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Madhuri Dixit and Hussain Saheb Sex Story
03-06-2012, 11:38 AM
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Madhuri Dixit and Hussain Saheb Sex Story
This country had hardly ever witnessed as brilliant a painter as MF Hussain. As famous he is for his brilliant paintings just as much (in)famy has he earnerd for his love of women and fast cars. The story about his connection with his muses is just as titillating as far as the imagination goes. Here let us narrate to you about his relations with his favorite and first muse Ms. Madhuri Dixit. We've sourced information from Hussain saab's personal words, diaries, the testimony of his near and dear ones and of course the most essential ingredient, imagination, as Rushdie puts it when you're writing on a historical perspective, there'll be gasps which must be filed in with imagination and imagination alone.

Just like any other artists, Hussain had a weakness for and adoration for beautiful women, who, in their beauty represented the pure beauty of nature. Hussain had had the company of quite a few pretty women before he noticed the young Madhuri in "Hum aapke hain kaun". She really caught onto his imagination. He had watched the movie umpteenth times, as he himself admits, before he finally had a chance to meet her in an Mumbai studio.

After the first meeting another one followed and another and they were really close. She inspired his imagination to such an extent that he decided to make a movie on her. Yes! A movie not featuring her, but rather on her, solely for her.

On the sets of "Gaja gamini" they came even closer. His eccentric irregular habits and his child like enthusiasm so characteristic of artists brought them even together.

It was a perfect union. People talk so much about age not being an obstacle in love, but how many actually witness it! They were together not only on mental planes but also physical. Now the incidents I'm going to narrate might be a little too obscene our intimate to some. This is part fiction, part reality and part metaphysical. Reader discretion is required. It is n serrated from Hussain saab's view.


I can not forget the first day Madhuri ji visited my house. I call myself a nomads but ironically I do possess a house. Our friendship wasn't yet very old but out was already very strong. Oh how can I forget it! She was accompanied by her cousin and she stayed but a few minutes. But those few moments are forever printed in my memory. She was dressed in a beautiful red saree cleverly exposing her midriff. There was not much make up on her but sol she looked like an angel sent from the heaven. This short interview was followed by a more prolonged and more promising second visit. Eventually we were close enough that she would sometimes stay in my house.

One such night, it was an August night, it was raining like cats and dogs and she had decided to stay with me rather than return in this torrential rain. And since there was so much closeness between us that the door of her room, there was one totally dedicated for her, adjacent to my own bedroom, was always open.

I opened the for of her room and entered it silently. She was in a white salwar and kurta. The simplicity and the white color magnified her eternal beauty manifold. She was sitting near the window watching the rain pitter patter against the window panes, totally engrossed. I went up to her and put one of my hands on her shoulders. She immediately knew it was me and tilted her head and put it over my hand. I caressed her head with my other hand, feeling the softness of her hair. It was in a bun. I untied it to let her long silky hair be free and tingle my fingers. It was now that she turned to face me. There was a meaningful smile on her face. Indeed God has made the fairer sex really mystical. This same smile can mean so many different things depending on people and context.

She then stood up facing me, we were so close I could feel her hot breaths over me. We were looking each other in eyes, the eyes speaking for themselves. Indeed Ghalib was so correct when he said the most expressive language is that of the eyes. Still looking she then came closer, even closer. She then put her fore finger to my lips. All my shaky lips could utter were 'Madhuri'

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03-06-2012, 11:38 AM
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RE: Madhuri Dixit and Hussain Saheb Sex Story
Before I knew it, her hands were running through my grey hairs and she pulled my head closer. I could see the flames of desire burning in her eyes, waiting for an union. I put my lips on her small lips. That warm feeling, the moist, passionate touch almost drived us wild. In a moment we were kissing each other. She bit my lips, sucking onto it. I also returned her kiss with fervor. I thrust my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues met and a tingly feeling ran through my spine. My hands were already clenched above her wide and plump buttocks. As the grip tightened, our kiss only got more intenser. Both of us were breathing heavily. When we ultimately did stop I was almost breathless.

I sat down on the couch at the other end of the house. She came over and sat besides me. "Hussain saab" she said. I put a finger on her lips. "Just Call me Fida. No saabs." Nodding she put her head on my shoulder and we sat motionless for a while. Breaking the silence she then said "I want to be yours Fida, yours." Her voice oozed that enchantedness, that sexuality that I have never ever found on another woman.

I drew her on to myself and pressed her on my body. She circled her hands around my neck and we started kissing again on the couch.

From her juicy mouth I then moved southward to explore her curves. I moved father enough to encounter her kurta. I then placed one of my hands on her firm round breast. She had closed her eyes and was enjoying herself. I swear to god, had I not been as aroused as I was, I'd have started capturing the moment with my brush for she looked so marvelous, so out of the world.

I then found myself rubbing her right breast over her kurta and trying to squeeze the left one into my mouth. Madhuri was moaning lightly.those moans, oh! weren't they arousing! Like the mating call of animals! They filled in me the enthusiasm of a thousands lions. I put both my hands into her kurta from the top of neckline. She had opened her eyes in anticipation. I caught the kurta and applied all my might and the with a prrrr sound the cloth gave way. I removed them sideways to reveal her ample breasts contained in a white embroidered bra.

I looked at her content face again and then again put my hands onto task. I was mauling those breasts as hard as I could in my ageing hands. I then pulled out her left breast out of the bra and let it free. Her brownish areola and dark brown puffy nipple stood out in all its glory. it mesmerized me for a moment. I then put this free breast in my mouth, wetting it with my saliva.

I was, at the moment sitting crossed legged before her still form. I leaned over now putting both of my hands at her back, trying to find her bra hooks. My overexcited nerves took quite sometime to unhook the bra but what was it that I beheld! Two beautiful round structures, so white and firm as if made of marble and so enchanting as if they were the breasts of goddess venus.

I caught both of them in my hands and was squeezing them mercilessly. That made her moan really loud. I excitedly pushed her down on the couch and made her lie flat. I almost slept over her and started kissing her madly. Those milky white mountains of flesh and lust were still getting crushed in my hands.

When I had enough of feeling and cupping her supple breasts. I moved my head down again, to suck the oozing sexuality out of those milk tankers. I bit both of them leaving my love marks. I licked her areola with my tongue driving her wild as she put her hands behind my head and pressed me on her chest. I bit her nipple and that almost set her screaming.

After wetting both of her mounds with my saliva I moved even more southward, exploring her flat white belly. When I reached her navel, it was deep and erotic, I put my small finger into it. I was now massaging her thighs over the salwar.

As I started licking her belly button she pulled on to my hair lightly and deeply sighed "FIDA! FIDA!" I looked up at her and smiled. The tone of her voice told me just what I had to do. I started undoing her salwar. I undid it but didn't remove it but rather slid one of my hands inside while the other stayed caressing her flat tummy.

The next thing that I knew was a pleasant surprise, there was no resistance inside, that is to say there were no panties! looking at my surprised face she was smiling slyly.

My hand rubbed against the stubby hairs of her mons pubis. After caressing the outer part of her love triangle for a moment I guided one finger inside that glory hole. It was moist, warm and most of all welcoming and inviting. As another finger slid in she moaned louder and ( ) moved a little as if to adjust herself. "Fida, fida! Remove that salwar." that's what she said between the moans.

So I pulled down her salwar to her legs with my other hand and as I did so I lowered my head to inhale the smell of her vagina. It was intoxicating, not just in a literal sense, for I almost fell over it and started to lick out without knowing what I was doing.

At first I was only licking the outer lips, they were brown and puffy. But soon enough I dug deep with my tongue to reveal those pink folds of ecstasy. I bit them, I chew them driving Madhuri almost insane with passion as she held my head firmly over her most private parts. She had started to drip a little, getting wet but I kept enjoying her natural juices until my beard was drenched in that paradisical elixir.

She was now up and she raised me too. We were involved in another deep kiss and I could never know when she removed my overcoat and shirt. By the time we stopped she was opening my pants. As she undid it she pulled it down and removed my underwear too.

She caught hold of my experienced weaponry skilfully. Just the touch of her hands were enough to send my veins engorged with blood. I was all erect and standing besides the couch as she knelt down and slowly massaged my penis. Now since the very idea of fellatio is somewhat alien to indian women I didn't ask her to taste it. She just knelt there sending electric sparks through my spine as I felt myself to be the luckiest person on earth. I caressed her soft silky hair and she played with and caressed my penis and its accompanying rounded companions.

By the time she got over it I was already wet. She stood up and put her arms around my neck, kissing and then she pushed me down on the couch. She was slowly going over the whole of my body, touching and caressing and occasionally licking. Finally she pinned me down on the bed and sat on my groin, holding my erect tool in her right hand. My eyes were fixed on her supple breasts however, for no matter how long I had played with them, those enchanted mounds still fascinated me. They both shook with every movement of hers. Her concentration was however focused on guiding my missile to its target.
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03-06-2012, 11:38 AM
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RE: Madhuri Dixit and Hussain Saheb Sex Story
She at first rubbed it on her vagina's entry, the trickling warm juice filling in me a new energy. Ultimately she kept my engorged penis at the entrance and let go, as if welcoming me in.

I gave a jerk to my waist and half of my shaft went inside, eliciting a muffled scream like sound from Madhuri's throat. Before I could give it another jerk she herself came swiftly down on it, stammering out incoherent words all the while. This forced my entire length to be buried in her vagina.

She slowly moved up again and put both of her hands on my chest. She slowly bobbed up and down as her moist vaginal walls stretched and gave way for the movement of my penis. It was time for both of us to moan pleasurably. My hands moved automatically to her breasts as if guided by some unseen power. I caught them and handled them as if they were the steering wheels of a Ferrari, as if I could control Madhuri's pace with them. I squeezed them harder and she indeed went faster, her breasts jumping with each stroke. This lasted for about ten minutes but for us it must've been ten aeons of pleasure. As I discharged within her she slept atop me, eyes closed and almost out of breath.

she soon opened her eyes and we were talking to each other via our eyes till she closed one eye and winked. Then she laughed loudly, the characteristic Madhuri smile!

I was soon ready for another hunt, this time she below and me on top, the typical
missionary pose. Her long slender legs dangled partially from the edge of couch. I was in between her legs, while my hands worked on her white breasts, now reddened with my teeth marks. Her hair was spread out on the couch. It so looked like a scene from some erotic epic!

I slowly entered her love temple for Cupid's prayers after a brief but passionate kiss. She was moaning once more now, this time louder, for her position made her pubic muscles tight which in turn tightened her vagina, giving her more sensations.

I was thrusting my shaft in, one of my hands on her waist, rocking it while the other held her left arm. The silken touch of her arm was erotic too! Madhuri ought to be our Indian counterpart of Venus! Her faint smile mixed with occasional moans, for she was accustomed to my pace and rhythm now, made the whole imagery picturesque.

Soon I was pumping her as fast as a person of my age can manage without breaking his back. She was holding on to my hands as she raised her legs to rest them on my shoulders. Both of us were nearing superclimax. I reached over to her back with one hand and lifted her till she was in a position to kiss me. And we kissed, all the while I kept thrusting deep into her hole, exploring. Our tongues met quiveringly and waves of pleasure ran through both of our bodies. We had both climaxed together!

When our long kiss broke she said "You're great Fida, totally unmatchable." I stroked her hair and kissed her forehead in return.

The next day when I woke up it was still raining, the pitter patter sound being the only audible sound besides that of rain. I looked at Madhuri. The naked beauty was still asleep. I smiled while I ran a finger over her back.

Many years have passed since that encounter but our first night of union was something unforgettable. The sight of that morning was the inspiration behind my painting 'Madhuri raj'. Dr. Sriram is one lucky man...

[This is completely a work of fiction. Not to be taken seriously.]
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