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Mom is Best in Bed
10-20-2012, 08:14 AM
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Mom is Best in Bed
When should a young boys’ infatuation for his mother end? Maybe the first time he masturbates or when he kisses his first girl? In some cases in may never end at all. Jimmy opened his eyes when the wonderful smell of bacon cooking drifted up his nose. “Just what I need,” he smiled noticing his long, slender cock was hard. “I need to get us some pussy,” he added flipping the sheet off him and went downstairs. “Hey sexy!” he said looking at the beautiful, half naked woman standing by the stove.
“Good morning sweetie, did you sleep well?” she said turning to give him a quick smile. Jimmy couldn’t help but looking at her fine ass hidden under a pair of the smallest, purple bikini panties he’d ever seen his life. “Yeah, how about you?” he replied looking over her beautiful legs, hips and her great ass as he walked towards her. He reached around her with his right arm, sliding his hand around her throat, while his left hand grabbed a big handful of hair and he pulled her against him.
His stiff cock pressed into her fine ass, but he knew she didn’t mind. He always gave her the same morning hug and he knew she loved it just as much as he did. She rested against him as chills went through her, enjoying his young, stiff cock in the deep crevice of her ass and his hands holding her tight. “Not really, but I’ll live,” she said as his big, strong arms held her. You look so damn good today, I might just eat you for breakfast,” he whispered in her ear, wishing that he could sit her on the table and eat, lick and screw her until he died.
She giggled at his words and wondered just what kind of lover he’d be. “You better stop that kind of talk,” she whispered pushing her long, curly blonde hair out of her face, enjoying him holding her so tight. Deep down, she was a submissive, but never told anyone. You love it and you know it.” She loved his sweet words, his breathtaking hugs and his hard cock on her, but he was her son. “Let me get back to cooking or it’s going to burn,” she said pulling from him, wondering why he spent so much time with her, when he should be out trying to find a nice girl his age.
He sat at the table, his eyes still looking over her five foot seven inch body and all of its glorious curves. “What do you have planned today?” he asked watching her firm butt wiggling under the small panties and his cock grew so hard. I think I’m going to lie around the house and be as lazy as I can today,” she laughed giving him another quick look, seeing his eyes on her butt and it made her body burn with need. She knew he was her son, but ‘damn’ he turned her on so much. “I’m thinking about finding a good movie too. We can snuggle on the couch like last night. Want to join me?”
She asked turning around to face him, knowing her baby boys’ big brown eyes were going to be looking at her big, excited breasts now. Holy shit!’ he screamed to himself when she turned, showing him her full C cups and he loved it when her nipples were this hard. ‘I’d love a few hours alone with you,’ he thought again, wondering if he’d go to jail for fucking her. “Heck yes! What sexy things are you going to wear for me?” he asked putting out his lip, hoping she’d wear something nice.
You are a bad boy. Asking your Mom to wear something like that in front of her own son,” she teased sitting down two plates of food on the table, knowing she’d do anything he asked of her. You know you love it too!” he laughed watching her beautiful face and pretty green eyes light up and her pretty face turning red. “What other Mom around here is a sexy babe like you? There’s none! I say that you’re the hottest Mom on earth,” he said with a smile, wishing there was some way he could make love to her, but she was his Mom.
She loved Jimmy so much and wished it could be more. “You’re silly!” she smiled as her lonely pussy started to burn with need. “Are we going to finish our movie tonight?” she asked, hoping he would stay home with her and pick up where they left off. Last night, they were lying on the sofa watching a very sexy movie. He was behind her; his cock was hard and pressing against her ass. His arms wrapped around her gently hugging her throat and she needed more. She knew it was wrong, but damn he was so fucking good to her.
He looked at her and smiled. “Why don’t we just finish it today?” he asked watching her pretty face, wondering if there was a chance that she was just as horny as he was. “Will you wear something hot for me?” he winked, knowing she would. She wanted to hide her face, but it was her Jimmy teasing her and she loved it. “I always wear hot things for you buster! A few of them are a bit too ‘nice’, but you’re a big boy now. And ‘yes’ I loved snuggling like that,” she replied knowing her face was so red. She knew it wasn’t right flirting and wearing the things she did for Jimmy, but it turned her on so much. She figured it was ok as long as it didn’t go any farther than that.
Jimmy knew it wasn’t right, but she drove him crazy. All he ever thought of was her, Layla, his sexy Mom. “I loved it too and could lay with you like that for hours and hours,” he smiled reaching to hold her hands, wishing he could love her and end their loneliness. Jimmy hoped she wouldn’t get upset at his next words, but he had to ask her again. “How come you won’t let me watch those movies you were in?” he asked, watching her smile turn upside-down and knew he fucked up.
When she was in her teens, Layla ran away and went to Hollywood to be a star. But, nothing went her way and she ended up making three porno movies. Jimmy knew it would drive him nuts watching someone else fucking her, but he just had to what she was like back then. Layla heard him and her heart sank. “Why do you want to see them so bad?” she asked, hoping he’d get the movies out of his mind. “I was young and didn’t know any better, baby,” she added thinking back to those days and all the kinky things she’d done.
I’d be jealous as hell, but I think it’d be cool seeing you,” he said standing up and went around the table, sat on his knees to give her a hug. “You already turn me on more than any girl I’ve ever known,” he smiled running his hands around her warm, tender body, feeling his cock growing so hard it hurt. “I wanta see my hot, sexy Mom in bed,” he whispered in her ear and could swear he heard a soft moan come from her.
Layla didn’t know what to say. She knew he got hard seeing her, but this was the first time he’d ever outright said it. “I wonder about you sometime,” she smiled wrapping her arms around his and wished he wasn’t her son so she could make all his dreams come true. “You’re ‘not’ supposed to get turned on by your Mom.” Layla said looking into his eyes, thinking of her tall, dark haired son making love to her.
He laughed and couldn’t come close to knowing how many times she’d turned him on. “Sweetie,” he said caressing the side of her face. “I couldn’t count the times you’ve given me wood and I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but…” he stopped to catch his breath, knowing his next words would really shock her. “I even jerk off thinking about us,” he said hugging her, hoping she wouldn’t get too mad at him.
Layla’s brain felt like a computer that someone had just clicked the restart button and it was taking time for it to reboot. “You actually think about making love to me?” she asked with a shaky voice.

“All the time.”
“Oh, my sweet, sweet baby,” she cooed, wishing he could love her. She knew he was nice and big like his father and would please her body very nicely. “What am I going to do with you?” Layla whispered, feeling her pussy oozing with moister, thinking of his cock deep in her.
Jimmy held her close and wanted her more than ever. “I can’t help it. You’re gorgeous and you make me so hard I could die!” he replied caressing around her neck, slowly letting his hand creep down the front of her very slender body, just under her right breast.
His hand moved down, under her excited breast and Layla couldn’t breathe. He touched her many, many times in the past, but after what he just said, it was turning her on like never before. “I don’t know what to say,” she whispered, wondering if he was going to try and seduce her. At this very moment, Layla knew there was no way she’d be able to resist him.
“I say… it’s too bad incest is against the law,” he softly said and had to take a chance. Jimmy slowly moved his hand over her excited breast and gently cupped it. “Oh shit!” he moaned feeling her swollen nipple in the palm of his big hand, hoping she wouldn’t stop him. “You sexy, sexy woman,” he whispered, moving his fingers to her nipple, carefully and tenderly rolling it. He’d played with a few in his young years, but none were as nice as hers. It was soft, yet so hard with excitement; he could feel her hot blood pulsing through it. “One of us is very excited,” he whispered, moving his mouth to her neck and gave it a tender bite.
She felt his hand slide over and then his skilled fingers moved to her nipple, the most vulnerable part of her body that drove her crazy with need. “Oh baby, no!” Layla whimpered as his teeth gently sank into the soft flesh of her neck, hoping she could stop this or did she even want it to stop him? She hadn’t been with a man since the night Jimmy was created over 19 years ago and her body was on fire. “We can’t do this. I love you touching me, playing with me and all the hugging, but we have to keep it in line. I’m your Mom,” she said putting out her lower lip and Layla wanted him just as much.
Jimmy knew she was right, but he loved her so much and wanted her. “Oh sweetie, I need you, but if that’s what you want, I’ll be good,” he said letting her go and he heard a soft moan of regret. “Can I do everything I normally do?” he asked caressing her bare thigh, hoping he could still tease and torment her like he always did.
Just as long as you don’t get too nasty and I mean it Jimmy.” Layla said with one of those motherly tones in her voice. I won’t, but I’m still going to flirt and tease until you can’t resist me anymore,” he smiled caressing up her thigh, making sure he traced the small, delicate seem of her panties, next to her heated pussy. She was so horny; Jimmy could feel the heat coming off of her pussy.
Layla sat there, feeling his hand only an inch from her pussy and she wanted to scream it felt so good. “You think you have that kind of effect on me?” she asked with a teasing smile, hoping she could resist him. He turned her on so much with his hugs, his holding her throat and with he’d pull her long hair; Layla knew it was going to be so hard.
“I think so.” Jimmy replied grabbing Layla’s hair with his right hand, pulling her up into his arms, making sure she could feel just how hard he was. He moved his left hand over her throat, making sure to squeeze enough to turn her on, but not to hurt her in any way.
Layla loved when he grabbed her this way, but she hoped he wouldn’t figure out that he could do anything and everything to her when he did. “Mr. confident,” she smiled, enjoying his stiffness pressing straight into her hot, dripping pussy.
“Damn straight! I know how to turn my girl on,” he smiled pulling Layla’s hair, shoving her face to his and Jimmy softly kissed her panting mouth. “Mmm, you drive me crazy!” he added reaching down, giving her a firm slap on her right ass cheek. “Go shower and wear something nice!” he said with a deep and very demanding voice, hoping that would also turn her on. He knew she was a ‘closet’ submissive and loved the idea of holding her down and doing whatever he wanted to her. Layla knew she was fighting a losing battle now. Jimmy knew her weakness and if he did things right, she’d be his by sundown.
Holy shit!” was all Jimmy could manage to say when Layla walked into the family room. Her hair was fluffed up and she wore dark eye shadow, giving her a mysterious look that was sexy, but so nasty. She wore all black. Her tiny bra just did cover her swollen nipples and her very small panties were already wet with need for her son. The high heels on her feet lifted her to his size and stockings that covered her legs, turned them both on.

“Does that mean you like it?”
“Yes, I love it, but you tell me to be ‘good’ and then you wear this!” he smiled walking towards her, wanting to shove her over the arm of the sofa and rape her, wondering if she’d have him arrested or not. “You tease! Who are you and where’s my Mom?” he growled jerking her against him and made damn sure that she felt his cock. “Feel that?” he said grabbing her hair, pushing her face to his and just like earlier, he kissed her.
She loved the look in his eyes. It made her feel like a piece of meat and she loved it. He jerked her against him, his cock was harder than any other time she’d felt him and it was all for her.
“I’m Kayla, your mothers’ ‘bad twin’ sister,” she smiled at him.
“The ‘bad twin’ sister, wow! Well, I plan on enjoying you and all this,” he smiled moving his right hand up and around her throat, while his left roamed her body. “You look like a bitch in heat!” Jimmy said, enjoying the feel of her panties and sheer stockings on his fingers.
Kayla was helpless in his arms, hoping he’d just take her and do whatever he wanted. She’d put up a small struggle, but it would only be for show. “Maybe I am,” she whispered. “But, you’ll never know.” Kayla smiled, enjoying his hand around her throat and his other feeling every part of her, except her wet and willing pussy.
“I bet I will,” he said holding her long hair, pulling her to the sofa and he eased her down. His stiff cock was only inches from her pretty face and he wanted her to suck him so bad, but she told him no fucking. “See what you did to me?” he said looking down to his cock and felt her warm breath blowing on it.
Kayla wasn’t into beatings and things like that, but she loved it when a strong man like Jimmy took charge of her. “Poor baby. You shouldn’t get that way because of your own mother,” she smiled up to him, wishing he’d pull down his shorts and force her to suck him off. She loved when a guy held her down and throat fucked her like a cheep whore.
“Well, my Mom is a hot fuckin’ babe that I’d give anything to have.”
“Wow! You must really, really want her bad.”

“I do. If I could…I’d even marry her.”
“Marry your Mom, wow! That kinda sounds hot! I bet she’d love an 18 year old screwing her brains out day and night.” Kayla growled thinking of him being in her warm mouth sucking him so nice and hard.
“She said I could do anything, but that.”
“Poor, poor baby! I bet your balls are so sore. I think you need to take charge of her little teasing ass and let her know who the man is around here!”
“They’re always sore for her, but if I force her…I could get in lots of trouble or she might kick me out,” he said pushing down his shorts, hoping she wouldn’t stop this playing. “See how hard he gets.”
Kayla knew this should stop, but it was so exciting. “Has she ever seen this beautiful hunk of meat?” she asked smiling down to his very hard cock shaft. “I’m telling you to make the teasing bitch suck it off,” she added hoping he’d get the hint, but Jimmy was a good boy and wouldn’t do that. He needed more coaxing.
“No, but she gets to feel it a bunch. I rub it on her every chance I get.”
Kayla smiled at him, slowly reached up with her right hand and squeezed his cock. Fire filled her tiny hand when she grabbed him and Kayla never wanted to let go. “Jimmy boy, I’m telling you, take her teasing ass and fuck her to death!” she said with a low growl, wondering if she should suck him off now or wait until later.
“What she gets mad at me?” he said caressing the side of her face, wishing she’d do it.
“Just keep up the teasing and touching. She loves it when you touch her. She told me that it drives her insane.” Kayla replied leaning forward, licking a large drop of pre-cum that was oozing from the tip of his cock. “Mmmm, yummy!” she moaned fighting the urge to take him into her mouth and down her throat. “I know she’ll love that. My sweet, ‘twin’ sister loves sucking off a big, hard cock!” Kayla winked, knowing poor Jimmy was going to explode soon. “She’s a born cocksucker.”
“Why don’t you and I just do it now? I can get her later,” he said hoping she would. He needed to cum with her, even if it was just a blowjob.
She shook her head no. “Nope! You gotta seduce your Mom first and then…you can play with me all you want,” she smiled, giving her full lips a long, slow and very seductive lick. “Her wants and needs come first.” Kayla added, gently caressing Jimmy’s big, swollen cock, hoping he’d keep playing her game. “I’m going to talk with her and I’ll tell her you’re waiting for her.” Kayla smiled giving his big cock-head another slow lick. “Pull up your shorts and do not tell her I was here. And remember, go slow,” she whispered the last two words as she left the room.
“This is cool as shit! I wonder what’s got into her today.” Jimmy laughed going to grab two cold beers from the kitchen. He knew she liked to loosen up a little and it might help him to seduce her. Once back in the family room, he flopped on the sofa, hoping she’d keep this little game of good sister, bad sister going all day. “I think Miss Layla is horny!” he smiled drinking down half of his beer, thinking of the beautiful woman in the other room and all the fun they were going to have.
Layla strolled back into the room, giving him an innocent smile and asked, “Who were you talking to?” she asked watching his eyes looking up and down her shapely body. “Do you like it?” she smiled running her hands over the white bra, panties and the sheer stockings on her slender legs. “I got it the other day.” Layla said enjoying the surprised look on his handsome, young face.
“You look great!” Jimmy replied walking to her and gently hugged. “I’m so glad you wear these kinds of things for me,” he whispered, running both hands slowly over Layla’s tight ass, loving the feel of her delicate panties on his fingers.
“Thank you baby, I do it all for my handsome guy. Who were you talking to?” she asked again following him to sit down and loved the sight of him being so hard. “I should stop doing this. I hate seeing my baby suffering like that,” she added, motioning to his long, hard cock, hoping she could go through with this. She wanted him so bad, but would die if it screwed up the love they shared.
“Nobody, I was just talking to myself,” he said not wanting to fuck this up. If it turned her on to play this, he’d try anything she wanted. “Please don’t ever stop! I’m fine and if I have to…I can always fix it myself,” he smiled reaching around her to hug, making sure to tease her butt.

“You shouldn’t have to do that because of me.”
“I don’t mind at all! I love seeing you dressed up, knowing it’s all for me and you’re so beautiful.”
She smiled and leaned forward, giving him a small, but loving kiss on the lips. “You’re a tease. Flirting with me and saying such things.” Layla said feeling her face starting to flush. “Do you sweet talk all your girls’ like this or am I special?” she asked glancing at his swollen cock, hoping she could suck his entire length and give him the pleasures every young man needed from his woman”No, you’re the only one I want. I have you and I don’t want anybody else.”
Layla smiled, hugged him and felt like crying. “And, you’re my man,” she whispered. “Let’s watch our movie and snuggle,” she winked and couldn’t wait to feel his big, hard cock pressing into her ass and maybe even…her pussy.
He laid on his side with his back against the sofa, watching her sit and gently lay down. His reached his arm around her, helping her snuggle as close as possible. “This is nice,” he whispered in her ear, enjoying a sweet scent of perfume drifting up his nose and his stiff cock nestled into her ass crack.
“It sure is,” Layla cooed, hoping this game could go on for hours and hours before it ended. “I feel bad for doing this. Being that hard has to bother you,” she whispered feeling him flexing his hardness against her ass and couldn’t wait to feel it doing a few other nice things to her.
He held her close, knowing his cock had to be driving her crazy. It was smashed deep in her crack, running down towards her pussy and his flexing had to feel good to her. “I’m fine,” he whispered kissing her ear, making sure to do it gently. Jimmy slid his hand under her right breast, letting his thumb ease up, towards her swollen and very excited nipple. He slowly moved it back and forth over the nipple, teasing it, feeling her breathing increasing and her bottom pushing back to his hard cock.
“I bet all the young ladies enjoy being with you.” Layla panted, hoping she could hold out longer than this, but it was going to be so hard. She wanted to be teased, tormented and excited beyond belief, but this was too soon. His fingers over her nipple took her breath away and his big stiff cock was any girls’ dream come true.
Jimmy smiled continuing his seduction of her, hoping it wouldn’t take much longer, but he thought of what Mom’s ‘bad twin’ told him about going slow. His lips kissed her ear and tender neck, while his stiff cock burrowed deeper into her seductive ass crack, knowing how much she loved that. “I don’t get many complaints,” he softly said, kissing her neck, caressing her excited nipples and to his surprise, he felt her leg lifting, letting him between them. “You’re so hot!” he moaned squeezing her against him and fought the horrible urge to cover her with his cum.
“It’s all for my man,” she whimpered as his big, hard shaft slid over her hot, wet pussy, wishing it would have found its way in her. She wanted him, but she also wanted to play with Jimmy. He was a wonderful young man that was going to please all of her desires, but she wanted the teasing and playing to last as long as possible.

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10-20-2012, 08:15 AM
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RE: Mom is Best in Bed
I want you.” Jimmy whispered sliding his hand down her body, over her flat stomach and to the place he’d came from 18 years ago. “I want you so bad,” he moaned rubbing over her wet, excited mound, hoping this was it, but she quickly sat up and ran out of the room. “FUCK!” he yelled, knowing he just fucked up the best thing he’d ever have in his life. “Beer time!” Jimmy laughed going to the kitchen and brought the rest of the six pack, hoping she’d come back. About ten minutes later he saw Kayla, Mom’s ‘bad twin’ standing in the doorway with a mean look on her face. “What did you do to piss her off like that!” she said walking towards him with fire in her eyes and set two DVD’s on the coffee table. “I told you to go slow! What did you do?” Kayla asked sitting next to Jimmy, watching his eyes roam up and down the black stockings on her legs. “If you’d take your time and seduce Layla…you can have me.” Kayla whispered in a low, seductive voice as she reached to hold his long, hard cock. “She’ll be good, but I’ll fuck you to death!” she growled, leaned down, sucking his entire length into her mouth and half way down her throat.
“Oh mother fucker!” Jimmy yelled and couldn’t believe what was going on. At long last, Mom was sucking him…oops, her ‘bad twin sister’ was. “Yes!” he moaned watching her sucking him with ease and hoped she loved going all the way. Jimmy was just like any other red-blooded man, he loved cuming in a girls’ mouth. “That’s it! Deeper! Deeper!” he moaned louder, watching a smile form around his hard cock, praying she’d finish him off. If Kayla wanted him to go slow with ‘Mom’ it would really help.
She pulled from him and smiled. “I bet you want me to finish and let you cum all over me, don’t you?” Kayla asked with an evil giggle.
“Please! I need you!” Jimmy begged her, looking at her face, but she just shook her head no.
“Well, I’m not! You’re going to suffer like my sister. She needs a slow hand and a loving man, not some little punk that’s just out to pop his nut!” she growled, squeezing his cock, making sure her fingernails were stabbing into the side of him.

“Ouch, take it easy!”
“Just think about this, did you like my mouth?” she purred like a lioness in heat.
“Yes, it was fantastic!”
“Now, think about how great it’s going to feel when this big, gorgeous thing is up my ’sisters’ little cunt. She hasn’t had a cock in it in 19 long, lonely years,” she moaned, wondering how a woman could go so long without a man.
“Oh shit, you’re kidding!”
“Nope! It’s going to feel so good when you’re fucking her!” Kayla said in an evil voice, squeezing Jimmy harder, watching his face grimace with pain. “She’s hot, sexy and needs fucked by you, the man she loves and wants for the rest of her life! If you want me, you best do her right!” Kayla said in a deep, evil voice.
Jimmy’s face filled with pain, hoping she was going to kill him. “I will, I promise!”
“Here’s the movies she made, watch this one first,” she smiled holding up one with a red cover, making sure he saw it. “And, save this one for last. She loves it and I guarantee you’ll have her by the time its over.” Kayla added with a little smile and left the room.
“Mother fuck!” Jimmy moaned rubbing the side of his cock, wondering if he should get out while he could. The ‘bad twin’ had him worried and he hoped she didn’t kill him. “That bitch is going to get it hard!” he smiled thinking of Kayla over the side of the sofa with his long cock deep in her pussy, fucking her like a whore. He reached for the movies and read the titles. “Hell yeah!” Jimmy said looking at the last movie he was to play. “Daddy’s Little Girl! Mom did some kinky shit!” he added giving his hard cock a good, hard squeeze.
Layla walked back in the room and sat next to Jimmy, seeing his cock was still hard as ever and it looked so tempting. “I’m sorry I ran out like that, but I’m not ready. I love you more than anything in the world and I don’t want to loose you,” she said, hoping her eyes didn’t tear up and ruin her makeup.
Jimmy reached to hug her, hoping she’d relax and let this happen. He loved and needed her so bad he hurt. “You’ll never have to worry about that. I love you and I always will.” Jimmy said with a soft voice as he leaned to kiss her big, juicy lips. “Now, let’s lay here and watch a new movie I found,” he added flopping on the couch, hoping she wouldn’t say anything about him being naked.
She loved his sweet words and his loving kiss, knowing her fight against giving in to him was close to being over. Layla knew he was her son, but she also knew that no other man would love her as much as he did. “Ok,” she whispered lying down, hoping he’d put his big, hard cock between her legs again. Layla loved the way it felt on her pussy and she needed more.
“I hope you like it and please don’t get mad at me,” he said pushing to her, making sure his stiff cock slid between her long legs. Jimmy heard a soft moan and when she eased back to him, he knew she was his. He pushed the ‘play’ button on the remote and hoped for the best. ‘Man, I hope she doesn’t get pissed-off,’ he thought watching the credits roll on the screen.
“Where’d you get this?” she asked in a soft voice, feeling him growing harder.
“I found your stash.” Jimmy teased putting his arm around her, making sure he didn’t touch her yet. He wanted her to want him.
Layla was a little mad, but for some reason Jimmy wanted to see her so bad and she figured what the hell. “Remember, I did this shit a very long time ago,” she said hoping he wouldn’t think any less of her for making these movies.
“I know,” he replied watching the opening screen. A young girl was deep throating a cock that was much bigger and longer than his. “Man, that girl is fuckin’ hot!” Jimmy smiled watching the girl sucking away and he noticed something. The girl had the most beautiful eyes he’d ever seen. “Oh, you were beautiful!” he moaned leaning against her, hugging and watching her partially sucking the man on TV to death.
Layla just smiled as she enjoyed Jimmy’s loving hug and his raging cock against her ass. “I’m glad you like it,” she said turning to look back at him and was greeted by a soft kiss on the lips. “What was that for?” she asked feeling as if she could explode in his loving arms.
“Just letting you know how much I love and wan…” he quickly paused, not wanting to upset her again. He wasn’t sure if he could deal with her ‘bad twin’ or not. The bitch was evil as hell and she might end up killing him if he fucked up again.
“Say it.” Layla whispered back to him, lifting her leg, letting him slip between them like before, but this time, she wasn’t going to run away. She was a big girl and knew what the young man behind her wanted. He wanted her. His rock-hard cock felt wonderful resting on her excited mound and Layla wanted him just as bad.
Jimmy wasn’t sure if he should say it or not. He didn’t want her getting mad like before. He took a deep breath and out it came. “I want you as my lover,” he said kissing the back of her neck, hugging her tighter, praying she would give in.
She laid there enjoying his sweet words, hoping this wouldn’t ruin the love they shared. “But, I’m your Mom,” she whispered tilting her head down, giving him a better angle to kiss, nuzzle and bite her neck.
“I don’t care. I want you,” he replied kissing the entire back of her neck, knowing she loved that so much. His hand slowly moved under her right breast, but he waited for her to give the ‘ok’ to touch it.
Layla was helpless. She wanted him, but she wanted it slow and easy. Her hand covered his, gently pulling it over her excited breast and swollen nipple. “Touch me,” she cooed, hoping Jimmy would take his time, giving her the pleasures she so dearly craved from a man.
He grew harder as her words filled his ears and when she told him to touch her, he couldn’t have been happier. “I’ll do anything you want,” he whispered, running his fingers over her swollen nipples, making sure to go slow and not hurry.
“Yes!” Layla moaned, watching the movie, remembering how much she loved sucking the big cock. She’d always loved sucking a man and made it a point to be very, very good at it. “Is the movie what you hoped?” she asked turning her body just enough for him to see her and what he was doing.
He kept teasing her nipples, trying to watch his sexy Mom on the TV. “Yes!” he moaned wishing she’d turn more. Jimmy wanted to suck her big, hard nipples.
“You’ll love the next one too.” Layla whimpered thinking of the movie and the fun she had making it. “It’s so hot,” she moaned turning a bit more, feeling his head moving up to her breasts. “My baby!” she cried when his mouth covered her right breast, gently sucking while his skilled tongue tormented it. “Yes! Yes!” Layla moaned as she held his head, hoping he’d continue this slow seduction.
“Let’s watch it now,” he said looking up to her beautiful face and couldn’t wait to see it as he loved her. He’d seen her for 18 years and more than half of them were spent dreaming of loving her, now it was so close to happening.
She returned his look and hoped he didn’t think she was a freak. The next movie was hot and dealt with a very taboo matter. “Ok, but I want to tell you about it first,” she said sitting up and took a big drink of his beer.
Jimmy sat up next to her and couldn’t help but wonder what was going on. “I’ll love it. You’re in it,” he replied slipping his hand around her back and hugged.

“Have you ever heard of a movie called, ‘Taboo’?” she asked gently biting her lower lip.
“Hell yes! I have the entire set of them, why?”
“I play a girl that’s in love with her…Dad,” she said hoping he didn’t think it was too weird.
“Oh cool! Fucking your Dad,” he leaned to her, gently kissing her as his fingers teased her nipples. “I bet you wore him out,” he whispered kissing her more, trying to get his tongue in her warm mouth, but she wouldn’t let it in.
She giggled at him as he kissed and tormented her hard nipples. He wanted in her mouth, but Layla wanted him to wait. “He wore me and my little pussy out!” she giggled again, remembering how John fucked her to near death.
“How old was he?” Jimmy asked kissing around the side of her face, wishing she’d kiss him deep.
She thought for a second, trying to remember. “He was 47,” she said turning towards him. “Put it in and go to scene ten. That’s where it gets good,” she said standing up, watching him quickly change the movie and sit back down, she shoved him back and Layla climbed over him. ‘Now I can kiss you,” she smiled looking into his very happy eyes, wondering why in the hell he wanted her. “Watch it and I’ll make all your dreams come true,” she purred, leaned to his mouth and they kissed deep.
Her tongue slipped deep into Jimmy’s mouth, as his tongue tried getting into hers. He humped his straining cock to her dripping wet pussy, hoping it would find its way under her panties. “You’re so hot!” he moaned and quickly went back to kissing her, his Mom and now his lover. You do it to me! You always have and…” she whimpered as they kissed, rubbed and did everything except much love. “You always will!” Layla moaned and she was ready. Ready to love the man of her dreams, her son.
She pulled from him, slid down her panties and lay on the sofa. “Come, enjoy me,” she purred in a soft, loving voice, watching him move over her with a big smile on his handsome, young face. “Love me,” she whispered enjoying the weight of his body on hers, knowing she’d never be lonely again.
He caressed Layla’s face as the sweet words spilled from her mouth. Jimmy turned, laid over her and they kissed more, deeper, with more passion than he could have ever thought possible. “I love you so much,” he smiled, reached down and it was time. Jimmy slowly pushed forward and he couldn’t breath. At long last, he was in his loving mother, the woman he loved. “Oh shit!” he cried as her tight muscles locked around him and wetness flowed from her body like a raging river.
“Oh my God!” Layla cried when he filled her lonely body with his stiffness. It felt like her first time all over again as his long, hard cock sank deep into her, stretching it so wide it hurt, but the pain quickly turned into an unforgettable pleasure that she’d never forget. “My baby, my man…my lover!” she smiled wrapping her arms and legs around him as tight as she could, holding him close, never wanting him to leave her.
“Always,” he moaned slowly pumping in and out of her tiny pussy, making sure to give her nothing but pleasure. “I love you so much!” Jimmy cried feeling he was close. All the years of fantasizing about loving her and now that he was loving her, it was just too much. “Damn it!” he yelled when his long cock started filling her hot, gooey cum. Squirt after long squirt, he filled her full. “I’m sorry!” Jimmy said hoping she wouldn’t be mad, but he looked into her dreamy eyes and he saw something, love.
Layla bit her lip so hard she tasted blood, but nothing else mattered. Her baby was filling the very place he’d came from years ago with hot man-cum. “Yes!” she squealed as his seeds shot deep in her body. “My baby! Oh my baby!” she screamed kicking her heels into his ass, hoping he’d try to fuck her a bit more than this. Layla needed him to fuck her into submission and not stop for hours.
“I’m sorry. I can go for a long time. I guess I’m just so excited we did this,” he said giving her a small kiss, hoping she’d understand.
“I know. Don’t worry about it. We’ll be doing this lots more.” Layla said returning his kiss, knowing a young man like him would be hard again in just a few minutes. “I need to go take a shower. Between my wetness and all that nice cum you gave me…I’m a mess,” she said winkling her face.
Jimmy eased from her and sat up. “Hurry back!” he winked watching her glorious ass walking away. “Damn, that was great,” he moaned falling back on the sofa, thinking of all the many, many ways he wanted to love her.
He was lying on the sofa when Kayla walked into the room with a smile. “Wow! We sure did give it to her sweet, little ass. Too bad she didn’t cum. You ‘will’ do her later and next time, you fuck her and don’t stop until she explodes!” Kayla said pointing her finger to his face.
“I will. I was just really excited,” he said looking over her black stockings, wondering if he’d get this wild ‘twin’ or not. “I remember you said if I did her good, I got you,” he smiled, looking at her swollen nipples and very wet panties.
She just laughed at him. “I don’t think you could handle me. Hell, you barely managed to fuck her!” Kayla laughed more and saw that she was pissing him off, but she didn’t care. She wanted to see if he had ‘balls’ enough to take her the way she loved. I fucked her nice and she would have came, but she wanted to go shower,” he replied, looking at the teasing bitch, wondering if he should just grab her and fuck her to death.
“When a woman fucks a man, she likes to cum, but you left her high and dry!” Kayla said looking at him with a smile. “How are you going to fuck me if you can’t even make her sexy ass cum?” Kayla asked watching his big cock starting to swell.

“I’ll make you both cum so many times…you beg me to stop!”
Kayla heard Jimmy and laughed so hard she had to lean against the wall to keep from falling. “Those are some pretty big words from a little boy that couldn’t even make his sexy Mom cum!” she laughed more, watching him getting madder by the second.
“Keep it up, bitch!”
“I don’t have one to keep up, but if I did, I’d make sure my Mommy came before I did!” she laughed more, seeing Jimmy’s face getting red with anger.
Jimmy had enough; he stood up, ran to her and shoved her face first into the wall. “You fuckin’ cunt! I’m going to show you just how good I can fuck!” he growled twisting her right arm behind her back, not caring if he hurt her or not. “Now we’ll see who can fuck!” he said ripping the tiny, black panties off her hips and pointed his cock to her pussy.
Kayla didn’t see him coming towards her, he grabbed her and pinned her against the wall. He twisted her arm and she was under his control, the way she loved it. “I’m so scared!” she laughed as he tore her panties off. “You little fucker!” she growled trying to free herself and she felt his stiff cock at her pussy. “I just hope you can keep it up!” she laughed, but that soon stopped. He rammed in her so hard and so deep, he lifted her feet from the floor.
“I’ll keep it up, you cunt!” he said ramming in her and didn’t care if he tore her insides out. This bitch needed it hard and to learn who the man was. Her little pussy spasmed hard, giving Jimmy the feeling that Kayla’s muscles were going to cut off his cock at any second and there was no way he was going to stop. “Oh yes! Now I’m going to fuck you until you die!” he laughed, hearing her whimpering in pain.
“You fucker! You prick!” she cried trying to break his grip on her arm, but she couldn’t. Her pussy went wild when Jimmy rammed himself in her body with a force she wouldn’t forget anytime soon and when her feet left the floor; she knew he was going to get rough. “It hurts! It hurts so bad!” she whimpered, hoping he’d stop, but he continued holding her so tight she couldn’t move. He held her, enjoying her tight, little pussy and Jimmy couldn’t wait to tear her up. He looked at the movie playing and had an idea. Jimmy grabbed a large handful of her hair, pulling her to the middle of the room. He kicked the big, plush footstool in front of the TV and shoved her on it, leaving her ass in the air.
“Now I can fuck you and watch your sexy ass on the TV!” he growled in her ear, rammed back in her body and slipped his arm under her neck, making sure to choke her. “Oh you little cunt!” Jimmy moaned enjoying her muscles squeezing and caressing his cock.
She felt like a puppet when he jerked her across the room and tossed her on the footstool. Kayla’s mind raced with lust, knowing this young stud was going to give her something she wasn’t going to forget for a long time. “Let me go!” she whimpered and her cries were in vain. Jimmy’s long, hard cock took her again, harder than before. “Ohhhh!” she whimpered feeling as if she’d been torn apart.
His wide cock stretched her wide and it went so deep she couldn’t breath. “Yes! Oh my god!” Kayla whimpered as he began to pump her tiny pussy with long and very hard strokes, lifting her hips from the stool with each thrust in. ‘Fuck me baby! Fuck me!” she moaned as his long, hard took her hard, just the way she loved it. She was his now and for as long as he wanted her.
“Oh I love you!” he cried enjoying her tight pussy gripping him so hard. “I want to fuck you day and night!” Jimmy moaned holding her tight, not wanting her to move a muscle. He had her and she was his and his only.
“You can do anything you want, anytime you want!” she grunted as her young stud rammed in her with long, full strokes. “You can fuck me all the time,” she moaned enjoying his young cock pumping her as if she was nothing but a whore. “Fuck me at night,” she moaned. “Fuck me in the morning,” another soft moan. “Fuck me all day…if you want,” she moaned lower, feeling a burning deep in the back of her abused pussy.
“I am. I’m going to fuck you so much…you’ll think you’re my wife,” he said driving in her deep, feeling he was getting so close.
“I’ll be your wife…if you really want me,” she whimpered, thinking of being Jimmy’s wife and all the fun they would have fucking each other.
he loved what she said and couldn’t hold it in. his cock started shooting hot cum deep into her tiny pussy, once again filling the very place he’d came from and it felt so good. Her pussy clamped down on him and she exploded.
“Oh my baby! My Jimmy!” she screamed so loud, not caring if the entire world heard. This was the first time in so long her needs had been pleased and she loved it. “My baby! My sweet, sweet baby,” she moaned wishing she could hug him, but he was on her back. “I need to hug you,” she whimpered, feeling a horrible need to hug him or this special, one of a kind moment would escape her.
He eased from her, helped her turn over and he entered her again, pushing just as deep as before. “How’s this, Kayla?” he asked panting for air and felt his cock growing hard, filling her pussy. Mmmm, Mommy loves it and so does she!” she smiled and couldn’t help but giggle, wrapped her long legs around him and settled back for another good, long fuck by her loving son.

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