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My Bedroom with Pictures of Big Breasted Women
11-28-2012, 07:59 AM
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My Bedroom with Pictures of Big Breasted Women
I often times find myself looking at pictures in the family albums. Recently I found a box I've kept hidden for years. Inside rediscovered snap shots long forgotten. At the time I was in my mid-teens, actually fifteen, and it was of my mother and baby sister. So what you ask? How many of you can honestly say you have pictures of your mother nursing a baby I ask? What follows may sound odd or even not likely but I'll let you be the judges.

At the age of fifteen the hormones raged inside my man/boy child body. Hardly a day passed that I didn't take matters in hand. You guys, and I'm certain you gals as well, know just what I mean. Armed with pictures of naked women and alone behind the locked door of my bedroom I would fantasize and take care of the emotional and physical problem that seemed to plague my young mind and body.

OK I masturbated. There I would be alone behind the locked door of my bedroom with pictures of big breasted women while my fist was firmly clinched around my throbbing erection. I would start by lying on my back looking at the pictures as I stroked. When I felt my orgasm getting close I would quickly get on my knees, lay the picture on my bed and keep stroking myself. Finally, wishing it were real, I would explode and dump my load all over the glossy boobs before me. Afterwards I felt better but it was getting damned expensive having to replace all those magazines with the stuck together pages.

About this time my mother gave birth to my sister. Yeah, I know, it was rather late in her life and her pregnancy was an accident. Still I didn't mind. You see I'd always loved my mother, and what boy doesn't, but it was her chest I loved most. Yeah, Mom was pretty big in the breast department and I loved seeing them move and bounce. They even wiggled around when she was wearing her harness called a bra. The most exciting times were first thing in the morning. Mom would be in the kitchen fixing breakfast wearing her nightgown and robe. I knew she wasn't harnessed and her big boobs moved even more bringing me to dizzying heights of sexual arousal.

A couple of months before my sister was born I really noticed mom's breasts getting bigger. Now I ain't no dummy and what with sex education in school knew it was because she was making milk for nursing. That's when things really got exciting for me.

One senior at school had a magazine that showed women with milk. The pictures showed them squeezing their breasts and milk sprayed from the nipples. Talk about jerk off material this was it. I managed to talk him out of the magazine and took it home. Very carefully I kept it well hidden and often use it during my jerk off sessions.

A few weeks later my sister was born. After all the relatives had done their thing with cooing over her and visiting things finally began to settle down at home. Lots of times I would hold my new sister and even changed her diapers, but if you tell the guys I knock your teeth out.

I never really thought all that much about feeding, however. For some reason Mom taking my sister into her room and closing the door for an hour never seemed to bother me. It wasn't until the day the phone rang and it was for Mom that I found out.

Opening her bedroom door I poked my head inside telling her the phone was for her. There she was sitting on the bed with my sister's face to her chest. At first I didn't know what was going on but looking closer I saw Mom was naked to her waist. When I saw her unoccupied breast fully exposed I suddenly realized she was nursing my sister. Not only that but I saw drops of a whitish looking liquid seeping from her exposed nipple.

"Uh, Mom, phone for you," I gulped feeling the instant erection in my pants. My face burned as I felt the blushing of my skin. Expecting Mom to hurriedly cover herself I was surprised with her response.

"Thank you son. Would tell whoever is calling I'll call back in a few minutes? I want to let you sister finish first."

At that moment something happened between Mom and me. Instead of looking at my face I was sure she was looking several inches below my belt. There seemed to be a hint of a smile plying across her lips before she looked into my eyes. I could have died right then knowing she had seen my erection. Muttering something I backed out and closed her door.

All the rest of the day I expected Mom to say something to me about what had happened but she didn't say a word. I fussed and fumed for days and then came Friday night. Dad had gone another of his business trips, I really don't know how they found the time for Mom to become pregnant what with him gone most of the time, and it was just Mom and me and my sister. After supper Mom said she wanted to have a talk with me.

"Ed, about the other day when I was nursing your sister. You were embarrassed, right?"

"Uh, well, I guess. I don't know," I mumbled. We were in the family room watching TV.

"Was it because you saw me nursing your sister?"

"Yeah sort of."

"Or was it because you saw one of my naked breasts?"

"Aw come on Mom, do we really have to talk about this?" I was really blushing but at the same time aroused.

"Yes I really think we must. Look, son, you're fifteen and I know you think about girls and sex. I've seen your magazines, the ones you keep trying to hide?"

"Oh, them," I stammered.

"Seems to me from what I've looking at you have a 'thing' about women with large breasts."

"Uh, well yeah I guess." My goose was cooked and now Mom was gonna really give it to me.

"Believe me I understand. It's very natural for young boys to like looking at women with large breasts. I also saw that one magazine you have showing a woman with milk in hers. Do you like seeing a woman's breasts that are filling with milk?"

Now she had me trapped. I couldn't think of anything to say that would get me out of this one.

"Yeah, Mom, I really like that one."

"I couldn't help but notice the other day when you saw me nursing your sister how you kept looking at my exposed breast. You saw the milk seeping from my nipple?" All I could manage was a nod of my head. "And you like seeing your sister nursing me?"

Again I was trapped and could only agree. By this time I was sitting on the edge of my chair, feet entangled with my hands clasped firmly between my legs. I had my knees as close together as I could get with my hands between them desperately trying to hide the erection the conversation was causing. Suddenly my sister began to cry and I thought a reprieve had been sent from above.

"Why don't you wait here a few minutes while I get your sister and then we'll talk more?"

I instantly knew it wasn't a request and I simply nodded my head and waited. Mom didn't take long before she was back carrying my sister. She sat back down and without looking at me unbuttoned her blouse. I already knew she wasn't wearing a bra and saw her naked breast become exposed just seconds before my sister was placed to the waiting nipple. What really got me was Mom didn't attempt to cover her unused and very naked breast.

"I know you don't remember but I used to nurse you when you were a baby," she calmly stated looking into my eyes. "Have you learned much about mothers nursing their babies in sex education?"

"Oh yeah, we learned all about it. Like how the mother creates the milk and how it's supposed to be so good for the babies." Suddenly I was feeling better and bit grown up. I guess Mom talking to me on this level made me feel mature.

"From the pictures you have I would have to think you'd like to enjoy doing that again."

My mouth would have broken my toes if my jaw could have dropped that far. What, I wanted to know, was my mother saying? She smiled and patted the seat beside her. I stood on very shaky legs, moved across the small room and sat down. Mom put her arm around me while she easily cradled my baby sister and pulled me closer.

"Come and learn," she spoke softly to me. Her hand pressed at the back of my head drawing me closer to her other exposed breast that by now was leaking her milk. "Use your lips and put them around my nipple and suckle. Nurse your mother as you did as a baby and drink my milk from my full breast."

She pulled my head down until my lips touched the swollen nipple of her breast as the milk oozed from the tiny openings. I felt the firm warm of her skin as my lips touched her. My tongue slipped from between my lips gathering the first drops and then slid back inside my mouth. I tasted of her breast as the thin liquid touched my delicate taste buds. My lips gently closed and surrounded her nipple as my face pressed more firmly towards her breast. Instinct caused my mouth to suckle and pull as her milk quickly and freely flowed into my hungry mouth. Sweet oh so sweet was the taste as I became greedy and wanted more. Again and again I suckled filling my mouth before swallowing the nectar from the breast of my mother.

For what seemed hours couldn't have been more the ten minutes before her breast was empty. Still I couldn't keep from flicking my tongue over the turgid nipple in my mouth. Mom kept pressing my lips to her unyielding breast even as she must have known there was nothing left to give me. Even then my arousal, my passion, my lust was unabated as the erection within my pants throbbed and started to cause me pain. Finally I pulled back and reclined panting.

Mom had taken my sister away and lay her down in her crib. She came back and sat beside me, her arm around my shoulders holding me tightly. We didn't speak but our silence seemed to speak for us. Finally I was calmed enough and stood. I leaned down and lightly kissed her lips and said goodnight before going to my bedroom.

That night, that first night I must have masturbated six times before finally falling into and exhausted and very deep sleep. When the sun poked through the shades waking me in the morning all I could think of was the last night. My morning woody hurt and I quickly brought myself off before going to the bathroom and relieving my very full bladder.

I didn't know what to think or say as I entered the kitchen later. Mom was cooking my breakfast of bacon and eggs and hash browns. She knew it was my favorite and smile sweetly placing the plate before me. With her own plate Mom sat across from me and I slowly looked in her direction. The robe she was wearing was partly open exposing most of her breasts. I almost choked seeing her so openly displayed.

"There's no way your sister is going to be able to nurse enough. You may not know what I mean but because I make more milk than she can take my breasts become very full and hurt. I'm hoping after breakfast you will want to help me."

There was nothing in the entire world that would have made my day more than Mom saying that. I was so very certain that the night before was a one in a lifetime thing and now she was offering to me more of her milk. The look on my face must have told her because she laughed and I couldn't keep my eyes from watching her heavy milk filled breasts from wiggling. We finished eating and I helped clean the kitchen. Mom took my hand and led me to the family room.

"Why don't you just wait here and I'll tend to your sister. I need to bath her and put on a clean diaper then we'll join you. Oh, by the way, make yourself comfortable and take off your shorts. I saw how uncomfortable you were last night."

SHE KNEW, DAMN IT SHE KNEW! Mom knew I was erect and cramped. My face burned as she turned and walked away. I could have sworn there was a glint in her eye and a sway to her hips as she disappeared from the room. Well I shed my pajama bottoms, shorts as she called them, but kept them resting on my lap. I wasn't quite ready for Mom to see my still virgin organ throbbing and bouncing against my belly. Patiently I sat and waited knowing it would take half an hour before she came back. In the mean time my erection remained rock hard and moved in time with the rapid beating of my pounding heart.

By the clock on the wall it was twenty eight minutes and Mom casually entered the room with my sister. She sat beside me and slipped her robe off her shoulders. Now I was seeing both of Mom's large milk filled breasts as she brought my sister to one. My sister greedily clamped her lips around the dripping nipple and began to feed. Mom didn't say anything but just looked at me with expectation.

Keeping my crotch covered I shifted and leaned to her unused breast. Latching my lips around her swollen and leaking nipple I began to suckle. After only a few minutes I became bold and gently cupped the breast I was nursing. Sensing no opposition I lightly squeezed and heard a very soft moan from Mom. Becoming bolder I squeezed more firmly and loved the hardness of her breast. Mom, for her part only pressed her hand at the back of my head pressing my face closer. I was in heaven and the more I suckled and squeezed the more Mom moaned and pressed my head to her breast.

I was surprised when Mom pulled my head back from her milk giving nipple. She nodded her head towards my sister indicating she had taken her fill and was sleeping. I moved back and she got up motioning for me to remain seated. What was to come next I couldn't imagine but I was hoping for more from her still partly full breast. A few minutes later Mom came back and again sat beside me.

"I hated to stop you but your sister was finished. The breast you were milking still has milk and so does the other. I really need to have both of the empty so I don't feel so full and start hurting."

My lips quickly latched back on the nipple she had taken away and within minutes her breast was drained. Hardly missing a beat I switched to the other and began where my sister had left off. I was loving every second but the biggest surprise was only seconds away.

As I nursed I felt Mom's hand moving. Not paying attention I was shocked to feel fingers and then a hand touching and caressing my painful erection. I was suddenly torn between wanting to keep nursing and wanting to see what was going on between my legs. Finally my curious and very aroused mind forced me to release her milk filled breast. I looked and saw her fingers and hand manipulating my engorged erection. Other than by me hers was the only other hand to ever touch my organ when erect and it felt wonderful.

"You are so much like your father only thicker," she whispered. Her fingers were tightly wrapped around my pulsing shaft slowly moving up and down. "You're so long, so thick and so very hard."

"God, Mom that feels good." By this time I was panting and ready to explode.

"Would you like me to bring you off? Do you want me to make you cum?"

It was already to late. I felt myself swelling as my testicles pulled up tight and released the full load stored inside. Long thick streaks of my young virile seed erupted from my pulsing organ. The eruption was so hard the first two shots went all the way up to her breasts before my ejaculation slowed and only spurted and coated her stomach. Through it all Mom kept stroking me until there was nothing but a feeble dribbling of my seed oozing from the slit of my withering organ.

"Mom, I can't believe you did that," I gasped as my breathing began to slow and become more normal.

"I can't believe either but I loved every second. Even your father when we were first married could never have done that." Mom was breathing fast and still slowly stroking me.

"Are you sorry Mom? I never thought something like this would happen."

"Don't you worry about it. We still the rest of the weekend before you father gets home. I'm going to have you nursing me every chance I can and I want to see you cum a lot more."

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11-28-2012, 08:00 AM
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RE: My Bedroom with Pictures of Big Breasted Women
Well, I did and she did. I nursed her and she jerked me. She must have given me two gallons of her milk but I know it was really much less. In turn I shot load after load of my cream from her masturbating me. There were even a couple of time she jerked me even though I hadn't nursed her. I was in heaven but then thought about Dad coming home and began to fill with dread. Finally late Sunday night Dad came home. Mom kissed me goodnight right after and said we'd have a nice talk the next day.

"Good morning Ed," Mom said as I entered the kitchen. She was fixing breakfast. Her short robe was partly open at the top and I could see the tops of her large breasts.

"Morning Mom. How was your trip Dad?" I asked trying to sound normal.

"Real good son but I have to leave again this weekend to wrap up the details. Your mother said you were a real help while I was gone."

"Uh, well yeah I guess." I almost choked on my orange juice.

"Good because I'll be counting on you being every bit as helpful this weekend." Dad finished his coffee, kissed Mom and waved as he left for his office.

"Mom," I finally managed to say, "What did you tell him? I mean he doesn't know about you know..."

"Don't worry son. He doesn't know anything. Now if you're finished eating would you like something to wash it down?"

She was standing next to me exposing one milk filled breast. I opened my lips and took in the dripping thick nipple and began feeding. Mom pressed my head firmly to her breast and I felt her other hand moving lower. Since she was standing I knew she couldn't be reaching for my crotch so I managed to turn my head enough to see what she was doing.

Her legs were open and she had her hand inside her robe. It was moving and I knew she was rubbing herself. I pulled back releasing her milk giving nipple.

"Mom for some reason I never thought that you would have needs, too. I mean here I've been nursing from you and then enjoying you making me cum. Should I be doing more for you?"

"I'm not sure that would be such a good idea son. It's enough I let you nurse me then for me to get you off."

"Well yeah but it's not like I was hitting on you or anything. I just thought since you've been so good to I should return the favor."

"Actually I wouldn't mind if you wanted to make me feel good. Tell you what; let's go to your room. At least there I can lie down a be comfortable."

Once we were in my room Mom dropped her robe and for the first time I saw her naked. Wow, she was so sexy looking all I could do for a few minutes was stare at her. Not only did she have a pair of really big boobs but her waist was still rather narrow meeting her flared hips. What really caught my attention was the total lack of pubic hair.

"Your father likes me clean shaven. I hope you like it, too. Now why don't you take off your pajamas and we'll lie down. My breasts are full and starting to hurt. Don't worry about your sister, she's already had breakfast."

I was kinda nervous at first since it was the first time we were both naked and on my bed to boot. Soon enough I was back to suckling her milk as she guided my hand between her legs. What I found was a warm wetness and Mom held my wrist showing me what she wanted.

"There rub me right there. Mmmmm, that feels good. Now raise your finger up a little higher and feel the hard nub just above my slit. Yeah, that's my clit and it's very sensitive."

I was doing like she said and found it very exciting. My organ was throbbing and touching her belly. Mom told me about slipping two fingers inside her slit while using my thumb to massage her clit. She started moaning and then wrapped her fingers around my swollen shaft.

"Oh baby you're making me feel so good down there. Just keep nursing and feeling me between my legs. I can tell you like touching me because you're harder than normal. Now keep doing that with your fingers and you will make mommy cum. Would you like to cum with me?"

I moaned into her breast as my fingers moved in and out of her hot wet slit. Her hand slowly pumping me started moving faster and Mom started breathing real hard.

"More, Ed, more with your fingers and faster. Yeah, do it harder. I'm going to... oh my I'm cumming."

Mom took a deep breath and held it while I felt the hot gooey liquid gushing from her slit. Her hand really starting pumping me hard and fast I and felt my orgasm rushing up my long thick tube. Just as my thick juice erupted I clamped my lips down real hard on her milk squirting nipple and sucked hard.

Most of my hand was covered with her bodily cream as my young seed pumped onto her belly and thighs. For several minutes we both moaned and kept moving our hands until the explosion of our mutual orgasms subsided. We didn't move just lay side by side panting in the after glow.

"Wow, Mom, I don't think I've ever cum that hard before."

"The same for me, son. You really have talented fingers for a boy that's never done this before. Are you alright with what we just did?"

"Alright... alright? I don't think it could ever get any better. Uh, would you like to do this again?"

"Yes," Mom said laughing. "I'd love to have a repeat but not right now. You have chores to do and I have the house to clean."

We went about doing what needed to be done. Mom cleaned and I mowed the front and back yards. We did say anything more about that morning but in the afternoon I did nurse Mom again only this time we kept our hands to ourselves. I wasn't disappointed because I was sure we would do it again the next morning.

The rest of the week went by quickly. Every morning after Dad left Mom and I would undress and lay on my bed. I would nurse her, play with her slit and she would jerk me off. Not once did we fail to bring the other to a mind blowing orgasm. In fact a couple of times I got Mom off twice before I shot my load.

We didn't have our mother/son time Friday morning because Dad was leaving and Mom had to take him to the airport. I was upset at first but remembered we would have the rest of the day and the weekend for our mutual masturbations and my nursing.

"Come on, Ed, it's time to take care of your mother. My breasts are so full they are leaking and my bra is soaked. Besides they hurt and I need your help." She took my hand and we went to my room.

We quickly undressed and instead of laying side by side Mom had me on my back. She placed her knelt over me and cupped her huge milk filled and leaking breasts over my face. Using her hands she began to knead them and almost instantly her milk was spraying from her thick hard nipples all over my chest and face.

"I've been wanting to try that for a few days," she laughed seeing my shocked expression. "Besides I'm so full I needed a quick release. Now put your lips around my nipple and drain me."

Mom leaned over and my lips latched onto one dripping nipple. I sucked and was rewarded with her hot sweet milk. Trying to reach her slit I found it pressed to my belly and I could feel her wetness on my skin. Mom reached back and took my organ and began pumping it. She moved her hips up and down my belly moving lower and lower all the time. Suddenly I felt something hot and wet on the tip of my organ. Then there was more heat and more wetness and it was all over my shaft. I felt Mom moving her hips and I realized she had place my organ inside where I normally put my fingers.

"Yes," she hissed loudly. "Yes it feels just as good as I thought it would. I've been wanting to feel you inside me all week and now I have you."

I was shocked and didn't know what to do or think. There is was nursing from my mother's breast while she had put my organ inside her slit. Now she was moaning and moving her hips lifting and lowering them on me. It suddenly hit me that Mom and I were having sex.

"Mom are you sure this is what you want?"

"Yes, Ed, this is what I want. Feeling your lips sucking out my milk and fingering me just wasn't enough. Now I have you feeding on my milk and your cock on my cunt. You're big and thick just like your father and now I'm going to teach you how to fuck."

I'd never heard my mother swear before and her using such language shocked me almost as much as her putting me inside her body. While my mind was spinning my body was responding. Hearing her talk dirty inflamed my sexual desires and I started lifting my hips to meet hers coming down. Quickly we found a rhythm and soon it was like we had been lovers for years.

"But what about Dad? I mean don't you love him anymore?" I managed to pant.

"I love your father very much but he hasn't been taking care of my needs lately. Since your sister was born and my tits filled with milk he doesn't want that much sex. Now stop talking and suck and fuck."

Having always been a very obedient child I natural did as I was told. My lips returned to the swollen milk filled boob while my hips pumped up and down. The feeling of Mom's hot wet pussy filled my brain. I listened as she moan and groaned. Over and over I felt hot liquid flushing down my shaft and soaking my pubic hair. I knew she was cumming and felt my own very close. I needed air and released her nipple.

"Mom I'm going to cum."

"Yes cum for me. Let me feel your nice big thick cock filling my cunt with your hot creamy cum."

That did it for me as my cock grew thicker. I felt the blast of my orgasm erupting into her tightly clinching pussy. Again and again I felt the hard spurting until my heavy balls grew empty. Mom whimpered her final orgasm and her body fell on mine. We lay still until we could slow our rapid breathing.

"I'm sorry Ed but I couldn't help myself. Don't think I'm some kind of slut but that was the best sex I've had for many months."

"What's to be sorry about? It was the best sex I've ever had you know I've never had sex before. Does this mean it was our last time?"

"Not if I can help it. Now I think we'd better get cleaned up. Your sister will be waking up soon and I need to take care of her."

We spent the rest of the weekend fucking and sucking when not doing things around the house. I suppose at this point I could say we lived happily ever after or that never happened again but I'd be lying. What did happen a few weeks later almost caused me to have a heart attack. Let me explain.

Dad had left in the morning as usual and Mom led me to my room. We were naked on my bed only by now I was on top. My lips were sucking milk from Mom's tit while my hips were pounding my cock deep into her cunt. We were so wrapped up in fucking we didn't hear the front door. Neither of heard or saw Dad as he stood in the doorway of my room.

"What the fuck is going on here?" he shouted.

Instantly I went limp and rolled off Mom. She screamed and tried to cover herself but it was to late, the damage was done. Dad stalked into my room and Mom pleaded with him to listen.

Well, she told him everything including her lust for sex and how she wasn't getting it from him. I kinda felt sorry for Dad as he stood there hanging his head.

"I'm sorry sweetheart," he said softly. "What with things at work and the baby I just lost interest. You know I love you but your boobs always so full of milk it kinds turned me off."

"Well, dear, I love you, too. But I still have needs and there's not much I can do about my milk. They can't stay this way forever but I can't wait until they dry up, besides I like having them nursed and having sex at the same time."

"Dad, are you still mad at me?" I thought it time I said something.

"No, son, I'm mad at me. I can see now what your mother means. Do you think we can come up with some kind of solution?"

"We might if you're willing to go along with what I have in mind."

"OK, shoot."

"Well, I love nursing Mom's big tits and I really don't want to stop. Besides I've read it a woman keeps nursing she can still produce milk for two or three years and maybe more."

"So you're saying you and your sister will keep her tits drained so it doesn't bother me?"

"Something like that but..."

"Yeah, but you don't want to stop fucking her, right?"

"I'll stop if you tell me but I like what we've started and don't want to quit."

"Well I gotta admit seeing you and your mother humping made me mad at first, but then it sorta excited me, too."

"I didn't think that was a banana stuffed inside your pants," Mom quipped. She reached to Dad's pants and opened them. As she pulled them and his shorts down his thick cock bobbed in front of her face. "I know how much you like getting your cock sucked and I've never been much for swallowing, but if you can see your way to letting our son keep my tits drained and still let him fuck me I'll take your cock all the way down my throat and drink your cum."

"This I gotta see," Dad exclaimed.

Mom got on her knees with me behind her. By now my cock had come back to life and was slipping deeply into the hot wet cunt of my mother. I watched as she took Dad's thick cock and press her nose into his pubic bush. While I humped her from behind Dad held her head and fucked her mouth. It was such a turn on I started blasting Mom's cunt full of my cum about the same time Dad shot his load down her throat. Mom, for her part, gushed pussy cream all over my cock and I could see her swallowing Dad's cum.

It was just after I graduated from high school that Mom's big tits finally ran out of milk. I sure was disappointed but you can imagine my relief when our fucking continued. Well it went on until I left home for collage. I get back home often for a weekend and by the time I head back to collage I'm well fucked and sucked. Mom really knows how to take care of her men.

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