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Mom's Loving Children
07-26-2012, 03:56 AM
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Mom's Loving Children
By the time my son reached eighteen, I told myself I was not going to clean up after him anymore. After all, he was a senior in high school; he played soccer, and got straight 'A's -- so, he sure as heck ought to be able to clean his own room.

But one Saturday morning, a few years ago, I wanted to get an early start on doing laundry. I was still in my nightie tearing through the house collecting dirty cloths -- Bill had left hours earlier to play golf with his buddies, and my daughter Sara, two years younger than my son, was sleeping over at her girlfriend's house.

"Tommy ... I need your dirty cloths!" I yelled as loud as I could. I was upstairs; just finishing gathering up Sara's cloths that she'd left strewn all over her room.

"I'm in the bathroom, mom ... I'll get 'em in a minute." Came the faint and muffled reply from my son.

As a mom, I knew exactly what "in a minute" meant when uttered by offspring; translate as, "whenever I feel like it, or next Thursday, whichever is sooner, but only if it's the fifth Thursday of the month."

If I wanted to wash his dirty cloths during my lifetime, then I knew I'd have to get them myself; I charged into his room, plopped the laundry basket on the floor at the foot of his bed, and started tossing his dirty cloths into the basket. Tommy's dirty cloths were also scattered about his room.

When I picked up a pair of Tommy's dirty socks from his desk -- and just why they were on his desk, I had no idea - I must have bumped his computer, or the mouse, or something, because the blank screen suddenly lit up. I might not have paid any attention to it had there not been movement on the screen; but there was, and it caught my eye. So, I stopped momentarily and looked over at what my son had on his computer.

And I froze.

There, on my son's computer screen, was a cute young blonde being fucked from behind by some big black guy while she sucked another guy's monster cock.

I was stunned.

I thought, this is my baby's computer ... my little Tommy ... how could this be on his ...

My mind was reeling.

As I watched, the scene shifted, and the girl was straddling the black guy; his mammoth cock stuffed in her pussy. A guy stepped into the picture and stuffed her mouth with yet another huge piece of meat. Without thinking, I sat on the edge of Tommy's bed and just stared. As shocked as I was, I was becoming conscious of something else; I was getting turned on! I sensed that there was moisture building between my legs; and that awareness shocked me almost as much as the discovery of the porn on my son's computer. Try as I might, I could not deny, or stop, my growing state of arousal.

"Aw mom ... I told you that I was gonna get my cloths for ... holy shit!" Tommy said as he barged into the room. He came to an abrupt halt when he realized what I was watching.

"Geez mom ... I'm sorry ... I thought I killed that before I went ..." As he spoke, he took a step toward his computer and reached out; presumably to turn it off or cancel the porn flick.

I grabbed Tommy by the wrist and pulled his hand back.

"Sit down!" I shouted at him.

It was pretty obvious to him that I was agitated; so he did as he was told and sat next to me on the edge of his bed. I didn't let go of his wrist.

"Mom ... I'm sorry ... I'll get rid of it ... scrub it from the hard drive ... honest!" Tommy pleaded.

"I ... I don't understand ... when ... I mean ... why ... oh my gawd ... look at what they're doing to her ... I can't believe ..." I stammered.

A third guy on the screen had just come into view. The camera angle changed and there was a close up of the new guy penetrating the blonde's asshole. The camera panned back and we saw that she had a cock in every orifice -- they were all pumping into her young body. I was so excited; I didn't know what to do.

"Please mom let me turn it ..."


I was confused. I knew that I should be angry with Tommy; but more than anything, I was so horny that I couldn't stand it. I pulled on Tommy's wrist and guided his hand between my legs and then pulled his fingers into the warm damp softness there.

"Feel how wet I am Tommy! Do you feel it? Do you?!"

My hips slowly started to undulate against his unwilling hand.

"Geeeeez mom! What are you doing?"

Tommy struggled to pull his hand away. I used both hands and held him tight as I continued to rub my pussy up against his fingers.

"Oh gawd Tommy ... look at all that cum dripping from her chin ... Tommy do you see the cum ... oh that is sooooo hot!"

"Mom!" Tommy didn't know what to do or how to react. Who would?

"You've got to help me Tommy ... you've got to ... you're the only one ... please Tommy I need you to help me ... please!" I am sure that I sounded half demented, but I was desperate with need, and Tommy really was the only one who could help.

"What mom ... I don't understand ... what ..."

Tommy was wearing only his white jockey shorts -- we'd never been prudes in our house, though we didn't go around the house naked, either. But any one of us running around the house in underwear was not unusual. I removed one hand from Tommy's wrist, but held tight with the other, and reached over and grasped Tommy's cock through his shorts.

"Shit mom ... what are you ..." He was startled but he was also growing hard as I held him.

"I need something Tommy ... right now ... and you have to help me ... you're the only one who can." I told him; pleaded with him.

I pulled his shorts down and his cock sprang out. It was very large. Of course, I'd seen it when he was a small child; but that had been many years ago, and never with the adoring eyes I had for his cock that day. I squeezed his penis and started stroking him.

"Mom ... this isn't right ... we shouldn't be ..."

"I know ... I know ... but I can't help it ... I need to do this ..." I leaned down and took his throbbing cock in my mouth. It tasted so marvelous; pre-cum oozed from the tip and I tasted the salty liquid. I lifted my head and begged him even more.

"Rub my pussy baby ... please rub my clit ... I need you Tommy ... please."

I placed my mouth back over his cock; I felt him tremble all over. Then I felt his fingers pull my panties aside and search for my little nub. When he connected and began to flick his fingers over the tip I screamed in delight; although, with Tommy's cock filling my mouth, my shriek of bliss was muffled.

Tommy began groaning. His hips started pumping his hard dick into my mouth. My loins were on fire and chills spread through my body. I felt my tummy and my pussy begin to spasm.

Hot salty liquid erupted into my mouth, again and again. My mouth filled quickly and I tried to swallow it all, but some escaped. I lifted my head and scooped up the cum that was running down my chin with my fingers. I licked my fingers; it tasted so good.

"Was that good Tommy? Did you like that?"

"Oh mom ... well yes, of course, but ... I ... I ... we shouldn't ..."

"It's alright Tommy ... really ... we won't tell anyone ... but ... Tommy, I still need something ... please ..."

He was still hard but I took him back into my mouth and sucked him just to make sure he stayed really hard.

I pushed him down on the bed and stood up; then I pulled my nightie up and over my head. I tugged my panties down and let them drop to the floor. Crawling onto the bed, I threw my leg over my son's hips and lowered my burning pussy toward his stiff cock. With my fingers wrapped around his erection, I guided him to the swollen lips of my vagina. I felt the warmth from the head of his cock and rubbed it against my clit and moaned. Pushing his dick back towards the entrance to my sex; I lowered myself on his rigid member and felt my son penetrate me. Slowly, my pussy slid all the way down the length of his stiff cock. The sensation of having my son's cock buried deep inside my tingling cunt was so incredible.

"Oh gawd ... uh ... uh ... oh Tommy that feels so ... aaaaaaaaw ... oh Tommy how does it feel ... being inside me Tommy ... how does it feel ..."

I felt his hips gently start to pump his stiff shaft up into my body.

"Ah shit ... it feels good ... really good ..." Tommy responded.

"Oh Tommy that's it ... just like that ... harder Tommy ... harder!"

My son reached up and squeezed my breasts; the same breasts he suckled as a baby. I reached for his head and pulled it up to my breasts and encouraged him to suck my nipples; he did not disappoint me. Feeling his hot breath on my nipple and his lips sucking there drove me wild. His hard cock was stroking the inside of me. It slid back and forth in my slippery tunnel and sent waves of hot rapture through my body. My toes curled, I threw my head back, squeezed my eyes shut, and my pussy clinched my son's hard meat as I was driven over the edge into some other reality.

I shuddered. I screamed my bliss ... my breathing was ragged and quick ... my body was covered with sweat. Tommy kept pounding into me and sucking at my breast. I took his head and tilted it up then placed my lips on his; my tongue invaded his mouth just as his cock was invading my cunt. His tongue responded. My hips matched the rhythm of his manhood pumping into my cunt and I came again.

Lost in my delirium, I vaguely remember feeling his cock spasm and throb as he pumped his seed into me. He'd cum twice in just minutes; I'd forgotten how resilient young men could be.

Our bodies, wet from sweat, slipped and slithered over each other. Our hot breath mingled since our mouths were still pressed tightly together as we both came down from our orgasms.

"Thank you Tommy ... I needed that so much ... your dad and me, we ... we ... haven't, you know ... for such a long time ... thank you ..." I told my son. "Was it OK ... I mean, it wasn't too bad for you honey?"

"Oh geez, no ... it wasn't bad, it was great ... a lot better than Susan, she just lays there and ... oops." Tommy realized, too late, that he was telling his mom about screwing his girlfriend.

"That's OK Tommy, I've assumed you and Susan were doing it." I told him. I was still astride my son, rocking slowly back and forth on his still hard cock. I rolled over onto my back and pulled Tommy along with me -- my ankles were wrapped around the backs of his legs and I held him close so that his cock remained inside me.

"Fuck me again honey ... fuck me really hard ..." I whispered in his ear, then I nibbled on this earlobe. He started pumping his dick into me again. "Harder honey ... please ... as hard as you can ... oh ... oh yes ... oooh yeees ... yes ... harder harder harder ... aaaaaaah eeeeeeee!"

I came again; and again. Tommy lasted a rather long time before his third orgasm and I had more climaxes than I could ever remember having had at one time. Tommy finally came again and slammed my red raw cunt so hard that I had one last gigantic orgasm. In my delirium I bit Tommy on the top of his shoulder and left nasty teeth marks.

"Ouch ... that hurt mom." Tommy said breathlessly.

"Oh my ... I'm so sorry honey, I didn't mean to ... I just lost control and ... oh no!"

"What mom?"

"Teeth marks ... what if you father sees ... or Sara?" I said, starting to panic that we would be discovered.

"I'll just say Susan did it while we were making out in the back seat." Tommy said.

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07-26-2012, 03:56 AM
Post: #2
RE: Mom's Loving Children
And that's how it started -- with Tommy and me, almost three years ago. Now, Tommy's just turned twenty-one and Sara is nineteen -- they grow up so so fast!

Bill and I have had sex ... hmmm, maybe half a dozen times since Tommy and I first started enjoying sex together. I've known for a long time that he's been fucking someone else -- my best friend, as it turned out. Her name is Sally and I confronted her about it some time ago and she admitted it. She offered to break it off, but I told not to bother. When she asked why, I told her; better it's someone I know and like. I also told her I'd been sleeping with someone else too. I just didn't tell her it was my son.

So my best friend and my husband get together fairly frequently, and Bill thinks I'm clueless. Oh, and I told Sally not to say anything to Bill, because if she did, I told her I'd file for divorce immediately and name her in the suit. Then she'd have some explaining to do with her own husband. The only one clueless now is my husband.

Tommy and I have been making love ever since that day -- he still lives at home and he commutes to a college in town. It hasn't been hard for Tommy and I to get together several times a week -- Bill often "works late" ... so he says. Saturdays and Sundays Bill is always off playing golf. And, Sara, when she's not out on a date or "hanging" with her girlfriends, she locks herself in her room with iPod thingies stuck in her ears.

This means Tommy and I have had plenty of opportunities to enjoy each other sexually. Sure, he still has a girlfriend -- not Susan, it's someone named Megan, now. And I'm certain they have sex too, but Tommy still enjoys giving me pleasure.

Except that recently ... something changed.

Tommy and I were in bed -- my bedroom -- and Tommy was on top of me furiously ramming his beautiful cock into my pussy. Tommy had cum inside me already but was continuing to pound me because I was on the verge of my own meltdown but hadn't quite gotten there. I was moaning and groaning and building up to a glorious climax when the door burst open and my daughter Sara came tearing in.

"Mom! Where are you? I need ... oh shit!" She froze when she saw us, then turned and ran from the room. She was over nineteen and I was quite certain that she was sexually active with her boyfriend; so her reaction seemed a bit much to me. Though, walking in on your mother when she's playing the slut with your brother might possibly have an impact on a young mind.

I heard Sara's bedroom door slam shut.

"Oh Tommy ... we didn't lock the door." Tommy withdrew his cock from my pussy and climbed off the bed.

I got up and ran to Sara's room with Tommy right behind me. Thankfully, in her haste she hadn't locked her door. I entered her room and saw her lying on the bed with her face buried in a pillow. She heard us enter and raised her head. I was about to beg my daughter's forgiveness, but she spoke first.

"Oh mom, I'm so embarrassed ... I didn't know you and dad were ... ah, you know ..." As she spoke, Sara slowly turned her head in our direction.

"Oh ... my ... gawd!" She said when she saw Tommy standing naked next to me with his erection pointing straight at her -- it hadn't occurred to me that she hadn't had a good look at Tommy ... she thought it was her dad and I screwing. Well, she was quickly disabused of that notion when she saw Tommy and I standing there.

She started to cry.

I went over to her bed and knelt beside her and took her in my arms; then I hugged and rocked her gently doing my best to console her.

"I'm sorry baby ... I never meant for you to ..." I said softly.

"Mom! How could you ... I mean, with Tommy ..." Sara mumbled through her sobs.

"Sis ... it wasn't anybody's fault ... it just happened ... a long time ago ... and ..." Tommy said, attempting to explain the unexplainable.

"How long has this been going on?" Sara demanded to know. Tommy walked around to the other side of Sara's bed and sat. He put his hand on her shoulder trying to calm her.

Of course, Tommy and I were both still very naked.

"It's OK sis ... it doesn't hurt anybody ... and mom ..." Tommy tried again to begin some explanation that his sister might accept.

"What about dad? If he knew, he'd sure as hell be hurt!"

"Your dad has been fucking my best friend Sally for years. He thinks I don't know, but Sally told me a long time ago. I didn't do, or say anything to your father ... because of you kids. I wanted you to have a father ... to have a family." I confessed. Then I started to cry, too.

"Oh mom ... I didn't know ... I thought everything was fine ... I never ..." She hugged me very tight and I hugged her back. We both cried. Tommy wrapped his arms around both of us. I suspect his eyes were misty too, but being a guy, he held his emotions pretty much in check. Our hug lasted a very long time until something else happened.

"Ouch! What is that?" Sara said. We all released one another. "Oh my gawd ... Tommy!" Tommy's dick was still hard, or hard again ... who knows ... and had been jabbing Sara in her side.

"Shit! Sorry sis ..." Tommy said.

"Gawd, look how big it is ... that's the biggest one I've ever ..." Sara's eyes were wide in amazement. I took her hand in mine.

"Feel it ... isn't it just glorious?" I said as I placed my daughter's hand on her brother's very large and very hard cock. She did not resist. In fact, she began stroking Tommy almost as soon as she touched his stiff shaft.

"Geeez mom ... I can see why you'd want this inside you ... Tommy's fuckin' amazing." Sara said in awe of her brother.

"Yes he is ... and to be quite frank with you, dear ... he's the best fuck I've ever had in my life." I confided to her, embarrassing her brother in the process.

"Damn, I wish my Jimmy was good at it ... he just slips it in, pumps a couple times and that's it." Sara said. "Oh shit ... I can't believe I just said that to my mother."

I laughed. Then Tommy and Sara both started laughing too. It broke the tension.

Sara was still stroking her brother's big hard dick, so I made a suggestion.

"I think we should let Tommy show you just how a woman should truly be fucked."

"But geez mom ... he's my brother ..."

"I know. He's my son too and you're my daughter ... that's no reason we shouldn't enjoy each other ... here ... let's get those cloths off you ..." I said as pulled Sara's top up over her head.

Sara's breasts were perfect. Firm and pert and slightly up turned with puffy nipples. I couldn't help myself ... I did something I had never done before, that is, with another woman. I leaned over and took her prefect nipple in my mouth and sucked gently on it while I cupped her gorgeous breast in my hand.

Sara moaned softly. Tommy took Sara's other breast in his mouth and we both feasted on her lovely body. I pulled Sara's gym shorts and panties down over her hips and revealed a neatly trimmed narrow strip of pubic hair that stopped an inch above of the crease of her pussy lips. Otherwise, my daughter's pussy was shaved smooth and clean.

I had the strongest urge to do something else I'd never done; and so, I gently spread Sara's thighs apart. I lowered my head between her legs and lightly kissed the outer edges of her pussy lips. Her womanly aroma was musky and exhilarating.

I ran the tip of my tongue up one thigh then across her clit and down the other thigh. Her hips jerked at the contact with her swollen bud -- I knew she liked it. I knew, because it was what I liked to have done to me.

My heart raced as I tasted the twice forbidden fruit of another woman who was also my daughter. I inserted my tongue between her inner lips and slid it down and discovered that she was extremely wet. My eyes were closed as I took in the fragrance and sweet taste and lusciously soft feel of her; and in the background, I heard Tommy moan. I learned later that it must have been when Sara took him in her mouth and started sucking him. I inserted my tongue in Sara's pussy and swirled it around and lapped at her sweet juices. I replaced my tongue with two fingers; then I pushed them inside her and felt them caressed by the warmth of the velvety wet folds inside my daughter's body. I sought out my daughter's clit with my lips and tongue while my fingers stroked the most intimate center of a woman's being.

Her moans were muffled and I realized that her mouth must have been full. I sucked and flicked my tongue over her swollen nub and felt the tension building in her. I increased the pace and in a few moments her hips were twisting and her legs were squeezing my head as she erupted. Her groans and squeals were suddenly louder, so I raised my head and saw Sara's chin covered with cum.

I moved up to her and licked all of the cum from her chin and swallowed it. Then I pressed my lips to hers and kissed her tenderly.

"Oh mom ... that was so fucking awesome ... I've never had anyone ... I mean with their mouth ... ah, your tongue it felt so good." She was having difficulty getting her words out. "I never came that hard before ... ever!"

"Did you like the taste of Tommy's cum? Have you ever had a guy come in your mouth before."

"Oh no, I haven't ... and Tommy, that was so hot! It tasted ... well, sort of salty ... I'm not so sure I really like it." Sara said.

I looked over at Tommy and he had a big smile on his face, and his cock wasn't completely hard any more. I moved over to him and sucked his soft cock into my mouth. Some of his salty sweet cum was left, which I savored. What I really wanted was for him to be hard again so he could give Sara a truly glorious fuck for the first time in her life. It didn't take long for him to get hard again ... Tommy continued to amaze me.

By the time Tommy was hard again Sara had recovered from the orgasm I'd given her.

"Spread your legs dear." I told my daughter. Then I guided my son's cock to her tight young cunt and watched as Tommy's long shaft slowly slid deep inside her.

"Oh fuck ... it's so fuckin' huge! Aaaaah ... oh oh oh gawd ... oh that feels ... oh shit ... oh fuck me ... fuck me!"

Sara was shouting and bucking her hips against her brother's hard cock as he started pumping his stiff shaft into her. He moved faster ... and faster ... and Sara was soon screaming incoherently. I rubbed her clit lightly which sent her over the edge again.

"Eeeeeeeeeee ... uh uh uh uh ..." She screamed. Tommy was up to 'full speed ahead' and his sister came over and over as he frantically slammed into her cunt while I rubbed her clit.

Finally, Tommy let out a huge groan and his body tensed as he slammed one last time into Sara's cunt. Sweat poured off Tommy and dripped on his sister's belly which was quivering and contracting rhythmically. I knew her pussy must be pulsing and squeezing her brother's cock just as mine does when I come.

Tommy withdrew and collapsed on the bed next to his sister. Sara's legs were still spread wide, so I crawled over to her red pussy and licked Tommy's cum from her as it dripped slowly from Sara's well fucked cunt.

"How was that for you, dear?" I asked my daughter as soon as she was able to talk again.

"Oh mom, that was so fantastic. I never knew fucking could be so awesome. I just thought it was something you had to do to keep your boyfriend happy." Sara said.

"No dear, its one of life's greatest pleasures. If you like -- and if it's OK with Tommy -- we'll teach you all about how wonderful sex can be ... then, you can teach your boyfriend. And if he doesn't want to learn how to give you pleasure, my advice would be ... dump him."

So, that's our family's little secret. My son and daughter and I have sex together almost daily in some combination or another. Sometimes it's the three of us, or sometimes we pair off. I know Tommy and Sara get together frequently and I just love eating pussy now, and so does Sara. But I need to have Tommy's cock at least two or three times a week.

Oh ... and Bill -- I filed for divorce last month ... who needs him, when I have two wonderful loving children?

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