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Monica Bedi's first week in Jail
06-28-2012, 07:21 PM
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Monica Bedi's first week in Jail
Monica Bedi enjoyed her first moments of peace and quiet in her prison cell, she had everything when she was free except peace and quiet and then her court case and ensuing tamasha had shattered her nerves but now she was at peace.

She was so chilled out that she didnt hear the warden call her out of her cell, "Monicaaaa!" she heard a scream. "so rai hain kya din mein" She ran out towards the warden.

"chutti pe ayi hain kya sali" the woman shouted, "chal, tere baap ne bulaya hain" the scream had jangled her nerves, Abu Salem used to shout just like this when he used to take her ass.

"sorry madam, woh zara"

'mujhe mat suna, chal, warden ke pas ja'

she walked away and overheard the warden speak to someone 'sab heroingiri niklegi ab'

she stopped at the door and asked for permission to enter. On being granted she walked in.

the warden was standing there reading a file.

"Monica, sit" he was a soft spoken guy, he put his file down and looked at her.

"Listen, i want you to know that you will not have any trouble here, while i am around. No one will bother you"

Monicas mind raced back to her third meeting with Abu Salem. She had not known who he was back then, she had just confessed to him that producer MD has been using her for his purposes in exchange for movie roles. Once he had made her sit down with her mouth open while he jerked off in it.

She said she didnt mind it, she knew the business she was in but then he had asked her to go to other peoples houses and she had refused. He had slapped her so hard, she couldnt hear right for three days.

She remembered the words Abu had said to her then " you dont have to worry, while i am there, no one will bother you"

She looked up at him, her time in the industry, on the run and in the press had jaded her a great deal. She looked right at the officer and wondered how a man that looked so clean could be so dirty.

She got up and dropped her Pallu. 'sir, saaf saaf kahiyena ki ap mere sath sona chahte hain'

he didnt say a word.

She felt someone pulling her pallu and turned behind. It was a short, fat man dressed in a kurt, pyjama and a jacket.

"yeh nahi, mein tumhe chodna chahta hu, aisa mauka kaha milta hain roz roz"

she felt humiliated and began to blush. She looked at the officer but his eyes didnt move.

"dekho Monica, agar tum meri khujli mitaugi to mein tumhare do saal aram se nikalwa dunga"

Monica nodded, the man offered her her pallu she took it form his hand, he caressed her in a sleazy way and put her arm on her shoulder and began to walk her out.

'mein tumhara sevak hu, koi cheez ki chainta mat karo' he said as his hand slid to her ass and began to squeeze.

'jald mulakat hogi'

and she continued on to her cell.

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06-28-2012, 07:22 PM
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RE: Monica Bedi's first week in Jail
As she proceeded to her cell, she passed the warden who had a smile on her face, the bitch obviously had it in for her. But what could she do. She literally had no one on her side, the press only wanted her down fall, Abu Salem wanted her destiny and the fat lecherous man wanted her pussy.

She knew he was some sort of politician but she was disappointed that the policeman had done nothing, she guessed he was more of a prisoner than she was. She sat down in her cell and began to weave the baskets handed over to every prisoner. By the time she was done it was late afternoon, she decided to go and shower.

She took off her clothes and realized how vulnerable she was, there was no one around but she was going to have to get used to all this quick. She began to shower, she soaped her body, the same body that had got her into this mess. She cleaned her pussy, the same pussy a huge superstar had once tongued for 45 mins while his wife waited for him at home.

She noticed a gaze burning into her back and turned around to see the superintendent looking at her. his look was neither warm nor lusty, it was just a coldish stare and she couldnt understand him at all.

He stared for another minute and then left.

Once she was dry and in her cell the warden came and asked her to go back to supritendant.

"kya jaadu kiya hain tune sab pe, sahab mujhe to kabhi nai bulate, aur tuje din mein do baar"

hahaha, she laughed.

Monica rushed out, feeling humiliated yet again. She had done nothing to deserve this.

When she got into the room there was no one there. She waited and then she heard the door shut. It was the same fat man.

"apka sevak hazir hian Monica ji" he was with another man, a younger, taller but rough looking man.

"mein hu Ram nath, yaha ka MLA" he said smiling and bowing.

aur yeh hain is area ke bhai sahab "Raja Bhai"

Monica knew what was going on. She was this Raja Bhais present.

"yu na dekhiye hame, yeh to ap ki kismat acchi hain ke ap hamare jail mein ai"

"warna pata nai kitne logo ke lund muh me leti"

she flushed at the statement but she didnt protest.

"Raja Bhai, ap age ka program khud bana le, mein chala, assembly"

he said and left the room. Monica stood there as did Raja. Neither moved. Time stood still, she could hear some of the voices outside, she could hear the wind, she remembered the night on Abu's boat in Malaysia when he had fucked her on deck.

He had pounded into her from behind while some of the crew stole a look, after he came inside her she lay on the deck and listened to the silence of the ocean. The room sounded just like that.

Raja moved and grabbed her Pallu, she instincitvely reached to stop him but the look in his eyes stopped him. Raja smiled a little, his red gutka and pan parag soaked teeth came into view.

Raja threw her pallu on the floor and then put his hand on her face and caressed it. rubbing his hands on her lips and then putting them inside her mouth and moving it in and out. He then sucked on the finger licking her saliva and mixing it with his own.

He grabbed her blouse, she heard the sound of cloth ripping, a sound she had heard many times before.
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06-28-2012, 07:22 PM
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RE: Monica Bedi's first week in Jail
In a few minutes the tearing had stopped. She stood there naked, her beautiful ivory skin shining like a light in the middle of the dimly lit room. Raja stood there staring, he had fucked plenty of women all over. Wives of women who owed him money, women who needed something and of course whores. If he didnt fuck, he couldnt sleep. But..

He had never had a woman like this before. A bonafide movie star, not the most successful, she had the looks and body to make 20 odd movies. Her golden hair, streaked down to her medium sized breasts that stood there naked pointing at him. She was looking straight at him and didnt even bother to cover up, her strenght turned him on, it would be fun breaking her, his cock stirred.

Monica knew what this lech was thinking, what most men thought when they saw her, thoughts of pawing, humping, sweating and release. She had been given a face and a body and had used it to her advantage, somewhere thought, she felt she had lost her way. Too much comprom...

"Monica" he finally said and it brought her out of her day dream. "Dekho, ab mein tumhe chodunga, tum bhi thoda maza lo aur mujhe bhi do" (now i will fuck you, you enjoy it and let me enjoy it as well) She didnt betray any emotion, nor did she move.

"Dekho Monica, yaha par tumhe 3 sal nikalne hain, nahane se sone tak bahut takleefe a sakti hain, agar tum mujhe apna jism dogi to tumhara yaha rehna aramdayak ho sakta hain" (you have to be in prison for 3 years, from shower to sleep there can be many problems, if you give me your body you could be very comfortable"

While saying this Raja began to rub his cock and it began to form a bulge in his pants. He then grabbed one of her tits and began to pinch the nipples, he squeezed hard enough to elicit a response from her. A little wince escaped her mouth. "theek hain" (ok)

Raja, wasnt happy, she had given up too easily but it would have to do. He brought his now enlarged erection out of his pants "ise muh me lo" (take in your mouth) Monica obeyed.

She began to suck his cock, like she had sucked so many before, slowly with love, she never liked sucking cock but she knew it was what she had to do to survive. A woman like her could never be comfortable in a place like this, if this was the price to pay it was okay. She began to move her tongue about the cockhead, licking, flicking all the while rubbing his balls.

Raja was just there with his eyes closed and head up, this was nothing to her though, most men got lost in her mouth. She then took him deep inside, hitting the back of her throat, his cock was big, she liked big cocks but had not had one in her mouth for a while. Her movements became faster and she began to sense his balls tighten in her hand.

Suddenly, he grabbed her hair and pulled her out. "Saali, mooh mein hi legi kya" (bitch, youll only take it in your mouth or what) saying this he dragged her by her hair over to the supritendants desk and shoved her head first onto the table. "jhuki reh raand, aur tayar ho" (bend over and get ready)
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06-28-2012, 07:22 PM
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RE: Monica Bedi's first week in Jail
Bent over the table she felt the hard prick slid between her legs and head for her pussy. First the cock rubbed her pussy and then pressed between her lips, slowly but surely gaining access to her pussy as Raja slowly began fucking her

Monica could not believe that this was happening to her. She had been a movie star and now she was down to getting bent over a table and fucked for luxuries she had always taken for granted.

"Kya makhan jaisi hain tu" you are like butter, said Raja as he leaned forward fondling her tits as he fucked her. In and out, rubbing against her pussy lips while fully entering into her pussy as far as he could. Harder & harder his humping got wild, he grabbed her neck and pushed her down on the table to get a better grip.

This felt better, her pussy felt better this way he thought, this pussy was the best one he had had. He wondered how he would go to back to regular women after this. He felt his balls tremble, fill up with his cum and he moaned in agony as he began to cum inside her. It was over fairly quickly. then she heard the voice " Lo supritendant sahab, apki bari"

She was shocked, she turned around to see first his naked cock, then look up at him, the same cold expression, the bastard was not a nice man after all. He came up, grabbed her by the hips and slid his cock into her.

The supritendant behind her rammed her pussy harder and faster than Raja, he was a cop, so he was much fitter and more focused than the wild and uncouth Raja. He was also merciless, she had been fucked wild beofre but never in such a punishing manner and never by men who were out to fuck only for themselves and not for her pleasure.

The supritendant was grunting and groaning as he slammed into her, he wasnt so cold after all. His cock began to burn inside her, his deep storkes were begining to pleasure her and she could not control herself and she decided to move off the table but Raja was still there, watching, he grabbed her hand and pulled her back on the table.

"Jaldi karo, Sahab, aur bhi kaam hain" (Hurry up, we have other work to do as well)

Raja grabbed her tits with one of her free hands and rolled them around in his hand and then grabbed his cock and began to rub his cock on her mouth. She had never been taken by two men like this and didnt know what to do. Raja held his cock in front of her mouth and with a huge thrust from the supritendant she swalloed his cock.

"abhi nahi, Raja sahab" (not now Raja) the supritendant said and grabbed her hair and took her mouth of his cock. "Theek hain sahab, sab ap hi le lijie, hamari taraf se gift" (ok, sir, you can have her all)

The intense fucking and digusting bartering turned Monica on and she felt her pussy was out of her control and the sensations it was offering her she had not felt for months. A good hard fucking was just what she needed but not like this and she did not want these bastards thinking they had pleasured her. Though she didnt want to she felt her body betray her and the sensations between her legs began to grow and she began to thrust back for relief.

Then it came, she exhaled and moaned out loud as she had an orgasm after months, she moaned and screamed "aah, bus. bus" (enough, enough) but the man kept fucking.

Then she heard a moan and felt him withdraw she looked back as she felt him cum on her face, her hair and the table. She felt disgusted, exhausted and relieved.

She stayed on the table as the supritendant zipped up and rang the bell. His assistant and the warden both came up, picked her up and began to take her back.

Raja stopped them and looked at her "tu to pachas hazari hain, kal mein fir aaunga" (you are worth at least 50,000 a night, ill be back tomorrow) he handed her a little basket.

Monica turned back and looked at the supritendant who was already on his table working away on a file.

Back in her cell she opened the basket, it was soap, shampoo and lingerie. She had been fucked by two men for a little soap.
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06-28-2012, 07:22 PM
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RE: Monica Bedi's first week in Jail
A fucking like that made Monica fairly tired and she slept well. The day went by perfectly fine as well, the warden was off, the superintendent did not even look at her on his rounds in short there was no drama. Sleeping her second night in the cell, she wondered how she would spend 11 months in this situation, wondering what every day was going to be like and that put her to sleep.

She dreamt of her past, the claps when she finished her first film, the time a major movie star asked to kiss her breasts, the time Abu Salem fucked her from behind on a bed full of money, the time she sucked cock in exchange for a diamond ring.

The dreams would have continued were not for the warden banging on her cell, "Uth maharani, uth, tere bap ka ghar nai" (wake up, queen, this isnt your fathers palace) Monica stirred up, the bitch was back and she was going to make up for yesterday.

She got up, went for her communal shower, soaped up her gorgeous but tired body, the other inmates watched as she used scented soaps while they were reduced to using cheap stuff. She was not going to make any friends here she wondered but didnt care. She had to survive, a little luxury never hurt anyone.

She was on her way to the workshop to start her chores, she walked across the yard and no one paid attention, entering the workshop, she felt weird, there was no one there and that was unusual. Before she could turn around she heard the door close and with that went the light.

She felt a hand on her mouth and a whisper in her ear "chup chap de de, varna bahut takleef hogi, par dena to padega" (give it readily or you will give it up with pain) she didnt even know who it was but she sensed it might be one of the guards, there werent that many men around.

She had no choice.
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06-28-2012, 07:22 PM
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RE: Monica Bedi's first week in Jail
The man put his arms around her and rubbed them against her breasts, then turned her around and shoved his into her mouth, sucked on her tongue while playing with her breasts.

"accha laga" (did you like it)

He didnt sense any answers, in the darkness he couldnt see her expressions, only heard her heavy breathing, she would have to answer.

"bol accha laga raand" (say you like it whore) saying this he grabbed her nipple and squeezed.

"yes, i like it, accha laga"

Monica didnt know what to do, she knew if she screamed there will be attention and this man will get caught. If he has the audacity to do this he must be able untouchable. She didnt need another enemy.

He grabbed her saree and pulled it off her chest, then her blouse came off. He began sucking her nipples and squeezing her tits. "wah, kya hain reh there" (yours are very good) Monica didnt say a word, she just put up with it. He then dragged her to a corner and pushed her down on a mattress.

He then continued sucking her tits and put a finger inside her saree and shoved it inside her pussy. Monica let out a moan, he laughed "rand ko maza aya" (whore is enjoying) once her pussy was wet, he ripped of the panties and she heard an unzipping sound.

It was still dark but she could smell it and then he grabbed her hand and put it in and then she could feel it.
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