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Made Brother my Slave
02-16-2014, 12:50 PM
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Wank Made Brother my Slave
Jeff peered through the cracked doorway, craning his neck in an attempt to see the room beyond. His heart was pounding so loud he was certain anyone within 50 feet could hear it. If someone came upstairs they would undoubtedly notice his hunched form outside Emily's room. He hadn't really planned to spy on his sister, but watching her all day in her two piece swimsuit had given him blue balls to the extreme.
For Emily's 19th birthday, their parents had thrown a pool party with invitations to at least ten other seniors from her class, seven girls and three guys. The party had lasted nearly five hours, the last person finally heading home around 8:00.
Jeff preferred not to interact with Emily's friends. None of them liked him and he didn't care for their prissy attitudes. Jeff wasn't a jock, though he worked out every day. He was a tall lanky sort of fellow and often felt awkward around women.

Emily, in contrast, was a member of the cheering squad, and vice president of her senior class. Shoulder length hair, slender form, double D cups and innocent face put her on the receiving end of many guys' attention. She stood at 5 feet 7 inches and wore fairly modest clothing that betrayed a hint of sensuality.
Jeff had been stealing glances at his sister since she'd grown breasts at age 15. While he'd dreaded going out amongst her friends, he was unable keep his eyes off Emily's royal blue bikini as she dove head long into their backyard pool. As she climbed out of the pool, he almost thought he could make out the contours of her pussy through wet fabric. Trying not to be noticed, Jeff had gone back in the house to avoid having to deal with the social environment.
Watching some porn flicks that he'd saved on his computer Jeff had decided to relieve himself. Debating between his bed or the bathroom, he opted for the easier cleanup.

As he'd opened the door on his way to the bathroom Emily has come around the corner in her bikini, towel over her shoulder. Realizing he was sporting a noticeable erection he'd pivoted sharply, but not quite quickly enough and the two had collided.
"Geeze Jeff, watch where going!" Emily quipped as she angled past him with a huff. "Gawd. You're such a dork."
Jeff had felt the wet fabric as she'd passed by and hadn't failed to notice that he could see the outline of her nipples in the blue mesh. His erection hadn't lost steam due to the brief thoughts about his sister's breasts. As he'd glanced back at her door, he'd noticed that it hadn't shut; a thin sliver of light shown through the nearly closed doorway.
Jeff knew he shouldn't but he found it hard to pass up the opportunity. As quietly as he could, he speedily moved to crouch in front of Emily's door, desperately trying to catch a eyeful of his sister.

He could see her lay her towel down on the back of her computer desk chair and reach behind her back to the clasp ties of her bikini. Carefully, he gave the slightest nudge to the door, making sure she was turned away from the cracked opening. He could now see her clearly as she draped her top over her towel. His heart pounded when she turned around, now facing the door and pulled down her bikini bottoms.
Immediately he felt the blood rush into his cock again as her perky breasts bounced forward. Time nearly stood still for him as he watched her pull the sides of her blue bikini bottom down, revealing a small trimmed triangle of pubic hair just above bare feminine lips. Emily stepped out of them and stood up. Pausing for a moment as if thinking about something, she then turned around and laid them on the towel.
Jeff was surprised to see her move about her room in the buff not that he minded terribly. He could feel the raging hard on in his pants pulsate uncomfortably.

He wanted to relieve the ache in his groin but couldn't tear his eyes away as Emily laid out some clothes and hung up her suit to dry. Moving beyond the angle Jeff could see, he shifted to try and get a better view. To his dismay, he'd misjudged how close he was to the door jam. He leaned in to get a better look and his head hit the door frame. He bit his lip to keep from cursing but was certain the sound would have eliminated any possibility of catching any more of his nude sister. Fearing that he'd soon be discovered he moved as quickly and quietly to the bathroom
The distinct sound of Emily's door shutting sent his heart pounding anew. Had she heard him? Reaching into his pants he gave his cock a squeeze to relieve a little tension. So as not to raise any suspicion, he flipped on the shower on and left it at lukewarm to avoid using all the hot water. Dropping his pants and boxers, he closed the lid on the toilet and sat down; erection in hand he began stroke, envisioning Emily standing there naked in the middle of the room.

He'd seen probably hundreds of naked girls online and had jacked off to many of them, but none were his sister. While something in him felt shame for thinking about his sibling in such a manner, it hadn't stopped him from fantasizing about her body for years. Jeff was actually quite picky with his porn, all the pictures saved on his computer were of girls that, at least in some way, resembled Emily. After seeing Emily's gorgeous body, he knew those wouldn't cut it for him now.
He stroked up and down, eyes closed as he tried to maintain the picture of her delicious breast and her flat stomach, travelling down to those bare pussy lips. He murmured her name, stroking himself faster.
"What the Hell are you're doing?!"
Jeff froze feeling the blood drain from his face. He didn't want to open his eyes knowing the voice that had fronted the accusation.
"You were spying on me weren't you? You perve!"
Jeff still wouldn't open his eyes, praying that this wasn't happening.
"Look at me you bastard!"

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02-16-2014, 12:50 PM
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RE: Made Brother my Slave

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02-16-2014, 12:52 PM
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RE: Made Brother my Slave
Jeff opened his eyes and saw a furious Emily in her bathrobe glowering down. He tried to cover up his groin.
"You sick fucking bastard! How long were you watching me and what did you see?"
Jeff glanced back and forth, averting his eyes from her glare. He opened his mouth but no sound came out. Suddenly in a rush he tried to defend himself. "It was an accident, I didn't mean to see you change, but your door was open and I ...well I....happened to"
"Bull shit! That door was barely cracked. You'd have had to get pretty damn close to just 'see me change.'" She grabbed his hands and pulled them away from his lap before he could stop her. "And I suppose your dick just happened to jump into your hands too."
He wrenched his hands away from her and tried to cover himself again.
It hadn't escaped Emily's attention that her brother was not a small in his masculine features. Her last boyfriend was probably a good inch shorter and not nearly as thick. It had been four months since Emily had been laid.

She'd almost dragged one of the guys from the party to her room fucked him had her parents not been ever present at the party. As She glanced down at his lap as he'd tried to cover up and wondered just how big he actually was and how a cock that big might feel. Emily had always been impulsive, often leading to many relationships that often flopped. Right now her mind was reminding her along with a dull ache in her groin that she'd gone without for much longer than she'd wanted. A second later she had settled it. If he wanted to spy on her, then she'd treat him like the perve he was.
"Look at me." Jeff's eyes remained glued to the floor. "I said look at me Jeff. Unless you want me to go downstairs and tell mom and dad about this whole thing."
Jeff grimaced and looked up at his older sister. Emily unfastened the ties on her robe. "You wanted to see me?" she said scornfully. "Well, here you go."

" She opened her robe revealing her glorius nudity, watching Jeff closely, knowing that he wanted to look but was scared it was a trick and it really sort of was. "Why don't you go back to jacking off now, you don't have to try to think about what I look like, so jerk away." She said in a sarcastic tone.
Jeff was frozen. He couldn't tear his eyes from her exquisite body, but yet feared that she may still expose him to their parents. His eyes kept shifting from her shaved pussy lips to her nipples, avoiding her eyes as best he could. He noted that Emily's light brown areoles looked hard as rocks. And still he stared, unmoving.
"What? Do you need me to pose, or perhaps you'd like to peek at me through a closed doorway." Jeff still didn't move. Emily was starting to enjoy the power his fear was giving her over him. The view of his hardening cock, despite his obvious discomfort, coupled with the knowledge that he was at her mercy and whim was really turning her on.

Seconds ticked by and Emily took the situation in hand, so to speak. "Fine," She said with finality.
Emily dropped the bathrobe completely and stepped forward pushing Jeff back on the toilet, none too gently. Making sure he was watching her, she put one hand on the counter next to the commode to steady herself and the other at her mound, spreading her moist sex. Slowly, deliberately Emily straddled Jeff. She leaned in, feeling the tip of his cock at her poised fingers. Using her other hand she pushed his shielding hands away from the obviously uncomfortable erection he was sporting. Wrapping her hand around his hot flesh she felt him tense. She looked down and stroke his cock until a bead of precum formed at his tip. She cocked her head slightly, mere inches from his face. "Too spineless to jack off now that you've been caught?"
Without another word Emily sank onto his erection, trying her best not to moan as she felt her brother's large member fill her achingly empty pussy.

Keeping her expression as stoic as possible, Emily continued to drive downward until his length was buried completely within her. The look on Jeff's face had started as shock, then fear and then unmistakable, but nervous pleasure. Emily had never before taken a guy as large as Jeff. His girth stretched her cunt and filled the length of her soaking tunnel. The stretching burned a little but the feeling of his cock filling her was incredible. Despite her own pleasure, she managed to maintain her scowl as she sat impaled on her brother's rod.
"I suppose you would rather just be fucked?"
Jeff's breathing was ragged his body trembled and his cock throbbed. Emily's pussy surrounded his cock in pure velvet, tight, pleasurable warmth. He was shaking from both fear and pleasure. Every nerve of his cock radiated pure bliss. His mind screamed in terror knowing that if Emily chose to, she could spin this to their parents any way she wanted and he'd be totally screwed. "Look at me little brother."

With visible effort, Jeff's eyes met with hers for a second before dropping again. Emily's scowl took on a cruel smile. "Say it Jeff. You want your sister to fuck you." She spoke each word with deliberate force. "Say it!" she commanded.
"I want..." he barely whispered.
"What did you say?"
"I want my sister to..."
"You want your sister to what?"
Jeff was terrified, afraid to anger her, yet afraid to say what she demanded.
"I want my sister to fumhhmm me.." He uttered, barely audible.
"Don't be so pathetic. You want your sister to what....?"
"I want my sister to fuck me..." He said just above a whisper.
Emily's cruel smile returned. "Do you?" She flexed her pelvic muscles and Jeff her pussy's grip on his pulsing dick tighten, if that were even possible. "If you breathe a word of this to anyone, I will tell them you forced me." She took hold of his chin and forced his face to level with hers. "Do you understand me?"
Jeff nodded.
Deal struck, Emily began to fuck her little brother, slowly sliding up his shaft.

Her power secured Emily finally let her façade of anger shift to her dominant enjoyment as she began to slide back down, feeling as his cock head slid tightly back into place. She took her time raising up and easing down upon his thick shaft. As she became somewhat accustomed to his size, her movements began to vary slightly. Jeff's breath came in gasps as he fought to keep himself from cumming. He was watching his sister's perfectly shaped breasts lift up and down in front of him as she rode his cock. He could feel the slick friction of her tight cunt sliding over his extremely sensitive cock.
Even in Jeff's fantasies, he'd only ever envisioned Emily jerking him off, never had he thought of her fucking him. He couldn't believe how tight her pussy felt, and it was wonderful. He felt his balls rise and his whole pelvis locked for a few seconds as he tried everything he knew to keep from cumming.
Emily had fucked enough guys to know the signs of inevitable orgasm. Even if Jeff's face hadn't betrayed it,

his cock was so thick, she could feel the telltale jerk of his muscles as his body had nearly cum.. She leaned and whispered in his ear,
"You want to cum don't you?
Jeff shuddered and Emily could feel his dick jerk again. She squeezed her muscles around his cock and he gasped. "Say it. You want to cum inside me, don't you?"
Jeff only nodded.
"I said say it."
"I want to cum inside you."
"You want to come inside me, or you need to cum inside me?"
"Please Em..."
"Say it Jeff, " she said as she thrust down again.
"I need to cum inside you." He gasped out.
Emily leaned forward as she lifted her hips, nearly pulling him completely out of her. Extending her tongue she licked the bottom of his earlobe and felt his dick jerk twice. "Then cum!"
As the words left her lips, Emily bit his ear dropping her full weight onto his dick. She buried his cock inside her pussy to the hilt, clenching the entire time and sucking his earlobe into her mouth. The combination of stimulation avalanched Jeff's senses.

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02-16-2014, 12:52 PM
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RE: Made Brother my Slave
She could feel as his muscles began to contract and his entire dick pulsed inside her cunt, gyrating as cum raced from his balls into his sheathed shaft. Jeff cried out and Emily's hand shot over his mouth as his sperm exploded from his cock in surging streams of thick white cum pumping into his sister's clenching pussy. He moaned with each spurt that flowed into her.
Emily gasped as she felt his cock pulsate and shudder inside her cunt as he came. So forceful was his orgasm that she could feel each eruption of cum flowing from his tip as it blasted against the walls of her tunnel just above her G-spot. Each time his cock shot a rope of cum the swollen head pushed on her sensitive G-spot making her feel like cumming and peeing all at the same time. She shuddered involuntarily. She felt herself peak, sensing her control over him, the fullness of him, the virility of him, and the pleasure of his cum collided together and Emily began to cum around her brother's surging cock.

She bit his shoulder to keep from yelling as her body began to convulse uncontrollably squeezing Jeff's jerking shaft even harder, milking it, drawing the milky fluid from his teenage body. She felt the last pulses of his cum fill her as the final waves of her orgasm flowed through her.
She lifted her head, noting the purple outline of her teeth on his muscled shoulder. Neither moved, as they came back down from the high of post orgasmic bliss, Jeff's cock still deep within her feminine depths. A voice from downstairs broke the shared silence and made them both jump.
"Kids, your dad and I are going out for a bit. Don't wait up!"
Emily still straddled her brother as they heard the front door close, signaling that their parents had left the house. She knew it should disturb her that her younger brother had just fucked her let alone blown his cum inside her pussy. Yet, an idea was forming in her mind. This could be very, very fun.
She reached up and pulled Jeff's chin up to look at her again.

His eyes were still slightly hazy from his ride. "You're mine now, do you understand? Anytime, anywhere, and anything I want."
Jeff only nodded.
Emily stood up releasing his softening dick and with it a flood of his white cum poured from her open sex onto his cock and balls. Her pussy still gaped slightly from the size of his shaft. Emily dipped her finer into his cum. Raising it to her mouth she cleaned it off, then turned, gathered her robe and left a very confused younger brother still trying to figure out what had just happened.
As she savored the sweet taste in her mouth, she smiled to herself. It would be nice to have a slave to fuck.

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