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Reema Sen Lesbian
08-12-2016, 04:04 AM
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Wank Reema Sen Lesbian
[font=&quot]Reema Sen, the sultry bengali seductress,was born to a middle class parents in Kolkatta. After her schooling in Kolkatta, her family shifted to Mumbai where she began her career as an aspiring model, appearing in several commercials. But, her destiny was to change very soon, after she decided to switch to acting in films. "Chitram", her

It was during the filming of "Minnale" that Reema met Raji Iyer, the tall, curvy girl with ass cheeks that would make J.Lo envy and who had miserably failed as a Model. Raji was well educated and had her roots in Southern India, though she was born and brought up in New Delhi. The first meeting between Reema and Raji was a bit nostalgic in a way as they fondly recollected their days on the ramps when they had met on several fashion shows.

Raji Iyer was playing the role of Reema's close friend in the film which was a relief for Reema who never understood Tamil. Raji Iyer was exceptionally brilliant with a Post Graduation in Media and Mass Communications and spoke English, Hindi and Tamil with utmost ease. Reema knew that she had a friend on and off the camera who can help her in understanding Tamil, one of the most difficult south Indian languages. Reema found a nice companion in Raji, with whom she could share her feelings, apprehensions and expectations about the film. Not so surprisingly, the two young women had become thick friends as the film progressed.

Raji was more than helpful to Reema in explaining the meaning of the Tamil script every evening so that her Bengali friend can speak the powerful dialogues with the right pronounciation and with the right intensity.

It was another day! Reema was waiting in her hotel suite for Raji to come, this time around, not just for her help in understanding Tamil.

Reema hadn't paid much attention to her clothes as she always dismissed the common perception that one's attire can express the mood of the person. Reema was feeling terribly horny and she knew that she desperately wanted to get naked. She knew that she had a career ahead and it was a bit too early to hook up with any guy. But, she was overwhelmed with a sudden fist of lust for which she thought, Raji could well be the immediate cure.

Raji entered the suite and was immediately baffled as Reema gave her an abnormal hug. The prudish model smiled and blushed at once while Reema's hug lasted more than Raji had expected. She felt a teasing sensation going through her spine as Reema caressed her back as she led her friend inside the suite.

Reema called up the room service and ordered some cool drinks. The two women sat opposite to each other and began discussing about how the film was shaping up. There were times when they stopped talking and the room went silence but for the gentle sound of the air-conditioner.

Raji, even in the wildest of imaginations, cannot be described as a gorgeous woman although, she had those inimitable shades of glamour that are normally absent in a girl with her roots in southern India. At best, she was cute and amazingly tall.

It was Reema who took the initiative after another spell of silence swept across the room. She tentatively pulled Raji's hands and brought her into another soft hug.

Reema could hear Raji's breathing and perhaps that was the only sound audible to her. She began stroking the back of Raji's neck and shoulders as though she was giving her some massage. Not so surprisingly, Raji was squirming on the chair, visibly showing her discomfort.

Reema was cleverly holding Raji tight letting her my arm around Raji's shoulder. Raji was gradually yielding to her friend as she began arching her back. It took another few minutes of stroking Raji's back and suddenly, she was pressing into Reema, her arm going around and gripping her as though she wanted Reema to keep her hands on her.

It didn't take long before Reema realised the fact. Her friend needed more, although she wasn't attempting to arouse Raji by being sensual. As expected from an upright Indian girl, Raji was hesitant in taking the initiative and perhaps expected that Reema would make the next move.

"Raji! I wonder what might have happened if I had another dump woman playing my friend's role in the move!" Reema deliberately whispered into Raji's ears, breathing hot on her and making Raji's hair flutter just a little.

Raji did not respond but simply smiled.

"Are you feeling uncomfortable if I hold you like this?" Reema asked, almost kissing Raji's ears.

Raji shood her head. She wasn't after all.

"Have you ever been with another woman before?" Reema licked Raji's earlobes after posing her next question.

Raji squirmed again but the excitement was getting too much for her.

"Don't you think it is worth trying once?" Reema said, stood up and pulled up Raji. "Come, let us move to the bed."

Raji was perplexed. She wasn't prepared yet for the adventure Reema was trying to suggest. But, Reema was persistent, stroking Raji's back and shoulders seducingly, pleadingly and intensely.

Raji closed her eyes and trembled as she was helplessly pushed towards the master bed in the suite. Reema's hands never slipped off Raji's back as they crawled onto the bed. While Raji was still quivering thinking about what might follow next, Reema's fingers trailed to Raji's blouse, and caressing her cleavage. Raji experienced a mild tremor in her abdomen, feeling a woman's fingers touching one of the most sensitive parts of her body.

Tilting her head towards her predator, she looked into her friends eyes with disbelief before she asked,"Are you experienced?"

Reema was caught off guard but she managed to smile and reply, "No! I have had my doses during those memorable cat walking days!"

Now, Reema started tracing the swelling of Raji's breasts by stroking the fabric of her shirt. Raji was blushing and smiling as though she had begun enjoying the whole thing. She was still tense but struggled hard to conceal her excitement. She knew that it wasn't a feeling of a man's hands pouncing to mash her body ruthlessly. Reema never seemed to be in a hurry as she held Raji's face and began stroking her shining cheeks.

"Do you like that?"

Raji nodded in agreement.

Reema went further, running her hand all over Raji's back, pressing a bit harder and pulling her body against hers. Raji gasped as she felt her friend's hands descended below her hips and began stroking her thighs through the fabric of her jeans. She couldn't resist a brief moan.

"How do you feel?" Reema asked.

"Good!" Raji replied.

Reema kept stroking Raji's thighs while her fingertips occasionally teased Raji's crotch. All along, she was looking straight into her friend's eyes, enjoying the quick change of expressions. Raji's moans were getting louder and she was biting her lower lip. Her legs began spreading apart without much fuss letting Reema to continue stroking her well-shaped thighs. Reema impatiently began using both hands to caress Raji's upper thighs, deliberately teasing the crotch much frequently. Yielding to the pleasure, Raji willingly opened up and allowed Reema to proceed further.

Reema took Raji's face holding by both hands and for a moment both the women looked into each others eyes. Raji's body shook in anticipation as she realized that a kiss was in the offing. Reema could see Raji's breasts swelling under her shirt, exposing her bra straps pressing against the fabric. Reema's hand indulged in more intense and prolonged strokes all over Raji, touching through her neck to hip and staying on the breasts a bit longer.

Raji kept squirming and moaning for a while before she eventually opened her eyes. Reema took Raji's right hand and planted a gentle kiss, letting her lips to gently brush and tickle rather than press hard on Raji's smooth skin. Perhaps, that was the decisive moment for Raji as she pushed aside all her inhibitions and pulled Reema onto her. They got into a firm embrace, before Reema got bolder and kissed Raji on her cheeks.

Raji's young body swung and swayed before she pressed hard against Reema. Both the women gasped feeling their breasts mashing against each others. Raji almost jumped and pulled back but that was just the momentary reaction. She returned to hug and returned much harder than before.

Their lips met for the first time, since they began playing. Their fingers got entangled in other's hair as they hugged hungrily. When they broke the kiss, Raji was blushing absolutely red.

"Did you like it?" Reema asked.

"It was nice," Raji confessed."Your lips felt very soft!"

"Do we repeat?" Reema queried.

Raji remained silent but her heart was pumping fast and hard. Reema presumed that her friend wasn't refusing and so she leaned forward and pressed her lips on Raji's. However, this time when their lips met, Reema sucked on Raji's lips a bit, and tried to tease with her tongue.

Reema proved to be an excellent kisser and as such, Raji was aroused when her friend's soft tongue probed into her own mouth, tentatively in the beginning only to get more aggressive as there wasn't any resistence.

Reema began showing what a horny actress can do by using her lips to kiss and tease Raji's neck and ears, around the delicate skin of her body. Reema pulled Raji in closer, sliding her body down the couch, rolling on the cushion and holding Raji all the time.

Raji was enjoying herself tremendously as Reema was showing her prowess as a skillful lover. Her hand that slipped under Raji's hips went lower and was now squeezing her cushy ass cheeks tracing her crack. Reema was breathing hot on Raji's chest while she skillfully had undone the buttons of her shirt, almost hungry to reach in between Raji's cleavage. Reema's head kept moving up and down reaching for Raji's mouth, to continue her sensuous and intense kisses. Raji was getting pushed to a rage as she launched onto her friend's mouth letting their lips getting locked together and their tongues lashing at each other.

Reema's relentless hands remained brisk, the one behind Raji caressing Raji's bountiful ass cheeks and shapely thighs, while the other unfastened a few more buttons on the front of Raji's shirt. Once Reema got the access to Raji's clevage, she lowered her mouth and went on a rampage on Raji's ample breasts with non-stop passionate kisses. Reema unclasped Raji's bra and exposed her sharp and firm breasts in the open.

Reema cupped one of Raji's breasts and lowered her lips to trail her breasts, cleavage and nipples with a series of sensuous kisses. Reema resumed at Raji's mouth briefly before her eager lips pounced on Raji's nipples, taking the whole nipple and areola into her mouth. Then she worked with her tongue and teeth, tweaking, teasing and sucking all over Raji's globes.

Raji's head swung feeling the swift current running from nipples to her clit. She knew that she was soaked between her legs and somehow wanted to free herself from the tight jeans she wore. Reema's wandering hands unzipped Raji's jeans and tugged the outfit along her young friend's shining thighs and legs, leaving Raji gasping with just her panties soaked in excitement.

Raji tentatively reached out to feel one of Reema's breasts still covered in a rather loose shirt. Reema took the cue and swiftly lifted her shirt over her head, exposing her breasts that were almost the same size as Raji's but looked slightly darker than hers. Reema undid her bra, pulled it off and liberated her breasts. Reema pulled down her jeans and gasped for a moment, with just her panties on. It took another couple of seconds for both the women to get rid of their panties.

Reema pushed Raji against the bed, and began pressing her nude body down against her inexperienced friend. Reema resumed her frantic kisses on Raji's mouth while her eager hands began fondling the breasts, and teasing those nipples. Raji squirmed as she felt Reema's thigh rubbing against her crotch.

Reema raised her head from Raji's breasts and pressed her own breasts on her friend's face. Raji took a nipple by opening her mouth and began sucking it with relish. She reached her hands up and squeezed Reema's breast, squeezing and kneading the globes. Soon she began switching from one nipple to another, giving her friend a wonderful sucking experience.

After a while, Reema pulled her nipple from Raji's mouth and kissed a long trail all over Raji's stomach to her womanhood. Reema pulled Raji's legs apart, buried her face and pressed her mouth on Raji's crotch. Raji squirmed in pleasure and began thrusting her hip upwards, letting Reema to devour her entire clit. Reema was soon engrossed in her deep and intense pussy licking.

Raji was close to her climax when Reema probed her clit with her tongue. Reema modulated her pussy-licking with gentle brushing to deep tongue-fucking. Raji relished the best pussy licking and that too by another woman. Eventually, Reema pushed Raji over the edge, letting her friend experience her best orgasm. Reema pounced up on the flowing juices that Raji released.

Raji gasped for breathe, feeling her body totally spent . Reema gave her finishing touches with gentle kisses on her friend's inner thighs and drying up her skin from the aftermath of a splendid orgasm.

"Reema, it was unbelievable!" Raji said, still gasping.

"I know," Reema replied crisply.

After a few moments, it was Raji's turn to reciprocate.

Raji reached out and began stroking the soft skin of Reema's wheatish thighs. Reema pulled Raji, close, and planted a kiss on Raji's lips. Raji inhaled and tasted her own juices on Reema's face, which rekindled her excitement.

Sliding her body down the bed, Raji took per position between Reema's legs. Letting out a long sigh, Raji buried her face onto her friend's cunt. She took her friend's clit inside her mouth, and lapped it with her tongue. Reema gasped and groaned as Raji probed her hole with a finger that disappeared into the depth within no time. She removed her mouth from Reema's clit to watch her finger disappearing inside her friend's cave. Raji went about probling the depths of Reema's cunt by letting an additional finger while Reema close her eyes, thinking about her impending orgasm. Raji realized that Reema was getting close from her frantic and intense moans. When Reema eventually came, Raji's fingers were getting gripped tightly as Reema's soft muscles contracted fiercely.

It took another couple of minutes for Raji to drive her tongue deep into Reema's wet pussy. Reema squealed and held her friends head firmly between her spread thighs. Raji kept her focus on her star friend and drove her tongue deeper and deeper until, her scream echoed against the walls of the suite. [/font]

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