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Katrina kaif's First day in Bollywood
07-17-2012, 08:54 PM
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Katrina kaif's First day in Bollywood
Katrina Kaif finished the day of filming her first movie,
"BOOM" and headed back to her trailer. After a day like this, all
she wanted was a clean hot shower.
Much of the filming had taken place in the swamp. She had fallen in
to the murky river
4 times today. Her hair was tangled and she could feel her wet clothes
clinging to her body, showing off her lush curves. In fact, during the
filming, she could have sworn she saw a couple of the film crew guys
stroking their crotches as they watched her wet body emerge from
the river with her nipples poking through the thin fabric of her t-shirt.
She reached the trailer and unlocked the door. Once inside, she turned
on her stereo and music filled the room. She headed for the bathroom
and turned on the shower. She quickly stripped out of her dirty, wet
clothes and got in the shower.

The hot steamy water felt good on her aching body. She washed
her long dark hair and
rubbed her self with the bar of soap everywhere she could. She
lost track of time as she
explored her firm tanned body with her sudsy hands.
At last, she turned off the shower, dried herself off, and wrapped
herself in a fluffy terrycloth bathrobe.
As she opened the door to leave the bathroom, she looked out
and saw men in her living room, about 6 or 7, she thought. She
recognized a few of them from the film crew.
"What are you doing in here? You are not supposed to be in here."
she cried in amazement.
"Just checking up on you, Ms. Kaif. How are you?" one of them
"I don't need anyone checking on me! Please leave before
I call security!" snapped Katrina.
"How are you going to do that, Ms. Kaif?" Another one of
them looked at her holding her phone and broken phone line
and smiled.
"Wh wh what do you want?" stammered Katrina, already
knowing the answer.
"You look very pretty, Katrina, all fresh and clean from your
shower." the first guy said to her. "Guys, don't you think
Ms. Kaif looks good?"
Smiles and nods of approval came from around the room. they
were laughing at her and she felt all alone.
"After watching you today, Ms. Kaif, we all thought you
were so hot and sexy, everyone wanted some of that sweet
British pussy of yours, so we thought we would pay you a
visit. Why not just relax and enjoy yourself?"
After he said that, all the guys began to laugh and whistle. Katrina felt
afraid. There were 7 of them and she was all alone, clothed in only a
bathrobe. "NO! You can't......I won't....NO DON'T!" she cried.
"Katrina, baby, just relax! Why don't you take off your robe and show
us that sexy body of yours, honey?" the first guy, Tom called again.
"Yeah! Hot mamasita!"
"Take it off, baby! Ha, ha, ha!"
"Let's see that PUSSY! Ha, ha!"
Katrina started to cry. She didn't understand how they got in. She
thought she had locked the door. She liked sex, but she couldn't
handle this many guys. She tried to think of what she could do,
when she saw one of them coming for her.
"Hey, honey, I'll help you with that robe. ha ha ha" snickered Bill.
"No, don't.....please.....(sniff) I can do it myself. (sniff)" replied Katrina.
She stepped into the middle of the room, untied her terrycloth belt, opened
the robe, and let it fall gently to the floor. Her beautiful tanned body was
completely on display for the men.
They looked her over head to toe. Her breasts looked full and ripe, begging
to be squeezed and sucked. Her stomach was smooth and flat. Her hips
and thighs were
firm and smooth. Her thick dark pubic hair formed a perfect triangle where
her thighs
joined together.
She endured more catcalls and whistles while she stood there, naked.
"Hey, baby, turn around! Lets see that ASS!"
Slowly, she turned around. From the corner of her eye, she could see
one of the guys
with his pants down, playing with his cock.
"YEAH! Nice ass, Katrina!" she heard them call as she turned her back
on them.
She had always known that men liked the look of her ass. Her full round
hips and small
waist were very sexy. Men had been grabbing her and pinching her there
since she was
in her early teens. Many guys had wanted to fuck her there also, but she
had not let anyone do that.
"Bend over, Katrina, baby! Show us what you got!"
Instead, she turned back around to face them. "No, please leave me
alone! Go now!"
One of the men approached her and grabbed her around the waist.
Another grabbed
one of her wrists and held it firm. She swung wildly with the other fist and
kicked her legs madly, trying to fight them off. Someone else grabbed her
other arm and she was pulled to the carpeted floor. Her arms were held
fast above her head, while her legs were
being forced apart roughly.
"Noo....nooooo...please don't do this!" she cried through clenched teeth.
It was no use. One of the men dangled his cock in front of her face and
told her to suck it. Another man was squeezing her tits like they were
bread dough. She also felt hands stroking her thighs and between her legs.
The hand between her legs rubbed her pubic bush again and again, then
rudely jammed two fingers deep into her vagina. Katrina's body reeled
from the shock.
"AAAAHHHHHaahahahhh!!! Noooo....Nooooo...AAAAHHH AAAAHHHH"
The fingers probed her deeper, exploring everywhere they could reach inside.
"AAAHH!!! NOOOO!!! aaah, aaah, aaah, aaah, NOOOOO!!!"
Another finger was wedged into her tight cunt. Katrina's body bucked hard.
Her hips
rose from the floor, but she was pinned back down. The thick fingers in her
cunt were driving her crazy, probing, digging deeper inside of her, rubbing
against her clit. She didn't want to give these guys the satisfaction, but
she knew she would come soon.
"Keep finger fucking the slut, Jack! Attaway man, she loves it!" said Tom,
who was squeezing her tits.
"Yeah! She's not such a big star now, right honey? Just a horny slut who
needs a good hard fucking! Ha ha!"
"Suck my cock, baby!" Jim thrust his meat into her face again. This time,
Katrina was out of control and opened her mouth around his flesh,
sucking it deep.
She felt someone sucking her tits at the same time. Jack's fingers were
still plunging in and out of her vagina and she needed to come. It
happened when a guy bit down on her nipple. A shock wave went
through her body and it triggered a flood erupting from her juicy cunt.
Katrina's hips shook violently as her juices poured out of her, onto
Jack's hand and making a puddle on the carpet.
"Damn, baby! That was great!" exclaimed Jack as he pulled his fingers
from her pussy. He stroked his cock a couple of times and then thrust
it right inside her where his fingers had been. "Uuuunnnhghh!" With
one push he was all the way in. Katrina's
cunt was soaking wet from her come.
"Uuunngh! Uuuunnnghh! Uuunngh! Unnnnggh!" Jack hammered
his pole inside her for a few more thrusts. He knew he would not last
long though. His cock began to throb and he started to moan.
"NOOO!! You Bastard!! Don't come inside meeee! NOOOO!!!" Katrina
screamed as she stopped sucking Jim's cock and she felt Jack starting
to come.
Too late. Jack unloaded wave after wave of sticky white semen inside
her body. She felt the hot liquid filling her again and again. Katrina
started to cry again. Jim rammed his cock back into her mouth and
shot his load of come onto her pretty face. Gobs of it stuck in her
thick dark hair.
She didn't even have time to recover from the fucking Jack had given
her before she felt another stiff prick being shoved rudely into her
pussy. This time it was Tom, who had spoken to her first when she
found these men in her home.
"Ms. Kaif, you are so hot and sexy, baby! UUNNNNGGHH!
I have wanted to...
Uuuunngh! fuck you for so long.....Uuuungh! Uuuunngh!! Damn,
your cunt is so WET! UUUnnngghh!! You've got me stiff as a
board! Uuunnnghh!!"
Over and over, Tom pushed his thick sausage deep inside Katrina's
pussy. He rubbed his hand across her bush, pressing it down to force
her clit against his member. The friction drove her crazy. Her hips
bucked and twisted wildly with every thrust. She felt another flood
building inside her.
"AAAAHHH!!!! oooohh oooooohhh ooooohh AAAAAHH!! Unh,
Katrina's cunt erupted with a flood of her pussy juice once again.
Tom felt the hot liquid rushing against his cock and thrust it in once
more as hard and as deep as he could. He squirted jets of sticky white
goo deep inside her. She was so full of cum that it was starting to
ooze out of her snatch.
Suddenly she felt herself being pushed onto her side. Someone was
moving behind her, grabbing and squeezing the firm round globes
of her ass. Her ass cheeks were being spread apart. She was afraid
of what may happen next.
"Nnnoooo!'t touch me there!" Katrina panted in
despair. She knew they would if they wanted to.
"You mean 'here'?" laughed one of them as he licked his finger and
placed it against her
puckered anus.
"NNOOOO!!! NNNOOOO!! PLEASE DON'T!!" shreiked Katrina.
The last guy who
had tried to touch her there had gotten slapped hard, but with all
these guys holding her down, she knew that she was at their mercy.
A fuck slave to be used for whatever they wanted.
The man behind her leaned down next to her ear and whispered,
"Kat, baby, it makes me
crazy when you scream like that. I love a feisty bitch like you." Then he
pushed his finger
as deep inside her tight rectum as he could. He twisted it back and
forth inside her ass,
slapping her butt cheeks with his other hand, laughing the whole time.
Another guy came and made her suck his cock. Someone else lifted
one of her legs and began to play with her cream-filled cunt again.
More fingers were probing her wet fuck
tunnel. She lay on her side with one leg high in the air while she
was being finger fucked in both of her holes.
"Oooohhh! ooohh...unh unh unh unh unh AAAAHHHH aaahhh
unh unh unh unh" grunted Katrina as her sexy body squirmed
on the carpet.
Tim, the guy behind her, spread her ass cheeks again and began
to wedge another finger into her tight backdoor. She screamed for
mercy as he forced it inside and wriggled it inside her asshole,
pressing deeper and deeper with each thrust.
"Damn, honey I knew you'd be a hot fuck, but you are even better
than I thought." said Tim. He took his fingers out of her ass and
rammed his thick cock into her tight asshole.
"Kat, baby, your ass feels so nice on my cock......UUUNNH!!
Sooo tight! UUNNGH!! UUNNGGH!! You need a good hard
assfucking baby. UUUNNGH!"
"OOOOWWWW!!!! Ooooohh, oooohhhhggoooddd......unh
unh unh unh unh AAAAHHAAAAHH!!! oooohhho ohhhhhh
unh unnh unh AAAAAHHHHHH!!!""
Katrina screamed.
"You're not such a big star after all, baby!" Tim spoke into her
ear. "Uuunnngghh!! Just another slut who loves getting her
cunt and ass fucked hard....UUUNNGGHH!!"
Tim rolled onto his back with his cock still crammed deep
inside Katrina's beautiful ass.
He held her legs open as he continued to pound into her pooper.
Her pussy was exposed and Eric didn't waste any time. He
mounted her and his stiff
prick slid up into her slick vaginal cavity. Katrina squealed with
fear and pleasure.
She was being fucked with two dicks at the same time! Her hips
gyrated and bucked
like crazy!
unh unh unh unh.......
AAAAHHHHH!!!! aah aaah aaaaahh ahahahahahahhahahahah
STOPPPPPP!!!! IT....IT HURTS...unh unh uhuhuhuhuhuhuh.....
pl..please unh unh unh
OOOOOOWWWWW!!!" Katrina screamed and groaned as both
guys rammed their stiff cocks deep inside her cunt and her asshole.

Hearing her scream like that sent both guys over the edge in a hurry.
Tim and Eric
blasted hot streams of sticky cum into Katrina's gorgeous body.
She came also, with
slick sweet fluids gushing from her cunt, running down her thighs
and onto the floor beneath her.
Suddenly she felt a spurt of cum right onto her face. One of the
guys had been watching the show she had just put on and had
been whacking off, with his cock aimed at her face. The semen
smelled bleachy on her cheek.
Before she could react, she saw another guy getting ready to fuck
her. Poor Katrina was exhausted! "No......please no more.........
I can't (sob) ..........I'm sore (sniff)... no"
Too late. Her legs were forced apart and yet another cock plunged
deep into her sore pussy. "aaahhhhhhAAHAHAHHAHH!!!!"
"Uuuunngh!! Uuuunngh! Uunngh!! Uuungh!! Uungh!" Steve pumped
his rod in and out of her sore cum filled cunt again and again and again
faster and faster......then he exploded and filled her snatch once again
with his seed.
He lay on top of her for a few minutes tired and sweaty. "Mmmm!
Baby, you are one great fuck. I'd love ot do this again tomorrow
night. How about it?"
Finally finished after their frenzied fucking, the guys dressed and
left. Katrina lay on the floor sweaty and exhausted, covered in come.
She needed another shower. In the shower,
she scrubbed herself with soap over and over. But no matter how hard
she scrubbed, she couldn't clean the dirty feeling or the memory of
what happened.
And she knew they would return for her..................................

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