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Minissha Lamba Sex Story
10-12-2012, 01:28 AM
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Minissha Lamba Sex Story
This is a time when Minissha Lamba was relatively unknown after her debue movie Yahaan though critically aclaimed sank without a trace.

Minissha had not yet shifted to Mumbai and she was staying in Delhi with a friend, A daily routine consisted of moving from one meeting to another with casting agents. Ram Iyer a leading casting agent for B grade movies asked her to get a professional folio done so that she could appoach top producers.

Money was a problem in the early days and she had to come up with 50K for portfolio. The photographer of choice was a certain RAHEJA who had done folios of Ms india's and had a reputation as a womaniser. Iyer had put in a word with Raheja about Minissha who came to the studio on a saturday morning as desired.

Raheja sat down to discuss the concepts for the shoot, while Minissha wanted a shoot in traditional attire and western wear Raheja suggested a bold theme for an indian shoot along with the Raheja Special of a bikini shoot and a grungy western wear shoot. Raheja also mentioned that there would be2 assistants and a make up man for the shoot. For payment Raheja gave Minissha a special offer of 30K half to be paid in advance and half a week after the shoot.

The clothes he said would be sponsered by a well known boutique whose owner would also have the rights to the photographs for 3 years for their advertising brochure. Minissha thought this was a great deal, getting a folio shoot by a well known photographer.

2 weeks later on the designated date Minissha reached the studio at 8 am in the morning. Along with Raheja there was a make up man Raghu and two young boys who looked liked part time models probably JAT boys who would be assisting with the lights and other things.

Minissha was whisked away by Raghu into the make up room and asked to wear a saree and blouse. The blouse was a stringy affair and she was wondering how she could wear her bra underneath. After she got dressed Raghu came in and staretd her Make up. After her face Raghu removed her saree palloo, Minissha was startled as she was not a professional model and she wasnt used to being touched by unkown guys. Raghu said that he had to apply make up on her cleavage. Minissha was red faced, She wasnt a virgin but she wasnt used to having a man unkown to her touching her. Raghu was professional in his approach but he did let his fingers linger on her chest watching the girl's heaving bossom nervous at his touch. Raghu was pleased that she wasnt wearing a BRA. The blouse didnt allow a bra to be worn. After that Raghu tugged down at her saree and exposed her navel and started applying make up on Minissha's stomach. Minissha was now feeling very awkward but did not say anything as it would sound unprofessional.

Raghu understood her situation as he had dealt with first timers. He laughed and told Minissha that this was just starters and he would be doing her make up for the bikini shoot also.

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10-12-2012, 01:28 AM
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RE: Minissha Lamba Sex Story
one dressed Minissha stepped out into the studio to find that there was anther guy called Sareen present. Raheja inroduced him as a owner of a grament manufacturing company who enlisted his services for catalogue shoots. Sareen was a handsome man of 35 years, average height and build and looked the rich types.

Sareen looked at Minisshha and liked what he saw, a young girl with full breasts and a nice full ass, sexily dressed. Sareen wondered how Minissha would be in bed. He had fair experience with smal time models but Minissha was an actress and would be one good conquest. Sareen asked if he could stay for the shoot and if Minissha was okay with it to which Minishha showed no objection.

Not known to Minissha other than Sareen still camera there was also 3 video cameras fitted in the studio, two were in the place of the shoot and 1 was in the dressing room. Raheja had already seen Minissha's naked body and was wondering how he could use the girl for his entertainment. The models he had exploited earlier were low profile girls who didnt take any risks of publicity but Minissha was a known face and any compliants from her could get him into trouble. He had howver made up his mind that he would ensure Minishha left his studio a slut and would be at his mercy.

Minishha by then started to pose in front of the white background of the studio while Raheja got shooting. after a few minutes Raheja asked one of his assistants Manish to help Minissha in some specific poses.

Manish was a strapping young lad of 18 about 6 ft height, well built.. He went up to Minissha and kept a small stool in front of her. He asked Minishha to siton the stool and bend forward so that her cleavage showed. Minissha was a little uncomfortable but consented. Raheja had a great view of Minissha's boobs as she bent down. After quickly taking some shots Raheja instructed Minissha that the blouse was too tight and needed loosening so that more of the cleavage could show.. Minnissha was dumbfound at the request and before she could do anything Manish came up behind her and opended the knot of the strings of the blouse behidn her. Minissha quickly grabbed teh blouse at her breasts so that it didnt fall off.. She started getting angry that this was done without even asking her but kept her mouth shut.. Manish then started to tie the knot asking Raheja if the cleavage shown was okay.. He tied the blouse real loose and Minissha's nipple were barely getting covered by the skimpy blouse now.

After a couple of shots Raheja told Minissha that tehy would now shoot for a wet saree look. Minissha protested weakly that it was unnecessary but Raheja siad that it was required for every heroines portfolio.

And there she stood with a loose blouse, no Bra, to make things worse it was a light coloured blouse which would most surely make her nipple show when it was drenched. Manish came over and started spraying water on her blouse from front with a spray bottle. Minissha's breasts responded immediately to the cold water and her nipple's started becoming hard. She finched at the thought of being seen this way by the 4 men present. Raheja took some close up shots of her bust. He then asked Manish to tighten the blouse so that the side profile could look good. Manish came over and tightened the blouse and it made her breast stand out even more.

Sareen was getting hard on just watching this. He knew that Raheja was trying to get Minissha out of her inhibitions and soon he would be getting Minissha to do more bold stuff. While Minissha did not have a perfect body it seemed that she was not very expereinecd in sex. Sareen salivated at the thought of getting this girl in his bed. it would be a conquest that he coudl brag about to his friends.
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10-12-2012, 01:28 AM
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RE: Minissha Lamba Sex Story
Minissha was by now red in the face and she felt naked in front of the four guys, what she didn't know that there was more to come and that her shoot was being video taped alongside..

Raheja took some close up shots of Minissha's boobs and the tugged at her saree pushing it lower.. Minissha's wet tits and navel were totally exposed to all the guys, she thought of protesting but let it be as Raheja was going about his job mechanically and there seemed no awkwardness in what he was doing...

It was time for the western wear shoot and Raghu asked her to wear her bikini under her clothes so they would save time from changing.. The 2nd helper brought her some refreshments. It was a 30 minute break from shooting so Minissha stretched her legs and lay down.. The drinks were making her relax. Unknown to her Raheja had slipped a date rape drug in her drinks to ensure that there would be no resistance to what followed.

Feeling quite light in the head Minissha started wearing her costumes. She was quite shocked to see the bikini, it was a yellow thong which would barely cover her butts, and the bikini top was a stringy affair which would just cover her Nipples. she was supposed to wear a tank top over that with a short frilly miniskirt. This was a far cry from the hot pants that actresses would wear under their short skirts for movies.
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10-12-2012, 01:29 AM
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RE: Minissha Lamba Sex Story
The scene outside was far from anything Minissha had imagined. Sareen was getting impatient, usually Raheja and Sareen made sure that the girls were in a position to be blackmailed and then proceeded to get them into bed, but the sight of Minissha had Sareen crazy like a dog in the heat. While Raheja was a straight sex kind of person Sareen he knew was a kinky man who was sexually depraved.. He never questioned Sareen about what he eventually did with the girls as he didn't want to find out, one thing he was sure of that Sareen had something special in mind for Minissha and he would ensure that she lost all her innocence.

One thing was agreed upon that Sareen would have Minissha first.

Minissha had come out by now and she was in a happy high state, Raheja noticed that the drugs had made her loose some of her inhibitions and smiled to himself. This was the crucial session which would decide how Minissha would end up. He wanted it to be done smoothly as he was pretty sure that Sareen would anyways rape her in the studio even if things didn't go their way.

The usual poses were done by Minissha and during all this she hardly noticed that the 2 helpers had stripped down to their underwear.

Raheja wanted to take some couple shots and the guys started touching and feeling her all over. Minissha tried hard to resist but her mind wasn't listening to her body. She felt the boy's hard penis's against her body. She complained feebly but went with the flow.

The boys tore apart her skirt and top and she was standing in her bikini. While one guy made her sit on his lap and spread her legs the other embraced her from behind and cupped her full breasts.

Raheja was furiously shooting all this as this was footage that would ensure Minissha would be a slave to them all her life. The guy standing then ripped apart her bikini top. Minissha was now understanding that things were getting out of control. She tried to scream but the guy behind her shoved his tongue into her mouth.

The guy sitting had his fingers over her cunt and was stroking her over the thong. Minissha could feel herself get wet. She could believe all this was happening to her and that she could protest..

Sareen sat in the background and just smiled as this was just a prelude. The boys were not allowed to fuck Minissha atleast not until he and Raheja had their fill. And anyways they were young guys who were only interested in getting their cocks into a cunt. They had no idea how to break a woman down and make her do their bidding.

Both boys had by now taken off their underwears and their young cocks sprang out. They posed with their cocks near Minissha's mouth and her cunt which was now fully exposed.

Sareen and Raheja calmly noticed the clean shaven cunt and the writhing girl who would now do all their bidding.
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