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My Wife Stacy
12-08-2012, 10:29 AM
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My Wife Stacy
The reception went well - my new wife looked stunning in the long white dress she had managed to conceal form me in the days leading up to the event. I was so happy and excited during the whole day; pleased that all the intricate planning had paid off. No hitches, no embarrassing moments and not a single bored look on the faces of our guests. Even the few sentences I had strung together to pass off as a speech were voiced, stutter free. She posed delightfully for the photographs, exhibited solid nerves, and showed no undue concern about agreeing to the traditional vows.

Stacy and I had made all the arrangements ourselves. The reception was quite a success, the many invited guests so obviously enjoying the atmosphere, and so undoubtedly thrilled at seeing a young couple exuding so much love for each other. Both our families were proud, especially at being playing a principal role in such a grand affair. Everyone reveled in the occasion.

Since our Honeymoon involved catching a flight late the next day, we had decided to spend our first night together as husband and wife in the large hotel where the reception was taking place. This allowed us the time to relax and enjoy the whole evening with our family and friends.

As the evening came to an end, we were still present as most of the guests began to depart, then retired triumphant at the success of our glorious day together the honeymoon sweet. I carried Stacy over the threshold of the room, both of us giggling due to the alcohol we had consumed throughout the reception.

Stacy and I had been seeing each other for about nine months before this day, and although it may seem unusual, we had never made love. I respected Stacy's wishes as I was so desperately in love with her. She told me right off that she wished to wait until she was married. I didn't mind at all. We are both young, I had just graduated in Law, and was due to take over my fathers business when we returned from honeymoon. Life was going to be plain sailing now for the both of us. Stacy would not need to work - the business would provide easily for the two of us, with the minimum of effort.

I carried her across the room to the king-size-four-poster-bed. We kissed delicately once we situated our bodies side by side. We commenced a lingering kiss, only stopping to converse in order to relive some of the moments of our special day thus far.

"Well that's us then," I said to her, caressing the softness of her face. "Mister and misses. Finally a proper couple."

"And now?" she responded, smiling sexily, kissing my hand.

"Well Mrs. Anderson, I think it may be time. No more waiting. We must begin that epic journey to consummate our togetherness." I only paused to titter at my poor attempt at being poetic.

"Oh Mark, it is not fair that you have already had sex with someone." She said.

I viewed her quizzically. "That was a long time ago Stacy," I assured her. "There is only one woman for me now." I gave a dramatic pause. "My loving wife."

I had only ever been with one other woman, and Stacy was still a virgin. I knew that she was annoyed that this was the case, but it was her choosing, and had gone on long before I had met her.

"At the very least I will know what I am doing," I told her with a sly grin.

"That's not the point Mark," she sulked. "I just don't think it is fair."

This was kind of spoiling the moment, and I was quite annoyed at the way our first married minutes alone together was going.

"Come on Stacy, let's forget that and enjoy being married. We've had a lovely day."

She folded her arms across her chest. "I can't Mark," she began. "If this is going to work out then it will have to be even."

I was unsure exactly what she was meaning. "What do you mean honey?" I responded, curling an arm around her, thinking that she was most definitely having fun at my expense.

"I want to have someone else before you."

My mouth hung open. Silence rode into my head. Stacy continued looking straight into my eyes, waiting for a response of some kind. My line of sight fell briefly to her chest area; her cleavage so prominent, both of her beautiful, not over large, breasts plunged together, the swell elevated trough the front of her dress. I was suddenly need of the comfort they could offer. My wife clad in white, an impossible virgin waiting to undergo the taking of her maidenhood.

"Your serious aren't you?" I asked, capturing her eyes once more in an attempt to seek the truth.

"I have never been more serious darling," she replied quickly, with no shrouded thinking appearing visible. I knew that she was.

Each breath she emitted in the prevailing silence was audible. Every movement in the stillness of the moment came from her chest; rising and falling, swelling up and obvious to me even without venturing another look. I stared at her eyes, wishing she would break into a fitful giggle. She did not.

The silence, the thoughtful silence lasted just a few more moments, broken by her movement off the bed. I continued to stare at the space she had just vacated, not following her across the room.

"It has to be this way Mark," she said.

"Oh come on Stacy, let's just sleep on it tonight. I think you have had too much to drink."

"No!" she spat. "I need it tonight."

My calmness towards her frame of mind changed to that of anger. "Oh for Gods sake Stacy," I hollered, "how the hell do you think you'll achieve this then?"

"Well I think I look nice tonight," she retorted, maintaining composure. "I expect I could have my pick of men, especially with this particular selection of underwear on." She lifted her dress to her waist, exposing the curve of her thighs, partly covered by sheer white stockings being held in place firmly above high-cut white panties by tightly fitted suspender straps. The sight was glorious to behold. I reacted instantly as any man would when confronted by such a sight. She knew it was having the desired affect, and continued to hold the hem of her dress for more than a lingering moment.

I began to think that it was all some kind of elaborate tease she had concocted, and duly presented a sly grin in towards her. She turned about, still holding her dress high and flaunted her rear towards me. The smooth tight shape of her bum, concealed by the mere covering of snugly fitted panties, wiggled in front of my eyes. I was in rapture, hypnotized by the sight of my new wife's perfect body shape.

"Do you still think I would have trouble getting a man back to the room?" she enquired as I continued gawking. I shook my head and found one of my hands gripping the stirring shape under my trousers. "Does Mark want Stacy to lose her cherry tonight?" This time I nodded, my heart beating rapidly, the torture oozing its way into my head. "Take it out baby." She motioned to the hand resting on my lap, moving herself towards where I still sat on the edge of the bed. I unzipped myself, sank a hand into the gap and pulled out my manhood. She continued to display her underwear. I raised my free arm to acquire a touch of her displayed flesh. She beckoned it away. "No darling," she whispered.

"Stacy I need you so badly," I pleaded, beginning to massage my manhood, demonstrating the unyielding need I possessed.

"Oh honey, Stacy was hoping for a bit more of an offer than that." She looked at the hand on my lap - a small amount of glans poking trough the gripped fist. "It's very thin. Take your hand away and let me see it all baby." I released my hand and lay back on the bed. My cock sprung back and went to rest on my tummy. "Oh dear," she continued, "there's not much too it. Are they all like that?"

"More or less" I responded.

"Hopefully more," was her reply. "My poor husband. No wonder you were so eager to marry me. You do want me to be happy don't you?"

"Of course I do honey,"

"Well what a waste, me all dressed up like this and that being all that is on offer."

She pouted her lips in a mock sulk. "Are you impressed with what is on offer here?" She reinforced her question by thrusting her crotch near to my face. I nodded, moving my hand faster. "And do you think it would be wasted on you?" I gave no reaction, fixing my eyes on her flat tummy over which the thin suspender belt was wrapped. "I need to go all the way tonight honey," she remarked. "Look at the state I'm in." She fingered aside the front of her exposed panties revealing vaginal lips, flushed, swollen and prominent between the small line of hair that parted way for them. My sight firmly transfixed on this vision, my hand increased its momentum between my legs. I tensed, emitted a moan and flopped backwards onto the bed. A sudden gush of fluid shot up from in-between my clenched fingers making her jolt back from the line of fire. She released the hem of her dress and all the loveliness previously on display disappeared from my view. The image still burned in my head as my breathing began to find its normal pace again.

"You sure have a funny way of teasing me Stacy," I remarked.

"Oh honey, I'm not teasing. Now that you've had your fun, it's time for me to discover the fruit." She gave me a wicked smile. "And luckily you never got a drop on my lovely dress."

As if to reinforce her intention, she viewed her reflection in the full-length mirror by the door. She brushed her hair with a hand, pausing to cast me a wink trough the mirror. "I'll be back shortly darling. You have a bath and clean yourself up."

I only know what she told me later on, but she had made her way to the hotel lounge, still dressed in the her full wedding attire, and sat by the bar. Of course many of the residents chatted idly to her, enquiring why a delightful looking bride was alone in the bar. Many gentlemen offered to buy her a drink which she gladly accepted. It seemed that many people, quite rightly, were intrigued by the fact she was alone at the bar. But men being men saw it as an opportunity to strike a conversation with her. She told me that some sat only for a moment asking about her predicament. Most were sacred off, thinking it was rather unusual for a woman who'd just wed to be away from her new husband. But then came Clive, a businessman staying at the hotel, to the bar for a drink. Stacy was inspired by his charm and coolness as he enquired of her well being. He didn't make an issue, never badgered her for a response, just chatted in an easy unforced manner. Of course she could tell right off that he was impressed by the way she looked.

Clive was in his late fifties, a tall striking looking man with an air of confidence, well dressed in an obviously expensive suit. He remarked that Stacy reminded him of his own wife on their wedding day, telling her that he was so happy she had provided him this memory. His wife had died a few years previously, and he had never re-married as he believed he could never find anyone as beautiful. Stacy enquired as to what his honeymoon night had been like, and of course this piqued his interest. He pulled up a chair and ordered expensive champagne.

After a few rapid glasses of the champagne, Stacy confessed that she couldn't go trough with the expected nigh-time nuptials. She fabricated a story that she had difficulty in relaxing as I had touched her. She had felt a failure, so had entered the bar to loosen herself up with a few drinks. She told him also that we both were virgins and were unsure how to progress the coupling. He had laughed saying that he couldn't understand how any man could fail her looking the way she did. Over a few more drinks, as they had become more and more intimate, she invited him up to meet me - to reassure and convince me that it would be alright.

I heard the door open and close, not looking up form my position under the many sheets on the bridal bed. I had bathed and lay with the light off reliving the incident before she had departed.

The light went on, I was confronted with the sight of Stacy and an older man smiling as my eyes adjusted. He cleared his throat.

"Excuse me, Mark is it?" he said. "Hope you don't mind, but Stacy invited me up to offer you and her some advice on your impending evening together." My heart began racing again. I said nothing. "I believe your having a difficulty relating to each other." I sat upright.

Stacy spoke. "I was actually hoping that Clive could demonstrate what we were talking about before Mark."

"Well, eh, perhaps there is no need for a demonstration," Clive laughed, looking nervous at her comment.

"Please Clive," Stacy now said. "I think Mark would appreciate if you did." She looked towards me. "Wouldn't you Mark?" If this was the only way I could get to have sexual contact with my new wife then so be it I thought. I doubt this old guy could really be a treat in any way. I nodded. "Yes Sir," I said, " if Stacy thinks it would be best, then I think it may help us."

"Well I wasn't exactly expecting this," Clive replied. "But how could I turn down such an inviting offer." He smiled, turned towards my wife, clearing his tbroat again. "If you two are sure then."

"Oh yes I'm sure," Stacy said. "Just relive your own wedding night. Pretend I'm your wife, please Clive."

A sparkle entered Clive's eye. I found myself growing erect beneath the covers. The situation was beginning to appeal to me - the growing lust inside demanded gratification.

Stacy dimmed the centre lights and stood by the room door. I grabbed the courtesy bath robe next to the bed to conceal my excitement and moved to the easy chair.

"Carry me to the bed darling." She spoke directly to Clive. He moved to her, lifted her up with ease and proceeded across the room. Placing her gently onto the bed, he stepped back to take in the view.

"Your wife is so beautiful Mark," he said, removing his suit jacket. "More beautiful than mine ever was."

"Tonight I am your wife," Stacy whispered, as he lay down beside her.

They lost themselves in a kiss, both of them moaning in acknowledgeable delight at the way it was going. I watched, trembling as I noticed him slide a hand under the hem of her brides dress - the place I had earlier only viewed from a distance. Her moaning grew louder. I couldn't discern exactly what his hand was doing - only imagine how she felt to him; touching her soft pale skin for the first time. I observed her raise her knees, which forced the dress to elevate slightly, allowing me a brief glimpse of the patterned tops of stockings. Her legs gradually eased open, more of his arm disappearing from my view, still concealed by the dress.

His free hand roamed atop her bosom, kneading the swell at each side of her cleavage. Even with Stacy positioned on her back, her breasts maintained their position with ease, firm and prominent, pouring tbrough the tightness of the constricting bra she still wore. Many times I had seen her wearing only a bikini, always aware of all the admiring glances she drew from men as she did. Her breasts were possibly her best feature, and now, I was the one indulging in the resplendent sight. My manhood ached beneath the robe, pushing the material upright. I grabbed it tightly and continued to watch my wife enjoy her wedding night.

Clive began to raise the dress completely. They momentarily ceased kissing, and Stacy aided him in pulling it over her head. It lay abandoned on the pillow above their heads. The full splendour of Stacy came into view. It was a strapless bodice that held her breasts so perfectly. Clive kissed the uncovered areas before continuing back up towards her lips. A hand slid down her bare tummy and worked its way tbrough the waistband of her panties. It still continued downwards not coming to rest until it was right between her legs. She quickly assisted his intentions by spreading them widely. They broke off from the kiss, Stacy suddenly consumed by a low lingering moan. I knew where his fingers were touching, but could only imagine how it felt. Her eyes were closed tightly, her tongue licking her lips in a delicate fashion.

He continued the movement of his hand as she offered some assistance in removing his upper clothes. A few more minutes, and he disengaged his hand completely from between her legs. One of Stacy's own hands was placed where his had vacated. He eased her onto her front, kissing her neck and the small of her back. He then glanced briefly towards me - a serious consumed expression over his face - before I heard a belt unbuckle. Stacy continued gyrating her crotch upon her own lost hand.

As Clive removed his trousers, the weight of keys and small change forcing them to fall heavily to the floor, I parted the dressing gown to expose my aching penis. I jolted it up and down, knowing full well he would soon be inside her. Once free from the trousers completely, he lay astride her, massaging the tightness of her bum. I would never have attempted it this way as a first time, and was surprised at his decision to do so. It made the moment more erotic to me.

He slid down her panties, taking an age to pull them over her ankles and beyond her feet. She still wore the bodice on top, and his hands grasped both of her sides resting on the clinging material, arching her back slightly. From the gap in the front of his boxer shorts he exhibited his cock. It startled me to see just how long and thick it appeared, compared to my own that I continued to agitate with both hands. I looked down at my uncovered lap, only forcing myself to look up again when I heard Stacy suddenly give out a shriek. I let out a whimper of my own as I witnessed him plunge right into her from the rear. Her back bucked up, she raised herself onto her knees, allowing him more access. Her shriek steadied off into a continual clamor - her breathing rapid and uncontrolled. My mouth dried up totally, I winced and let go, allowing an orgasm to finally emerge. (END OF PART1)

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12-08-2012, 10:29 AM
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RE: My Wife Stacy
I continued to watch the scene; Clive dictated the pace and rhythm of the movement, which Stacy soon found herself matching perfectly. Every inwards motion of his hips brought about a childlike wail from her - every temporary withdrawal, a tempered groan. They bucked and swayed upon each other what seemed like a million times. He turned her over, her legs naturally wrapping around him, clinging to his back so gratefully. I knew that his performance had certainly outranked any I would have hoped to achieve. I was feeling extreme gratitude to Clive for showing my wife the heights that can be delivered from passion. At least her honeymoon night would be one she would never forget.

She was riding him when he finally shuddered in climax; knelt over his lap, bearing down powerfully, impaling herself on his member. She too had let it be known when each orgasm thundered tbrough her body - I had estimated it at about four or five, obvious, exuberant yells before they ended up in much the same position as they had begun. Side by side once more, soft caresses being exchanged gratefully.

I noticed that at some point during the session between them, Stacy must have shed the bodice that had contained her beautiful breasts. I was annoyed with myself for missing the moment that they had come into view. From where I sat, and the angle she was towards me, I could now see them fully. How I had longed to see them tbrough the whole of the day. From the church service, when she had initially marched gracefully down the aisle, smiling as she stood by my side, hand in hand, the exchange of rings, the sight of her breasts, temptingly noticeable from beneath her bridal gown, was with me. Now I saw them, beaded with sweat brought about by being in the passionate clutches of this older man. I knew the image would stay with me forever, her dark long hair dampened and matted to her shoulders, her face flushed but gloriously contented - I loved my new wife with all my heart.

I raised myself from the seat and closed the robe around me, unsure how to proceed. I cleared my throat, hoping in vain to grab some attention. But they were too far gone in a fitting epilogue of intimate discovery. Neither of them looked around for me; neither of them wished to remove themselves from the bonding that was transpiring. I could just make out soft whispering between them; naked still, cooling, belonging and indebted to one another.

I let them have there moment, not wishing to spoil it and reclaim my wife just yet. I dressed quietly, after freshening up in the adjoining bathroom, and quietly left the honeymoon suite in order to consume a drink I felt I deserved.

I reflected silently at the bar in the hotel. Downing a few measures of spirit in quick succession soon perked me up. A few people were still around who recognized me as the groom, married on that day to the gorgeous raven haired bride who had earlier also attended the bar alone.

"Hey pal. Did you manage to find that new wife of yours?" One guy shouted over to me. "She was chatting to Clive earlier, still had her gown on and all - bloody nice she looked too - lucky guy."

Yes I was a lucky guy despite the events that had just taken place. I had the rest of my married life to make up for this single lost moment. I would redeem myself, and all would be forgotten - I was sure of that. I smiled at the guy, gesturing to upstairs. "Hell I must have worn her out," I called back. Think I'll just go up and see if she's ready for seconds." The guy, a fat bastard, laughed as he guzzled a beer down in one. "You sure about that friend," he commented, looking around for some moral support from his silent cronies. "If she was my wife, I would not have left her alone for a second." He paused. "Especially with the likes of Clive around." He laughed heartily again.

"Think I'll just check on her buddy." I feigned a laugh of my own, but my embarrassment was evident. I scuttled from the bar, leaving a gabble of hoots and cheers as I went.

Back on the fourth floor, exiting the elevator, my heart increased its pace once more. The feeling was not that of nervousness, but one of excitement that beyond the door of the room, Stacy was undressed. Her nakedness sent spasms of delight throughout my body - I had witnessed her naked before, and always with the same result. Now was no different - how could it be, I still had no idea what it was that I was missing. Nothing gained, but nothing, as yet, lost.

In the room, the soft lighting was sill present. I gently eased the door shut, listening intently. I was at once aware of a muffled steady moaning, and on turning saw the sight that made sense of the sound. Stacy knelt at the edge of the bed, her head covering Clive's lap, her mouth devouring a surprising amount of his total length. Her hand grasped the lower part of the shaft - drawing it further with each movement. Clive smiled at me, gesturing me towards them.

"God what a wife you have Mark," he said, having trouble making the words audible between involuntary twitches. "I have never in all my life been sucked this good." His eyes closed for an instance as he reveled in Stacy's actions. I continued to watch the back of her head move wildly. He spoke again: "You have all this to look forward to, what a fucking lucky guy." He paused again to emit a low groan. "In a moment you can consummate your marriage. I'm just about to..." Before he finished the sentence, he tensed up, his hands gripping the side of the bed, pulling the sheets from the mattress. He shouted out: "Oh God yes!!" and his tensed body recoiled into sudden relaxation. I was aware of Stacy gagging, obviously swallowing a forcible stream of thick fluid. The back of her head slowed somewhat, and soon raised itself away from his body.

"You'd better see to your husband Stacy," Clive whispered.

And she did as she was told. Without question and absent of any emotion - her eyes still fixed upon Clive - she sat on the edge of the bed, reaching out both legs and pulling me towards herself with them. I succumbed, allowed myself to be moved with ease. I found myself between her; on top of her, rolling over, side on and allowing access to my trouser fastener. Wordlessly she undid them, aimlessly she unbuckled, pulled down the layers and re-wrapped her legs about me. I was hugged tightly, drawn forwards and positioned in the appropriate area for entry. I clamored for a kiss, eventually receiving an acknowledgement to the intent. Our mouths closed together - she tasted strongly, and I knew what it was. My tongue grappled along with her seemingly non-receptive lips and devoured more of the blatant flavor. Her hand had already fastened between my legs and ushered me inwards. I penetrated my new wife, sinking with ease into her inner warmth. I felt all the senses draining from me, a ripple of contentment running down my spine.

I cast my eyes towards her face, still void of any emotion, now staring blankly at the ceiling. My hands made a play for her breasts; my dream, my priority - the focus of the whole day - they felt more wonderful than I had anticipated. I agitated my hips, looking for the single connection that would stir some favorable response from her; exploring with my planted erection, all the regions between us. The friction I longed for, to determine the extent of her pleasure, gained from my loving, did not follow. All my plans for this moment lost in a haze of bewilderment.

I came. I had to. The moment rendered me unable to control my intent - to put on a majestic performance. My eyes lolled in my head - the sheer softness, wetness, and openness of her. I marveled in the moment - at last, consummating our togetherness. She was with me now - legally bound to be, forever my wife.

My rest, my relaxation - marveling within the softness of my wife's body - was short lived. She slid herself from under my weight and returned to Clive.

Clive gave me a thumbs up as Stacy cuddled into his torso. "Well Mark," he said, "something else isn't she?" I nodded, it was all I could think to do. "You are such as lucky guy." He openly viewed the body of my wife that hugged him. "She's even sexier than my wife ever was."

They slept soundly on the bed. I sat back in the chair, beholding her body, still uncovered - eventually falling to sleep myself. It didn't seem long until I was startled into wakefulness once again. They were making love with renewed vigor - Stacy producing the most piercing of yells. She was on all fours - atop the bed - Clive pounding her from behind. Her face was flat against the pillow, allowing occasional muffling of the screaming. Her hands gripped the headboard as her rear bucked under the force of each thrust. Clive noticed me watching them. He motioned to me to come closer, smiling as he continued to thrust powerfully. I sat on the edge of the bed, taking in the view of his long cock appearing then disappearing deep inside Stacy. He removed the entire length and offered the position to me. I gratefully accepted, keeling behind Stacy and directing my own straining cock where his had moments ago been. I slid in with ease, holding her firmly at the hips. Stacy wiggled her rear around, but articulated dismay with a discontented murmur.

"Come on Mark," I heard Clive say behind me. "I've done all the hard work, finish her off, come on."

I began to stab clumsily, but quickly found myself unable to avoid slipping out. The slenderness of my cock offered no friction, and the shortness did not allow the movement she sought. Finally I found myself poking around, trying to find my positioning, and suddenly ejaculating unexpectedly. She turned to view me, shaking her head nonchalantly.

"You'll have to do better than that Mark," she uttered. "I thought you'd done this before."

"Oh it wasn't too bad Stacy," Clive put in, ruffling my hair with a large sweaty hand. Stacy screwed her face up in distaste of the remark.

"Listen, I was thinking," she said to me. "How about Clive using your ticket for the honeymoon?"

I stared at her, not wanting to believe what she had just said.

"Oh come on, it's only fair - it would be like a real honeymoon for me. You could stay here and get the apartment sorted out." She looked so genuine with her request, her eyes pleading with me to agree. So that's just what I did. I reached into my bag and handed Clive the tickets for the two week holiday in Hawaii. Stacy hugged me gratefully. (END)

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