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Plane Trip with Bollywood Actress Ayesha Takia
09-04-2012, 12:45 AM
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RE: Plane Trip with Bollywood Actress Ayesha Takia
Next day, I got up very late. After finishing all my daily routine, I dropped my self to ‘Al-Nakheel Lounge’ for the continental breakfast which was situated at the centre of the lobby. I was mesmerized watching the luxury of that restaurant.While doing the breakfast I was thinking about the past day’s proceedings, what a fortunate day it was. I was so lucky to get the feel of Ayesha Takia and made her cum and was nearly missed her closeness because of my stupidity but then I got a very good friend ‘Zarin’ not less than any model and so soft and kind hearted and then thought about her surprise package which I will never forget in my life.

While having my breakfast, I was in my own thinking and suddenly I saw a Sheikh who was sitting near my table, got up and left the restaurant. In the process of leaving the chair, a one small red colour ‘Shaneel’ bag, tide with a silk band got slipped from his rob and fell down on the carpet. It took few seconds to get out of my sweet memories and sensed what happened there. I saw here and there, but no body noticed it. I stood up, went near that and picked that and immediately understood that it contains Diamonds. Then with my fingers I tried to sense and found few pieces of those.

I searched for that Sheikh but couldn’t find him anywhere in the restaurant. Without any fight between my consciousness and temptation, my mind decided to return it back to the owner and I rushed outside the restaurant and reached to the parking and searched him. Then I decided to wait near the exit gate of the hotel. Suddenly I saw him and tapped the glass window. He lowered the glass and looked at me with questioning eyes.

‘Sir, are you coming from the ‘Al-Nakheel lounge’………I politely asked.

‘Yes….Yes, I just came out of that’……..He replied

‘Sir, just check, you missing anything’

Listening to this, he starting checking his pockets and then started searching frustratingly.

‘Ya Allah……….where is my Shaneel bag……’

‘Tell me Sir, what was that’…….I enquired to confirm the real owner.

‘Hey, it was a red shaneel bag tide with soft thread and contains some precious thing but why are you asking this, who are you…………have you seen that’……………sensing this his voice dipped in concern.

I showed him that bag he confirmed it and asked me to sit near him in the car and informed driver to park the car again. He asked me do you know what you did to me……….and kept me thanking. He became very much impressed with my honesty.

Then he introduced himself as a owner of a big Casino. He invited me there with full respect and told me that you will be treated there as my esteemed guest and enjoy everything free of cost with no limit. He also reveled that since I am very much obliged to you so I also invite you to enjoy one of the very special ‘Husn’ who will serve you anything you like.

I got surprised what is that. Then he explained in detail…..

‘ I am also running Escort Business for the Rich and Elite people. In the basement of Casino, there is a different world. Ultra posh rooms for the guests to enjoy the ‘Husn’ from all around the world which I use to bring on contract basis. All these girls are super models and moderately know but very beautiful film actresses.’

‘ And once in a week, I use to provide any famous Celebrity from Hollywood, bollywood or any other known glamour world. I invite special invitees of the UAE who certainly all are multi billionaires and conduct a blind auction. They all have faith on me that I always present a very good celebrity so they never see her and bid her for the whole night stand. I don’t want to reveal the identity of that celebrity in front of many, rather only the winner of that auction would come to know who that celebrity is. And you know, the first round remains blind and both the celebrity and customer are in complete dark with whom they are enjoying so it gives extra excitement to my cutomers and they all like this arrangement.'

'At the end of the first round, that celebrity exposes herself and you know everytime all my customers get surprised. As per their feedback, they thoroughly enjoy the further rounds thereafter.’

Listening to all this, once again the yesterday’s seen got projected in my eyes, the same way, I also enjoyed with Zarin.

‘Now, Day after tomorrow this special auction will take place but my celebrity would reach here by this evening. Tonight, I will enjoy with her so I humbly invite you tomorrow for enjoying with this celebrity. This would be a very small token of thanks to you my brother. And you know who this celebrity is.’…….He paused for a while.

‘Please, Please …….don’t reveal her identity now. Thank you very much for what you are offering me, I am highly obliged. Sir, I also like the idea of blind sex, and when it comes to some well known celebrity our excitement would be on top in the first round. Since I have experienced this before so I would love to repeat that. Thanks .’……. I became so excited listening to all this.

And then he has given me his card. I offer my hand for shaking, he took it in both of his hands and kissed it with deep gratitude and said….’Shukaran’.

I got down from the car and they left. I could not believe what is happening with me. I looked at the sky and waved a salute to God and said…….’Thanks Boss’

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09-04-2012, 12:45 AM
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RE: Plane Trip with Bollywood Actress Ayesha Takia
Till the lunch time, I was checking emails and reading the draft copy of the agreement with my client who was supposed to enter the deal next morning. After shutting my laptop down, I leaned on the bed and dropped my eyelids for some relaxation. My mind automatically start talking with itself like, Zarin is expected to reach by the evening so she could spent night with me, tomorrow after my work is over, A big deal would be on my way. Now it is just a matter of this afternoon, how should I spend my whole day alone.

A sudden spark in my mind opened my eyes with a jerk. I stood up and take out the Visiting Card from my pocket. “Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Maktoum” was the name of that Sheikh. I tried his private cell Number and just after pick up I heard a warm & happy voice-

‘Assalaalaikum Brother, how are you and tell me anything what you want right now.’

‘Sir, how you recognized my number.’…..I was surprised.

‘Because, this is the only number which is not saved so I recognized you brother and I am not going to forget whole my life.’ ………..he seemed very impressed even now.

‘Sir, I am alone here so I need a beautiful company for this afternoon, can you please help me.’….I requested him.

‘Brother, it would be my great fortune to do anything for you. Now tell me which kind of girl you like’

‘Any Indian actress or model.

‘Brother, famous personalities are bound to cut from the public so you can only enjoy with them either at my place or at your room. Tell me your wish.’

‘Can you send her to my hotel room.’

‘Of course brother. Now at present eight Indians are present at my place. I will
tell you the name and you choose who do you want.’ …………Then one by one he told me the name of the girls.

I could not believe on my ears after hearing all the names. Jejus…….and the one whom I chosen is simply superb.

My good fortune continued. I was terribly excited.
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09-04-2012, 12:45 AM
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RE: Plane Trip with Bollywood Actress Ayesha Takia
I started adjusting my room. Within an hour, a very hot and sexy actress going to be with me in this room only. Out of the lot, my selection was very obvious and quick because when I saw the film of her, she became a fantasy girl during those days and today my fantasy is going to be fulfilled so I was extremely excited.

After half an hour, I received a call from the reception intimating me about the arrival of my guest. I told them to allow her. Few minutes later, a soft bell sounded on the door and I opened it. Wow, she was looking even more gorgeous and damn sexy than how she appeared in her first & last hit film released six years back. As soon as I saw her, her famous song with Ritesh Deshmukh started sounding in my ears automatically. I invited her inside with a large smile.

‘Hi, Mr. Abhi, how are you.’…..She was showing her respect while shaking her hand with me.

‘Oh hi, I am perfectly fine and nice to see you here, thanks.’…….I was trying to control my excitement.

‘Yea, Its my great pleasure to attend a very very special friend of Mr. Mohammad. You know we all love Mohammad and we have a blind trust on him because he is damn nice fellow and we just feel at home in his company. At the same time, he is so generous and always remunerates us quite nicely. He specially instructed me that I should make you very very happy. Hey, you are a very handsome and good buddy, why don’t you try modeling. I am sure, you would appear damn hot and girls will become flat on you.’……Her non-stop charming voice started seducing me.

‘Thanks for the compliments. Let me ask you a simple question, you are looking even more sexy now if we look back your appearance on screen in 2006. What is the secret my dear’……….I asked as we settled down on the sofa.

She laughed…….’It is just your eyes otherwise I am six years old since then’……………..

‘Ok let me explain, I am very cautious about my health and at the same time I enjoy life to its fullest without any inhibition. I do whatever I am comfortable with. You know, in bollywood, there is a lot of struggle and compromises so I learned how to enjoy and make money; that’s why I am here with you. And, you know, I am really enjoying my present life, courtesy Mr. Mohammad. We love him, respect him and even adore. Hey abhi……why are you sitting there, come near me.’…….she looked very bold in her attitude.

I blushed a bit as if I am a girl and came here to entertain her. I stood up and came near her and sat next to her. She just took both of my hands in her soft hands and placed it on her lap. She wore a thin but very smooth cotton printed frok of knee lengh which at the edge became diamond cut shape. She was sitting cross legs and her dress stretched litter over her knee. Her skin looked very soft and fair.

I was feeling a fresh and seductive fragrance of her perfume. Now we are facing each other at a distance of six inches and I could easily sense her breath. She was looking in my eyes and so as I. Her eyes were hypnotizing me and my mind stopped working and I got drowned in the depth of her eyes. I don’t know how long we sat like that. A Sudden bell ring at the door pulled us back from our respective Trans.

I opened the door. Two waitresses appeared with a trolley carrying cold drinks, juice, beer and coffee which I already ordered before her arrival. After they left, I asked about her choice. Soon we both settled down with the can of Heineken beer and then she asked me…..’Hey Abhi, are you married. How old are you.’

‘No, but now I have started searching a girl friend, as I have already crossed 24.’

‘Just 24… young….even younger than me…and still don’t have a girl friend, now don’t lie to me. Must be countless girls would be after your dashing and charming personality thus you are unable to reckon. Even as I saw you, I too became completely flat like this..........Dead’……..saying this she enacted like she died and let her back and neck go on the back of the sofa.

I laughed on her style and said…….’ You are also very hot and sexy. Looking at you made my mind completely blow and now I too became like this.............Dead’…….and I imitated her.
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09-04-2012, 12:46 AM
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RE: Plane Trip with Bollywood Actress Ayesha Takia
‘So now we are two souls…….come near me….i want to feel that soul'…….

By saying this she put her can on the table and so as mine. We both stood up, She pulled me and wrapped her arms around and then started tightening her clutch, making her boobs buried in my chest and her open lips entered in my lips at once.

Next moment, we are in a deep hug. She was kissing me like anything. After few minutes she left me and within no time she started undressing me and made me completely naked. My Rocket was waving and waiting for its launching. She felt fascinated.

She touched it and then kissed her hand and again gave me full blown kiss with the exclamation….”Mast hai tumhara, bahut maza aayega” (Your’s is very nice, will enjoy very much) . I was blushing, being naked in front of a film actress who, in this scene, was performing a lead role.

Soon after this, she diverted on to herself. She grabbed the edge of her frok and pulled up in one go and thrown it away carelessly. Now she was in two piece. Yellow satin transparent panty with a lot of embroidery work on the upper half of the crotch arena, revealing half of her pubic area, to where I first darted my glance.

Then she made a posture for me like a marble doll, one leg stretched, another slightly bent at knee, both hands stretched upright which joint at the fingers. Head straight pointing at the other side of me and she stretched her bossom out, as far as possible. Her ass mounds were perfectly round and very heavy and big. Now she was posing for me like a spiral doll showing her bossom and butt as going away in opposite directions. Perfect body.

Quite obviously, now I was staring her swollen boobs. Her yellow bra was able to capture only half globe and could barely able to protect nipples. I just went opposite to her for a front view. Both the boobs were like two big balloons completely tight with water.

Suddenly she disturbed her own statue and in first go she unhooked her bra and pulled away her bra whereas in another go she pulled her panty down to the carpet in the quest of making her body ultra natural. I just shivered by watching her swinging balloons which she grabbed from bottom and started fondling to show me it geography. My pupil became wide open.

‘Ok lets go to the bed’…..she was quite in a hurry………’Abhi, let me try to lift you in my arms, let’s see can I’

‘No, no, no, no,no,no’……..I tried to escape. She came behind me. I started running and she was chasing. I went inside the bedroom. She followed and caught me from behind near the bed and pushed me on to it. I fell down on my belly and she jumped on to my back and clutched me from behind.

Then she rolled together with my grabbed body so that she lay on her back and my back was on her front body. Then she pushed me aside so that I fell on my back on to the bad. She suddenly turned and came over me and spread her body around. She caught my both the hands and crushed her poking boobs into my chest and pushed her buttocks on my crotch. My both the lags were stretched and she put her thighs around my abdomen area. I felt her cunt on my throbbing meat which was being crushed under her leaking pussy. She put her juicy lips on my lips and started aggressive kissing. She was now twisting her buttocks, making my tool to be vigorously rubbed under her sticking crotch.

Suddenly she moved her buttocks over my belly and her pussy hole exactly found the tip of my penis. She paused a bit to adjust my shaft peak on to her hole and then with a jerk her pussy galloped my shaft inside. I was not able to even make a single move from my side as if everything was programmed in the robot, which now trying to molest me.

With three- four try, my whole shaft reached in her full length and touched her vertex and she welcomed its feel with a loud groan. I was feeling like heaven. In the mean time her engine started pumping my piston directly in top gear. Her face was now placed on my shoulder, and boobs were turbulently vibrating my chest. Her pumping speed was getting increased and kept on increasing.

Her moan was becoming loud and louder. Continuous increase in the pace of her pumping made me sense her rapidly approaching orgasm. Now her pussy hole was taking my shaft in and out with its full length. Once by mistake it got slipped out of her grip due to extreme lubrication but within no time she adjusted it again with one of her hand and was back on the track with more increased blows this time.

Suddenly her whole body started trembling.

She shouted ‘haaaa’ with a loud volume. Now her pumping became very abrupt and with few hard blows, her body started aching & Jerking. This was the signal of her entering into the final lap. With every jerk she was yelling with ‘haaaaa’ sound. She started squirting heavily on my rock hard shaft. After 8-9 ‘haaaa’ sounds, she collapsed over my body like a corpse, left only with her heavy breathing, as if she just finished 400 meters sprint.

But, naturally on a winning note.

Her head was now resting on my chest. Grip of her hands on my wrists got loosened completely and her tunnel had already spitted my shaft together with her heavy juices. I could feel spillage of her hot juices till my asshole. During this entire match of ‘T-20’, I made my first move, now, by moving both of my hands towards her and caressed her body, tightly, in my arms. Sensing this, she shrinked her body under my arms to enjoy my manly protection. This was the first time she handed over the key to me and became passive.

Although I did not reach to my peak but still the feeling of helping her to complete her voyage was awesome.

Strong tremors of joy was flowing across my body, was making me more happier than her.

I was sooooooooooooo satisfied, that she had an enormous orgasm and now resting over me being completely absorbed in its hangover.

Little later, she started recovering and then started rubbing her palm gently on my chest, pouring all her love and gratitude over me in reciprocation.

Feeling of ‘giving’ could be so ‘blissful’ and ‘heavenly’, I experienced it for first time in my life.

With this feeling, I closed my eyes and started drowning in her just now melted energies.
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09-04-2012, 12:46 AM
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RE: Plane Trip with Bollywood Actress Ayesha Takia
For the next five minutes we continued feeling each other with completely absorbed into the ocean of contentment.

Suddenly, with a jerk, she pulled herself away from me…….’oh my God…….hey Abhi, I am sorry yaar. I completely got carried away in your fascination and charisma and being so excited I became selfish. I came here to entertain you but see……I couldn’t control my self and forgot. Hey, now I am completely at your service according to your wish. Nonetheless, you deserve much more than a word, thanks. I can only say that I am highly obliged to you for this extraordinary extravagance. I felt an astonishing orgasm after such a long time. You are such a sweetheart……..full of love………so caring……….so…….’…..she couldn’t complete the sentence amidst the high emotional fever and just covered her face with both of her palms.

I just parted both her palms and elevate her face. Her eyes were close. After my quite a few repeated requests to open her eyes, she finally opened and looked into my eyes. Oh my God, tears in her eyes were just on the verge of spilling out.. I pulled her face and kissed on her eyes. She shut it again and a drop spilled which I wrapped up with my lips. Even I could not control my emotions and I pulled her powerfully and hugged tightly.

After few minutes, she asked me with love……’Hey janu, please leave me naa.’ I declined. She requested 4-5 times but I didn’t turn up. Then she told in a amused tone……’ hey, would you like me to pee right here facing you.’

Sensing this, I left her and saw in her eyes. A sudden laughter burst out amongst us and I said sorry for not perceiving her urgency. Immediately, she flew away towards the bathroom.

After few minutes, she came near me and told……’hey my master……. kindly tell me…… now in which manner you want your ‘kaneez’ (slave servant) to serve you. Ok let me first taste my own cumm’……. and she bent down over my penis and took it in her mouth. She just sucked my bulb 2-3 times and then she started massaging very gently with both of her hands and looked at me with a big smile……’Sooooooo tasty… delicious……..and so naughty too.’…….then she again took it in her mouth and started sucking it.

Now she was sucking it tightly. The feel of her juicy & hot tenderness around my shaft with such a firm grip started increasing the blood flow towards there and after few of her hot blows, I started trembling like anything. I felt the sudden contraction in my balls and jutted out a big load of fresh cream into her mouth. She got little disturbed with the sharp shooting of my stream still she continued and after 7-8 blows, she emptied entire stock of the fresh cream which was specifically earmarked for this session. She took it out and looked in my eyes with a question …….‘over?’.

The moment, I nodded, she dropped my penis. Then she joint her palms together and omitted all my cum in her hand and immediately rushed again to the bathroom. After cleaning she came back and apologised with the plea that this is the only act, she is, not at all comfortable with.

‘But you were claiming yourself as my ‘Kaneez’ and ready to serve anything. Can’t you swallow it then.’…..I questioned here like her master.

‘Hey I can do anything for you, not because of the instructions of Mr. Mohammed …..but owing to my own feelings towards you. And if you can become happy with this, I can drink all of your fluid without even a pinch of reluctance. But I was just putting across my liking, in general, that I don’t like to swallow normally. Yet, at times, I had to do it in sheer helplessness. So, you just order me and see.’………she was explaining very firmly.

‘Hey, if you are not comfortable at it, I will be the first who won’t allow you to do this. I am not a sadist, and you are such an amazing personality that I can’t even, order you anything.’ …….with this I stood up and took my way to the bathroom.

Then for the next one hour we were busy having lunch at the room itself. As we were waiting for lunch, we both were lying on the bed in a tight hug and talking about each othe. Most of the time she was busy in loving me by kissing my cheeks & lips, whereas I was getting my full time entertainment in pressing, pumping, fondling, squeezing, pinching, twisting, rubbing, massaging, patting, crushing, stroking, taping, thumping, mashing, draining, grasping, compressing, wringing, mangling, pounding, mauling………or can say one word…….…’molesting’ …….her heavy pair of melon. This was the first time I touched her boobs.

Just after lunch, we were again back on the bed in each other’s arms. Heat again started rising and in order to blow it further, we reduced ourselves down to our birth suits. She told me that since you did a enormous activities around my mounds a little ago, now its my turn to offer them again for some advanced treatment. With this, she lifted her assets on to my lips and I again got busy in extracting the next level of enjoyment from the most tantalizing and enticing boobs, I ever saw in my life.

In the whole next one hour, we were having an enormously satisfying session of intercourse in various possible postures. After yet another great orgasm, we both drifted into a small nap. Once the recent blow of turbulent storm got subsided completely, she stood up and started collecting her cloths. She started dressing up, while I was watching one of the most seductive beauty covering her up piece by piece. Watching this, my most sensitive organ propelled itself up yet another time.

She smiled and waved at it by saying……’bye-bye Pappu, bye for now…….must go naa…….uffffff……… How should I console you and myself too………but have to go now………..but I assure to let you probe my tunnel again very soon……promise haan. Now please calm down you good boy……….please naa……….biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…………………….’

I was extremely happy having her company and what an afternoon it turned out to be. At the see-off time, we both spent at least 15 minutes in deep hugging and kissing. Very reluctantly, we got apart leaving behind a moist layer in her eyes yet again. With the exchange of our contact numbers, she departed leaving me behind with the hope to meet again in Mumbai very soon.

I was feeling really exhausted so decided to have a little nap.

A sudden ring of my cell phone had made me wake up in the late evening. I glanced at the screen which was displaying caller name as ‘ZARIN’.

(I have curtailed the description of sex sequence between the two……’Kyonki raat ki picture abhi baki hai mere doston………..’. you will find a terrific night session …..just watch out)
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09-04-2012, 12:46 AM
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RE: Plane Trip with Bollywood Actress Ayesha Takia
‘Hello handsome, how are you. I landed just now.’

‘Oh Hi Zarin, yaa I am fine, nice to hear you are back’

‘So tell me, how was your day. It must be boring, isn’t it.’

‘I will tell you later but first tell me, how much time will you take to reach at me.
I am dying to see you. Please make it fast naa…….I shown my full eagerness.

‘Abhi….Dear please don’t misunderstand me. Hey, due to casual leave of one of my collegue, I need to stay at my office till morning once I am through to this flight. It was a serious urgency and its beyond my control’……..she told me in a very sad voice.

‘Are you kidding Zarin. This is my last night at Dubai and I must leave for India tomorrow late night. And now you are telling me that …………..hey just tell me that you are just teasing me .’

‘No seriously Abhi. But you don’t get disappointed. I have made a solid arrangement for you. My friend, you met her last night in Atlantis naa……..I just talked to her. You also wanted to meet her naa so she is agree to help me out in this situation and agree to spend tonight with you. Just don’t worry. She will take a very good care of you.’

‘No, nothing doing. I am not going to listen anything now. I want you and that’s it.’…… I got very irritated.

‘My Darling Abhi, please try to understand. It is the situation which is compelling; otherwise, I am also dying to spent night with you after what I experienced last night. So you do one thing, just get ready and reach Atlantis by 9, the same room. Once you reach the hotel, you call me, okay. Now please don’t get upset and give me a lovely kiss. ‘

I kept silent.

‘It seems my sweetheart is angry with me. Ok dear, I promise you that I will come to meet you in Mumbai after 4 days. I will arrange my last duty in Mumbai flight just before my one week leave. Once I will reach Mumbai, I will spend my whole holidays with you. Can you spare time for me because I will come and spend my holidays there only and only with you. So tell me, would you give me your time’.

‘hey, are you coming to Mumbai for a week for me. I can’t believe this. Are you serious or just telling me to console.’……..suddenly I got excited.

‘By God Abhi, even I am equally excited about it. So now be a good boy, get ready and call me after reaching hotel. Now I am about to reach immigration check counter. Will call you later. Bye bye’…….saying this she didn’t wait for my reply and disconnected.

Spending night with her equally beautiful friend is not at all a bad idea. Zarin is not going anywhere so have a new taste today. Thinking this I got up and got into the bathroom.

After 30 minutes, I again received a call from Zarin.

‘Abhi, sorry for this call but I must tell you that she wanted to have you in a bonded fashion. I mean she wants to fulfill one of her fantasy in which she will tie you on the bed and lead the proceeding and you will not be free to do anything. One more thing that she told me to change the program and accordingly you now reach her hotel at 12 midnight. I am feeling very bad to ask you about this.’

No not again. I thought. Once again the girl will lead me……..second time in a day. I asked sarcastically….’what is all this Zarin. I am……..’

But before I can say further she started…….’I know, I know Abhi, that you will not like the idea but then I promise you that I will compensate you for everything once I will be in Mumbai with you…..but if you don’t want to miss the chance tonight, just agree……I am sure you will also enjoy because after her fantasy, she will take care of you also in a very good manner. So leave all the doubts aside and take a rest now so that you will be fresh by the midnight. Okay….so call me from the Atlantis. Bye………….’……she hadn’t given me any chance to react.

Not a big deal for me…………whatever it is okay for me. Lets experiment it .

So I engaged myself in the final preparation of my morning meeting. Then I had a light dinner at my room and took a small nap.

At 11, alarm bell made me wake up. After getting ready, I took a taxi to reach Atlantis. Once I reached there, I made a call to Zarin. She told………My friend is waiting for you. Go right away….and best of luck my dearest darling. A terrific night is ahead. Tell me how your mood is now.’

‘Zarin, you have the power to convince me. I can’t disagree with you ever naa. Okay as you wish……’

‘Abhi, yesterday, what made you enjoy the most with me.’

‘Everything zarin……..perfect night, and specially the blind-game. I liked that most.’

‘Abhi, I knew it that you enjoyed the blind game part the most. Would you like to repeat it in the first round with my friend tonight. If you want I will tell her and you do one thing, you just enter the dark room and close the door. She will appear and will lead you to the bed room and will take over………….so tell me should I confirm her about this.’

‘Yes Zarin, for the first round it would be great idea. Just confirm her.’
Blind-game of Sex……wow………perhaps God send me here only to enjoy this game…..I thought.

At her gate, I pushed it and entered in the dark room. Nobody was there. I shut back the door. Suddenly one hand caught my hand and started pulling me towards the bed room. Once near the bed, I wanted to hug her but she stopped me and thrown me on the bed.

‘What is your good name dear’……..I wanted to talk to her…….but no reply. Instead she started unbuttoning my shirt and put it off. Then my jeans, then undergarments. I got totally nude.

Hey, lest first talk a bit.

In reply, she grabbed one of my hand and tied it in a pre- planted handcuff. Then my second hand followed by both my legs.

She was in a full mood of having sadist like bondage sex…….and I am the ‘bakra’…….I thought. Okay let her do whatever she wants so after that I decided to keep mum and loosened my body.
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09-04-2012, 12:47 AM
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RE: Plane Trip with Bollywood Actress Ayesha Takia
I heard some sound of pulling her panty and unhooking her bra. Then she threw it on my body one by one. She came over the bed and spread both the legs on my either side and sat on my thigh. She grabbed my tool and started playing. Oh what a soft hands, she was shaking my foreskin very slowly with both of her hands.

After some time, she put her boobs over my tool and started moving upwards. Both her nipples were very tight and were poking me. She stopped it on my belly and then a belly dance……… means boobs dance on my belly. She was rubbing them in rhythm very slowly slowly on my stomach and naval. It was so exciting. I also started responding and started twisting. Looking to this she stopped and slapped me on my side and just clutched my waist to signal me to be stationery. I said ….’ok ok……it means I have to be passive all the time……ok….go ahead.’

Now she again started rubbing her erected nipples all around my naval, belly, chest. In between she was kissing me here and there. Then she started kissing my lips to which I welcomed and stared equally reciprocating. She stopped and again slapped me on my cheek slightly, then clutched my face with her one hand and pressed in irritation.

It hurted me a bit and I said …..‘Sorry sorry, now I will be completely passive.’…… She again started sucking my lips and this time I just loosened my lips carelessly as if I am in sleep and she started molesting those vigorously which I was also enjoying but unable to show it.

She slurped on upper lips and then on lower then her tongue came in action which started moving everywhere in my mouth. In good 2 minutes she transferred her massive saliva in my mouth. Fresh and nice fragrance of her mouth and breath were making me more and more wild but since I can’t express anything, all my energy got diverted towards my tool thereby making it tight & tighter.

Now she lifted her boobs and put one nipple over my lips and shoved it inside my mouth deep down. I remained silent, she shook her nipple but still I didn’t start sucking. Now with one hand she tapped my cheek several times till my lips got into action. Now I started sucking her very tight nipple gently and she started moaning and pressing her boobs hard on my mouth.

Little later she changed her nipple. Now she was thoroughly enjoying my tongue work alternatively on both of nipples.

On the way she was so deeply engrossed that bulge of one of her boob enveloped my nose leaving me breathless. I forcefully moved my head away under the load of her breast and took a deep breath. Sensing this she laughed slightly and I once again took control on nipple again and sucked very hard.

Her crotch was on my belly and now with this hard sucking, I felt some brisk movements of rubbing of her smooth & wet vagina.

Now she took out her nipple and started rubbing her whole body against mine.
My Hero was getting molested under the hard rubbing & body massaging. It was making me very excited and I started moaning loudly.

As soon as she heard my moan, she decided to take the final step before my premature finish so she right away took my penis in her dripping tunnel and started pumping up and down. This final gear accelerated my pace too and I too started responding, which she didn’t object.

Gradually her pumping became more and more wild. And with a loud moan she started Cumming which went on for 10-15 seconds. Her body was shaking and jerking. Her speed gradually got reduced but I was still not finished so I was stroking my shaft very hard. I told her – ‘hey don’t stop…..fuck me……..i am Cumming now.’ ….sensing this, she again started fucking me and within few stokes, my nozzle started sprinkling my load inside her.

Once I spoke…….’over’, she released my prick and proceeded towards bathroom. Now my shackles were irritating me so I called her loudly…..’ hey first you set me free, I am not comfortable in it now.’…………. in response she just said for the first time as ‘hooooooooon’ and then made her way towards bathroom instead.

Now I had to wait till her return. It took 3-4 minutes and in the mean time I called her 2-3 times but gone all in vain. Now I heard the sound of bathroom door and with this her voice – ‘Hey I am back….sorry to keep you waiting. Let me first show my face to you naa.’…….

With this she switched on the lights and my eyes got closed. When I gradually opened, I saw her coming near my bed to release me. She was also struggling to adjust in the sudden light. By the time she released me, I just covered my limping and wet penis and sat down on bed.

She kissed me and hugged. First time I was feeling her in my hand. She thanked me.

After kiss, I saw her face and got fascinated with her very charming & typical Arabian face. Her eyes were glowing and she was smiling.

As I was about to praise her beauty, she got a call from Zarin and after informing her about our bondage show in brief, she handed it over to me.
I explained her that in spite of bondage, I enjoyed a lot in the first round. I also told that I didn’t have any grievance now in your absence. Then after some more talk I ended.

Now after watching this Arabian beauty, my tool has again got an erection and I grabbed her face and started sucking her lips.

Within 5 seconds, she pushed me back and said…….hey Abhi, its very late now and I have to resume my duties early this morning so will have second round any other time but I must go to bed at once. With this she was literary indicating me to leave.

I got little surprised with this. Then I asked………’hey, I even don’t know your name but tell me frankly, didn’t you like me.’

‘Hey please Abhi, don’t misunderstand me. I told this to Zarin that I will not have much time still she insisted very much so I got agree. And as far as whether I liked you are not, you are awesome and every girl will dye to take your tool inside her. So please try to understand and will have some other very good time together. Please forgive me for today.’………she shown her helplessness……….’and by the way, my name is Hina.’

‘Ok Hina, never mind and many thanks for all the pleasure and enjoyment. I feel very lucky to get the company like you…….you are tremendous in bed and specially your way to doing it. I am impressed.’….with this I got up and in next 5 minutes I was ready to leave. At the time of leaving she again was very reluctant to hug or even kiss me. Just a formal hug and dry kiss on lips and she said me bye bye.

When I was coming back to my hotel, I was thinking about her little unusual behavior once the lights were on. It triggered some suspicion in my mind why she was trying to avoid me. Then I started comparing the hug and kiss before and after the lights. I felt slight difference though I was not very certain about it but my thought process now diverted to think, whether was she the same after the lights. Might be she would have been some other and after lights, once again …………oh my god, it may be possible as last night it happened naa………….

It means I did not have sex with Hina so with whom I did sex today……………….once again Zarin? may be possible because she chosen bondage sex in which I was not allowed to touch her, feel her so I was not able to recognize………….

My thought process got a jerk as the car stopped and soon I was again back to my room. After a quick shower, soon I went into the deep sleep and the question remained unanswered.
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