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Mast+mast = masti
06-22-2011, 09:44 AM
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Mast+mast = masti
Hi, Girls. My name is Nishant Jain . 32 yrs, 5 fit 5′lamba hu, mota hu kamar 32 ‘he .Mera land 8′ mota he, golai 3′ he, yah meri life ki dusari sachi ghatana aap ko pes kar raha hu . Yah meri cousin sister ki shadi ki ghatna he jab me us samay 25 yrs ka tha, shadi me kai log aye hua the, sare ristedar bahane unki nanad usme karib 14 – 15 sal ki ak ladki jiska nam shirali he. Jo ki jeans uske upar top pahne hua thi . Uski figure to aisi thi ki pucho mat. Usko dhekh kar mera man bechen hone laga tha. Wo bahut hi sundar dhikh rahi thi .Uski kamar 25′ hai, ekdam gori gori chikni chikni he, lumbe kale bal, height kareeb 4’5″ aur figure napna baki tha.fir bhi dil kah raha he ki Uska figure mast+mast = masti hai.Uske sharir ke hishab se uske bobe bhahut chote the, bade size ke nibu ki tarah the, uske batuk (pichavada ) bada tha me use dhekh kar aahe bharne laga tha . Ak bar to me shirali ke nam ki muth bathroom me jakar marne ki sochi.Phir me bathroom me jakar muth mar aya . Shirali ko dhunda vo nahi dhiki phir me shadi me laga raha .Rat me fir shirali ko dekha kya gajab lag rahi thi usne safed rang ke ghagra and choli pahni thi.Use dekh kar land maharaj phir khade ho gaye.shadi ke pure program ke ander bas ak hi kam karta raha shirali ko dhekhane ka .Shadi hone ke bad rat me jab me sone ke liye ak bade se hall me gya to mujhe kahi jagah dikhay nahi di me ak kone me gya vaha sabhi log rajai me soye hua the me bhi thodi jagha thekh kar rajai lekar so gaya .Mujhe pata nahi tha ki meri kismat chamkne wali he .Rat ke karib do baj rahe the thand kuch jyada hi thi .Mere baju me kuch hal chal hui vaha night bulb jal raha tha mene nind me tha, karib adhe ghante bad thandi mujhe paresan kar rahi thi or baju me soye hua ko bhi, tabhi mujhe ak hath dikhay diya vo hath shirali ka tha meri shashe ruk si gay, shirali ne vohi kapde pahan rakhe the, usane apna hath badakar meri rajai khichi me bhi rajai ke sath sath uki our sarak gaya .vo nind me thi me dhire dhire uske sath chipkne ki kosis karne laga .mera land khara ho gya mene apna land bhi use tuch dhire se rajai ke bahar nikla or uke pero ki or muh kar ke phir se rajai me ghus gaya .mene dheka ki uska ghaghara thoda sa ucha chada hua he uski gori gori chikni pindliya dhikai dene lagi mene apne app ko uske pero ki
Ungliyo ko muha me lekar chusne se nahi rok paya, uki pindiyo ko chuma chata, vo ghari nind me thi .meri himat bad gai mene uska ghaghara our upar kardiya mujhe uski chikni janghe dudh si safed dikai dene lagi mene unhe chuma hath se sahlaya chata bhi ushi choti si panti jo ki safed thi dikhai de rahi dhi, mene apna muh uski panti par rakh diya or upar se hi jib se sahlane laga, phir uska sharir thoda sa hila, me ruk gaya phir dhodi der bad mene himat kar ke uski panti ki side se ungli under dali our panti hatai uski choot par bal bilkul nahi the vo ak dam kuvari dikh rahi dhi muh choot ka band tha badi size bhahut kam dhikhai de rahi thi mene uski choot ki khusboo lene laga mujhe nasa sa hone laga tha mene phir apni jib uski choot ke upar rakh di chatne laga, vo nind se jag chuki thi usne koi reaction nahi kiya me uski choot ko chatne me laga raha thodi der me usne upni panti utarne ki kosis ki me samajh gaya ki vo tayar ho gai he uski panti ke utar te hi me uske bagal me agaya or uske mulayam hoto ko muh me leliya usne bhi mere hoto ko chuma chata. Uske muh me mene apni jib daldi usne use bhi chusa .mera ak hath uke nibu jese bobo par tha me unhe choli ke upar se hi sahla raha tha .vo dhire dhire garam hone ke sath siskari bhar rahi thi vo kuch bhi nahi bol rahi thi .phir mene rajai me hi uske choli ki dori kholi usne bra nahi pahani thi uske chote chote ubhar mere samne agaye mene unhe muthi me bhich liya Vo siskane lagi boli dhire se dabavo mene pahle kabhi asa nahi kiya he, vo dhire2 bol rahi thi uski avaj sexy lag rahi thi .uske ubhar ke nipal abhi sahi nahi nikle the uska nipple ki jagah ka rang gulabi 2
Tha mene uske bobe ko muhame bhar liya chune aur chatne laga uska siskna bad gaya mene use kan me kaha avaj mat karo koi sun lega . Wo boli ahah dhire dhire mere sath sex karo. Usne mujhe kiss karna suru kar diya mere lips ko woh buri tarah se kiss karne lagi. Me bhi josh me aa gaya aur usko kiss karne laga. Aur usko aapni bahon me dabane laga.. Usko maine khich ke jor se bhich diya . Mai uske upper aa gaya aur usko chumna suru kar diya . 10 se 15 min tak mai usko chumna chatna jari rakha Jese hi maine pure ke pure bobe dono hatho se dabaye . Phir maine uski nipple ko muh me rakh diya aur choosne laga woh aaaaahhh kar rahi thi. Mai use choosta hi raha thodi der baad maine uski kamar se niche hath legaya chut bahut garam ho gayi thi to uski choot gili ho chuki thi. Maine phrse niche ki or agya uske pero ko phela diya jis se uski nanhi si choot bhi phel gay. Choot ko phaila ke uski gandh mere sharir me utejna bhar rahi thi phir me choot ki kiss kiya phir hatho se phela kar use chatne laga. Voh siskari mar rahi. Thi. Aaa assssshhs aaahhhss ssshaaaa aaaahsshhsss ahhhh hh hssaaaa aaahh uski choot bahut choti thi mere pure muhame agai mene use pura hila ke rakh diya uske chut ka pani ka swad bahut acha tha me sara pani chatne laga, tabhi usne mujhe ghumne ko kaha me ghuma uski or mere per hogaye usne meri jeans ko utara or u.w.utara, mera land jo ki phul khada tha hath uke hath me tha, vo thoda dar gai mene uski choot ki fako ko muha me daba liya jis se vo sikari bhar te hua mere land ko muh me bhar liya or chusane or chatne lagi.Wo mere lund ko hath me lekar kinch rahee thee aur kas kar daba rahee thee. Phir shirali mere baju me agai or kamar ko upar utha liya aur mere tane hue 8′ lund ko apni jangho ke bich le kar apni choot par ragarne lagee. Wo meri taraf karbat le kar let gayee takee mere lund ko theekh tarah se pakar sake. Uske bobe mere munh ke bilkul najdik thee aur mai
Unhe kas kas kar daba raha tha. Phir usne kaha, “chuso inko munh me lekar.” Maine uski left chunchee munh me bhar liya aur jor jor se chusne laga. Thore der ke liye maine Uski chunchee ko munh se nikala aur bola, “mai aja subha se tumhe chumna or chatna or chodna chahta tha, tumhare nam se mene apni muth bhi mari he, Inko chune ki bahut icchha ho rahi thee aur dil kar raha tha ki inhe munh me lekar chusu aur inka rus peeun. Acchha to aaj apni tamanna puri kar lo, jee bhar kar dabao, chuso aur maze lo aur mast mast masti karo .uska isara milte hi mene sidha letay gand ke niche ak takiya rakha phir uki choot phel gai use chati Meri jib uske choot me dal di our chot jib se chodane laga .Unke muhh se “oh!Ohoh oh!Oh!Oh oh oh!Oh!Oh oh Oh! Ah! Ce, ce! Cececece, ce!Cececce, ce!Ecece Ki awaj nikal rahee thee. Me uke bagal me agya usne mera land pakad liya aur apni choot par ragda mene uski right tang ko upar uthaya meri kagh me dabaya aur lund ko ko uski jabgho ke bich nanhi si pari par rakh diya . Mere land ka supara Uski choot me ghum ho jane ke liye betab hogya . Mujhe bhi sabra nahi ho raha tha. Mai shirali se bola, ‘shirali thodasa dard hoga avaj mat karna shirali boli, “please mujhe chodo, phad dalo meri chut ko” me uski aur dekhta chunchee maslta raha. Vo phir boli ““please mujhe chodo .phir mene dhire dhire dabav badaya aur phir mene achanak ak jor ka dhakka diya mera lund ek hi dhakke me supara andar chala gaya. Isse pahale ki shirali ki chik nikle mene apna muah uske lip par rakh diye use bolne nahi diya aur phir halke halke gadi chalane laga phir achank dusara dhakka diya aur pura ka pura lund makhhan jaise uki aram gah me dhakhil ho gaya shirali tadap uthi mujhe dur dhakelne lagi please mat dalo . Phir mene dhire dhire land pelne laga andar bahar kiya usko kuch aram mila shirali chillaii, maaaaaa huhuhhhhh oh bahut dard ho raha he Paheli bar jo itna mota aur lumba lund unke choti si choot me ghusa tha. Mai apna lund
Uski choot me dhire dhre pelta raha . Shirali ki choot phat gay thi. Uski sase jo tej chal rahi thi vo bhi tham gay vo mera phir sath dene lagi mujhe chumne lagi uske nibu se ubhar chuma aur halkasa kata bhi . Maine hath barha kar dono chunchee ko pakar liya aur munh me lekar chusne laga. Shirali ko aur kuch rahat mili aur usne kamar ko dhire dhire hilani shuru kar dii. Mene bhi use thoda teji se chodna suru kiya vo niche se kamar utha kar javabi hamla karne lagi Phir shirali aur tej aur tej kaha mene speed baradi aur teji se lund andar-bahar karne laga. Shirali bhi pura mast mast masti ho gay ko puri mastee aa rahee thee aur wo neeche se kamar utha utha kar har shot ka jawab dene lagee. Raseeli chunchee meri chatee par ragarte hue usne gulabee hont mere hont par rakh diye aur mere munh me jib thel diya. Choot me mera lund teji se se upar neeche ho raha tha. Mene bhi apani raftar tej ki vo bhi jharne vali thi uski raftar aur tej ho gay shirali apni kamar hila kar chutar utha utha kar chuda rahee thee aur bole ja rahee thee, “ahhh meeeere rajjjjja, maaaaaaar gayye reeeee, lalllllla choooood re choooood. Me bhi chuchiya dabate hua chode jaraha tha aah haaaaaan haaaaai meeeere rajjjjjjja. Mujhe kuch horaha he gayeeee reeee,” kahate hue shirali ne kas karapni bahon me jakar liya aur Uski choot ne pani chor diya.mera lund pani chorne wala tha aur mai bola, “mai bhi gaya mene bhi apna lund ka pani chor diya aur mai hafte hue Uske bobo par sar rakha aur leta raha .phir me hata uski choot se khun nikla tha use rajai ke kavar se saf kiya .rajai ke undar ak dusare ne apne kapde pahne. Vahase use utha kar bathroom bheja usne sabun se apni choot dhoi .vapas ane par usne mujhe apne pas sulaya aur ak bar phir choot ka chatna chalu hua .agar koi ladki or orat jis ki choot phul jesi ho jo mujhse apni choot chatvana chahti he, me choot chatne me mahir hu yah sabit kar sakta hu mujhe contact kare, apna koi bhi anubhav mujhe mail, mail ke dawara apni apas ki dosti bhi kar sakte jo only mail se mail rahegi mera e-mail id

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