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Sridevi's Passion
06-23-2012, 10:34 AM
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Sridevi's Passion
Sreedevi was sitting on her cot and feeding her six-month old child.
It was around 10 30 PM in the night and it was raining heavily
outside, and the sound of the heavy showers and occasional thunders
was quite noisy and the weather was also chilly. As the baby suckled
her nipples, the milk oozed out of her swollen breasts and the child
was comfortably closeted in his mother's warmth and as he had his
fill, he stopped his sucking and dozed off to sleep. Sreedevi was
leaning on the side of the cot and her thought drifted off to the last
two year period of her life ending with the death of her husband about
3 months back.
Sreedevi was only twenty years old now and she had lost her husband in
an accident after only a few months of marital life. She had been
married about only 18 months earlier to Ravi who had been working in a
private company in Cochin. She had been only just past her eighteenth
birthday when her marriage was fixed to Ravi. They belonged to a
middle class family and since her husband's family was settled in a
far away place at Kannur, Ravi's brother Sasi was staying at Hostel
them since he was studying for Pre-Degree in Cochin and he used to
visit his brother's little house during week ends. Sasi was seventeen
years old and there was a gap of five years between him and his
Sasi was very fond of his sister in law (Chettathi in Malayalam and
equivalent to Bhabi) - Sreedevi, and right from beginning they liked
each other. Secretly Sasi used to admire her beauty and used to envy
his brother very much. Sreedevi was a fair complexioned girl with
beautiful features and well-developed curves and abundant bottoms.
After she came to her husband's house, her brother-in-law Sasi used to
come regularly during weekends and she has caught him staring at her
breast several times. She had not given much thought to it since she
was aware that at his age it was natural and she was also generally
used to men staring at her in view of her beauty.
Sreedevi's marriage with Ravi itself was a dull affair and it was an
arranged wedding. Ravi was a typical middle class person without much
ambition, occasional drinking habits and was not really romantic nor
sexually very active. He had earlier some sexual experiences with some
professional girls and had been generally happy by the gratification
he got and he was only extending the act to his newly wed wife and the
romantic aspects never really bothered him.
Sreedevi was looking forward to her married life with romantic dreams
and was hoping that her husband would treat her like Mammootty used to
do in Malayalam films with his heroines. She was rather disappointed
with their first night itself. Ravi walked into the bed room which was
decorated and she handed over a tumbler of milk as per the normal
ritual, which he took and gulped and it didn't dawn on him that he was
supposed to give her half the milk after tasting it. She was very shy
and she did not raise any question, when he said, "Sreedevi, lie
down". She demurely sat on the edge of the cot. Ravi was rather
maddened by her beauty and embraced her tightly. Sreedevi was rather
shocked by his aggressive progress and wished that he would proceed
more gently and slowly.
Ravi made her lie straight in the centre of the double cot and knelt
by her side and then suddenly she felt him lifting the bottom of her
saree over her creamy white thighs. She held his hands and pleaded
with him "No chetta. not so fast please . let us switch off the
lights". Ravi brushed her hands away and curtly told her "I want to
see you" and proceed to lift the saree along with the petticoat
further to expose her thighs and her triangular pubic mound which was
beaming beneath her pink panties. She was so shy that she closed her
eyes tightly and was waiting to see what he was going to do further.
Ravi was now only bothered about how quickly to get into her and have
a go! He quietly peeled her panties and pulled it down from her waist
after lifting up the saree and petticoat further up to her waist
level, for his convenience. Sreedevi had really no choice, but to lift
her bottoms to enable him to pull down the panties down her thighs and
as she felt it being taken off totally through her ankles, she closed
her face with both her hands, as if that would help her to hide her
exposed genitals from this man who has now become her husband!
Sreedevi felt his hand spread her legs wider, so that he could have a
full view of the cuntal lips of his new bride, The triangular mound
which was creamy was bisected by her labia which was pink in colour
and he was feasting the beauty of it in the centre of the sparse hairy
cunt of his wife. As she felt his hands being taken off from her
thighs, Sreedevi opened her eyes and sneaked through the gaps between
her fingers covering her face to see what he was further going to do.
She saw him getting down from the bed and stand beside her on the
floor and still staring at her private parts. Ravi removed his shirt
and after that he was only wearing his banian and lungi. Sreedevi was
puzzled by the bulge in front of his lungi between his legs and was
wondering when he suddenly removed the lungi from his waist and
dropped it on the floor. The bulge was now much more prominent as his
underwear was in her sight.
Sreedevi closed her eyes involuntarily and gradually opened her eyes
through her parted fingers as she heard further rustle of clothes near
her proximity and was now shocked as he was leaning and removing his
underwear. Sreedevi froze for a moment and her heart skipped a beat as
she saw the six-inch dark rod of his prick springing out as his
underwear went down. For two or three seconds it was hidden from her
side as he bent forward to remove his underwear through his legs and
ankles and threw it down near the cot and as he straightened, it was
erect and throbbing and bouncing, as Ravi was still fixing his gaze
between Sreedevi's thighs which made him fully excited at the sight of
her exposed smiling cunt.
Ravi did not bother to remove his banians and he sat on the cot near
his newly wed wife with her saree bunched over her waist and spreading
her legs wide. He was getting more and more impatient to get into her
and bang her fast to get rid of his load, since the swelling of his
prick was really strong now.
Sreedevi was now scared at the sight of his erect penis and as she
vaguely understood the intention for lifting her saree up and making
her legs spread wide was to probably insert it between her legs. Her
heart was pounding now with fear as she felt him sitting near her on
the cot. She continued to close her face with her parted fingers but
her eyes were fully open in spite of her fear. As he knelt near her,
the size of his prick in erect state was enormous as it appeared to
her and brushed against her side. Sreedevi felt him pulling the top of
her saree from her breast and exposed the gorgeous mountains and
unhooked the bottom three hooks of her blouse. Then he turned her
sideways and as her back was before him, Ravi pushed the blouse up and
released the hook of her brassier and made her revert to her original
Then Ravi pushed up her blouse to reveal the bumps of her bra and
using her fingers pushed the cups of the bra also above to expose the
beautiful breasts The creamy white soft breasts and the aureole of her
pink nipples were making him really wild and he started pressing them
and squeezing them forcefully rather than fondling them gently and
pleasurably. Sreedevi winced in pain and involuntarily her hands
covering her face came down and held his wrists to slow down his
movements. By now, Ravi was so impatient that he did not want to waste
further time without entering her. So he shifted his position and took
kneeling position moving forward and sideways and reaching between her
spread thighs.
Sreedevi was now getting more and more scared since things were
getting too fast for her and her body was not really warmed up for a
proper love making. In fact due to the fear she was experiencing, she
felt her legs and thighs contracting, in the process her cunt was also
tightening. She feebly said "Chetta! I am very much afraid", but Ravi
knelt down between her legs and without even bothering to reassure
her, he took his manhood in his hand and bent and positioned it
between the parted lips of her vagina. Since the entire time duration
since he drank the milk was only about 5 minutes, neither of them were
sufficiently lubricated.

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06-23-2012, 10:34 AM
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RE: Sridevi's Passion
Ravi tried to push his throbbing prick into the cunt, which was
tightening further as he pushed, and she could only helplessly hiss
out of fear and pain due to the thrust. Since both their genitals
were dry, Ravi could not make any headway in entering into her
although he pushed strongly, which made her wince with pain. So he
pulled back his tool and spit some saliva on to his fingers and
applied the same to the reddish tip of his prick and pushed back the
foreskin to reveal the glans. Sreedevi who had clenched her fists and
closed her eyes and softly moaned "Ammae! . . . ." as he was pushing
into her, opened her eyes to see what he was doing and could only
helplessly watch him lubricating his tool with his own saliva.
Ravi made his next attempt now and once again as Sreedevi closed her
eyes and this time the prick made some entry into the tight velvety
opening. Although lubricated, due to the tightness of the virginal
opening and also lack of proper preparation, it made the entry really
painful and Sreedevi could not control moaning in pain and silently
endured the pain of being entered into her womanhood by a foreign
object and the excruciating pain was slow and steady as he made the
entry fully. Tears rolled down her eyes, as she was wincing and
hissing in pain and tried to control shouting aloud due to the intense
Ravi's excitement was reaching new peak as he made his entry and as he
pushed up to the hilt, the warmth of her cunt engulfing his throbbing
and swelling prick. As he lay on top of her, he pulled back halfway
and pushed with all his might once again and she yelled silently
controlling her tears. Ravi was mad with excitement now. His previous
experiences with prostitutes had been short, but never so tight and
exquisite. Sreedevi tried to close her thighs to prevent him from
banging deep into her. But by now Ravi had reached a state of frenzy
that he was not bothered about anything, except to thrust his penis
deep into her cunt and he had by now reached the peak after having
made about 15 to 20 movements and he could not control any further.
Ravi started moaning aloud and he thrust himself deeper and gave a
long yawning sound as he pumped her faster and let go into his
ejaculation into her. His prick throbbed and throbbed inside her and
in jerks of three or four times pumped his semen into her and it
overflowed out of her triangular mound. The whole thing had lasted
only about 5 minutes and less than one minute after he entered her
although Sreedevi had found that even that one minute was unbearable,
thanks to his inconsiderateness. As he started shrinking inside her,
Sreedevi was relieved and within another few seconds, his weight on
top of her body was off and he stood up and pulled down her saree over
her legs and got up and went to the bath room and came back and lied
down and almost immediately he went to sleep and started snoring.
It was disgusting for Sreedevi, who was the new bride expecting
wonderful experiences during her first night. Not a nice word, not a
kiss, not even stripping her completely. Just lifted her saree and
Ravi had banged her. Just used her body and gone to sleep. Marriage
had become an utter disappointment for her and more importantly sex
had become a bore and purely selfish and one-sided relief for the
During the next three months after the wedding, it was only a
repetition of different variety. Only thing was that the pain was not
as much as the first time, after she had been banged a few times and
by now she was used to it all. After they came to Cochin and settled
in their tiny little home, where there was a bit more privacy, Ravi
took a bit more liberties in asking her to strip completely after a
few nights and enjoy the sight of her beauty a bit more. But he was
always selfish and tried to get himself satisfied rather than making
an attempt to make love to her in the true sense of the word and
satisfy her sexual needs.
Life had been going on ordinarily and two months later she conceived
and both were happy. Sreedevi felt that at least some void in her life
would be filled with the arrival of the child. Meanwhile, Ravi's
younger brother Sasi used to come home during weekends and she was
also treating her like her own brother. Although he was younger than
she was, Sasi was much more considerate. When she served lunch for
him, he used to appreciate the taste and tell her "Chettathi, the
curry and your preparation is so nice" and at times, he even used to
say that "Chettathi you look just like Monisha in that nice saree!".
She had become fond of her and even used to pinch his cheeks playfully
and occasionally touch him, and she had noticed that he was getting
affected due to her touch and many times she had seen him with his
eyes fixed on her breasts.
One day, when Ravi had gone to Office, Sasi had come home and it was
then that Sreedevi had just finished her bath and he suddenly walked
into the room where she was dressing. Since she had her back turned
she did not see him coming in, but he was able to see her through the
mirror where she was dressing. He was stunned and said, "I am sorry
Chettathi". Sreedevi had just finished tying the knot of her petticoat
and she was topless and her ample breasts were exposed and Sasi was
clean bowled. She quickly covered her front with the saree and said
"It is alright Sasi. You please wait in the next room". When she
finished dressing and went to serve him tea, he was looking very
guilty and was squirming since he had a strong erection within his
Life was going on and as she advanced in her pregnancy period, even
the one sided sex subsided and by the time she was five months, their
normal intercourse had totally stopped. One night, Ravi came home
rather drunk and after having his dinner, as they went to bed, he told
her to kneel in front of him after sitting on the cot. During their
eight months of marriage, Sreedevi had become a submissive wife and
never disobeyed him. She knelt on the floor and then Ravi opened his
lungi and exposed his prick and holding her head, he led her lips to
the tip of his manhood and told her "Sreedevi, take it into your mouth
and suck it". This was totally new experience for her, but she just
did it and after a few minutes he ejaculated into her mouth and she
could only swipe it and carry on. It had never occurred to Ravi that
the wife also needs an orgasm and things like cuddling her, petting
and fondling her breast and even touching and kissing her cunt and the
general body areas give the woman a great deal of pleasure apart from
loving and nice words of praise and affection.
Ravi was getting himself relieved by making her suck his penis every
time he required till he left for her delivery. She delivered a boy
child and came back home when the child was three months old. Ravi had
reverted back to his demand for oral sex from her on her return twice
a week. Sreedevi had also reconciled to taking a passive sexual role
and got used to suppressing her own desires. Things were going quite
smoothly till the tragedy struck her life suddenly and all of a
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