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Shreya Goshal Fucked
08-05-2012, 06:55 PM
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Shreya Goshal Fucked

The show "EK SEXY SHAAM SITREAON KE SATH" was a great hit among everyone, right from the show viewers even this show has its impact over the celebrities mainly due to hefty price which the show pays for the celebrity to come to the show & do wat ever asked. So the producers along wit Amitabh started to work really hard to select the next celebrity to their show. So, after a lot of thinkings & discussion, both the producers,Amitabh decided tat to bring a new face into the show who have not been seen by public & don know about their personal life, so they decided tat it should not be any heroine but any other beautiful women who is not actress. So, Amitabh decided tat they would invite Shreya Goshal mainly for one reason bcoz she had huge lust & fantasy on her.

So now the producers sent the invitation to Shreya. But Shreya after receiving the invitation she ignored the invitation immediately & sent them her rejection stating that she is busy & she won't attend the interview. The producers after receiving & reading the answer of Shreya the got really angry. So decided tat some how they should get Shreya into the show even though wat ever amount of money is to spent.

The producers made a lot of research & they at last met the music director, Vishal to help them get shreya into their show. So once after lots of thought, the made Vishal to call shreya & have sex wit her, take an video of their sexual actions. The producers paid him twenty crores to do this work.

So, now Vishal got ready to do his work. So, he called Shreya for an song recording. Shreya accepted his proposal & even she knew tat he is calling her to have some sexual actions wit her. So tried to wear an sexy dress to attract him.
. Soon, Shreya made her way to studio where Vishal was waiting for her eagerly. As soon as Shreya came she pulled her & opened her saree quickly, started to make out wit her & while doing so he secretly recorded this actions thru an hidden camera wit his him sitting in top her, ramming his cock on her pussy.

Vishal now took the hidden camera & recorded the video in an dvd & sent it to show's producers while he keep the original wit himself. The producers & Amitabh saw the video, now they became happy bcoz now they can get tat Bitch Shreya surely into their show.

So, they again sent her an invitation but this time along wit the invitation they sent an Dvd along wit which consisted of the sex video of her & vishal. Shreya was all alone in her home & so was relaxing in her couch b4 she had recordings in the afternoon. Shreya was feeling lonely & horny at the same time, so wanted some thing in pussy to satisfy her hunger & lust. But both her father & brother had gone so she had to go for other means to satisfy herself. So she directly went to fridge to locate anything big tat can reach her pussy. After sometime of search she was able to find an cucumber. Now, she went to bedroom & stripped herself naked, started to insert the long & big cucumber into her pussy, as time proceeded she increased the speed. Soon, Shreya was on the peak of her ecstasy & was about to burst into an orgasm but within tat time she heard the bell ring. So she had leave her act in midway wit out satisfying herself she quickly wore her dress back & opened the door.

It was the courier boy. He was looking Shreya like an stray dog but Shreya tried to ignore him so tat she signed the letter & quickly went in. It was again the letter from the show, Shreya felt disgusted bcoz though giving her refusal y the hell r the show producers her sending her the letter again. Even though, she took the letter but found tat there was an cd in it. Shreya was suprised to see a cd so she decided to see it, but once she saw the cd she was shocked bcoz in tat she was seen having sex wit Vishal. Shreya didn't know wat to do, so she quickly took the letter & after reading she got more scared bcoz thru the letter the producer has demanded her to attend the show & do as per their wishes mr else she had to face the consequences like they leak the video in net or publish to all. Shreya was now caught in the hands of the producers so she had no other way to go. So now she decided to go to Dubai to attend the show.

So now she selected the sexy saree Golden saree which made her look more beautiful.

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08-05-2012, 06:55 PM
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RE: Shreya Goshal Fucked
Shreya had no other go & so she catches a flight to Dubai & arrives to Building Bruj Khalifa where the shooting of this takes place. Shreya could understand tat she could be under lots of humiliation once she attends this show but she had no other go but to attend the show.

So she brings up all her guts & enters the building. As soon as she enters the building all the security guards there saw the beauty of Shreya & became really MAD bcoz she was wearing a Golden saree which was increasing the beauty of her & those lips of her were looking juicy so they couldn't control themselves. Moreover the producers of the show had specially asked them to molest Shreya b4 allowing her to attend the show. Now they were really mad for her beauty so they decided to go thru wit the idea. So, as soon as Shreya arrived at the building the guards over rode the security system so tat wen Shreya tried to walk past it the system started to beep loudly. Now the security guards were really happy bcoz their plan was a complete success. So, now they Shreya to come aside & like ordinary check up they checked her hand bag & bags to check it but nothing was there to be found. So, they said to Shreya tat they need to check her completely to find tat she doesn't possess any dangerous items. Shreya got shocked & angry on hearing those words, so she said tat she is a famous celebrity all over this world & so she can't treated like a prisoner. On hearing these words the guards acted to be angry & told to her tat, even if the President of America arrives also we would check him this way. So u cut your Bull shit & follow us in the room. Shreya saw the angry faces of the guards & got scared so she automatically started to follow them.

So now they reached a empty room, as soon as they reached the room, the security guards locked the doors wit Shreya inside it. Now they asked Shreya to stand in the middle of room while a mid age took the step forward & came near shreya. He seemed to be head of Security. Shreya didn't know how to react but seeing those people she decided tat it best not to react anything. So the guy came near him & said to her tat for the safety of her & building she gonna check her totally. Shreya got shocked & tried to resist him but it was of no use bcoz b4 she could do anything the guy started to touch her & roamed his finger from his face, then thru her boobs which he tried to press hard, then her waist till her thighs & were ever he got chance he felt her skin fully by pinching it & touching it.

Shreya felt very disgusted on feeling his touches over her body but she got happy tat all those insults to her body was over but it was not meant to be bcoz the guard came near to him & tried to remove her saree. Shreya was now totally out of her mind so she started to shot tat she wouldn't allow them to strip her clothes. The security was no were to listen, so tried to strip his saree but Shreya again resisted, so the guard asked his other guys to hole her hand so tat he could remove her clothes. So, now all them surrounded her while two of them caught her hands. Now, the head removed her pallu & quickly pulled her saree out of her body making her rotate around the room. Now shreya was only in her blouse & petticoat, so tat she was really producing an feast to the crowd. But they wanted to insult her more so he kept one hand on her blouse & other on her petticoat, so he tore open her both her blouse, petticoat while even her inners also come along wit it, so now Shreya was totally naked in front of them.

Shreya was now totally embarised, as she naked in front of some low class strangers. So once all this was over she requested them atleast to leave her now, but the guards were no were to listen. So the head said tat,
"NOW A DAYS MODERN TYPES OF WEAPON HAVE ARRIVED WHICH CAN BE HIDDEN EVEN IN SMALLER HOLES LIKE UR PUSSY HOLES & ASS CHEEKS. SO B4 WE LEAVE U WE NEED TO CHECK UR HOLES TO PROTECT BOTH U & US B4 WE LEAVE U. Shreya after hearing those felt to die but couldn't do anything, she even tried to run but couldn't. She was completely caught, So now the head signalled two of his securities to check. So, one came at front & other to her back, directly inserted their fingers into her holes. Shreya felt shame & acute to pain, while those guys enjoyed finger fucking her. Soon Shreya started to moan & felt pleasure as she felt her vagina getting tight, so they increased their speed & made her get her orgasm. Now Shreya standing & breathing really hard, she was feeling real pleasure & shame at the same time due to those mens action. Now after finishing all their works the guards called the producers, who came immediately to enjoy the naked beauty of shreya b4 leaving her as they wanted Amitabh to insult her more. Now Shreya got up to pick her dress but they avoided her & made her wear oly her saree wit out any inners making her look like 3rd grade slut exposing all her assets like a bitch.
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08-05-2012, 06:55 PM
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RE: Shreya Goshal Fucked
Amitabh wanted to totally insult Shreya bcoz though he was presented an humble invitation for her to join his show tat to wit lots of money, Shreya ignored it. Even more busy & famous actress like Kareena & Deepika had attended his show but this cheap singer had ignored his offer. So, now he wanted to introduce her in an most sexy way possible. So, she thru his assistant had told Shreya to enter the stage dancing in the same costume she was wearing. Shreya tried to keep her upper hand & tried to oppose to the offer. But the assistant taking the upper hand, came near & pressed her semi naked boobs wit his hands hardly & threatened her tat if she doesn't do wat she is asked to do den the naked & sex video of her taken in the security room will be put in the internet which will spoil her whole image in the industry as an decent women & even put an end to her carrier, saying her he pulled her close to him very hard & gave an deep kiss in her lips. Shreya didn't like the way she is being treated but she had no other go but to act to wat she was asked to do.

So, now Shreya was waiting near the entrance of stage thinking wat was going to happen wit her. But b4 she couldn't do so, an famous song which she sung in the movie Dirty Picture,OH LA LA started to play & she was forcefully pushed into the stage. Now Shreya had no other go but to dance to it. She had seen the movement made by Vidya Balan for tat song so she tried to follow those movements & so slowly, sexily shook her hips, her ass sexily along to music of song. All the crowd were in an Awwww seeing the sexy dance of Shreya & the way she was shaking her private assets. It was pretty evident tat she wasn't wearing any inners as the crowd was easily make it out so due to it the crowd was enjoying the treat in front of their eyes as the beautiful seductive bengali bitch performing in front of them. Now even Shreya was enjoying her dance movements so she forgot about herself & started to dance more intensely. But due to it she stepped over her saree & so due to it the flimsy knot of her saree got opened & quickly her saree fell on the ground exposing her whole naked body to the crowd in the studio. The men present in the studio couldn't control themselves as all became very horny & quickly removed their pants down to give job to their cock & leak out their hot cum seeing her pulpy body. While the lesbians started play wit her boobs by pressing the nipples hard seeing the beautiful boobs of Shreya. While Shreya was feeling full shame but she couldn't do any but just stand & cry feeling for her fate. She soon took her dropped saree & wore back but not b4 the crowd present their raped her fully wit their eyes.

Shreya was eagerly waiting to see who the host was, as she completely understood tat he is going to be the man who is gonna enjoy her body completely & make her feel shame. Soon the theme song of Amitabh rang all over the studio, singing. BUDDA HOGA TERA BAAP wit Amitabh entering the studio wearing her world famous tuxedo & dancing. Once Shreya saw who the host was she shocked, bcoz it was Amitabh Bachchan whom she respected a lot right from her younger days, now he is same guy making her do this. While Amitabh gave an sheepish look to her & came to the centre of the studio, introducing himself.



The celebrity who has joined today is very famous person in her profession of her singing. She is basically known to be an ideal simple girl of good virtues but in reality she is not so. She has slept wit many music directors, singers, directors & even producers to come to the position where she is now. She is an total slut which she hides herself into traditional clothes but once she removes them, she is just an complete bitch who will allow even an beggar to ram her pussy if tat proud greater attributes to her carrier & status. No wit no further delay let me welcome this Bengali bitch who had created several nightmares in the dreams of several men, its none other than the versatile singer Shreya Goshal. And to all your happiness, this bitch well treated more forcefully than our earlier guests. So i can promise tat u guys r der for an treat. Wait, to enjoy this sexy chocolate body. Guys
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08-05-2012, 06:56 PM
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RE: Shreya Goshal Fucked
Now Amitabh after erotically introducing Shreya, decided to carry wit her interview, but she wanted to completely humiliate this Bengali beauty, so wen Shreya decided to sit in the chair opposite to, Amitabh signalled her not to sit there but sit directly in his thighs like an slut. Shreya on hearing this completely broke down but she knew tat there is no way escape from these guys so she decided to do as the ask rather than get humiliated. So, Shreya directly went near Amitabh & sat on his thighs but Amitabh adjusted her sitting in such a way tat his manhood would hit her ass over her saree. Shreya was actually enjoying this humiliation but at the same time she was feeling as she was treated such a way & even thought, why the hell had she entered the film industry, but now everything was out of her hands, so she had to act as the industry wants her to,
but now Amitabh got ready wit his own sexy questions to ask Shreya, to get her answers,
Amitabh:so you sexy Bitch, Shreya i think its the right time for us to start our interview, so Bitch tell me wat do you think about sex, do you enjoy sex, wat kind of sex you like the like & wat your favourite position while doing sex?
Shreya: i know u people gonna humiliate me anyway, so y not i bring my sexy side out to provide a treat to all of you. To me sex is an divine experience, it is an feeling tat can run any kind of tension out of you, make u feel fresh everytime to do sex. Yes i always enjoy my dosage of sex,sex is wat tat enabled me to come to position were im in, Sex has helped me develop some close relationship, increased my standard of living & make me happy. As my favourite type of sex, i like Incest type of sex the most, even sometime i like the Lesbian type of sex. My favourite position in sex is Missionary & Doggy position, even sometime i like sit over a man & manage my way to sex wit him the way i like. Wit out sex i can't live, you old pervert Amitabh.
Amitabh:good answer you homely acting Slut. Let all the guys know wat kind of Bitch are you. Ok, now im gonna ask my most common question which i always i ask in the interview, so wen was your first, wit whom it was, how was the experience, did you enjoy it.
Shreya:i feel very shy to answer but anyway im struck wit u guys so anyhow i have to answer it & moreover the amount of money you are gonna pay me is already changing my mind. So, here it goes, mr.Amitabh i think u may have heard the proverb, ALL THE WORKS STARTS AT HOME, like tat only my first experience also started home. At tat time my age was 18, i had just won my Saregama music contest. I was the verge of winning an chance in movie, in my home apart from me, there is my Dad,Mom, younger Brother. Right from my younger age i was a seductive beauty, had bigger breast even at tat time, so my dad, my brother always had sexual thirst on me but i didn't realize it, but one day it was around midnight.
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