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Shilpa Shetty with Dr.Vijay Mallya
06-30-2012, 09:14 PM
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Shilpa Shetty with Dr.Vijay Mallya
Shilpa Shetty & Dr.Mallya had been an item for sometime, the first time Dr.Mallya had fucked Shilpa it was right after her first nose job, the week after she turned 23. That was in 1997. After that night on Mr.Mallyas yacht Shilpa had not seen or heard from him since.

They reconnected after her win at Big Brother in London in 2007. Dr.Mallya had agreed to fly her into Bangalore on his opulent Boeing Business jet which had set him back $45million, his plane was bigger than her house she thought the first time she sat in it.

That evening was fairly clear in her mind, he had offered to show her the plane while her parents sat feasting on some Cristal, the bedroom was large with a sound proof double bed. As she had walked in, she had felt Dr.Mallyas hand on her shapely ass "Shilpa, you look magnificent, it was impossible to imagine how you could ever look any better than the evening that we spent together" Shilpa turned around and looked him in the eye.

"Dr.Sahab, (sir) why are you embarassing me" and maitntaing eye contact she smiled. "I am not, its the truth" said Dr.Mallya. He did not remove his hand offer her ass and she did not make him either. They looked at each other for a while, eye to eye, "you know what this flight is costing me" he quipped. Shilpa, for a second did not react, then a short smile broke out "let me make it worth your while then" she said and unzipped his pants.

She took out his hardening cock, and began to jack it off in her hand. Moving her hand up and down on it. However they had to stop after a while as Dr.Mallya could not cum standing up and she was worried her parents would be embarassed by their absence.

When the flight landed he whispered to her as they were leaving "I want you to spend some time with me in Bangalore" she had looked at him smiled and nodded. So their reassociation began, Shilpa moved into Dr.Mallyas bungalow and more or less became his rakhail (keep, mistress)

They would spend all their free time together mostly fucking and sucking each other off. Their activity was frantic with Dr Mallya wanting to cum as quickly as he could. Shilpa would also spend long minutes just keeping his cock in her mouth and using her tongue on it, licking like it were a lollipop and she a schoolgirl. Sometimes it would just be her on all fours on the bed with Dr.Mallya fucking her from behind, hard, fast with one finger in her mouth. Screaming he would pump her full of his cum and lie on her back with all his weight, spent.

However, things had begun to cool, she could tell because their fuck sessions got tamer, the last three times he had cum missionary inside her. To regain some of his interest she had asked him to cum all ove her face and tit fuck her, the cum on her face had been fun for him and had peaked his interest but the tit fucking did nothing for him.

Shilpa feared she was about to lose him as her benefactor, this would have been fine but the truth was that Shilpa was now 35, over the hill as an actressin Bollywood, somewhere slightly above C grade for Hollywood & British Cinema. She had made $7.5million in the last 2 years and owned 4 houses and a gaggle of cars. However all her money in the world would not offer her chopper rides, private jets and shopping sprees at Christain Dior.

She had gotten used to the really fine things in life and more importantly had gotten used to not paying for them. Sucking a cock for 20 minutes a day or having a finger in her mouth while being taken from behind to her were not payments. They were just things she did not for one man rather than the dozens she fucked a year when she needed films.

"No" she said out loud she could not let Dr.Mallya slip out this quickly. She needed some more play. She needed to bring out her ace in the hole. She picked up the phone and made a call.

She was sure her plan would work, no one, not even Dr.Mallya would be able to deny the supreme proposition she was about to offer him. That evening Dr.Mallya came home to find no one around. He walked up to his room and switched on the lights, the realisation of what he saw hit him and his cock stirred immediately.

There in front of him stood Shilpa, with her petite but equally hot sister Shamita both standing against each other, then a song began to play and they began to gyrate. Moving their bodies together like it were a music video, their actions were syncrhonised, their breasts moved in unision, their expressions were sexual and their eyes were on him.

Dr.Mallya could feel his cock getting larger and larger as he watched the sisters slowly discard their clothing one by one, Shilpa ripped off Shamitas top while Shamita in turn ripped off her skirt. There they stood one showing a naked pussy and the other naked breasts. They repeated their actions to strip each other completely naked. They danced up to him and he tried to grab a handful of both of them but they escaped.

They went straight onto the bed and jumped on it. Dr.Mallya walked quickly while rubbing his cock through his pants and he saw the most beautfiul sight on his bed. Shilpa & Shamita lay their arm and legs entangled, Shilp was holding Shamitas head in her hands, while Shamita had her hand on her ass. They were both kissing, tongues in each others mouths, saliva escaping their lips, gobbling each other with intense hunger. Dr.Mallya a man who had seen many a threesome delflowered some of the most desirable women on earth thought he was going to pass out.

Suddenly they both stopped, looked at him and motioned him towards them. Dr.Mallya was on auto pilot by then, he just walked over towards them, both of their faces were an inch from each other and looking up at him. 2 inches from his painfully erect cock. they laughed like little girls and reached out for the zipper. Unzipping, the cock sprang out, ramrod straight in the middle of their faces. Dr.Mallya looked down seeing their faces near his cock,he made eye contact with both of them and asked them to suck.

The girls dutifully obeyed. Shilpa being the older one was the first one to put it in her mouth while Shamita watched closely. The cock went into her mouth and she pulled it out. Shamita had been with a dozen or so men but had nothing like experience Shilpa had, rumoured to be in triple digits. She had fucked with a vengeance when Akshay had ditched her.

Then Shilpa looked at her winked, pulled out Dr.Mallyas cock and then took it in again, this time it kept going all the way to the end, Shamita had seen enough pornos to know this was deep throating but she could not understand how Shilpa was able to do that. She knew it was very pleasurable because Dr.Mallya had now pretty much given up trying to control his moans which were coming loud and fast.

Shilpa then pulled the cock out again and pumped with her fist and then nodded at Shamita to take it, Shamita feeling shy didnt right away and Shilpa glared at her, Shamita knew the look, there would be hell to pay, to quicken her response Shilpa took her hand and pulled Shamita on to Dr.Mallyas cock and guided it up and down the shaft. She kept her hand on her head to maintain an action.

Shilpa knew that Shamit was not a very experienced cocksucker and might lead to Dr.Mallya losing his hardon, so she just wanted to make sure he could see her with his cock in her mouth before she went to the next strep. Shilpa & Shamita had never been in a threesome before, this was the first time they were doing something like this, however Shilpa had always adviced Shamita on all matters from her hair to which boyfriend deserved her pussy and her mouth.

Shilpa thought offering pussy was okay but the mouth should only be used for special people and that it was more erotic than a simple fuck. She used this to great effect. She cupped Dr.Mallyas balls while Shamita continued to move her mouth on the shaft, Dr.Mallya had felt the change in tempo and the way the mouth was felt and looke down to see young Shamita swallowing his cock. it was hot to look at but it didnt feel as great. He was hoping Shilpa would take it in again.

Before he could say anything to the effect he saw Shilpa look at him and smile. She whispered something in Shamitas ear and she pulled the cock. Then both girls looked up at Dr.Mallya and began to lick, carress and suck each and every inch of his cock, Dr.Mallya began to feel the pressure build and his balls got heavy. The jacking motion of Shilpas fist was taking him to the edge but when he saw the two girls sucking his cock from opposite sides and then kiss over it he finally blew his load.

The cum sprang out of his cock and moans escaped his lips the girls caught it on their hair, hand and shoulder. They both sniggered looking at each other with cum in their hair, then they looked up at Dr.Mallya, he looked down at them and then just fell on the bed, exhausted.

Both the girls then lay next to him looking at each other and smiling...

Dr.Mallya woke up feeling something in his nether regions, his eyes opened and focused to reveal there was no one on his side of the bed, he turned around and saw Shamita naked and asleep on one side. The lights were dim but clear enough for him to tell her form was beautiful. He then focused his attention on what was going on down there.

Turning around he saw elder sister Shilpa tonguing his ass, it was a feeling he had felt a few times and enjoyed but not enough women did it without being told. Shilpa for the first time had gone down there on her own and he was def not complaining. He let her lick for a few times and then moved around enough to announce that he was up. Shilpa looked up but continued lapping at his ass, their eyes met and he gestured for her to come up.

Shilpa like a tiger on all fours, with her naked body and flowing mane walked up to Dr.Mallya who turned around and had her lie on top of her. Shilpa rubbed her nose on his, Dr.Mallya could smell his ass on her mouth and it turned him on. He looked at Shamita who was still fast asleep and then looked back at Shilpa who understood the look. She got off Dr.Mallya and crawled in between Shamitas legs.

Her tongue started lapping at the inside of her thighs, at first Shamita did not react, then Shilpa moved to the pussy and began to lick, slowly, then fast, Shamita stirrred up her eyes barely open, she could feel a weird pleasure and she looke down to see her sisters hair with its red streaks moving up and down on her crotch. She opened her eyes to see Dr.Mallya looking at her intently, he was naked and his cock was hard, he was tugging at it. She watched him move up on his knees and then position his cock at the opening of her mouth.

Shilpa go to Shamitas clit and started doing her thing on it, the moment this happened Shamita opened her mouth to moan and Dr.Mallya shoved his cock into Shamitas mouth. Shamita was shocked and gasped for air, Dr.Mallya didnt give her any room. He grabbed her hair and then began to fuck her mouth as though it were a pussy.

Shilpa stopped lapping her pussy and came up and whispered in her ear to breathe from her nose, then she turned to Dr.Mallya and spreading her legs began to play with her pussy. She never broke eye contact with Dr.Mallya and began to finger fuck herself. The actions turned on Dr.Mallya further and he pulled his cock out of Shamita and pushed her down to lick Shilpas pussy. Then in turn he began to fuck Shilpa in the mouth, fucking her was different, Shilpa could take him all the way in and was technically a better cock sucker but the heat of fucking an inexperienced woman in the mouth was way better.

Dr.Mallya knew he only had one more load left in him and wanted to make it count. Pulling out of Shilpas mouth he got off the bed and looked at Shamita and Shilpa for a few minutes. Shilpa was lying on her elbows with her knees up and Shamita was lapping at her cunt like a dog with her hass in the air. Dr.Mallya found Shamitas pussy with his hand and then entered it with his cock.

His cock ached but the pleasure of a tight young 28 year old relatively unfucked cunt made him forget the ache and focus on the pleasure. Shamita was now confused about what to do. This was her first threesome, she had a cock in her cunt and her tongue in someone leses. Dr.Mallya began to thrust into her as the shoves got harder he held on to her sides while she continued to lap Shilpa.

While Shamita was being taken from behind Shilpa got up and whispered something into Dr.Mallyas ears, hearing which he stopped humping Shamita. Shilpa came up to Shamita and they both turned around to look at Dr.Mallya. She whispered something into Shamitas ear this time and they both got on their knees.

"Does she swallow" he asked out loud.

Shamita was completely embarassed and did not where to look, smiled shyly.

Shilpa, smiled wider and said "What do you think"

"i think she does not"

"but i promise she will swallow every drop of yours"

hearing this Dr.Mallya pumped his cock with his fist, Shilpa brought Shamitas head close to his cock and held it there. "remember what i told you" said Shilpa, Shamita nodded.

Dr.Mallya began to cum with a loud moan. His one hand was on Shamitas shoulder and his hips where bucking and pumping his cock into his other hand. There was not much but it was still a load, this time he came in Shamitasm mouth and filled it up, it streaked out the sides, some fell, while Shamita rolled it around her tongue.

Shilpa then leaned in and kissed Shamita and they both snowballed the cum between their mouths kissing and swallowing it as Dr.Mallya looked on wondering how this girl had been able to pull something like this off. It had truly been an amazing session for him.

Later that day, Shilpa was informed that she was to accompany Dr.Mallya to the Monaco Grand Prix and then be the face of the F1 team with a 3 year contract. This meant she would be flying to all the races, in the private jet and do plenty of shopping and then on top of it get paid for it.

Shamita on the other hand got Shiplas S class Mercedes Benz and a 4 Carat diamond ring she had been promised if she swallowed Dr.Mallyas cum.

It turned out to be a great evening for everyone involved..

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