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My Modest Wife
12-08-2012, 10:28 AM
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My Modest Wife
My wife Jean and I met eight years ago at a party at a mutual friends house. We dated for about a year before we decided to get married. We have been married for seven years and I feel the same way about Jean now as I did the day we married. Jean is five feet eight inches tall, has beautiful dark brown eyes and has shoulder length dark brown almost black hair. She has sexy legs and beautiful breasts.

Jean has always been modest. The only time I ever see her nude is during sex, which, by the way, she is very good at. If I am in the bathroom shaving or showering Jean will wait till I am done before doing what she needs to do in the bathroom. When she changes for bed if I am in the bedroom, she’ll use the bathroom or go into her closet and close the door. Because of Jean’s modesty I found myself playing games to try and catch a peek at her body any chance I got. A little peek up her skirt here, a look down her blouse there, or just walk in to the bathroom when she’s in there. The last method seldom works as she usually locks the door while she baths or uses the toilet.

A couple of years ago I found a way I could spy on Jean and see what she was doing in almost any room down stairs. Our house is about 30 years old and I had to replace the furnace two years ago. When I did I installed a combined heating and air conditioning unit that sits in the attic. This required that I also put in all new ductwork. I pulled out all of the old heating ducts but left the old registers, which I planned to cover over later. All of the old registers for the first floor were in the center of the house. So as I was standing on step ladder removing the last of the heating ducts from the first floor registers I found that by looking through the old register vents I could see into the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, with very little effort.

I was just about to go back upstairs when I heard the garage door open. I decided to test my view and sat quietly as Jean came into the house. When she came into the kitchen I found that I had a better than expected view. Jean was wearing a short dress and from the angle I was looking up from I could see half way up her thigh. As she walked toward the living room she had to pass almost directly over the register. I was holding my breath hoping that she wouldn’t look down and see me. She didn’t see anything but I did. I got an up skirt view that gave me an instant hard on. The peek only lasted a couple of seconds but that was enough to make me hot.

Jean went through the living room and around the corner to hall that went to the bathroom and our bedroom. Jean went into the bathroom. I had to turn around to see into the bathroom register and when I looked in Jean was standing in front of the sink looking into the mirror. She brushed the hair away from her eyes with her hand then walked over to the toilet. Now for the first time ever I was going to see Jean peeing. As I watched from below Jean lifted her dress, pulled down her panty hose and then her panties, which was exciting me to no end. Then as I watched her creamy ass cheeks as she sat down I had to pull my cock out of my pants to relieve the discomfort my hard on was causing me. When I heard the sound of her piss splashing into the toilet it just added to my excitement. When her stream stopped she took a handful of toilet paper and cleaned herself. Then she bent down and pulled her pantyhose the rest of the way off. As she stood and pulled her panties up she turned away from me giving me a great view of her firm ass.

Jean let her dress drop back in place, picked up her pantyhose and headed out of the bathroom and into our bedroom. As she entered the room she was already unzipping her dress and pulling it over her head. Now she was in just her bra and panties. I couldn’t remember any time, other than when we were having sex, seeing my wife take her clothes off and I was as turned on seeing my wife in her bra and panties now, as I was the first time we had sex. Next Jean removed the bra exposing her beautiful tits. It took all my restraint to keep myself from running upstairs right then and throwing her on the bed taking her. I continued watching as Jean removed her panties. I admired her beautiful sexy body as she put her panties, pantyhose and bra in the laundry hamper and put her dress on a hanger and hung it in the closet. Finally she put on a fresh pair of panties her favorite pair of baggy shorts and a loose sweatshirt.

After Jean was dressed she took the hamper to the laundry room and started a load of wash. I took that opportunity to sneak out of the basement and come back into the house through the garage.

When I came into the house I found Jean back in the bedroom. She was sitting on
the bed folding laundry. I was so horny I had to get laid soon. I sat behind Jean and began
kissing her on the neck. Luckily she must have been in the mood because she responded
by turning to me and giving me a deep tongue kiss that almost made my toes curl.
I put my arms around Jean and lifted her sweatshirt high enough to expose her beautiful tits (she was braless). I pushed Jean back onto the bed and began licking and sucking on her nipples until she began moaning and breathing hard. We both started stripping our clothes off. As soon as we were both naked I went back to her tits and started working my way down to the fluffy triangle of hair between her legs. As I kissed and licked my way through the dark downy hair I could smell the heady sent that her pussy gives off when Jean is very horny. Finally as I slipped my tongue into the slit in her mound I could taste the sexual juices that were beginning to coat the outer edges of her lips. I pushed my tongue as far inside her as I could and sucked up as much of her juices as I could. Within five minutes Jean erupted into orgasm clamping her thighs tightly to the sides of my head. As her orgasm subsided Jean released the vise like grip she had on my head. As Jean was recovering her composure I climbed up on top of her and shoved my rock hard cock into her sloppy wet pussy. The sensation of her hot pussy wrapped around my cock and the long hard strokes I was taking brought me to orgasm very quickly. When I was done I collapsed on top of Jean and we both lay there for a while. When we were sufficiently recovered we went to our bedroom and made love slowly for another hour then we went to sleep.

One night after we had been married a couple of years, I was teasing Jean about how modest she was and we were both laughing about it when I said, “Who was the first guy to see you naked other than your father?” Jean blushed and turned away. She was still laughing but she didn’t say anything, so I asked her again.

Then she looked at me and said, “How do you know you weren’t the first?”

I replied “You weren’t exactly a virgin when we met.”

Jean smiled at me and said, “Well this should shock you. Before you I had sex with one guy one time and I never removed my clothes. I didn’t even take my panties off. You are the only man that has seen me naked since the last time my father gave me a bath when I was about six.”

Later that night as Jean lay next to me sleeping I started imagining her in the back seat of a car, fully clothed, dress up around her hips, panties pulled to the side and some guy’s dick in her. Boy some special night. Suddenly I imagined Jean naked in bed with the same guy fucking her. This vision gave me an intense reaction. I got an erection as these images past through my mind. I was so aroused after a while that I couldn't sleep and I had to go into the bathroom and jerk off.

After that night the image of some guy fucking my naked wife kept recurring. I was beginning to become obsessed with the image. I began to wonder if my wife would ever take her clothes off in front of another man or even more to the point would she ever fuck another man. Thinking about the possibility of my wife having sex with another man always put a knot in my stomach but it also always gave me an erection.

As often happens when you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep, you come up with an idea. It’s not always a good idea but at 3:00 AM it seems like a stroke of genius. Well that’s what happened to me. While lying awake it came to me that I should find out if a stranger could seduce my wife. Mainly I wanted to see if he could get her to strip naked in front of him and then have sex with him.

I decided right then that good idea or not, I was going to find out. The difficult part would be finding the right person to attempt the seduction. I say attempt because I didn’t think anyone could seduce her. After much thought I decided on one of the guys on my bowling team. His name was Ray and the reason I chose him was that he had the reputation of being a Don Juan. I remember one night at bowling the guys were asking Ray about his sexual prowess and I asked him if he had banged any of the ladies that were in the bowling alley that night. Ray looked around and said, “Yea, I see at least six women that I have fucked at least once. Three work here and the other three are wives of guys who bowl on this league.” From this I knew that all I had to do to get Ray to try to seduce my wife was to arrange for them to be alone together.

In setting this up I didn’t want anyone to know what I was planning. Not the guys I bowl with, not Ray, and certainly not my wife. I just wanted to put things in motion and see what would happen and I wanted to keep the results to myself. One good thing about using Ray was that he was going to be moving away in a few weeks so I wouldn’t have to worry about running into him when I’m with Jean.

The following week at bowling I set my plan in motion. Ray is a locksmith by trade so I asked Ray if he could come over to my house on Saturday and put new locks on the front
and back doors. This request would not raise any eyebrows as I had often discussed having new locks installed and Ray had always said, “Just let me know when you want it done”. Ray told me the two locks I wanted with the labor to install them would cost about $220. I agreed to the price and Ray said he would be at my house at 10:00AM Saturday.

When I got home that night I told Jean that I made an appointment to get the locks
changed on Saturday but that I wouldn’t be home. I told her that my boss and I were
taking a client out golfing so I would be gone most of the day. Jean said that was
okay, she was planning to do some shopping but that could wait till after the locksmith left.

Friday evening came and I was nervous. I worried that Ray might not even try to seduce
Jean. I worried that Ray would seduce Jean. My feelings about what I was planning were very confused but when I thought about what I might see it made my dick hard. While I was sitting there stewing Jean fell asleep on the couch so although I was horny I didn’t get laid that night.

Saturday morning I got up and dressed for golf. Jean was just sitting down at the kitchen table with here first cup of coffee when I left at about 8:00AM. I drove around the block and parked my car on the street. Then I walked through the woods behind our house being careful to not let Jean see me from a window. When I got to the house I crept down into the basement and quietly got onto my ladder. A quick look around spotted Jean, still in her nightgown, sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and reading the paper. The way she was sitting gave me a view up under her nightgown all the way up to her panties. As I stared at her crotch I began to wonder if I was going to see another man removing her panties and putting his cock inside my beautiful wife. Now I had a major hard on again.

For the next hour and a half I spied on Jean as she walked around the house doing her cleaning and then stripping her nightgown and panties off and getting into the shower. And finally getting dressed in her favorite baggy shorts and sweat shirt. I wished she would have worn something sexier but I had no control over what she wore.

It was almost exactly 10:00 when the doorbell rang. Jean greeted Ray at the door and let
him in. She showed him the two locks that were to be changed and he said it would take him about an hour to finish up. Jean said “I am going to go about my business then, if you need anything just shout.” With that Jean went into the bedroom. She went into her closet and out of my site when she came back it looked like she was carrying a blouse and skirt. She laid them on the bed and removed her sweatshirt and shorts. Then she went to her dresser and got out a bra. She put the bra on then went back to the bed and picked up the blouse she had gotten from the closet and put it on. It was just a casual white blouse that buttoned up the front but it fit loosely around the top. Next Jean put on a short pink pleated skirt. It was beginning to look as though Jean was planning to leave to go shopping the minute Ray finished changing the locks. I was disappointed but also a little relieved.

When Jean had her hair just the way she wanted it she went back out to the kitchen where Ray was now installing the second lock. As she passed over the register I got a great view of her beautiful legs and panties. When she walked past Ray I saw him take a very long look at her beginning at her legs and going up her body to her face. Jean got herself a cup of coffee and offered one to Ray. Ray turned it down saying he might take her up on that when he was finished installing this lock. Jean sat at the kitchen table with her coffee and picked up the newspaper. The way Jean was sitting she was showing a lot of leg under the table and as I was looking through a register at floor level and Ray was sitting on the floor working on the lock we both had a perfect view. As Jean sat reading she occasionally move her legs sometimes giving us a view of her panties. I was beginning to get horny and by the look on Ray’s face he was feeling the same way.

When Ray finished installing the lock in the kitchen he packed up his tools and washed his hands in the sink. Then he said, “I’d like that cup of coffee now if the offer still stands.”

Jean said “Of course” and got up and poured Ray a cup. Jean sat back down at the table
and started making small talk about an article in the paper. Ray came over and stood behind Jean looking over her shoulder as if he was looking at the article she was discussing. Actually he was peeking down the front of her blouse. The view must have been getting to him because I saw him at least twice adjust the position of cock to make it more comfortable.

Jean put the paper down and leaned over to get her purse from the chair next to her, exposing her tits to Ray even more. As she retrieved her pursed she said, “Now that was $220 right?”

Ray stammered slightly as he said “Aaah yayayes, $220”. At that moment Jean looked up and caught Ray staring down her blouse.

Jean said, “What are you looking at? Are you looking inside my blouse? You are aren’t you?”

I thought ‘oh shit, Ray fucked up. He can’t recover gracefully from this.’

Ray said, “Why yes I was. I’m sorry but I just couldn’t help myself. Your breasts are beautiful. I saw them by accident but I couldn’t take my eyes off them. I hope you can understand. It’s just that I haven’t seen breasts that perfect in size and shape. If you hadn't caught me I would probably still be looking at them.”

Then Jean replied “Flattery will get you nowhere.”

“Well then, how about money?”

“What do you mean how about money?”

“Well, what if I give you $20 off the cost of installing the locks would you forget my bad


“$20? Well OK, I guess that would help.”

“What if I give you $50, would you remove your blouse?”

“Are you crazy, offering me money to expose myself to you?”

“Technically I have already seen the top of your breasts and you agreed to a price of $20 for that viewing. All I am asking for is a better view of those lovely tits of yours.”

“If you think it’s worth $20 dollars to peek at my breasts down the front of my blouse don’t you think it should be worth more that $30 more for me to take my blouse off?”

“Well yea, after all, you still have your bra on. OK, how about $75, and you remove your blouse and your bra?”

Jean was quiet for a minute then she said “Sit down”. Ray moved a kitchen chair to face Jean and sat in it. Jean unbuttoned her blouse but held it closed over her chest. “Are you sure we should be doing this” Ray nodded his head and said “Please don’t stop now.”

Then Jean sighed, removed her blouse and hung it on her chair. Then she unsnapped her bra and let it slid off her shoulders exposing her beautiful tits. I couldn’t believe that she actually did that for money. As shocking as that was I found that the whole scene had given me a major hard on.

Ray let out a low whistle and said, “They are magnificent.” For the next two minutes they
didn’t speak. Jean stared at Ray’s face and Ray stared at Jean’s breasts. After the silence
Ray’s voice startled me. He said “Another $50 to touch them?”

Jean closed her eyes, tipped her head back and said “$75”.

Ray said, “Deal”. Then he very gently cupped both of Jean’s breasts in his hands and began to lightly message them.

Watching another man fondle my wife's tits was more exciting that I ever imagined it could be.

Ray began to tease her nipples with his fingers. I notice that Jean closed her eyes tighter when he touched her nipples. I could tell that Jean was enjoying this but she wasn’t hot yet. Just then Ray leaned forward and licked the nipple of Jean’s left breast. When Jean didn’t say anything he sucked the nipple into his mouth and ran his tongue around it. As Jean began to respond a little Ray started really working on her left tit. He was squeezing, licking, biting, kissing and sucking that beautiful tit and Jean loved it.

As Ray continued to work on her tit he dropped his right hand down on to Jean’s knee. He tried to slide his hand up her thigh but she had her legs crossed at the ankles and her knees together so he could not get his hand between her thighs and she kept grabbing his wrist as he tried to slide his hand up under her skirt. Suddenly Ray changed his attention to Jean’s right breast. He gave it the same kind of attention he had just given her left tit. As he was working on Jean’s tits, Ray said, “Spread your legs”.

Jean responded with “$50” and then let her knees separate allowing Ray to slide his hand all the way up to Jean’s panties. Ray began teasing Jean’s pussy lips through the material of her panties. I could see very clearly as Ray pushed the crotch of Jean’s panties inside her steaming hole.

As Ray slipped a finger inside my wife’s pussy he said “I’ll give you another $20 to take you skirt off so I can see your panties. Jean didn’t say anything, she just pulled Rays hand out from under her skirt and got up from her chair. She took Ray by the hand and led him into the living room and pointed to the couch. Ray sat down and Jean stood in front of him. She reached behind her and opened the zipper on the skirt and let it drop to the floor. Ray reached out and put his hand on her panties over her pussy and rubbed gently as he looked at my wife’s body. He told her to turn around and when she did he began messaging her ass cheeks. Ray had her turn around to face him again. Then Ray said, “Would you like to see my cock?”

Jean said, “Yes, let me see it”.

Ray stood up and opened his pants and dropped them to the floor followed by his shorts.
He just stood there in front of Jean. His cock was only semi erect. Jean looked at it then she looked at Ray. He said, “Go ahead, touch it.”

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12-08-2012, 10:28 AM
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RE: My Modest Wife
Jean wrapped her fingers around the shaft of his cock and began gently stroking it. With her other hand she cupped his balls. Although she was stroking his cock (a move that always gives me a big boner) his cock was not getting
“Jean, if you want to make it hard you have to put it in your mouth.”

Jean got down on her knees in front of him. (I couldn’t believe that I was about to see my wife suck another mans cock.) She held his cock gently in her right hand then leaned forward and with her tongue drew the head of his cock into her mouth. As she pulled back it popped out again. She repeated this a couple more times then she swallowed his cock as far as she could then drew back until it almost came out of her mouth. She repeated this motion that seemed to be having an effect. After about a minute of Jean’s sexy mouth work Ray’s cock was standing tall. I was relieved to see that Ray’s cock wasn’t much different in size from mine. With Jean continuing to suck on his cock Ray began to get down on the floor. Jean moved with him never letting his cock
drop from her lips. Once down he positioned himself so that his face was in Jean’s pussy. As Jean continued to suck him off, Ray pulled Jean’s panties off and started running his tongue around Jean’s pussy lips then pushed his tongue as far inside her as he could. Now the only sound I could hear was the sucking noises the two of them were making.

After ten minutes of sucking each other Ray said “Where would you like me to deposit my load? In your mouth or in your big juicy pussy?”

“In my pussy please.”

With that Ray turned to face my wife and I watched as he slid his cock inside her pussy.
I felt like I was in a trance. Except for the pain in my balls I wasn’t aware of anything around me. My eyes where glued to my wife’s pussy and the cock that was now in the hole that only I had used for the last eight years.

As Ray began stroking his cock in and out of Jean I could tell by the sounds she was making that Jean was getting close to a climax. I heard Jean say, “Try to cum with me. I want to feel you filling my pussy up while I am having my orgasm.”

“Oh, I’ll fill your pussy all right. I haven't been laid in about three weeks so I have a big load of cum for you.”

“I’m starting, oh my god that’s feels good. Cum now, fill me up with your cum.”

Just then Ray let out a loud grunt and he started bucking like a horse as he released his load. It must have taken Ray five minutes to finish emptying his load. When he did finish he got up and went to the bathroom while Jean lay on the floor. I could see cum running from her pussy and into the crack of her ass. I don’t know why but the sight of Ray’s cum dripping out of my wife’s pussy caused my to blow my own load all over my hands.
When Ray came back into the room he picked up his pants and shorts and got dressed. Then he handed Jean her panties which she put on. By the time she stood up the crotch of her panties were already soaked through with cum. Jean put her skirt back on and went in the kitchen to get her blouse which she put on but didn’t button. She just tied the bottom of the blouse together. When Ray came into the kitchen she offered him a beer, which he accepted and they sat quietly and drank their beers. Jean was the first to break the silence. “This was a one time thing. It cannot happen again, is that understood?”

Ray said “Agreed. Anyway I am moving out of town next week so that shouldn’t be a problem.”

Jean got up from her chair and came around and sat on the edge of the kitchen table facing Ray and said, “Please don’t tell anyone about this. I’ve never done anything like this before and I probably never will again so I sure don’t want my husband to find out. If he did he would leave me in a minute and I couldn’t deal with losing him.”

“Don’t worry, I never give away a confidence. Anyway, it was pretty good wasn’t it?”

“It was terrific, I enjoyed ever second of it. And you sure as hell filled me up didn’t you?”

Ray reached forward and lifted my wife’s skirt exposing the very wet crotch of her panties. “I guess I did fill you to overflowing. You couldn’t get another drop inside that pussy if you tried.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that. I think I could hold anything you have left in you balls now.”

With that challenge Ray stood up and lifted Jean so that her ass was sitting on the table.
Then he began loosening his pants. Jean removed her blouse and leaned back resting her weight on her arms. When Ray took his pants off I could see that his cock was already hard I couldn’t believe that he recovered that fast although I was starting to get hard again myself. With his left hand Ray moved the crotch of Jean’s panties to the side and with his right hand he guided the head of his cock into Jean’s pussy. Then he held onto Jean’s legs as he pistoned his cock in and out of her dripping hole. I was getting exhausted just watching them. It wasn’t long before Jean was moaning and trying to push her hips up to meet the thrusts from Ray. As Ray pumped harder and faster I could see that he was breaking into a sweat. Finally with one loud groan Ray fired another load into my wife’s pussy.

As Ray pulled back both he and Jean (and of course me) were staring at Jean’s pussy. As the head of Ray’s cock came clear only a little bit of his cum escaped with it. Jean said, “See, I told you I could handle it.” They both laughed.

After that they got quiet. Ray quickly finished his beer and got his tools together and started to leave. Jean called after him “What about your fee?”

Ray looked back at her and said, “I believe you paid in full”. Then he left.(END)

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