was a profound sense of pride and happiness. I was going to be a father not once, not twice, but three times all together with three wonderful women. I hugged each of them to me and started to cry.

I woke nestled between the three women I had made pregnant. Still elated at the prospect of having all three of them pregnant. I was as happy as I could ever remember being. I slipped out of bed as quietly as possible and off to the bathroom for morning requirements before I made coffee. I took care of everything and got the coffee made then sat at the kitchen table and started to think. If I was going to be bringing these children into the world and share responsibility for them I needed to make some changes.

I am old fashioned enough to believe that if a women is carrying my child she should be my wife and while the girls seemed to have accepted some sort of informal marriage arrangement I still wanted more. But the problem was how do I marry three women and not end up in jail. Also would all three agree to marry me. I was fairly sure that Tina and Tammy would readily agree but Stacey had been fairly clear that she expected nothing from me but would accept my acting like a father to our child. I really needed to think this through and talk to each of them so we could get a plan together. I also knew that my apartment would soon become too cramped for even the two girls and I with two babies so I would have to look for larger accommodations. I had been toying with the idea of buying a house for some time but just hadn't bothered before. Now it seemed a logical move.

I was lost in my thoughts when I was startled by hands on my shoulders and arms going around my neck as Stacey hugged me from behind. She kissed my cheek and got her own cup of coffee, then sat down across from me.

"Thinking about everything?" She asked.

I nodded and told her about my thoughts on the housing situation. She reminded me that while she planned on visiting and it would be nice if there were room for her and the baby it was not required as she would not be living with us. That opened up the floor for my question of exactly what limits she was going to set on my fatherhood.

She seemed to have thought it through pretty completely. "First I'm glad you are happy about it and want to be a father rather than a sperm donor. Actually it was more than I hoped for. I don't expect you to pay for anything. I have a good job and good benefits. What I would like is just to be able to have you be a father, to love the child and play with him or her and be there as they grow up just be available and love them."

I considered for a minute then answered. "I'm not entirely happy with not contributing financially especially since you will be doing all the work day in and day out. But, for now I will accept that. We can argue about it some other day, under the condition that if your situation changes you will allow me to help when needed. Second, what happens if you find somebody and decide to get married?"

She smiled at me. "Ok if I lose my job or anything I will let you help. As far as getting married. It may happen, I doubt it. I have been dating for a while and to be honest and not to swell your head but you are the best I found and if I worked closer, you'd have all three of us in your bed every night. But if I do meet someone as good as you, you are still my baby's father and that won't change. With your permission I will name you as the father on the birth certificate."

"I would be pleased and honored to be named as your child's father." I answered. "Now for the next problem. I want to marry all three of you. I want the mothers of my children to be my wives."

She laughed at that. "Explain that to the judge."

"Yeah that's a separate part of the problem. But will you marry me, if I can figure out a way?" I asked.

She gave me one of those smiles women use when they know you are on a male thing and they love you for it and said. "Yes, if you can figure out a way and if it includes all of us. I will marry you. As long as I can still be the person I am and not just your wife."

"Thank you." I told her, really meaning it.

"Thank you for loving me enough to ask. Now I have to get a shower to get to my seminar. Care to wash my back?"

That is an invitation I will never turn down and we got into the shower. I washed her back and her front too and loved every minute of it. Then I dried her off and kissed her goodbye as she left. Now I had to get the other two up and ready for work. As well as myself.

I spent the rest of the day thinking about this marriage thing and with a little checking I figured out a way to take care of Tina and Tammy. I would propose tonight and we could even include Stacey. The only two problems I could foresee was what to do with Amy and the last, my sister.

I needed to talk to Stacey about Amy. If she was jealous about Stacey getting pregnant than how would she feel about Tina and Tammy also expecting and marrying me. I like her almost as much as Stacey and did not want to hurt her or cause problems between Her and Stacey.

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08-11-2012, 10:51 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
My sister was a whole different problem. We had spoken very little since my parents died. Mostly it was her telling me what an asshole I am. It saddened me to think about it but she was all the family I had left and I should at least let her know I was getting married if not invite her. After all she had invited me to her first wedding, even though she essentially snubbed me when I was there, seating me in the back of the hall with some of her husbands asshole friends. I was gracious and did not complain but did leave as soon as it was socially acceptable. This was a situation I was going to have to explain to the girls. They knew I had a sister but the times they asked about her I just blew them off. So they got the message that I did not want to discuss her and stopped asking.

I took off work early and went home, but not before stopping to dip into my savings and buy my surprise. Tammy was there as she had finished her shift and Tina would be home in an hour or so. We expected Stacey for dinner around the same time. Tammy and I started making dinner. She was a little more animated than usual and dragged me back to the bedroom for a quickie before the other two got home.

The connection we shared the previous night was still there and it was some of the most incredible sex I had ever had but it was still a quickie. She pulled me back to the bedroom and stripped my clothes off almost before I could help. Then once I was standing in front of her naked she dropped to her knees and took my hard cock into her mouth and immediately swallowed me. I could feel her threoat musceles working on my cockhead as she kept trying toswallow the whole thing and pull me into her. I was experiencing a little bit of heavan and did not notice that while she had me in her mouth she had undone the buttons on her uniform and dropped it and taken her bra off. That left her in just her panties. Once she had her clothes off she released me from her oral hold just before I would have shot my load down her throat and stood up. I pulled her to me and kissed her passionately and let my tongue wander about in her mouth as my hands wandered over her body. I put a hand on each tit and played with her nipples which were already hard and standing straight up. I ran my fingers lightly around the areolas and flicked the nipple back and forth until she moaned. We slowly fell to the bed together and she took my manhood in her had and pulled me to meet her sex. While I had been getting little warm tingles wherever our bodies met, what I felt as I entered her was a flood of warmth over my entire body starting with my prick and radiating outward. I pumped into her as hard and as fast as I could savoring the feeling aof her warm wetness surrounding my cock and gripping me. She came, gushing girl cum over my cock as I shot my sperm into her. She hugged me close and I felt her love flowing into me and we were both content.

We returned to the kitchen and finished getting everything ready with some ass slapping and pinching going back and forth. I reminded her that I wanted her to make an appointment with the doctor. I wanted her and the baby both healthy.

Tina and Stacey walked in together and we all sat down for dinner. I had a habit of serving wine with dinner and the girls had gotten used to it. I did not serve wine tonight and Tina and Tammy both commented about it missing. Tina stood to get ti from the kitchen and I stopped her. "No more wine till after the babies are born. I want my children happy and healthy like my women." I got no arguments but a little bit of dissent was evident on their faces, until I reminded them I loved them. Then the frowns turned to smiles.

We finished dinner and cleaned up and I asked all of them to join me at the table for a "family discussion". Tina and Tammy were a little apprehensive and Stacey was curious but pretty much knew what I wanted to talk about.

I started the discussion with housing, pointing out that the apartment was going to be too small and suggesting that we look for a house that would be big enough for everyone. They all agreed that it would be a good idea and we talked for a bit about what type of place we needed and where we wanted to live.

That done, I asked all three girls to stand next to each other. They looked at me funny but did as I asked. I walked over to them and stood in front of them, then I dropped to one knee and said "I would be honored if you would accept me as your husband. Will you all marry me." They stared at me in disbelief, not because of what I said but of what I held in my hand. My surprise. I was holding three diamond engagement rings. It took a few seconds for it to sink in that I was serious and their reactions ranged from shock to giddy delight. Tammy started jumping up and down and squealing in happiness. Tina started to cry in happiness and Stacey stood there with her mouth open in shock.

I reached out and took Tina's left hand and slipped one of the rings onto the ring finger. Tammy stopped jumping around long enough for me to do the same to her. Then I turned to Stacey. She just stared at me and finally said "Did you figure out a way?"

"Yes and no." I answered. "I figured a way to do it with reduced risk and from our discussion this morning I want you to understand that this proposal applies to any form you want. Whether it is a full marriage or just a spiritual union between all of us."

"In that case. I accept." She answered as tears welled up in her eyes. I took her hand and slipped the ring on her finger. Then as I stood all there women threw their arms around me and I felt like the luckiest man alive. Once they were finished crying and hugging me and each other I laid out my plan.

I had figured out a way to marry all three women and stay out of jail, at least as long as none of them filed a complaint with the authorities, but I would take that chance.

We were living in Maryland, near where it met West Virginia and Virginia. In about 10 minutes I could drive to either state and in a half hour to Pennsylvania. I would apply for a license in Maryland with one of the girls then on the same day in West Virginia with another and depending on what Stacey wanted to do in Virginia with the third if need be. Since none of the states shared info on marriages, births and deaths until somebody asked, we would be relatively safe. Besides that I intended to draw up a contract of civil union for all of us to sign and agree to, just because I knew how vindictive people can get and regret it later. Once I explained the plan to the girls they took over.

The three of them decided that I would marry Tina in Maryland first, then Tammy in West Virginia. They were surprisingly logical about the whole thing. Tina had no health insurance at her job and if we married she would be covered under mine. Tammy had excellent coverage at the hospital and did not need it at this point and neither did Stacey. Stacey choose to not marry in a legal manner but to join our civil union in a spiritual manner. So together we decided to have a separate ceremony among just us and whatever friends we choose to invite where we would all join into our union. It sounded sort of like the old Hippy days of the 60's but it made sense to us and fit our needs. I did not want to leave Amy out and had decided to make the same proposal to her. I had another ring in my pocket and when I mentioned it to Stacey she agreed it would be a good way to handle it. We would invite her to come up for the weekend without telling her what was happening. Stacey would stay for the weekend also, so when her seminar was finished on Friday she would just not go home. Amy could take the bus from Baltimore and then return on Sunday with Stacey.

Stacey called Amy and told her she was staying the weekend and asked Amy to join us. Amy was thrilled at the suggestion and promised to be on the first bus after class on Friday. The only problems left were what to do with our families. I insisted that we at least try to talk to the girl's parents, but what were we going to tell them. We decided to tell them that Tina and I were getting married and start off with that and see how it went.

It did not go well. She called and her mother answered.

The first words out of her mothers mouth were "Did you decide to repent?" Tina stayed calm and said no she had called to tell them that she was going to get married and wanted them to be part of it. Her mother asked if it was going to be in their church and Tina told her no it would be a civil ceremony. Her mother then told her she was still flirting with Satan and she nor her father would be part of it. Then Tina told her she was pregnant. I think she told her that just to aggravate her further. That was when the women started screaming about harlots and whores so loudly I could hear her. I took the phone from Tina and told the mother who I was and that if she could not act in a civil manner there was no point in continuing the conversation and hung up when she started screaming at me about being a defiler of virgins (at least she got that right) and a spawn of Satan.

The next call I insisted the girls make was to Uncle Frank, because it seemed as though he was all the family they were going to have. Tina stated that call also. She told him that I had proposed and she accepted and yes, she had called her mother. Then she handed the phone to Tammy. Yes Tammy was happy for her sister. Yes she loved me also, then a pause. Yes I had proposed to her also and yes she accepted. Then she handed the phone to me.

Frank; "So you're going to marry both of them"

Me; "Yes sir."

Frank; "You going to take care of both of them, and love them both?"

Me; "Yes sir"

Frank; "You know what happens if you hurt one of them?"

Me; "Yes sir. You will hunt me down and kill me, painfully."

Frank; "Smart boy. Ok good luck. What can I do to help?"

Me; "Well, it is up to the girls but I think they would like if you could give them away at the ceremonies. I also would be honored if you would stand for me."

Frank; "God you are smooth. Make me go from grudging acceptance to active participant and pleased to be included. All in one sentence."

Me; "I take that is a yes"

Frank; "Yes, it is and thank you for including me. Now let me talk to my nieces again."

He spoke to each of the girls again for a few minutes each and they each hung up happy. At least they would have some family supporting them. Now I was going to have to deal with my sister.

We had never gotten along. Well that's not entirely true. We had gotten along fine until she turned into a bratty teenager. After I left for college my parents seemed to devote all their attention to spoiling her. Then they were killed right after I graduated. Their will was very explicit. Until she graduated from college I was to be the administrator of a trust fund for her that would deal with her half of the estate. She was pissed. She wanted the money to spend as she saw fit and that was that. So I did what I had to do. I saw to it that her tuition was paid for and she got a small allowance then about 6 months before she graduated I took what was left, which was sizeable and locked it into long term investments. Partly I did it out of revenge for the way she treated me, partly because I was certain she would piss it all away if she got her hands on it, and partly because it was an excellent investment. If she choose to cash it in and get out it would cost her half of the principal. I was fairly certain she was not stupid enough to do that, and I was right. Now she had to work for a living and the payments she received from the investment would keep her from starving if she choose not to work, but it would not make her comfortable.

I think she always figured I took more than my share of the estate and was living high. In actuality I had deducted her tuition needs from the estate before I spit it between us, so in a way I paid for half her education. I just figured that is how my parents would have wanted it. While I was comfortable it was because I invested my share and did not touch either the principal or the bulk of the earnings and I lived off what I made at work. Yes I occasionally splurged on myself, a trip or a car once in a while, but I just lived within my means. Neither of the girls knew that I had several million in investments and did not have to work. They had never asked and I had never told them.

She had just gotten divorced from her second husband. I figured the first was after money when he heard trust fund and I was probably right as he could not keep a job. In the 8 months they were married he had 3 jobs and was always fired because "somebody screwed him". She got smart and booted him. Her second husband just packed up and left after a year because she was a bitch and he couldn't stand it anymore. She just couldn't forgive me for "taking all her money" and making her work for a living. So consequently she blamed me for all her troubles. I sent presents at Christmas and birthdays and at least one phone call a month, where she told me I was an asshole. In short I tried, but it takes two to fight and two to make up.

I sat the girls down and told them the whole sad story about my sister and I, I just left out the details of how much money we were talking about. I told them that I thought it might be best if I took a day and traveled back home and tried to talk to her face to face. She might tell me to fuck off and drop dead but I had to try. If she was acting human and wanted to meet she could either, come and visit or we would make the trip.

It had been an emotionally exhausting evening. Proposing marriage to three women at the same time will do that. Then dealing with their parents and Uncle, I was wrung out. I guess it showed because after we got through talking about my sister, Stacey walked over to me and hugged me, then the other two joined her. They led me over to the couch and sat me down. Tammy disappeared and returned with a scotch on the rocks and Tina started rubbing my shoulders. Stacey and Tammy just sat next to me and laid their heads on my chest. I remember sitting there thinking "Damn I could get used to this." After I finished my drink I had pretty well mellowed out and was just enjoying the attention. Stacey got up and replaced Tina on my shoulders and she was definitely better at it than Tina was. After a few minutes Tammy got up and the girls reached down and took my shirt off then directed me to lie on the couch. Now they were working my whole back with an amazing back rub and before I knew it they had loosened my pants and pulled them down over my ass to rub my lower back. Then they pulled them off entirely and I was the recipient of a full body massage from feet to head. It wasn't until I turned my head that I found that they were all three naked. While I had been super relaxed before I now had a sudden raging hardon and a desire to fuck all three silly. Tammy was the closest to me, standing over my shoulders and working my upper back, so I reached out and laid a hand on her thigh and began to slide it up and down getting close to her glistening pussy lips. She spread her legs a little to allow me access. I started to stroke her pussy, rubbing my hand on it and getting her juices on my hand, I let two fingers slide inside. Just as I did she stepped back. "I had my turn earlier." She said as she moved toward my feet and Tina took her place.
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08-11-2012, 10:53 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
Since I wanted all three girls and all were great in bed it did not matter to me but I realized they were concerned about being fair and sharing. But as Tina stood over me rubbing my shoulders she bent down and kissed my lips. I returned the kiss with my tongue and at the same time moved my hand between her legs. My fingers immediately found their goal and I sunk three right into her and she melted down onto me and began humping herself onto my fingers. I rolled over onto my back and pulled her to me so that her pussy was positioned over my face. She stood there as I finger fucked her and I noticed how wet she was. A few drops of pussy juice dripped out of her and onto my face and it made me want to put my face into her snatch even more. I pulled her down to me and buried my tongue into her and felt the warm tingly feeling rush down my tongue and over my body once again. I ate her until she reached her first orgasm and then directed her down off of my face and onto my prick. I felt a need to bury my meat into a pussy again. I have to admit that thinking that my cock was going to be shooting sperm all over my growing child turned me on a little.

Tina squatted over my groin and lowered herself onto my cock. The look in her eyes as she did told me how much she wanted to feel me inside her right then. As she lowered herself onto me I felt my cockhead slowly slide past her lips and into the warm, wet, silkiness that was her pussy. The rush came over my body again and I knew that if I died now I would die happy. She began to slide herself back and forth on me and as she did so Stacey and Tammy each took one of my hands and one of Tina's and we were as we had been last night all locked together in love. Before I knew what was happening, her pussy contracted around my cock and it squeezed me and she came. The rush ran through us all and we all let out a collective sigh as she again began to work herself on me.

I heard Stacey ask, "Is this how it was for you guys last night? I just came on myself. Nobody touched me I just had cum rolling down my legs."

Tammy smiled at her "It's as good as getting fucked isn't it."

"God yes. I can't believe I am kneeling in a puddle of my own cum and nobody even touched me. Oh shit here it comes again."

This time all three women shuddered and groaned. I was lost in ecstasy and felt myself getting ready to cum. It was building in my balls and they were tightening up. Then the freight train rush up my cock and splattering inside Tina. This time I did not pass out as she came in response but I could feel what she felt I could feel my cum splashing against her insides as though they were my own insides. Then for the first time in my life I had a multiple orgasm. I felt my balls tighten and the cum again rush up my cock and explode inside of her. All three girls sat there wide eyed staring at me as shocked at what we experienced as I was.

"That's supposed to be impossible." Stacey said.

"Apparently it's not." Tina answered "I was the recipient and I can guarantee he just came twice in rapid succession."

I pulled all of the girls to me and held them close. Somehow I knew that this was just the start of a night to remember. Because even after having fucked Tammy a few hours earlier and cum in Tina twice I was still rock hard and willing for more.

Tina was still riding me and had not stopped her back and forth motion on my cock, she had slowed down a little. Tammy and Stacey were still holding our hands but I wanted to get closer to all of the girls. I suggested we move to the bedroom to get more comfortable.

Tina answered, "Not yet, I'm going to cum again soon. Then we can move." She sped up a little and started grinding herself into me in earnest, when Tammy leaned over and started licking her pussy mound. Stacey took her cue and leaned into her and took one of her tits in her mouth and started to chew on her nipple. All through this neither girl let go of our hands so I could sense the enhanced sensations Tina was getting from the combination of the attention he pussy was getting from her sister and her tit was getting from our friend. I could tell she was close to cumming again so I started working my hips to ram myself into her harder. Just about then Stacey switched from light chewing and sucking on her nipple, she bit down hard. I suddenly had a sharp pain in my own nipple and I saw Tammy grab herself also but the switch and the pain along with my ramming pushed Tina into her orgasm. She screamed and groaned and gushed juice out onto my cock, soaking my groin. Once again she went into a shudder that transmitted itself into me and the other two girls. It was an incredible orgasm. Her eyes had rolled back in her head and if it had not been for the support she was receiving from the other girls she would have collapsed. I felt every rush and shudder myself and was amazed. Then I began to wonder whether or not sex was better for men or women. I suspected that, as a guy I had gotten the short end of the stick.

It took a full five minutes before Tina recovered from her orgasm. In that time she just sat there impaled on my cock with the other two girls holding her up. Finally she was able to stand and I found that when I attempted to stand, I too was a little shaky as were Tammy and Stacey. We slowly made our way back to the bedroom were we all crawled into bed and hugged and caressed each other. We spent the rest of the night in that bed in a variety of positions and with a variety of partners. For a while I needed a rest and I sat in the chair with a drink in my hand watching the three girls make love to each other, eating each others pussies and sucking each others tits. They did not let me rest long though before they coaxed me back into bed mostly by them spreading Stacey's legs and Tina and Tammy each holding one side of her pussy open as an invitation to me. For the most part the sex was slow and easy although the orgasms were intense. I lost count of how many times I came that night. I just know that I shot at least one load into each of there mouths and at least one load into each pussy, there was also some cum into somebody's asshole. It was either Tina's or Stacey's because I remember Tammy watching it leak out as the other girls laid there. Eventually we all fell asleep in a pile of arms legs, tits, cunts and cum.

The next day Amy was to arrive and I got elected to pick her up at the bus station as everyone else was working and I was off. She arrived and we had a few hours until everyone else was to get home. We had talked the night before about how to tell her about the girls being pregnant and us all getting married. It was decided that I would use my discretion and either talk about it or not as I decided was best. I decided to start with something safe so on the way home I brought it up.

"Stacey told me she was pregnant." I said.

She looked at me and asked "How are you with that? I guess that's a stupid question if you were upset we wouldn't be here spending the weekend."

"I smiled and said "I'm fine with it. Actually I'm a little excited. She mentioned you were a little jealous."

"A little hell. I'm a lot jealous." She exclaimed. "But I want to finish school and get a job before I have a baby. I'm just hoping that you'll still want me when I'm and old women of 22, because I would like you to be the father."

"I'm honored, and glad to hear you want to finish school first. Otherwise I might have to get Tina and Tammy to kick your ass."

She laughed at that. "Don't worry I have every intention of getting my education. By the way how are Tina and Tammy?"

I paused a second then answered, "Pregnant."

Her eyes got big and she stared at me. "Both of them?" she asked


Now she broke out into laughter. She roared with laughter and when it subsided she said "You do have your hands full. Maybe I should have you knock me up too and make it quads."

Now I laughed. But then I stopped and asked her seriously "We were concerned that if you were jealous of Stacey you might get upset if Tina and Tammy were also pregnant and you mean too much to us to get you upset."

I got a smile for an answer. "I am assuming everybody is happy about all this and yes part of me is jealous but part of me is really happy for everybody and my decision is made. As much as I would like to join in the fertility circle I want to finish school. But look out because when I do. You WILL fuck me until I am pregnant."

"Deal," I answered. "and yes we are all happy, actually I am ecstatic. I can't remember being happier." About that time we got to the apartment. I carried her bag in for her and got her a glass of wine as we sat on the couch.

"There is something else I wanted to talk with you about. I don't expect you to answer right away but, I have proposed to Tina and Tammy and they have agreed to marry me."

She stared at me again. "Both of them? How are you going to pull that off?"

"We have a way figured out. I also proposed to Stacey. She has agreed to join us in our spiritual union and be one of my wives, but not in a traditional sense. We would like you to be included in our marriage, so will you marry me?" I asked. "Like I said, I don't expect an answer now. Think about it, talk to the girls all three of them and tell us later."

She set her glass down and leaned over to give me a very tender kiss. "I don't know what answer I will give you but thank you for asking. If I were done with school I would probably say yes but let me talk to the other girls, in the meantime kiss me."
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
I pulled her into a hug and buried my face into her beautiful red hair as I kissed first her neck, then her ear, then her lips. As my lips met hers, her tongue slid out and parted my lips to slip into my mouth and toy with my tongue. As we sat there kissing I felt her moving and was surprised to find that she had slipped off her own shirt and was wearing no bra. Her little B cup tits rubbed up against me as she pulled me closer. I ran my hands up and down her back. She pulled out of our kiss and pushed my head down to her chest and to her tits. I took each nipple into my mouth in turn and sucked them hard while I flicked my tongue over her nipples. She was breathing hard now and took my head in both hands and pulled me to meet her lips again. This time as I kissed her she opened my shirt and slipped it off over my shoulders and down my arms. She did not stop there she immediately went to work on my pants, opening my belt and pants then my fly until she could take my dick in her hand. Now with her working my meat in her hand I started on her jeans. I had no trouble at all getting them open but sliding those tight blue jeans over her ass and hips was a problem. She wanted me inside her so stood and slid them off along with her panties. Her beautiful still shaved pussy was right in my face and I could not resist, I pulled her close to me and let my tongue slide into her slit and run up and down.

"Eat me later!" She demanded "Right now I need you to fuck me."

She slid down and pulled me on top of her on the floor. Our lips came together in a kiss and I moved my hand up to stimulate her nipples while I kicked my pants off. Then we were both naked on the floor, I was nestled between her legs and with just a little movement I positioned my dick at her entrance. I tried to slide in but she was as tight as ever and I had to reach down and use my hand to loosen her up. She was wet and ready but she needed to be stretched so I used first one finger then two and finally worked up until I had all four in her and was pumping her. That was plenty of stimulation especially with my thumb on her clit, she broke into orgasm and came on my hand. Now as she relaxed I was able to slide my dick inside her, at first I just let it rest there while she acclimated to me being there then I slowly started to slide in and out, at first just a little imperceptible movement, then building in length and speed until I was giving her a slow steady pounding. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I pumped on her and she came again with a loud groan.

I kept up the pace not letting her rest as I worked to get my own climax. With all the fucking and sucking I had been doing with all three women since Stacey arrived it took considerable effort for me to get off. I had no trouble getting a hardon, hell I had one most of the time lately, just getting to the point where I could blow my load required effort. But it was about at this point when the door opened and Tina walked in.

She looked down at us. "It seems like whenever I walk thru this door your fucking somebody." She quipped then she bent down on her knees and gave Amy a kiss, a long passionate kiss. "I'm glad you could make it. Is Jack treating you well?"

"God yes, two orgasms already and a third on the way." She answered.

"Is this a private party or can I get my pussy eaten by my favorite redhead?" Tina asked once she gave Amy another kiss.

"You better get that snatch over here or I'll think you don't love me anymore." Amy answered.

Tina already had her pants off when she had asked the question so all she had to do was slide up and plant her snatch over Amy's face. I got up on my knees to make room for her and we were locked into a three way. Me pounding Amy's pussy, Amy with her mouth locked onto Tina's snatch and Tina and I locked in an embrace and a kiss. Then it happened and Amy for the first time shared an orgasm with us the way we had been sharing them for the last few days. I felt the cum rushing down my cock and exploding into Amy's womb, that set off Amy's orgasm and the flow of our combined orgasm rolled thru me and from my lips to Tina's and through her body, she promptly came on Amy's face drenching our friend. Then it continued as the energy with it's warm tingly feelings ran from Tina's pussy to Amy's lips and tongue then down her body and back to me. We created the loop again and Tina and I just shuddered our way through it, having experienced it before we just rode the waves of pleasure until they subsided. Tina rolled off of Amy's face and she just stared at us. My cock was still buried in her and I was still rock hard and ready for more.

Finally reason seemed to return to Amy and she looked from one of us to the other and said "What the fuck was that?"

Tina and I just laughed at her as Tina slid down next to her and embraced her. "That was how much we love each other and you." She answered.

I had been sitting still inside of her until now, but I started to slide into her again and in a couple of strokes her eyes went closed and she asked "Did he have a steel rod put into that thing or is he that glad to see me. God he's still hard as ever."

Tina giggled "Pretty amazing isn't he."
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08-11-2012, 10:55 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
"Yeah, and I think I'm going to cum again." And with that she did erupt in another orgasm. This one shook her body and caused her eyes to roll back. Tina and I laid there in contact with her and feeling in rise and fall with her. Eventually she stopped and laid on the floor breathing hard. When she recovered Tina and I helped her to the bathroom and into the shower. She was covered in cum, her own, Tina's and mine, at least what of mine had leaked out of her.

We showered and washed her off. She enjoyed the sensuality of the touching and us running our hand over her body to clean her and as we washed her off she remarked, "Jack told me about all you guys being pregnant. Congratulations are in order I guess. I was just wondering. I am on the pill but as fertile as Jack is I am hoping it is enough. Hell he was only with Stacey once. What do you do Jack look at women and they get knocked up?"

"No. He knows better than to get hooked up without our approval. He just better stay away from that slut at the video store." She said with a warning look.

"Hey, I have not been back there since she tried to pick me up. I know what's good for me and when I'm well off." I answered in my own defense.

"What's this, has he been cheating on us?"

"No, he's been good. Just some slut Tammy went to school with tried to pick him up one night and Tammy hates her. She was pretty and well built. If Tammy didn't hate her we might have brought her home with us, but not with what Tammy told me." Tina answered. "The way I figure it is since Stacey is going to join us and if you are too then everybody has to agree if we add anybody to the group. Maybe not for a casual thing but as a regular it's only fair that we all have to agree."

"That makes sense to me and was one of the things I wanted to talk about." Amy added.

We were drying off now and getting dressed again now as the girls talked. I gave them both a kiss and went to watch TV while they bonded and we waited for Tammy and Stacey to return home. I had decided to take all of us to dinner that night. I figured the girls would want to talk amongst themselves. So I figured we would take two cars. That way after dinner I could make myself scarce for a while and the girls could come home. I would join them after an hour or two.

Tammy and Stacey came home and relaxed for a bit before we all changed and headed out for the restaurant. It was a nice dinner the food was good but not great but the company was fantastic. The four women ganged up on me and teased me and I took it with good grace. When we finished I kissed each one and they went home while I went out to kill some time.

I gave them about two hours before I headed home. I figured that was more than enough time for them to iron out any differences and establish a pecking order and rules for themselves. Once I got home I found that that is exactly what they had done. I walked into the apartment and found no one in the living or dining room. Stacey called me from the bedroom and asked if I could come back there for a minute. When I walked through he door I found what they had been up to.

Stacey was standing dressed in one of the leather harnesses and carrying the riding crop. She handed me the cat-o-nine tails. Tammy and Tina were kneeling on the floor each wearing nothing but the collar and chain I had gotten them and kneeling between them was Amy. Amy was naked except for the leg irons she wore on her wrists and ankles.

Stacey spoke "Good evening Master. I am you assistant this evening to help you keep the salves in line. Slave Tina and Tammy are well trained already but slave Amy is new and needs to be taught the proper manners. I hope you will be able to train her Master because we would like to keep her."

She continued "Slave Amy you have something to say to the master?"

"Yes Mistress." Amy answered, "I would like to join your harem and be a wife. One like Mistress Stacey."

I looked her over "That's nice. But when you address me you must say Master. This indiscretion will be forgiven but in the future you will be punished."

Tammy spoke up "That's more generous than you ever were with me Master."

"That's two strokes. One for speaking out of turn and one for back talk. Present yourself" I ordered.

Tammy stood turned and bent at the waist immediately. I could see her face in the mirror and saw she was smiling. The little nymph did it on purpose so she could be punished I realized. So I played with her a little. First I came down with one moderate smack that made her jump a little. Then I paused and ran the handle of the cat over her ass and down to her pussy. I worked it back and forth over her pussy lips a little and then stuck it in, just a bit. That brought a gasp from her. Having teased her I hauled back and gave her another whack. She jumped again then without straightening up said "Thank you Master for correcting me but I think I deserve more."

"Mistress Stacy will administer two strokes." I ordered "If they are not hard enough Mistress I may choose to punish you in her place."

Stacey paused and looked at me wide eyed then answered "Yes Master, they will be hard enough I have no wish to be punished."

That told me that Stacey did not mind playing but probably would not accept punishment so we had to keep her in a dominant or semi dominant position. She hauled back with the riding crop and brought a sharp crack across Tammy's ass and then another. I could see they were plenty hard enough as in the mirror Tammy winced in pain and her voice was a little shaky when she said "Thank you Mistress. I believe I will remember my lesson this time."
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
"Very good." I said. Let us move to the living room.

I sat on the recliner and the three slaves stood in front of me with Stacey off to the side. "Has the new slave been punished yet?" I asked

"No master. I assumed you would want to inspect her to see if she was worthy before you bothered training her." Stacey answered.

"Good. Slave come here." Amy shuffled over to me and hung her head before she said "Yes Master"

I ran my hands over her body, starting at her shoulders and down over her tits. Then down to her stomach and over her pussy mound. I lingered there then moved down her legs. I ordered her to turn around and bend over. With her legs spread I ran my hands up the inside of her legs over her thighs and to her pussy. I ran a finger along her slit to her hole and slid a finger inside. So far it appeared as though she like the game, she was very wet. I withdrew my finger and licked it to taste her. "Quite a tasty cunt you have bitch." I commented,

"Thank you Master." She answered.

"Slave, will you behave if I have your legs freed?"

"Yes Master. Anything to please you master." She answered.

I had Stacey remove her leg irons but left her hands chained. I had her fetch me a drink and some other minor things. But I was waiting for her to slip up. I wanted to see if she would take punishment at all. Finally she did. I sent her for something and she stopped at the bathroom to pee before returning.

"What took you so long?' I demanded

"I had to pee Master."

"You did not ask permission. Two strokes." I demanded

She looked at me wide eyed and hesitated for a minute. But she turned and bent at the waist as she had seen Tammy do. I brought the cat back and across he ass cheeks fairly lightly. I guess "fairly lightly" is a relative term since I was not on the receiving end. She squealed and jumped at the first stroke and just squealed at the second. Once I had delivered the two strokes I ordered her to stand.

"Are you upset with the master" I asked.

She gave me a shy little girl smile and ran her hand down to her pussy. It came away glistening with juices. She held it up for me to lick then answered "No Master. I thought I would be but I am not."

"I see that you may be like Tammy and Tina and appreciate a little punishment. Would you like to punish Tammy."

"Yes Master, I would. Will she get to punish me also." Amy asked.

"Yes she will then if you are both good you will be rewarded. Tina service me while these two punish and reward each other."

Tina stepped up and opened my pants to remove my cock and place it in her mouth. She began to give me an awfully good blow job, while Amy and Tina gave each other a mild whipping and then proceeded to eat each other in a 69. I motioned Stacey over to me while Tina was sucking me off I kissed her and played with her tits. After a few minutes I had Stacey and Tina change places and allowed Stacey to suck me off until I shot my load deep down her throat. All the while I was sucking on Tina's tits and kissing her. I had had enough "game" for the night so I removed Tina's collar. Amy and Tammy looked like they had eaten each other enough they were laying on the floor holding each other and kissing and stroking. I called Amy to me and sat her on my lap while Tian took Tammy's collar off and gave her a kiss. Stacey looked a little upset so I asked what was wrong.

"Do I have to take this off? I can't even count the number of times I came while I was wearing it."

I laughed "No you can keep it on for a while if you want."

Then to Amy I said. "So you really want to join our family?"

She gave me a kiss and answered. "Yes, but I have to finish school and we figured Stacey and I would stay in Baltimore and come and visit on weekends and stuff. I love you guys, all of you and the sex is great. I was serious about having your baby when I finish school too. I would really like that. Until then I will have to be happy being Aunt Amy."

Stacey was sitting on the floor and looking thoughtful. "You know we will have to be careful with these kids. All of them are going to be half brothers and sisters and some will be cousins too. That's a little weird."

"No it's only weird to us. To them they will just be brothers and sisters. Especially if that's the way we raise them. To love each other and all of us the same. No distinctions between who belongs to whom." Amy said.
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
I told Tina to get the "surprises I had bought them the other night and the extra one in my dresser. She returned with the diamond engagement rings I had bought. We had Amy close her eyes so she could not see and while she had them closed I slipped the last ring on her finger. She opened her eyes and stared in astonishment then she looked at the other girls and they all were holding up their left hands showing off their rings. Amy started to cry as she hugged me and kissed me. The other three girls gathered to us and we all hugged each other close and kissed each other.

I knew the sex tonight would be special. I had all my wives with me at the same time. A five way orgasm.

Tomorrow I would have to start dealing with my sister. I was not looking forward to that. But that was tomorrow.

I put it off as long as I could, but it was time. I had to call my sister and make arrangements to see her. One of my least favorite things to do. I didn't hate her I just did not like dealing with her. Ever since our parents died she had treated me like I was the cause of all her problems in the world. Every time I had to talk to her it just depressed me. I really missed her. When we were growing up she had been my sweet kid sister. I loved her and would give her anything she wanted and she followed me everywhere. Some guys hate their kid brother and sisters but I did not. Occasionally one of my buddies would bitch about me bringing "That Brat" and it only would happen once because it either ended in a bloody nose or them realizing the last guy that complained got a bloody nose.

Once I went off to college things seemed to change. She even started to seem like a brat to me, but I was indulgent and still bought her presents and doted on her when I was home. I figured it was a phase she would out grow. But when Mom & Dad were killed I found out what a bitch she had become. I never fought with her I just let her be a bitch and ignored her hoping that she would change. I really wanted my sister back, the cute one who I loved. So I sent regular letters and birthday and Christmas presents. I never got a thank you or even an acknowledgement just the return receipt from the post office. Now I had to talk to her. Well not really, I could treat her like she did me the second time she got married. She did not even bother to tell me about it she just mailed me a copy of the newspaper announcement, no note, no letter nothing. I sent a belated gift anyway. What a sap I am. But I decided that I was better than that, I would let her know ahead of time and at least give her the option to attend or tell me to fuck off.

I knew from experience that if I called her at home she would not answer the phone so I called her at work. She had never bothered to tell me where she was working but an old high school friend had told me that she was working with him and I warned him not to let on that he knew me. He kept me informed what was happening in her life without her knowing it. So she was stunned when she answered the phone at her desk and heard my voice on the other end.

"Jen, its Jack, how are you?" I started the conversation.

"Jack what are you doing calling me here, how did you even know where to call?" She answered

"Wasn't hard, people are always telling me they saw you here or were shopping there, whatever. I hope you're not busy, I just need a minute."

"Well I am busy but what do you want now?"

"I wanted to arrange a time we could meet for dinner. I need to talk to you. I'll drive up and, my treat, wherever you want to go. Just set aside and hour or so."

'I don't know I'm pretty busy. Maybe this Thursday I suppose I could squeeze you in. But is dinner necessary, why don't I just call you back?"

"No I really need to talk to you. It's only an hour then I'll leave you alone again."

"Oh alright, Thursday 7PM at Sabitino's. I'll make the reservation under my maiden name. If your not there by 7:15 I'm gone. Don't be late."

"Thanks Sis." But I said it to a dial tone, she had hung up without goodbye. On the positive side she hadn't called me an asshole once or even anything derogatory, she was just short with me. Maybe she was mellowing in her old age.

That evening I told Tammy and Tina that I had called her and that I was going to drive home on Thursday and meet her for dinner then come back. I planned on getting a motel room rather than drive three hours up then 3 hours back in one day. Both of them assumed they were going with me and started to get angry when I told them no, I was going alone.

It took a bit of doing to calm them down but eventually they saw it my way. Because of the way the relationship between my sister and I had degenerated I need to make this as non threatening as possible to her. A two on one or a three on one over dinner would put her back up from the start and I just wanted to tell her I was going to get married. If she was at least even civil about it I would tell her about both Tina and Tammy. If she reacted the way I expected I'd just drop it at the announcement. If she wanted to meet the girls I would either arrange a trip up for all three of us or something.

The girls pouted a bit but when they noticed how upset I had gotten over the whole thing they tried to cheer me up. I was in the recliner watching TV after dinner and they were cleaning up. They had gotten over pouting already and were working on cheering me up, but they weren't being too successful. Tammy came in and crawled up into my lap to cuddle. I think she knew how much I like just having her sit on my lap like that. Just to be close. She put her arms around me and gave me a gentle kiss but didn't say anything, just laid close to me and watched TV with me. I could hear Tina in the kitchen still doing dishes.

Tammy laid across my lap with her head on my chest and she started to gently stroke my chest. It seemed as though she was doing it absently and before too long I started to forget about having to deal with my sister and leaned over a bit and kissed her forehead. She smiled up at me, a big beaming smile and nestled closer to me. Tina called out from the kitchen that she was going to get a shower and would be out in a bit. I heard the bathroom door close and the shower start.

I half expected Tammy to try to start something and was, I have to admit looking forward to it. She had gotten me horny. Tammy was wearing her favorite after work clothes, one of my T-shirts. It was huge on her, coming down to mid thigh and loose fitting enough that a peak down the front always revealed her tits in all their glory. I had a good view too and the fact that her ass was parked on my cock didn't hurt either. She had me wondering if she had underwear on or not. When she took one of my shirts like this she sometimes wore panties and sometimes not, no rhyme or reason just how ever she felt.

The way she was sitting I could not tell so I slid a hand nonchalantly up her thigh and just stroked her leg back and forth a few times each time pushing the hem of the shirt up a little further. Just about the time I was going to strike gold, Tina opened the bathroom door and called out, "I'm done. Tammy do you want a shower." Tammy jumped up and started for the bathroom. "On my way." She called as she gave me a quick kiss.

A minute or two later Tina came in to the living room wearing baby doll pajamas that were a little low cut and tight. They might have fit her when she was a scrawny kid but they were definitely too small now. They stretched across her tits showing off her nipples and actually lifting the bottom hem of the top up over her belly button. She could still fit into the bottoms but just barely, I was waiting for the seams to rip out any second. As it was I could clearly see the outline of her pussy and her pussy lips through the tin material.

She walked over and stood in front of me and asked "Would you brush my hair for me if I sit in front of you? Please." I don't know what won me over fastest, her nearly naked pussy inches from my face or the little girl pleading in her voice. Damn women are good at this. Won't even let a guy sit quietly in a good funk without distracting him with their bodies. She did her job well, with the priming Tammy had done I had lost. I smiled up at her and said "Sure, sit down and I'll brush you out."
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
She sat down in front of me,, Indian style and I sat forward to reach her hair better. That's when I got a real hardon. Her bottoms were so tight that as she sat they conformed to her every nook and cranny. The front had pulled up so that her pussy lips were sticking out the legs and the shape of her mound and slit were standing out for all the world to see. I stared at her crotch as I started to brush her hair. She always loved the attention I paid when I brushed her hair like this and after a few strokes I saw that tonight was no exception as her nipples started to really strain the thin material of her top and before long she was sporting two protrusions from her chest that looked like cigarette buts mounted under her top. I kept brushing and brushing long after I had done all I needed to, I was just enjoying the view.

After a while I had enough and wanted to get laid. My bad mood had passed, or actually been pushed aside by the two women who loved me. I laid the brush aside and started to rub her neck and shoulders and she gave off a mewing sound as she soaked up the attention. The tops of her baby dolls were held on by string ties at the shoulders and I just pulled the ties while rubbing her shoulders and her tits did the rest of the work as they forced the material aside and popped free. She leaned her head back and smiled up at me as she nestled back and I ran my hands down over her mounds to feel the firm tit flesh give to my touch. I let my fingers play over her nipples and tweaked them each a bit. A glance down at her crotch showed a darkening spot beginning and it was obvious she was enjoying the attention.

Right about then Tammy walked out of the bathroom and around the corner into the living room she was drying her hair with a towel and not wearing a stitch more. She glanced over at us and said "Good I didn't miss anything." Then she walked over and bent down to land a very passionate kiss on my lips. She drove her tongue deep into my mouth and with her free hand reached for my crotch and gave my cock a squeeze. As she released my cock and broke our kiss she bent lower and gave her sister a long hot kiss. It was obvious from watching that they were having quite a tongue wrestling match in there but they broke it off before a winner could be declared. Tammy stood taking each of our hands in hers and pulled us to our feet then led us toward the bedroom. There was no conversation and no need for one. We each wanted what the other did. We all wanted to get naked and make love.

We got to the bedroom and both girls immediately went to work on my clothes. They stripped off my shirt, pants and underwear in no time then pushed me down on the bed. I expected them to crawl in on top of me but they stood there and I watched as Tammy finished removing Tina's top and then kissed her again. She broke the kiss and moved her mouth down and took each of her sister's nipples into her mouth and gave each one a long suck before getting to her knees and pulling down her sister's bottoms. Once they were off and Tina had stepped out of them she leaned forward and kissed Tina's pussy mound, a very gentle but long kiss. Next she pulled back a little and stuck out her tongue and ran it from the top of her sisters slit to the bottom, and then back up again. Now she stood and took Tina by the shoulders and lowered her onto the bed next to me.

I reached out and pulled Tina into my arms, I hugged her to me and kissed her. While I was kissing her sister, Tammy took me into her mouth and started sucking me, running her tongue around the head of my cock and gently playing with my piss hole before engulfing me entirely and swallowing my length. She worked me for a minute or so while I kissed and fondled her sister then she came off of me and as I looked down I saw that she was placing her mouth over Tina's pussy. Apparently she was going to try to take care of both of us. I watched as she locked her mouth over her sister's pussy and ate her. It did not take long before Tina was withering in my arms as I kissed her and her sister ate her out. Then suddenly she calmed down and I realized why when I felt Tammy again take me in her mouth and start to suck me off. She was moving back and forth between us getting us both very hot, bringing both of us to the brink then stopping.

Twice more she switched off on us before she crawled up and kissed me with her pussy juice soaked lips and whispered into my ear, "Fuck my sister for me." I kissed her again and pulled Tina over on top of me. By this time she was so hot she just about jumped on my cock and I felt her impale herself on me with a hard plop, and she started to rock back and forth on my dick working to get herself off.

While Tina fucked me I pulled Tammy closer and locked my mouth onto hers for another kiss before I took one of her nipples in my mouth. Tina was so close to the edge that she started to cum on my dick as I sucked her sister's tit into my mouth and we all felt her orgasm travel through us. From Tina's pussy I felt the waves of pleasure run down my dick and over my body until they reached my head and I transmitted them to Tammy through her tit that my mouth was locked on. Then down her body and back through my hand, which was rubbing her pussy I felt her orgasm wash over me and down my body to my cock and into her sister. Now being the conduit for two women's orgasms sent me over the edge and I shot my cum into Tina's pussy and my own orgasm radiated out to crash against the ones the girls were sending through me. The old cliché of fireworks was very real for us at that moment as all of us experienced blinding flashes of light.

Tina collapsed down on me and I wrapped an arm around her as we all shuddered and laid still, catching our breath and recovering. I kissed each of the girls before falling fast asleep. One thing about living with two sisters and screwing them both is you very rarely get to watch the late news. We were usually in bed soon after supper and asleep soon after that. Fucked to exhaustion is the best way to think of it.

The next few days went by and I found myself on Wednesday night dreading my meeting with my sister the next day. I had scheduled myself the day off and figured to leave around lunch time and arrive early afternoon, check into my motel, meet a few old friends for drinks then meet Jen for dinner. The girls sensed my apprehension and just cuddled up with me all evening, giving me their love and making no demands. We went to bed around 10 PM. We laid in bed and I hugged each of them to me. Tina slipped down and started sucking me off. She gave me a hard and fast blowjob, I shot my load down her throat and she slid back up, kissed Tammy and I and said to me. "Just something to relax you so you can sleep. Then she curled up into my side and went to sleep. Tammy laid on the other side smiled up at me and did the same.

They made up for it the next morning when at 5 AM I woke to Tammy riding my cock giving me quite a pounding. She rode me until I shot my load deep into her then she slid off and sucked me until I was hard. I thought she was going to climb on for another ride when she relinquished me to Tina. Now Tina climbed on me and rode me. We fucked like this for over an hour, first one sister then the other. Finally I was exhausted and they appeared to be satisfied. The hugged me to themselves and Tina said, "That was so you remember where the good stuff is while you're in that motel." The Tammy cut in "and so you'll remember that no matter what happens, we love you. Nothing else matters, just come home and we will love you like always." Then Tina said "Now go back to sleep, we have to get ready for work, I'll reset the alarm for you." With that they each kissed me and rolled out of bed. I drifted off back to sleep.

The drive back home was uneventful and I arrived at the Motel a little before I expected, checked in and got settled. I had arranged to meet a couple of friends at 4 PM for a drink or two before meeting Jen for dinner, it was nice to visit and catch up. Around 6 PM they had to get home to their wives for dinner and I needed to get to the restaurant. I arrived early, at 6:30 and let the matre'd know I would be in the bar. I slipped him $20 to get the table ready and seat me before she got there. It worked I was seated at a private booth waiting for Jen 15 minutes early.

I did not have to wait long as she also arrived early. She was ushered to the table, within 5 minutes of my sitting down. I saw her coming across the floor and I realized that in all the animosity she had shown me I forgot how pretty she was. Either that or she had changed in the last few years. It had been three years since I saw her last. She was wearing her light brown hair long, down off the shoulder and it looked gook on her. She carried herself with poise and confidence and her clothes were cut to show off her assets without advertising. She still had a nice shape to her and firm toned muscles. She had always had a nice set of tits, firm round C cups and as she got to the table I looked into her eyes and remembered how beautiful they were. Pale blue and shaped to match her face. Nothing out of place just a damn beautiful woman. But it was when I looked into those eyes that I was reminded of what one of my friends told me. She had earned a nickname among the 20 something crowd in the small city we had grown up in, "The Ice Queen". Earned partly because of the color of her eyes and partly because of the frigid way she treated any guy who made the mistake of trying to be nice to her and buy her a drink or say hello even.

She sat without saying a word and we were given menus, her drink appeared without her ordering. I raised my eyebrow. "Come here often?" I asked.

"Often enough that they know what I want." She answered

"So how have you been." I asked trying to keep it pleasant.

"Fine. Now why did you want to have dinner."

"Well for one thing I haven't see you in three years and figured I would buy my favorite sister dinner."

"I'm your only sister so the distinction of being favorite is a little lost." She commented in a crisp business like tone.
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08-11-2012, 11:00 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
I sighed inwardly and counted myself lucky that she hadn't called me asshole yet or something equally offensive. I wanted my sister back but was not about to give her the satisfaction of begging and I had to remember that the purpose of my trip was simply to let her know that I was getting married.

I continued with my attempt at civility, "I really did want to see you, as you pointed out you are my only sister and I have missed you and I also wanted to tell you that I have met someone."

"Oh, really. What's his name? Is this a permanent thing? Have you finally decided to come out of the closet?"

My face must have gone hard or maybe the hurt showed through, I'm not sure but she looked at me and then did something I had not heard her do since she was 14. She apologized. "I'm sorry that was uncalled for. I am assuming that since your traveled 3 hours to tell me about her that it is important to you. I did not want to fight tonight but I guess old habits die hard. Please, tell me about her."

I was not sure if she was setting me up for more insults or being sincere. I took the chance on sincere and started telling her about Tina, how we met, our trip to the shore, her parents, and the episode with Rev. Johnson. I know I mentioned Tammy once or twice but I tried to keep her off to the side as secondary because I wanted to gauge her reaction before I decided to tell her the whole story. She surprised me by actually smiling a couple of times and even laughing at how we had exposed the good reverend. I guess seeing bits of my old little sister come thru disarmed me a bit and I talked more than I intended because as I finished she looked me in the eyes.

"Well it's obvious that you're in love with this one and congratulations are in order." She said with a smile, "But I do have a question. Did you knock up just Tina or Tammy too."

I was stunned and I just sat there staring at her. How would she have been able to guess that or was it just a shot to piss me off that she got lucky with. I had locked on my poker face when she asked and I was trying to decide what to say.

"Come on Jack. I could tell by the way you talked how much you care for both of them and you always were a sucker for a pretty girl, especially one who treats you like these two do. Besides you like your privacy too much to have the little sister staying with you and being happy about it. I figure that you're doing both of them. Now the question is does Tina know about it and are they both pregnant or were you doing Tammy on the sly?"

She had me I knew she did. She had read me like a book, an old book that she already knew the ending to. So I threw caution to the wind. I figured she couldn't hurt me with the girls and since she did not know of my plan to marry both girls she could not turn me in for anything more than living in a non standard relationship. Not illegal, just socially frowned upon. I answered her question while staring her in the eyes. "I am the father of both of their children, and they are each aware of it and frankly are both very happy about it, and to tell you the truth we all sleep in the same bed and all make love together. I love them both and intend on taking them both into my family and acknowledging the children as my own."

Now it was her turn to stare at me before speaking. "Like I said earlier, I did not want to fight tonight so don't take offense at what I ask next but, are you sure they aren't just after your money. I know you love them but there are people like that out there. I know I married one of them once."

"No, they don't even know what I'm worth. All they know is that I have a good job and make a nice salary. They are even talking about day care so that they can go back to work after the babies are born and help with the extra expenses. To be honest I have always been concerned about that with women so I intentionally don't let anyone know what I have invested."

She studied me for a few minutes before asking, "Do I get to meet them and am I invited to the wedding. Please don't feel obligated. I realize I have been a bitch these last few years and wouldn't blame you if you told me no."

"As far as meeting them. Anytime you would like we can arrange to meet you someplace or I will bring them here. We just need a little time to arrange work schedules." I said.

"No, no, I'll come down there and I'll get a motel room because your place sounds a little crowded."

"I actually do have a spare room you are welcome to use. If you would like."

She laughed in answer, "No I don't think I'm ready for that yet. I just recently stopped calling you names let's not push it yet. How about if I come down this weekend. Is that too soon?"

"Well I took today and tomorrow off. So I have to work the weekend. But I will be done in time for dinner Saturday if you would like and I know the girls are both off Saturday but Tina has to work Sunday afternoon. So it's up to you, Dinner Saturday night?"

"That would be fine. I'll come done Saturday afternoon and stay over, in the hotel, till Sunday, and if Saturday dinner goes well maybe we can get together for breakfast on Sunday." She offered.

We agreed, noting that I would call her tomorrow to confirm after I talked to the girls. Then we spent the rest of the evening catching up on life. She told me about her divorce then her second marriage and how he left her. I had known all this from other sources but did not let on. Then she surprised me again by being candid and admitting that when her second husband left she was hurt she really loved him and had tried to get him back to try again. But he simply told her she was a bitch and she had too much hate bottled up, he could never be happy until she learned to lose it. She admitted to entering therapy and finding out that he was right. She was trying to work it through. She told me about work and how she had found a job she enjoyed and looked forward to going to work everyday.

Finally it was late and they were ready to throw us out of the restaurant so I paid the bill and walked her to her car. Then once again she stunned me by giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek as she said good night. I drove back to the motel wondering if aliens had kidnapped my sister and replaced her with a clone but I knew that wasn't it because the beginning of the evening was pure Jen. Maybe she really was trying to change.

I got back to the motel and called the girls to tell them how the evening had gone and that Jen would like to meet them on Saturday if that was OK. They were happy that we had gotten along and could read in my voice how happy I was, and yes dinner Saturday was fine but they needed to get their hair done, after all this was important, and they missed me could I come home now. I pointed out that it would be 2 AM before I got home and I had been drinking and at least they had each other to hug and all I had was Rosy Palm and her five sisters. That brought giggles and warnings not to wear it out. I slept restlessly that night, alone for the first time in weeks and up early for the drive home. I was in love and I had it bad.
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08-11-2012, 11:01 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
Saturday arrived and I was apprehensive but I put it out of my mind and went to work. Knowing that when I got home we would be leaving for dinner to meet my sister. I was worried for the girls because in many ways they were innocent and liable to get chewed up by the women if she chooses to be a bitch. I should not have worried. Because what happened that day started a new chapter in my relationship with my sister. I wasn't present for a lot of it but learned of it later.

I had been gone about a half hour when the doorbell rang. Tammy went to answer it. She thought it was the paperboy collecting and she was having fun teasing him by answering in various states of undress. So that is why she was wearing only panties when she opened the door and found my sister Jen standing there. I imagine Jen was a little surprised but she didn't show it. She just stuck her hand out and introduced herself.

"Hi, I'm Jack's sister Jen. Are you Tina or Tammy?"

Tammy stood there with her mouth hanging open and her tits out in plain sight for a minute before she recovered enough to answer "I'm Tammy, we weren't expecting you till later."

At that point Tina came into view and saw her nearly naked sister talking to a strange woman at the door and being curious she went to see who was there. Just as she got to the door she heard the woman say "Yes I know I'm early. I was hoping to talk to you before Jack gets home. Would it be Ok or should I come back later?"

Tina was curious now as to who this was so she interrupted by extending her hand past her sister and saying "Hi, I'm Tina can I help you."

Jen smiled and started again "Hi, I'm Jack's sister Jen and I know I'm early but I really wanted to talk to the two of you without Jack. You know just girls."

Tina was caught by a little less surprise than Tammy and answered, "Yes please come in and excuse my sister she was hoping to tease the paperboy. Please have a seat." Then she turned to her sister "Go get some clothes on you little slut."

Tammy suddenly realized she was standing nearly naked in front of her future husband's sister and blushed a red that extended down over her breasts as she excused herself and ran for the bedroom.

Tina offered her future sister-in-law coffee and then went to serve it when Tammy returned, dressed this time, but still a crimson color and apologized for the way she answered the door and her lack of manners while Tina served the coffee.

Jen just smiled. "I can see why Jack fell for you two. You're gorgeous and judging by Tammy's you have beautiful bodies. But he didn't tell me you were twins."

Now both girls blushed "Thank you, but we're not gorgeous. I'll admit to pretty on a good day but not gorgeous, and we're not twins we just look a lot alike. Jack didn't tell us how pretty you were."

Now Jen blushed a little. "Jack probably doesn't even realize how I look. The way I've treated him these last years he probably only sees the wicked witch, and I'm sure that's what you expected to see when you met me, The Wicked Witch of the West, green skin, hooked nose, warts and all."

Tammy giggled and Tina silenced her with a look. "After living with him I can guarantee that Jack notices every pretty girl, sister or not. He is without question a wolf. But he is a loyal and loving wolf and he is our wolf, so we let him look. He never even described you to us at all. He has a picture on his desk that was taken when you were young, maybe 12 and you were a cute kid but you are a beautiful woman now. He also never talked much about you and when I asked he always blew me off so I knew he didn't want to talk. I just know he hurts over you and he was excited after having dinner with you because he said he couldn't believe you were civil to him instead of ...."

"Being a mean obnoxious bitch." Jen filled in for her. "I know what I was and how badly I treated him and how wrong it was. I guess that's why I wanted to talk to you two. I want my brother back the one who I always loved but I'm afraid that I may have bitched him so far away I'll never get him back. You know when we were kids he used to do all kinds of things with me. When he got his first car and started working he used to take me every Saturday to the mall and buy me an Ice Cream and walk around with me, sometimes he'd buy me presents with his money. I felt so grown up, walking around with my big brother all my friends were jealous cause he was such a hunk, he still is, isn't he. I used to fantasize that we were on a date and I was his girlfriend. I can't believe I just said that. A little weird huh."

Tammy smiled "Not to two sisters who are sharing him." She giggled

Jen laughed, "I guess your right, it all depends on your point of view. But I just want him back. When he left for school I was mad at him, I felt as though he left me and then when Mom & Dad were killed, I had to be mad at someone so it was him. I fucked up so bad with my life. Now I want to try to fix it if I can. So I came to you. I could tell by the way he talked about you how much he loved you both. He was trying to be sly and tell me about only one but he slipped so many times I figured it out and confronted him. He admitted that he was sleeping with both of you and that you both are pregnant. By the way congratulations."

The girls looked at her and Tina asked, "What do you want us to do? I mean it's you and him this is not like a friend who had a disagreement that we can put a good word in for. You're his sister."
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