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My wife Rediscover Sex with Servant Boy
09-20-2012, 07:45 PM
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My wife Rediscover Sex with Servant Boy
The story started when Trisha my wife started complaining about the house cleaning. She was 38 years with still a good figure, but as the age was catching up she exhausted easily while doing the dusting of the rooms, cleaning of furniture, mopping of rooms etc. with cooking also. Although I realized her pain but when I asked her to keep a servant or maid for her help she refused to keep.
She used to say, ‘See Deep both you and son go out to office and college and return late in the evening. Keeping a maid or servant will rob me my privacy. So I can’t help it.’
I would say, ‘Oh dear, but look at your job. You’ll get enormous help from him or her.’ This became a continuous pain in the ass. When I returned home from the duly, after serving me tea and snacks she started complaining. I also took pity on her as she winched with pain. She got the comfort when in the night I applied balm on her waist or knees. One day I told her, ‘Trisha, see your problem is leading us to a great trouble. I always fear when I come to home that again I’ve to listen your complaining about your job. You know what type of work I do where I am always in tension. Your problems add to my woe.’
‘Then, what do you mean,’ she uttered, ‘I’ll not tell you anything? This is what you want? Okay, if my problems bother you so much then it’s fine. I’ll not tell you anything further.’ She muffled her cry. I embraced her and told, ‘Oh dear. Why you’re thinking like this? Do you know how much I care for you? It’s not that what you are thinking. The thing is this if it continues then you’ll fall ill. Then who is going to suffer? Only you. You’ll say see I’m suffering but they don’t care. That’s why my dear to save us from such situation I have always insisted you to keep a servant or maid. See, let us try for one week. If you don’t like then we may remove him or her. What’s the harm in it?’
Trisha told, ‘But Deep you know there are many stories moving round the corner. When nobody is in the house beside housewife like us, they can kill us and take away anything.’ ‘Oh God,’ I muttered, ‘this is why you are not taking the risk. See my mother had always kept servant, not only one but also two. My sisters were there, we were there. But nothing had happened. In this locality there are houses where servants are working. They are not afraid off.’
She told, ‘but…’
I stopped her, ‘no but. Just try. You’ll be comfortable.’ She said, ‘okay. Lets try. But no maid, only servant. You know why. Girls have so many problems.’ I sighed relief. At least she had responded positively. After a couple of days I got a boy around 16 years of age with a sweet face, fair complex and little thin. His name was Binod. The friend who had given him to me had told us that the boy was from West Bengal. His father was dead. He was having his mother, a brother older than him and little sister. They were very poor and honest. I could depend on him. Binod’s expression was somewhat gloomy. I would enquire it later was my thinking. While coming to home in the car, I took Binod beside me and told him, ‘Binod, your aunty is very sweet and calm. She’ll love you. You should not think that you are a servant. Always love her cause you two will be in the house most of the hour. Never give any problem to her, okay?’ He simply nodded his head. When I entered into the house, she was standing there. She looked at him and asked me, ‘who is he? That means you’ll go out again to return him? By the way whose son is this?’ She threw the volley of questions to me.
I laughed and said, ‘Oh dear, let me enter first.’ She stood aside to let me enter and I took Binod with me inside the room. After I removed my shoe I looked at her. She was eying him. I was amazed at her expression. I told, ‘Trisha, he is your helping hand. He is here to stay and help you with your house hold core.’ She almost dropped her jaws. She exclaimed, ‘what the hell you’re telling?’ I smiled, ‘yeah I know what I am telling. His name is Binod. His age is 16 years, coming from a poor family.’ ‘But,’ she asked, ‘are you sure he is here to work?’ I laughed and said, ‘who has brought him here? You or me?’ She took me aside and asked, ‘are you sure that he is going to stay here? I don’t believe him to be servant.’ I asked, ‘but why? Of course he is a servant although I don’t know whether in the past he had worked with anybody.’ ‘No, but you see,’ she nodded her head in disbelief, ‘see his complexion, his simplicity, his softness. How he would be a servant?’
Anyway I called him in. He came and stood at one side, lowering his head. I told him, ‘Binod, this is your aunty. You are to help her all the time. She is very good and you’ll have no problem to stay with her. Is it okay?’ He kept silent. She asked, ‘Binod, did you study?’ He nodded his head. She asked, ‘how far?’ He told, ‘only class four.’ She laughed, ‘Oh I see. You talk also.’ He also started laughing. Then they started and after few days complain from her stopped coming. One day I asked her, ‘how is he?’ She looked at me and said, ‘I think this is the first time in our history you have done a great job. You know Deep, he always does the thing before I tell him to do. He can read my mind. He knows what I want next. He is a very good boy. I love his attitude,’ she was beaming with joy. One day I took Binod to the shop. While going down the road I asked him, ‘how do love your aunty?’ He instantly said, ‘don’t tell me to leave the job. She is the most beautiful and likable aunty I have ever seen.’ I prayed to God.
Two years passed by with all the happy notes moving around our house. My wife was happy, my son was happy and I was also happy. She could look after her own self. Binod became strong from his lean physique. When I came home I found them looking at the TV. She was sitting on the sofa and he was sitting beside her feet. Both were eating from a single bowl. No inhabitation. Sometime I found him caressing her feet and both were looking at the TV. One day my son came home and told that he was going out for 15 days with his college troupe to do some business survey. I asked, ‘when you’re going to leave?’ ‘Why, tomorrow,’ he said. That night Trisha and Binod got busy to pack his belongings. In the morning my son went out. I was thinking if Binod was not here I had to take leaves for fifteen days and thanked God from shaving me from such situation. That day passed on as it used to. In the night Trisha complained about pain in her waist region. I untied her saree and loosened her petticoat. Then lovingly I applied balm on her waist. I told her, ‘Now get some sleep. See if it is alright in the morning.’ I got up in the morning, took my tea Binod had made. Then went for the toilet. When I came back, he asked, ‘Aunty won’t get up?’ I asked, ‘Go and see. She had pain last night. Although I had applied balm on her waist, I don’t know if she is all right.’ After sometime, he came back and said, ‘Uncle, she is looking for you.’ I went to her. She said, ‘Deep, can you take the day off?’ I asked her, ‘What’s the problem? Shall I call a doctor?’ She said, ‘No, but I am afraid, if the condition goes worst then you have to come back from the office.’ I said, ‘Don’t worry. I’ll not go to office.’ She said, ‘That’s better. During bath time you will give me a thorough oil massage.’ I nodded and went out by leaving her to get some rest. I found Binod. He was preparing breakfast for me. I told him, ‘Binod, you need not hurry. I’m not going to office to-day.’ He immediately asked, ‘Any problem with aunty?’ I said, ‘Not actually. But the pain is still there.’ He went through his routine work. At about 12 at noon, I asked Trisha, ‘Will you take the massage now?’ She nodded. I asked Binod to heat up some mustard oil and give it to me. He came with the oil. By that time I had loosened her saree and petticoat and her blouse to. Since she did not wear bra at night her boobs were peeping from under her blouse. I did not care for Binod whether he saw or not. He gave me the bowl of oil and went out. I lowered her petticoat a little bit and started applying oil. But as I was not an expert in massage, I soon got exhausted, my hands started paining. I told Trisha, ‘Hey, it’s just not possible for me to continue. My hands are paining. What can be done?’ She told, ‘I have just started to relax. Anyway I know that you can’t do for long. So let’s forget.’ It really hurt me that I could not continue. She was getting the pleasure but due to me she had to compromise with her pain. In the mean time, Binod entered the room with another bowl. I asked, ‘What it is?’ He told, ‘It’s a special type of oil mixed with garlic and boiled. It has a soothing effect when applied. But uncle I noticed that you’re massaging aunty. But you’re not doing it properly. Moreover you got exhausted.’ I questioned him, ‘How do you know that I am not doing it properly. Certainly you’ve no experience in massage?’ He said, ‘Certainly I’ve. I regularly massaged my mother. She is fine due to that.’ Then he asked Trisha, ‘what do you say, can I give you a massage?’ I did not give her a chance to talk or think against it. I quickly added, ‘that’s a fine idea. Come on. Do it.’ He got down and sat beside her. She was a little bit perplexed and did not know what to say. But anyway she accepted as he already started applied oil on her back. I told them, ‘you continue. I’ll go and come back soon.’
After some 15 minutes I came back and as I was entering the room I found that he was massaging her back attentively. Her petticoat was down at the dangerous level. Half of her ass was visible. I did not know whether she knew it or not but she was continuously uttering ‘yeah, aah’. Which meant she was enjoying the massage. My inner instinct told me to hold me back. Some thing could happen. As I withdrew myself without letting them know my existence, I positioned myself behind the door in such a place where they could not easily find me. As I was standing behind the door, my mind started asking me that whether I was doing it right. Soon my inner reasoning was hampered by his voice. He asked Trisha, ‘Aunty I think your petticoat will get spoiled with oil. Is it okay?’ At this she told, ‘no, don’t spoil it. Apply oil with precaution.’ She did not show any excitement so far. He told, ‘but I can’t do it without spoiling it. Okay let me do one thing. Let me bring the towel.’ He went to the other side of the room where the bathroom was located. She called me, ‘Deep, where are you?’ He returned back with the towel. He said, ‘Uncle is not here. He may be taking drink. Shall I go and call him?’ Hearing this, I moved fast from the place but then stopped as she told, ‘your uncle! He knows that you’ve taken the charge. Now he is free. Okay, don’t call him, you just carry on.’
I could not understand the meaning. Was she frustrated for not having me there? I came back to the same place and found he was spreading the towel over her back. He said, ‘Now I am covering you and let me remove the petticoat from under it.’ She told, ‘Okay I’ll do it.’ He said, ‘How can you? The towel will get displaced and you’ll be naked.’ I was stunned to hear it from his mouth. He was just 18 and she was 40. So they became so much close in this two years that hearing this she did not winced at all. While tugging her petticoat from under the towel carefully, he told, ‘Just hold the end of the towel with both hand so that it’ll not slip from your body.’ She did as was told. He told her, ‘Just lift your body a little so that I can free it from your stomach.’ She lifted her stomach from the floor and he slide the petticoat from her body and threw it aside. ‘I’ll wash it after giving you the massage.’ She nodded her head. He then took oil in his hand and rubbed with both palms and started massaging her waist. She told, ‘But Binod, do you know you massage very well?’ He said, ‘Yeah I know. My ma also told me that.’ She asked, ‘By the way how do you massage your ma?’ ‘Well, with ma I don’t have such problem. I take off all of her dress and massage her,’ he said. “Really,’ she said sarcastically. He laughed, ‘yeah, she is my mother. What’s the problem? Her son is massaging her not any outsider.’ She muttered ‘hmm’ only. He lowered his hand and by the movement of his hand I could understand that his hands were moving over her ass. I did not know whether he was doing it intentionally and she was deliberately ignoring it. Oh God, I could not believe myself. My cock was hard under my pants. It meant I was enjoying it sexually. ‘Is it right or wrong?’ I fought with me. ‘To hell with the reason,’ I put my attention there. Then what she said I could not believe my ear. She told, ‘Binod, the towel is disturbing. Will you remove it?’ He said, ‘You’ll not have any problem?’ She nodded her head, ‘No.’ He removed the towel and there my beautiful Trisha lying naked with top covered with blouse. Her full round ass was opened to him. He of course did not show any excitement. He just continued with the massage, not giving any attention to her naked ass. He kneaded the ass, parted the cheeks with both hand and continued massage. I was fantasizing that her asshole was opened in front of his eyes and what he was thinking. I did not what he was thinking but my prick was thinking everything. It was throbbing, hurting me to the extent of freeing it from its confinement. He then took his position in between her legs by parting them to accommodate him in between which meant that her pussy was open in the air and she had a shaved pussy. I was thinking of taking whiskey really, as I needed it very badly but again I did not want to leave the scene. Every moment was worth to see. He started massaging her left thigh right from the end of ass curve. He was kneading her thighs as if he was kneading flour with water. What a scene. After finishing her left thigh he took hold of her right thigh and I needed whiskey very badly. How to do this without interrupting the activity was moving inside my head. Then something flashed in my mind. Were they enjoying sexually or not let me found out, I thought. I would enter the room and took them in surprise. So suddenly I entered the room with the same scene as I was observing from my hidden position and to my surprise none of them flinched a little. ‘What’s on earth,’ I thought myself. I asked her, ‘How is the thing?’ She answered in muffled voice as her face was pressed against a pillow, ‘Oh Deep, he is marvelous. He knows his job. His fingers have magic. All my pain is vanished. I’m enjoying dear.’ Hearing this, Binod told, ‘See uncle, I told you early.’ I smiled at him then I told her in English, ‘Do you know you are nude down under. Your ass is open, your pussy is visible to him.’ She asked, ‘Are you embarrassed?’ ‘No of course not,’ I told her, ‘I am just thinking about you.’ She looked at me from side and told, ‘I’m enjoying it Deep.’ I told, ‘Yeas dear, do enjoy. You’ll feel better.’ She waved me off by telling, ‘Okay dear, just go and have your drink. Take your time. Since you are here I am daring it to do. And then don’t take more than two pegs, okay?’ I moved to go outside, ‘Okay dear and anyway if you need anything just call me.’ She waved her hand. I took hold the whiskey bottle from the kitchen rack with a glass and poured a large peg and then water and came back to my position. I kept the bottle in such a position that I could not loss much of a time to help me with another peg. What a scoundrel I was. I was enjoying that my wife was naked in front of other and moreover he was only 18. As I took a sip I reasoned myself that certainly there was no sexual awareness in between them otherwise they would be scared to see me. ‘Fuck my mind,’ I said aloud to my mind. I put my eyes to them. He had picked up her left leg on top of his shoulder and rubbing the leg with oil. The position definitely showing her slit with her clit in the air and he was seeing it. After massaging it he took her right leg in similar fashion and started massaging it. After massaging sometime, he put down her leg. He asked, ‘Aunty this is over. Now?’ She said, ‘Now I am moving on my back. Massage me the you did with my back.’ ‘Whoa’ she opened her front in his eyes. He simply told, ‘Your blouse?’ She said, ‘take it off.’ He removed her blouse from her body. Her boobs were opened in front of him. He started rubbing her throat with oil. Then came down her chest. He put oil on her boobs and started massaging them. She had plenty of boobs; his small hand could not control them. One side he cupped in his hand, the other side spilled. He circled his palm on both of her boobs, took hold of her nipples in between his thumb and forefinger and started pulling them upwards. Sometime he pinched them, sometime he pressed them always taking care not to give her any pain. I thought, ‘Son of a gun, knows how to massage the boobs.’ My whiskey got finished. I poured myself with another one without losing anytime. It could have been a record about serving one with a peg. I came back to my position just to hear her said, ‘Binod will you suck it a little?’ Binod was not at all surprise to hear this. I was. Now a day we were not very much indulged in sex, some patting here and there and some cuddling were all we were involved in sex and she was telling him to suck her nipple. Now of course she was aroused and who would not be. I was seeing my condition. If they would give me time I would have gone in the toilet to jack off. But they were not going to give me any time as he had started sucking her nipples. He took one nipple in his mouth and sucked on it for a long time as if there was no to-morrow. His other hand was pressing her other boobs. She had pressed his head on her boobs. He was really enjoying the moment. He was sucking her nipple in such a fashion as if to draw milk from it. He put his mouth to the other nipple and drew it in his mouth sucking like a child. Trisha was definitely enjoying the moment. Her movement was revealing that. She was writhing with ecstasy. She was pressing her boobs vigorously in his mouth. Then he stopped sucking. He lifted his head and closely inspecting the nipples, sometimes pressing them with his fingers. She asked, ‘anything wrong, Binod?’ He asked her, ‘So long I was sucking it but no milk is coming out. Why Aunty?’ She said, ‘Are you expecting milk?’ “Yes,’ he said, ‘when my sister was sucking my mother’s breast she drank the milk. While I can’t find any milk. Anything wrong with it aunty.’ She laughed loudly, ‘your uncle should have been here to hear you. You fool, we who gives birth to baby can only produce milk there. Have I any baby? So how can I produce milk.’ He nodded his head as if he had understood everything, then he started playing with it. He asked, ‘then why did you ask, aunty?’ She again drew his mouth to her boobs and said, ‘a lot. Now suck me more.’ He again started sucking them. The activity continued some more time; he sucked on her boobs to his heart content. He then way it seemed to me that she was judging him whether he was telling the truth. He answered, ‘No really I don’t know. But of course I know that you women give birth to baby.’ She thought for some more time, then she told him, ‘Okay, I’ll show you. Get down in between my legs.’ He did as told. Then she said, ‘do you see the slit in between my thighs? He said, ‘Yes. A cut in your flesh.’ She told, ‘baby comes from there.’ He looked at her in disbelief. He looked at it again and then asked, ‘such a thin cut, how the baby comes out of it? Can I touch it aunty?’ His aunty was anticipating it. She said, ‘go and touch it.’ He placed his hand on it. She had shaved her pussy just few days back. Hair was growing slowly. He moved his hand slowly. She folded her legs at the knees and parted her thighs to let him look more clearly. Suddenly he said, ‘Aunty you are peeing.’ She screamed, ‘what?’ She immediately clamped her thighs closed. ‘No, no,’ he said trying to force her thighs apart that he succeeded, ‘see it is running from the cut and it has made pool under your body.’ I exclaimed in my mind, ‘Oh she has oozed out so much juices.’ She called him towards her and said, ‘dear Binod, it is the inner pleasure. When we get excited we ooze out juices.’ ‘But you’re not jumping if you are excited. When we are excited we jump here and there.’ She exclaimed, ‘oh God, how do I make him understand?’ He then told, ‘can I see it?’ She said, ‘Go and see but don’t ask foolish question.’ She opened her legs again to let him see. He put both of his thumbs at both sides of her cunt and stretched it opened. He was not satisfied with her answer. He said, ‘I can’t believe it still. Such a small hole and baby comes through it. But what is this aunty, a small stub hanging from top of the cut?’ She said, ‘don’t ask any thing. Just see it.’ He put his finger in and then took it out. He examined his finder, which was coated with her juice. He smelled it which I knew was good as I had smelled. He then put the finder in front of his lips and took out his tongue to touch it with its tip. He touched his finger with his tongue and tasted it. He took time to feel the taste and then said, ‘you’re right aunty, it’s not pee but tasted salty. Can I put my tongue there aunty?’ But what Trisha would say. She was carried out with excitement. She only heaved her hips. He lowered his face at her pussy and stick out his tongue then touched her pussy with his tongue and by opening her cunt with the help of his thumbs he lapped at the entrance. She heaved with a heavy ‘aahh’. He clamped his face at her pussy and ‘slurp, slurp’ started lapping her pussy. The more he sucked the more she oozed her juices. The more her juices came out, the more he sucked. He sucked, as there was no ending to it. When he lifted his face his entire mouth was covered with her juices and again he started lapping her pussy. She was thumping her ass on his face to encourage him to lap more. When he touched her clit with his tongue she moaned loudly which made him understood that this was certainly a critical zone, which needed special attention. He rubbed his tongue over her clit, making her writhing with pleasure. He pressed his face forcefully over her pussy and entered his tongue as far as it went inside her. Suddenly she gave a loud cry and collapsed on the floor. Binod became afraid after seeing her condition. He called, ‘aunty, aunty what happened?’ But his aunty was not in the state of answering. She lay limp. He shook her, pressed her boobs once, squeezed her pussy to wake her up. But nothing helped. I knew when she orgasm she behaved like this for a long time and no force on the earth could wake her up. He got scared and mumbled, ‘no, I’ve to call uncle. She has died.’ I retreated to other room with my prick in a dangerous state. Anytime it could burst for ejaculation. I sat on a chair, picking up a paper to look into it which helped me to hid my bulge. He came running and said breathlessly, ‘uncle something happened to aunty. Please come and see.’ I looked at him, ‘but you are massaging her, then?’ He said, ‘Yes, I was massaging her. Then I had put my face in-between her legs,’ he continued saying innocently, ‘then I was drinking her juice coming from her cut. I had rubbed my tongue over the meat hanging from the top of her slit. All of sudden she cried and went limp. I called her may times but she does not wake up. Please uncle come and see.’
I got up and by this time my cock was limp. I followed him thinking whether she would regret of having this affair.

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RE: My wife Rediscover Sex with Servant Boy
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