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Jack meets Tina then her little sister
08-11-2012, 11:02 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
"I know. I guess I just wanted to meet you a get to know you a little and try to be honest with you. I mean I can't just go to him and tell him I'm sorry I was a bitch, I love you, forgive me and let's forget it ever happened." Jen said with more than a little frustration.

Tammy now chimed in her innocence, "Why not? Why not tell him exactly that if it's how you feel."

Jen just stared at her like she had three heads. Tina cut in before Jen could answer. "Tammy's right, Why not? I can't tell you what to do to fix your relationship with your brother but I do know my husband to be and I know he appreciates honesty over everything else and I know he loves you and mourns for the relationship you used to have. I also know that he wants his little sister as much as you want your big brother. But he's too proud to beg especially when he thinks he was right. The question you have to answer is how bad do you want to fix it? How far are you willing to go. How deep are you willing to bow."

Jen bit her lip and answered. "You have no idea. If I thought he'd believe me I'd crawl to him naked on my hands and knees and beg,"

Tammy giggled, "Put on some leather and chains and you might just have him."

Jen stared at her. "Are you telling me my brother is kinky?" Then she stopped herself and added "Well duh, of course he's at least a little kinky he's sleeping with two sisters."

Tina smiled "I don't know if I'd call it kinky but we play some games sometimes. I guess some people would consider it kinky. But nobody gets hurt and nobody does anything they don't want. But I don't think you have to go to that extent to tell him you're sorry and that you love him."

"You're kidding you mean whips and chains and all that?" Jen asked her eyes big.

Tina laughed. "Sometimes. Tammy why don't you go put on your favorite outfit."

Tammy looked a little reluctant. "Are you sure you want me to."

"Sure what's the difference. You answered the door nearly naked."

Tammy got up and went to the bedroom to return a minute later wearing her collar and chain leash and nothing else. He pussy and tits bare for their guest to see. Jen just stared at her. While Tina ordered "Assume the position of respect Bitch."

Tammy dropped to her knees, head down "Yes Mistress."

Then she looked at Jen. "Usually we both wear the collars and when Stacey and Amy are here one of us wears the harness."

Jen stared at her open mouth "Who are Stacey and Amy? Don't tell me he has two other girls pregnant too and is going to marry four of you."

Tina smiled. She was enjoying shocking my sister a little and putting her in her place. The dominatrix in her was coming out. "Stacey and Amy are our co-wives. They are part of our family and we share Jack with them, but they aren't going to legally marry us, at least not now and only Stacey is pregnant. Amy wants to wait until she finishes college before she makes Jack knock her up."

Jen was incredulous, "You mean to tell me he sleeps with all four of you? How can he satisfy four women. Christ I can't even find a guy who gives me an orgasm half the time, even one and you're telling me my brother is screwing four of you and satisfying you all."

Tina and Tammy both smiled and Tammy answered for both of them "Every time at least twice."

Jen just stared at them for a few seconds "He must be hung like a horse or something!"

Tammy, still on her knees smiled and held up her hands about two feet apart, like a fisherman describing the one that got away. Jens eyes bugged out. Tina giggled and said. "Tammy don't lie, it only feels like that sometimes." Then Tammy moved her hands closer together into what was a realistic estimate.

"He's bigger than most I guess but he is really thick. When I hold him I can't get my fingers all the way around to touch. But that's not why he is so good, it helps but he just puts everything into it. He works at making you happy, like it's his goal to give you an orgasm." Tina added.

"He's really that big? No wonder he keeps you girls happy. My god I can't believe I'm sitting here talking about the size of my brother's cock!" Jen exclaimed

"Yeah, we better stop, I'm getting horny and he won't be home for hours." Tammy complained.

"Oh be quite you little slut. You just got laid this morning, now go get dressed again." Tina ordered

Tammy pouted and complained "Just when I was starting to have fun." But she headed for the bedroom anyway.

When she returned dressed she joined into the conversation. They talked the morning away and part of the afternoon about the things women talk about when they get together and by early afternoon they were getting along like old friends. Finally Jen decided she should be going and let the girls do their getting ready.

"Please don't tell Jack I was here. I don't want him thinking I was sneaking around behind his back." Jen asked.

"We can't lie to him. But we can tell him you dropped in to say hello and missed him and that we visited for a few minutes. He won't mind that. Actually he'll be relieved. He's been so worried about us meeting that it will be a relief to have it over with." Tina answered.

"I guess that would be ok. But please don't tell him what I said. You were right I need to work this out with him." Jen asked

seconds his eyes would gloss over and he would be catatonic." Tina laughed. "No we won't betray your confidence. As long as it doesn't hurt Jack its fine with us. But we won't let anything hurt him at all." She warned.

"You need time alone with him to talk too. Dinner tonight is set so that's out. I know you guys mentioned breakfast tomorrow morning and frankly, at least for Tammy and I that is not a good idea, morning sickness. Neither of us has been able to keep anything down if we eat before noon. So if you want to. At dinner tonight suggest breakfast. Jack will accept but we will bow out at the last minute as being ill. That way you will have some time with him to try to fix things. Then if you want you can stop over after he goes to work tomorrow and tell us how it went." She said with a conspiratorial wink.

They all agreed to their "plan" and parted with hugs. I found out later how well they had gotten along. Tammy and Tina were thrilled to have a new sister (sister-in-law) and especially thrilled to find out they like her.

I got home later in the day and we all dressed for dinner. The girls told me that Jen had stopped by and that they had met and "chatted". I cautiously asked about what. They started telling me about makeup and shampoo and hairstyles and Tina was right my eyes glazed over and I lost interest. It was a relief to have gotten the initial meeting out of the way and a big load off my shoulders. Now I felt I could enjoy dinner and maybe get to know my little sister again.

Dinner went well. We ate and talked and got to know one another and I surmised by the conversation that the girls had talked about more than makeup earlier but let it go as they were getting along. It was during dinner that Jen surprised us and especially me by announcing that she had ordered and paid for a complete double nursery set, cribs, dressers, changing tables, etc. from a store in New York and it was her baby gift to us. All we had to do was tell her where and when we wanted it delivered. I had only glanced at the prices of baby furniture but I knew the name of the store she had ordered from and knew that it was very expensive and very chic. I did some quick guesstimates and math and realized that she had probably spent $5000. I was stunned. While it was not a huge amount of money for either of us, it was an extremely generous gift and represented a couple of months payment from the investments I had set up for her.

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08-11-2012, 11:04 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
All too soon the evening had to end. I was pleased with the way things had gone. Not once during the entire evening had Jen made one snide remark or nasty comment. She was gracious and caring, the way I always hoped she could be. We made arrangements to meet the next morning for breakfast before I went to work, little did I know that this was all preplanned. We walked her to her car and she gave Tina and Tammy big hugs and kissed their cheeks and welcomed them to the family commenting that since they were going to be sisters they could gang up on me. Then the girls stepped back and she gave me a hug and a soft kiss on the cheek. I could not believe what happened next, she whispered in my ear "I missed you brother, I love you." I choked on my words but I just squeezed her tighter and finally was able to choke out "I missed you too."

I had Tina drive home because of the tears in my eyes.

The next morning I was disappointed that both girls were suffering the effects of morning sickness and even the thought of breakfast made them ill. They insisted I go alone but I was worried that Jen would think they were snubbing her. Tina took care of it by calling her hotel room and begging off and inviting her for lunch before she went back.

Jen and I met for breakfast and it was a little awkward at first. I could tell she had something to say but was dancing around it. Finally she just came out with it.

"Jack, I know I have been a bitch to you and I want to say I am sorry. You were always my hero and when Mom & Dad died I was devastated and reacted badly. I want my big brother back. I want to be able to share things with you and love you and be able to call when a guy dumps me or when I meet somebody I really like. I don't want to be the Ice Queen anymore, especially not with you."

Thinking back, I probably reacted wrong. I wanted to go to her and hug her and cry. But I didn't I just told her I was happy and I missed her too. That I would be please to have her call anytime and talk about anything. We finished our breakfast and walked in the park next to the restaurant for a little while and talked. Eventually I had to leave for work and I gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek and told her I hoped we would see her again before the wedding.

It was probably my lack of enthusiasm in my reaction to her plea for a return to our old relationship that caused her to make the decision she did that day. One that would change our lives.

I left my sister at the park so I could get to work. It rolled around in my head how she had apologized for being a bitch to me all these years and belatedly I realized that she had actually been pleading with me and I had in effect pushed her aside because I was unsure how to react. Later I found that as soon as I left her she went immediately to my apartment to talk to the girls. She had already checked out of her hotel room and had planned on heading home after she visited with Tina and Tammy. I later found she changed her plans.

I arrived home from work that evening and found the girls dressed to play "the game" each was wearing the leather harness outfits and holding a riding crop. I loved how those outfits framed their tits and bare pussies. It gave me and instant hardon. The distraction of the outfits is probably why I did not immediately notice the woman who was on her knees between them. She had her head bowed till it was almost touching the floor. For a second I thought Stacey had dropped by but I realized that it was not Stacey's light brown hair I was seeing. He face was obscured and I did not recognize the rest of her. All I could see is that she was naked except for a wide leather belt around her waist and the handcuffs that chained her to it at either side.

Tina spoke. "Good evening Master. We have a new slave for you to train this evening. She has been bad and claims to deserve punishment. But we explained that only you can decide that. She is awaiting your judgment."

I decided to play along and find out who the girls had found for us. Never in my wildest dreams was I ready for what I found. I answered her. "Well what has the bitch done to be punished? Speak to me bitch.

At that command I heard her voice "I have treated my brother badly and abused his love. I am the lowest form of life and deserve to be beaten bloody." Then she raised her head and looked me in the eyes. I already knew from her voice but seeing the face was confirmation. Jen, my sister, kneeled before me naked and chained.

Now for the first time ever I called "STOP". I stood there looking at her and she looked at me and said. "Please not STOP. I need to do this. I need it." She pleaded.

"Do you realize what you are asking? Do you understand what punishment is and that it is real? Real pain! Have you ever played before, ever?"

"No I never have and yes Tina and Tammy explained in great detail what could happen and the rules. I understand about punishment and I also understand rewards. They explained that too. I am here tonight, to be trained and treated however you decide to treat me. To punish me like I deserve or to reward me. I am yours."

I turned to Tina. "Did you explain everything and were you explicit? You do know that if there was any misunderstanding I will be very upset!"

Tina answered without hesitation, "Yes Master. We explained it in detail and tried to talk her out of it but she pleaded with us. I told her in the end it would be up to you."

I looked at Tammy, "What have you to say?"

She looked me in the eye and answered. "Just what Tina said. It's what Jen wants."

I considered for a minute then kneeled in front of Jen and looked into her eyes. "You're my little sister I don't know if I can do this. I 'm supposed to protect you."

She very quietly pleaded. "Please try. I need this."

I stood and said "Ok we try."

All three of them smiled at me and Jen mouthed Thank you before she put her head back down to stare at the floor.

"Is dinner ready Tina." I asked

"Yes Master, would you like me to serve it."

"No. Have the new slave serve us. You can unchain her from the belt but keep the irons on her wrists. She can sit on the floor and eat until she earns her place. Tammy, bring my sweats and change my clothes."
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08-11-2012, 11:05 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
Tammy scurried off to get my sweat pants and returned with them and a T shirt. As Tina exchanged the cuffs on Jen for the leg irons on her wrists to allow her more mobility to serve dinner, Tammy began undressing me. First she removed my shirt and helped me into the T shirt then she removed my slacks so that I was standing in my briefs with my bulging cock pushing against them. I looked at Jen and saw her lick her lips. "Odd," I thought "that she would react like that to me." As I stepped out of my slacks Tammy had kneeled in front of me to pick them up. She looked up at me and then at my bulging cock. "May I service you Master" she asked.

I hesitated. She was asking me if she could suck my cock in front of my sister. My sister had never seen me naked in my life. But then here she was kneeling naked on the floor in my apartment. I decided to push it a little. "Yes you may. But just a little I want to save it for later." I watched Jen's eyes as Tammy pulled the front of my briefs down and my cock sprang free. Then as Tammy drew me into her mouth and started to suck me while bobbing up and down." Jen's eyes got big when my cock came into sight and a slight gasp escaped from her. She stared intently as Tammy gave me a blow job and after a minute or so began to squirm around a little as though she were getting horny at watching her brother get his cock sucked.

Like most teen aged guys I had had fantasies about my sister. Hell she was cute and after she started to develop I got a couple of peeks at her but I always slapped myself down. I was supposed to protect her from perverts not be one of them. My parents had trained me well from the time she was born I had been told I was her protector, that I should look after her and I did, as best I could. Now here she was, watching me get a blow job and apparently getting horny over it. Could it be possible that she had had fantasies about her big brother?

I let Tammy work on me for a bit before telling her that it was enough and she had done well. She beamed with pride at the compliment. Just then Tina took Jen to the kitchen so she could serve dinner. We sat at the table and she brought us our dinner and drinks and served us as a slave would. Then she sat on the floor next to my chair and ate off a plate she held with her manacled hands. She actually did very well. I was waiting for some minor infraction so I could threaten punishment and test her resolve to "play". Finally she screwed up. While clearing the dishes she knocked a pot off of the counter onto the floor.

"What was that bitch?" I called from the dining room.

"Nothing." She called back.

"It did not sound like nothing. What happened?" I demanded

She came into the dining room and kneeled in front of me. "I knocked a pot onto the floor Master. But I will clean it up"

Yes you will and you will also receive two whacks. One for being clumsy and one for lying about it."

She looked like she was about to protest but then simply said, "Yes Master"

"Assume the position of punishment." I ordered

Tina helped her by showing her what was expected and I ignored them until Jen was bent over in front of me. I was still sitting in the chair and she was bent over only a couple of feet from me. Her puckered asshole was exposed and staring me in the face as was her pussy. I stared for a second as I realized that this was my sister whose pussy was open and exposed to me waiting whatever I demanded. My cock got even harder than it had been. I was tempted to drop my pants and sink into her right them. But I gave myself a mental slap. "This is your little sister asshole" the little guy on my shoulder said to me as he poked me in the ear with his Shepard's crook.

I banished my evil thoughts, well most of them anyway, and stood taking Tammy's riding crop I brought it across Jen's ass, then again. I did not bring it down hard. Not even hard enough to leave a mark, just enough to sting. She spoke then, "Thank you master but I deserve more for being evil to you."

"How much more do you deserve?" I asked

"Much more Master. More than you could do in a day." She responded

I hauled back and gave her 5 more cracks, harder this time. "That's enough for now." I told her. "We will decide later how much more you will receive."

"Thank you Master."

As she turned to go back to the kitchen She glanced at me and I saw a smile on her lips and a tear in her eye. It nearly broke my heart. But I let her go back to the kitchen.

We spent the next hour or so "training" our slave. I let the girls do most of the game while I oversaw. At the end of the hour I ordered Tammy to cuff her hands to her sides again and place the leg irons on her feet, then had Jen sit on the floor facing the couch. Really the only way she could sit even remotely comfortable with her legs manacled was cross legged Indian style. This spread her pussy open for us to see and with her hands cuffed to the side of her belt there was nothing she could do to cover herself.

I watched her while pretending to watch the TV. I had had Tina sit next to me and was enjoying the feeling of her closeness. That was the first time I had gotten a really good look at my sister's body, a chance to study it. She was about 5'6" and around 120 lbs. with nicely shaped C cup tits that did not sag but stood up. There was no flab on her just well toned muscle. She did not shave her pussy but did keep it trimmed short and neat so there was a definite start and stop to her bush. Her legs were shaved clean all the way to her bush. Her face was that of a classic beauty. Soft features, fair skin, almost pale, but firm and framed by her light brown hair. She was just a damn fine looking woman and I knew if I did not stop checking her out I was going to jump her bones.

I turned my attention to Tina who had been stroking my arm all this time and I leaned over and kissed her then kissed my way down to her nipple which I sucked into my mouth. While I worked her tit in my mouth I undid the snaps that held the legs of the harness in place this gave me access to her pussy which I stroked gently with my fingers. I got her worked up quickly and soon she had her hand down my sweats and was squeezing my cock, milking it.

I pulled my cock free of my sweats by pushing the front down and Tina knew what I wanted so she continued to get them off of me. Then I pulled her on top of me so she straddled me across my lap and lowered herself onto my meat. I slid home and felt her start to gyrate on me. Then she started to whisper in my ear while she fucked me.

"Your sister is a beautiful woman. She has a nice body."

"Yes she does." I answered whispering to her.

"You know she wants you."

"What?" I asked I could not believe what Tina had just told me.

"She wants to make love to you. Very badly. She is depending on it to let her know that you really do forgive her and love her."

I was shocked. My wife to be just told me that my sister wanted me to fuck her. I was quiet for a bit while Tina rode my cock. I looked over her shoulder and could see Jen watching us. It could have been my imagination but it looked as though her pussy were leaking as she watched.

Finally Tina whispered to me again, "Would you like to fuck your sister? Tammy and I would like to have her but she's never been with a woman. If you want her we want you to have her."
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08-11-2012, 11:06 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
It suddenly became very clear. I did want her. I wanted to love her, to hold her and to make love to her. "Yes" I whispered back and at that Tina groaned and shuddered and I felt the orgasm roll through her. Her hearing that I was going to make love to my sister pushed her over the edge and she came with a loud groan, a shudder and a release of juice.

As she finished her orgasm she slid off me and laid her head on my lap. She started to lick her cum off my cock but I stopped her.

"Tina, has the new slave accepted her training well? Is she ready to graduate to the collar?" I asked.

"She still has not learned everything Master but she is doing well." Tina answered.

"Finish her training then, teach her to clean up after sex." I ordered.

Tina ordered Jen over to the couch and told her to clean the master. "Clean my pussy juice and cum from the master's cock." She ordered.

Jen looked at Tina, opened her mouth and in one motion engulfed my cock in her mouth. I looked down and saw my beautiful sister staring up into my eyes with my cock in her mouth. She gave me a long slow suck. Running from the base up to the head and then back down again. I let her continue for a couple of minutes before I stopped her. "Did you like that slave? Would you like more of it?"

"Yes Master. I have waited for too long for that privilege. I would like to clean you more, until you cum in my mouth so I can taste you." My sister answered. Her pale blue eyes staring into mine. My heart melted.

"Tina, I think she has learned enough to graduate to a collar." I ordered.

"Yes Master." Tina answered as she gave me a kiss.

Tammy had been standing to the side and she left and returned with the collar and chain. They helped Jen to her feet and out of her belt and cuffs then the two of them slipped the collar in place around her neck. Tammy then unexpectantly spoke up "We honor you and accept you as a sister of the collar." And she leaned over and kissed my sister full on the lips. Jen at first started to pull back but relaxed and allowed Tammy to kiss her then to tongue her mouth and in a few seconds they were locked into a French kiss. Tammy released her and Tina took over. First kissing her gently on the lips then allowing her tongue to slide across the other girl's lips and into her mouth.

When they were done I stood and gently placed my lips on my sister's and slowly kissed her. She was not reluctant with me at all she immediately opened her mouth and I felt her tongue slide out and caress my lips. I opened my mouth to her and let our tongues meet and dance in our mouths. As I kissed her she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close. She ran her hands up and down my naked back as we kissed and finally she got brave enough to grasp my ass and pull my meat into her belly as she rubbed her sex against my leg.

I broke our kiss slowly and leaned back a little I looked into her beautiful eyes and asked "Are you sure this is what you want?"

She stared back and answered "Ever since I was 12 years old."

I kissed her again gently on the lips then each nipple before I grasped the chain hanging from her collar and led her back to the bedroom. With my two wives to be following close behind.

We got to the bedroom and stood at the foot of the bed. I kissed her again, very gently very tenderly and told her. "I love you. I always have and I am glad to have my sister back. The sister I have always loved."

I stared into her eyes as I spoke and watched the tears well up. Then she answered. "I love you too. I am so sorry for how I was and the time we lost. Thank you for taking me back."

I reached up and removed her collar. I let it drop to the floor. "This is too important for games. Do you really want this?" I asked again.

"More than anything else. I really have wanted you since I first knew what sex was. I wanted to feel you inside me. I used to lie in bed and masturbate thinking it was you touching me. Please take me now." She answered.

It was the pleading look in her eyes more than the words she spoke which told me she did want this and would not regret it afterward. So I lowered her onto the bed and kissed her again then moved my kisses down her shoulder to her breasts where I sucked in each nipple and gently sucked and chewed each one like it was the only one on earth. Next I kissed my way down to her thighs and pushed her back so she would lay down. She knew what I was going to do and grasped the back of my head to pull me into her sex. I let my tongue do the work then. Kissing and caressing her pussy as her juices ran forth. I ate her until she screamed into her third orgasm and begged me to stop.

While I had been busy eating my sister's pussy Tina and Tammy had stripped off their harnesses and had crawled into bed and laid on either side of her. Each holding a hand and using their free hand to caress her. They caressed her belly and her arms and the curve of her breasts. Just a caress of comfort and love for their new found sister. I knew they both wanted her but were content to wait until I had finished and she invited them to her. Neither was one to force herself onto someone.

Now that she had begged me to stop eating her I crawled up to kiss her lips and her face. I let my cock lay on top of her pussy gently rubbing it back and forth over her slit until she was ready. As I kissed her she spoke to me in a breathy whisper. "I want you inside. I want to feel you cum in me I want your sperm in my womb." Tina and Tammy heard her and smiled at each other and me. I slid down the inch or so I had to position myself at her entrance before I slid inside my sister. At first I was overtaken by the enormity of what I was doing. I just laid there, my cock buried in my sister's cunt. Then she let out a little whimper and moved. That spurred me on and I slowly started to pump myself in and out of her.

Once I started to move inside her she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her, holding me tight against her. She had had her eyes closed enjoying the feelings when she opened them and looked deep into my eyes. "I love you." She said. Then with a smile "How does it feel to fuck your little sister? I hope it feels as good as it does when my big brother fucks me." Then she pulled me down to her and kissed me. A few strokes after that I felt her tighten on my cock and shudder through another orgasm.

Now I heard Tina "Jen, let yourself go. Release yourself to him. Just imagine your leaving your body and entering his. Give yourself wholly, don't hold back. It will be worth it. We all love you."

When Tina told her we all loved her I felt Jen tighten her grip on me and then relax it and suddenly I felt something familiar. The warm tingling waves started at my cock as I felt Jen again tighten down on me and they spread outward over my body and crashed into Tina and Tammy. Then I watched as Jen's eyes flew open and her mouth formed the O as she came again and again pushed to orgasm by the waves of pleasure coursing back from the other girls and myself. Then I could hold back no longer and I shot my sperm deep into my sister's womb. I exploded into her dumping my seed. My own orgasm was so intense that mixing it with the ones the girls were generating I got dizzy and felt the room spin. But poor Jen had passed out much as we had done the first time we experienced it.

She came to a few minutes later, I laid on one side of her and Tina on the other Tammy had crawled down between her legs and was resting her head on her belly and had her shoulder snuggled up against her pussy. "What happened? That was fantastic. I never experienced anything even close to that before."

Tina answered before any of us. "That was your brother. I told you he was good in bed."

Jen stared at her. "I was hallucinating. I imagined I was inside of you and saw your baby and yours too Tammy. God that was weird."
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08-11-2012, 11:07 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
Both girls giggled "You think that was weird. What was weird was you weren't hallucinating. You did see the babies and so did Jack. He knew we were pregnant before we told him because of that. It's what happens when you love somebody and give yourself to them without condition or reservation. If you can give yourself up and offer yourself to the person you love, you can become part of them and feel what they feel, share their orgasm. That's what you did with us. It took you a while but finally you gave yourself over to Jack and because of our love for Jack to us."

Jen laid for a minute considering what she had experienced while we all stroked her body with gentle loving touches. Then she looked at Tina. "You're playing with my tit."

Tina smiled at her and just asked "Do you want me to stop?"

Then without answering she looked at Tammy "You're kissing my pussy and rubbing my thigh. Not long ago that would have creeped me out. Now I like it. It feels nice and I want to do the same to you."

"That's because you love us. When you love somebody so totally you just want to make them happy." Tammy told her as she ran her tongue down my sisters slit. Jen just purred as she did it and spread her legs a little. Tammy did it again and got a similar reaction so she started eating Jen with all her attention while Tina sucked a tit into her mouth and flicked her tongue over Jen's nipple. In no time at all Jen was ready to orgasm again from the attention Tammy was paying her pussy and Tina was down at her crotch vying for her turn at my sister. Jen just looked in my eyes and smiled as she reached out and grasped my cock in her hand. "My god, you're hard again already." She exclaimed.

Tammy relinquished her claim on my sister's pussy and said. "What do you mean again, he hasn't gone soft yet. We told you he was a stud."

Jen looked at me again with an evil look in her eye. "In that case I am going to suck you until you cum in my mouth. Then I am going to make you fuck me again. God I've had more orgasms tonight than I ever had in both my marriages."

Tina laughed "and just think, it's only 8:00, but take it easy on Jack we don't want to ride him to death in one night. You can come back anytime you want and have more." That said she stuck her tongue into Jen's pussy and proceeded to give her a good licking. Jen withered on the bed and squeezed my cock harder pulling it toward her. I complied with her desire and moved up so she could take me into her mouth.

She drew me in and sucked the head of my dick as she swirled her tongue around it. It was not the best blowjob I had ever had but she was being severely distracted by one of my future wives eating her out. Tammy had moved to the other side of Jen and was kneeling next to her while she played with herself and watched her sister and I have sex with my sister. Jen kept sucking my cock right through the orgasm Tina worked her into and then with her ability to concentrate returning went at me with a will. She began jacking my dick as she sucked half of it into and out of her mouth. Tina had stopped eating her and slid up to rest her head on Jen's belly and watch my sister give me a blowjob.

As she watched my sister's technique she commented "He likes when you swallow it all the way down." Jen's eyes went down to meet Tina's and she smiled around my dick as she suddenly stuffed my entire length into her mouth and I could feel her throat muscles tighten around the head of my dick as she kept swallowing so that her throat was massaging my head.

Tina was right I did like to be deep throated and the sensation of a woman's throat muscles massaging my cock was exquisite. I suddenly found myself shooting gobs of cum down my little sister's throat and directly into her belly. She quickly pulled me back so that just the head was in her mouth and she let me fill her mouth with my sperm. I shot my entire load into her mouth and when I finished I pulled the head out from her lips. She laid there with chipmunk cheeks filled with cum and a smile in her eyes.

Her next move told me she was enjoying sex not only with me but with my future wives. She reached out and grabbed a handful of Tammy's tit and pulled her to her and kissed her, sharing my cum with her. Then as she kissed Tammy she pulled Tina to her also and turned and kissed her giving her a taste of my spunk. As the three of them laid there kissing each other I watched. My two future wives both pregnant with my children making love to my sister. I had started to go soft after the cocksucking Jen had given me but this was enough to spur me to another hardon.

I wanted to fuck a pussy and I wanted it now but my decision was which one of the three naked and willing cunts in front of me was I going to sink into. I shrugged and took the first one available, the closest to me. Tina was lying on top of my sister and kissing her and sucking her tit but when she felt my dick between her legs she picked her ass up into the air to give me access. I sunk my length into her and pumped on her. She was very excited from the evenings activities and had had little attention paid to her pussy so that it took no time at all before she was gushing in a dizzying orgasm.

Her girl cum had run from her pussy and because she was keeling over my sister it created a puddle on Jen's stomach. As she came down from her euphoria she slid to the side and cuddled up against Jen sated and satisfied.

Jen stared down at the puddle on her belly and tentatively put her finger in it and stirred it around. I moved over to pay attention to Tammy so she would not feel left out and as I fucked her from behind as we watched Jen, who had never been with a woman in her life, play with the puddle of her sister-in-law to be juices. I expected her next move but was not sure when she would do it. She brought her cum covered finger to her mouth and tasted Tina's juices. Then she laid her whole hand into the puddle and licked her hand clean. She obviously liked what she tasted. She looked over at Tina and Tina smiled back at her and kissed the swell of her breast. Jen leaned over and kissed Tina on the lips and said, 'I want to but don't know what to do."

Tina kissed her again and answered. "Just do whatever you want. Whatever you think would be nice. I'm sure it will be great. After all I have a feeling that being a great lover runs in your family."

With those words Jen glanced over at Tammy and me as I banged away at Tammy's pussy. She smiled and slid down Tina's body kissing her way to her crotch. Once she had reached the hairless mound she let her tongue slide out and tentatively licked her slit. Then again and with each new lick she got bolder and bolder until she was munching on Tina full force. Tina had grabbed her head and was pushing her into her snatch with vigor and breathing hard. Somehow she managed to find the air to say "I knew being a good lover ran in the family, you're as good at that as your brother is."

Between watching the show before us and having my cock work her pussy Tammy ran over the edge and came on my dick. I just kept pounding while I watched my sister eat my girlfriend's pussy, her first pussy. I have to admit to not paying a lot of attention to what I was doing until Tammy let out a loud grunt that almost bordered on a scream. Then as she caught her breath she said "You should warn me when you're going to fuck me in the ass. I wasn't expecting it."

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked as I realized I had rammed my length into her asshole and was fucking her bowels.

"No, it feels good now. I was just surprised."

That exchange caught Jen's attention and she stopped eating Tina's pussy and looked first at Tammy and me, then at Tina "He's fucking her ass and she's letting him!" She said to Tina.

Tina just nodded. "Sometimes, when we get really worked up we ask him too. It's not his favorite but he'll do it for us."

"You mean you want him to?" Jen asked disbelieving.
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
Tina smiled back. "When I'm in the mood there is nothing that beats a good assfucking. Just look at Tammy she is enjoying herself isn't she."

Jen looked a little dubious "I don't know if I'm ready for that."

Tina laughed. "Then don't ask for it. Like I said it's not his favorite he just does it when we want him to. I think this time was and accident though. He was probably banging her so hard he slipped and in that position it's not hard to do."

They laid there for a few seconds watching me fuck Tammy's ass before Tina said. "It looks like Tammy could do with a little pussy licking while she gets fucked. Would you like to do the honors or should I?"

Jen Looked up at her and smiled what can only be described as a shit eating grin. "The idea of eating a pussy while my brother fucks her ass is a super turn on. Can I?"

Tina nodded to her and Jen wasted no time in crawling underneath Tammy and going to work on her snatch. This position put Jen's pussy nearly in Tammy's face. I don't think she realized it but she had offered herself to Tammy and Tammy took advantage of it. Tina now was left out but not for long as she crawled over and stared alternating between Tammy's tits and Jen's tits, sucking first one then the other. All too soon it had to end, I shot my third load of the evening this one deep into Tammy's ass. I exploded into her and the orgasm rolled through me. Then as she felt my cum splashing against her insides Tammy came and gushed juice into Jen's mouth. Then, predictably Jen came with a rocking orgasm. All these orgasms flowing through each of us rolled into Tina and she climaxed without being touched as she sucked on Jen's tit. We all collapsed into a cum cover heap and passed out.

I woke a few hours later to find that somehow we had all ended up in bed covered with the sheet and our heads on the pillow. Tammy was on one side of me and my sister, Jen on the other with Tina on the other side of her. I had a definite cotton mouth and slowly and carefully slipped out of bed, taking care not to wake anyone. I went first to the bathroom to run a washcloth over myself and drain my bladder then to the kitchen for a glass of soda from the frig. I noticed the clock on the stove said it was 1 AM. I moved to the couch and sat down to consider the evening.

I had just fucked my little sister. She had practically begged me for it and admitted that she had wanted it for years. She was a good fuck too. And God how I loved her. I felt as though I were going to start to cry again when I saw motion in the shadows of the darkened room. I squinted into the shadows but could not tell which of the three girls it was and she appeared to be standing just outside of the room in the dining room. I leaned forward and lit the candle that we kept on the coffee table and with that light I had enough to see it was my sister, Jen standing there.

She was standing in the shadows, still naked. Which was fine because I had not bothered to put anything on either. I did not want to make any noise and wake the other two so I just motioned her to me with a wave and a pat on the cushion next to me. She started to approach shyly but when I patted the cushion she practically scampered to me and curled up against me. "Thank you." She said as she kissed my arm.

I put the arm around her and pulled her close. "Any regrets?" I asked

"Only that I waited so long to let you know how much I love you." She whispered back "What about you?"

"Only if it means I lose you again." I answered.

"Not a chance. You're too damn good in bed." Then she hesitated "Will we be able to do this again or was it a one time thing."

"I love you and part of that love is making you happy so anytime you want you can come to my bed." I answered. "Or if you would rather not that's Ok. You're my sister and not my wife so I never expect it from you but always willing to give it to you."

She smiled and snuggled closer "That's good because I will want it a lot. You know I have been kind of a slut. I mean I slept with a lot of different guys maybe 30 or 40 always looking for somebody who could give me enough pleasure but with all those guys and in all that time I only ever had four orgasms. I even hired a male prostitute once, that was a waste of money, I barely got wet. But I had more than that just tonight." She started to talk more "I also never was with a woman. I thought it was gross but tonight I ate pussy and had another woman eat me. But if I imagine going out an picking up a woman and trying to have sex it grosses me out again, but when I think of Tina and Tammy all I want to do is stick my tongue into their pussies. Why is that?"

"It's because you love them. They are your sisters. You've accepted them like that and they have accepted you. They love you and you're responding to it." I answered.

We sat there just holding each other lost in our own thoughts. For my part I considered how my sister who obviously was sexually experienced, I knew that even before she had told me the extent, just from the way she fucked. But in some ways she was still so much the innocent and virgin. Her experience was apparently limited to straight lie down and fuck or give me a blowjob sex.

After a few minutes she broke the silence. "I love you. I'm so glad I took the chance and decided to open up to you. I was afraid you'd just tell me to go pound sand after how shitty I was to you all these years. I know you always tried to be nice and let me know you cared but I just could not bring myself to respond. You know I saved every birthday card and Christmas card you ever sent me. I have them in a bundle in the bottom of my dresser. It was weird I would look forward to getting them but when they arrived I would act like it was junk mail."

All the while she was sitting with me and talking she was just touching me, stroking my arm or my chest or my leg. It was like she was starved for contact. I reached over and stroke her cheek with my finger. She nuzzled closer then looked up at me and kissed me gently on the lips before resting her head on my shoulder. She continued to talk, mostly about inconsequential things, work, her friends, guys she dated. Just talk and as she did I stroked her hair and her cheek and neck. I was reveling in having my little sister back it was as though she were 12 again and I was her big brother taking her out for a burger. I could feel the tears running down my cheek, I was so happy. Then suddenly for no reason she looked up and saw I was crying. "What's wrong? Did I say something?" I could hear the panic in her voice. I just shook my head and kissed her. "I'm just happy." I answered.

She smiled at me in turn and I saw the tears come to her eyes as she kissed me and whispered, "So am I." She let the kiss turn into more and I felt her tongue slide across my lips and gently push for access. I parted my lips and allowed her inside and the kiss that started from a sister to her brother turned into one between two lovers. As her tongue wandered my mouth she took my cock in her hand and began stroking me, gently and with love but with a definite goal in mind. Not that I needed any help. I was rock hard from the moment she sat with me and touched me. I definitely had the hots for my sister and apparently she for her brother.

Her kiss slid away from my mouth and onto my neck and she kissed her way down to my chest and sucked my nipple into her mouth, gently tonguing and chewing on me. Then she moved down and for the third time this night took my cock into her mouth and swallowed me. She was an accomplished cocksucker. I would never say anything to either Tina or Tammy but they both could take lessons from Jen when it came to pleasing a man with their mouth. She worked me in and out taking my length like a staving woman would devour a sausage. Stuffing it in as far as she could.

I don't know if her goal was to get a mouthful of cum, or work me up, or just give pleasure, or for that matter if she had a goal other than just to love me. But I wanted to give her pleasure too, so I grasped her head between my hands and drew her face up to me and laid her on the couch. She did not complain, she just spread her legs wide for me. Throwing one leg over the back and the other hanging down on the floor she laid there inviting me in. I moved to her and slid inside her. I wanted this to last and give her pleasure. I began slow. I had no need to go fast. I was here to make love to my sister not just fuck her brains out. Although I think she would have been happy with that, I wanted to savor the time with her and take my time.
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
I felt her silky wetness around my cock and marveled at how well we fit. It was as though she had been tailored to fit my cock inside her she enveloped me with just the right amount of tension and her depth was perfect, so perfect that I bottomed out, just barley on the hardest down stroke. I slid in and out of her pulling myself nearly all the way out with each stroke and then sliding, not pushing but sliding in with each upstroke. I felt her tighten down on me and clamp onto my cock just before a flood of juice soaked my balls. She and climaxed again and pulled me close. She whispered into my ear "I love you." I could barely hear her through her sobs.

I leaned back and kissed her tears away as I watched her smile in the candlelight and she leaned up to me and slid her tongue across my lips. Again I opened my mouth and let her inside me, let her tongue fuck my mouth as I started my rhythm again and made love to my beautiful little sister. I felt her orgasm rising again and her head tilted back and her eyes closed. I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye and looked over. Standing at the entrance to the dining room stood Tina. She was leaning against the wall and watching us. I saw a tear on her face and was instantly alarmed that she was upset but then I notice her smile and as she realized I saw her she blew me a kiss and melted back into the shadows toward the bedroom. Then Jen came again bathing my cock in her love juice. I was no where near ready to cum so I just kept sliding into her. She recovered from her climax and whispered to me. "God the girls were right you are hung like a horse and some kind of stud. Roll over I want to be on top for a while. It's your turn to cum and I want you to enjoy it."

I let myself fall out of her and I rolled over onto my back and let her mount me and again as she slid down on my length I felt her wetness and knew how much I loved her. She started to gyrate on me and actively used her pussy muscles to squeeze me. I realized she was doing as she promised and trying to make me orgasm with a vengeance. I knew that if she kept this up I would, I could already feel myself growing bigger and she must have felt it too as she started to move faster and squeeze harder until with a stifled scream I let go and shot my baby juice into her again this night. She felt me filling her up and with a grunt she came again. As her climaxed subsided she slowly collapsed onto my chest and laid there. My still hard dick acting like a finger in the dike holding our combined juices in her. We laid like that for over half an hour just holding each other. Every once in a while I would move my hips so she could feel my dick move in her and she would whimper in pleasure.

As we laid there she spoke to me "Jack, I have to tell you something which may be important."

"What's that?" I asked

"Well a few months ago I dumped the last loser of a boyfriend I had and I kind of gave up on men for a while. So I stopped taking my pills. We don't have any protection at all and I would have to check my calendar to check my cycle. We may have a problem." She admitted

I laid there for a few seconds and started to chuckle, "What problem? I already have three women pregnant what's one more. Besides I like getting the women I love pregnant."

She giggled into my chest hair. It was the sweetest sound I have heard in years, my little sister giggling. "Well I guess putting it like that it's Ok. Besides I'm not even sure if I'm fertile right now and as long as you're not worried about it I won't either. But what about the girls, would they be upset?"

Now I laughed out loud. "Are you kidding? They'd be so happy they'd cream."

She giggled again the said "Speaking of creaming. The next time I come and visit can we play your game again? I thought I was going to cream myself when you whacked me with that riding crop. I couldn't believe it, I got so wet another whack or two and I would have orgasamed right there."

I looked her in the eye. "You and Tammy are a good pair she gets all excited when I spank her. That's how the game started. She tried to tickle me one day and I put her over my knee and spanked her. She came on my lap and begged for more. I never thought that you would be submissive."

Now she laughed, "Neither would anybody else who knows me, but apparently I have a streak in me."

"Ok" I answered. "The next time you're here I promise to give you a good spanking."

She giggled again and laid there. "You know. I have to tell you that that is one of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard, you giggling. I'm so glad your back." I told her as I kissed her forehead.

She hugged me and held me in her embrace. At some point she fell asleep laying on my chest with my dick still buried in her. I did not want to wake her so I just laid there. Tina came back out to check on us, I held my finger to my lips and she smiled and pulled a cover over us. She gave me a kiss then kissed the top of Jen's head before going back to bed.

Tammy woke us the next morning as she was getting ready for work. She knew Jen would be gone before she got home from work and wanted to say goodbye. I chuckled at how quickly my sister got used to being naked around people. They sat in the kitchen and talked and hugged, Tammy in her uniform and Jen naked. I laid on the couch and watched the news. They had gotten close in a few days and I was happy about it.

After Tammy left Jen called her boss and left a voice mail that she was taking a personal day. She had expected to be back home the previous night and none of us expected her to stay over again. She just told him she had family business to take care of and would be in the next day.

Tina got up next and got ready for work. She and Jen had also hit it off and were fast friends already. Jen started to cry when she told Tina how great it was to finally have a sister. They hugged and the waves of emotion coming from the kitchen were overpowering. They were both nearly in tears as Tina left for work. I had the day off so was not in a hurry to do anything and Jen figured she did not really have to leave until the afternoon. She complained about not having any clean underwear. I laughed pointing out that she really had not had any clothes on in the last 24 hours. But offered her a pair of the girls when she wanted to get dressed, which I told her I hoped was not anytime soon. She gave me a playful smack on the arm and blushed as she hugged me close.

We laid on the couch under the blanket, our skin touching each other in places brothers and sisters aren't supposed to touch but we did not care we just wanted to be together. We made love again that morning, reveling in each others body and our connection. Then we laid together some more. She got up to get dressed and leave in the early afternoon but I ended up taking her clothes back off and making love to her yet again. When we finished this time she asked me if I was trying to make sure she was pregnant before she left or whether I just couldn't control myself.

I smiled and told her that was for me to know and her to guess at. She was able to get dressed eventually and I carried her bag out to the car for her. We both cried as she got into the car, but she promised to come back soon and visit again. I cried like a baby as she drove away.

That evening at dinner Tina and Tammy both talked about how much they liked her and they both sensed how much I missed her already. My longing was more acute for having lost her before and only just found her again. We went to bed that night and I made love to each of them and made sure I told them how important they were to me.
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08-11-2012, 11:11 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
A few days later my friend who worked with Jen called and wanted to know what happened to her when she had been visiting me. He said the theories at the office ran from Alien abduction to a bump on the head. One person had suggested drugs and another swore she had a personality transplant. It seemed as though she was being nice to people and they did not know how to handle it.

I was glad to hear that she was apparently happier with her life in general and looking forward to her next visit and also my upcoming wedding to the two sisters who had come into my life. It was going to be an interesting life. I could not get the question out of my mind. "Had I knocked up my sister too?"

The week after Jen's visit was hectic for me. The girls had set a date for the wedding and it was only a little more than three weeks off. I had a lot to do. Oh not as much as someone who was having a traditional wedding but still a lot of things to take care of and chief among them was to find a place for all of us to live. I had contacted a couple of real-estate agents and put them to the search but they kept coming to me with places that I found unacceptable. Some it was a location I did not want, too many neighbors too close by, and some it was just way more than I felt was reasonable. I had given up on locating something in the immediate area and had expanded my search area.

My house hunt ended on the Friday after Jen left. I had to make a short trip to see a client about 2 hours drive away, and while returning I got detoured. I ended up on a secondary road in rural West Virginia and was heading home. I did not have too far to go I knew I was less than half an hour travel from my apartment . I was vaguely familiar with the area from having traveled through it in the past but I can't claim to have known it well. Suddenly I looked to my left and saw a For Sale sign nailed to a tree at a driveway entrance. I hit the brakes and backed up to read it.

It read. "For Sale. House and land 100+ acres. Contact county commissioners office for details." And it listed a phone number. The sign had obviously been there a while but it wasn't ancient. I stared at it a minute then on a whim I turned into the driveway to see what there was back there.

About 300 yds off the road, behind a screen of trees stood an old style brick house. A big house and obviously, from the architecture, old. I drove up to it and stopped, visible in the rear was a barn and another outbuilding which looked as though it was a smaller barn or perhaps a carriage house in the last century. The land around the house was open meadow, which appeared to have not been taken care of in the last few years as trees were beginning to sprout randomly. I got out of the car and walked up onto the front porch to see if I could see into the windows. It was hard to see anything inside, as it was darker inside than out. More out of curiosity than anything else I tried the door and found it unlocked. Throwing caution to the wind I gave myself the nickel tour.

What I found was a big old style Manor house a large Living room or parlor as they used to call it and a dining room set across the entryway from the parlor. To the rear of the dining room was a big old kitchen, which would have been modern in the 1940's. Behind the parlor and accessible from the entry hall was a good sized room with several windows and a fireplace as well as a door to the outside. The second floor was a collection of medium sized rooms and one large room in the front that was probably the master bedroom and one bathroom. The bathroom was huge. It had obviously been a bedroom at one time and been converted when indoor plumbing came into existence. I strolled around and an idea began to form, actually several ideas and plans began to gel. I won't bore you with the details but I could see seven or eight bedrooms including the master and a bathroom remodel to make it into two as well as adding a bath off the master.

Back down to the car and out to the road, I copied the phone number onto a note pad and drove of in search of a phone. 2 miles down the road was a gas station / general store. I stopped and went fishing for information before making the call. I got the whole local story on the place. Last owner had died about 10 years earlier with no heirs the county took the place for taxes and had been trying to sell it ever since. The problem was it had been the site of some minor Civil War battle and was reputed, by local legend, to be haunted. To make things worse some Civil War buff had had the place declared as a historic site by the Federal Government in the 60's and now there was no way to develop the land into anything but a farm, or park. The county also had a money problem and wanted to sell the property as well as a bunch of others, fast.

Armed with the information I asked for directions to the county seat and set off. It was only about another 5 miles and a stop at the courthouse led to a meeting with the county officials. They asked for an unbelievable 1 million for the property. I just laughed and got up to leave. They hastily added that they would listen to a reasonable offer. I sat back down and took out my checkbook, wrote a check made out to the county for $100,000 and handed it to them. "Full and complete payment. Not a penny more!" was all I said as I sat back in my chair. They blustered and complained but never moved to hand the check back. I stood firm and sat there with my arms crossed, just saying "No" to every counter they made.

Finally they stopped at 150 and would not move. Now I had to work them. I explained that I wanted to remodel the inside and live there and that I would be spending another $100,000 at least on that and of course I would like to keep the contracts local and would appreciate their help in selecting good craftsman. I know the three of them saw kickback dollar signs at that revelation. That brought their asking price down another $25K. Now I set the hook. I'd give them the additional $25K but I wanted a property tax break because of the "Historic Nature of the property" I demanded a 90% abatement. They nearly cried and I pointed out that 10% of the tax for the county was better than the zero they had been getting.

We had a deal. They called the county Solicitor to draw up the papers and we agreed to settle in 2 weeks. I let them keep the check as a good faith deposit. As I left the building I stopped in the Clerk of Courts office and asked who was the best attorney in town. They told me, and then I asked who was the smartest attorney in town. That question got me a surprised look but a different answer. As I suspected the guy with the reputation is not always the smartest one. He usually is the best but with less fanfare. I left the building and stopped by his office, he agreed to see me and I explained about my transaction with the county commissioners. He chuckled at the price I got for the property commenting that they probably would have given it to me for less until I told him about the tax deal I worked out. That brought a laugh and an admission that I probably got the better of the deal. He agreed to accept me as a client and handle the paperwork for the transfer and to review the contracts I would need to undertake to rehab the building. I figured I was set and I was definitely excited. While it would be a bit of a drive for me to work it was still only a half-hour and the place would be big enough for the three of us as well as the children to be. Still there would be plenty of room left over for guests i.e. my other two wives to be and my sister when she came to visit.

I drove home on a cloud. I was a little worried that Tina and Tammy might not like it but I figured if worse came to worse I would rehab it and put it on the market, I should at least break even. But I was fairly confident that they would love it as both had made comments about living in town that led me to believe they were not 100% comfortable with it. They were country girls after all, having grown up on a farm and all. Still I decided to keep it to myself for now and present it to them when it was ready to move into. Not as a dilapidated old dump but as a modern comfortable home. Still I had to tell someone so I decided to call Jen and tell her as soon as I got home.

Luckily I got home before either of the girls. I grabbed the phone and dialed her work number. It rang and then her voice answered. "Jennifer speaking." I paused I knew by the tone of her voice that this was the old Jen and it scared me a little.
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08-11-2012, 11:12 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
"Jen, its Jack, how are you?"

"Oh hi Jack, I'm busy right now is this important?"

"No not really I just wanted to tell you something but it can wait." She must have read the disappointment in my voice. There was a pause on her end then she said, "I sorry Jack, I'm just a little pissed. I was planning on coming down and surprising you tonight and staying for the weekend but I got dumped on earlier and now I have to work through the weekend. I really was looking forward to seeing you and the girls."

"That's Ok, we miss you too and it would have been nice but maybe next weekend is better. Actually it will be perfect it you can make it a long weekend, Friday through Tuesday?"

"Why? What's so special about next weekend?"

So I told her about the farm and how excited I was, and my plan. I wanted her to come down and go to see it with me and look the place over, before the closing, as I had to share it with someone and I had decided to keep it a secret until the remodel work was done. She asked me a hundred questions, most of which I did not have the answers to and before long she was laughing at me because I was so excited. Like a little kid at Christmas. She promised to plan a long weekend and admitted that now I had her excited about it too.

I agreed and let her go back to her work as I hung up. I got comfortable and started dinner while I waited for Tina and Tammy to get home from work. They waltzed in about an hour later and I had things ready for us to eat.

Tina seemed to be in a bit of a foul mood and it didn't take long to figure out that she was tired and having to wait for Tammy to finish work so she could give her a ride home had got on her nerves a bit. So I calmed her down and decided that I was going to have to go out and buy another used car for Tammy to drive, especially since I now planned on moving the three of us out to a farm and we would have half hour commutes. I was hoping that Tina would be able to transfer to the local store of the chain she was working for. That is until the babies were born when I figured that they would both be home anyway.

By the time we had the dishes cleaned up Tina had calmed down and began to mellow out. We started out the evening with some television. The girls were each sitting next to me on the couch, Tina with her head on my lap and Tammy leaning against my shoulder. I was absently stroking Tina's hair and shoulder while Tammy was content to sit there and stroke my arm. I was still keyed up about the farm and nearly bursting with imaginings. I slowly enlarged the area I was paying attention to and allowed my hand to move from Tina's head and shoulder to her arm and then down her flank. Within minutes she was purring contentedly.

I glanced at Tammy and saw she was watching me stroke her sister. She leaned up and kissed me on the cheek and smiled and returned her head to my shoulder. A sign she knew I was paying attention to her sister and she approved. My hand continued to move down her side stroking her and moving down onto her thigh and leg then returning to her flank. A few minutes of this and she shifted to lay more on her back. It was her way of inviting me to pay attention to other areas, and I did. My strokes moved from her side to her belly and tits.

I ran my hand over her tits and let my palms draw circles on her nipples before moving back down to her belly and gently brushing her mound. With each pass I paid more attention to her tits and her pubic area until finally as I moved to her tits once again she lifted her T-shirt out of the way to give me unencumbered access to her chest.

Then as I grasped her nipples between my fingers and rolled them, first one then the other she pushed her sweat pants down onto her thighs and then off of her legs all-together. Exposing her nakedness to us. I moved my hand down to her bare pussy and let my finger slide up and down her slit, brushing past her bud. She was wet and waiting for me to move on and the look in her eyes as she met my gaze was a fuck me please look. But I wasn't in a hurry. I wanted to pay attention to her and allow her to build up and enjoy the release when it came.

I slowly slid a finger into her and worked it back and forth while my thumb worked her clit with small circles. Her eyes closed and she lay there accepting my ministrations of pleasure. I felt Tammy shift on my other side and I glanced over to see that she had sat up and was removing her own T-shirt and shorts. She moved over onto the floor, kneeling next to her sister. She leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on Tina's lips and them whispered to her. "I love you Sis" just before she leaned down and began to tongue Tina's left nipple, swirling her tongue around it and dancing it around her nipple and areola before sucking it into her mouth and taking it between her teeth.

Tina gasped as the pain / pleasure ran through her body. As I felt her tense I drove a second finger into her and ran my thumb over her clit. She moaned and began to wither as Tammy and I saw to her pleasures. It took only a minute or so more of this before she began to cum. Her pussy clamped down on my fingers like a vice and her hand grabbed the back of Tammy's head forcing it harder onto her tit. Then we felt the waves of a small but satisfying orgasm pass over her. We let her come down and revel in the afterglow as she curled up against me, holding her sister to her. After a few minutes she looked up at me "Thanks, I needed that. I love you both. I am so happy to be marrying you and sharing you with my sister."

"Why don't we move to the bedroom it's been a long day for all of us." Tammy suggested.

We all rose, turned off the lights and TV and moved into our bed. I started on Tina again first eating her delectable pussy, I knelt between her legs and ran my tongue up and down her slit flicking it quickly across her clit and then back through her slit until I stopped and slowly licked her entrance. My tongue moved inside her and licked the walls of her cunt and then flicked back out to tease her clit. It took no time at all for her to begin to shudder with her orgasm, she came and her juice ran into my waiting mouth. I took all I could get and shared it with Tammy, kissing her deeply and letting her take her sister's juice from me.

Now as her orgasm subsided I brought my meat up to her slit and pulled her legs up over my shoulders and plunged deep into her, fucking her hard, ramming my pole deep into her as she called out "Harder, Harder." I slammed her harder and harder just as she asked and soon I felt her pussy tighten on my cock and try to milk it for my sperm. But I wasn't ready I just let her have her orgasm and held off mine as I had another sister to take care of yet.

I did not neglect Tammy that night. I pulled out of Tina and moved over to where Tammy lay watching me fuck her sister. I pushed my head between her thighs and began to eat her out, my tongue lashing her cunt for all I could get, I ate her pussy through two orgasms and fucked her into a third before I finally withdrew my cock from her dripping pussy.

All this sex and I still hadn't cum yet so I lay between the girls, kissing one then the other. Tina began to kiss her way down my chest and across my stomach until she sucked me into her mouth. I lie there and let this beautiful girl run her lips up and down my shaft, sucking me and swirling her tongue around the head and the base working me into the sort of frenzy I had done to her. After a while she took pity on me and jacked me with her hand and mouth until I blew my load into her mouth. My cum ran out the corners of her mouth, she let it, she was teasing Tammy inviting her to share and Tammy did. She crawled down and licked the leaking cum from her sister's mouth before kissing her in a deep passionate tongue swap to share my sperm. I watched the exchange and again it struck me as to how lucky I was to have these two sisters in my bed and that they were going to be there with me for a long time.

The next morning was Saturday. Tina had to go into work but Tammy and I were both off. I got up early and made coffee for Tina and I. I heard her get up and start the shower then a few minutes later she joined me in the kitchen. I knew I needed to go out and get a car for Tammy to drive and I was a little worried that Tina would feel slighted, as she had already had a car when we met so there was no need to buy her one. I didn't want her to think Tammy was getting something she wasn't.
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
I started to stumble along through an opening to the conversation. It took her a minute or two of listening before she said, "Just spit it out. You always get like this when you're afraid I'm going to get mad about something or when you thinking of doing something that I may get jealous over. Just tell me what's on your mind." She took the sting out of the rebuke with a tender smile. The one women use when they are humoring you, allowing you to do something that they think is foolish but letting you do it anyway.

"I think we need another car, so that you and I aren't always running for Tammy all the time and I don't want you to get jealous because I'm not buying you one."

She looked at me for a minute and then laughed. "I won't get jealous and I appreciate you doing that because sometimes it is a pain in the ass dropping her off and picking her up from work. But can you afford it, I mean with the babies coming we should be watching our spending."

"I can afford it, I've got enough in the bank to cover it and take care of the babies. I'm not worried about that at all. I just want us all to be happy and nobody get mad."

"Well I won't get mad unless you get her a nicer car than I have." She laughed. "No new Cadillac's or Mercedes'. Do that and I'll begin to wonder if she gives better head than I do."

Now I laughed. "Don't worry nothing expensive just something to get around with. You don't have to worry about who gives better head. I love you both the same."

"I know you do and I love you more for it. Now I have to go to work and if I don't leave soon I'm going to end up jumping your bones and I'll be late." With that she kissed me and headed out the door.

I finished my coffee and started checking the car ads in the local paper. I located a couple of likely prospects before Tammy stumbled bleary eyed into the kitchen. She was still naked and came to me sleepily standing next to me. "Good Morning sleepy head." I said

She gave me a slight smile before draping her naked body across my lap. "Good morning." She finally answered as she nuzzled against me. "I'm still tired but I was lonely in the bed by myself. Will you come in and lay down with me for a little while."

I knew she had no intention of sleeping she wanted to get fucked again. She was horny and wet I could feel her sopping pussy leaking onto my leg. But what the hell, with that kind of invitation who could say no to this nymph? Certainly not I!

"OK" I answered, but just for a little while we have things to do today." She smiled as I stood up taking her in my arms and carrying her back to bed. I was right she had no intention of sleeping. We were barely in bed before she was pushing my shorts down and climbing on top of me with no fore play at all. She didn't need it she was dripping wet and I slid right in. She rode me harder and harder without letting up and I knew that her goal was to make me cum and cum I did. I blew a load deep inside her. The sensation of my cum slamming into her womb and splashing around in her, the puddle of warmth spreading through her was enough to set off her orgasm. She shook and came on my dick. I could feel her juices run out of her and across my balls as we lay there.

"God I love that feeling, your cum blasting into me. I can't wait to have this baby so you can make me pregnant again." She breathed, "I love being pregnant with your baby and I love being pregnant with Tina too."

I laughed at her. "We'll see if you still say that in a couple of months when your belly is so big you can't walk without waddling." She looked at me with that pouty face and I could see tears in her eyes starting.

"You won't love us when we're fat, will you?"

"Oh shit," I thought", the mood swings are starting already."

"Of course I will. The thought of making love to women who are carrying my babies gets me so horny I can barley stand it. Just wait, the bigger your belly gets the more I'm going to want to put my dick into you. Besides women always get more beautiful when they're pregnant."

She was looking at me as though she wasn't sure if she should believe me or not when I moved her hand down to my dick and she found I was hard again already, That brought a smile to her face. "See," I said, "I told you pregnant women make me horny. Too bad we don't have time for another round. Of course we could make time but that might mean we won't have time for car shopping."

Her eyes went from sultry and scheming to wide and eager. "Car shopping? Why, are we getting another car?" she asked.

"Well I decided that we need another car so that you will be able to get to and from work on your own. That is unless you want to keep bumming rides and taking the bus."

"For me? Do I get to pick it out? Whatever I want?"

"Well not whatever but anything I can afford that is safe, reliable and not too sexy, after all I don't want too many guys to notice you and hit on you."

She threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug and a kiss. "Now lets get up and shower and get ready so we don't go out in public smelling of cum." I offered, She jumped out of bed and started dragging me toward the shower. I couldn't get there fast enough to suit her. It didn't take long before we were showered, dressed and on our way to the car lots.

It took us most of the day but we finally found a car that satisfied us both and that I could work a good enough deal on. It was a year older than Tina's with slightly more mileage and white instead of red like Tina's. But Tammy loved it. She especially loved it when I handed her the keys. Before she drove off I gave her the lecture about driving safely and taking care of my baby and how I couldn't afford to get it fixed if she had an accident. I just knew that she wanted to put it in gear and leave rubber on the street but reminding her of the child she was carrying had the desired effect and she turned serious. I followed her home and began to get annoyed at how much like a little old lady she was driving. But I kept my mouth shut and reminded myself she was just doing what I told her to do.

She had wanted to go to the store and show Tina our new car but I reminded her Tina would be home any minute from work and if we went to the store we might miss her. So she settled for waiting for her in the parking lot of the apartment.

Tina arrived home a few minutes after we did and Tammy excitedly showed her the car and kept telling her how wonderful I was and that "she had picked a good one" and thanked her repeatedly for sharing. I could tell Tina was tired but was happy to see her sister so happy. After what seemed like a reasonable amount of time I ushered both of them inside and let Tina change and relax for a few minutes. Neither Tina or I were up to making dinner, and Tammy was so far up in the clouds she'd never be able to concentrate long enough to cook even a frozen pizza, so I decided to take us out for a quick dinner. I also knew that Tammy was dying to take us all out in "her" car.
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