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Reshmi Desai as Tapasya Sex Story
07-22-2012, 09:46 PM
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Reshmi Desai as Tapasya Sex Story

So Tapasya was the daughter of the powerful & wealthy TAKUR guy. In their same house lived the same girl named Ichcha. They both were real good friends but as they grew up Tapasya started to build up ego which led break their relationship between Ichcha & even cheated her by marrying her lover Veer on behalf of her. Though Ichcha loved veer very much she left him to her friend Tapasya. But soon Ichcha got married in the same family wit Veer's elder brother Vansh singh. Though both those ladies had their probs they tried to leave happy wit them but soon they both had facing probs wit their respective husbands so they planned stay in their parents home.

While their father was wealthiest & healthiest man in his age. It was said tat he liked to have sex & even in this age he had fucked tonnes of ladies. Even at his home he had fuckfest by fucking his own wife & even it was said tat he had been fucking Damini, the domestic women help of his home & also Ichcha. He had best body & shape for his age. With the amount of money had he could make any girl lay in bed wit him & he did it.

Takur loved both his daughters very much & secretly he even fantasied fucking them wit his big cock but he was sure tat it would not happen. So he didn't worry about it so went outside to fulfill his pleasure. He had the strength to fuck many a girls in a given day.

Now both Tapasya & Ichcha came to their home to spend some time wit their family till the probs in home gets solved. Their were given warm welcome in there home wit more happiness followed them many days. Tapasya spent her days normally in first few days but one day the thing she saw made her to thinking of her completely different. Tapasya actually saw her father Takur having an wild sex wit her mother. Tapasya Was really shocked to see her fathers power in having even at this age wit mainly the size of his penis was really the attraction point for her. TAKUR had an 12 inch cock which real fat as well and his speed in the bed was really amazing to see.

Though Ishita was married for more than six month she was still a VIRGIN as her husband hadn't fucked her still even after their marriage. He not even kissed her. So, Tapasya after seeing the wild fuck he was really needing a mans touch over her body & she wanted to enjoy those touches. Now seeing her Fathers perfect body she decided tat if anyone apart from her husband could fuck her it be should her father. As she knew tat he could satisfy her sex urges & also her body needs.

Now she went to her room & removed her dress. She lying her bed wit her hands moving all over body & feeling its nakedness. He even pressed her boobs wit her own hands wit thinking about her father as touching her body. Soon Ishita started to remember her father looks on her & remembered how he actually enjoyed her body by looking it. So now she was sure tat she make her lay him wit her in bed.

As for Ichcha she was loving her mom really very much. But her Damini loved Takur the most. Even Ichcha had seen both having sex but she couldn't react to it bcoz he was their owner so they wanted to do to his wish. Even Ichcha loved to have sex wit Takur but they couldn't bcoz they were like daughter & father relationship.

But soon they hoped something good will happen & actually it did.

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07-22-2012, 09:46 PM
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RE: Reshmi Desai as Tapasya Sex Story
Ishita was waiting for an chance to screw her father. PmOne day whole of her family had went to temple but Ishita didn't go as she wasn't feeling well & even her father didn't go as he had some business to do & he even left early in home leaving Ishita alone in the home.

Ishita was feeling lonely & was certainly missing the touch of her father. So she lay in huge bed thinking about her father, so she her vibrator from her bag which she used to satisfy her & her itching pussy bcoz Veer wasn't there to satisfy her needs so she used vibrator for her pussy. Now chain she was feeling lonely so she placed her vibrator into her pussy & started to droll it to her sweet hold. Her pussy was long enough to go deep in her pussy making her to moan. Soon the pressure built up & she was on the verge of an orgasm even Ishita understood it so she increased the speed & soon the drops of her love juices to flow which after sometime in an gr8 speed & in a velocity. ISHITA was on the verge of total enjoyment bcoz she had self fucked her to the core though she wasn't fully satisfied as she fully missing the sweet touch of a man over her body.

Ishita was suffering for breath & her legs were fully covered wit her sticky love juices. So she decided to take a bath but she had forgot to put an lock to her house main door. Now Ishita was in shower but tat the same time her father Takur had finished his work much earlier so he returned back. Ishita was unaware of his arrival so she came back of the shower wit oly a towel which expose her whole milky thighs, even traces of her beautiful breasts & ass could be seen.

Now covering her body wit tat towel Ishita made her way to bedroom thru corridor but she was stopped in middle by her father Takur. Now both were really suprised & Ishita in a much larger extent as she was exposing lot of her body to her father & in tat thought she missed her towel knot making her towel fall down exposing her total naked body to her father.

Takur did not know how to react seeing his daughter's sexy body. He was enjoying the moment but at the same time he knew he was doing something bad. While Ishita was in a state of shock was there staring at her father while exposing her naked body but soon Ishita came back to her senses by taking her towel to run back to her her room so her Takur got to see her naked ass.

Takur was standing der like an statue after seeing her daughter naked though he enjoyed seeing her tat way but being her father he was feeling bad so thinking tat he returned back to his room. While as far as Ishita she was also in the same state as her father as, though she wanted her dad to screw her badly but suddenly get herself wit her father in tat position wasn't the thing she was expecting. But now my sexual urge took the main preferences so she started to think how to make her wishes come true to make her get laid wit her strong father but soon she again remembered how the looks of her father & the amount of thirsts was in his mouth. So she understood if she made the correct movements her fathers will be far her.

So now Ishita took all her guts together & made her way to her fathers room. She was about to knock his door but found his room was open so she made her way in but wat she saw there was mind blowing. Actually her father was holding his fully grown 13 inch cock in his hand
masturbuting wit it. It was really awesome sight for Ishita while her father was gold his penis & shooting all around room. So Now Ishita was happy tat wat she thought is really happening. So, now she thought it was time to really make her move,
Ishita:so papa it seems u r liking wat u saw.
Takur in shock:wat r u talking my dear i don understand.
Ishita: don lie dad. I know wats happening. I know tat my sweet dad is leaking his cum after seeing his daughter naked. I know u enjoyed the view.
Takur:wat r u talking beti. How can u thinking like tat. How can father look his daughter in tat way.
Ishita:don life papa. I know the look in ur eyes & i have seen u many time lusting on my body. Do u want ur hot & sweet beti naked in front of your eyes.
Takur:yyyesss. I would love to see u naked chain. If u make u can make ur dad's wish come true.

So Ishita quickly removed her t-shirt top & her towel standing naked again in front of her father. Now, she again said.
Ishita:papa if u want u not can see ur daughter naked but also feel her nakedness & enjoy this movement. But u promise me tat u won't say this to Veer & even to mom.
Takur: i had been waiting for this moment for such an long time & im not fool to spoil it by telling it to ur mom so don worry.

Saying this, he started to feel her body, touching her boobs & all parts. While Ishita was happy so she decided to give signal to make her father 2 go to next step,
ishita:papa. If u want u can even screw me & make ur slut.
Takur. Den wait ill make u one after undressing den ill make u one.
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07-22-2012, 09:46 PM
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RE: Reshmi Desai as Tapasya Sex Story
Tapasya understood tat it was the right time for her to make movements on her father. If she misses this chances she may not be able to get any in future. So Tapasya hurried her way to her father in the same towel which had exposed her nakedness to her father. Tapasya tried to knock the door which was already open so she decided to peep into the door.

There she found her dad watching the uncensored version of the movie Fashion, it was the scene where Priyanka Chopra enjoys her sex wit Arbaaz Khan. Being an uncensored dvd it consisted of the whole ten mins were Arbaaz was enjoying the top body of Priyanka by giving kisses to lips, enjoying her topless beauty & even kissing her upper cleavage. Tapasya found tat her father was really enjoying that sequence as it seemed holding his penis shaft & jerking them in such an force. Tapasya was quick enough to identify tat his father was enjoying the show of Priyanka's expression & also the earlier experience wit her was having an influence on him. So she decided to act now so she quickly went in front of him.

Takur was quiet taken aback seeing his daughter tat in such an bad situation. But Tapasya was quick to make her action,
Tapasya: Toh!papa. It seems u r enjoying both the scenes & yours can't control it growth it seems.
Takur:wat r u Taps, im dad dear. I have seen u many times naked so its not new to me. U r always my dear.
Tapasya: Dad don try to cheat me. I can understand ur eye expressions. I have been seeing u many times & i can really sense ur lust from ur eyes. Talk the truth dad tat u r enjoying the beauty of ur daughter in every way.
Takur:BETI its not my mistake my dear. U were the one who exposed it me. So who ever it may be even though i may be ur dad but if ur eyes come into witness of such a beauty so only my dear. But nothing else.
Tapasya:dad accept it. I won't take it wrong im daughter u have all rights on me than any other man.
Takur couldn't do anything else & just waiting for something to say, suddenly some moans started to come. It seemed tat they had forgot to off the tv & it was hot scene of Priyanka being enjoyed by two africans being it an uncensored version it was showing the whole upper nakedness of priyanka. Tat was it now, as both were overtaken by lust so der was nothing more do, so both got huddled in spilt sec like magnet wit both hugged tight so no air could flow thru it.

They were fully taken by lust so they all forget their relationship for once, now no other delay Takur took his position directly kissed her on his lips wit hugging her tight. Takur was really liking the fresh smell of his daughter so he continued to sniff his daughter's hair.

Takur was continue to show his experience by sucking Tapasya's lips which was really enjoyed by her bcoz right from the time of marriage her husband Veer had not even touched one inch of her body & even b4 her marriage her lover had just kissed her, touched her oly MERELY. So was in classy mood so she hugged her dad even more tighter & giving more pressure to his lips wit even bringing her tongue out to lick his dad's sweet lips. Takur continued to lick her face & even continued to lick her freshly shaven arm pits which was smelling beautifully due to mixture of her sweat & perfume. So he was licking it like an hungry cat.

Takur was in mood to stop now, so now he placed his hands on her towel to remove its knots slowly to expose his daughter's magnificent boobs. Though her boobs were small it was well maintained wit no bit of hair in it. Though Takur had fucked many it seemed he liked her daughter's breast. So took those beautiful globes into his mouth so tat he could chew those while the other breast was played wit his hands. He continuously kissed her breasts wit sometime sucking them & even biting them real hard. Tapasya couldn't tolerate it she was moaning very loudly wit biting her lips while Takur continued to play wit her breast wit his hands by massaging her beautiful breasts along wit pinching her cute nipples making it stay rock hard. Due to those continuous actions her breasts were filled wit bite marks & love marks all over it. Tapasya couldn't control for anymore so she begged her dad to quickly fuck her to give full satisfaction. So Takur tried to satisfy his daughter's wish so quickly placed his manhood into her pussy but thou he tried to insert his huge penis it wasn't possible as it seemed it wouldn't enter into her love hole which signalled his dad tat her daughter Was still an VIRGIN. So he looked her daughter & asked,
Takur:so, my dear Beti r u still an virgin.
Tapasya:yup papa. Im still an virgin. And this pussy is completely waiting for ur manhood to enter.
Takur:damn tat Veer doesn't know to worship such an beauty like u. But don worry my dear i will make this night to be an might to remember.
Tapasya: No more talkings dad. Come on give me ur actions of manhood into my pussy.
Wait a bit to c my Takur enjoys her virgin pussy
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07-22-2012, 09:47 PM
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RE: Reshmi Desai as Tapasya Sex Story
Tapasya was enjoying the ecstasy of the activities wit her body shaking. Now takur bent to widen the legs of her daughter to see her pussy which was hairy & bushy. Seeing tat Takur took the razor & started shaving her hairy puppy to wipe it clean. All these actions were new for her so tat she couldn't resist her hunger.Even her father sensed it so he kissed & bit her pussy walls to expand. Now he took two fingers & slowly inserted into her pussy. Her vagina seemed to be really tight but Takur continued to

So he placed his tongue over her pussy so tat again he could get easy access into her pussy. Once he was able to feel her pussy. he inserted his tongue deep into her love hole til he was able to clit. Once he reached tat place he started to massage her clit & due to his continous massage, an kind of pressure started to develop inside her which she hadn't witnessed b4. Soon she was able to feel warmth in her groin area, as somd warm & sticky liquid came out her pussy which was giving limitless pleasure to him.
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