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Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop
02-25-2013, 03:27 PM
Post: #11
RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop
The Captain and Judy had finished their dessert and the Captain said, "OK,
susie, my slut, you need to give the waiter a nice tip. Follow him into the back
room and suck his cock. But don't allow him to cum in your mouth. When he cums,
make sure you aim his cock at your face. Don't wipe it off afterwards either.
We'll wait for you in the car."

sue, feeling very embarrassed, started to pick up her skirt, but Judy beat her
to it. "You won't need this anymore tonight, susie, just go as you are and take
care of the tip."

Very cautiously, sue got up and followed the waiter. she knew all eyes were on
her now, since she was half-naked and everyone could see her naked ass and bald
cunt. They entered the back room and the waiter pulled his cock out. Sue,
wanting to get this over with, got down on her knees and started sucking him.

It wasn't too long before she could feel him starting to cum and she pulled his
cock out of her mouth and finished him off with her hands. Aiming it straight at
her face, he shot his load all over her.

She quickly got up and ran out of the room, through the restaurant to the
parking lot. she found the car and got in. The Captain and Judy just laughed as
they drove away.


part 11

They drove straight back to sue's house after dinner. They had a lot planned for
the night and the next day. sue was made to sit on her skirt for the ride home,
so the ice cream that leaked out of her pussy wouldn't get on the Captains's
seat. she knew the skirt would probably be ruined, but she didn't care about
that, since she didn't like it as short as it was.

Arriving home, they took sue inside and ran her a tub of ice cold water. They
told her to get cleaned up and to douche with the cold water and vinegar they
had prepared for her.

she carefully got into the tub, feeling her body tighten from the cold water.
she finally managed to get her body all the way in and started washing quickly
so she could get back out. she hated being in the cold water like this and just
wanted out.

But since the Captain noticed her trying to hurry, he said, "Now, just stay
there until we come back for you. And you had better be clean inside and out
when we return."

They left their little asian slut to bathe and cleanse herself. she was
shivering from the cold water, and knew she would have to withstand even more
when she douched herself.

sue washed her body, rubbing hard, trying to get her body to warm up, but it was
hard to do since the water felt as if they had put ice in it. Finally she got
her body clean and reached for the douche bottle. Slowly she inserted the
nozzle into her pussy and squeezed. she almost went into shock as she felt the
water flow into her. Now she knew they had put ice into the bottle and it was
freezing her on the inside, just as the water in the tub was doing on the

she had just finished douching when the two walked back into the bathroom. "OK,
slut, get out and get into the bedroom. Don't bother drying off either," said
the Captain.

she was shivering and her teeth were chattering from the cold water and the cool
air from the air conditioner made her shake even more. "Judy," said the
Captain, "take her into her new room and fix her for the night. Then come back
in here so we can fuck in your new bed."

sue looked puzzled about what he was saying and Judy explained as she pushed her
out of the bedroom and down the hall to the little guest room. She told sue, "I
am moving all of my things over here tomorrow and this will now be my house.
Your old room will be mine and you get the little guest room. From now on, I am
in charge of the house and everything that goes on in it. The only thing you
will do is pay the bills, clean and cook," she laughed as she pushed sue onto
the little bed in the guest room.

"Lay on your belly, cunt, and don't move unless I say to," ordered Judy. "Have
to get you ready for bed, so I can fuck the Captain."

sue started to cry from what she was hearing. she was losing everything she had
worked so hard to get. her life, her house, everything. And she was going to be
a maid for that fucking whore bitch.

Judy started by forcing sue's mouth open by holding her nose so she couldn't
breath unless she opened her mouth. As soon as she gasped for air, Judy stuffed
a ball gag into it and secured it in place around her head. sue started to grab
it, but Judy was quick and soon her hands were cuffed behind her back. she
couldn't do anything now except cry.

Next, Judy tied a rope to each of sue's ankles, but just left them there. She
got out a spreader bar about three feet long and attached it to the little asian
slut's knees, spreading her open, exposing her little cunt and ass.

That's when things got very uncomfortable for sue. Judy took the ropes attached
to her ankles and threaded them up through the handcuffs, then back to her
ankles. She then started pulling the ropes. When she did this, sue's legs
started moving upwards toward her head. The more Judy pulled on the ropes, the
more sue's body bent. But it was bending backwards.

Finally, Judy was happy with the way sue looked and tied off the ropes to her
ankles. sue was on her belly, and her hands were even with her feet. she was
bent like a bow in a hog-tie position, and her cunt and ass were out in the
open. Her cunt was open from the stretching of her body, but it was really
getting wet now. Once again, sue thought to herself that she must like this kind
of thing, because everything they did to her made her cunt wet. It was like her
cunt took over her body and no matter what she thought in her head, her cunt
took priority. she was thinking with her cunt.

The Captain entered the room, because he had finished his shower and began to
wonder what was taking Judy so long with the slut. As he entered he laughed and
said, "Very good, Judy, but she is missing something. Get me the KY and butt

Judy left the room, only to return shortly with the items in her hands. sue had
heard what he wanted and was crying, tears running down her face. her cunt was
also crying. It needed attention and was dripping with cunt juice. However, she
didn't want anything in her ass.

The Captain took the KY and lubricated her well-exposed little hole and slid his
finger in. He commented, "Damn, this hole is really tight. We'll have to loosen
it up so a cock can get into it soon."

After smearing KY on the butt plug, he pushed it into her tiny brown hole. It
was really tight and he had to work hard to get past the little sphincter, but
finally the head of the plug went in. He pushed hard and soon, her ass was full.
It was all the way in, and her muscles grabbed it, not wanting to let it out.
The entire time she moaned and grunted into her gag, as tears of humiliation and
pain ran down her cheeks.

"There," he said, "things should be a little looser by morning."

Then he left saying, "Goodnight, little slut, hope you sleep well."

But before Judy left, she got sue's cell phone, plugged in the charging cord,
and shoved it roughly into her cunt. Now she was uncomfortably full in both
holes. Smacking sue quite hard on her naked ass, Judy said, "Sleep tight, susie
slut, we have lots of work to do tomorrow."

She walked from the room, turning out the light and shutting the door. sue was
left in the dark, unable to move. she was still cold from the ice bath and they
didn't even cover her up. Sleep didn't come easy for her. she was uncomfortable
like this and she could her the moans and groans coming from her bedroom, or
what used to be her bedroom. she cried some more and finally drifted off to

Judy let sue sleep in, knowing she was going to be very busy with the moving of
her clothes from one room to another and then having to move Judy into the
house. Judy wasn't going to do anything but supervise, so sue would get a good
workout today.

About 8:30 a.m., sue was awakened with the "bbbbbbbzzzzzzz, bbbbbbbbbzzzzzz,
bbbbbbbbzzzzzzz" in her pussy as her phone rang. she tried to move to answer it,
but had forgotten she was all tied up.

Once she opened her eyes, she felt the aching in her body from being hog tied
last night. she didn't know what time it was or how long she had been left in
this position. her ass was also sore and felt like she really had to shit.

she glanced around the best she could, but didn't see any movement. But just as
she turned her eyes the other way, she saw Judy standing over her with a big
smile on her face. God, how she hated this woman.

Judy said, "OK, my little slut, time to get busy, but first I want you to have
breakfast. You'll need all the energy you can get today. you are going to be
really busy."

Judy got up on the bed in front of sue and began undoing the ball gag. She
pulled it out of sue's sore mouth. It almost seemed there was a loud "POP" as it
was removed. sue stretched her jaws to get them closed. It was hard to do, since
she they had forced open and made to stay that way all night.

Judy watched her for a minute and said, "OK, breakfast time, susie. I hope you
like eggs, because I fixed two hard-boiled ones for you. And since I didn't want
them cold, I kept them warm inside my pussy for you."

sue's eyes got really big as she stared with hatred at Judy. How could she even
think about putting eggs in her cunt? Especially if she thought sue was going to
eat them.

But Judy just continued talking. "Now, since I have been so nice to fix your
breakfast and have kept it warm, I want you to be a good little slut and suck
them out of me. Now, get busy, cunt!"

She moved her pussy right up to sue's mouth and grabbed her by the hair, forcing
her mouth over it. She said, "Suck those eggs out bitch and make sure you only
get one at a time. You will chew it up once you have it in your mouth and then
swallow. Once both eggs are eaten, I'll get you something to drink."

What choice did she have? she was tied up, her head forced into this bitch's
cunt and if she didn't start, she knew she would get punished, so she started
sucking on Judy's cunt.

sue licked inside, trying to feel the eggs, but couldn't, and knew Judy must
have pushed them way up inside herself. So she opened her mouth and clamped it
over Judy's pussy, and started sucking. she thought she must look like a little
kid trying to suck a bottle, but couldn't get the milk.

Judy helped her a little by using her muscles to push the eggs closer to the
entrance. she wanted this little asian whore to get it all and would help her
out. Especially since she had a nice surprise for her when she got both eggs

sue sucked really hard on the cunt in her mouth and finally, the first egg
"popped" out of Judy's cunt, right into her mouth. Judy pulled back a little
ways as soon as she felt the egg exit her pussy. She said, "That's one, susie
slut, now chew it up and swallow it. All of it!"

Judy still had sue's hair in her hands, so sue had no choice but to chew the
egg. Besides, she was a little hungry. Once she bit into it, and the yoke was in
her mouth, the egg seemed to be very dry. she chewed and chewed until finally
she was able to swallow it all. Just as she swallowed the last of the egg, Judy
pulled her right back into her cunt and told her to get the other out.

sue did her best, knowing if she didn't, she would get punished. And she didn't
want this bitch to get the satisfaction of whipping her, so she sucked extra
hard. Of course, Judy's cunt was helping her, since she was getting close to
cumming from having sue suck her so hard. Her cunt muscles helped push the
second egg down to the entrance and soon, she felt it pop out into sue's waiting
mouth. Without being told, sue started chewing as Judy pulled back a little to
give her room to chew. Then she would give the little slut a treat.

sue chewed the second egg up and choked it down. It was so dry, she had a hard
time swallowing it, but finally managed to get it all down. Then Judy pulled her
back to her cunt and said, "Before you can drink, you have to make me cum!"

Wanting to quench her thirst, sue got busy licking the cunt that was forced into
her mouth and it wasn't long before Judy screamed,

Then, as she quieted down, sue thought she would get untied and get something to
drink. But Judy had other plans. She said to the bound girl, "OK, now your
drink. Hold your mouth right over my pussy and pee hole! You will drink every
drop of what I give you and if you spill any, you'll lick it up. And, slut, you
won't be changing these sheets for a long time, so don't dribble on them."

As soon as sue had her mouth on Judy's pussy, she got the first squirt of hot
yellow piss in her mouth. Judy had been holding it all morning and it was
difficult to get a good stream going at first. It came out in spurts for a short
time, then suddenly it all let go and sue had her mouthful of the acrid tasting,
foul smelling piss from this bitch. she hated her even more now. But, she
swallowed as fast as she could. She had no other choice, since Judy held her so
tight against her pussy, sue couldn't move away.

sue gulped, choked, and swallowed it all. Judy had a lot of piss built up and
was so relieved to finally let it out. she just laughed to herself, wondering
what others would think if they knew the sergeant was a piss slut. Finally she
stopped pissing, and even though she tried to get more out, she couldn't. But
she did hold sue's head in her crotch for a while longer, just to make sure.
Then she told sue to lick her clean before she untied her.

Finally Judy was satisfied that she had pissed all she could and that her pussy
was clean. She moved back away from sue and got off the bed. She didn't untie
her slut right away. Instead, she got the camera out and took several pictures
of sue all tied up. She kept saying, "Yes, this will look good in the scrap book
and we can use it later."

sue was shocked by what she was saying. Now, she wasn't sure if she would ever
be free from being a slut to these two people. Especially since now there was
more evidence about what she was doing.

Finished with the photos, Judy untied sue and allowed her to get up and stretch
some. Can't have a sore worker, she thought. And she even told sue to go into
the bathroom and freshen up some. "Use the toilet and if you want, get a nice
warm shower before we begin to get things moved. And pull that plug out of your
ass. The Captain will want to know just how much your cute little hole has
stretched. I'll call him later to tell him. But if it isn't big enough, he might
want it back in. So enjoy the time without it.

sue was so grateful to be able to get clean again, but first she had to piss and
then brush her teeth to get the taste of piss from her mouth.

she sat on the toilet and relieved herself, even before removing the butt plug.
Just as soon as she finished with the toilet, she reached back to pull the plug.
But she was having a problem. It wouldn't come out. her ass muscles kept
clamping onto it, holding it in. sue pulled harder now, and finally it came out.
sue felt so empty. she was almost tempted to put it back, but didn't, thinking
that the feeling would go away and her once tight little hole would relax back
to it's normal size. At least she hoped it would.

she brushed her teeth three times in order to get that awful pissy taste out.
And as soon as she finished, she got into the shower, turning on the hottest
water she could stand, and took a nice long one.

Once she was feeling better and stepped out, Judy was waiting for her. She said,
"OK, susie slut, hurry up and dry off. you have lots of things to get done and I
don't want it to take all day. So, hurry!"

sue felt much better now. she hurried, drying her body, and then went to the
bedroom where Judy was waiting for her.

"OK, let's get started. Here is what you have to do. you will take your clothes
out of your closet and let me see them. I'll tell you where to put them at that
time. We are going to make three piles of clothes. The first pile goes here, the
second here and the third here. Ready to start, cunt?"

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02-25-2013, 03:27 PM
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RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop
part 12

"Yes, Ma'am," replied sue, "i am ready"

"Good, then start!" said Judy, "but don't take any jeans or pants out of the
closet. We look about the same size, so all those will now belong to me."

sue started taking the clothes out, one at a time, showing Judy what she had.
First were her skirts, then her dresses. she avoided the jeans and pants, just
as she had been told. As she took them out, Judy had her hold them up to her and
some she even made sue model. The ones that were short enough went into pile
number one. The ones that were too long, but could be altered went into pile
number two. And those that Judy didn't like at all went into pile number three.
Those were the ones sue would have to dispose of later on.

Once the closet was emptied of her clothes, except her jeans and pants, Judy
said, "OK, cunt face, now take pile number one and put them all in your new
closet. Pile number two, I want you to put in this bag and placed on the floor
of your new closet. As for pile number three, just leave it there for now."

sue was hating this, but complied with her Mistress' orders. Finally, she got
the two piles put where Judy had told her. When she returned to what was once
her bedroom, she was told to pull all her panties and bras out and put them in
the remaining pile. sue wanted to ask why, but was afraid if she questioned, she
would be punished by this bitch and then by the Captain later on. So, she did as
she was told.

Once she had all her bras and panties in the pile, she was told to start on her
T-shirts and shorts in the same way she did her other clothes, but these she had
to put on one at a time. sue put the shorts and T-shirts on and Judy would tell
her either in the last pile or to start a new one. When she was done, the third
pile seemed quite large, and only a few shorts and T-shirts ended up in the new

"Now, susie slut, that large pile of clothes that you have, I want you to stuff
in this garbage bag. The other pile will be taken to your room and put in the
dresser," ordered Judy.

sue cried while she was doing everything she was told to do. she hated this
bitch more and more, but was afraid to do or say anything.

Judy handed sue a pair of shorts, she knew didn't belong to her and a little top
to go with it. Judy said, "Now put these on so we can go get my things."

sue struggled to get the clothes on. They seemed to be too small for her. Once
she had them on, she glanced in the full length mirror and saw that they were so
tight that her cunt was sticking out in the front, her ass looked like it was
about to bust the seams and the top didn't hide her little tits at all.

Then Judy said, "Go wait beside the car, I'll be with you in a moment."

sue reluctantly went outside and stood beside the car to wait for Judy. As she
was waiting, her phone went off.
"bbbbbbzzzzzzz,bbbbbbbbzzzzzzzzzzzz,bbbbbbbzzzzzzzz" it went inside her cunt.
sue tried to reach into the shorts to get it, but couldn't get her hand inside
the tight material. The phone continued to ring.

she knew she was in trouble and tried her best to get to it, but couldn't. So,
she just pulled her shorts down to her knees and pulled it out of her cunt.

"Hheelloo," she answered.

"What took you so long, slut? your phone rang six times before you answered it.
you are in trouble now," said the Captain on the other end.

"Bbbbbuuutttt, sir," cried sue, "Judy has these really tight shorts on me, and i
couldn't get it out."

"No excuse, cunt," yelled the Captain, "you'll get punished tonight." Then he
hung up.

sue just stood there in shock, not realizing she was on the street with her
shorts down and her cunt in plain view. When she finally remembered where she
was, it was too late, since a car load of young boys had driven by and honked
the horn, yelling, "Nice cunt, what a bitch, wanna fuck?"

Quickly, she shoved the phone back into her cunt, hurting herself, and pulled
her shorts up. Then she just stood and waited for Judy to come out. But because
of the exposure, her cunt was really wet and it showed right through the thin
shorts she had been made to wear.

Finally Judy showed up and told sue to get in. She got in the driver's side and
drove to her little apartment. She was so happy to get out of that little place
and get into a big house, where she had lots of room to play. And she even had a
maid to clean up after her and she didn't have to pay rent any more.

They arrived at Judy's place and she took sue inside. She said, "OK, let's start
in the bedroom. Get all my clothes out, fold them neatly and pack them in the
suitcases on the top shelf. And be quick about it! We still have a lot to do
before the Captain comes to get us."

sue hated doing all the work, but what choice did she have? So, she began taking
clothes from the closet, folding them up and packing them away in the suitcases.
Judy just sat back, watching her and talking to several different people on the
phone. sue overheard her telling some of them that she was moving into a bigger
house and had a maid and servant to do all her work for her. she gave them sue's
home phone number and address, asking them to call or stop by to see her.

sue was getting totally pissed off, but continued her work. Soonshe had the
closet empty and Judy said, as she asked someone to hold a moment, "OK, now
slut, clean out my dresser, making sure you get everything put in neatly."

Again sue began her duties and opened the dresser drawers, pulling out Judy's
pretty little undies, folding them up and packing them away. Once she had the
dresser done, Judy went through the rest of the apartment with her, pointing
things out, telling sue what needed to be packed.

When everything had been packed, she told sue to take all the suitcases and bags
out to the car, put them in the trunk and just wait for her. sue did as
commanded and when everything was packed neatly in the trunk, she waited by the
car for her.

sue was tired, but also hot. her little shorts were wet from sweating and also
from her pussy being hot and juicy. Once again, she thought about having a big
cock in her cunt, fucking her. But this only made her wetter and the wetter she
got, the more transparent her shorts got.

As soon as Judy appeared, she saw how wet and hot sue was and decided that the
little cunt needed to cool off. So she said, "susie, my pet, walk over here."

She took sue to the side of the apartment building where the pool was. Next to
the pool was a shower, and she said, "Get in and cool off, susie."

sue looked at her and decided that it would be good to cool off some, and
started to remove her clothes so she could shower. But she was stopped when Judy
said, "No, just get in the way you are. We don't have time for you to get

sue hesitated, knowing that if she got wet with her clothes on, she would be
seen just as if she was naked. But as soon as she looked at Judy, she knew she
had to do it. Judy was giving her one of those, "Come on, defy me, bitch" looks.
sue just turned on the water and stepped in, allowing the cool spray to cascade
over her. Once she was totally wet, Judy said, "OK, now get out and let's head
for home."

sue was happy to be able to get inside the cover of the car, but was shocked
with what came next. As she started to get into the car, Judy said, "Wait just a
minute, susie slut. I can't have you dripping wet in the car. It's not that far
to our house, so why don't you walk there. I'll be along in a moment."

"But, i will be seen," cried sue.

"So what," yelled Judy, "you have been seen with nothing on. Maybe you would
like to get out of the clothes and walk home. Once those dry, it won't look like
you are naked. Now move it, bitch!"

Crying, sue knew she had to walk, so she set out for her house. she felt lucky
that it wasn't too far away and hoped that no one would see her. Judy went back
to check out of her apartment, and then got in the car to follow behind the
little slut.

sue walked down the street, knowing that anyone looking would see everything she
had. her tits, her cunt and her ass.

she could feel the clothes begin to dry as she walked and only a few cars passed
by. However, a couple young teenage boys were riding by on their bicycles and
whistled at her, then turned around and followed her for awhile. she knew they
could see everything and she quickened her pace, ignoring their comments. They
continued to pester her and tried to get her to talk to them, but she still
ignored them. she just wanted to get home.

sue continued walking, trying to get away from the boys, when suddenly Judy
pulled up beside her and ordered, "Stop right there, cunt!"

The order scared her, since she did not expect Judy to be there. But she stopped
and stood still. Judy got out of the car and asked, "Did those boys try talking
to you?"

"Yes, Ma'am," said sue.

"And did you talk back to them?" asked Judy.

"No, Ma'am, i didn't," stated sue, quite proud of herself. At least for the
moment, until Judy said, "Come on over here, boys."

sue was shocked because she thought they had left. They all gathered around to
see what would happen. Judy asked them, "Did she just ignore you?"

"Yea, she did!" they all said together.

"susie slut, don't you know better than to ignore people when they are trying to
be nice to you. I think you owe them an apology, don't you?" questioned Judy.

"Yyeess, Ma'am," cried sue, "i'm sorry for ignoring you. It won't happen again."

"Not good enough!" yelled Judy, "Now, you will have to pay for your lack of
respect to these young men. Follow me, susie, and you boys come along, too."

Judy headed off into a wooded area beside the road. Once they were among the
trees, Judy said, "Now, show em!"

"Bbbbuuuutttt," cried sue.

"No, don't say it, just strip!" ordered Judy, "and be quick about it!"

sue knew better than to hesitate and quickly got her top off. But she did go
slower in removing her shorts. And this cost her as soon as they cleared her

"SMACK", as Judy slapped her naked ass and said, "faster cunt!"

sue quickly shed her shorts and stood before them all naked. "Is this what you
boys wanted to see?" asked Judy. They all said, "YES" at the same time, with big
smiles on their faces.

Then Judy did something that shocked sue and made her cry even more. She said,
"Well little cunt, I think you owe these boys a little more, so get on your
knees and beg to suck their young cocks."

sue hated doing this, but knew if she didn't obey Judy, she would be in big
trouble. The Captain already said she would be punished for not answering her
phone in time and if she refused this, she would suffer twice as much. So down
on her knees she went and said, "Please, may i suck your cocks?"

All the boys were surprised, but since they all had hard-ons, they pulled them
out and sue crawled to each, one at a time. she reluctantly put them in her
mouth and sucked them until each of them had cum in her mouth and she swallowed
it all.

Then Judy told her to put her clothes back on and get home. She would be there
in just a few moments when she finished talking to these young boys.

Finally she was at her door, but couldn't get in until Judy showed up. her
tormentors had taken all her keys away from her and she couldn't even enter her
house without them. she felt like a prisoner. Just like someone she had put into

Once Judy arrived, she allowed sue inside, but quickly gave her orders to get
her things from the car, carry them into the house and put them away in the
closet that used to hold her clothes.

While she was slaving away at the hands of this bitch, the phone rang and she
heard Judy talking. When she hung up, she said, "susie slut, that was the
Captain and he will be here in an hour to pick us up. He told me what to dress
you in and said to make sure that your cunt was really wet. So, as soon as you
get done, you'll start playing with that little whore cunt and get juicy."

sue didn't have much more to go, and as soon as Judy saw everything was in the
house and put away in her new bedroom, she said, "OK, slut, strip!"

sue was out of breath from having to do all the work, but decided to do as she
was told. No sense in arguing with Judy, since she would lose anyway. So, she
stripped down and stood before her Mistress naked.

As soon as sue was nude, Judy said, "OK, slut, start playing with that cunt.
But, don't you dare cum. The Captain wants you hot and horny when he arrives.
Don't stop until he shows up."

How she hated doing these things, and wished she had told the Captain to go
ahead and deport her. At least in China, she wouldn't be doing these terrible
things for anyone. she could have managed and then worked her way back to the
states legally.

she stood right where Judy had left her, playing with her pussy. she was so hot
and horny, that she would have fucked anyone just to get off. Maybe the Captain
would fuck her tonight instead of that cunt Judy.

When the Captain walked in, Judy met him at the door and gave him a big juicy
kiss. He laughed as he watched sue playing with herself, then said, "OK, go with
Judy and get dressed. We have something to take care of tonight. And pick out a
nice little lock to carry with you."

Judy took sue to her new bedroom and made her dress in a very short skirt that
barely covered her ass and a very sheer white blouse. Then came the six-inch
high heels. sue was so embarrassed, knowing that they would be out in public and
she looked like she was a real whore. But that's what the Captain wanted and sue
put them on, thinking maybe she could get fucked by someone tonight, even if she
had to be a whore to get a cock in her pussy.

Once she was dressed, Judy brought her out to where the Captain was waiting. He
looked her over and approved of the clothes and said, "Very nice. Now, let's get
going so we don't miss your appointment.

sue wondered what appointment Judy was referring to. Getting in the car, she
had to sit between the other two. The Captain made her open her legs and play
with her pussy while they rode. she was not allowed to cover up, even if someone
looked in the windows as they drove. And, of course, as he drove, he made sure
that he drove slowly when he thought someone might be looking. sue was turning
red in the face, but her cunt was so hot and wet that she would have taken any
cock offered to her.

she realized where they were as soon as he pulled into the mall parking lot. she
was thinking about the last time she was here and hoped it wouldn't be as bad as
that. But she had survived the last trip and she would survive this one, too.

Getting out of the car, she was told to walk a short distance in front of them,
making sure to wiggle her slutty little ass, just like a common streetwalker
would do. Then they started walking, with sue leading the way with her little
ass, which was almost visible, wiggling quite nicely.

They entered the mall and walked down the main hall. The Captain said he would
tell her when to stop. About halfway through the mall the Captain said, "OK,
susie, stop!"

sue looked around and saw they were in front of a place that sold earrings and
did piercings. she wondered what he had on his mind, being right in front of
this place. Once they caught up to her he said, "Just follow us in and do not
say anything!"

Walking into the shop, the Captain talked to one of the clerks asking, "Is
Stephanie here?"

The clerk said, "Yes, just a moment and I'll get her for you."

The three of them waited for a few moments and then a beautiful young Asian
woman came out to greet them. She walked up to the trio and said, "Hello, I'm
Stephanie. Are you the person that made a special appointment with me?"

The Captain said, "Yes. Do we have a special room reserved?"

"Yes, just follow me," said Stephanie and turned toward the back of the store.

She led them into the back room and closed the door behind them, then asked,
"So, what can I do for you. I didn't quite understand what you wanted when you

The Captain said, "Well, Stephanie, we want you to pierce this little slut's ear
and attach a special item we brought along. Can you do that?"

"I think so," said Stephanie. "What do you want to attach to her ear?"

"You did bring that lock with you, didn't you, susie slut?" asked the Captain.
"Give it to Stephanie so she can see it."

sue was very embarrassed and visibly upset, but gave the lock to Stephanie. She
studied it for a moment and then said, "What ear do you want this in? I have a
tool that will make the right size hole, so let's get busy."

Judy spoke up, saying, "Put it in her right ear! I think more people notice the
right side of a person. And if you do a good job, we might hire you to pierce
her in other places, too."

sue was led to a chair and was told to sit down. "NO, i won't do it. You can't
do this to me!" yelled sue.

The captain got pissed off when he heard this and said, "Just a moment,
Stephanie, I have to correct this little slut. sue follow me."

sue followed him, quite proud of herself for standing up to them. But her pride
was soon dashed, when she got to the other side of the room. The captain said,
"You'll pay for that outburst, bitch, now bend over and grab your ankles!"

sue just stood there! she wasn't going to allow any more humiliation. But the
captain grabbed her by the hair and forced her to bend at the waist. It hurt her
and she knew she couldn't escape, so she just grabbed her ankles. Then the
captain lifted her skirt, exposing her naked ass. He took his belt and the next
sound that was heard was, "SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK!"

her ass was on fire and had turned a pretty pink from the five swats she
received. "Now cunt, are you going to obey, or do I have to strip you naked and
make you leave here like that?"

"i'll bbbbeeehhhaavvve, sir," she cried They headed back to the chair and sat
down. Once she was sitting, Judy and the captain each took an arm and handcuffed
her to the arms of the chair so she couldn't move.

"OK, Stephanie, please continue," said the captain.

Stephanie decided to play along with them and just went to work preparing sue's
right ear and getting all of her tools together. Then she was ready to put the
hole in sue's ear. She said, "OK, now you'll feel a little pain, but don't move.
If you do, I might damage your ear."

sue sat there quietly, shaking. she knew she didn't want this to happen and it
made it worse, knowing if she moved her ear might be permanently scarred. So,
she sat still, using all the skills she had learned in the academy when she
first wanted to be a cop.

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RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop
Stephanie took hold of sue's ear and brought the tool up to it. Lining it up,
she positioned it in the center. Then she squeezed hard and sue felt the pain.
she almost jumped when she felt it puncture her ear, but stayed still like she
was told. It was over with real quick, and Stephanie told the Captain he could
now put the lock in.

The captain pushed the lock through the hole in her ear and snapped it shut with
a loud "CLICK!"

"you are mine, cunt! This little lock signifies that you are mine and only I can
unlock it!" said the captain as Judy stepped up with a mirror in her hand.

She said, "Look, susie! It is so cute in your ear!"

sue closed her eyes so she couldn't see it, but opened them quickly when Judy
slapped her face and said, "I said look! Now look!"

sue started crying harder now, knowing that everyone would see it and ask
questions. her new haircut could not hide the lock. What would she tell them?
What would her parents think. Oh God, how could she ever face anyone again.

The captain told her to thank Stephanie, which she did while the captain took
care of the bill using sue's credit card. Then, he asked if Stephanie did other
parts of the body besides ears.

Her answer was, "Yes, I do, but not here. I usually go to the customer's house
and do it and it does cost more."

Judy said, "Very good! Give me your number and we'll contact you when we need
some more done."

The captain was ready to go. All of this had made his cock hard and he wanted to
get home and fuck Judy all night long.


part 13

Leaving the mall, they rushed to the car. The only thing the two could think of
was fucking and didn't want to waste any time. Just as they got to the car the
Captain said, "Show me, slut!"

sue cried more and begged, "Please, sir, not here."

"Shut up cunt and do it, NOW!" he yelled. "Unless you want me to rip those
slutty little clothes off you."

sue slowly looked around and began to remove her clothes right there in the open
parking lot. Once she was naked, the Captain pulled her hands behind her back
and handcuffed them, then put her in the back seat. The other two got in and
headed for sue's house.

Arriving, they got her out of the car and headed for the door. Judy opened it
and as soon as they got in, both started stripping. They stripped while they
made their way into the big bedroom, which was now Judy's. By the time they were
ready to get into bed, they were both naked, leaving their clothes strewn about
the floor from the front door all the way to the bed. sue had followed them, not
knowing what else to do.

The two naked people jumped into the bed and without any foreplay, the Captain
sunk his cock deep into Judy's waiting cunt. Judy was in heaven, feeling his big
shaft sink deep inside her, filling her up. She wanted to fuck without an
audience this time and said, "susie slut, be a good little cunt and pick up our

"i can't do that without my hands. The Captain still has me cuffed," stated sue,
hoping she could get out of the tight cuffs around her wrists.

"Then use your mouth, bitch, just do it and leave us alone," ordered Judy. "Now
go, bitch!"

Slowly sue made her way back to the other room and looked at the clothes. she
tried to reach down with her hands, but couldn't get to the clothes. she knew
that if they weren't picked up by the time those two finished fucking, she would
be in trouble. she took Judy's advice and began to pick up the clothes with her
mouth. She picked up one article at a time and carried them to the laundry room
and dropped them into the clothes hamper.

she got down to their underwear and socks, not really wanting those dirty things
in her mouth. she hesitated. she was listening to the sounds coming from the
other room, wanting to get herself fucked so much. All of the things that had
happened to her made her so hot and horny. she needed to be fucked!

she finally got down to pick up Judy's soiled panties and the only way she could
pick the up was by the crotch, right where Judy's cunt had been leaking onto
them. It didn't taste great, but sue managed to get them into the laundry room.
Then she worked on the Captain's underwear and finally their socks.

By the time she finished, she looked up and saw the two of them standing in the
doorway watching her. Judy said, "OK, susie slut, time for bed. Go to your room
and get on the bed, on your back."

sue was tired from all the activities and went straight to the little room that
she had to stay in. she wanted her big bed back, but knew she wasn't going to
get it for at least six months. So, she lay down ready to sleep.

Judy and the Captain followed her in and each took an arm and tied a wrist to
the headboard of the bed. Then each took a leg, raised it into the air and tied
a rope around her ankles. Then they pulled the rope back, lacing it through the
headboard and pulled hard. Her body began to bend in half. The more they pulled
the ropes, the farther up her feet went toward the head of the bed. They pulled
some more and when sue looked down all she could see was her own cunt. It seemed
to be looking right back at her in this position.

Judy said, "Ron, how far do you think we can get her. Think we can bend the
little slut enough so she can lick herself?"

The Captain laughed and said, "Well, maybe, but let's not do it tonight. I think
this is far enough. Let's tie her off and then get back to bed and fuck all
night. I'm going to spend the night with you, exploring all of your beautiful

"MMMM," said Judy, "In that case, let's hurry. Can't wait to have that wonderful
cock back in my cunt."

They tied off the ropes, and Judy reached into sue's hot pussy to get the phone.
She plugged it in so it would keep a good charge and then shoved it back inside.
The Captain got the butt plug, lubed it up and shoved it into sue's well-exposed

Then they said, "Good night, little susie slut. Sleep well"

They turned out the lights and shut the door, leaving her in the dark once
again. Even in this awkward position, she fell asleep quickly, having dreams of
being fucked by Ron, the Captain.

"Bbbbbbbbbzzzzzzzzzz,bbbbbbbbbbbzzzzzzzz,bbbbbbbzzzzzz" was what woke her up the
next morning as her pussy phone rang. sue opened her eyes to see Judy standing
over her. "Time to get up, pet, but I need something firs,." said Judy as soon
as she saw sue's eyes open.

"Yes, Ma'am, but please release me. I ache all over," said sue.

"Certainly," said Judy as she released sue's ankles. "But before I release your
wrists, I am full of cum from the Captain and I need you to suck it out for me."
And she crawled up to where sue's mouth was and placed her pussy right on sue's

"Suck it out, cunt, then I'll release you," ordered Judy.

sue had no other option, so began to suck out her cunt. She tasted terrible, and
the Captain's cum was stale as it leaked out of the pussy on her face. But she
did what she had to and sucked until Judy finally got off the bed.

Judy untied her and told her to get cleaned up and ready for work. sue got to
the bathroom, pulled the butt plug out and used the toilet. Then she got into
the shower and cleaned up.

As she was drying her hair, her attention was drawn to the lock in her ear. her
eyes began to tear up. The embarrassment and days of torment had left her
exhausted and humiliated. she touched the lock, tugging lightly on her ear, as
she tried to suppress the tears.

When she came out of the bathroom, her clothes were laid out on the bed. It was
her uniform skirt and blouse, but the skirt seemed to have been cut up the back.
All the way from the hem to the waistband. sue put it on and knew her ass would
be showing when she walked, but then noticed there were strips of velcro sewn
into it. she got them fastened and put her blouse on. she was ready to be driven
to work by Judy.

As they walked into the station house, the Captain said, "In my office and show

sue went to his office and stripped. she positioned herself in front of his
desk, legs spread apart and hands on the desk, which made her bend at the waist.
The Captain and Judy entered behind her and watched her get naked for them.

Once she was properly positioned, the Captain reached up to her cunt and poked
his fingers inside. He grabbed the phone and pulled it out saying, "I don't
think you need this while at work anymore. I'll use the intercom if I want you."
Then he laid the phone down on his desk before he continued. "I want you to get
dressed, slut, and go sit at your desk. You'll notice you have a new chair to
sit in. Don't say anything when you see it, just sit down. You'll know how when
you see. Now get moving."

sue quickly got her clothes back on and started to reattach the velcro, but Judy
stopped her, saying, "No, leave it off. That is for when you walk outside. After
all, can't have all these other policemen getting turned on all the time."

Judy walked with her to her desk and said, "OK, cunt, sit!" She pulled the chair
out from under the desk and sue saw what they had done. In the chair was a dildo
and butt plug, positioned just right so when she sat down, they would go up her
pussy and ass. They appeared to be permanently attached to this chair. she
started to complain, but thought better. And now she knew why her skirt had been

sue moved to the chair and had to stand up on the bottom rung of the legs in
order to get her ass high enough to sit in it. she slowly sat down. she felt the
instruments enter her holes and tried to stand up on the rung. But Judy pushed
her feet off the rung and sue was impaled by two objects. They forced themselves
deeply into her and she couldn't move.

"Now, just sit like that and do your work. Don't even think about putting your
feet up, either. The Captain and I will be watching you!" stated Judy.

sue started crying from the frustration and the pain in her pussy. It was not
only the pain of being hurt, but a pain from needing to get fucked by a big hard
cock. Even if she had her cunt full of dildo, she still needed the real thing.
And, if she could get away today, she would find a big cock to fuck her.

The Captain and Judy watched her all morning. she squirmed in her seat, feeling
those two objects inside her. she just couldn't get comfortable. And to make it
worse, she couldn't put her feet on the floor or the chair rungs to ease the
discomfort. she just had to sit flat on her ass, her naked skin touching the
hard wooden seat.

At lunchtime, the Captain called her on the intercom. "sergeant, get into my
office. And don't forget to push your chair in all the way unless you want
others to see what you have been sitting on."

sue carefully got up off her new chair, pushed it way up under her desk and
walked into the Captain's office. she forgot to fix her skirt and when she
realized it, she knew everyone around had seen her naked ass.

she walked into the office and said, "Yes, Sir."

The Captain said, "I want you to go get our lunch today. Here is what I want and
what Judy wants. You get what you want, too."

He handed her the list and some money. she started to fix the back of her skirt,
but he stopped her saying, "No, leave it just like that. I want your naked ass
in view today."

Quietly she left the office, staying next to the wall on her way out, trying to
hide herself. As she was walking out the door, a new rookie cop caught up with
her. He said, "Hi, I'm Allen. I noticed that earring you have. Quite
interesting. I'm going to get some lunch, want to join me?"

sue started to tell him no, but then thought this might be the only chance she
had to get fucked today. So she said, "Sure, I was on the way out for lunch,
too. Have to get the Captain's. And thank you for noticing my earring. i thought
it was different, so I bought it."

They left and sue drove. she said she had to go to two places and hoped he
didn't mind; the Captain and Judy had ordered from two different restaurants.
But she had already decided to make a detour and go someplace to fuck this
good-looking rookie.

As they drove, he was talking to her, but she wasn't sure about what he said.
All sue could think about was getting his cock in her hot cunt. That dildo made
her pussy so wet and it was ready for the real thing.

she knew about a little park down the street from the station and pulled into
it, knowing that it was deserted most of the time. she found the spot she was
looking for and stopped.

He said, "What we doing here? Can't buy lunch in a park you know."

sue looked at him with a big smile and said, "No, but we can fuck! And I want
your hard cock slamming into my pussy right now."

The rookie was shocked, but didn't argue as they both got out of the car. sue
just bent over the trunk and spread her legs. she said, "Do me stud. Fuck my hot

she had picked the trunk, knowing that the camera wouldn't see them, should it
happen to be on. The rookie pulled his cock out and plunged it into her pussy.
she moaned and pushed back. Finally after all the torment she went through being
denied a fucking, she was now getting it.

They fucked like that for about twenty minutes and he finally stiffened and shot
his load deep inside her pussy. she came at the same time.


They stayed connected for a short time after that and finally sue said, "God you
are good. I wouldn't mind a lunch break like that everyday. How about we try to
get everyone's lunch everyday so we can fuck."

"Great idea!" he said, "You have one hot pussy and I'll take all I can of it."

They straightened their clothes and then went to get the food. sue went into the
bathroom to clean her pussy out so the Captain wouldn't notice she had been
fucked. she was thinking that now she wouldn't care if the Captain forbid her to
fuck. she had her own cock to fuck now.

Getting back to the station, she went into the Captain's office with the food.
Judy was with him and as she shut the door, Judy took the food. The Captain
said, "Show me!"

sue was glad to show him now, knowing that everyday she could get away, she was
going to have Allen's hard cock up her cunt. So, she quickly stripped and
positioned herself at his desk as usual.

The Captain and Judy took all the food out and set theirs on the desk so they
could eat. But Judy put sue's on the floor. The Captain came up behind her,
grabbed her arms, bringing them behind her back and handcuffed them.

"Now slut, get on your knees and eat your lunch like a good little puppy,"
ordered Judy.

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RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop
sue hesitated until she felt the "SMACK" of the Captain's hand on her naked ass.
Then she quickly got down in front of her meal and bent over to lick it up. The
other two laughed and began to eat their lunch.

They continued eating and watching sue slurp up her food. They talked and
laughed and were making plans for the upcoming night and the long weekend ahead.
sue could hear them and knew she wouldn't be getting fucked by him anytime soon,
since their plans were to fuck each other continually.

Finally finishing lunch, the Captain allowed her to get up and released her from
the cuffs. He even allowed her to wipe the food from her face. Judy walked with
her back to her desk once she was dressed again and made sure she was sitting
properly on her new toys. Judy got quite a laugh as sue eased herself down onto
the two objects.

sue sat at her desk doing her work and never noticed the Captain leaving his
office. He was making his rounds of the station to check on everything,
especially the new rookies. He wanted to be sure they were learning and getting
their duties done.

As he walked toward the break area, he stopped and listened to two of the
rookies talking. What had caught his attention was the fact that he had heard
sgt. lee's name. So, out of sight of the two, he just listened.

One of them said, "No way man. The sergeant wouldn't even let you look at her
cunt, let alone fuck her. I heard she was a cold bitch."

"But it's true," said the other, "we went to get lunches and she pulled into
this deserted park and begged me to fuck her. And she has one nice pussy. You
should hear her when she cums."

"So, you are going to lunch with her every day from now on so you can fuck her
again." asked the first one.

"That's right," said Allen, "sergeant lee was the one who asked me."

"Think I can fuck her, too?" questioned the first guy. "Maybe someday you can
take a break and I can go to lunch with her and get some of that hot asian

The Captain had heard enough and he was pissed. The little cunt was out getting
some cock on the side, even after being told that her cunt didn't belong to her
anymore. sue's cunt was his and he planned to punish her severely for fucking
without permission.

He went back toward his office, but stopped by Judy's desk on the way. He said,
"Come into my office. We have some problems to get straight. Transfer all your
calls to the slut."

Judy put her phone on transfer and followed the Captain. As she walked by sue's
desk she said, "I'll be in with Ron, and all the calls will come to you. Handle
them, bitch."

The two entered the office and shut the door. Judy was wanting a little
afternoon fuck, but the Captain wasn't in the mood. He told Judy what he had
heard and that the little cunt had to pay.

They started with the plans to get sue. They thought about making her walk the
streets as a hooker and wouldn't allow her back home until she made a lot of
money. They also discussed having a party at her house with her being the
entertainment and fucking all their friends. And they even thought about sending
her to the jail for a night with those horny men.

All the ideas sounded great, but they wanted this to be special. Once she was
thoroughly fucked, they would fix it so she would never fuck again without
permission. It was getting late in the afternoon and they still hadn't decided
on what to do. They agreed to think it over and then talk some more.


part 14

The Captain was really upset with his little slut, and made up his mind what to
do with her. He called Judy to tell her, and she loved the idea. Then he called
the jail and spoke with the guard. He found out that the one she had sucked off
before would be there in about thirty minutes and this pleased him. He would
give him some pussy before he did the rest with sue and he would keep his mouth

He waited in his office, watching sue work and from the way she was squirming in
her seat, he knew her little cunt would be really wet for later. Then he called
back to the jail and the guard he was waiting for was there. He told him part of
what he wanted and promised him some pussy if he went along with the plan and
wouldn't tell anyone.

Everything was in place, so he called sue on the intercom and said he would be
out to get her soon. "Be sure all your work is done and we need to put your
chair away so the next sergeant doesn't see it," he said to her.

sue hurried to finish her work, then got up off her chair and the two objects
that had been inside her. she took the chair to the little shift room and put it
away and brought another chair out. As she was finishing this the Captain came
out and said, "Follow me, sergeant."

sue followed him toward the jail, which took them right past Judy's desk. She
got up and went with them. The three of them walked together without saying
anything until they reached the guard station at the entrance to the jail.

Then the Captain said, "Now, show me!"

"Please, Sir, not here. Others are around. Anyplace but here, please," she

But he would hear none of it and said, "I said, show me, slut! Now do it!"

Slowly sue began to disrobe and laid her clothes on the desk. When she had put
the last article on the desk, Judy took them all and shoved them into a bag. sue
stood naked before the Captain, Judy and the guard, not sure what to do next.

"Aren't you supposed to be in the proper position," asked the Captain.

sue realized that he expected her to do what she did in his office and leaned
over, putting her hands on the desk where the guard usually sat. Then she spread
her legs wide and waited.

"Now, slut, who do you think you are anyway? How do you think you can just fuck
anyone without asking me first. And don't tell me you didn't, either. I know you
fucked that rookie cop this afternoon when you went for lunch, didn't you?" The
Captain was harsh with his words.

"Yyyyyeeesssss, Sir, i did," she cried, "i was just so hot, i just couldn't help

"Well, slut, I am going to make sure you get well fucked tonight and that will
be the last time you get a cock in that cunt for a long, long time," stated the

sue was shaking now, not knowing what this evil man meant and she cried. she was
so shook up, she couldn't even talk. Then she heard him say, "Now, just stay
right where you are while this nice guard reams your hot cunt for you to get it
nice and juicy for the rest of them."

The guard walked behind her, unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. she
already knew what size it was since she had sucked it before for the Captain.
But now she was going to feel it in her pussy. And this she didn't really mind,
but it was what was to come next that frightened her.

The guard stepped up behind sue and without even rubbing her wet slit, drove his
cock deep inside her, all the way to his balls.

"AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHH," moaned sue, as she felt him ram it deep in her cunt.

He stayed that way for just a short time and then began pumping back and forth,
fucking her hard and deep. She didn't know it, but he had not had any pussy in a
long time and hadn't cum since she sucked him off.

she wanted to cum from him fucking her, but to her dismay, he shot his load
before she could. she felt him stiffen just as she was getting turned on and
then felt his sperm enter her. He quickly pulled out and with the Captains
insistence he walked in front of her and pushed his softening cock into her

"Clean it up quickly, cunt," said Judy, "we have some more surprises for you."

sue took his cock into her mouth and sucked him until it was clean and then he
pulled out, put it back into his pants and zipped up. He knew about what was
going to happen next and he would have a front row seat for all the action. He
couldn't wait.

"OK, my little whore," said the Captain, "get your ass up and follow me."

He walked to the large door that sealed off the jail cells and told the guard to
open it. The Captain walked in through the doors, followed by sue and then Judy.
The door slammed shut behind them. He walked down the aisle between the cells
and stopped when he got to a large table in the middle.

He said, "OK, sergeant, get your ass up on the table, and lay on your belly."

sue was in shock, knowing that all the prisoners, some of whom she put behind
bars, were watching and could see her nakedness. she tried to cover her body,
but Judy slapped her hands away.

Reluctantly, she got on the table, knowing that if she didn't things would just
get worse. As soon as she was laying face down on the table, Judy and the
Captain handcuffed her hands and feet to the table legs. Of course, they made
sure her whore holes were positioned just right to accept cocks.

sue lay on the cold table, legs spread wide apart, her cunt dripping from being
fucked by the guard, along with it being so aroused and listened to the Captain.

He said, "Your attention please. Tonight, I have a special treat for all of you.
I know some of you have been in here for a long time, while others just arrived.
But tonight you are going to be free. Well, at least as free as you can get
while still in jail. In a short while, I am going to leave and when I do, all
your cell doors will be unlocked."

Cheers and applause was heard throughout the jail. The prisoners knew something
good would happen, especially with this cunt in front of them.

The Captain held up his hand and called for silence. Then he continued. "As you
can see, I have placed this whore in the center of the room. Some of you might
recognize her as the sergeant that brought you in here. Well, tonight she is not
a cop! Tonight, she is your whore. Once I open your cell doors, you are all free
to fuck her in any of her three holes. However, I do expect her cunt to be used
the most."

More cheers, yells, clapping and banging on the bars from the prisoners. Some of
these guys hadn't seen a pussy in so long.

sue was horrified by what she heard. her breath was short and shallow. There
was nothing she could do but choke back her tears.

Judy was watching from the sidelines and saw that they were already stripping
down to get at this cunt in front of them. She paid close attention to their
cocks. It was amazing how different, but so much alike they looked. Some long,
some short, some thin, some fat, but all engorged and ready for action.

The Captain continued talking, "Take your time with her, since you will have all
night to use her. I will be back in the morning to get her. I hope you all have
fun, but do remember, no abuse. I don't want her hurt, I just want her fucked."

Then as he was walking away, sue heard him say, "Judy, when we get home, please
call Stephanie and see about an appointment at the house tomorrow night. I want
that cunt fixed!"

Then there was a silence, but only for a short time. sue lay on her belly on
that cold metal table, her cunt openly displayed and left all alone with these
horny guys to use all night. How would she ever manage to keep up? she knew it
would be bad, but at the same time, it excited her to know she was going to be
gang raped. Her cunt was soaking wet with the thought of all those hard cocks
going into her.

Then suddenly she heard the electric locks come undone and the doors slide open.
Next thing she knew there were men all around her, running their hands all over
her and into her. Then came the first of many cocks. One guy stuck his cock into
her pussy and rammed it home. He was fucking her hard and fast, going deep with
each thrust. she heard him mumbling something about the time he was arrested by
this cunt. she didn't know who it was, nor could she see him, because about the
time her had his cock all the way in, a hard cock was stuck into her mouth and
it too was fucking her. No one seemed to care about her feelings, they just
fucked her.

The Captain and Judy watched for awhile on the screen set up to monitor the
prisoners. They could tell she was in for a long night and really doubted that
she would want to fuck again for quite some time. her cunt would be really sore
by the time morning came. That was a good twelve hours away and as horny as some
of these guys were, they knew she would be used all night.

sue couldn't move. The only thing she could do is take what she was getting.
Hard cocks! Once the first guy fucked her, they lined up front and back and gave
her a steady supply of cocks and cum. Some of the men fucked her pussy, some she
had to suck off, while others even went for her virgin asshole.

The prisoners were really enjoying their little bit of freedom. Even if they
couldn't get out on the streets, the Captain had supplied them with a whore for
the night and they were making the best of it. Not knowing when they would get
an opportunity like this again, they were going to fuck her until they just
couldn't get hard any more. But even then, some of them were thinking, they
could shove their soft cocks into her mouth to try to get hard at least once

The Captain and Judy watched the monitor as sue got fucked from every angle.
They laughed at the sight of her and knew after this, she wouldn't be getting
fucked, at least in her cunt, for quite some time.

But getting bored of watching, along with getting horny, they left her to the
guard who could see everything. Judy promised him that once the night was over,
he would get some more. They left and headed to Judy's "new house".

The Captain drove quite fast because he wanted Judy's hot cunt real bad. He
would have fucked sue, but didn't want her to think that he was being easy on
her. They arrived at the house and hurried inside. They both needed to fuck
again, but Judy had to make a phone call first.

As soon as they were in the house, Judy got on the phone and dialed Stephanie's
number. As soon as it was answered Judy said, "Hi Steph, this is Judy. Can we
set up an appointment?"

The Captain listened for a while, then left as he heard Judy say, "We would love
to have you over tomorrow night if you can make it."

Only Judy could hear the other end of the conversation, but the Captain could
hear Judy talking. Even though he was getting ready to get a shower, he still

"Great," said Judy, "bring all your tools and if you can, pick out some nice
rings too."

Then she listened and answered, "Yea, something that we can fit a couple locks
in. You know, about the size we used last time, or even a little bigger."

Waiting for Stephanie to talk, she then answered again, "Yes, we know about the
extra charge, and are willing to pay it. But we will be sure to add something
special in it for you."

Waiting again, then saying, "Well, I don't know about you, but I love to be
eaten and it is so special when another woman does it. Their lips are so much
softer than a man's."

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RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop
A short pause, then "That's Ok, Stephanie, I'm not Bi either. I wouldn't dream
of eating out another pussy. But having a slut eat you is special. I love it."

Another short pause and then "Well, at least think about it. You'll never know
how it is unless you try it, and we will make sure it is good for you."

She listened some more and then said, "OK, bye. We'll see you tomorrow night
when you get off work. About nine, right?"

Judy hung up the phone and began to strip. She was ready for some good hard cock
now and knew the Captain would be ready too. She got naked and ran into her new
bedroom to find Ron laying on the bed, naked with a big stiff cock pointing
straight into the air.

Judy couldn't wait for any playing around, and jumped on the bed, mounted the
Captain and slid her cunt over his hard cock. She moved her cunt down his cock
until it was all the way in, then started bouncing. She was riding him like she
was a cowgirl riding a bull.

She fucked the Captain until she felt his cock stiffen inside her and then drove
her cunt all the way down and squeezed with her muscles. He shot his load inside

At the same time he was cumming in her, she had her first orgasm of the night.
she screamed.

Then she just collapsed on his chest, with his cock still inside her. But they
only lay that way for a moment, when he rolled over and began to fuck her again.
This action lasted way into the night and the next morning. But finally, after
numerous fucks, they fell asleep in each other's arms.

Meanwhile, back at the jail, sue had lost count of how many cocks had been in
her. she had many nice orgasms to start with, but now it seemed like that is all
she was doing. With all the cocks in her cunt, ass and mouth, she was in a
constant state of arousal. But she was beginning to wear out. All this sex made
her sore and she was fighting to stay awake and alert. she was close to passing
out from exhaustion, when suddenly, there were no more cocks in her.

she tried to look around to see what was going on, but could see no one.
Suddenly one of the prisoners came around to her face and bent down so she could
see him. she remembered the guy. It was one of the men she had arrested, but she
couldn't remember why.

He leaned toward her and said, "So, sergeant, now you are a whore. Do you know
how many of us are in here because of you? I'll bet you don't, but you are going
to find out. We are taking a short break, then all the ones you put in the
slammer are going to have you again. You are going to count each one so you know
how many there are."

"Ppppplllleeeeaaassseeee, Sir, please be gentle," she begged, "i want to be
fucked by all of you, but please don't hurt me."

"Oh, we won't hurt you sergeant," said the prisoner, "we are just going to fuck
your slutty little cunt while you try to figure out how many men you put away."

sue was silent, trying to figure out how many there might be. she didn't know
how many men had fucked her already and didn't know how she was going to keep
track now.

But the prisoner told her how it would work. He said, "We will start out by each
of us fucking your hot cunt, one at a time. As soon as we cum inside you, you
will count. We want you to say out loud, One just fucked my cunt! Then when he
pulls out, the next will fuck you and when he cums, you will say Two just fucked
my cunt."

"Yyyyyeeeeesssss Sir," she cried, knowing she would have a hard time keeping
track. Even though she had cum so many times, she needed more.

"Once all of us are done with your cunt, we are going to start on your pretty
little ass and you'll do the same there, except you say just fucked my ass
instead of cunt," he explained.

she was trying to take it all in when he continued. "Then we'll do the same with
that whore mouth! Do you understand cunt?"

"Yyyyyeeesssss Sir, please fuck me," she cried out. she didn't even know what
she was saying, but she did know she was still horny. The Captain had made her
into a fucking slut. His whore. Just like she was when she was younger when she
had to sell her body to support her family. Now she wasn't even getting paid,
but needed it so very much.

The men all lined up and began their torture of her swollen pussy. They worked
her cunt, then her ass and finally her mouth. she wasn't even sure she had
counted correctly, but knew all the numbers ran together and she still didn't
know how many cocks she had taken this night.

The next morning, the guard got a phone call from the Captain. As soon as he
hung up, he called the prisoners through the PA system and told them the fun was
over and they had to return to their cells. But promised them that the little
slut would return someday to do it again.

Once she felt no more cocks going into her body, sue passed out and slept until
the Captain came to the jail to get her. He gave her the day off to sleep, but
put her in a cell next to all the other prisoners. When she woke up, she saw
them all there and the Captain was saying, "Come on, sergeant, time to go home
to clean up. We have a special guest coming by tonight and I want you nice and

They left the jail once she was given her revealing clothes and headed home.


part 15

They arrived home and sue got out of the car, following her Master and Mistress
into the house. As soon as they were inside, she was told to strip. As she was
getting out of her clothes, she noticed how dirty her house was. she never
allowed it to get dirty, but while she was in the jail getting fucked, the
Captain and Judy had fucked all over the house. They left their clothes laying
around, dirty dishes were everywhere and it smelled like sex.

As soon as she was naked, Judy said, "OK, slut, get this house cleaned up. We
are having company tonight and I don't want my house looking like a dump."

These words hurt sue. It was her house, not this other bitch's, but because she
had not wanted to be deported, it now belonged to Judy. she was nothing more
than a maid in her own house, along with being a play toy for them.

But, she was so tired and sore, she didn't argue. she went about cleaning up
their mess and got the dishes and laundry started. Once she got everything clean
again, the Captain said, "OK, now go get a nice bath. You smell like a whore and
we don't want our guest to see you like this."

sue went to the bathroom to bathe. Of course, she had to use the small bathroom
in the hallway, since she was forbidden the use of her other bathroom off the
master bedroom. This was now Judy's private bath.

Running the water, she climbed into the tub and soaked. her pussy was sore and
swollen. Her ass felt like it had been turned wrong side out and her jaws hurt.
she had been fucked so much last night, she didn't know if she would ever be
able to fuck again.

she was soaking her hurts away as her mind drifted back to her past. The family
needed money and she only knew of one way to get it. she told them she was
working, but they never knew she was selling her body. she had been fucked by
many different men and got paid well for her services, but she didn't want this
forever and decided to get an education. But she worried about her younger
sister, who had found out that sue was a whore and she wanted to be just like
her. sue was able to convince her not to do it. However, she didn't know if she
really did or not. sue moved out after that and hadn't really seen her sister in
a long time.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Judy entered the little bathroom and said,
"Hurry up, slut! Our guest will be arriving soon and we still have to get you

sue jumped when she heard Mistress Judy speak. she wondered what was going to
happen next. her cunt was getting hot again, but her mind wanted everything to
stop. But recently, she could only listen to her pussy and blocked out
everything her mind said.

she got out of the tub and dried off. she left the bathroom to be met by the
Captain. He grabbed her arm and pulled her toward the living room. she gasped
when she saw her dinning room table in the middle of the living room. Attached
to each leg was rope and she dreaded being tied up again. Especially after her
night in the jail.

He took her to the table and said, "OK, cunt, up you go. On your back, legs
spread. Move it!"

sue hesitated, knowing something bad was going to happen. But her hesitation was
short lived. With one hand, the Captain grabbed the lock which hung from sue's
ear, pulling her head down, and with the other slapped her harshly on her naked
ass three times. "I said on the table! Now do it!"

Having no choice, she got on the table and lay down. her eyes were filling up
with tears now and she didn't want anything else to happen. As soon as she was
on her back, the Captain and Judy grabbed her arms and secured them to the table
legs. Then moving down to her legs, they spread them wide apart and tied them to
the table legs as well.

Now she layed there, spreadeagled on her table. The wood was cold on her naked
skin and she felt so open. her pussy was in plain view for all to see and she
hated it.

Judy came over to her and played with her pussy and said, "Yes, Sir, it does
look a little swollen, but that may be good. It will be easier to work with this

sue cried more and begged, "Please, don't do any more to me. I have done
everything you wanted, please let me go."

They both laughed at her and the Captain said, "No, you haven't done everything
I wanted. I told you that your cunt was now mine and no one else was to have it.
But two times you fucked up and screwed someone else. So tonight we'll fix it so
you won't fuck anyone again with out my permission."

Just then the door bell rang and Judy said, "I'll get it. Must be Stephanie."

sue was left alone on the table while Judy and the Captain both went to the
door. she heard them talking. They were saying, "Come in, Stephanie, glad you
could make it. Would you like a drink?"

Stephanie accepted the drink and then asked, "Well, where is the subject and
what do you need me to do with her."

The Captain said, "Oh, she is in the living room. Hopefully she is just the way
you need her. We'll explain what we want, once we are with her."

They walked into the living room and Stephanie saw sue spread out on the table.
sue was able to see her and watched as she laughed at the sight before her.

Stephanie said, "Well now, this is a first. No one has ever given me such a
willing subject before. So, what is it you nee?."

Judy said, "Can we tell you in a minute? There is something else we want her to
do first."

"Sure," said Stephanie, "but you know my time here has to be paid for."

The Captain spoke up and said, "Oh, you'll be paid well and even get something
added to it."

They all laughed and Stephanie said, "OK, what comes first."

Judy said, "You cum first, Stephanie. We would like you to sit on this little
slut's face and have her eat you. And we want to video tape it. Don't worry,
your face won't be in it, just hers and your pussy."

Stephanie hesitated with her answer, then said, "You know I'm not into girls,
but if the price is right, I'll allow her to eat me. But don't expect anything
like that from me. I don't eat pussy."

Both the Captain and Judy said, "No, we won't expect that. If Judy wants her
pussy licked, the slut will do it. We just want her to eat you. she doesn't
enjoy eating cunt, so that's why we want it. Besides, you let men eat you,
right? It isn't any different."

"Well, OK," said Stephanie and started to get up on the table. But Judy asked,
"Can you remove your panties first?"

Laughing, Stephanie reached up under her skirt and took her panties off. Judy
took them and then pushed them into sue's mouth. "Just to give her a little
taste of what's to come next."

Stephanie got up on the table and stood right over sue's face. sue looked up and
saw her pussy. It was neatly trimmed, just like hers used to be. she didn't want
to do any of this, but she had no other choice, since she couldn't get away.

Stephanie started to squat down on sue's face and just before she had her pussy
there, she reached down and pulled the panties from sue's mouth. She just sat
down, smothering sue with her open slit.

sue had no choice but to lick the cunt that was now on her face. It was the only
way she could breath. sue hated this, especially since she really didn't know
this girl. But she continued licking the pussy sitting on her face.

Stephanie had never been eaten this way before. Usually it was some guy doing
it, just so he could fuck her. But this was different. She didn't have to try
and hurry to have an orgasm before she was fucked. She could stay on this face
and ride it for as long as she desired. Stephanie always wanted to have one good
cum from being eaten before she took a cock inside her. Now it was going to
happen but without the cock afterwards. She loved it and tried to last as long
as she could while this little slut licked her.

She slid back and forth on sue's mouth and tongue, enjoying the feel. First into
her hole and then on her clit and then back to her hole. She was in heaven and
never knew how it would be with a woman. Now she thought about all the other
women she knew and wondered if she could get them to suck her cunt, too. Even
though she didn't want to lick another woman's pussy, she wouldn't stop any of
them from licking hers.

She could tell she was getting close and rode the little asian slut even more.
She ground her cunt down onto the face below her and forced sue to suck in order
to get air to breathe. The closer she got, the harder she rode and suddenly,
Stephanie stiffened up and drove her cunt down hard, suffocating poor little

MMMMMMIIIIIIINNNNGGGGGGG!" screamed Stephanie as sue was doing her best to
breath and lick this cunt even more.

Finally, Stephanie got relaxed and pulled her body up off sue. "God that was
great," she said. "I wouldn't mind more of that!"

Judy laughed and said, "Stephanie, you can have her whenever you wish. Just let
me know when."

Judy grabbed Stephanie's panties and wiped up the beautiful woman's cunt juices
with them. Once they were soaked with her cunt juice, she wadded them up into a
ball and shoved them into sue's mouth. "Don't want her to forget your taste and
we don't want her screaming either."

"Now that you are well satisfied, Stephanie," said the Captain, "let me tell you
what we want."

"Sure," replied Stephanie, "I can't wait to find out."

"Well, you see," started the Captain, "my slut fucked two guys without
permission and now I want to lock up her cunt so it won't happen again. We
figured that if you put two rings in her pussy lips, one toward the top the
other near the bottom, I can put padlocks on her pussy so she can't use it."

sue was stunned to hear this. she tried to protest, but the gag muffled all the
meaningful sounds.

Stephanie thought for a moment and then said, "That may work, but three would be
better. Then she can be completely closed up and no one can get into her."

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RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop
The Captain thought for a moment, then said, "No, I think two will be enough.
Put one about one-third the way down from the top and the other about one-third
the way up from the bottom. Make sure she has the same two holes in each lip."

OK," said Stephanie, "but if it isn't enough, I'll do the third hole free."

"Very good," said the Captain, "now let's begin."

Stephanie had all of her tools with her and laid them out on the table between
sue's spread, open legs. Then she pulled her panties out of sue's mouth and
wiped the juice and wetness from the slut's cunt. Of course, they went back into
sue's mouth as soon as she was done.

sue tried to beg for mercy while the panties were out, "No, please, Sir, please
don't do that. i don't want holes in my cunt. Please. i'll do whatever you say,
but please not that."

Then the panties were back into her mouth. she couldn't talk anymore and the
Captain just laughed saying, "Sorry, cunt, but you disobeyed and I won't have

sue was crying, tears running from her eyes, knowing it would hurt and that she
would always be at the Captain's mercy. But what could she do? she was tied and
gagged, and couldn't move.

Stephanie started measuring the length of her cunt, taking a small marker to put
a dot on each lip where she would put the holes. Satisfied that they were all
even, she took an alcohol wipe and rubbed sue's swollen lips, making sure they
were clean.

"MMMMMMMPPPPPHHHHH," cried sue through the panty gag. The alcohol burned her
lips and she was in agony. But it soon went away when the alcohol dried. she
watched Stephanie as best she could, even though she couldn't see that area.

Stephanie picked up her puncturing tool and held it up as if she was inspecting
it. But she really wanted sue to see it. Stephanie was enjoying this and hoped
she would be allowed to take some photos of her work for promotional purposes.

Then sue felt Stephanie's fingers on her pussy. she tensed up, knowing what was
coming, but she couldn't get away. Stephanie pulled out a pair of gripping
tweezers and attached it to sue's puffy lip on the right side. "MMMMMMMM,"
mumbled sue, as her lip was pulled out, stretching it.

The next thing she felt was the cold puncturing tool being place on her
stretched lip. Then it happened. Stephanie squeezed and sue could not only feel
the hole being made, but she also heard the skin being punctured.

"AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH,MMMMMMM,NNNNNNNNNN," she tried to scream but only muffled
sounds came out of her mouth as the hole was made and the first ring was

Stephanie was working quickly, in order to get all the rings in before sue
passed out. It wasn't long and the second hole was made in her tender pussy and
now she had two rings attached. sue was sore from the abuse her cunt had taken
over the past day and now it was suffering more. she didn't want anything near
her pussy now.

But Stephanie continued to work on her cunt. Finishing the right side, she moved
to the left side and did the same. When she finished, sue had four little golden
rings dangling from her cunt. Stephanie stood back to admire her work and Judy
came over to get a closer look.

She said, "Look Ron, we now have a place to attach all kinds of things to her.
We can lock her up, but we can also put her on a leash or even put some weights
on her."

The Captain laughed as he saw Judy playing with the little rings. She pulled on
them and twisted them. They were both enjoying the torment they were giving the
little asian slut.

Then he said, "OK, Judy, time to lock up my little cunt. she'll never fuck
anyone again without permission."

Judy went to the other room and got the locks that sue had picked out in the
mall. She showed each of them to sue, asking, "Do you like this on or maybe this

sue just shook her head and cried. They were serious about locking up her pussy.
she now wished she hadn't fucked Allen. And what was she going to tell him when
they went to lunch again?

The Captain picked out one nice lock and showed it to sue. He said, "Now, cunt,
you are mine and only mine. Once I put this on you, you'll never take a cock in
my cunt again, will you?"

He reached down between her legs and played with the rings. "Do you think one
lock will do?" he asked. "We can put it through all four rings and she'll have
the lock right in the middle of her hole. I think that will look cute."

Then he started feeding the loop of the lock through the rings. sue felt it
going through the rings, knowing she would never be free again. Why didn't she
just go back to China instead of agreeing to this torture?

sue dreaded the fact that her cunt would now be locked and the only one that
could free her would be the Captain, unless she went to someone to get it cut
off. But that meant more humiliation for her, exposing her pussy to a stranger
and having to explain how her cunt got locked up. she knew that once it CLICKED
shut, she would never be free.

her thoughts were interrupted by the Captain when he said, "OK, my little slut,
it is now time to lock you up. I want you to repeat after me."

she mumbled something that he didn't understand, so he removed the panties from
her mouth, and asked, "Do you understand?"

"Yyyyeesssss, Sir," she cried out the reply.

"Good, now this is what you'll say," the Captain ordered. "i am a slut, owned by
Master Ron, and to prove it, my cunt is locked and only Master can open it."

she tried to say it just like him, but the words wouldn't come out, so he said,
"OK, let's try it again."

As he said the words again slowly, she repeated after him. He was laughing by
the time he finished and just as she had said the last phrase, a very loud
"CLICK" could be heard by the three people with her. sue heard it and broke out
in tears, knowing she would never be free again.


part 16

Once her pussy was locked up, they left her lying on the table, alone, naked and

The Captain said, "Well, Stephanie, I do hope you enjoyed doing this for us.
Anything else we can do for you before you leave?"

Stephanie just looked at the Captain for a few moments, and then replied,
"Working on that little cunt made me horny. Never been fucked by a police
captain," she continued, with a grin on her face.

This made the Captain smile, and he responded, "Ok, let's go!"

They left sue alone while they all went to the big bedroom. Judy and the Captain
started stripping, but Stephanie just stood and watched until Judy said, "Come
on, Steph, get naked!"

Stephanie shrugged, stripped out of her clothes, and the Captain gently guided
her to the bed. He said, "Judy, why don't you warm her up a little and then I'll
fuck her."

Judy wasn't really into eating pussy, but since the Captain wanted it, she would
do it. She would do anything for the man she loved. Getting on the bed with
Stephanie, Judy started with her nice little tits, sucking them, making the
nipples nice and hard. Then she moved down her belly to her neatly trimmed pussy
and started licking.

Stephanie was getting hotter by the minute and just before she was ready to cum
the Captain stopped Judy. He said, "OK, now my turn."

He got between Stephanie's legs, his cock pointing straight at her open hole.
Then he moved forward and entered her. Pushing slowly, he got all the way in and
began to rock back and forth, fucking the sweet little cunt. He went slowly to
start with, but soon she was bucking her hips up to connect with him. She was
one hot little lady and knew how to fuck.

As they rocked back and forth, his cock pounding her wet pussy, Stephanie was
getting really hot. It wasn't long and both of the seemed to freeze in time as
they came together.

that could be heard from the two lovers.

Once they finished, they lay together for a moment and then the Captain got up,
allowing Stephanie to move. Judy said, "Wow, never thought I would enjoy seeing
you fuck someone else, but that was hot. Let's get susie to clean you both up

Laughing, they went back into the living room to where sue lay on the cold
table. The Captain put his cock to her mouth and said, "susie slut, I just
finished fucking Stephanie and you are going to lick both of us clean. Now get

sue had no other option at this time, since she was still tied to the table, so
she began to suck on the Captain's cock, cleaning all the cum and cunt juice
from it. He was beginning to get hard again from her sucking and his shaft
started going into her throat. But he didn't want to cum in her mouth. Instead,
he would take Judy into the bedroom and fuck her. He pulled out and smiled at
the bound Chinese slut.

Then he helped Stephanie up on the table and positioned her over sue's face. sue
looked straight up into her cunt and saw the first few drops of his cum appear
at the opening and dribble out onto her lips. Stephanie squatted down, covering
sue's face with her freshly fucked pussy.

Once she was all the way down, the Captain said, "OK, now, she isn't getting off
until all my cum has been sucked out of her and you make her cum. So, start
sucking, bitch!"

sue wanted this to end so she started on Stephanie's cunt. Licking and sucking,
she tasted the mixed juices from them both. His cum mixed with her pussy juice!
It tasted somewhat different from the first time she had to eat Stephanie, but
she continued, knowing that if she didn't finish this girl off, she would be in
trouble once again.

sue continued until she felt Stephanie tighten up and grind her cunt harder down
on the little slut's mouth, almost suffocating her. Then, it happened.

she had an orgasm in sue's mouth.

Weak from all the sex she had had this evening, Stephanie cautiously got up from
sue's mouth and Judy helped her off the table. Then Stephanie dressed and left.

The Captain said, "OK, cunt, we are going to bed now and will see you in the
morning. Don't go anywhere." They both laughed and left the room, turning off
the light as they left.

sue lay there on the hard table, aching from being kept in one position all this
time. her cunt lips were sore from the piercing, and she wanted to cum so bad.
she couldn't figure out why she got so wet, hot and horny when they abused her,
but it happened every time.

Finally, sue fell asleep listening to the other two fucking in what used to be
her bed.

The next morning, sue was awakened when she was touched on her pussy. she opened
her eyes and saw the Captain and Judy standing around her, the Captain was
checking her lock and rings. she was stiff and hoped they would let her up soon.

"Glad to see you awake slut," said the Captain. "We have to get to work soon,
but before I leave, there are some things I need to explain."

"And you better listen good, susie, or you'll be in big troubl,." added Judy.

The Captain continued, "Now, as you might have guessed, I didn't weld those
rings into your pussy lips, which means they can be removed."

sue had hopes now, knowing they could be taken out, and planned to do so as soon
as she was alone. They couldn't keep her pussy locked up forever.

"But if you take them out," said the Captain, "a couple of things will happen.
First, I'll take you to a doctor that I know real well and have him install a
permanent zipper on your lips, which will be locked. He will do it for me since
I let him off the hook a few years ago when he was caught performing illegal
abortions. He owes me."

sue stared blankly at him. No one could put a zipper on a cunt. Or could they?
she had never heard of this before, but was sure the Captain could get it done.

"And secondly," he continued, "I'll bring your little sister here and make her
into a whore, just like you used to be when you were younger."

sue started crying. Why had she ever told anyone about her family? Especially
her little sister, Lynn. She was innocent and sue didn't want her being taken,
to be made to fuck like she used to, in order to help support her family.

"PPPPlllllleeeaaasssseeee, Sir, don't do that to my sister. she is so young and
innocent. Please!" cried sue, the tears running down her cheeks.

"I won't do either as long as you do as you are told," the Captain told her.
"You leave that pussy locked up and everything will stay just as it is. You
unlock it and I'll do what I said. Understand cunt!"

"Yyyyyeeeesssss, Sir," she cried.

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RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop
"Good, now I have to get to work. Judy has your clothes laid out on your bed.
She'll untie you so you can clean up and get dressed for work. I'll see you at
the station," he said as he walked out of the house.

Judy untied her and let her get up. her knees were weak and she was stiff all
over. she had a hard time walking to the little bathroom to shower and shave.

Once she had finished getting clean, she went to her new little bedroom and saw
the clothes on the bed. It was her uniform skirt and blouse. Nothing else,
except her shoes. she quickly put them on and noticed they had been altered. The
blouse had been taken in so it was extremely tight on her and the skirt had been
fixed so the hemline was just below her cunt. she even thought the lock dangling
from her cunt lips could be seen if she walked. How could she wear something
like this to work?

she found Judy in the kitchen and pleaded with her. "Please, Mistress," she
begged, "please don't make me wear this to work. Everyone will think i am a slut
and might even see my locked up pussy. Please let me wear something else."

"No, you will wear what I give you and nothing else," said Judy as she finished
her coffee. "Now, let's get to work."

They got into the car, with Judy driving, and headed for work. As they were
driving, Judy said, "susie, I am sorry, but I didn't give you time to eat. Would
you like to stop for breakfast?"

"Yes, Ma'am, i am hungry, but could we just go through a drive through," said

"Maybe," said Judy, as she continued to drive. Suddenly she pulled into a
restaurant, but it didn't have a drive up window. She said, "OK, slut, here is
five bucks, go in and get your breakfast."

"Please, Ma'am, let's go to a drive up instead," begged sue, "i can't go in like
this. Please!"

"No, if you don't get out right now and go get breakfast, I'll strip you naked
and then you can go in," said Judy. "And if I have to do that, you'll stay naked
for the rest of the day."

sue was crying, not wanting to be out in public like this, but she knew Judy
would do just what she said, so she got out of the car and went into the
restaurant to get her breakfast. she knew she looked like a hooker in a cop
uniform, but she managed to get the breakfast quickly and get back to the car.

As she ate on the way to the station, Judy didn't say anymore. All was silent
until they got to the station and walked inside. Just inside the door was a
large poster that said, "Halloween costume party. Saturday Night. Patrols cut to
minimum so everyone can attend. COSTUMES will be worn! For officers only!"

Judy saw it and exclaimed, "Look, susie, we can dress you up and take you out
Saturday night. I think your new role as a slut slave will be perfect!"

sue just hung her head, knowing that between Judy and the Captain, she would be
so humiliated in front of everyone. All the other cops that knew her would see
just how much of a slut they had made her.

Judy walked with her to the Captain's office and entered. sue knew she should
strip for them, but decided to stay dressed as long as she could. Even though
she didn't have a lot on, at least it covered most of her private areas.

The Captain was sitting at his desk and looked up, saying, "sergeant lee, we
are going on patrol today. Just you and me. So, I need you to get the car

"Yes, Sir," she said as she headed out to the garage.

sue got all the necessary items ready and loaded them into the car, then checked
it over, making sure it was full of gas. As she was finishing the inspection,
the Captain appeared and said, "Ready to go?"

"Yes, Sir, it is," replied sue.

They got in the car with the Captain driving. He left the garage and headed onto
the street. He had decided to make her feel like a true slut whore today and
headed for a sleazy section of town. He knew there would be some bums wandering
around and would take advantage of them and of her.

As he drove, he explained her role today. "You will obey me in everything I say,
no matter what it may be. We won't be making any arrests, but we will be talking
to some people. And remember, if you fuck up, I know where your sister is."

sue cried harder now, knowing that if she didn't do what he wanted, her little
innocent sister would be dragged into his games. she didn't want this and
decided that she would do as she was told, at least for today.

He drove through the town and turned into a street known to have some really
sleazy people walking around. Most of them were homeless and dirty. He spotted
an older man walking down the street and followed behind him until the man
turned into an alleyway. Perfect, thought the Captain and pulled into the alley
behind him.

He turned on his lights and using the PA system in his cruiser, he told the man
to stop. The man didn't know what to do, so he stopped and turned toward the two
police officers. The Captain motioned him over to the car and spoke to him. sue
didn't hear what he said at first, since the Captain spoke very low.

But then he spoke louder and she heard him ask the man, "How would you like to
have your cock sucked today?"

The dirty old man said, "Uuuuhhhh, yea, sure."

Then the Captain turned to sue and said, "Well, whore, time to earn your pay.
Get out in front of the car and strip for me, then get on your knees."

"Bbbbbbbuuuuutttt, Sir," she cried, "i can't do that!"

"OK, I'll make a call and your sister will do it soon!" said the Captain.

sue cried and got out. she went to the front of the car and removed her little
uniform, then got on her knees. she heard the Captain say, "OK, fella, go get
your cock sucked."

The man walked up to sue and pulled his dick out of his pants and aimed it at
sue's mouth. He pushed it toward her lips. she could smell the pissy odor on him
and almost gagged, but not wanting to get her sister in trouble, she opened her
mouth and took his dirty cock into her mouth and started sucking.

"God, how nasty this is. His cock is so dirty and i can't imagine what his cum
will be like," she thought to herself as she sucked on him.

It didn't take very long and the man stiffened and pushed his cock deep into her
throat. He was cumming in her mouth and it tasted so bad she almost puked. But
she didn't and was able to swallow it all. The man pulled his cock from her
mouth and put it back into his dirty pants and started to leave, but the Captain
stopped him.

"sergeant lee, thank the good man for letting you suck him," he said.

"Ttthhhhannnkkk you, Sir, for leting me ssssuuuuccckkkk yyyyooouurrr
ccccccooooocccckkkk," she cried.

The man said, "You are welcome and you can do that anytime." Then he walked away
leaving sue on her knees.

Just as she was about to get up, another man walked into the alley and saw her
there. This one wasn't quite as dirty, but she could tell he was still a bum.
The Captain leaned out of the window and said, "Since you have been seen like
this, slut, suck him off, too."

God how she hated him for this, but she had no choice but to humiliate herself
once again or risk the chance of getting her sister in trouble. So she pulled
his cock out and started sucking it too. He came in her mouth very quickly and
she was forced to swallow his load.

Then the Captain said, "Now, slut, show him your cunt!"

sue turned bright red as she stood up and pushed her cunt out. The man laughed
as he saw the lock on it, but had a puzzled look. The Captain told her to tell
him why it was like this.

sue cringed and said, "my cunt is locked up because i disobeyed my master. It is
his cunt and i fucked someone else, so he locked it up." she was crying and
very humiliated now.

The man turned and walked away, laughing.

The Captain told her to get up and get dressed since he had some other stops to
make before going back to the station.

sue quickly got dressed and got back into the car. she said, "Captain, Sir, that
was not right. How do i know they don't have a disease."

"You don't, slut, but that's the chance sluts like you have to take. Now shut
up!" said the Captain.

The Captain made a few more stops, but always left sue in the car by herself.
she had no idea what he was doing, but she was sure she wasn't going to like it.
Once he returned to the car, he always put something in the trunk. After his
last stop, he headed back to the station to see if Judy had all the preparations
made for Saturday night.


part 17

Getting back to the station, the two went inside and sue had to get the
paperwork caught up before they could go home. she heard others talking about
the party, discussing their costumes and laughing about some of them. sue still
didn't know how she would be dressed, or even if they would allow her to get
dressed. she just hoped it wouldn't humiliate her too much.

Judy came by and said, "susie, I think the Captain is about ready to leave, so
why don't you go to the car and wait for us."

sue put her things away and got up to walk out, but just as she was going by the
Captain's door she was stopped. Judy said, "While you are waiting for us, susie
slut, I expect you to find a cock to suck. Don't take long finding one, since
we'll be right out."

And the Captain added, "Don't try to hide either. Just suck someone right there
by the car!"

sue turned red with shame. How could she suck a cock in the police station
parking lot without being seen? she didn't reply to them, just walked out to the
car. she noticed that they could watch her from the window in the Captain's
office and knew if she didn't do what she was told, she would get in trouble.
And she also figured they wouldn't come out until she was on her knees sucking
someone's cock.

Getting to the car, she felt lucky, because Allen was just getting ready to
leave too. He said, "Hi, Sue!"

"Hi, Allen, can i ask you something?" she said.

He came over to the car where sue was standing and said, "Sure, sergeant,

Then sue got all red in the face, knowing this was going to be hard, but she had
to do it and since he had fucked her once, sucking his cock would be easy.
However, it wouldn't be easy right here in the lot.

she said to him, "Allen, ccccaaannnnn i ssuucckk you?"

He didn't know what to say at first, but then said, "Sure, let's find a place to

Totally embarrassed, she said, "No, right here, right now."

"But someone will see you doing it and you'll get in trouble and I probably will
too," he said.

But she was already on her knees in front of him, unzipping his uniform pants,
pulling out his cock. Once she had it out and in her mouth, he really couldn't
do anything but stand there and allow his sergeant to suck him off.

The Captain and Judy watched her doing it and then went outside. Allen saw them
approaching and tried to push sue away, but she kept him right in her mouth and
wouldn't let him move.

The other two came up to them and the Captain said, "sergeant, what are you

she didn't remove her mouth from Allen's cock, but managed to roll her eyes up
to the Captain, pleading with him to let her stop, but he just laughed when he
saw the humiliated look on her face and said, "Oh, I see. You are sucking a
cock. Good little girl. Don't worry rookie, she does this a lot."

Just about that time, Allen pushed all the way into her throat and shot his
heavy load down her throat. As soon as he was done, he pulled out and stuffed
his shrinking dick back into his pants and tried to leave.

But the Captain said, "Wait a minute, she has something else to show you!"

Allen followed the Captain's orders, just stood there, wondering what was going
on. He didn't want to disobey an order from a superior, but didn't want to be
there with them, either.

"Stand up, sergeant," ordered the Captain. she stood and then he said, "Now,
show him what is under your skirt and tell him why it is like that."

"PPPpppppppllllleeeeaaassseee, Sir, not that!" she begged.

"SHOW HIM!" he yelled.

Startled, she raised her skirt up to expose her locked cunt. she couldn't look
at Allen and just held her head down in shame, and the tears rolled down her

"Now, tell him why!" ordered the Captain.

Allen was looking at her pussy, seeing the tiny lock hanging from the rings in
her lips. He was dumbfounded and couldn't say anything.

"Bbbbbeeecccaauuse i fucked you!" she cried.

"I don't understand," said Allen. "Why would you have your pussy locked up like
that just because we fucked?"

"Tell him, slut!" ordered the Captain.

"i was told not to fuck anyone, but i was so horny, i fucked you," cried sue,
"Now, he has my cunt locked up and won't release me unless he wants to."

The Captain laughed and said, "You see, rookie, she is my slut whore and will do
what I say. But she disobeyed when she allowed you to fuck her. Now, she is
locked up so no one can use that juicy cunt except me."

"Oh," was all Allen could say.

The Captain told him he could leave and hoped he would be at the party, because
he might get some more if he attended. And also said, "Don't worry about your
girlfriend. she's in good hands."

Allen almost ran away, not knowing what was happening, but didn't really want
any part of it, but he also liked fucking sue and she did give good blowjobs.
Maybe he would attend the costume party.

The other three got into the car and headed home. The ride home was quiet, but
as soon as they arrived, the Captain ordered sue out of the car and into the
house. Once inside, Judy said, "OK susie slut, strip!"

sue removed her clothes and stood before them naked. How she hated doing this,
but she didn't want the alternatives to happen. So she complied with their

As soon as she was naked, the Captain said, "Shit, I forgot to get the things
out of the trunk. sue, be a sweet little slut and go get them."

sue started to put some clothes back on, but was stopped. The Captain said, "No,
get them just like that."

It was still daylight outside and sue knew she would probably be seen, since it
was quitting time for everyone and there was a lot of traffic. she tried to
convince him to let her put something on, but he wouldn't budge.

He said, "You either go like that, or I'll make sure your little sister is at
the party tomorrow night!"

sue hung her head in shame and headed for the door. There was no way she was
going to allow her sister to be used by these evil people. So she went to the
car, naked.

Opening the trunk, she grabbed bags, hoping she could get them all. But it
seemed there were more than she expected and that she would have to make a
second trip.

It was on her second trip to the car that she heard the horn. she looked up to
see a car full of young boys stopped right beside the Captain's car. They were
all hanging out of the windows and shouting. The driver kept blowing the horn.

sue started to go back into the house, but was stopped by the Captain. He said,
"I told you to get the things from the car, now move it!"

"Bbbuuuuuttttt, Sir, there are boys out there watching," sue cried.

"I don't care who sees you. Do what I said," demanded the Captain.

sue slowly turned back around and started walking toward the car. The boys were
still watching and shouting crude remarks toward her. As she got to the car and
reached in the trunk to get the last of the bags, the Captain stepped up beside

He looked at the boys and said, "How would you like to get your cocks sucked
tonight, boys?"

", NO, Sir," cried sue.

The boys all looked at him and said, "Hell, yes!"

"Come on over her then," said the Captain. "susie, get on your knees!"

The boys jumped out of the car and walked toward sue, who was now on her knees.
The boys couldn't believe this was happening, but had started pulling their
cocks out anyway.

The Captain said, "OK, now, one at a time, feed my little cunt your cock. she'll
suck you all until you cum and swallow every drop you have. If you don't want
her sucking your cock, then you can fuck her in the ass. I would let you fuck
her cunt, but it is kind of locked up right now. So, enjoy. susie, when they get
done, get the rest of the bags and bring them in."

she knew she had to do it, so as the first boy stepped up, she took his hard
cock in her mouth and began to suck. she wanted to get all of them done quickly
and get back into the house. But the first one seemed to take forever. He
face-fucked her for a long time and finally stiffened and shot his load down her
throat, forcing her to swallow.

The next one stepped up for his blowjob and shoved his cock into her mouth. He
also face- fucked the little naked asian until he shot his load.

Then the third one stepped up, but as she was about to take his cock into her
mouth he said, "NO, I want your ass!"

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RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop
sue cried, knowing it would be painful in her ass. she had been fucked there
before at the jail, and she knew it would hurt. The boy grabbed the lock in her
ear, pulling her up, and then forcing her to bend over, and without any
lubrication, he drove his large cock all the way in. Then he just fucked her
without caring for her pain or need. He fucked her hard, deep and fast until he
shot a huge load of cum deep inside her bowels. Then he pulled out and the
fourth boy stepped up and shoved his cock down her throat. He fucked her mouth
for a short time and then filled it with his cum.

sue hated doing this, but her cunt was dripping with juices, running down her
naked legs. Why did her cunt betray her like this? she hated being a slut, but
loved it at the same time. It seemed her cunt was thinking more and more for her
all the time.

The boys thanked her for the good time, got in there car and left her standing
there naked, with cum running from her mouth and tortured ass. she quickly
grabbed the rest of the bags and ran into the house.

Once in the house, Judy and Ron both laughed at how she looked, with cum on her
face and running out of her ass, along with her cunt dripping her juicy
moisture. she was told to get a shower and then they would try on her outfit for
the party.

sue got into the shower and washed away the awful feeling she had. But it still
wasn't enough to cleanse her heart, since she felt it was wrong to be like
this. she cleaned up, dried off and returned to the living room.

As she entered the room, she noticed numerous items on the table, knowing she
wouldn't be very comfortable tomorrow at the party, if she had to have all of
these things on or in her. But she was a brave girl and went right to the two
tormentors and positioned her self before them. she would not give in, but she
would play their game.

she asked, "How may this slut serve you?"

This was something the other two had not expected and sat in silence for a
moment. Had they finally broke her?. Was she actually agreeing to be their slut?
Would she do whatever they said at anytime? They were confused by the sudden
change in sue, but knew they still had a lot to do before the six months were
up. Once they had done it all, she would always be theirs for whatever they
desired, and they still had so much they wanted to do with her.

As sue was looking at all the items on the table, the Captain told her, "you are
going to the party as our little slave girl. you will wear whatever we put on
you and you won't complain. At the party, you'll look and act just like a slave
and will perform your duties without question."

"Yes, Sir," replied sue, feeling confident that they wouldn't make her do the
things they had done to her already. Or at least she hoped not.

Judy said, as she picked up one of the items, "Now, let's try all of this on, so
we know it fits and what you look like."

Judy had sue kneel before her and she slipped a nice shiny choker around her
neck. It was the kind that when the end is pulled, it tightens. sue felt the
coldness of the metal on her neck and felt the weight as it hung down.

The Captain said, "Mmmm, that looks nice on the slut. Maybe we'll just leave it
on forever. Now, let's try the leash."

Judy picked the leash up from the table and examined it. She said, "How do you
want it on her?"

The Captain laughed and said, "Well, let's thread it through the loop on the
choker and then bring it down to attach it to her cunt lock."

Judy took the end and started pushing it through the loop until it reached her
cunt. Then, she SNAPPED the clip to her cunt lock. sue felt it CLICK into place
and also felt the additional weight pulling on her lips.

The Captain stood up and took the other end of the leash and pulled. sue wasn't
expecting this and yelled, "OOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW, it hurts!"

"It is supposed to, slut," the Captain replied. "This way we can get your
attention real quick and when you are dressed, no one else will know how it is
connected to your pussy."

"Can we take her for a walk with it?" asked Judy.

"Sure," said the Captain, "that's why I bought it extra long. Why don't you try
it out?"

Judy took the leash and pushed sue down so she was on all fours. Then she tugged
the leash, which tightened the choker and pulled her pussy lips toward her
belly. If she didn't move at all, the pulling would either choke her or tear her
pussy lips. she had no choice except to follow.

Judy walked around the room with her new little pet, pulling on the leash to
make sue do anything she wanted. She walked faster which made sue crawl as fast
as she could so she didn't get hurt. Both Judy and Ron laughed at her
predicament, knowing that when they went to the party, sue would behave.

Bringing her back to the Captain, Judy picked up the next item. She looked at
them and questioned, "What are these things?"

The Captain said, "Let me show you. Stand up cunt!"

sue stood up, feeling better than on her hands and knees. He pulled out the key
to her pussy lock and released it. Then he said, "These are called Ben Wa balls
and they lodge themselves inside her cunt. When she walks or moves, they also
move inside her. Supposed to keep her in a constant state of arousal and from
what I hear, will not allow her to cum."

Judy laughed as she took the two balls and pushed them inside sue's dripping
cunt. As soon as they were inside, she closed the lock and said, "Now, she can't
get them out and she'll walk around dripping all the time. I like that!"

To prove how they worked, Judy took the leash and led sue to the opposite side
of the room and back again. By the time they returned, sue was panting like she
was a bitch in heat. The combination of the balls and the constant tug on her
cunt made her so hot. her pussy was flowing like a river now, with juices
running down the insides of both legs.

"OK, now let's get her tied up for the night so we can go fuck," said the
Captain, "I am so horny from all of this. We'll put the rest together tomorrow
before the party."

Judy picked up some other items and lead her into the bedroom. she put sue on
the bed and then handcuffed her hands behind her back. Next came the shackles
for her feet which consisted of an ankle cuff for each foot, connected together
by a short chain. Then, Judy connected her hands and feet together, drawing her
feet up under her body. By doing this, her locked up pussy was on full display.
It would have been wide open if it hadn't been locked shut.

Satisfied the little slut wouldn't go anyplace, Judy turned to leave. But before
she left, she ran her finger nails over sue's swollen pussy and clit. sue wanted
to cum, but just as she was about to climax, Judy stopped and left her all

sue cried herself to sleep with the sounds of Judy fucking Ron in her big bed
echoing in her head.

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RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop
part 18

sue woke up the next morning to something running along her pussy. she opened
her eyes and saw Judy standing beside her, playing with her cunt. God that felt
good and wanted it to continue. sue pushed her cunt up toward Judy's fingers as
best she could, but just as she was about to cum Judy stopped.

"Time to get up, slut," said Judy, "we have lots of things to do today before
the party tonight."

She started to undo the chain between sue's feet and hands and gave her some
time to stretch out before making her get up. As soon as she was standing, Judy
took the leash and began to pull on it. This brought pain to sue's cunt lips as
it tightened and pulled her lips upward.

"Let's go piss before we eat and get dressed," said Judy as she led sue out of
the bedroom and toward the front door.

sue questioned, "The bathroom is the other way, Ma'am."

"I know that, susie slut, but today we are going to piss outside. So, let's move
it!" stated Judy.

"Pppplllleeeeaasseee, no," cried sue,"i can't do that!"

But Judy kept on pulling and sue had no choice but to follow or get her pussy
lips pulled off. So, she followed her out the door and into the front yard. It
was daylight out and a few cars were driving by. sue felt so embarrassed and
humiliated being out in public, chained up like a common slave, never knowing
who might see her.

Judy got to the middle of the yard and stopped. She said, "OK, cunt, do it!"

sue hated this bitch more now than ever. she started to squat to piss, but Judy
stopped her and said, "No, stand there, spread your legs as far as you can and

sue didn't move. she didn't want this to happen, especially here in front of
whoever might drive by. That is until Judy said, "You either piss now or you'll
stay out here all day until you do. And, if you take too long, you'll go the
rest of the day naked. Even when we go to the mall. Now piss, bitch!"

sue was shocked, knowing that Judy would be true to her word. So she opened her
legs as far as the chains on her ankles would let her. But that wasn't very far
apart. she strained and finally the first dribble of piss escaped her pussy.
Then as she relaxed a little, the flow got stronger. she was pissing down her
legs and when the stream hit the ground, it splattered back up onto her feet.
Finally she finished.

Judy watched the whole thing. she was laughing as she knew a few cars had passed
by, but sue hadn't seen them. she was too busy concentrating on pissing and had
closed her eyes. she didn't see the mayor of the city drive by. And she didn't
notice that he had stopped for a short time to watch. He knew who it was and
would have to call the Captain later about it.

Once she finished, Judy led her back into the house for breakfast. Taking sue
into the kitchen, she noticed a plate on the table and also two bowls on the
floor. Judy said, "OK, now let's eat so we can get ready to go shopping." She
pushed sue toward the bowls and then forced her to her knees in front of them.

"Now, eat everything I have fixed for you and be sure to drink your milk,"
ordered Judy.

sue was quite hungry, so lowered her head to the bowl and started to eat. How
terrible it tasted to her, but she didn't stop. she was determined to do it so
they wouldn't involve her little sister. sue wasn't sure what it was, but it
tasted like cold oatmeal and the milk had gotten warm. But she endured it and
finished it all.

When she was done, Judy took her to the bathroom to wash up and then to get
dressed for the day. They were going shopping for the proper outfit a slut
should wear as a costume.

Judy removed all the cuffs and chains from her, except for the collar, and then
had her dress. she was given a short dress that buttoned up the front and Judy
even let her button it. It seemed a little too small for sue and she asked,
"Can't i wear something else? This seems to be too small for me."

"NO, you'll wear it and like it!" replied Judy, then added, "unless you would
rather go naked today and save the dress for your sister."

"i'll wear it," cried sue, "but i won't like it."

"And put on the 6-inch heels. you know how the Captain likes them."

she finished dressing. As she followed Judy out the door, she turned briefly to
look in the full-length mirror on the hallway door. The haircut revealed the
lock which hung from her ear. The collar was tight against her neck. The dress
was far too small, and the high heels guaranteed that the lock hanging from her
pussy was only an inch or so from being visible.

they left the house, heading for the mall. Pulling into the parking lot, Judy
parked the farthest she could from the mall entrance and told sue to get out.

As they started to walk, Judy said, "now, susie slut, walk in front of me and
swing your little whore ass like the slut you are."

sue started walking, determined to keep Judy happy today. Maybe she wouldn't be
so mean to her if she just did what she was told to do. But sue didn't expect
too much sympathy from this bitch.

Judy added, "And, when I say 'Top', you'll unbutton a button from the top of
your dress. Then when I say 'Bottom', you'll undo one from the bottom. your
hands will be behind your back, just as if they were cuffed there at all times,
except to unbutton. Do you understand, slut?"

"Yyyyyeeesssss, Ma'am," cried sue.

As she was walking through the parking lot, a gust of wind blew and her little
dress flew up, exposing her ass and cunt. she automatically reached down to hold
it in place.

Judy saw this and said, "TOP!"

"Oh, no," thought sue, as she reached up to undo a button. "i fucked up and
didn't leave my hands behind me and this bitch is making me pay. Concentrate,

Judy spoke to her, saying, "Every time you fuck up, you will undo a button and
from now on, you will keep your hands where they belong. I don't care if the
wind blows your clothes off, keep them there."

They continued walking, with sue fighting the urge to keep her dress down. The
wind kept blowing it up and sue knew she was being seen by others.

Getting to the door, Judy opened it and they got inside. sue felt better,
knowing the wind wouldn't blow the dress up anymore, but was shocked when Judy
said, "BOTTOM!"

"Bbbbbuuuutttt," sue started to say, but was cut off with "TOP!" from Judy.

sue reached down to undo a bottom button and then up to a top one. her breasts
were now starting to show more and she knew that she would have to behave or she
would be naked at some point.

Judy explained, "Every time you disobey or question me, you'll undo one, so go
ahead and make my day, talk some more, cunt."

sue was silent as they continued walking down the hall, until Judy found the
clothing store she was looking for. she told sue to go inside and to stay with
her and to keep her mouth shut.

Judy looked through the racks of clothes and picked out the items she had been
looking for. sue watched her picking them out and started to comment, but only
got out, "Ppllleeaasee."

"BOTTOM!" ordered Judy!

sue forgot she wasn't to talk as she reached down and undid one more button. she
only had a few left now and had to watch what she did, unless she actually
wanted to be naked. her mind said no, but her cunt was dripping wet and said

sue was so horny now, especially since those Ben Wa balls were still inside her,
moving around, keeping her aroused all the time, along with the thought of being
exposed in public. she hated her self for feeling this way, but her cunt loved

Judy had the items she needed and headed for the check out. sue followed her and
was made to sign the slip for the purchases on her credit card. This is what she
hated the most. Having to pay for items she didn't even want. her credit card
was beginning to get full and she didn't know how she would ever pay it off.

Walking out of the store, Judy told her to follow. sue walked behind her this
time, knowing that as she walked, her dress kept opening up just enough for
others to get a glimpse at her naked cunt and the padlock hanging from her lips.

Judy got close to the stairwell to go to the next floor and turned around just
in time to see sue push her dress back down. She ordered, "TOP, BOTTOM!"

sue knew that would only leave her with one button to keep her dress closed. she
went ahead and undid the two buttons. Standing there with her dress almost
completely undone, Judy said to her. "I told you before not to touch, but it
seems you disobey all the time. I have a mind to make you strip right here and
walk around naked. Do you want that, whore?"

"Nnnnnooooo, Ma'am" stuttered sue, bowing her head in shame.

"OK, let's go upstairs for a minute, then we can go home," said Judy.

They walked up the stairs and sue could feel the eyes on her. A group of boys
had gathered at the bottom and watched as the two girls walked up the stairs.
sue heard the comments, knowing they could see all of her nakedness. she was
crying in shame as they reached the top of the stairs.

Judy looked around, searching for a small, quiet area to take her slut. She
noticed an alcove at the far end with no one there at the time. She told sue to
follow once again.

About half way to the alcove, Judy turned and said, "Last one, cunt!"

sue hated her, but reached around to undo the last of her buttons. her cunt was
really getting juicy and was dripping down her legs. it was also right out in
plain view for anyone who happened to be looking. It even got worse when she put
her hands behind her back, since her dress opened up even more.

Finally, they got to the little alcove and Judy said, "OK, cunt, take these
clothes and change."

sue looked around for a place to go, but then realized that Judy expected her to
change right there in the alcove. she didn't want to do it and said,
"Pppllleeeaaasssee, let me go to the ladies room to change. Please, Mistress."

"NO, you will do it right here, right now!" yelled Judy.

"i i i i i i can't," cried sue, "i i i i i i just can't do it!"

"Then I'll pull that dress off you and leave you here to figure out how to get
home by yourself. Now, get moving!" ordered sue's Mistress.

sue didn't want to be left there in the mall naked, knowing the bitch would do
just what she said, so she went into the alcove and removed her dress. she
pulled the new clothes out of the bag, but before she could get them on, two men
walked up to Judy.

"Hi, Judy," said one of the men. "I have missed you since you moved. How's
things going?"

He hadn't seen the naked sue yet, and she did her best to try to hide behind the
clothes she was holding in her hands.

"Hector, how you doing?" said Judy. "Things are going great in my new house. And
you? Doing OK?"

Hector was the security guard at her old apartment complex and had always taken
good care of Judy. He watched out for her and didn't allow anyone to bother her.

"Now, Judy, I told you to call me Hec," he said. "What're you doing today?"

"Oh, just a little shopping for my friend here. sue, meet Hec. Hec, meet sue."
Judy was in her glory now, making sue expose herself to someone she knew.

Hec looked into the alcove and saw the little, naked asian girl. "WOW," he said,
"does she do this often. I mean, doesn't she know you can't change clothes out
here in public."

"Yes, she knows better, but I won't let her go anyplace else. You see, she is my
slave slut and does what I say. She is also a cop!" stated Judy, knowing sue was
feeling really humiliated now.

"I don't believe that," said Hec. "Do you, Joe?"

Judy said, "Well it's true and I can prove it if you want."

"Sure, show me," answered Hec and his friend Joe added, "No one does this kind
of thing, do they?"

"susie slut, put down your clothes and show these nice men your cunt," ordered

Totally embarrassed and humiliated, sue lowered her clothes and stood before
them totally naked. she knew she had to show them her lock, so she just spread
her legs and thrust her pubic bone out. she knew if she didn't do it, she would
get into big trouble and didn't know what this bitch Judy would do if she didn't
do as she was told.

"Tell my friends why there is a lock on your pussy."

"my cunt is locked up because i disobeyed my master. It is his cunt and i fucked
someone else, so he locked it up," sue answered, barely able to get the final
words out before she started crying.

"WOW," said Hec and Joe together. "Maybe you are telling the truth. What else
will she do?"

"she sucks cock real good, too. Want to have a blowjob, Hec?" asked Judy.

"UUHHH, sure, why not!" said Hec.

"On your knees slut! you know what to do, now do it!" ordered Judy.

sue was shaking now. she was going to be made to suck a cock right here in
public and she was still naked. But she got on her knees as Hec walked into the
alcove, unzipping his pants and letting his big hard cock out. He got up to sue
and she just opened her mouth and started sucking.

sue was thinking, "i'll just suck him off and get it over with. Then maybe i can
get out of here."

Hec was actually fucking her face now and it wasn't long before he stiffened and
shot his heavy load down her throat. she swallowed it all and pulled back off
his cock. she started to get up, but Judy said, "Not yet cunt, Joe wants one,

sue looked up and saw Joe walking toward her with his cock out. God, how she
hated this. she didn't even know these guys and she was sucking them off like
some whore. Right here in public. What was she becoming? And to make it worse,
her cunt was really getting juicy and she needed to cum so bad.

she sucked the second cock down her throat and made him cum, too. But this time
it was different. she came at the same time he did. she had never cum from
sucking cock before and wondered if it was because she was so horny or if it was
because she was doing it in public.

Once Joe came in her mouth, he pulled out and stepped back, zipping up his
pants. That's when sue heard, "CLAP,CLAP,CLAP." she looked up and saw she had
an audience. There were five boys standing there watching her suck cock. her
face was now turning a bright red and she just hung her head in shame.

Judy helped her out, by saying, "OK, slut, get dressed so we can go get ready
for the party tonight. You can all watch her, but we really do have to go."

sue quickly picked up her new clothes and started putting them on. The blouse
was very thin and she knew her little tits were showing through the material.
The skirt wasn't as short as the dress she had had on, but it was tight around
her waist. It had a slit up the side of it, which opened up whenever she moved.

Judy was just talking to Hec and Joe, and sue heard her say, "Why don't you all
come to the party tonight as my special guests. Hec, you know all the guys from
the station anyway and they'll be glad to see you. And I promise you'll have
some additional fun if you come."

"Sure, we'll be there," said Hec. "I guess we'll have to wear a costume, too?"

"Of course," said Judy, "everyone will be in costume. And be sure to wear a
mask. That way no one will know you until later on."

Judy looked over at sue, who was now dressed, but she didn't have the skirt the
right way. So she reached over and undid the snap to the skirt and turned it so
the slit was in the front. Then she said, "That's better. This way I can attach
your leash right to your cunt and the clothes won't be in the way."

sue looked down and noticed that her pussy was totally visible and the little
skirt wouldn't close anymore to hide it. she cried and lowered her head, wanting
out of there as fast as she could.

Judy reached into her purse and brought out the leash. Then reaching between
sue's legs, hooked it to her pussy lock and gave it a quick jerk indicating sue
was to follow.

Judy led the humiliated sue out of the alcove, past the group of people
watching, down the stairs and out to the car. Then they went home to get ready
for the party. It would take a little while to get both of them ready.

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RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop
part 19

They arrived back home and Judy led sue into the house by the leash attached to
her pussy. The Captain was there and laughed as he watched the two walk up the
driveway. He really enjoyed having a slut to play with and another female to
fuck whenever he wanted. Of course, with his connections, he could have anyone
he wanted and someday, he would have another little asian whore. sue's little
sister would be his next prize and slut. But for now it was just sue and they
had a party to go to.

The two girls entered the house and Judy took her to a corner of the room where
they had put some hooks. Pushing sue into the corner and attaching her leash to
one of the hooks she pulled it tight. This brought sue right up to the wall so
her nose and little tits were touching it. Then she pulled a little more, making
sue push her pussy toward the wall. Then she tied the leash so sue couldn't
move. As she started to walk away, she slapped her on the ass.

Then she went to the Captain and gave him a big kiss saying, "I love you Ron,
and thank you for giving me a pet to play with."

"I love you too, Judy. And you are quite welcome for the pet. Did you have fun
today?" replied the Captain.

"Oh, yes we did. I got her the outfit for the party and guess who I ran into?"
said Judy, "Hec happened to be at the mall and saw me. When he came to say hi,
susie was kind of naked trying to change clothes and he loved it. Then she gave
him and his friend a blowjob with an audience. It was so good. I invited them to
the party tonight and promised them some additional fun. Hope you don't mind."

"Not at all, Judy. You know you can do as you want. After all, you aren't the
little slut in this family," replied Ron. "Think we got time for a quickie?"

"We sure do! The slut isn't going anyplace for awhile," Judy answered and headed
for the bedroom, stripping as she went. Then as an afterthought she said, "Oh,
by the way, did you invite Stephanie, too."

"Yea, I did. Called her today and she'll be there," said the Captain. The he
whispered to Judy, "and I told her to bring her tools, also." Judy smiled

Then the two of them were gone from the living room, leaving little susie
standing there all alone with nothing to do. she was up against the wall so
tight, she couldn't get comfortable and her body started aching. However, she
could hear the other two in her old bedroom. she heard the moans and groans as
they fucked.

They weren't gone too long and when they returned they were both dressed for the
party. sue didn't see them until she was released from the corner, but they were
both dressed to depict slave owners and even had whips attached to their belts,
just like the slave owners used to wear. sue was dreading the party tonight,
knowing that everyone there knew her and worked with her. The bad part was, she
would be showing her locked-up pussy to everyone the way she had to wear her

Once she was released, the two started adding the final touches to her costume.
First came the chains to hook her hands to her collar. They wanted her to have
some freedom, but not much. The chains were about two feet long, which made her
have her hands up in the air beside her. she could carry drinks this way, but
couldn't do much else with them.

Then came the ankle cuffs, locked in place with a three-foot chain attached to
each ankle. Then a two-pound ball was attached to the end of each chain. This
would make it difficult for her to walk in her six inch heels, but that's what
they wanted. The balls were not meant to be heavy, but to add to the image of a

Then Judy said, "Since we are going to be with her most of the night, how about
unlocking her cunt. We can put the leash on the rings and if we decide to let
someone fuck her, it won't take as long to get to her pussy."

"Good idea, Judy, and that reminds me, I bought something special for her little
pussy today," the Captain said.

He went to his briefcase and brought out two little bells with clasps on them.
He showed them to Judy and then attached them to sue's pussy rings as soon as he
took the padlock off. Flicking them with his fingers, Judy and sue heard,
"tingle, tingle, tingle." sue's eyes began to tear, but she said nothing.

Judy laughed saying, "Wow, that's perfect. Now, even if we aren't close by, we
can still know where she is."

Judy reattached the leash to the other two pussy rings and pulled her. sue had a
hard time walking in the heels, but it was even harder now with the balls
attached to her ankles. And when she walked, the bells jingled.

The Captain and Judy put their masks on and decided that sue would have to go
without a mask so everyone would know who she was. But she wouldn't know anyone
else. This was going to be quite a night.

Leading their little asian whore out the door and to the car, they headed for
the party. sue sat in the back, legs spread, chained hands held above her lap,
like a begging dog, dreading the night ahead.

The police department had rented a place for the night, which had a big main
hall for most of the party, but also had some extra rooms off to the side, just
in case someone wanted to have a little extra fun on their own. Those that set
the party up knew that some of the cops would be using the extra rooms to get a
little playtime in. They always did when they had these parties where they
couldn't bring their spouses.

The three arrived at the place and saw that there was already a good crowd. This
was perfect for their entrance and they knew that they would be a big hit with

Getting out of the car, Judy led sue by her leash and the Captain followed,
watching sue's little ass wiggle. It seemed to wiggle even more with the heels
on and he made a note to make her wear them more often.

As they entered, the doorman announced their arrival and all eyes looked from
behind masks to watch them come through the door. There was a temporary stunned
silence when sue was led in. Some gasped with shock, others laughed at the
sight. And some others began to clap and cheer as they saw the sergeant being
led in like a common slut, slave prisoner.

Many of them came up to the Captain and Judy and told them how original the
costumes were, especially sue's. Some asked why she didn't have a mask and was
told it was because she wanted everyone to know who she was. It wasn't that the
Captain or Judy wanted it, it was because sue wanted it.

sue was so humiliated and embarrassed because of this, knowing that every
officer that ever worked with her and now worked for her would see what the
Captain had made her.

Judy took sue around to the bar to get drinks. She ordered for her and the
Captain, but nothing for sue. She said, "Sorry slut, but you only have two hands
and they will be used for our drinks. Maybe we'll find a nice little doggy dish
for you later."

Judy got the drinks and placed one in each of sue's hands and then tugged on the
leash, leading her back to where Ron was. He was talking to some other men from
the department, but with the masks on, sue couldn't tell who they were. They all
acknowledged Judy and even spoke to sue. "Nice outfit, sergeant," said one of
the men. Another said, "My, you really know how to liven a place up. Great

The Captain and Judy both laughed and started to mingle with the others. Judy
said to the Captain, "You know, it is kind of tiring leading this cunt around
all the time. Think we can put her in a room for awhile. That way, we can have
some fun without her."

The Captain agreed with her and said, "Yes, that would be good. But we will have
to make sure she can't go anyplace."

Judy said, "Good! I know just what to do." She led sue to a small room that she
had looked into earlier. Opening the door, she led sue inside and made her stand
in the middle of the room. Then she pulled one of her leg chains out, making sue
almost fall down. Judy attached the chain and ball to a leg of a heavy chair,
then did the same to her other leg, using another chair. sue stood there, her
legs wide apart with the leash hanging between her legs. she wanted to say
something, but as soon as she started, Judy told her to shut up or she would gag
her. This made sue angry, but also afraid to say anything. she knew this bitch
would be cruel to her if she didn't obey.

Then Judy stood back to look at her slut and decided that if she did get loose,
she could probably get out of the place. So she reached over and took sue's
skirt off and unbuttoned her blouse. Then she moved her hands up closer to her
neck and reattached them with the chains. Now sue couldn't do anything with her
hands. But Judy still wasn't happy and disconnected her hands one at a time and
took her blouse off, leaving sue standing there totally naked and spread.

Judy said, "Now, you stay right here, don't move or yell and I'll be back later
with your clothes. I just have to have some fun with Ron and you get in my way."

As Judy was turning to leave, sue begged, "Please, Mistress..."

But before she could finish her sentence, Judy whirled and slapped her sharply
across the face. Without saying a word, Judy reached into her handbag and
pulled out a ring gag.

"Open your mouth wide, slut."

sue had been shocked by the severity of the slap, and obeyed immediately. Judy
forced the gag behind sue's teeth, using the straps to tie the gag behind her
neck. sue knew immediately that this was trouble. her jaw ached within
moments, and there was no way to relieve the strain. her mouth was wide open, a
welcoming hole for anyone who wished to use it for any purpose.

Then Judy pulled a blindfold out and put it over sue's eyes. sue heard her walk
out and close the door.

Judy had some plans for the little slut and this was the only way she could make
it happen. She went out to find the two people who would make it happen for her.

She didn't see Hec right away, since everyone had masks on, but he found her. He
said, "Judy, is that you?"

"Yes. Glad you could make it. I guess this is Joe?" replied Judy.

"Actually, no, this is Victor, another friend. Joe wanted to be here, but
something came up. Hope that's ok with you."

"Sure. Hi, Victor. Any friend of Hec's is a friend of mine."

"Thanks. How do you like our costumes?" asked Victor.

"I think they're great. Now, I have a surprise for you. You remember the little
slut I was with earlier. Well, I have her ready for you in that room over there.
she's all yours for awhile and she doesn't have her pussy locked up tonight. So,
why don't you go enjoy."

"Great!" both men replied and started to leave.

Judy said, "Oh, one more thing Hec! How about making sure you humiliate her real
good. she can't see you and probably can't pick up on your voice. Have fun!"

Hec and Victor walked away smiling. They got to the room and opened the door. As
they walked in, they found the naked sue just as Judy had left her.

sue heard them enter and thought Judy had returned for her.

There was silence as the two men approached her. sue felt the hands on her ass
and back. she knew then it wasn't Judy, but it was a man's hands. Thinking to
herself, she wondered who it could be. Was it the Captain or someone else? Then
suddenly another pair of hands were on her in the front. she started shaking,
not knowing who was in the room with her. What would they do with her? The hands
began to roam over her body and sue felt her pussy tingle with pleasure as one
hand rubbed her mound and pulled on the leash. she was dripping and was so
embarrassed, knowing whoever was with her could feel the excitement in her

Then one of them spoke. "MMM, quite nice."

sue tried to figure out who it was, but couldn't quite make out the voice. she
had heard it before, but still didn't know the man who was speaking and stroking
her. she wasn't thinking clearly.

"Yea, it is," said the other, "but the tits seem quite small. Maybe a little
enlargement would help."

"Ha, Ha, Ha," laughed the other man. "Silicone works great on little tits. But
then they don't feel real. And it makes some whores look like bimbos. But maybe
just a little enlargement would be nice. If we could acquire her for a weekend,
it might be a good idea."

The two sets of hands roamed her body, pulling and pinching her erect nipples.
sue was now feeling the juice from her cunt dripping down her leg. she hated
this, but her cunt was loving it. "Why is my pussy doing this to me?" she

The men continued examining her and talking like she was nothing but livestock
at an auction, degraded and touched by appraisers she didn't know.

"Nice round ass, and firm too," said one of them. "Bet it would be nice to fuck
or to just hold onto."

"And look at this sexy mouth. Bet it would feel good with my cock in it," said
the other.

sue felt fingers going into her mouth and she involuntarily began to caress them
with her tongue. "What am i doing," she thought. "i have never been like this
before. i am a slut," she thought, as tears began to form in her eyes.

The fingers probed her mouth and slid over her teeth. The other set of hands
made their way to her pussy and were running up and down her slit.

"Damn, she's hot," said the man who worked on her cunt, "this whore is really
wet. Going to have to get it unhooked from this leash so we can fuck it."

sue felt the leash being undone and soon had a finger inside her pussy. It was
sliding in and out, going deeper with each thrust.

"And it's tight, too," said the man. "Bet it could really milk a cock!"

The fingers were removed from her mouth and worked their way down her chest over
her tits and then started toward her back. sue shivered with excitement. They
moved over her naked ass and slid in between her ass cheeks, up and down the
crack. Then suddenly, a finger went inside her back door. she moaned, "mmmmmm,
nnnnnnoooooo," easily understood despite the gag.

Both men laughed as they now each had a finger inside her. One in her pussy and
the other up her ass. "Wow, what a tight little bum we have. Wonder if she ever
had a cock in there before?"

"Well, maybe we'll find out. After all, Judy said we could do whatever we wanted
with her," said one of the men.

"Yea, let's get her ready. I'm so horny and this cunt is primed for action,"
said the other man.

They unhooked her legs from the chairs and then bent her over one of the arms.
she felt the hands moving her around to where they wanted her and she couldn't
do anything to stop them. Did she want to stop them, she wondered. she didn't
even know who they were and now it looked like she was going to be used in all
her holes. "God, please help me," she said to herself, as a cock entered her

she automatically started sucking it. she didn't know why she did it, but since
the Captain had turned her into his slut slave, it was like she really enjoyed
it. her mind kept saying no, but her body, especially her dripping cunt said,
"Do it, whore!"

Just as she was starting to suck the cock in her mouth, the other cock pressed
against her pussy lips. she also felt the hands take her pussy rings and spread
her open. Then his cock filled her pussy. It seemed bigger than the others she
had and it stretched her open even more.

sue was being double fucked! One cock in her mouth and another in her cunt. And
she was actually beginning to enjoy it. she knew she would cum soon, as long as
they continued fucking her. If they stopped too quickly, she would just die.

The men fucked her and also continued to talk about her. "Man, what a little
whore. she would be great on the streets. Look at the money this hot little
bitch would bring us. Wonder if Judy would sell her?"

"Yeah, hot as a pistol. A tattoo here, another piercing there, and she would
fit right in on the streets. We could make a lot of money off of her."

she listened to all that was said and soon she felt the first orgasm building
deep inside her. It felt so good to have a cock up her cunt and she didn't want
it to stop. she pushed back on the cock in her cunt and deep-throated the other
one, sucking as hard as she could.

Then it hit her! she was starting to cum and knew it would be a big one.
"AAAAAAA, OOOOOOOOO," she mumbled around the cock in her mouth.

she was cumming and it was a hard one. her cunt was squeezing the cock inside
her and her mouth was getting sore from the sucking she was doing.
"OOOOOOOOOOO, AAAAAAAAAAAA, OOOOOOOOOO!" she moaned as she got off.

Then she felt both cocks stiffen in her and just as she was cumming, both men
shot their loads into her.

was all she heard as two big loads of cum filled her holes.

Both men pulled out and said, "OK, let's switch"

she felt the cocks leave her fuck holes, but it wasn't long and they were both
full again. she could taste her own cunt juices on her tongue as the cock forced
its way into her mouth. Then she felt the other one enter her just-fucked cunt.

They didn't take too long before they were both pumping in and out of her cunt
and mouth. It took longer for them to cum this time, but it didn't take her long
at all. she was in a constant state of orgasm now and her body shook as the men
fucked her.

When they came this time, she swallowed the cum and felt the other one shoot
deep inside her pussy.

They pulled out and said, "God, this little whore is great. But now I want some
of that ass."

One of the men took his fingers and rubbed her cunt, then up to her tight little
ass. He pushed his fingers into her, getting her lubed up for penetration. Then
she felt it. He had his cock at the entrance and then he pushed hard, driving
his hard dick all the way up to his balls.

"NNNNNOOOOOO, HHHHHUUUUURRRRTTTSSSS!" she screamed into the gag.

But it didn't help as he was now fucking her tight little chute, stretching her
wide open. He continued to fuck her ass and the other man stuck his cock back
into her mouth. Being the slut she had become, she started sucking him as the
other man plowed her ass. she hated this, but at the same time didn't want it to
stop. her cunt was once again taking over her mind and she wanted more.

Once they finally came again, they decided to get something to drink, but made
sure she was put back the way they found her, standing in the middle of the
floor with her legs spread wide, attached to the chairs.

They left her alone again. she heard them leaving as the door shut. she could
also feel the cum dripping from her well-fucked cunt and ass. It was running
down her legs and puddling on the floor.

she stood there, naked and alone. But not for long. Another person was about to
enter the room. This time it would be Stephanie, who wanted her pussy licked
again. she loved it when sue ate her cunt before, and now she wanted more. But
she also had another job to do. This time, the Captain wanted a tongue ring or
stud or two installed on his talkative slut.

But that could wait until she got off from the cunt's mouth.

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