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South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
02-20-2013, 04:28 PM
Post: #51
RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
After watching “myyna”, tamannah also wanted to essay this kind of role to boost her carrier..she agreed to play the role .. after checking many scripts and models, she finnaly decided to do a role. She plays as an orphan in a remote village where she is abused physically by her guardian..
Tamannah gave her nod to star in the movie, but doesn’t read the whole script...
She arrived to the spot early morning, to her surprise, there is no co-stars, no camera man, or other technicians..only a photographer...

Tamannah: enna, yarrumme illa?
Photographer: director, outing poiyy irrukaar madam..athukulla naa ungalla shoot pannuren..
Tamannah: ennadu?
Photographer: photoshoot madam..
Tammana: ohh..ok, engaa caravan illa
Photogr : illa madam, director car repair, athan caravan edhuthu pooirrukar
Tammah hesistates and said : seri, avvanga vaarra vaarraikum, wait pannuvom

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02-20-2013, 04:28 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Photogrph : illa madam, sir varathukulla shoot panni aavaanum..
Tamannah: oh..enna pannallam?
Photograph: neega vennam, angaapoii dress change pannikoogaa
Tamannah: engaa?
Photogrph: angaa maarathuku pinnadi..
Tamannah: enna? No way..
Photogrph: illa, madam, sir vantha
Tamannah: no, caravan varathum, appuram change pannuren
Photograp tried to convince the beauty to change and get ready..he wanted her to change and click the shoot rite now..i might be nice for her if she agreed.; as she hasn’t got too much opportunities..she must agree the deal to continue to lead the cine industry..

Photo: madam, naa ungaa nallathuku than solluren..

Tamannah hesitates but decided to change outside..she asked the guy the hidden place where she can change..
Photographer gave her some outfits and accompanied her to the woods..its very dense and dark..even though it’s 10am..the wood is very darker as bushes and trees don’t allow the sun light to pierce..

Tamannah entered and get deeper, she doesn’t want anyone to peep her while changing..she knew that actresses are prone. Many mms clips, sextapes, hiden cam captured celebs, ad their carrier was in jeopardy.;she mainly want to avoid those misadventure..

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02-20-2013, 04:29 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Once arrived to a very hidden place, tamannah check around and saw some bushes where she can change her dress..
Tamanna: hmm..ingu dress change pannallam ninnaikuren..nee ingha wait pannugaa..
Photographer : ok madam..
Tamanna : hmm..ok..yaaraavudhu vaarangaallanu patthugoogaa
Photogrph : seri madam, neeggaa bayaapaadamma dress avurugaa..naa paakuren
Tamanna : ennadhu ?
Phtoogrp : yeerrum varramma pathukuren
Tamanna : ok..
Tamanna left the place and moved forward..she leaped mmore than 20 feet to get into the bushes..its so thick that no one can see anything around..still now the photographr wasnt aware of this..but when tamannah moved from him..he felt very strange..and damn hot !!

Tamannah is the sexiest girl..she is only 22..but soooo gorgeous...she is so cute and her milky tone, slim body, perky boobs and firm ass..all those features come to his mind while watching her..

He wanted to use this occasion, and he wanted atleast get something from the beauty..he will never get a chance like this !!!

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02-20-2013, 04:29 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
the photograp gets excited seeign tamannah moving..his dick got hard while watching tamannah ass..

ayyo, ippadi oru channce kidakaadhu daa..eppadiyaaa vathu ivaalaa taste pannaanum...

after few steps, tamaannah turned around anxiously and gave him a nervous smile..

Tamannah: sure aa change panni aavvuunuumaa
photogrp: aammaa madam, verra vazhi illa..
Tamannah reliefed her self and get closer to the bush..the boy is still far away from the bushes..

Once get behind the bushes, tamannah just passed her head out of the bushes, to notice if the boy is still there..

First she doesnt want hm to approach her but at the same time, she is afaird that any kind of animal can trouble her while changing..
before removing her clothes,she called the photographer before..

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02-20-2013, 04:29 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Tamannah: sirr..sir
photogrp heard the noice and begun to get closer to tamannah..

ph: enna..enna madam..enna aachu
Tamannah: illa, neegaa ingaayaa nillugaa..ennaku..hmm..ennaku bayamaa irruku..
ph: madam, bayapadaathigaa, naa irruken
Tamannah: ok, thannks, konchaam thurram nilugaa..please
ph; ok madam

he cant be able to see tamannah changing form where he is, as she is already in the bushes, itz verydifficult to see things around..

Tamannah noticed that he had moved a little bit to begin to change..after several minutes, she decieded to change herself in the forest.
The photograph was thrilled about this,, a gorgeous lady is being naked infornt of him and no one around,this is his life time opportunity to glimpse at least a young fresh body.

He slowly get closer,a she gest closer, his heart pounds louder and louder..he is moving slowly to not make his presence felt by Tamannah
he edges near the bushes, and hear some noises, kind a dress changing noises as well as some bangles clashing noises..
he hears also Tamannah speaking to herself while changing.;

Tamannah: ahh.;chaa, idhu verra, avvukkaavvee mudiyaalla, rombaa tighhaa irruku..

our boy is so excited, he thought tht Tamannah is removing her blouse, and changing her bra..

he is so quite as we can hear some flies and bees noises around, he just get closer to peek at Tamannah. our beauty, is unconsious about the sickness of the photographer as she continued to change herself.
The guy, slowly, with his hands, sprad th bushes to see the live action!!!

wow.tamannah is standing topless..and not aware of what is going through the area.she is turned backside as he cn only see her bare back..this is enough to make is dick super hard..

she is soo pale as milk, that, some patches are on her back..he is so exicted to see her in this position.
Tamannah is wearing a black trasparent bra, which is so popular among younger generation. he slowly took, his camera, put on the slient mode and clicked some precious photos of Tamannah he wanted her to turn around so he can take her boobs for real.

Tamannah slowly turned and to his surprise, she is nt aware that he is watching the scene..he took the occasion to shoot many clicks and saved it..
Tamannah heard som sounds around, ang begun to hurry up and dress quickly.
the photographer moved quickly and get to his initial place as it nothing happend!!

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02-20-2013, 04:29 PM
Post: #56
RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Aunty Sona fucked by a teen !

Hi this is Arjun from Australia I am a student studying in some college in melbourne. All my friends say that I am lucky because every woman who knows me offers me to have a sex so in my view my friends are true...
I am a boy with 6 inch well built, and my pen size is 10 inch. A causal guy (this made me to get this chance) with all girls in my college as well my neighbor also. Her name is Helen, but lately i found that the same “Helen” is an actress in Tamil industry, and her reel name is SONA.
Damn, i had experienced some hot fucking session with that fat plumy lady in 2005 when she was not famous.
Firstly, i asked myself how these kind of girls get a chance in cine world, then i learnt that those bitches can do anything for money. Sona might probably got fucked by directors, producers or even local politicians to get som reward and fame...

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02-20-2013, 04:29 PM
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Wank RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Now let’s come to the point one fine day I was studying to my exams it was may 15th 2005 my dreams come true of fucking a woman.
It was a hot day where my parents were out for their job it was around 1.30 PM I was in my room studying my Economics with my Football shorts and a banian Because it was a hot day my door bell rang I went to open my door for my luck it was my neighbor aunt asking for my mom (though she knows my mom was out for job)..

I said to her that my mom will be back only after 6 PM she replied saying that she needs the cold water (because she was back from her native)to make some juice to drink. Then I said that I will bring it to her and I bought cold water from refrigerator and gave it to her she thanked and went away I was mad by seeing her because she was wearing tight jeans with a light T-shirt.

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02-20-2013, 04:30 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
which her red inner wear was visible to me. I went straight to bathroom and masturbate once remembering her and came back to my room.Her name is sona she is 32 years old living behind our house she has a very good structure 32-26-32.Her boy friend is working in software field and he will be busy with his work.
I taught of approaching her for sex but I don’t have that much of guts because she is very bold and elder than me (But this was a day that my dreams come true). Again my door bell rang I went to my door I taught it was my friend to my goodness it was my Sona (I feel shy because just now I masturbate remembering her)
I welcomed her inside she was holding a glass which contains apple milk shake she came inside and she sat on sofa and gave me the glass and requested me to drink that I did so. Then she started speaking to me about my college my friends and my future. I started to speak about my girlfriends and started to talk about sex to my goodness
I felt that it was a dream and I to started talking rubbish things she felt happy of my response here it begins....she came near me and started to touch my dick which was already in standing position she touched my lips and said did I kissed any one before I said no she replied me that you are going to lose your virginity
and I replied to her that was my pleasure to lose virginity to you Sona and she started kissing my lips and I started pressing her breast she started moaning ahhhhhhhhhhh and she undressed me and I undressed her I was very tensed and she taught me how to suck juice from n woman for the first time I sucked her vagina for more than 20 mins
and it came I drank it like an apple milk shake she was bit tired then she said me than she wants to play with my dick and I gave it to her mouth aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh it was a heaven
Then she replied that she wants to ride on my cock since it was new to me she guided me how to do it she like a bitch ride on my cock and it was very painful so it was very joyful
also and she made me crazy of her ass and next was doggy style I fucked her hard at last she replied cannot bare my beatings while she was leaving she told me that she was trying to have sex with me from past one year so I replied to her that both our dreams become true on that day she was very happy with me even her husband did not satisfied her like this before and thanked me for that.

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02-20-2013, 04:30 PM
Post: #59
RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Amala Paul likes to get fucked!

"I'm Baskar 24 years old lad, male from kochi. I work here with one of finest software farm of this country. This is an incident from last month with the rising star Amala Paul.

Her name is Amala Paul 19 Female, I met her in a malayalee elite party organised by my company. I get introduced to her as she wanted some advices on social networking websites.

As she is getting famous, she was ready to lauch her personal pages on FB, twitter etc...I get in touch with her and gave my emails & addresses so i can get more close to her.
Hardly I reply to people on Twitter, but after I got lots of mentions from her, one evening I started talking to her in Twitter. From then we became friends & exchanged our BBM pin & started chatting on BBM almost all the time. She told she is pursuing her carrier in Tamil industry and she eyes the telugu market. After couple of months chatting became obsession with her but we never chatted sex on BBM. But we decided to meet as friends but i wanted to taste her atleast once... Today only producers, directors, actors get a chance to fuck young fresh actresses, i also wanted to be on that side...

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02-20-2013, 04:30 PM
Post: #60
RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
First plan was to meet in Goa, but I got a busy schedule last month so she planned to come to Bangalore. Plan was to just hangout Saturday & Sunday here and talk a lot. There you go, first time I show her in a lovely Jeans & a cute top, Raining hairs, sunglasses in airport, while picking her to my room. Wow, just an amazing girl with perfect shape. Speaking of truth I've already started believing in 'Love at first sight' concept.
I picked her from airport. As I stay alone so the plan was to stay in my room for two days, Saturday & Sunday, as its my weekend. We started talking in bus way back to my room about all stupid stuffs like, work, Bangalore, people, language... After we reached my room she got freshen up, and it was 4pm. So we planned to go for a movie, shopping malls, bar & disco. She wanted to enjoy that evening.
So went for a hindi comedy movie, and to a disco & bar for dancing. As she'd already told me in chats, she loves dancing. While dancing on the dance floor, we were hugging a lot, screaming, dancing like mad people & at the end she kissed & said, 'I really like you!'. After dancing for couple of more tracks she was completely aroused & asked me to get back to room. 'It was really fun isn't it!' I asked closing my room door.
''Oh it was, it was a awesome night. I never ever enjoyed any day of my life like this.

Thank you a lot, Baskar." Saying that she hugged me.
"But I still want to dance with you." She looked me hugging tightly.
I was just trying to control myself, her boobs were pressing my chess & I was getting an erection inside & she realized I guess. As my rock hard penis was touching her thighs. I switched on the music system, 'Playing 'Come Away With Me' - Norah Jones.
'Wow, hey its my favorite song. Come let's dance.' She detached herself from the hug and took my hands & slowly started dancing to this lovely slow Jazz song. 'You know you're beautiful.' I looked into her eyes, she was in my arms. "But handsome-more guy. I love you, I hold her firm in my arm & we stopped dancing. "Kiss me." She demanded. I dragged her tight me to, our were fighting for space. And started kissing on her lovely dazzling lips.
She hold my hairs and was kissing me like I'm strawberry & she is trying to take every bit of me. A full tight french kiss. Then I completely took into my arms & we started kissing again. While kissing I walked in to my bed room with her in my arms.

I layed down her on my bed. I show her eyes closed, I kissed her forehead then her cheeks. And a touching kiss on lip, 'Amala Paul, are you sure about this? Shall we...' I asked her firmly. She opened her eyes and without verbal worlds she nodded yes. Then I climbed on bed too, I kept myself to her right I kissed her again but slowly on lip & she hold my head & we were kissing very hard. I moved kissing her neck while my right hand was on her left breast, she was breathing hard, I could feel her heartbeat in my nerves & my heartbeat drumming in my eardrums. While kissing on her neck I started pressing her boobs with the top on. She had closed her eyes & enjoying. Then I tried to suck her right breast with her cloths on & pressing her right boobs.

She started moaning. 'Can I take them off?' I asked her "Please!" She got up a bit helping me removing her top & for very first time I ever show a breasts in bra. It was amazing view, fully erected breast in front of me. I struggled to take off the bra as never took before,

"First time?" She asked me smiling. 'Yeah!' My words were hardly audible. She giggles with a laugh & kissed me and took my hands to her back and unhooked the clip. Slowly I took off the bra & her breasts are dancing nacked now in my eyes. I took my both hands and tried to play with them she was seating & I was kneeling towards her. I took her right breast in my mouth & my right hand pressing her left breast very hard, "Oh my fuck, aww ahhh... Please don't left them go. Suck it hard." For very first time she said some bold words while moaning & she lay her shelf on bed. I started kissing all over her body like a dog searching for a bomb. Then I took off her jeans & started kissing her thighs & she was shivering like, bare body in a hunted winter.
I slowly took off her panty & there she laying nacked in front of me looking like an angel. 'Can I?..' I asked for kissing her pussy. She didn't say a word, so I made her legs wide open. Oh my babe... A cleanly shaved amazing vagina.
I couldn't hold myself & slowly looking in to her eyes I touched my tongue in her clit, she sighed "Ahhhh.." And made her butt up towards my mouth closing her eyes. I started licking her clit, my left hand in her breast. Then I hold her thighs in my both hands and slid my tongue into her pussy but it was too small. So I put my right middle finger into her pussy & while kissing her clit I increased finger fucking her she was screaming with pain & pleasure. Then I slid my two fingers.

Then with faster speed i was finger fucking her. She was screaming so I slowed down but she resisted saying, 'please don't slow... Omg.. Ahhh. Please don't slow Baskar.' But I stopped and removed my cloths and my 7inch cock was like hard rock. She got surprised & said, "OMG, its too big it will kill me." She laughed Then I wide opened her legs & I came on top. I rubbed my penis on her pussy for sometime now she was uncontrollable. I took my cock in hand & tried to put in her pussy hole. "Careful... Careful, Baskar its my first time too... Aww" I tried to put my rock dick into her vagina but it won't go. I tried hard.. She said, "Awwee... you got any lubrication, Baskar? Its paining like that" I went to fridge got honey & put in her pussy but it didn't work so. I I licked her pussy to clean those honey. Then took some oil & I put in her pussy & tried snd slowly my cock was getting inside & she was screaming with pain. And then suddenly I pushed hard into her vagina inserting my entire dick into her. She screamed out loud, so layed on her top & kissed her tear. Keeping my dick inside her I asked, 'Amala Paul, did I hurt you? Shall I take out?" I slowly whispered to her. "Ahhh... Wait. And just gently do it slow, please." She said with pain.

'Okay, Amala Paul!' I slowly moved my dick to & fro. Then increased after sometime. After sometime I fully increased my speed. She was saying, "OMG Baskar, don't slow... Don't slow baby. Please fuck me hard. You're fucking my mind. Ahhh... Don't stop Baskar don't stop I'm cumming... Cumming, ooooOooo aaaahhh..."

And she cummed. Then I lay myself on bed & she was on my top. Took my penis in her hand & put it inside her vagina. And stared fucking me & her breast & hairs were dancing in the air. I took her both breasts in my hand and she holding my hand, was fucking me hard.
When I was about to cum she got down & gave me a handjob & I cummed in air. We had sex many times in those two days. That was my first & best sex ever...

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