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Surprise Assembly
12-28-2012, 10:45 AM
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Wank Surprise Assembly
Shannon walked into school in a great mood and why not? Yesterday, she had
skipped out of St. Mark's Catholic High School and spent the day with some kids
she had met through her older sister. They were hanging out in the city and had
invited her along. One of them, Rachel, was able to call into the school and say
she was sick and they had a great time in the city. It was so nice being out of
uniform and hanging out with older girls. She had even flirted with a college
boy who had taken her phone number and promised to call.

Before she got home that night, she snuck into the back yard and put on her
uniform, leaving her older, skipping-school clothes in a bag on the porch. She
then went around the front of the house and in, her dad never knew a thing.

It was a bright, sunny day but a bit chilly. January gets cold around here.
Shannon was wearing her school's uniform for girls...a blue tartan skirt, white
blouse, blue tights and blue and white saddle shoes. Underneath it she was
wearing a plain cotton bra and panties. Not that she needed much of a bra. While
all of her friends had developed, her breasts were tiny, still a 32A, much like
she was in grade school. She was tall and thin, 5'7, 110 pounds. She had long
legs (runners legs her Daddy called them) and a cute Irish face. She had a light
complexion with freckles that matched her strawberry blonde hair. Her pussy hair
was mostly sparse...just a touch of fuzz on that intimate area. Not that anyone
but her sister and her doctor ever saw it but her. No man had seen her naked in
a decade, since she was about 7. At that point, her daddy had told her that she
must cover up around the was inappropriate to display your naked body
unless in the privacy of the bathroom or her bedroom.

She is a junior at the school and turned a lot of boys' heads in the past year.
Her teammates joked that the attendance at their basketball games improved when
Shannon joined the team and their uniforms inexplicably became shorter. Shannon
was also a cheerleader during the football season, president of her class for
student council and sports editor of the school newspaper. She was popular,
friendly and cute. She had it all.

That morning, as she entered school, everyone asked how she was feeling. The
only one who knew about where she had been was her best friend Carrie. As she
filled Carrie in during homeroom, the principal came over the PA announcing an
assembly in the auditorium at 8:30, before first period. This was strange,
Shannon thought. Her school was so strict and rigid that something must be
really wrong for them to call an assembly.

After homeroom, the entire class made their way to the auditorium. Her school
was relatively small, about 100 kids in each class. Once the 400 students got
settled, Mr. Jones got behind the microphone and began to speak.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are sorry that we had to call this assembly but
something terrible has been brought to our attention and it concerns one of you.
As you know, our school adopted some strict rules regarding certain areas of
discipline and today the first student to be punished under those rules will
begin her punishment."

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12-28-2012, 10:45 AM
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RE: Surprise Assembly
Gasps went up around the whole student body and the boys started to whistle.
They heard that it would be a girl punished and knew what that would mean.

St. Mark's had some trouble in recent years with discipline. Now, rather than
suspend a student or kick her/him out of school, they were going to use
humiliation and public displays as punishments. Each student and her/his parents
had signed off on the new punishment, with most of the students thinking it
would never happen. Here was proof that it would.

"Would Shannon Malone please come up to the stage?"

All eyes turned towards her and she turned a bright red. Oh no, it was her! Oh
God, please no.

"Miss Malone, the punishment only gets worse if you do not obey orders. Let's

Somehow, her legs got steady enough for her to make her way to the front of the
auditorium and on stage. She had been in front of people before at games and
stuff but never like this.

She got up and stood next to Mr. Jones. This was her first chance to look out
over the gathered crowd. Every eye in the place was on her, wondering what was
going to happen.

"Now, Shannon Malone has broken one of the major rules of our school. She
skipped classes yesterday and phoned in a false sick call. Each of those
offenses calls for complete nudity for two weeks and servitude. Since they are
combined, I have been authorized to call for your punishment to last six weeks
as an extra punishment."

The entire school gasped and Shannon erupted into tears. She shook her head, no,
no, please no.

"Here are the rules of the punishment. You are not permitted clothes during any
school functions, including dances, basketball games, liturgical events, etc.
You will be naked from the time you leave your house on the way here in the
morning until you get home. How your father chooses to punish you is up to him
but I would suggest that this punishment be kept up at home as well."

Shannon could not believe it. No, this couldn't happen to her, not to her. This
could not be happening. She was a good girl at school, someone who always did
what was asked of her. One slipup and here she was.

"We want to see some skin," she heard someone yell.

"Now, now, that is inappropriate behavior and if it keeps up you all will be

That got the crowd quiet. "However, that young man was right about one is time to begin your punishment. Your clothes will be handed over to
me and kept in my office. Six weeks from today you may come and pick them up."

"Now, your shoes please Miss Malone."

Shannon knelt down on one knee and started to untie her left shoe, hoping that
this could somehow be stopped. She took off that shoe and then switched knees
and began on the other. She stood up, holding her shoes in one hand. Mr. Jones
held his hand out and took the shoes, placing them in a bag.

"Come on please Miss Malone, I would like classes to begin at a reasonable

She didn't know what to take off next. She reached under her skirt and pulled at
her tights. She was afraid that the boys in the front could see up her skirt and
then laughed to herself. Boys looking up her skirt were going to be the least of
her problems for the next six weeks.

She pulled the tights down and off her long legs and handed them to Mr. Jones.
She saw that he did not place them in the bag but in his coat pocket and
wondered why. But that was not something that overwhelmed her...after all, her
current frame of mind was not good.

Weighing the evils, she decided to take off her skirt. Her blouse was long
enough to cover her panties and would delay the inevitable ridicule of people
seeing her small breasts. She unzipped the skirt at the side and slid it down
her legs and it piled at her feet. She bent over to pick it up as she heard the
murmurs of her schoolmates.

What a sight she was from their point of view. Shannon Malone was hands down the
cutest girl in the school...and she never put out, or so the stories went. She
would go so far and stop, leaving boys with a bad case of blue balls. Now here
she was, in just her blouse and panties, her long legs on display. The few boys
that had not jerked off to her image were certainly going to start tonight.

"Come on please Shannon," Mr. Jones said, putting the skirt in the bag. "We have
to start the class day. Delaying it is not going to help matters Miss."

She struggled to remove her white blouse, her hands were shaking so much. It
wasn't much, but it was her last piece of covering in her mind. Soon of course,
even panties and a bra would feel covered. She managed to get the buttons undone
one at a time until her blouse was parted and her little bra-covered tits were
on display along with her white cotton panties. She took the blouse off one arm
at a time and handed it to Mr. Jones. This made it into the bag as well.

"Wait Shannon. We will take a vote of your classmates. Would you rather see her
remove her bra first or panties. Raise your hands for the bra?"

This was so was like she was a piece of meat at the auction.
They would decide what they see of her first. Her tears started to fall once
again, her little breasts heaved, making the 200 hardons in the room grow even

"OK, how about her panties." Shannon saw that this won hands down and was a bit
surprised. She guessed that hardly any of the boys had ever seen a naked pussy
but may have seen tits before. And the girls would know how awful it was to show
that most intimate area and wanted to see her suffer. Some friends.

"Panties it is. Shannon?"

She hooked her thumbs into the waist of the dainty little panties and lowered
them down her legs. She heard the gasps again as her almost hairless pussy was
now on display to her 400 classmates and the teachers. She realized that the
lack of hair down there made it even worse, more on display and vulgar.

"Very nice," Mr. Jones said, slipping the panties into his coat with the tights.
Being principal at a high school with young girls in short skirts can take a
toll on a man. These would come in handy when he remembered this event in his
office later. His fetish was smelling the crotches of used panties, especially
teen panties. Often he would sneak through the girls locker room during gym or
games and sniff their panties.

"Now the bra please," he said. "Finish the job and we can get on with our day."

Shannon again struggled to get the clasp of her bra undone but finally succeeded
and removed the garment, handing it to Mr. Jones. This went into the bag (not a
tit man, Mr. Jones thought), which was given to Mrs. Phillips, his secretary.

"You may rejoin your classmates Shannon and get on with your day. However,
remember that any attempt to cover yourself or to avoid being seen will result
in severe punishments. Do you understand?"

She nodded. "I need words Miss Malone."

"Yes sir," she said quietly.

With that he gestured for her to leave by the side steps. This was even worse,
being on display in front of the audience had been horrible. Walking among them
might be even worse. They were close enough to touch and many of them would, she
knew. She got to where her class was sitting and saw them file out of the
auditorium. Carrie came to her and gave her a hug and tried to shield her nudity
from everyone but it was impossible.

They got to the classroom after what seemed like an hour trip up the stairs. She
knew that the stairs was a place where her whole body would be on display. The
boys behind her got an excellent view right up into her slit and the boys above
would see right down her tits.

It felt weird being barefoot and naked in school. The air was cold and her
nipples were hard as rocks. She felt the draft blow right up against her pussy
and felt so vulnerable.

Finally they arrived at her classroom. She picked up her bookbag and put it on.
This just covered her back and nothing else so it was allowed. She walked to the
next class, Carrie right beside her, trying to talk to her and make her feel
better. But Carrie's class was down the hall and Shannon had to hustle all the
way to the third floor. It was art class, normally her favorite but she was just
not in the mood.

When she got there, she noticed that there would be a model and cringed. Usually
it was someone from the outside that her school paid to model for the students.
They weren't nude like they were at her sister's college but it was good

She sat down at an easel and took her art supplies out of her bag. She saw every
pair of eyes in the room on her and the awful display she was making.

"Class, let's get started." It was Miss Winters, one of the meanest teachers in
the school. She was normally a Spanish teacher. What was she doing here?

"Miss Ryan is out sick today and I am subbing for her this period. It is figure
drawing. Today, we will do the female anatomy. Shannon, you are going to be our
model. I was going to use a slide for people but a real girl with breasts and
vagina are perfect. Please come up here."

She was even more humiliated than before. She stepped up onto the raised stage
area and saw that Miss Winters had arranged stools on either side. She was led
to sit on the middle one and put her bare feet up on the ones on either side.

"Now, class, concentrate on this area," Miss Winters said, placing the pointer
around Shannon's pussy. "I want a good detailed drawing of this, notice the
texture, the lips, the sparse hair. Get those areas right and then we can move
on to the breasts."

Shannon didn't know why, but she felt her pussy start to water. Was she turned
on by this? No way, but her body was betraying her. She noticed a couple of the
girls in the front start to whisper and point and giggle. They passed the
information onto the few boys in the class who stared wide eyed and mouth open.
Tears formed in her eyes as she realized they had seen her arousal. How


"Oh dear, young lady, you are enjoying this...let me clean this area up a bit,"
Miss Winters said. "Oh God, how humiliating," she thought. The teacher grabbed a
handful of tissues and dabbed at Shannon's pussy, then spreading the lips and
scooping out the moisture that had accumulated inside of her lips.

Shannon gasped at the touch on her pussy and inside of her most private area.
She cried out when Miss Winters' finger touched her clit and almost moaned. "No,
not here..." despite her humiliation, she knew an orgasm wasn't far away. She
had to have this stopped, cumming with her classmates watching under the hand of
mean old Miss Winters would be too much to bear.

Miss Winters noticed the flushed look on Shannon that stretched from her face
down to her breasts and smiled. She stopped but Shannon's breathing continued to
be labored.

"You will notice class that Shannon is extremely aroused...the rest of her body
gives you that indication but look at her vaginal lips...and the leakage of her
arousal coming though her lips...see...these tissues are filled with her
juices...I will pass it around so anyone that wishes can smell what female
arousal can smell like."

Tears started to flow out of Shannon's eyes and down her cheeks. Was she not
entitled to any privacy? Was one sin really worth all of this punishment? Not
only had they removed her clothes but they were also removing all of her
dignity. Now, this whole class not only saw her arousal but also could now smell
it. How humiliating!

She couldn't look at her classmates and their leering eyes anymore so she
concentrated on the clock on the wall...9:30? Oh God, that means this class
still had a half hour...she felt like this was going on forever.

After a while, Miss Winters told the class that their vagina portraits were
excellent and to please turn them so that Shannon could see them. She cringed as
she saw dozens of portrayals of her own private parts staring back at her. She
had to admit that many were good and that her classmates were taking this
seriously...except for that group of boys who took the class to meet girls. They
had drawn dirty things, not taking much time at all.

"OK Class, title them Shannon's Vagina and hand them to me with your names on
the back. These will be displayed at our upcoming art show. Shannon, since you
were unable to participate today, we will have you do some extra credit work
with a mirror."

OH GOD! Would her humiliation ever end? Was she really going to have to draw a
painting of her own vagina for a class? UGGHH

"Now her breasts...I wish Shannon had more to work with here but at least it's
something. We could have done as well with some of the boys with their shirts

BITCH! Shannon thought. Bad enough that she has been humiliating me since class she is comparing my little breasts to a boy's.

"Sit up please Miss...and you may close your legs now...I know that must be hard
for a girl like you."

Her words cut through Shannon and tears flew out of her again. She wanted to say
that she was a virgin and that this nudity was not her fault but she knew she
would remain silent...those extra punishments were supposed to be awful...she
didn't want to find out.

Miss Winters went on about the female breasts, explaining the function for
reproduction and also the sexual aspect of them. She also pointed out Shannon's
larger than average nipples and the roundness of her little breasts. Shannon
heard the scribbling of the pencils and saw the leering of the boys and some of
the snickering.

Finally, class was about over. "Class, please show Shannon your drawings of her

Again, overwhelming humiliation as dozens of sets of breasts were displayed to
her. She knew right away that these would also be on display at the art show.

The class wrote "Shannon's Breasts" on their work and handed them in. Miss
Winters told Shannon she could get down and she did, grabbing her backpack as
the bell rang to signal the next class. For a second, she forgot where she
needed to be but then remembered...Biology. Then she started crying again,
remembering that they were studying the female anatomy.

In the hall, she was met by Carrie, who did her best to hide Shannon's nudity
from the class. "How was it?"

"It was awful," Shannon said, recounting the events of the 60-minute class.

"Yeah Miss Winters can be tough."

They entered the biology classroom and saw that the chalkboard said "Live
demonstration today!" She cringed, figuring it was going to be her again.

She grabbed a seat in the back of the theater type classroom. She tried to blend
in but knew that was impossible. She crossed her legs at the knee to keep her
pussy out of sight and held a book against her chest like she was reading. She
knew that she could be punished for covering her nudity but thought this was ok.

Father Magee walked into the room, holding his usual amount of textbooks. He was
in his 50s and took no crap from any students. He lived to bring a student down
a peg and Shannon instinctively knew that this was going to be hard...and she
had bio every day. At least art was only twice a week.

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I see one of you is out of uniform...that's
a nice look for you Miss Malone." The class laughed at her, enjoying her
suffering. Inside she thought, "I'll get all of you for this...sometime you will
all be naked and I'll get even." But outside, she took it, her face scrunched up
as she fought back the tears.

"And this is a perfect time for your little display Miss Malone, as we head into
our unit on the female anatomy. Normally, we have to rely on textbooks and
videos to show those sensitive areas of the female anatomy but luckily this time
we have a willing model."

She guessed that her blush extended from her forehead down to her bare toes as
she imagined the humiliation she was about to undergo.

There was a knock on the door and she saw the maintenance man Carl walk in,
pushing something and she groaned...a gynecologist chair from the nurse's

"Father Magee, where do you want this chair?"

"Right here in front of the lectern Carl, where it will be in full view of the
rest of the class."

Carl moved the heavy table to the front of the classroom, and put it right on
display for all.

As he went to leave, Father Magee stopped him.

"Hey Carl, I might need some help adjusting the chair...could you spare a few
minutes to help me?"

Carl's face broke into a huge smile and he looked at Shannon. "Sure Father,
anything to help a priest and to assist in a scientific demonstration."

Shannon started to shake from the humiliation. Carl was a dirty old man, she
thought. She remembered the rumors on the basketball team about Carl in the
girl's locker room or drilling holes in the shower walls. Well, no need for all
of that underhanded stuff, here he was being given a free view of the great
Shannon Malone.

"Shannon, please come and hop onto the stage for our great demonstration."

Wobbly, Shannon got out of her chair and walked down the stairs to the front
area. She noticed that this room was carpeted and felt warm on her toes. Weird
that her nudity brought this fact to her brain.

"Carl, can you please help Miss Malone onto the table please."

She felt Carl's hand on her arm as she went up onto the step and then turned to
sit on the gyno chair. She squeezed her knees together to keep her pussy out of
view. She did this even though she knew that soon that area of her and much more
would be on display.

There was another knock on the door and Father Magee called for the knocker to
come in. The door opened and there stood Charles Fisher, one of the geekiest
guys in the school and the president of the AV Club, holding a tripod and a
camera case.

"Oh Charles, thank you very much for coming on such short notice. Shannon,
Charles here is going to do you a great service...he is going to tape all of our
sessions so that other classes and you can see the demonstrations later. That
saves you from having to do this five times a day in all of my classes and also
gives you the opportunity to see the essential parts of the female anatomy that
I point out. I know you can see these parts any time but you may need my
assistance to see what they mean to the anatomy."

Oh God, she thought, her humiliation would be on tape...every day she was going
to be displayed in front of her class and then Charles was going to tape it. And
she knew that a tape would make it around the school and she could only imagine
the sick things boys would do to it.

"Charles, set up right in the front here, we're going to need close-ups of her
lower extremities today."

"Her what Father?"

"Oh poor little Charles, I mean her vagina and anus. Put the camera so we can
see that area."

"Oh sorry," Charles said blushing.

Through the blur of my tears, Shannon saw a shaking Charles fumbling with the
equipment. She wanted to scream out, "Why are you nervous, I'm the one sitting
here naked about to be exposed in front of everyone. You have it easy you
creep." Instead, she just sat there, tears still flowing out of her eyes and
down her cheeks, landing on her breasts.

"Oh Carl, Miss Malone here is dripping on her breasts...could you clean that off
for her." Fr. Magee says handing a towel to the maintenance man.

"My pleasure Father," Carl says, grabbing the towel and taking the opportunity
to grope Shannon's poor little tits. He is kneading them through the towel and
there is no finesse.

"Good job Charles, is the camera ready?"

"Yes Father...I can begin taping whenever you say," Charles stammered.

"Good, now, Miss Malone, put your feet into those stirrups please," Fr. Magee

But Shannon couldn't do it...she froze, unable to expose herself so
blatently...doing it in an art environment was horrible but so different than

"I thought she might have some stagefright...Carl, can you help Shannon place
her feet into the stirrups please."

"YES FATHER, I would LOVE to..."

Carl grabbed Shannon's bare ankle and roughly pulled her leg apart. She cried
out in surprise at the force of the yank. He placed her bare heel of her foot
into the stirrup and then did the same with the other.

"Carl, did you make the modifications that I asked for," Father Magee asked.

"Yes I did Father," Carl replied, holding up an ankle cuff that was attached to
the chair.

"Very well, connect them to Miss Malone's ankles...I can't have her moving too
much once we start."

Carl attached cuffs to both of Shannon's ankles, causing her to cry out in shock
and horror. She was now caught in a completely spread open pose, way more
exposed than even in the art class.

"OK Class, take out your notebooks and turn your textbooks to the page where
there is a illustration of the female anatomy. That will give you an idea of
what is inside the organs that you see here on blatant display."

Father Magee then set about pointing out the different parts of the female
sexual reproductive organ...pointing out differences in Shannon's vagina than
the one in the book.

"See the puffiness of Miss Malone's labia major (taking his pointer and
indicating where they were on Shannon)...that is a sign of arousal..." Father
Magee said. "Obviously, Miss Malone is much more aroused than the person that is
modeling for the illustrator."

"Carl, can you spread the stirrups a bit more...I would like there to be a more
natural parting of her labia major to see if we can spot the labia minor and the

MORE SPREAD? Was he serious, Shannon thought...This was so bad...the worst thing
she had ever experienced in her young life. But Carl turned a knob and she felt
her legs spread even further than the already obscene split she was doing.

"Notice class, how flexible most women are...this is very helpful in sexual
acts," Father Magee said as the class chuckled.

"Class, we deal with mature matters in this class...if you cannot handle it let
me know and maybe you can transfer...or better yet, I need other models besides
Miss Malone," Father Magee said, silencing the students.

The class continued under Father's unique lecturing style. He made some points
on Shannon's body and interacted it with the textbook. Actually, it was a very
informative that few high school biology teachers ever has the
chance to give...not many schools allow nude models for biology presentations.

"OK, as a final aspect of this project, I am going to show you what a female
vagina looks like during will see some interesting changes in the
visual aspect of her organ."

Shannon and the class were silent...what did he mean.

"Shannon, using your fingers, make yourself aroused so the class can see what an
aroused female vagina looks like please."

Shannon did not move as the class gasped. Was a Catholic priest really asking a
student to masturbate in front of a room full of students? And on camera?

"Now, now class, I do not want Miss Malone to orgasm because that would be a sin
according to the church...however, I see no other way to have her achieve
arousal than her using her fingers...and I do not trust any of you grubby boys
to lay your hands on her today."

"Now Miss Malone, if you do not mind, I would like you to finger yourself until
you have achieved arousal...but an orgasm would result in a punishment...if you
do not do it, Carl here is standing by and ready."

That was enough to push her over the way would he get his grimy hands
on her precious vagina. She moved her right hand down and began to rub her
vaginal lips, gently rubbing the outside before pushing a finger inside to the
warmth. She started to rub in and out and felt the unmistakable stirrings in her
vagina, stretching up her spine...she shivered.

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12-28-2012, 10:46 AM
Post: #3
RE: Surprise Assembly
"Good, that's it Shannon...class, notice how the female responds during the
beginning stages of arousal...the shivers, the wetness, see the difference in
her labia."

Shannon had almost forgotten her classmates but now remembered the fact that she
was masturbating in front of 30 classmates and a video camera. She was ashamed
but could not deny the wonderful feeling she was having.

"Father," she whispered.

"Yes Miss Malone..." "Father, I have to stop...I am close Sir."

"Close to what Miss Malone."

"Oh God, close to cumming Sir...Please let me stop."

"No Miss Malone...sluts call it cumming...good Catholic girls like you might say
they are near that what you are?"

"OH! YES Father, I am near orgasm Sir."

The class was riveted at the scene in front of them...their classmate, the
hottest girl in the school, begging their biology teacher to let her stop
fingering herself before she orgasmed.

"Oh yes, very well, Miss. You may stop."

"AHH!" Shannon pulled her hand away just in time, feeling the orgasm about to
crest...her hips flailed in the air as she fucked the air, her body begging for

"Carl, hold her middle down please, put your hand on her stomach."

She felt Carl's hand pushing her down onto the chair and she could smell her
arousal and hear her labored breathing.

"Class, look carefully at her labia major, swollen to almost twice the size and
very sensitive...see."

He touched her lips with his fingertip and she moaned.

"Also, notice how wet she boys might be surprised to see how wet a
female is during sex...that allows for full penetration of her vagina during

Father Magee put on surgical gloves and put his fingers between her
one had touched her there ever...these were the first male hands to touch her
most intimate place and it was her biology teacher...and a priest. She sobbed in
humiliation and covered her face with her longer caring about what
they saw.

"See here ladies and gentlemen, her clitoris...if I were to rub that, she would
probably reach orgasm instantly...she is so close right now."


Mercifully the bell rang for the end of class.

"OK class, next time, we will examine the breasts and then some other areas of
the female anatomy. Your homework is to go over the illustration in your book
and relate your memories of this session in your journals."

Shannon didn't even look up to see her classmates pass by, all intimately
examining her sopping wet and red vagina. She was beyond humiliated and knew
this was only the beginning.

She felt Carl undo the ankle cuffs and she was finally able to close her
legs...feeling her thighs cramp after the awful stretching for 45 minutes.
Father Magee handed her a towel...

"Here Shannon, dry yourself...can't have you dripping all over the halls,"
Father Magee said.

Redfaced, she took the towel and patted her pussy and thighs dry. Luckily, or
what passed for her luck today, her next class was gym and then she could

"After school, go by the AV room and see Charles for a tape of today's lesson.
Tonight, you can watch it and then make some notes in your journal like the rest
of the class will. You can also finish the homework assignment."

While Shannon got her bookbag, Carl thanked Father Magee for letting him assist
and he left. Shannon had noticed the bulge in his pants and figured out where he
was going...probably that little office he has where he can spy on the girls
changing...that and his memories of humiliating me would probably make him cum
pretty quick, she thought.

Father Magee left right after, leaving her alone with Charles.

"You know Shannon, I feel really bad about this, you were always really nice to
me," Charles said.

"Thanks Charles, I know it's not your fault."

"Well, see you around," he said.

"Hey, Charles, what are you going to do with these tapes, besides what Father
Magee wants?"

"Well, a bunch of my friends have asked for copies, but I won't let them. If it
had been another girl, I would do it no problem, but you have always been so
cool to me...most of the girls in the school don't pay me any attention. But you
always say hi and smile at me...and I appreciate it. So do my friends, who are
in total love with you. If your friends desert you, come hang with us. I know
we're not the coolest kids in the school but we'll accept you anyway." For the
first time all day, Shannon smiled.

"Thanks Charles, I might do that someday."

"Cool, well, see ya."

Charles took his camera equipment and tripod and exited the classroom, leaving
Shannon alone for the first time since she was forced to be nude. She took a
deep breath and pushed out the door and into the crowded hallway, heading for
gym and more humiliation. At least the geeks still love me, she laughed to


The walk to gym was even more humiliation for Shannon...some of the kids who had
not seen her up close at the assembly or during the morning classes were now
spotting her for the first time. Some of the younger guys...the freshmen
especially, were bumping into her, touching her, making rude comments. She
walked onto the girl's locker room and her gym class.

Shannon had always loved gym, being a natural athlete who could perform well in
any sport. She got to her locker and thought that she was going to get a rest
from being naked. She opened her locker and saw nothing but a small towel and an

"Dear Miss Malone,

Please note that I have removed your gym uniform as a guard against the
temptation to put it on...your socks and sneakers are also gone and I have sent
all of your belongings to Mr. Jones to be delivered to your parents or to you in
six weeks. I have provided you with a small towel to dry yourself after your
shower but please make no attempt to cover yourself with it or it will be taken
away. Part of your punishment means attending every school function and class in
your present state and that includes gym and basketball.

In the future, please come to the my office to receive a small towel before
every class.

Miss Kelly"

Oh God, she had forgotten Mr. Jones' words...that she would be naked at ALL
school functions. She had thought gym would be could she be expected to
perform in a sport nude?

She put her towel back in the locker and stuffed her bookbag in. She had to
hurry to make it to class on time because Miss Kelly always punished those who
were late with extra activities...most of them involving running or gymnastics.

She must have been running late because there were no other girls in the locker
room. However, she had an excuse...until two minutes ago she had been tied naked
to a gyno chair spread open for her bio class...cut her some slack, she thought.

She made it to the gym just as the bell rang. The rest of the girls in the class
were stretching and many of them looked up and gasped. Like Shannon, they had
thought that the punishment wouldn't include gym class. "Shouldn't she at least
have sneaks?" one of them asked.

"Girls, enough of that whispering...let's get this out in the open," Miss Kelly

Miss Kelly was a young woman, just 24 years old...she had graduated just six
years ago from St. Mark's and looked like she could be a student. The girls
loved her and, since she was very easy to talk to, many of them had confided in
her with their problems.

"Shannon here broke a huge rule of the school and all of you signed the paper
that allows for this punishment. Shannon just happens to be the first one
affected by it."

One girl, Kacy, raised her hand.

"Miss Kelly, isn't it kind of unhygienic for her to be naked all of the time,
especially during gym and stuff?"

Shannon cringed at the thought but Miss Kelly had an answer.

"Well Kacy, that is a good question but the answer is no. Shannon doesn't have
any diseases so that is not a problem...also, it is just a natural juices
flowing out of sweat. Yes, Juli."

"Couldn't she at least have sneaks?" Juli asked. "Her feet will kill after
running during gym." Shannon nodded, hoping that Miss Kelly would see the point.

"Another good question. Actually, a woman's feet can withstand greater pain than
a man's...after all we do wear high heels, etc...most men would never be able to
stand them. Plus, the human feet can withstand a lot of pressure...and she will
soon get used to it and her feet will harden on the bottoms. I agree that they
will hurt, a lot, at first, but after a while, she will get used to it."

"Will she have to do everything that we do?"

"Yep, the school rules are very clear about that...the student being punished
must fulfill the normal obligations of a St. Mark's student...that includes gym
and other school activities, field trips, sporting events, plays, etc."

"Shannon, do you have any questions for me?"

Shannon looked down, ashamed then back at the kind, smiling Miss Kelly.

"Yes Miss Kelly," she whispered. "Do you agree with this kind of punishment for

Barb Kelly stopped for a minute, taking a deep breath...she knew this question
was coming and wondered if she had the strength to pull the answer off. Because
inside, she loved it, loved seeing the bare flesh of this extraordinary looking
girl, one that she had admired for years. But, on the other hand, she really did
like her, liked her whole family...had been best friends with Shannon's older
sister when they went to St. Mark's together.

"Well, I stand by what the administration has decided...and I think it is a true
deterent for all of you girls and the boys too. Imagine seeing those little
peters sticking out for six weeks. Us girls have it easy!"

The class, Shannon included, laughed out loud.

"OK, today we are going to play dodgeball..."

Shannon cringed, knowing that the ball would sting.

"but the rules are a little different...Shannon is on one team...everyone else
is on the other. This is part of the punishment Shannon, Mr. Jones decided it,

OK Girls, let's begin.

The girls began running at Shannon, hurling the ball at her. Shannon ran for her
life, trying to avoid getting hit with the ball. In her haste, she didn't notice
Charles up on the track, filming the whole thing, or Mr. Jones standing just
outside the gym in the hallway watching the whole scene. And no one saw good old
dirty Carl watching from beneath the bleachers.

After 45 minutes of this, with just one break, Shannon was exhausted. While the
other girls went out when they were hit, Shannon had no one to take her spot.
She was forced to play all 45 minutes, running. Sweat was all over her nude body
and that made it hard for her to run. Several times she had fallen, getting
whacked with the ball from close angles.

Every part of her body hurt, her butt, where most of the balls had hit, her legs
and feet from running without shoes, her back (which was also a good target).
But her breasts and pussy ached as well...apparently, some of the other girls
had a bet that her tits and pussy would mean more points. Once she had fallen
and her legs splayed out. A girl, Tina, took the ball and gunned it at her
spread pussy, causing poor Shannon to see stars. At that point, Miss Kelly
called a break and came over to help Shannon.

"Why, why is everyone out to get me...why does everyone hate me?" Shannon was
crying to the teacher. "Please Barb, tell me why you hate me?"

"Shannon dear, I don't hate you, this is a punishment for two very, very serious

"Serious crimes? You mean you and Brighid never skipped school and lied about

"That was before the new rules Shannon...and that is none of your business. For
being so fresh, you can run until class is over. Jennie, come over here and
count Shannon's laps for me. Everyone else is free to go."

Shannon moaned...she had gone too far with someone that wasn't as much of her
friend as she thought. Miss Kelly grabbed her arm and pulled her close..."don't
you ever bring up my past with your it again and this dodge ball
game will be the least of your worries."

With that, she walked off into her office that opened with a window so she could
see the gym. That meant there would be no skimping on the laps.

"Come on Shannon, I'll run with you," Jennie said.

Although she didn't know Jennie very well, she was happy for some kindness.
After all, Shannon hadn't had the best day of her life.

"So, how bad is it?"

Shannon wondered what it was.

"The nudity I it awful being naked all of the time?"

Shannon nodded, trying to catch her breath.

"It's terrible...everyone is staring, pointing, touching...I've been humiliated
in every class it's really, really bad."

They ran in silence for a few minutes. Then Jennie spoke..."I've dreamed about
it...wondered what it would be like being naked at school or in public...never
imagined it would ever happen to me though."

Shannon looked at Jennie and saw a very pretty girl. She had short dirty blonde
hair with a slender build. Her breasts looked to be about the same (small) size
as Shannon's and her legs were nice and long.

"You know, all of the boys are hard over you all the time...especially this
morning," Jennie said after they ran in silence for a few more minutes.

"Uh, thanks, I guess."

"No, I didn't mean it like that...I just mean you should know that boys really
love how you look and you should be proud to give them's a great
compliment to a girl...that's what my boyfriend tells me."

Shannon thought this was getting a little weird but had bigger problems...her
entire body was racked with pain after all of the exertion.

"Please Jennie, can we stop, I'm going to die."

"Wait, keep running and I'll go ask Miss Kelly."

Jennie ran fast to the office and Shannon prayed for mercy. She saw Miss Kelly
nod her head and Jennie peeked her head out. "It's ok Shannon, you can stop!"

Shannon stopped running and collapsed in a heap onto the gym floor. Her legs and
feet were screaming in pain...she had never run so much in bare feet. Her chest
hurt from the exertion.

Miss Kelly and Jennie ran over to her, concerned that they had pushed her too
hard. They helped the poor naked girl up and helped carry her to Miss Kelly's

"Shannon, I'm so sorry, I just wanted to be tough in front of Mr. Jones...I'm
sorry I pushed you too hard."

"That's ok, Miss Kelly, I understand."

"What class do you have next?"

"I have a free period then lunch."

"Good, stay here and take a rest in the trainer's room. I'll wake you when it's
time for lunch."

Miss Kelly and Jennie helped Shannon walk into the trainers' room and helped her
onto the leather exam table...not too much unlike the gyno table that Father
Magee had used. Despite the bad memories, Shannon eased into a sleep.


It was a dream like no other...she was naked in Madison Square Garden while the
New York Rangers were playing...she was at center ice, tied and spread while the
players attempted to play around her. Then she noticed that the puck was heading
right for her splayed open pussy and went in.

SCORE! The horns blared, the lights were flashing, and the crowd went nuts. She
was a bright red but was now sitting in a net, the puck lodged in her huge
pussy. She had Rangers painted on one breast and Flyers painted on the other. As
she watched, one of the players took a marker and put a one under the Rangers on
her tit.

"Ladies and gentlemen, that is the first puck to go into Shannon's pussy and
gives the Rangers a 1-0 lead. Now ladies and gentlemen, the lucky seat holder
who gets to reach in and get it is sitting in section..."

"Shannon, wake up, Shannon, wake up."

She jerked awake, not knowing where she was. One minute she was a goal at the
Rangers game, the next she was jarred awake by a woman's voice. In a second she
remembered she was in the trainer's room and the voice belonged to Miss Kelly.

"Shannon, wake up honey, it's time for your lunch period."

Shannon finally came to her senses and her shoulders sagged as she remembered
all that she had been through since she came to school this morning. At a
surprise assembly, she had been forced to strip naked and would be kept this way
for six weeks because she skipped school and lied about it. Since then she had
been humiliated in art class, serving as a naked model, in biology class,
showing the class where her "reproductive organs" were and being forced to
masturbate nearly to orgasm, and gym class where she was the target of dodge
ball for 45 minutes before collapsing while running punishment laps. She now
laid here after Miss Kelly took pity on her and let her nap during her free

"Shannon, I wish I could let you stay in here all day but Mr. Jones would get
suspicious and I'm afraid he would take it out on me. You have to run to the
lunch room and eat ok. Plus, I think it will do you good to get some food in must be starved after all of that running."

Shannon nodded, realizing that she was really hungry. Then it hit her...the
lunch room, naked...this might be worse than anything else...out in the open,
people eating while she sat there bare ass on the chair, bare tits on display.
And her nap had hidden her for an hour and now she would pay for the rest. She
had lost her confidence and now it was all new again.

She grabbed her bookbag and went into the cafeteria. It was if everything
stopped as soon as her bare feet hit that tile floor of the caf. She felt like
everyone stopped to look at her as soon as she walked in and she was right...all
eyes were on the naked girl.

She walked quickly to grab a tray and get a salad and a tuna sandwich. She would
skip the chips, she thought...going naked meant no extra pounds could be gained.
She felt weird being naked around the food, standing there at the salad bar,
dishing out the lettuce, etc. Some of the dressing splattered up onto her belly.
She quickly wiped it with her hand and looked around to see if anyone spotter
her. Silly her, she thought, of course they spotted her, everyone is staring at

She got to the cash register and saw Jerry, the nice old man who worked there
eyeing up her nudity. She shot him a dirty look. She was always so nice to the
workers at the school, the janitors and cafeteria workers. Now she was being
ogled by one.

She pulled her backpack around and pulled her wallet out and paid for the food
and then began the daunting task of walking with her hands full through the
crowd and finding a table. She spotted a group of girls from the basketball team
had an open seat but when she got closer they slid over to fill the gaps.

"Sorry Shannon, no room for the naked girl...why don't you find another place to
sit," one snickered at her.

She was mortified. Her best friends were deserting her, just like Charles said
they would. Finally, she saw Carrie waving her hands motioning that she had a
seat available and Shannon breathed a sigh of relief. At least here was one

Shannon and Carrie had a very strange relationship. Best friends since they were
five, they mostly hung with different crowds in school. Shannon was always the
jock and hung out with the popular athletes. Carrie was more of a studious
person who felt uncomfortable with those types of kids. So she had a separate
group of friends. Although they hung out together they often ate lunch at
different tables.

"Carrie, thank you so much," Shannon said.

"No problem, I figured that Miss Goody Girls would turn you out. And we don't

Shannon turned and saw a group of kids, mostly the smart ones, the first
trackers. She hadn't even noticed them at first she had been so relieved by
Carrie's kindness.

"Oh, ah, thank you all for letting me sit with you."

"No problem," said a boy in glasses, Shannon thought his name was Kevin. "You
are always welcome...we don't mind a naked girl here once in a while."

The group laughed...Shannon did too but she wasn't comfortable being the reason
for the joke. She sat down and felt the cold folding chair against her bare

"What happened Shannon, the cool girls kick you out," one of the girls said.

"Now, now Sheila, Shannon's my best friend...let's not get on's not her
fault she's nude," Carrie defended her.

Shannon was worried...she hoped Carrie wouldn't get cast out by her friends for
this. Carrie was always her best friend but had always liked hanging out with
the smart kids instead of the girls that Shannon hung with. I guess she now knew

"Carrie, it's ok...Sheila's right...those girls told me that there was no room
for a naked girl at their table."

The table laughed at her again...this time she just blushed. That made Carrie

"Look, Shannon has been my best friend since preschool. If you don't make her
feel welcome here, we will just go and find our own table. I thought you were
all better than those other kids."

Shannon was surprised at Carrie's bold talk...she had always been so quiet. But
here, it was obvious she was the leader of the group. The other kids were
silent, some looking down at their food.

"Hey, we're sorry," Kevin said. "I know it must be really hard for you to have
to go around naked all of the time...must be awful having everyone looking at
you and your private parts. I heard about biology class this morning."

Shannon groaned at the memory of being so exposed in front of the class as her
biology professor, a priest, gave a lesson the female anatomy.

"Yeah, Kevin's right," Sheila said. "You are welcome to hang out with us anytime
you want. Sorry Shannon, sorry Carrie."

The rest of the kids, about four others, said their apologies and for the first
time all day, Shannon felt better.

The kids spent the rest of the hour chatting about school, other students, and
regular teen stuff. Shannon was almost able to forget her nudity, but not quite.
The constant feel of the steel chair on her bare thighs and ass reminded her of
the situation very quickly.

She looked up at the wall and saw there was 15 minutes before the next period.
Then she remembered that she hadn't showered after gym and must be a mess.

"Oh thanks everyone for letting me hang with you," she said.

Carrie responded..."it was our are welcome any time."

Shannon saw the other kids smile and nod and felt like they truly meant it.

"Thanks! See you all tomorrow!"

She grabbed her bookbag and then her tray and went to dump it in the trash. As
she did, a group of boys surrounded her and began touching her.

"Stop it, let go of me, let me out!"

She fought through the circle but they knocked her to the floor. Her bag went
sliding across the floor as she felt the cold tile all over her body. She
scrambled to her feet in tears, grabbed her bag and ran into the girl's locker

She sat down on the bench in front of her locker. That was awful...these boys
now think they have free reign to do anything to her body that they want now
that she is nude. Oh God, she thought...and this is only the first day. She had
six more weeks of this to suffer through.

After having a good cry, she realized that she should hurry if she wanted to
shower. She still had the sweat smell on her from the gym class and her sex
juices had coated her legs from the morning classes. She grabbed a towel and ran
into the shower, getting totally refreshed and clean. She lathered up with some
soap and enjoyed the freedom of being naked in a place where she was supposed to
be naked.

She quickly washed her hair and then shut the water off. She grabbed the little
towel that Miss Kelly had left for her and did her best at drying off. She
realized that there was at least one benefit of being naked all of the
time...getting dried off didn't really matter.

She took some time to get her hair dry and then placed the towel in the bin near
the shower. She went to her now empty locker and grabbed her bookbag, the only
thing she was allowed to wear, and left the locker room, heading for math class.
At least there, she couldn't imagine any more humiliation there beyond just
being naked.

And she was right. She sat in the back to stay out of people's vision and she
was barely bothered. Of course many of the other students snuck peeks at her but
she was beginning to not notice that anymore. Things were going great until Mr.
Cooney said, "Shannon, please come up here and demonstrate the problem at the

"Um, Sir, I would rather stay here in my seat if that is ok with you," Shannon
said softly.

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RE: Surprise Assembly
"Well, young lady, it not okay with me...part of your punishment is that you
have to perform the same duties as any other St. Mark's come up
here and demonstrate."

She knew she had no choice and wondered what the big deal was. She had been
naked and spread totally apart during biology class and art class and the entire
cafeteria had seen her naked. Why the fuss now?

She got out of her seat and walked down the row towards the front of the class.
She noticed Eric Gorbo, the class jerk, slid her bookbag in her way, making her
step over it and exposing her pussy even more. She glared at him but he just
smiled back.

Finally she made it to the board and did the problem. She heard the chuckles of
her classmates as she struggled with the problem, her bare ass constantly on
display. Finally Mr. Cooney helped her solve the problem and she headed back to
her seat, her entire body flushed with embarrassment.

On her way back, this time Eric tripped her and she fell face first into him.
His "helpful" hands grabbed her tits and crotch as he "broke" her fall. By the
time she was able to get her balance his fingers were inside of her pussy and
pumping. She gasped and moaned at the touch and everyone knew why. Her musky
odor now filled the room as she made it back to her seat.

Oh God, she thought, how humiliating...moaning at being invaded by the fingers
of the class jerk. She would never live that down...she would never live any of
this down...she knew it.

Finally the bell rang and Eric came over to her... "I liked having my fingers in
that nice warm hole...I have other parts that would like to try it too."

"Fuck off Gorbo...they can make me be naked but they can't make me let you fuck

"Oh we'll see, we'll see. You do know that my dad is on the Board of Trustees
don't you?"

Shannon cringed...she forgot the power this boy's family had. But she couldn't
be forced to have sex with someone could she? Wouldn't that be illegal?

Eric laughed at how uncomfortable she had become and walked away. She now knew
that he was going to make her life completely miserable.

She walked out and went on with the rest of her day. She had just two classes
left, including computers, which she was heading to now. She didn't think
Computers or English would be terribly humiliating but who knows...she was
beginning to realize that everything is humiliating when you are nude.

Part Five

She made it to the computer lab, barely hearing the smart comments as she
passed, comments about her pussy and her tits and how nice her ass was. It was
like she was wearing blinders. But inside, Shannon was dying...hearing every
word, noticing every pair of eyes on her bare body and praying that this day
would end.

She entered the lab, which was air conditioned because of the computers and went
to the back row...her normal seat where she could log into the computer and get
started on their next project. As she logged in, her eyes got wide when she saw
the screen. It was a picture of her, completely spread wide and masturbating.

She tried to get the awful picture off the screen but couldn't. Every command
just brought more and more pictures of her fingering herself in the bio class.
This looked horrible. Anyone who saw it would think that she was just a slut who
didn't mind masturbating in front of a room full of people. There was no sign of
Father Magee, who had ordered her to do it so that the class could see what a
woman's "reproductive organs" looked like when she was aroused.

Finally, her files popped up but the wallpaper was still the photo of her,
fingers in her pussy, the look of orgasm about to cross her face, her juices
leaking out onto her thighs and fingers. She wanted to curl up and die.

Her classmates all gathered round and looked at the photo, making crude remarks
about her obvious arousal. No one came to her defense, not even the teacher who
smiled and said that some girls get what they deserved.

Finally, the class settled down and began to work. When she clicked on her
homework project she saw the whole group of photos click up. As she read what
her teacher, Mr. Blake, had assigned her, she gasped. Her job was to create a
website for all of these pictures and present them to him by the end of class.

She couldn't do it. Design a website where the whole purpose was to display her
humiliating photos. No way. Then she read further...failure to complete this
task will mean further public humiliation and an F in computers on the report

She was lucky to be very proficient with computers and creating web pages.
Actually, this was easy...the pics were already scanned and the school used a
simple program to update pages. It took her most of the period, putting the
photos in the right locations and putting captions and interesting graphics
where needed. She then titled it "Naughty Schoolgirl Shannon Wanks Off In Bio."
Exactly the title Mr. Blake had required.

Shannon looked at her finished product. The photos were from those scenes when
Father Magee had ordered her to masturbate to show female arousal. It must have
come from the video but she was shocked that it had happened so quickly. Then
she saw Charles' head in one of the photos and realized that someone must have
used a digital camera without her knowing. The photos showed her on the table,
feet in each stirrup, her right hand rubbing her pussy lips and then plunging
in, pushing her fingers in deeper and deeper. She can see her hips moving in
each photo as she got into the movements. And then her mouth opened, she knew
she was begging to stop before she came. To anyone looking, it looked like
orgasm or some other yell was about to come out.

She sent the file to Mr. Blake and got the auto response that he had received it
as the class bell rang. Tears flowed anew as she realized that her embarrassing
photos, with the graphic captions and titles, would soon be accessible to any
pervert with a computer. She wondered where it would be linked but realized it
didn't matter. It would be out there and anyone would be able to find it and do
something with it. And she had been the creator of it all.


The last class of the day was English. She loved Miss Edwards, her favorite
teacher. Her male classmates loved Miss Edwards as well. She was young, just a
few years older than them...and she was blonde, built and beautiful. Many boys
had hard ons for the entire class and she was the reason for many self-orgasms
among the boys at St. Marks.

Shannon entered the room, naked of course, as she had been since that awful
assembly and as she will be for SIX weeks because of her crime of skipping
school and phoning in a fake sick call. She was in deep trouble.

As she sat down at her assigned desk, first row, third seat against the wall.
She wished she could be two seats back in the corner but this was better than
most seats. Miss Edwards entered and Shannon looked longingly at her stylish
clothes. As always she looked great and sexy...a black skirt above the knee that
showed off her legs pretty well but not trampy...a white silk blouse with a
camisole underneath...nude pantyhose and black heels, about four inches maybe,
she figured. She was the very picture of class and sex appeal.

Miss Edwards' appearance made Shannon feel even more naked than she was. It was
humiliating that this woman could be so dressed and so impressive while she had
to suffer naked and embarrassed.

Miss Edwards turned to Shannon with a sympathetic smile and said, "Shannon, can
I talk to you in the hallway for a second before class starts?"

Shannon nodded and got to her feet and walked out the door to meet Miss Edwards.
The teacher grabbed her and gave her a big hug. The soft silk felt so nice
against the naked girl's bare chest she wished she could borrow it for just a
minute and remember what it was like to have clothes again.

"I'm sorry, I just had to do that, I feel so bad for what is happening to you
today," Miss Edwards said. "I know it has to be this way, but you have always
been such a good student and so well behaved I am sorry you have to be the first
to suffer this punishment."

Shannon, blushing, replied, "Thank you Miss Edwards, that means a lot."

"And I think Mr. Jones is being especially hard on you. After all, it was your
first offense."

Miss Edwards stopped talking and looked at Shannon's bare body. For some reason,
this look was not humiliating to the wasn't done in a lustful way,
just admiring.

"You really are a beautiful girl and I like you a lot. That's why what is going
to happen in class today is so hard for me...but it probably will be harder for

Shannon started to shake. No, please, not again, she thought. Why can't she just
have a class that wasn't completely humiliating? Why can't she just be a regular
girl again, in her regular uniform? If only she could go back in time to
yesterday and not skip school.

"Shannon, in case you haven't noticed, all of your teachers have been especially
mean and made you do things that were terrible and humiliating. What you do not
know is that Mr. Jones has been behind them all. He wants to make sure that this
experience is the most awful thing you have ever done in your life and that you
pay for your crime. Also, he wants everyone else to see how bad it is to earn
this punishment and wants to stop them from acting as you have."

The realization hit her hard...she was going to be the model...they had to be
especially rough on her to help show other students what could happen. Tears
flowed anew from her eyes...funny how many tears are in a girl...she thought the
reserve must be low by now!

"In class today, I have to give a humiliating assignment that pains me to
do...but Mr. Jones has warned those of us that teach you that we may not be
lenient...even if we want to."

Shannon nodded, realizing now why things have been so awful. And she cried some
more at the knowledge that she had six more weeks of this.

"But, please know that I am here to support you. If you ever need a place to
come and talk...or hide from prying eyes, my classroom is open to you and so is
my office. Come over and we can talk and I'll give you a shoulder to lean on,

The tears stopped but she still had trouble seeing. "Ok, thanks Miss Edwards."

"Good girl, here," she said, grabbing a tissue from her pocket. Ahh, pockets,
Shannon thought...what a luxury! When she got her clothes back she will cherish
small things like pockets and socks and panties!

Shannon dried her eyes with the tissue and she and Miss Edwards went inside.

"OK folks, sorry about the late start here. Get out your writing journals...we
have a special assignment direct from the desk of our faithful principal Mr.

The class pulled out their journals and waited patiently for Miss Edwards to
write the assignment on the board as she always did. No one ever misbehaved in
her class...the boys were too in love with her and the girls respected her look
and the fact that she was so sweet and nice.

"Shannon, can you come up here and stand up on my desk please," Miss Edwards

The class gasped. Shannon was thankful that Miss Edwards had warned her that
this was coming. It didn't make it easy but at least she wasn't floored.

Shannon walked, her knees shaking again, her breasts heaving as she took deep
breaths. She got to the desk and Miss Edwards offered her a hand to help her up
onto the desk. She felt the smooth wood under her bare feet and felt completely
on display, much like being on stage like she was at the assembly this morning.

"Now, class, you are to write down your thoughts of Shannon's body and be as
descriptive as you can. Then write a technical essay about her private parts,
especially her vagina and breasts. You will have to whole class to work on it.
Begin now."

Shannon saw many of the students chuckle and begin writing. Miss Edwards didn't
feel comfortable sitting at her desk where her naked student was standing so she
stayed at her podium. Shannon was very aware of the stares of her classmates and
struggled to stand still and not cover any part of her. To do so would break a
major rule during punishment and result in even more humiliation.

As she stood there, Shannon focused on the back wall, looking over the heads of
her classmates. She could hardly believe what had happened to her today...she
was a very modest girl...yes she sometimes wore short skirts but never revealed
anything more than some leg. Even at the beach, her sisters had always teased
her for her modest one-piece outfit.

At home, unlike her sisters, she never walked around in less than shorts and a
tee. Her sisters sometimes wore their bras and panties, or just a tee. No way.
And she always brought her clothes into the bathroom with her, changing right
after her walking around in towels for her.

And now, here she was, naked as she can be, displaying her nude body in front of
all of her schoolmates and teachers. Mr. Jones was right about one thing...she
would never do this again and hoped that other kids got the message.

She lost track of the time, forgot that other students were there. She was lost
in her thoughts...oblivious of the 30 sets of eyes drinking in her every curve,
her every pore...her most private spots and her most public spots. She wondered
if many were looking at her face or arms? Unlikely. Of course, they would focus
on her breasts and her vagina...that's what she would do if she was sitting out
there. Those areas that are kept hidden. But why, she wondered? Who thought of
that...that a woman must keep her breasts covered and that all people should
cover their sex parts?

She knew what her body looked like, but wondered what they saw when they looked
at her. To her, her breasts were too small...just a 32A. But, she thought her
legs were great (many had told her so). They were long and thin, but shapely. As
one boy told her, she had legs that went to her neck. She only wished that were
so, it wouldn't be so embarrassing.

Lately, she had spent a lot of time noticing her vagina and pubic hair...she had
come to love her pubes. They had taken some time to grow in and they were still
sparse but to her they were a sign of womanhood. She remembered the first time
she had seen them, wanting to tell the world. Of course, the only one she told
was Carrie.

She had noticed her vaginal lips a lot lately, especially today in bio class.
They were plump...she didn't know if they were plumper than other girls but they
were a nice pink color and parted slightly. She thought it was cute and knew
that boys loved to try and catch glimpses. Over the years, she had flirted with
boys, letting them peek up her skirt while sitting in class. But she had always
been smooth and allowed just teasing looks. She guessed she was paying for that teasing looks here...not only could they see it, they were being
encouraged to take long, hard looks and describe it.

"Attention faculty, staff and students, this is Mr. Jones, the principal...would
Shannon Malone please report to my office immediately after classes today. Thank
you and hope everyone has enjoyed this historic day for our school."

Shannon cringed...she didn't know what Mr. Jones had in mind, but she didn't
think it could be good. And that part about the historic day in school
history...she would always be the first student to be forced to be naked.

As she stood there, she saw Eric Gorbo...his beady brown eyes staring right at
her vagina, mentally raping her. She hated him and knew he would cause her
trouble. He had already promised that much earlier in the day. She wondered if
he was going to be the boy that finally took her virginity.

Then she looked out and saw that most of the class had stopped writing and were
just staring at her body. She didn't know whether to die from shame or be proud
that her body could cause all of these eyes to stare. She knew that none of
these boys had probably ever gotten this much of a view of a naked girl
before...Christ, she thought, most gynecologists don't get to see this much of a
naked girl. She smiled at that little joke to herself.

"Enough gawking folks, more writing...this is English class, not impure thoughts
101," Miss Edwards said, flashing Shannon a smile. Shannon smiled back. It was
so nice to know that someone was on her side here.

RINNNGGG! The bell rang and the class closed their journals and packed up. Miss
Edwards told the class to finish their entries for homework and be prepared to
present their thoughts the next day. Shannon cringed yet again...she would have
to listen to their perverted thoughts on her body during oral presentations. The
humiliations never stop, she thought.

Miss Edwards reached her hand up and helped Shannon down. As she came off the
desk, Shannon's breasts grazed Miss Edwards' silk blouse and Shannon felt a
chill down her body. It was so nice, she thought...what is that?

Miss Edwards just looked and smiled, packed up her bag and left the classroom.
Shannon snapped out of her pleasant thoughts and remembered that she needed to
see Mr. Jones at the end of school. He probably just wants to gawk at me some
more, she thought.

Then it hit her...she was going to have to get home tonight and deal with her
parents! And her horny little brother...this is the worst day of her life!


Shannon ran down the mostly empty hallways to Mr. Jones' office. Outside, Mrs.
Phillips looked at her in disgust and told her to sit in the waiting area. She
realized that the waiting area was totally glassed in and anyone walking by
could see her.

She wanted to yell at Mrs. Phillips, "save your disgust for Mr. Jones. This
wasn't my idea. I don't get off being naked in front of hundreds of people!" But
of course she could not...she just sat there, her knees spread so that no part
of her was covered, waiting for Mr. Jones to let her into his office.

She hated the man, ever since he began the assembly that morning that forced her
nudity. One skipped day of school and one false sick call and now this. She was
humiliated all day, groped and prodded. It was awful and she still had six weeks
of this torture.

She saw many boys go past her, into the detention room located adjacent to Mr.
Jones' office. She knew that this little display was his idea of a joke, let all
of the bad boys in the school see her in all her glory, add to her debasement.
Well, she would show him. She sat there, chin up, breasts thrust out, knees
spread as wide as she could go and showed that she was proud of her body.

"Miss Malone, Miss Malone," Mrs. Phillips' voice sprang her back to the present.
"Sorry to interrupt whatever little perverted dream you were just having but Mr.
Jones will see you now."

Shannon flushed again. Mrs. Phillips knew...she had no privacy, not even her

She entered Mr. Jones big wood paneled office. There was a large picture window
overlooking the athletic fields.

"Shannon, I would ask you to take a seat but obviously wouldn't want any of my
nice leather seats ruined by your seepage."

More red came out in her face at the comment. Why wasn't there a limit to her
embarrassment...that, if reached, would shut off all further embarrassment.

"I just wanted to give you some reminders. First, you are never to be on school
grounds with clothes on...your punishment lasts until six weeks from now. At
that time, Mrs. Phillips will call you down here and you will be allowed to
dress, as long as you incur no other punishments. Understand?"

"Yes sir," Shannon replied.

"Also, the rules state that students on enforced nudity punishment are not
entitled to certain privileges. Therefore, I called your stepmother and she came
and took your car back home with her. You are not entitled to park your car on
school premises. Today, I suggest you make that last school bus home. It would
be a long cold walk today, I assure you."

This was the last straw. She had thought she would have some peace and quiet in
her car. Even driving off campus nude wouldn't be so bad. Now she realized she
would have to take the bus completely naked and not dress until she got home.
This was awful and she began to sob.

"Good, I can see our new punishments work well. Off you go and don't forget to
stop by the AV room...Charles has your video tape."

She had forgotten all about the biology assignment. And the art assignment as
well. And the English...all about her pussy! She cried as she walked out of Mr.
Jones' carpeted office and back onto the cold tile.

She raced to the AV room. There Charles was waiting with her videotape. She knew
he watched her walk away, catching a great view of her ass but what did she
care. This boy had already taped places that her gyn hadn't seen.

Shannon ran to her locker and grabbed some books she needed for homework and
then booked for the bus. It was her first time outside in the nude and the cold
January air hit her hard. She felt the hard gravel from the street under her
poor bare feet but ran on, not daring to miss the bus. It was just about to
close the door when she yelled, "Wait, please!"

The door stopped shutting and opened again. She hopped up the step and onto the
rubber flooring. "Thank you!" she said to the driver, who was eying up this new
rider. "You are welcome maam, it is my pleasure!"

The driver was Vince, a 78-year old retiree, had been driving this route for 15
years, since he had stopped driving a city bus. The pay was awful but the bonus
of seeing young girls and their bare legs was worth the energy. And at this
Catholic school, most of the students weren't discipline problems.

Now he had the privilege of driving home this naked girl. He had heard from some
of the other drivers that the school's first nude punishment was going on and
each wondered who would be the driver. He would have to drop to his knees
tonight and thank God that he was the lucky winner.

"Sorry miss, but the only seat open is that one," Vince said, pointing at the
front seat. It was completely open to his view and also to anyone their height
who could look in through the front window.

Shannon thanked him and sat down. The bus had hooted and hollered as soon as she
had stepped in. Many of her schoolmates were stunned that she was being forced
to be nude at all, but especially out of school and out in the real world. They
never thought the school would go through with it but were really happy it did.

Most of the bus' riders were underclassmen...unable to drive themselves and not
cool enough to know someone that could. Most of them Shannon did not know but
they had become very intimately familiar with her.

"Hey Vince, why not share the wealth buddy," one of the boys in the back
shouted. Vince laughed and said, "You got it John," and he turned the front
mirror so that everyone on the bus could see Shannon's bare, spread pussy from
any seat on the bus.

Shannon began crying some more. She could not close her legs...that would result
in a harsher punishment. She could do nothing but sit there and suffer.

Of course, her stop was last. Everybody that came by "mistakenly" bumped into
the naked girl, some even groping her bare heaving tits.

Finally it was just her and another girl, Leeza, who came up and sat in the seat
next to Shannon.

"Hey, do you remember me?" Leeza asked.

Shannon shook her head. "I'm Leeza, you gave me a campus tour last year and were
the nicest person I had ever met," Leeza said. "You are the reason I came to St.

Leeza reached her hand out to shake Shannon's hand. Shannon shook hands
instinctively, knowing that it opened her up even more.

"I just wanted you to know that I think it sucks what is happening to you but
you are holding up really well," Leeza said. "I could have never gotten onto to
this bus and done what you have done. And to sit with your knees spread and your
pussy on display. I would have died."

If this girl only knew how she felt inside...that she wanted to crawl into a
ball and never leave her house again.

"Thanks Leeza, it's nice to see you again."

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RE: Surprise Assembly
"Just so you know, there is a freshman here on your side. Most of the girls I
know are so impressed with you. You have such a nice body and the boys are going
nuts. I think a lot were hiding out in the bathroom jerking off to your image."

That was the second time that a girl had told her that today. What was it about
these girls...Shannon didn't think it was that much of a compliment but these
girls were impressed by it.

"Oh, here's my stop...see you in the morning I guess. Save me a seat and I'll
sit with you if you want some company. Since you're the first one on and all."

"Ok, Leeza, that would be nice. Thanks!

Leeza got off, leaving Shannon alone on the bus with Vince.

"Excuse me Vince, sir, would you mind if I changed seats and closed my legs a
bit. There's no one else here."

Vince didn't want her to and could have been a hard ass but he had certainly
seen a lot of this young girl's pussy.

"OK, on one have to sit here every day. If you do not agree, I
will call Mr. Jones and tell him that you were covering yourself and that will
earn you some punishment right?"

"Yes Sir," she said, more tears flowing. She would not even be allowed kindness
on the bus from this old man.

She closed her legs for the first time in a half hour and felt like she was
hidden from view. She hopped back into the second seat and put her bare back
against the window and stretched her legs out. This brief respite gave her some
time to prepare for the arrival home. Well, her stepmom knew...she wondered if
her dad did as well.

She felt the bus stop and heard Vince say, "alright Miss, here's your stop." She
looked out and saw that she was still three blocks from home on a very crowded

"No, please Sir, please drop me at my house...Mr. Jones said I would be taken

"And I have taken you to your stop, last one on the route. Sorry, but rules are

She grabbed her bag and made her way to the door which had slid open. She was
two steps away from having to make her way onto a crowded street, completely

"Look Miss, if you do not get off this bus, I will have to take you back to
school and Mr. Jones."

That got her out and she heard Vince laughing as the door closed. She ran on the
hard cement across the street. Horns blared. "Hey, look at that naked chick,"
someone yelled. She ran on, her feet slapping the hard sidewalk...her breasts
jiggling as she ran.

She made it to her street and turned off the main highway and went behind a bush
and took some deep breaths. That was awful...she many eyes, even
worse than school. At least there, most of the people knew it was against her
will. Here, no one knew...for all they knew she was enjoying it, out to get a

She knew she couldn't stay behind Mrs. McGeehan's shrubs all day. She peeked to
see if anyone else was out there and started down the sidewalk towards her
house. She barely noticed the cold, being all worked up from her mad dash off
the main street. Suddenly, it hit her...she would have to wait out on that
corner tomorrow morning for the bus! UGGH!

She finally got to her house and walked up the path. She climbed the steps to
the house as she had so many times in her life and stopped. Oh God, she had
never been naked on these steps...and who knows what awaited her.

Shannon grabbed her keys out of her backpack and unlocked the door. She pushed
but the chain lock was on and would not budge. DAMN! This would be a pain at any
time, but for the naked girl, it was awful...she was cold, she was exposed and
she just wanted to be in her room curled up in bed and cry.

She had been naked at school all day, punished for skipping school yesterday and
calling in a fake sick call. Shannon became the first student punished under the
new school code that permitted complete nudity for certain serious infractions.
Skipping school and calling in a lie were certainly serious and earned her six
weeks of total nudity.

She had survived her first nude day but had suffered humiliation after
humiliation. Each class and teacher had a new insult for her to suffer...serving
as a nude model in art and bio, walking to the board and doing a problem in
math, nude dodge ball, running laps barefoot, creating a web site of her naked
pictures in computer class and then serving as "inspiration" for journal entries
in her English class. She knew she had provided inspiration for other things for
most of the boys in her school.

Now here she was, naked on her front porch, locked out. It was her jerky brother
Jimmy. She banged on the door, knowing that the 12-year old would have beaten
her home, especially since she had been forced to take the school bus home. Mr.
Jones, the principal, had taken away her privilege of driving to school meaning
that the bus was her only alternative. On it, Vince the driver had forced her to
sit in the front row, the mirror focused on her naked pussy. Then she had to run
home through busy traffic.

"Jimmy, you little brat, let me in," she yelled, then realized that she should
draw less attention to her naked form. "Jimmy," she said in a loud whisper,

She saw her snotty little brother's face looking through the door at his older
sister. They had always argued like cats and her, he was the annoying
younger him, she was the perfect big sister who got away with
everything. He was so glad she finally was getting what she deserved.

"Oh poor Shannon, I would love to let you in, trust me I would," Jimmy said
laughing. "But Colleen told me to lock all of the doors and leave you out on the
porch until she got home. She went to get Brighid at work and should be back

OH God, she thought. Brighid was her older sister and would hound her the rest
of her life. She knew that her family would know about this but to be seen stuck
on the porch naked on the first day was bad.

Shannon was the third oldest of four kids. Brighid was 24 and working. Megan was
20 and in college. Then Shannon and finally Jimmy, the bratty baby of the
family. He was in seventh grade at the local Catholic parish school, the one
where Shannon and her sisters went.

"Well, Jimmy, can I at least have a blanket, it's freezing out here," Shannon
said in as nice a voice as she had ever used with him.

"Jeez Shan, you know that I would really love to, but I have been told not to
let you cover up at all...Colleen and Brighid will fill you in and of course Dad
will have his say later," Jimmy said.

She crossed her arms over her aching tits...her nipples stood straight out in
the cold air and goosebumps were forming on her breasts. She sat down on the
wooden ground of the porch to get out of the line of vision from the street and
Jimmy and to cry. She sat there, her back against the house, her knees up
against her chest and her head resting on her bare knees and cried again.

She was starting to shiver when she heard a car approach and enter the driveway.
She prayed that it was her stepmom Colleen and her sister and for once her
prayers were answered.

"Oh good, you're home," Colleen called. "Come here and help me with the

No, please no, Shannon thought. But she did it by instinct, leaving the relative
safety of her porch and went down the stairs to help carry the groceries. At
least now something will be covering me. She saw, with annoyance, that it was
the plastic kind that you can hold at your side rather than the paper ones that
you have to hold to you.

She saw the huge grin on Brighid's face and knew that she would never live this
down. Colleen didn't even seem to notice her nudity, handing her two bags to
carry. She took one in each hand and walked with the heavy bags back up the
stairs, her whole front and back on display...and she knew Jimmy would be

Colleen went to the door and told Jimmy to unlatch the chain. He did it and
Shannon finally was able to enjoy the warmth of her house.

"Shannon, bring the groceries into the kitchen and then go back out and get the
last two bags," Colleen said.

"Colleen, please, couldn't Jimmy go or Brighid?"

"No Shannon, I would like you to do it. And then you are to help me put them
away. No more lip from you...don't you think you are in enough trouble?"

Shannon knew she wasn't getting out of this and realized that Colleen was right.
She put the bags down on the table and went back outside. She realized there
were still six bags left and knew it would mean at least three more trips. The
first one was uneventful as she made her way down the concrete driveway and up
the steps. The second trip wasn't as smooth. First, the plastic bag ripped and
some oranges rolled down the drive to the street. She ran down to track it and
was met face to face with Darryl, the paper boy, who was delivering the
afternoon paper on his bike.

"Holy shit," said Darryl, a 14-year old black boy with an athletic build.
Shannon had noticed this boy before and wondered how much longer she should wait
until asking him out...he was that cute.

"Oh God," Shannon said, realizing that he first saw her as she had bent over to
retrieve the oranges. "Please go away Darryl, this is so embarrassing."

"Why are you naked?" Darryl was a freshman at a private boys school where
Shannon and her sisters had always gone to mixers. "What the hell are you

"Oh God Darryl, I don't want you to see me like this, please go away."

"Are you kidding, go away after seeing a hot girl like you naked and way. I'll just stay here and watch you work."

Oh Christ, what the hell did she ever see in him. She had no choice but to
continue picking up the oranges that had rolled out into the street. Luckily for
her no cars came by. She gathered the oranges and held them to her, covering her
tits as best she could. Her pussy and ass were on display but she couldn't
figure out a way to stop that.

She carried the oranges back to the driveway and stuffed them into the other
bag. As she bent over the trunk, she knew the sight that she was presenting to
Darryl. He could probably see right up her gaping cunt and asshole. Oh God,
would this ever end? And for six more weeks.

She carried the bags up to the house and then came back for the last one. She
noticed that Darryl had been joined by two other boys from the neighborhood,
slightly younger kids. She closed her eyes and stood tall, not wanting these
little boys to know they were bothering her. She picked up the bag and slammed
the trunk shut. As she walked to the steps she wasn't watching where she was
going and missed the bottom one, falling to the ground, splaying her feet in
both directions. The boys hooted and laughed...nice split Shannon, one yelled.
Her face was even more crimson as she bolted up the steps and into the relative
safety of the house.

She felt Jimmy's eyes on her every move as she put the groceries away. The most
humiliating parts were reaching up to put things on the top shelves and the ice
cold of the freezer as she put the frozen food away. This made her nipples,
already rock hard (would they stay like that permanently?), stand up and ache
even more.

Finally the food was away and the kitchen was neat. She went into the living
room to tell Colleen.

"Excellent, now go and stand in the corner, feet spread and facing the room
until your dad gets home and we can deal with your day."

"Please Colleen, may I wait in my room? Please may I have some privacy?"

"Ah, those answers will come when your father gets home, trust me. For now, you
are to wait as I commanded."

That was it, there would be no mercy. She went over to the corner of the living
room and stood, her feet spread wide so that her pussy lips would be spread and
on display. She was humiliated yet again, naked and exposed in her own house,
the place she had always felt so comfortable.

She watched as Colleen and Brighid sat together on the couch, talking about
their days and catching up. She was jealous of their easy manner and especially
of their clothes. Colleen was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt and she looked so
warm and comfy and covered. Brighid had yet to change after work and was wearing
a skirt that ended just above her knees, a blouse, and stockings. She looked so
stylish and sexy and COVERED!

Of course, as she stood there watching the scene, Jimmy made frequent
appearances, asking Colleen to check his homework, to help him with this thing
or that. Of course, he always chose the seat that gave him the best view of her
humiliated nudity.

One of the worst parts of her wait was when Harry, her beloved Basset Hound,
came up to her and sniffed. She tried to shoo him away but knew she was not
allowed to move. Harry pushed his snout right into her vagina and licked. "OH
GOD, Harry nooo!" she moaned as the dog's tongue slid between her open lips.

Colleen and Brighid turned and saw the scene. Both laughed and Colleen told
Harry to get away from Shannon. "Well, I guess Harry's not used to having
something that exposed is he?" Brighid asked, smiling. "Being naked opens you up
to a lot of humiliation, doesn't it Shannon?"

Shannon just groaned at the humiliation. It just kept piling on her and she was
unsure if she could handle it all.

She continued to stand there, her legs aching in the awkward pose. The daylight
was gone and the only lights in the room came from the lamps around the room.
Jimmy had sat down and watched television, using the phone to tell all of his
friends exactly what he was seeing as he sat there.

"Mike, you wouldn't believe it," she heard him say. "Yeah, Shannon's completely
naked in the living man, she's not allowed to cover herself...our
stepmom is making her stand naked in the corner of the living room. I'm not
kidding...something about a school punishment. Oh man, I can see every part of
her...her pussy is awesome...I have never seen one like this...yeah, I used to
sneak peeks of her and my sisters but never saw it for this long and this close
up. Yeah, she can't do anything...she has to stand time, Harry
licked her pussy (laughing like crazy)...she wasn't allowed to move. I think she
came while standing there...Colleen had to push Harry away...I wonder if his
tongue was stuck to her, I heard that can happen."

Shannon had to stand there and hear his vulgar description of her private parts.

"Well, her pussy has two big puffy lips...hold on, let me get closer."

Jimmy brought the cordless phone and sat right next to Shannon. She glared at
him with a killer look that normally got to him. Today he laughed. I guess my
being naked takes some of the punch of that away, Shannon thought.

"They're not red...more like pink...I don't know, Colleen told me I can't touch
but I can look all I want. Hey, I have an idea...COLLEEN!!"

"What Jimmy?"

"Can I ask Shannon to do things for me?"
"Sure hon, as long as she doesn't leave her corner."

Shannon shook her head, "no, no, no, not for this twerp. Please let this end."
But there was no mercy.

"Yes, ok, Mike, let me find out...Shannon, touch your pussy lips and tell me
what it feels like. Is it soft?"

Shannon reached her right hand down and felt her lips.

"Yes your little pervert, they're soft."

"No, sorry, that's not enough...and call me Sir. I think I deserve some respect
from the naked girl."

"I will not call you sir you asshole."


"Shannon, you are already in enough trouble...stop causing problems for your
brother and do as he asks."

I'm causing problems? Shannon thought. This little prick is asking her to touch
her pussy and describe what it feels like and she's causing problems.

"Sir, my pussy lips are very soft," she said through gritted teeth.

"Hey Mike, she says they are very soft. What else...oh yeah...Shannon, keep your
hand there and use your other hand to tell me how your tits feel."

"UGGH," she thought but with her right hand still touching her pussy lips, she
massaged her left tit with her left hand.

"It's firm Sir, and very soft as well," she moaned, the touch and the situation
turning her on.

"I think she likes this...holy shit," Jimmy said. "Good one Mike...Shannon,
reach inside of your pussy lips and tell me how hot you are inside."

"NO, please Jimmy, don't make me do this...please I'm your sister."

"Do I have to tell Colleen again?"

She took a deep breath and reached her right hand inside of her pussy lips,
feeling her hot juices leaking down.

"Sir, I am very hot inside, my juices are very hot."

Just then they heard a car pull into the driveway. Jimmy knew it was their
father and told Mike he had to go. Shannon went to pull her hands away but Jimmy
said, "Who told you to move?" She glared at him but he laughed again.

She heard the door open and Jimmy said, "Okay, take your hands away."

She just managed to return her hands to her side when she saw her father enter
the room. He looked startled to see her there nude but quickly recovered.

"Miss, I am extremely angry at you for what you did and the situation you have
created. You will be dealt with severely."

She bowed her head. Shannon loved her father so much and always did whatever she
could to please him. She had been six when her mom had died and had formed a
very close relationship with her father...had always been teased as being
Daddy's favorite. Now he was seeing her in all her naked glory, leaking from the
encounter with Jimmy.

"Come into the kitchen and sit for dinner. Then we will discuss your

She entered the kitchen where Colleen and Brighid had been preparing dinner. She
noticed that Brighid had changed into sweats. How she envied her big
be able to change clothes was such a luxury.

They sat down in their regular spots but nothing was regular now. Shannon was
very aware of her tits on display all through dinner. Luckily, she sat across
from Jimmy and not next to him. Although he dropped his napkin a few times to
get a better look at her bare pussy.

They ate in mostly uncomfortable silence. Her father rarely got angry but when
he did the rest of the family knew to lay low. There was some small talk...that
Brighid had talked to Megan today and that she was doing well in college...that
Jimmy had basketball practice tomorrow night and would need a ride. Nothing had
yet come up about Shannon's punishment and condition but it was right there,
just below the surface.

Except for her tits that is...they were the most obvious things that showed that
something was less than right here. She also realized that she was sitting with
her bare back to the window and that anyone looking in would see her. She wanted
to change seats but realized that every seat had a view from the window. What
had been her favorite part of the room, all of the windows, was now the source
of her humiliation.

They finished their meal and Colleen announced it was time for dessert.

"Shannon, can you please go to the freezer and get the ice cream and take
everyone's order. Then dish it out and serve it to everyone."

She pleaded with a look at Colleen but one look at her father settled it. She
hopped out of her seat and went over to the freezer. She knew this would be
embarrassing but she felt she could do it after all she had been through.

She reached into the cold freezer and felt her nipples push even harder out of
her skin. They ached so much she was dying to dive under the covers and get
warm. She pulled out some vanilla and chocolate and also some peach, her daddy's
favorite. Might as well try and brownnose a little, she thought.

"Daddy, would you like some peach ice cream?"

"Yes Shannon, two scoops please."

Shannon grabbed the scooper and dished out two scoops of the peach ice cream and
brought it to her father. To deliver it, she had to lean over Jimmy who gawked
at her breasts and extended nipples.

"Colleen, what kind of ice cream would you like?"

"Two scoops of chocolate please Shannon, thank you."

Shannon scooped out two scoops of the brown ice cream and put it in a bowl.

"Oh and Shannon, some whipped cream please."

Shannon groaned but went to the frig and grabbed the Reddi-Whip and sprayed it
onto the ice cream, getting some on her belly. She delivered it to Colleen and
again had to lean over Jimmy. He saw the whipped cream and laughed at her. She
ignored him and asked Brighid what she wanted.

"Actually, I'll just have some fruit salad. Could you get some for me?"

Shannon glared at her older sister. "you should understand how awful this is,"
she thought. "You should cut me some slack!" instead she just turned and reached
into the frig, grabbing the fruit salad from the bottom shelf, giving everyone
who could see (and she was sure everyone was watching) a view right up her

She took the big Tupperware out and spooned out a bowl full of fruit salad for
Brighid. She delivered it and then asked Jimmy what he wanted.

"Chocolate and vanilla, two scoops of each."

She went back to the counter and dished out the ice cream. As she came to
deliver it, his hand "mistakenly" hit the bottom of the bowl and it fell onto
her bare breasts. She screamed at the extreme cold on her soft breasts.

"Jimmy, you have made a mess and should be more careful. Please clean up your

Oh no..."That's ok," Shannon said to Colleen, "It was just an accident...I'll
take care of it."

"Absolutely not Shannon, Jimmy has been clumsy and needs to learn a lesson.
Jimmy, grab some washcloths, wet them and clean your sister off."

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12-28-2012, 10:47 AM
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RE: Surprise Assembly
She stood there while Jimmy rushed to the drawer where the washcloths were kept
and wet them. Shannon noticed that he used cold water and she groaned inside

Jimmy came over and began to maul her poor breasts with his ice cold towels.
"AHHH!!! TOO COLDDD!!" The family laughed at her agony as Jimmy finished wiping
her breasts clean of the ice cream. Finally her breasts were free and no longer
sticky. Her nipples threatened to burst from the cold water and exposure to the
night air, even in the house.

"Good boy Jimmy, try not to be so clumsy next time."

"Yes maam," he told Colleen, a glint in his eye.

"Now Shannon, please dish out some more ice cream for Jimmy."

She glared at Colleen who returned the look. Shannon knew she had no choice and
went back to the counter and dished out more ice cream for her bratty brother.
This time the dish made it to the table and she went to get herself some.

"Where are you going Miss," her father asked.

"To get myself some ice cream Sir," she replied quietly.

"I don't think so, dessert is a privilege that has to be have not
earned it tonight. Come and sit down please."

She went back to her seat and had to suffer watching her family eat their ice
cream. "Shannon, can you pour us some coffee. Get some milk for Jimmy as well.
And feel free to pour yourself some hot tea."

She went to the kettle, glad to be doing something and not watch them all eat
ice cream. She filled the kettle and poured instant coffee into three cups. She
also put a tea bag in a mug for herself and poured some milk for Jimmy.

She wasn't even listening to the conversation her family was having, she was
lost in the blissful quiet of the other side of the kitchen, finally not the
center of attention.

The kettle whistled and she poured the hot water into the four mugs. Some of the
scalding water sprayed against her and she winced but kept the pour clean. She
carried the cups of coffee to Dad and Colleen first, paying special attention to
Jimmy and his hands. She then went and delivered Brighid's coffee before
grabbing her tea mug and Jimmy's milk. She sat down and pushed Jimmy's milk
towards him.

The conversation between Dad and Brighid finished. Shannon was glad to see that
Daddy's mood had lightened a bit.

"Now, Shannon, it is time to deal with what you have been doing," he said.

"Daddy, I am really sorry for skipping school and lying about it. I didn't mean
to hurt anyone."

"Shannon, do you realize what could have happened to a young girl out there
downtown by herself...Christ, you are 16 years old for crying out are
too young to be out there could have been raped or robbed or
worse...murdered. Do you get that? And nobody knew where you were!"

Shannon started to sob. Her daddy had never been this angry with her. And,
worse, she knew that every word he said was absolutely correct.

"Dammit, I don't want you buck naked and walking around this house but God
Dammit, I don't know what else to do."

"Please Daddy, no, let me wear clothes at home. Please, I've learned my lesson.
Being naked at school is so's the worst thing I've ever
done...please let me have clothes."

The kitchen was quiet except for Shannon's sobbing. Even Jimmy was moved by the
force of Shannon's talk. They all couldn't imagine being forced through what
Shannon was going through.

The silence continued. Shannon's father just sat there, looking his daughter
directly in the eye. Shannon's teary eyes met his and they locked.

"No, Shannon, I am going to continue your nude punishment here at
least for the beginning."

NOOO! Shannon's sobs got louder and turned into wails.

"Jack, come on honey, can't we have some compassion for her," Colleen asked.

"Col, don't you see how much she hates this. What better punishment than this?"

They all agreed that this girl did truly hate being naked.
"However, I am not going to have the punishment last for six weeks. Shannon, you
can earn some clothing as the weeks go on. Go a week without an infraction of
any kind and you can wear socks. Two weeks, shoes. Three, panties. Four, a bra.
Five a shirt and then the sixth week you can wear shorts."

Colleen smiled at him. She knew he loved legs and she realized that he had made
sure that Shannon's legs would be bare the whole time.

Shannon wasn't sure what this meant. Socks and shoes were ok but she couldn't
wait until the third week and some blessed covering. Even the flimsiest panties
would feel like a complete body wrap after three weeks of nudity.

While the news wasn't all terrible, it still was not good. She was still going
to be naked for two weeks until those panties.

"You may go to your room and do your homework. You will see that Colleen and
Brighid have made some adjustments to your accommodations."

She got up and started to leave. Something made her turn around and run to her
father. She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a huge hug, tears flowing
out of her eyes.

"I am so sorry Daddy," she said, conscious of her naked body against the rough
fabric of his clothes. "I promise to do better and be a good girl."

Jack could hardly contain his emotions. He had always loved Shannon, felt bad
that she had to suffer through this humiliation. But inside, he knew that she
would grow from the experience.

But, he also was keenly aware of the rising bulge in his pants. Having a naked
teenager, even his own daughter, in his lap was a lot for a man to take.

"There, there honey, it's ok," he said, patting her bare back. "Apology
accepted. Let's move on from this and learn a lesson ok?"

She pulled away and nodded, pushing her long hair out of her tear streaked face.

She got off her Daddy's lap and walked across the tile floor and up into her
Part 9

Shannon made it up the steps, still naked. Her father had just passed the
punishment down...she would remain naked at home for at least two weeks. After
that, it would be panties one week, then a bra would be added and so on until
after six weeks should be allowed to be fully clothed. That day couldn't come
soon enough for the 16 year old.

Her forced nudity came as a result of a school punishment. St. Mark's, where
Shannon was a junior, had passed a rule that allowed for humiliating punishments
such as forced nudity for certain infractions. She had earned six weeks of
complete nudity after skipping school and calling in a false sick call to the

Her father had handled her a bit lighter. She was still to be naked to and from
school and in school for the entire six weeks. However at home and at family
events, she would be allowed to gradually earn a piece of clothing each week.
She would be the perfect daughter, she thought...she so badly wanted to earn the
right to wear clothes again.

She was grateful that her father was giving her some time alone. She couldn't
wait to climb into bed and cover herself with her quilt and hide away from all
eyes for just a few minutes. She remembered that she still had some humiliating
homework...draw her pussy and tits for art the video of Fr.'s
biology presentation on her body during which she was forced to masturbate
almost to orgasm...the English homework where she had to look at her naked body
in a mirror and write a descriptive essay on it and a technical report.

She got to her room and saw immediately the difference. Her door was gone, her
quilt was gone...there were no clothes in her closet or drawers...there were no
sheets on her bed and no pillow. Her room was cleared of pretty much anything
that could cover her nudity.

Shannon dropped to her knees....this was the final straw of her bad day. She
wasn't even allowed the sanctuary of her own room. She sobbed, looking like a
tortured girl that she was...her head bowed, her hair covering her face, her
back heaving with sobs.

Downstairs, the family heard her scream and then the thud of her hitting the
floor followed by her sobs. Her dad and stepmom exchanged worried glances at
each other...had they gone too far?

Jimmy and Brighid had secret smiles...but for different reasons. Jimmy was just
a horny 12 year old who was glad to see a naked girl...especially one as hot as
Shannon, even if she was his sister. Brighid had always had a thing about
humiliation, especially another girl's. Plus, she was always jealous of the
relationship that Shannon had with their father...her and Megan had often talked
about Shannon being the was nice to see her get hers.

"Colleen, we have to be strong," her father said. "Mr. Jones suggested this for
a reason. He's an educator and knows what is best for raising a child."

Colleen nodded but Brighid just smiled. She knew what a pervert Mr. Jones is,
had caught him looking up her skirt once during cheerleading. She also thought
she saw him sneaking out of the girls' locker room one day after school, a pair
of panties in his hand. Yeah, he was a perv but it was going to benefit her this

Plus, what real harm would this do?

"I'll go talk to her," Colleen said, leaving the table and heading up the

She got to Shannon's room and her heart broke for the poor naked girl. She saw
Shannon's bare back shaking from the sobs, her bare ass resting on the soles of
her feet, her head bowed. She really was a thing of beauty, Colleen thought.

Colleen entered the room and knelt in front of the sobbing flesh. "Oh Shannon,
I'm so sorry," Colleen said, embracing her beautiful stepdaughter.

Shannon felt the soft sweatshirt of her stepmother and cried some more,
enveloping her arms around Colleen. Although she was not her mother, Colleen had
been around for years and she and Shannon had grown quite close. Not quite
mother and daughter...more like big sister/little sister. Shannon needed the
love of someone, anyone and was glad for the compassion.

"It's so awful Colleen," she said between sobs. "To be constantly on display, to
know that everyone can see everything...and now this, I have no privacy. I hate

Colleen rubbed the bare back to console the girl.

"I know sweetheart, and your father and I debated whether to do this or not, but
Mr. Jones said it was the best thing for us to do," she said.

Hearing her principal's name made Shannon sit straight up. Oh God, I'm not even
safe from that man at home. The sobs came even harder and louder.

Finally she calmed down. Colleen told her that she could come to her room at any
time she wanted now. If there hadn't made the alterations in her room, she would
have had to be monitored. Now she could be in there alone. Colleen's words made
her feel a little better. Her stepmom helped her up onto her feet and Colleen
made her way to her desk. There was her bookbag and her homework. Oh God, she
had forgotten about her humiliating homework. She had to watch those videos of
herself and do those assignments. And she knew her bratty, horny little brother
would be right there with her.

She grabbed the humiliating videotapes and went downstairs. There her brother
and father were watching a basketball game.

"Excuse me, Daddy, I have to watch a videotape for you think I
could do it now?"

"Sure honey, your homework is more important than a basketball game," her father
said. "Pop it in and I'd like to watch it myself."

No, no, no, tell him why he shouldn't watch it. Be honest, she thought.

"Ah, Daddy, I don't think you'll want to watch it," Shannon said. "Umm, it's
just boring science stuff."

"Nonsense, I love science, pop it in and maybe Jimmy here will learn something!"

OH GOD, oh God.

With shaking legs, Shannon walked over to the VCR and popped the tape in. She
sat down crosslegged on the floor with her notebook on her lap, her back to the
couch where her dad and Jimmy were sitting. Jimmy got up and moved to a chair
off to her side so he could see her better. She shot him a dirty look but he
just smiled at her and returned his gaze to her bare tits. "I hate him," she
thought. At least sitting cross legged he couldn't see much of her bare pussy.

What was she thinking, she wondered, Jimmy and her dad were about to see much
more than a glimpse of pussy...they were about to see her intimately and then
finish with masturbation. She cringed at the thought of her daddy seeing this

The screen was black now but soon it was filled with her naked body, completely
spread open. She heard her father gasp and her brother laugh...this was so
humiliating. The way the video was shot, the cuffs on her ankles were barely
visible and she looked to be keeping this humiliating pose all by herself.

She tried to ignore the heavy breathing of her dad and the stunned eyes of her
brother as she listened to her teacher's explanations about her sexual organs.
She was pleasantly surprised to learn that most of the lesson had not been about
humiliating her. In fact, Father Magee's lesson was very informative and she
learned a lot about herself. Having a naked model was a huge help in explaining
the sexual organs of a woman, better than any book. She just wished it wasn't
her sex organs being discussed.

She didn't even realize it but the 45 minutes of the class went quickly. They
were at the point of her ultimate humiliation...her masturbation. She thought
that she would hear Father Magee's commands but realized that the first sign it
was coming was her hand reaching down and playing with her pussy.

Oh Christ, she thought, they are making it look like she couldn't help herself.
She saw her fingers moving with reckless abandon and knew that Father was egging
her on. But on the tape, the audio had been cleared of every voice but her own.
Her moans and then her begging.

She watched the tape, which was playing...:

"Father," she whispered.

"Yes Miss Malone..."

"Father, I have to stop...I am close Sir."

"Close to what Miss Malone."

"Oh God, close to cumming Sir...Please let me stop."

"No Miss Malone...sluts call it cumming...good Catholic girls like you might say
they are near that what you are?"

"OH! YES Father, I am near orgasm Sir."

"Oh yes, very well, Miss. You may stop."


The memories overwhelm her...her face is flushed at the sight of her near
orgasm...the last thing she wanted or needed right then.

She saw her brother and noticed that his cock was tenting his shorts. She turned
and saw her father gulp.

"Daddy, I'm sorry you had to see that, Father Magee made me do that to show the
class what a woman's organ looks like when she is aroused."

"Um, it's, um, it's okay hun, I'm sure that was just for science...ah, Jimmy
probably learned something from watching too, right Jim?"

Jimmy was still absorbed in the picture that ended freeze framed on the screen,
a close up of her gaping pussy, still leaking her juices.


"Ah, yeah Dad?"

"Did you learn something?"

Jimmy smirked right at Shannon, his eyes directly on hers and said, "Oh yeah
Dad, I learned a whole lot."

Shannon hopped to her feet and ran out of the room. Shannon's father struggled
to hide his erection as he rose from the couch to find Colleen to relieve his
agony. Jimmy grabbed the tape out of the VCR and returned to his room to relieve
the tension himself. This was going to be a great six weeks.

Shannon had completed most of the rest of her homework in her room. Her snotty
brother had come in two or three times to bug her but Colleen, true to her word,
had gotten him out pretty quickly. It was actually relaxing and she almost
forgot about her nudity.

Well, not really. She felt the rough fabric of the mattress on her bare ass and
tits...wishing she had a soft sheet on top. And her homework of course kept
bringing the naked memories back to her.

She had written her journal entry inspired by her naked body for English class.
It read like this:

My Body
By Shannon Malone

My body, once meant only for me, is now being displayed to all.
They all can see my breasts and vagina, my parts once so private.
They all can see all of me, the parts that I wish were just mine and for my
They all can see those parts of me usually reserved for someone I love or
someone I allow.
Now they all can see.

My body, which I once was so proud of, is now a source of pain.
They all can see every flaw, every wrinkle, every bump or curve.
They all can see my excitement, my arousal, my embarrassment.
They all can see my nudity, my body in all its glory.
I do not decide who can see, that right was taken from me.

For now, I am just an object of nudity, of humiliation, of despair.
I wish for clothes have my private parts kept just that way.
I wish to be hidden, I wish to go away.

The pages were splattered by her tears. The pain of the moment echoed in her
words and now this visible reminder of her embarrassment.

The art project was a bit more difficult. Despite the videotape, which she was
sure her grubby little brother had already pilfered, she didn't have a good feel
for what her pussy looked like. And the only full length mirror she had in her
room had been on her door which was now God knows where.

So she took her art pad into the bathroom and sat up on the counter. She put her
ass on the sink and put her feet on either side. She knew the position she was
in was extremely vulnerable and would put her on display to anyone that walked
by. Of course she had been warned not to close the door while in any room or
else lose more privilege. She had been mortified to have to pee or poop while
people watched but knew she had little choice in the matter.

She took her art pad and began to sketch the outlines of her pussy lips...trying
to capture the plump lips, slightly gaping...and the redness peeking out from
inside. She drew the wisps of hair growing on her pubes and the extended area
where her lips came to a point over her clitoris. She noticed little leakage
coming from the spread lips and now knew what it was the class was snickering
about. Drew the little specks of her juice as it came out.

On top, she wrote, "Shannon's Vagina," as instructed and then moved on to her
tits. In her concentrated state, she did not see her little perv brother out in
the hallway, videotaping her work. To someone not familiar with her situation,
she looked like a slut, spreading her pussy in a mirror and drawing the sight.
He would have his friends come over and pay for the right to view her display in
biology and this little work.

Without even realizing he was there, Shannon closed her legs and began to draw
her little tits. They had always been smaller than other girls and she drew them
that way. She made them round like they were with pointy nipples on top. She had
seen them lots of times and felt no special shame at drawing them for some
reason...they seemed much less intimate than her pussy. On top, she wrote
"Shannon's Breasts," as instructed and closed her art pad.

She scampered down from the counter and felt the cold tile on her feet. She got
out of the bathroom and headed back to her room. Jimmy taped the whole thing and
then went to his room to view the tape. And of course to jerk off to the vision.

Shannon, oblivious to her brother for now, finished her homework and got up to
shut out the light in her room. Before getting onto her mattress, she knelt
beside her bed to pray to God for the strength to make it through six weeks and
to be strong. She then climbed up onto the bare mattress, her naked body against
the rough fabric and drifted off into a deep but troubled sleep.


Shannon was watching the was George Bush making a speech. Behind him
was his wife Laura. And to her left were his twin daughters, Barbara and Jenna,
completely naked on stage. They had been crying recently and Shannon heard the
report talking about them skipping class and lying about it. Shannon could see
that both had bigger breasts than her but her legs were nicer...

"SHANNON, wake up, come on it's time to get up."

It was her sister Brighid shaking her. Shannon's eyes could barely see in the
darkness as her mind was still on the very vivid dream.

"Brighid, what is it? Is something wrong," she said, rubbing the sleep from her

"Come on, I need you to run with me. You know that I don't like to go by myself.
Plus you promised you would run with me to help me get back into shape."

"Brighid, I'm naked. No way am I running with you."

"Yes you are. Come on, I already convinced Dad to let you wear sneaks and socks
for this. Let's go, you owe me!"

For some reason, Shannon bought this logic from her sister and swung her naked
legs off the mattress and onto the floor. Shannon had been completely naked for
about 24 hours now, ever since that awful morning assembly when she had been
punished for skipping school and then lying about it.

"Brig, please have some mercy on me. It's winter out, I'll freeze my ass off."

"Nonsense, I just checked the Weather Channel and it's 40 degrees outside...way
above freezing. By the time we're done, we'll be hot and sweaty and I'll envy
your nudity."

Shannon knew her oldest sister was impossible to argue with so she gratefully
took the socks and sneaks, her first covering in a day. Twenty-four hours ago,
she would have felt totally naked. Now, not having her bare feet hitting the
ground or on display was a huge blessing!

She followed Brighid out of the room and down the stairs. She figured she was
lucky that it was barely light out yet. Maybe there wouldn't be many people out

They went out the front door and the gust of cold air hit her naked body. She
shivered and hoped that Brighid was right.

Of course Brighid would not hear of them starting to run right away, leading
Shannon through a series of stretching exercises. She realized the positions she
was in while stretching and wondered if any early birds were catching this show.

She couldn't see Mr. Firgus, a neighbor across the street, taking in the view
from his large picture window. He had been up all night working on a project for
work and had just shut the lights off when he noticed the porch light come on
across the street. Mr. Firgus was a widower, having lost his wife two years ago.
They had a grown son who visited once in a while but he hadn't had much female
companionship since then. He had always admired the Malone girls from across the
street and had often seen them out running and he loved seeing them in their
sports bras and their short running shorts. Occasionally, he would catch
glimpses of them changing...especially the youngest girl Shannon whose room
faced the front of the house. To him, she was the best looking of the three
girls and one of the best looking girls he had ever seen. He reminded himself to
look towards her room more often.

When he saw the light go on, he had looked on the off chance that one of the
girls was going out running or maybe even Colleen, she was pretty good looking
herself. Although, on a cold day like today, there wouldn't be much chance of
seeing anything. Even so, those tight lycra running pants would be nice to see.
Of course, it probably was just Jack heading off to work.

He had spotted Brighid come out first and had been disappointed to see the bulky
sweatshirt and long pants. She was pretty but not as good as her sisters. Still,
those short skirts she wore to work showed off some great legs.

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12-28-2012, 10:47 AM
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RE: Surprise Assembly
He was about to head upstairs when he made out some bare white skin. Then he saw
her...Shannon was running too and she was totally naked except for socks and
sneaks. This must be a dream, he thought, the most wonderful dream ever. He
rubbed his eyes but the lovely vision did not go away. In fact, she was treating
him to some of the most erotic views he had ever seen live. Even those girls at
the strip joint he stopped at once in a while never did this for him. She was
stretching her muscles and her could see her gaping pussy on display.

He could not control the feeling in his cock as he pulled down his boxers and
began to jerk off not taking his eyes off of the view in front of him. Right now
she was bent over, her bare ass facing him, giving him a view of her cute little
slit and her bare asshole. That was enough as he shut his cum all over the wall
under his window.

Just then, the two girls ran off. He continued to spurt and jerk watching them
go. Finally they were out of sight and he breathed again, the orgasm more
powerful than any he had experienced since early in his marriage. It was then
that he noticed the mess he had made and went to wet some washcloths and wipe
the wall and his cock clean. When it was tidy again, he sat in his easy chair
with a full view of the window and waited for them to arrive home. Finally,
almost 40 minutes later (during which he wanked constantly), they came back and
again she stretched in some cool down exercises. Again, he spurted, this time
into the warm washcloth and she disappeared into the house. Sitting there, he
fell into a deep, blissful sleep, dreaming of the naked runner.


Of course, Brighid had planned the course for the morning jog. The main streets
were no problem for her, being covered by the sweat suit. But for naked Shannon,
the route was full of humiliation.

Shannon had been naked since early the day before, suffering a school
punishment. She was to be naked like this every day for six weeks. If at that
point she earned no additional punishments, she would be allowed clothes again
like a regular girl.

When she got home, her father and stepmom had informed her that the nudity
punishment would be in effect at home too. They had even cleared her room of its
door, her clothes, her blankets and pillows. There wasn't even a sheet on the
bed to prevent her from "being tempted to cover herself."

At least Brighid had convinced her dad to let her wear sneaks and socks during
this run...her feet wouldn't be in too much pain. Just her ego. She had been
forced through a lot of humiliating experiences yesterday and today wasn't
starting too good.

First there was the stretching outside the house, at Brighid's insistence. Then
she had to run alongside her older sister as they went down their quiet secluded
street and onto a main street. It was there that the first cars spotted her.
Some honked...some swerved, taking their eyes off the road when seeing the naked
girl. They had passed startled walkers going by, walking dogs or just out
exercising. Some had been discreet when they saw her. Others were less so. One
tripped over a raise in the sidewalk and fell onto his face.

For Shannon, the run had been just what Brighid had in mind...humiliating. Every
pair of eyes that bore into her crushed her...she imagined what people were
saying..."slut, tramp, whore, cunt." They might think she enjoyed showing
off...that she was out there naked by choice. She wanted to scream..."I DON'T

Finally, they made it back to the relative sanctuary of her house. Of course,
she was not allowed to simply go inside. According to her sister, first she had
to cool down, stretching again. This time it wasn't quite as dark and she knew
that some people on her street had to be awake. She was at least glad that she
had not frozen to fact, Brighid was right, she was sweating.

Finally, Brighid thought they were sufficiently cooled down and they were
allowed inside. Just as she was about to enter the house, Brighid held her hand
out and said, "Give me your are not permitted to wear them in the
house. I forgot to tell you."

A small humiliation comparatively but a humiliation nonetheless for the naked
girl. She knelt down and untied the sneaks and pulled them off with her socks
and handed them to Brighid.

She felt her sweaty feet on the cold tile of the foyer and relaxed a bit when
she hit the carpet. Funny that bare feet made her feel even more naked than with
sneaks and socks on.

She smelled breakfast cooking and ran up the stairs to shower before eating. One
good thing about being naked all the time was that she did not need to get
undressed or find clothes to wear. She just went into the bathroom, turned the
water on and hopped into the shower.

The warm water felt good on her muscles which had been aching from the run. She
rubbed some shampoo on her hair and washed it, feeling alone and at peace for
the first time in a day. At least here she was supposed to be naked.

She got out of the shower and dried off. She knew that she would have to fight
her normal after-shower habit of wrapping the towel around her body while she
did her hair, brushed her teeth and applied her makeup. Now she would have to do
it all nude.

While she was drying her hair she felt the need to pee. She shut the hair dryer
off and sat on the toilet. In seconds, the flow of pee was hitting the water.
Just then, her brother Jimmy came into the room.

"Hey Jim, please leave for a minute. I'll be done in a second ok?"

"Oh Shannon, don't worry about me, I just want to brush my teeth."

OH GOD..."please Jimmy, please have a little compassion for me...this is so
humiliating...I'm your sister, can't you let me pee in private."

"Ah, Shannon, I don't think you get it. You are not allowed any more privacy.

So she sat there and peed while her brother stood, inches away, supposedly
brushing his teeth. She hung her head in defeat, buried it in her hands as more
tears flowed out of her eyes.

For Jimmy, it was a dream come true. He had spent a lot of time last night on
line, telling all of his friends about his good fortune. He had taped hours of
footage of his nude sister and would soon be showing his friends. And now, he
was able to totally humiliate her by standing next to her while she peed. This
was a 12-year old's wet dream!

She waited for him to finish, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of seeing
her wipe...a small stupid victory for her but she was willing to take anything
she cold get at this point. But her brother was willing to wait her out...moving
on to combing his hair and then gurgling with some mouthwash. Shannon realized
that the bus would be there soon so she began to degrading task of ripping off
the toilet paper and wiping her slit free of pee. Jimmy's eyes went right to
that part of her as she suspected and he grinned.

He quickly left and she finished her hair and makeup. She knew she had to hurry
but not having to dress saved her time. She grabbed her book bag and ran down to
eat. Colleen had left a plate of toast and eggs for her and she gratefully ate
it. Just then Brighid passed her. Shannon hated her, seeing her in her miniskirt
that showed off just enough of her leg, wearing clothes that covered the parts
that were supposed to be covered but showing off the parts that she wanted
shown. She would give anything to wear clothes again.

"I would give you a ride to school but I am running late," she said grinning.
"Have a good day Shannon dear...don't do anything I wouldn't do."
Shannon seethed as she watched her older sister walk out of the house, her heels
clanging on the tile floor. The she looked at the clock and saw that the bus
would be there in five minutes. She had timed it to avoid a long wait at the
stop in broad daylight but didn't want to risk missing it. She grabbed her bag
and ran out the door towards her second naked school day.


Shannon made her way out of the front door, on her way to school. She was like a
normal school girl in every way, except she was completely naked and would be
this way for six more weeks. Ever since yesterday's assembly, where she had been
forced to strip in front of the school as punishment for skipping school and
then making a false sick call, she had been nude. Even at home, she was kept
nude, an extension of her punishment.

She walked down the path...her bare feet being careful to avoid rocks and sharp
edges. She thought how much she took for granted when she wore shoes...and
prayed that the day would come again when she could slip her feet into those
dreaded school shoes.

She didn't want to run and get to the stop too early and have to wait but
certainly did not want to miss the bus. That would mean either walking, a public
bus or calling Dad or Colleen for a ride. Any of the solutions would make her
late and earn her further humiliation and punishment.

She left the relative quiet of her side street and made it to the busy main
street. She decided to run again, to avoid lingering glances at her. At least
now she was moving. Again her naked dart caused honking and
squealing, people gasping and laughing...rude and lewd comments made about her.

She finally made it to her corner and hid next to a newspaper stand. At least
here only her tits were in sight and only from one direction.

"Well now, look at that set..." She turned and saw an older man, wrapped in a
dirty blanket. She realized that he was a homeless man who had been making the
alley behind the convenience store home for the last few weeks.

She closed her eyes and turned towards the wooden wall of the stand.

"Oh honey, don't hide those beautiful things...come and let me see them...I just
want to feel them a little, that's all."

She crossed her arms over her tits, praying that the man would leave her alone.
But she soon felt his presence right behind her, his breath, which reeked of
alcohol, on her bare back. His cold dirty hand touched her back and she

"Easy now George, leave the little girl alone...move along."

They both wheeled and saw a police officer standing there, a friendly but firm
look on his face.

"Oh come on officer, I just wanted to touch her...I mean she is standing here
naked...she obviously wants it."

"Just because she's naked doesn't give you any rights George...if you touch her
again, I'll run you in for indecent assault...that's a hell of a lot worse than
those public drunkenness charges."

"OK, Christ, a guy can't get any fun around this town," he muttered, walking
away from Shannon and back behind the alley.

"Tthh-ankk you officer."

"My pleasure maam. You must be Shannon Malone. I was told to keep an eye out for
you. Sorry about old George have to admit, most people would think
you wanted that kind of attention."

"But, I hate all of this attention. You have to believe me."

"Oh I know...Mr. Jones called the precinct to tell us that you would be naked
and not to give you trouble. This town owes a lot to St. Mark's and we would
never let its students be hurt. We understand their rules and will help keep the
peace. I'll be here every morning to protect you and most afternoons. Don't
worry about being hurt. I can't stop people from gawking or calling you names.
That's their right. But no one has the right to touch you."

Just then Vince pulled up in the school bus. "Your chariot my naked
the way, my name is Fred. Let me know if there is anything I can do."

Fred held his hand out and helped her into the bus. She got on, sat in her
assigned seat, spread her legs for Vince and the mirror and saw Officer Fred
wave. He was cute, she thought...and he was her protector. She smiled, despite
her embarrassing pose, and met the new day.

The first person on the bus was her new friend Leeza. She jumped into the seat
next to Shannon and began to talk. She was glad at some friendliness, even if
the girl was simply chattering on. Listening to her helped the ride go faster.

Of course everyone that got on "accidentially" bumped into the naked girl in the
front seat on the aisle. Book bags, hands, arms hit her shoulders and tits while
legs and shoes found her bare legs and feet. One brazen boy cupped her bare
breast until Vince yelled at him to find a seat.

The ride was humiliating...she heard the students remarking at her naked pussy
on display. Even the chattering of Leeza couldn't block it out.

"So, what are you going to do about basketball?" Leeza asked.

"What? I'm sorry, I zoned out."

"Basketball, how are you going to play naked?"

Shannon hadn't thought of that. She was one of the team's top players...had been
hoping for a scholarship. A good year this season would bring the scouts next
season. Now she would be forced to play barefoot and naked...if her coach let
her play at all. And how could she perform in front of all of those fans and
having to play against other girls, their bodies rubbing up against hers as she
posted up or went for a rebound.

"I don't know...maybe they'll let me wear something."

"Oh no, the rules are pretty clear Shannon. A student on naked punishment stays
naked for all school activities. That includes basketball."

Her new friend was right...Shannon vaguely remembered reading that in the rules
she and her father had signed before the school year. Those new rules enacted by
the Board of Trustees at the school. She had never thought it would effect
her...had secretly waited for it to happen...especially to a hot boy. But she
never dreamed she would be the first one tried under the new rule.

The bus was now full and she felt the eyes of almost everyone on the mirror that
contained the image of her bare pussy. She wanted to shrivel up into a ball and
disappear but instead she sat there, legs spread, tits and pussy on full view of
all who cared.

Finally, the bus pulled up at school. She started to get up when she heard Vince
say, "Shannon, you need to be the last one off."

She sat back down, resigned to another grope fest. She was right too, most of
the kids laid a hand of some body part on her naked body. One boy, the same one
that had cupped her breasts, kissed her on the lips and ran his hand up her
slit. She pushed him away but he just smiled, enjoying the revulsion on her

Finally the bus was empty and she was at least able to close her legs and get on
her feet. She grabbed her bag and left the bus, entering the school building.
She passed her clothed schoolmates, many of whom wondered if this show could
last another day. They were pleasantly surprised that it had.

As she passed the principal's office, Mrs. Phillips yelled out, "Miss Malone,
Mr. Jones needs to see you."

She groaned at the news...knowing that Mr. Jones would have something
humiliating for her to do.


She entered the principal's office, her bare feet sinking into his plush
carpeting. Mr. Jones had been the one to impose this nude punishment on her,
making her strip yesterday in front of the school and then creating new ways to
humiliate her during classes. He had even reached into her home, convincing her
father and stepmom to enforce the nudity clause at home and then removing
everything out of her room that would provide some privacy.

"Miss Malone, I trust your had a good night's sleep," he asked.

"Yes sir," she replied softly. Being a young and naked girl in front of a
fully-clothes authority figure made her feel tiny.

"Good, every day you have to report here when you enter the building. If I am
not here, you will kneel on the floor and wait for me. Do you understand?"

"Why so you can gawk at me every day," Shannon thought. But she just said, "Yes

" may go."

Shannon turned and walked out of the plush office and onto the cold tile again.
Mrs. Phillips handed her a note for being late to class and the young girl
hurried to her locker.

What she saw when she got there floored her. The entire row of lockers had a
huge poster of her nudity on it...her body from head to toe. It was taken while
she slept in the training room. Her posture had her completely spread, her lips
slightly gaping yet again, her arms at her sides so her bare tits were shown.
The only thing was, laying like she was, they were barely bumps on her chest
with nipples.

In big block letters across the top were the words: Naked Shannon's Sexy Dreams.

She could hardly believe it...there she was the brink of a
breakdown...she didn't think anything could floor her but this had. She cried
again, making it to her locker and dropping off some books. Wasn't there anybody
here who cared about her? Was she going to made to suffer every day for six

Carrie, her best friend, ran to meet her at her locker. "Oh God, poor Shannon.
This is awful...I wanted to warn you but somehow you slipped past me."

"How could you miss me, I'm the only naked person here?"

Carrie laughed, thinking Shannon was joking. Then she saw the pain in Shannon's
eyes and got serious.

"Oh man, it must be so terrible. I feel so bad for you," Carrie said, wrapping
her arms around the girl. Shannon lingered in the hug, loving the warmth of her
friend, knowing there were few friends like Carrie here anymore.

She thought of how popular she used to be...she had lots of friends and lots of
people who admired and envied her. Now they all leered at her, made fun of her,
groped her, humiliated her and teased her. She was lower than the lowest kid out

"Here, I brought you a treat," Carrie said, handing Shannon a peanut butter
brownie. "I thought you could use a pick me up."

Shannon smiled at her friend's kindness. Then she giggled and said..."if I eat
this, there'll be even more of me to be seen."

Carrie enjoyed her friend's joke, glad to see her mood lightening a bit. "Hey
Shan, want to come over this weekend for a sleep over? I thought you could use
some fun."

"Sure," Shannon said smiling. "I'll ask my dad."

The two friends walked off, one naked, the other in her uniform. How Shannon
envied her friend's clothes. She remembered how much she used to hate her
uniform, dying to remove it as soon as the school day ended. If she had it now
she would love it and never want to take it off.

Carrie could almost read her friend's mind...well they had been friends since
kindergarten. She felt her blouse and skirt and wished she could give it to
Shannon. Carrie couldn't even imagine being naked in front of the whole school
but would do it for a while if it meant her friend could be covered.

Carrie didn't have the body that Shannon did but she was growing into a
beautiful woman. She was about 5'4, 100 pounds. Her breasts were bigger than
Shannon's (about a 34C) but she thought her legs were kind of dumpy. She didn't
turn the boys heads like her friend did but the two of them together were a

Finally, they had to part, Shannon had to go to religion class and Carrie to
French. They promised to meet again for lunch and hugged. Shannon felt better
than she had in a long time, thanks to her best friend.

Nothing happened in religion class. Thankfully, Sister McCool was one of those
nuns that didn't agree with the punishment and didn't care what Mr. Jones
thought. She had pulled Shannon aside and told her so and told her not to worry
in her class, which came as a relief to the naked girl.

The next class was again, Father Magee and biology. In the front of the room sat
the dreaded gyno chair. She figured she should sit there but still made her way
to a seat in the back of the room, hoping against hope that she cold stay there.

Father entered the room and looked at her with a grin. "Miss Malone, this is
your seat for the next six weeks. Even when you are not a model, you will sit
here. Understand?"

"Yes father," she said, her voice barely above a whisper. She got out of her
seat again and made her way down the platformed steps onto the gyno chair. Again
Carl was there to lock her ankles into the seat. This time, they raised the back
so she was sitting straight up, her face and tits in clear sight of all of her
classmates. Also they tied her arms at her side so she was unable to move one
inch from anyone's vision or touch. Carl especially enjoyed tying her upper
body, his face inches from hers.

They had to wait until Charles arrived with the dreaded video camera and set up.
He apologized profusely to Father Magee who warned him not to be late and holdup
class again. Once everything was ready, Father Magee launched into a
dissertation on the female breast and its part in the human reproduction
process. He pointed out her milk ducts, etc. for the class.

"OK, class, if you would come up a row at a time, I will allow you all to feel a
female breasts...even you girls should feel another girl's breast in the way
that I am showing."

WHAT? Shannon thought. He was giving them permission to grope me. Father Magee
laughed at her shocked expression..."There, there, put those eyes back in your
head...this is a science lesson...not a sex party. They need me to show them
where the milk ducts are."

First Father Magee showed the class where to put their hands...she felt the
awful mauling of her tits and screamed inside...STOP TOUCHING ME! LEAVE ME
ALONE! but she stayed quiet, the only sign that she was protesting was her

The class came up, one by one to grab her tits and basically grope her. Most of
the kids tried to keep a straight face but some of the nastier boys couldn't
help themselves, taking both hands and just squeezing her tits, not even
bothering to "feel her ducts."

Finally the class had their feel and Charles spoke up..."Father, may I feel her

"Sure Charles and Carl reason why the two of you shouldn't have the
chance to gain some insight on this lesson."

She groaned at the further touching and humiliation. But she was helpless to
resist as first Charles groped her poor aching tits and then Carl, who had a
lingering, harsh grope. Her tits hurt so much from the rough grabbing...she
looked down and saw how red they were and knew that this was another humiliation
she would have to carry.

Finally, the bell rang. Carl took his time untying her upper body, leaving her
lower half still split in two. His jeans covered crotch rubbed her slit
"accidentially" and she felt his hardness almost go inside. She shivered at the
grossness of that action and prayed that Father Magee saw it. Of course when she
looked up he was looking away.

Finally she was untied and her body screamed when she finally closed her legs
for the first time in an hour. Again she heard Fr. Magee laugh and thank Carl
for his "help" as they both left the room. Charles was still putting his stuff
away, but this time he stopped and grabbed Shannon's bag.

"Here Shannon, let me help you," he said, slipping the bag on her shoulders.

She didn't know if this was another excuse to touch her naked body or not but
appreciated the kindness. "Thanks Charles...see you later ok?"

"Yeah, see you later," Charles said, his eyes drinking in her nudity as she
exited the room and went out into the hallway.

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RE: Surprise Assembly

Shannon wandered through the halls towards gym class. She knew she was running
late because there weren't many kids in the halls. Surprisingly, most of those
still out there ignored the naked girl for the most part. Oh they still looked
and gawked but there were fewer comments.

She rushed through into the girls' locker room. She put her bag in and closed
it, missing the days when she could change out of her school uniform and into
gym clothes. She ran down the room into the gym, hurrying to avoid being late.

She almost fell down when she saw what awaited her, another gyno table in front
of the bleachers that had been pulled out. Her 40 classmates were sitting in the
seats...apparently waiting for the guest of honor.

"Ah, Shannon, glad you could join us...a bit late there hon?" Miss Kelly said

"Pardon me please Miss Kelly but Father Magee has me modeling in class and
doesn't untie me until after the bell rings. By the time I get my stuff and get
down here I'm late."

Her gym teacher laughed. "I know sweetheart, it's fine. I know Fr. Magee and his
tricks. Don't worry, I was just kidding."

For a second, Shannon was relived. Miss Kelly's punishments usually involved
strenuous physical activity and, in her naked state, Shannon wanted none of

"Come on and sit up here Shannon," Miss Kelly said, directing her to a chair
that she was getting to know very well. She hopped up onto the chair but did not
put her feet in the stirrups yet. Let her tell me that herself, Shannon thought.

"Class, today is hygiene day," Miss Kelly said as the class groaned. "I know,
it's embarrassing for all of us but it's part of the physical education
requirement so we have to do it."

"If you all remember correctly, last time, we learned how to properly apply
deodorant to your armpits and we did it to each other to see."

Shannon remembered...she had thought that was humiliating. Here they were,
juniors in high school, most of them had been wearing deodorant for five or six
years. Now, they were being taught how to do it and then had to "practice" on
each other. Miss Kelly had them all strip to their bras (most had on sports bras
but some had regular that day...poor Ginny Walsh had worn an undershirt and had
to be topless for the practice).

"Today, we are going to learn about feminine protection...i.e the use of
tampons, pads, etc."

The girls groaned. Jeez, they thought, we're juniors...most of us got our
periods in elementary school.

Shannon remembered that day the she had gotten her first period. One night she
felt something leaking out of her pussy and woke up to find blood all over her
panties, pajamas and sheets. She screamed and her father came running in.

"Daddy, am I going to die," she said, then just 12 years old.

"No sweetheart, it's ok, you are just having a period...all women have
them...come on, let's get you cleaned up."

He led her to the bathroom and explained that every month a woman has a period
to clean out the egg that had not been fertilized that month...her period meant
that she wasn't pregnant. Her body was just getting rid of the egg and cleaning
out her system, which was a good thing.

"So honey, there's nothing to be ashamed about having your period," he said,
leaving her in the bathroom to clean up her bloodied vagina. He must have gone
and woken up her older sister Megan who was a junior in high school then. She
came in, gave Shannon a quick hug, and helped the young girl get some of the
blood off. She then showed her how to use a tampon and a pad.

It had been a bit of a shock to her system to know that something got put inside
of her private part. But Megan assured her that it was okay and the best way to
sop up the blood and keep it from dripping onto her panties and pants. That
sounded good to the young girl and she inserted the tampon for the first time in
her life.

It certainly wasn't the best night of her life but it was far from being awful,
like some girls had told her about. She was about to find out that it would be
awful today.

"Yes Kacy," Miss Kelly said to the girl raising her hand.

"Uh, are we going to have to `practice' on each other again?" the girl asked

"Oh no, not for something this intimate," the girls, Shannon included, breathed
a sigh of relief. "No, for this demonstration, you are all going to practice on

Everyone gasped. Shannon began to sob, closing her eyes to the humiliation.

One of the girls spoke up. "Uh, Miss Kelly, I think we all know how to insert a
tampon...please don't make Shannon go through this."

All eyes went to the girl...Shannon saw Jenny, the girl that had run with her
the day before.

"Well Jenny, I think it is very sweet that you want to support your friend.
However, we are going to do this to a girl today...if it's not Shannon, would
you like to volunteer?"

The girl gulped. The class was shocked at Miss Kelly's tone of voice. This was
totally unlike her. She had always been cool to them but now this was just mean.

If they had looked carefully around, they would have noticed Mr. Jones standing
on the raised track around the gym. He was watching Miss Kelly carefully after
finding out about her letting Shannon sleep in the privacy of the training room.
He had ordered the school photographer to find her for the poster that hung on
the lockers and the boy was unable to find her. Finally they located her in the
trainer's room. That morning, just after Shannon had been in to see him, Mr.
Jones had scolded the young gym teacher and forced her to be meaner and more
demeaning to Shannon.

"No Miss Kelly," Jenny said quietly. Shannon looked at the girl and mouthed the
words "thank you."

"Now Shannon, I know you know how this little chair works...put your ankles in
each stirrup. Good do I need to tie them in or can you stay spread
like a good little girl?"

"No maam, I'll stay spread," she said in a voice barely above a whisper. She was
thankful to avoid the humiliation of being tied spread. Small victories, she
thought to herself.

"Now class, this is a tampon," Miss Kelly said, holding up the Tampax, still in
the wrapper. "And this is the applicator," she continued, holding up the plastic
cylinder. She then showed the girls, using Shannon's vagina, how to insert the
tampon in the applicator and then into the vagina.

Shannon took a deep breath in as she felt the hard plastic enter past her lips
and go into her canal. She never liked this part and she was going to have to do
it 40 times! Finally she saw Miss Kelly push the applicator in and then felt the
cottony tampon fill her vagina and pull the plastic out.

"You see how easy this can be ladies...the plastic applicator makes it a no
brainer...and no, this is nothing like what sex feels like," she added laughing.
The girls giggled, except for Shannon who sat there mortified with tampon's
string hanging out of her pussy. She covered her head with her hands and tried
to imagine she was anywhere but here.

"Now, now Shannon, eyes open hon, I wouldn't want you to miss this valuable

Somehow she got the strength to move her shaking hands away from her face and
look out over her schoolmates. She was seeing them over her mound and saw all of
their eyes on her stringed pussy.

"Ok girls, the next thing is removal of the tampon...we will practice that as you can see, grab the string and gently pull it out."

Shannon felt Miss Kelly's fingers right at the bottom of her slit, near her
asshole, where the string had settled. She saw Miss Kelly pull on the string and
felt the cotton tampon pull past her lips and out of her pussy.

"See how swelled this got from Shannon's vaginal juices," Miss Kelly asked.
"Imagine that filled with the blood of a tampon."

The girls giggled at the sight of the wet tampon, knowing what was soaking in
that cotton.

"Now girls, come up one at a time to insert the tampon...I will make sure that
you are doing it correctly," Miss Kelly said.

The girls all came up, pulled on surgical glove ("for sanitary reasons girls")
and took their turns, inserting the tampon into the applicator and then into
Shannon's spread pussy. Some seemed actually not to know how to insert the
devise and needed some guidance from Miss Kelly. They all then removed the
tampon and soon the can next to the gyno table was filled with 40 wet, balled up

There was also the unmistakable smell of female arousal in the room. The
constant hands near her pussy and the constant intrusion of objects inside of
her had worked the inevitable arousal. Miss Kelly had made note of this and
showed the girls the difference between the tampon she had removed and the ones
that were coming out at the end. Shannon was to crawl into a hole and hide

Finally the last girl sat down and Shannon thought she was done.

"Now, Shannon, please insert the tampon into your own vagina," Miss Kelly said.

UGG! Shannon thought. This was so humiliating. This act, one normally done in
the privacy of her own room or bathroom or even a stall, was now to be done in
front of 40 other girls.

What was her problem, she thought. Those 40 girls had just inserted tampons into
her pussy...could this be any worse than that? Somehow, it felt worse to the
naked teen.

She took the applicator handed to her by the young gym teacher and unwrapped the
tampon. She pushed the cotton into the applicator and then slowly spread her
pussy lips far enough to get the plastic in. Her pussy was red from all of the
intrusion and this latest one caused her to wince. But one look at Miss Kelly
dismissed any thoughts of stopping and she pushed the applicator in as far as
she could. With one push of her forefinger, she pushed the tampon into her pussy
and she was filled for the 41st time.

"Excellent, Shannon, now girls I hope you all saw how easy it is to insert a
tampon into your own pussy. Most of you will not have to maintain this silly
pose while doing it and it will seem more natural. OK Shannon, remove it

Shannon grabbed at the string, unable to see it due to the position of her head.
Slowly she withdrew the tampon, which had accumulated a lot of her sex juices.
She noticed, as did Miss Kelly and the class, that the tampon was covered in a
thick coating. She was so humiliated.

Miss Kelly made a face before taking the slimy tampon in her gloved hand and
depositing it into the trash can next to the table. Again Shannon thought she
was done but Miss Kelly produced a razor.

"Now girls, if you will all follow me into the shower, we will discuss the best
techniques for shaving underarms, legs and pubic hair. Shannon, please close
your legs, have you no modesty? You follow too please."


Shannon hopped down from the gyno table, a practiced art for her now after three
sessions on it in the last 24 hours. It felt good to have her legs closed after
being spread for most of the hygiene class.

Shannon, a junior at St. Mark's Catholic High School, was naked in school...and
would be for the next six weeks because of a punishment. She had just served as
a "practice" dummy for the girls in her hygiene class to insert tampons. Now she
was headed for the showers for a lesson in shaving.

She had learned that all of these lessons were designed with one
embarrass her and give a warning to other kids that crimes like hers were to be
avoided. All she had done was skip school and phone in a false sick call but
that was enough to keep her nude for the next six weeks. Her father had extended
the punishment to include her home life too.

She thought these "hygiene" lessons were extra silly. What 16 year old girl
didn't know how to insert a tampon or shave her legs and underarms?

OH GOD, shaving? She had been extra careful shaving this morning...she wanted to
be sure there was no hair anywhere there was not supposed to be hair. Having
light-colored hair was helpful on her legs and underarms. Of course, it didn't
allow for much hiding in her bush but that hadn't been a problem before one ever saw her bush!

They went down the steps, through the girl's locker room and into the shower.
There another gyno table sat, this one seemed to be waterproof. Without being
asked, she hopped up onto it, sure that she would be the guinea pig yet again.

"Well now aren't you the eager beaver, no pun intended," Miss Kelly said
laughing. "I was going to ask for volunteers but since you are already here and
naked why not you?"

Shannon glared at the teacher, who was her older sister's best friend in high
school. She had thought Miss Kelly might be an ally here but was learning she
was against her too. Now Miss Kelly made it seem that she wanted this
abuse...yeah, real likely. Excuse me Miss Kelly, but would you use my pussy for
tampon insertion practice...oh and please shave my legs, underarms and pubes in
front of all of the girls in the class. Thanks!

"Ladies, I have noticed that most of you have mastered the art of shaving your
legs and armpits. Of course I haven't seen any of your pubic areas but I assume
that many of you do not trim and would have no knowledge of how to do it. So,
using our volunteer Shannon here, I will show you the art of trimming what is
sometimes called a `bush,'" Miss Kelly said.

"First, I will show you the art of shaving the armpit...for this demonstration
Shannon, I need you to hold onto the headrest."

Mechanically, Shannon followed the order, raising her arms and exposing her
armpits. This was nothing there but smooth skin...she had made sure of it this

"Well now, Miss Malone here is an excellent example of a smooth shave on her
pits and her legs. Girls come forward with the sanitary gloves on and feel how
smooth it is for yourself."

The girls recoiled at the suggestion...inserting a tampon into her pussy was bad
enough...but touching her sweaty armpit? YUCK!

"Come on girls, no one seemed to shrink away during the tampon demonstration.
Let's go...or maybe you would all like to be stripped naked and put in Shannon's

That did it. All of the girls quickly got into two lines, one on each side,
donning the plastic gloves to feel her "smooth" armpit and legs. A few of the
girls nodded, realizing that it really was a smooth shave.

"Since Shannon is so good at shaving those areas, all I have left to demonstrate
is the shaving of her pubic hair," Miss Kelly said.

Shannon shook her head, looking at Miss Kelly with her big blue eyes. She
mouthed the words, "Please Miss Kelly, no." Miss Kelly looked at the girl
sympathetically, looked out towards the locker area and then back at Shannon and
mouthed the word "Sorry."

She turned back to the class, her normal tough manner back. "Mandy, hand me that
shaving kit please." Shannon saw the tall, thin blonde pick up the bag from the
table and bring it to Miss Kelly. As the teacher opened it up, Shannon saw a
pink Bic razor (which she hated) and some pretty shaving cream with flowers on
it. She used Noxema at home but this didn't look horrible.

What was she saying? This whole thing was horrible! She was about to have her
pubic hair shaved totally off! Her entire pussy, which had been mostly on
display since yesterday's assembly, would now be totally nude and waiting to be
gawked at.

She heard the sound of the cream leaving the can and looked to see Miss Kelly
letting a big blob of it go into her flattened hand. The gym teacher then stuck
her hand out to Shannon and said, "Miss Malone, please lather your pubic area
for me."

Shannon hesitated. What would happen if she declined? She knew that her pussy
would be shaved one way or the other, but why make it easy for them all the
time? Then came the thought of adding time onto her punishment...or maybe
something worse. What could be worse? She didn't want to find out.

She took the cream out of Miss Kelly's hand and lathered it onto her raised
mound. She felt dirty and disgusting at the act but felt it was better than
having the teacher do it for her.

Once her pubes were totally lathered, she saw Miss Kelly put on the sanitary
gloves and pick up the razor. Shannon hated Bics, knowing that it chafed her
skin and she certainly didn't want this area chafed. But she grabbed onto the
sides of her chair and closed her eyes.

"Shannon, you have to have your eyes open...otherwise, you will miss the
lesson," the teacher whispered. Shannon opened her eyes and saw the razor was
poised over her beautiful downy covering. Within seconds, she saw the pink
plastic razor hit her skin and she felt (and heard) the scrape. The girls
watching winced but were unable to take their eyes off of the riveting sight of
their classmate having her pussy hair removed by their gym teacher.

Miss Kelly explained that you should always shave up away from your vaginal lips
to avoid hair getting in between them. She continued to scrape and give lessons
as she went until Shannon's pussy was as bare as a 10 year old.

Miss Kelly removed her gloves and sent one of the students to fetch a towel for
Shannon. The girl came back with a white towel and handed it to the naked, now
clean shaven, girl. As she stood there, her eyes were glued to the naked pussy.

"Well now Chrissie, I see that this is a new vision for you, obviously you don't
shave your pubes. Many of you will do this at some point in your lives, for a
bathing suit, or tight jeans or a revealing dress. Now you have some idea of how
to do it and what it will look like when it is done. Now come on up and take a
closer look yourselves. I have to run to my office. When you are gone with your
look, you may leave class for the day. Shannon, please wait here as you are
until I return."

Shannon sat there, her legs spread in the stirrups, her recently denuded pussy
on vulgar display. She watched her classmates coming up, their eyes intent on
her mound. She wanted to close her eyes but when she saw her classmates, there
was no disgust or intent to humiliate. They truly seemed to be mesmerized by her
bare pussy lips, something most of them haven't seen in years since their own
pussies were bare.

Most of the girls left without saying a word to her. The last one to leave was
Jenny, the girl that had run with her yesterday, who touched her on the arm and
said, "hang in there Shannon, you're doing great," before exiting the shower
area and leaving her in peace and quiet.

Shannon leaned back and breathed a sign of relief. It was such a joy to be
alone. Of course, she didn't realize that Charles was there with his ever
present video camera. He had been granted special dispensation to be in the
girl's locker room and was taping from just beyond Shannon's view. He felt bad
doing this because he really did like Shannon and felt bad for her. But Mr.
Jones was a tough man and would not accept no from the best videographer in the

Thinking she was alone, Shannon's hand wandered down to feel the softness of her
bare pussy mound. Oh, what a new sensation, she thought. This was going to take
some getting used to. Her fingers found the top of her slit, where her clit was.
Unfettered by her hair, she now had an easy access to her pussy...despite the
humiliation of the whole demonstration, she was aroused. Come on, she had her
pussy manhandled by 40 girls and then she was shaven in front of
them...shouldn't she be somewhat aroused.

Her fingers found their way between her lips and inside, just inside, to the
places that Shannon loved to touch in the old days of her privacy...under the
covers before she slept. She dreamt of boys, making love and she fingered
herself...within a minute she was stifling a moan, trying not to arouse the
attention of Miss Kelly. Finally she couldn't take it any more and moaned again
and came, her body shaking.

At that moment, Miss Kelly entered the shower area. Shannon thought she had
barely escaped but Miss Kelly was smiling. She had seen the whole thing,
standing right next to Charles and the videocamera. Mr. Jones had wanted this,
had predicted this. He would be pleased with her.

"OK Shannon, down you go...boy, what is that smell? Did you get excited by all
of this?"

"Um, no maam, not at all. May I go please?"

"Sure, but shower first, pay special attention to getting all of the hair off of
your pubes. Tell Brighid I said hello."

Shannon scooted down off the table, feeling the breeze on her bare pussy, which
was now also soaked with her juices. What was she thinking masturbating here of
all places? JESUS, she was a slut!

She hustled over to the shower the furthest away from the entrance and turned
the water on as Miss Kelly wheeled the chair out of the room. Shannon ran the
water up and down her body, which was sweating from her ordeal. She then made
sure the nozzle hit her pussy directly so the spray could get all of the loose
hairs off and also remove all signs of her cum. Of course, all of this was
caught on tape.

She finished the shower and went to her locker where a folded towel was placed
on the bench in front of her stuff. She dried off, realizing what a difference
in time it made to not have to wear clothes and headed off to the cafeteria and
another naked lunch. Charles left the locker room after her, taking his valuable
tape with him to show Mr. Jones. The principal liked to review all of the tapes
for "Quality assurance."


Shannon made her way through the rest of her second naked day pretty well from
then on. Of course there had been the obligatory computer project that she had
to put more pictures on a web page of her nudity, this time she was mortified to
find out the pics were from the tampon exhibition. She didn't understand why she
never saw the photographers.

She was in the second day of her punishment that forced her into complete nudity
while at school. Her dad had extended the punishment at home but, unlike the
school punishment, she would earn one piece of clothing a week at home. She
couldn't wait for that covering!

She completed the assignment as instructed, putting the photos into place and
titling it "Shannon On the Rag," and e-mailed it to him. She got the auto reply
that it was received and she packed up her books. One of the perks of this class
was the ability to leave as soon as the assignment was finished.

She left the air conditioned room, thankful to be out of there because she was
freezing! The temp in the room was kept low for the computers and without
clothes, the room was more than unpleasant. She glanced down and saw her nipples
standing straight out at annoyance but nothing close to the worst
thing that could happen to her. Shannon remembered the old days (was it just two
days ago?) when stiff nipples poking through her bra and blouse would have made
her mortified. Now they were just another bit of bad luck in a week full of it.

"Attention everyone, attention," came the voice of Mr. Jones over the PA. "There
will be another assembly this afternoon after seventh period. Please report to
the auditorium. And will Shannon Malone please come and meet me in my office
now. Thank you."

She cringed...what more could this man do to her. She made her way to the first
floor where Mr. Jones' office was.

"You may go in Miss Malone, Mr. Jones is ready for you," Mrs. Phillips, his
secretary, said to her.

She pushed open the door and her feet again sunk into his plush carpeting. She
was getting to know the feel of the floors around here, she thought. After six
weeks, I will probably be able to know where I am even blindfolded.

Mr. Jones was finishing a phone conversation and waved her to kneel where he had
showed her that morning. She blushed some more at the subservient pose she was
being forced into by the man but did as commanded. The soft carpeting felt good
on her bare knees as she knelt there.

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RE: Surprise Assembly
She heard Mr. Jones tell his caller that he had another more pressing matter to
attend to and would call her back.

"Hello Miss Malone, thank you for coming so promptly. I suppose you are
wondering why I needed you here today."

"Yes Sir, I was."

"Well Shannon, we have three students who are earning nude punishments, well
partly. One is totally nude, two others will lose some clothing. At the assembly
next period, you will walk in with me and stand next to me on the stage. Then
you will remove the other student's clothing for them."

She shook her head but no words came out. "Is this a problem Miss Malone?"

She wanted to scream out, "YES A MAJOR PROBLEM..." but the words would not come
to her.

"OK then..." RINGGG! "Well now, time for the assembly...wait here until I am
ready to go." He then turned his chair around and began to work on the computer.
Finally he stood up and walked towards his door, his suit grazing the naked
girl. "OK, let's go."

Shannon got to her feet and followed behind Mr. Jones. The principal walked
quickly and she struggled to keep up with him. Of course taking big stride with
clothes and shoes on was different than when you are naked.

Mr. Jones opened the door to the auditorium and all of the students turned to
stare. He motioned for her to enter first and here she was, naked in front of
the whole school yet again. It brought back a flood of the awful memories from
yesterday when she had been stripped in front of the whole school. Now she was
in front of those hundreds of eyes, totally on display.

And this time she didn't even have pubic hair to hide behind, having her pubes
shaved as a demonstration in health class.

She walked up onto the stage and stood next to the podium, alone, waiting for
Mr. Jones to make his way up there. She knew he was intentionally taking his
time to get up there, letting her be the sole object on view. Finally the
principal made it there and got behind the podium.

"Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we have another assembly for more punishments.
This time, it is for three students caught smoking in the basement. Would Sarah
Lyons, Juli Becker and Glen Barmore please come forward."

The students made their way to the stage...Shannon thought they looked like they
going to be executed. At least they knew in advance about it...she had been
shocked at her assembly.

"Now, for Miss Lyons and Miss Becker, this is a first offense. For their
trouble, they have earned partial nudity for the rest of today and tomorrow. For
Mr. Barmore, this is offense number two so that means total nudity for the rest
of the week."

The crowd gasped, especially the girls. They were going to get a look a man's
penis, the first for many of them.

"First, Miss Lyons. You are required to remove the outer layers of clothing and
your shoes. Miss Malone here has been good enough to volunteer to serve as the
assistant and will remove your clothes for you."

Shannon glared at Mr. Jones, at his lie, but it did no good. She walked over to
Sarah, a pretty brunette, a freshman. She was thin but had a big chest for her
age. Shannon guessed it was about a 34 or 36.

She began by getting on one knee and untying the girl's saddle shoes. She took
off the right and pulled the blue sock off as well, leaving the girl's feet
bare. She saw Sarah flex her toes and knew what she was feeling. She then did
the same with the girl's left foot until she was barefoot.

She got to her feet and began unbuttoning the blouse. Her eyes locked with
Sarah's who was sobbing. The blouse had actually gotten wet with the girl's
tears. "I'm so sorry about this," Shannon whispered as she finished with the
unbuttoning and pulled the blouse down the girl's arms.

Sarah was wearing a very pretty lacy bra but Shannon realized why the girl was
crying. Inside the lacy undergarment was a pad making her look bigger. Mr. Jones
was startled to see it.

"Miss Lyons, I am shocked that a good Catholic girl would pad her bra."

There was a chuckle going up from the crowd, especially the girls who knew that
a lot of girls wore push up bras, wonder bras or pads. Just Sarah got caught in
the worst way possible.

"Miss Malone, please remove those pads."

Shannon whispered to Mr. Jones, "but sir, then her bra would be too big for

"I don't care Miss Malone...and while it is very nice that you are concerned for
your schoolmate, please do as I order."

Shannon turned back to the girl and reached into the bra, feeling her soft
little breasts in the process, and pulled the foam pads out of the cups of the
bra, which was now falling off of her.

"Please finish her off so we can move on here Miss Malone."

Shannon squatted, knowing that the first few rows would get a nice view of her
slit. Oh what the hell, she thought, every part of her was on display all of the
time, who cares what they see know? She knew that she did and hated every second
of it.

She undid the clasp and zipper on the side of Sarah's skirt and let it fall to
the floor. The girl stepped out of it and Shannon picked it up and handed it to
Mr. Jones. Sarah now stood there with her bra mostly hanging off so that her
tits were almost totally on display and a pair of lacy bikini panties that
barely concealed anything.

Sarah thought to herself that she was going to wear the biggest bra and panties
she could find tomorrow.

As if he could read her mind, Mr. Jones said, "And for Miss Lyons and Miss
Becker, you are going to wear similar styles tomorrow...Sarah, you may wear a
bra that actually fits you but the same kind and the same kind of panties. It
would defeat the purpose of this punishment if you were to wear big bloomers."

"Now Miss Becker's turn. Shannon, please do the honors."

Shannon walked over to the next girl, who was much bigger than she or Sarah. She
was slightly overweight but pretty. She was also a freshman.

Shannon started again with the shoes, knowing that the girls would probably want
as much covering for as long as possible. She removed the girl's shoes and socks
and saw Juli's uncomfortable stance change.

She got to her feet and started to unbutton the blouse. For some reason, Juli
didn't seem upset at all. Not as upset as she or Sarah. Shannon pulled the
blouse out of the girl's skirt and down her arms.

For now saw why there was not a lot of tears. The bra was big with big cups and
thick one she had seen older women wear. She noticed that the girl
needed the heavy support of a bigger bra. Most of the girls in the school chose
to wear frilly bras with thin, stylish straps. Or sports bras. But that's
because most of them were still waiting for tits. This girl had them in great

Shannon then dropped to her knees and removed the girl's skirt. The panties were
white cotton bikini, nothing nearly as revealing as Sarah.

"Now Mr. Barmore."

Shannon walked over to the boy. She had seen him before...he definitely stuck
out in a crowd. Most of the girls swooned over him...he was built, a football
player, backup quarterback. He was just a sophomore and would be the starter the
next year. Every girl dreamt of him nude and would now get the chance to see.

Again Shannon dropped to her knees and removed his shoes and socks. She realized
that she had rarely looked at boys' feet but noticed that girls have much
prettier feet than boys do.

She got to her feet and pulled his tie off and began to unbutton his shirt. She
pulled it down his arms and he stood in his undershirt. Shannon pulled it up and
over his head, feeling the hard muscles of his chest and stomach. She moaned
involuntarily at the brief touch.

For his part, Glenn was fighting the demons inside. He was humiliated at being
stripped in front of the whole school but some part of him was so turned on that
the person stripping him was the beautiful Shannon Malone and she was completely
naked herself. He had felt her firm tits brush his naked belly as she removed
his shirt. Oh God, he couldn't control his hard on which was sticking like a
pole into his pants.

Shannon knelt down and her face was inches away from the place where Glenn's
cock had made a huge bulge. She wondered if any of the other kids could see it
but heard the whispers and knew that they could.

Because of the huge erection, unbuttoning his pants was a challenge but Shannon
was able to do so. Unzipping was another matter and she struggled to get it
down. Glenn cried out as she pulled a little too hard.

"Sorry, I don't know what to do," Shannon blurted out nervously. "I've never
done this before."

The auditorium roared with laughter. Shannon was mortified and didn't know why.
Wasn't she supposed to stay a virgin until marriage? Wasn't she a good Catholic

"While I find that hard to believe Miss Malone, perhaps Mr. Barmore can help you
with that particular area."

Shannon saw the boy's hands go to his crotch and she watched him push his
erection out of the way with one hand and pull the zipper down with the other.
With that accomplished, Shannon pulled his pants down and off, leaving him in a
pair of very stretched out tighty whiteys.

Shannon knelt there, her face inches away from a penis, the closest she had ever
been. Oh she had petted once in a while but always through pants. This was the
thinnest of covering. She reached up, put her hands between the waistband and
his bare skin and pulled the jockey shorts down. She had to maneuver around his
painfully erect penis and soon he was as naked as she was.

The crowd of students were quiet. Most of the girls had never seen a penis this
big or erect before. And even a few of the teachers were surprised at how big
this 15 year old boy was.

"Thank you Miss Malone, you may take your eyes off of Mr. Barmore's endowment
and come over here please."

Shannon blushed an even deeper shade and made her way to the other side of Mr.
Jones. Oh how she never wanted to take her eyes off of that magnificent cock!
But now she was out of view and only an obvious peek around the principal would
give her the view she wanted.

"Everyone, I hope this is a reminder for all of you that this type of behavior
will not be tolerated. As you can tell, this punishment will happen and it could
happen to you.

"As for the three of you, your punishments continue until the end of school
tomorrow. You can come to my office after classes tomorrow and pick your clothes
up. You will ride the bus home as you are now and may change when you get off or
home. School is dismissed."

The students didn't rush out of their seats like they normally did. Instead they
sat there, transfixed as first the naked Shannon came off the stage, then the
mostly naked Sarah and Juli followed by the very naked and very noticeably
excited Glenn.

The girls in the seats just looked with mouths agape as they stared at the erect
eight inches of the stud quarterback. But Glenn was humiliated and his cock was
betraying him. He now knew how Shannon felt, naked and exposed. At least his was
only one day, but at least she could HIDE her arousal for the most part.

Glenn realized how mean he had been to her. He was the one on her bus that had
asked Vince to "share the wealth" and turn the mirrors towards her so that the
whole bus could see. He had also been the one to cup her tits as he departed.
Now here he was in her shoes (or her bare feet), forced to suffer the

Sarah could feel the cool air on her naked nipples, which weren't adequately
covered by her too-big bra. She had been stuffing her bra since she was 12 and
didn't know if she had one that really fit her. She couldn't go through a day of
school tomorrow like this, her entire chest on display.

For Juli, this wasn't too bad. Sure it was humiliating being mostly naked, but
she had worn less to the beach. And the fact that she had tits was better than
Sarah who had to stuff. She had figured as much but had never been sure. Now the
whole school was sure.

The naked girl, naked boy and mostly naked girls made their way out of the
auditorium and to the buses. Shannon had to run to the AV Room for her videotape
and then out to the bus for the dreaded ride home.


From Glenn's point of view. Don't worry, I will get back to Shannon. If anyone
wants to take Glenn's story over, I would be happy for the help. If no one is
interested, I may drop him in favor of more adventures of Shannon. It's kind of
hard for me to do two different story lines, I can be a bit of a ditzy girl
sometimes. Plus, it's easier for me to understand the humiliation of girls than
boys...I hope this story rings true to the men among us.

This story has a bit more sex...not actual intercourse, but some sexual
situations and some ejaculating. Reader beware!


Glenn got on the bus, the smooth seat cold on his naked butt. He had attempted
to get to the back of the bus but Vince insisted that if Shannon had to ride in
the front seat so did he.

How did he get involved in this? He wasn't really much of a smoker, had been
trying to impress Sarah and her friend Juli. Now he was completely naked and
they were in bra and panties for the rest of the day and into tomorrow. He
counted down the hours until he got his clothes back.

Making matters worse was his constant rigid erection that showed no signs of
letup. He almost wished he had stopped off in the boy's bathroom and jerked
off...maybe then his erection would go down and he and it could slink away. I
guess this is better than not having a penis and being teased. At least now the
teasing revolved around his "monster cock," as one girl had put it.

His cock got harder, if that was possible, when the beautiful and equally naked
Shannon Malone made her way onto the bus. She knew the routine by now and
settled into the seat next to him, her bare thigh making contact with his. He
closed his eyes to try and settle his imagination. He prayed that he wouldn't
spurt here on the bus.

He saw Shannon spread her knees wide apart as ordered and he saw a look from
Vince before realizing that he was expected to do the same. Shannon had her arms
at her side, not covering any area of her body and he took his cue from her.

Just then he felt it...a hand wrapping around his cock. Shannon saw it too and
gasped. A girl behind them had stuck her hand in between the seat and side of
the bus and began to slowly stroke the poor boy's erection.

Glenn knew it wouldn't take long before he would cum...his cock was so hard and
he was so aroused. The hand would not relent, despite his head shaking no. He
couldn't move his head without making everyone notice and so he did not see who
was jerking him off.

"No, please no" he said in a whisper and then he saw Vince readjust the mirror.
The whole bus gasped as they saw the hand, a pretty little girl's hand, nails
painted a pastel pink, masturbating the big quarterback's cock. That pushed the
boy over the edge and he came, spurting his cum out and down his cock, onto his
legs and crotch, his belly and thighs. Some of it even made its way over onto
Shannon who moved out of the way a second too late and got a glob on her right

"Ewww, that's gross...make him clean it up Vince."

Shannon turned and saw her new "friend" Jenny with a tissue, wiping the cum off
of her fingers and smiling. She knew that girl was a little weird.

Vince was forced to clean up the cum off of his body to the hoots and hollers of
the entire bus. He did the same to the glob of it that was on Shannon and
stopped but he was still coated with some of it and smelled like cum but at
least most of it was gone.

Luckily for him, his stop was one of the first, unlike Shannon's who was the
last stop. He excused himself and eased past her, his cock much softer now but
growing harder as he came into contact with her nudity. DAMN! He thought. Was he
going to have a hard cock for the next 24 hours? He didn't think he could take

His stop was on a pretty secluded spot, right next to the park. He thought he
could hide his nudity from the street most of the way, just popping out at the
last minute to run home. He cursed at himself as he stubbed his toe on the
sidewalk. He hated being barefoot outside, preferring shoes even in the summer.
Now here he was, barefoot and naked in January.

He went into the shrubs and seemed to be hidden and then he realized the bad
part of his plan...his bare feet on the thorny sticks and twigs and the branches
against his bare body. He tried to run but it hurt too much. Finally he couldn't
take it anymore and he pushed out onto the sidewalk. Just then, a busload of
kids from a private girls school in town pulled up. The girls looking out the
window gasped. He tried to run around the bus but the girls seemed to be coming
from everywhere. The preppy girls in their fashionable outfits were having fun
with this naked boy, surrounding him, touching his naked body, even grabbing at
his naked cock, which had hardened yet again, despite his humiliation.

He managed to get away from the group of girls and ran down his side street. One
of the girls stayed in hot pursuit but he was faster. He would have made it
except his bare feet landed on a bottlecap, causing him to slow down. She caught
up to him, pinching his ass.

"Hey, man, nice ass...I just wanted a closer look at your little guy. Oh my,
he's not little at all is he," the girl said, taking hold of him at the base.
Although Glenn was obviously stronger than the girl, he was unable to move,
spellbound that his naked cock was being masturbated for a second time in less
than an hour by a girl he did not know.

"Oh my, look at it, so nice and firm...I love it...I've never really held one
before," said the girl as she jerked the organ up and down, causing Glenn to
moan. Here he was, lying naked in broad daylight on a public street in the
middle of winter, his cock being jerked off again. Part of him loved it but
another part wanted to get the hell out of there.

"Please let me go, Please, I can't take it anymore...oh GOD!" he shouted as he
spurted more cum out of his shaft and down the sides of his cock, covering the
girl's hand as she continued to jerk him off.

"No more, hurts, please no more," he said, his voice barely above a whisper.
Finally the girl stopped, licking his cum off of her fingers.

"Well, that was nice. Thanks for the opportunity, you were my first," she said,
picking up her book bag and walking away.

Glenn just laid there, unable to move. He had never imagined having two girls
jerk him off in the same day let alone two total strangers in the course of an
hour. He was so humiliated that he had let it happen, a big tough boy letting
two girls much smaller than him make him cum again and again.

He finally managed to gather the strength to get to his feet. Two orgasms can
take a lot out of a guy, especially a guy who had only self-imposed orgasms
except for one messy one that a girl had given him the night of the freshman
dance last year.

He knew he had better hurry if he wanted to beat his mom and sister home. He
wanted to change into some clothes before they spotted him...especially his
sister. She was 18, a senior at the public school who always resented the little
brother at the Catholic school who was Mr. Jock and Mr. Popular. She would have
a field day with this.

He ran down the street, his cock, now shriveled and up in his sack, bouncing as
he ran. He made it to his house and up the steps. He opened the door, certain he
was home free, and ran up to his room. He was about to go in when he realized it
was locked. What the heck. Then he saw his sister come out of her room, her eyes
drinking in his nudity.

"Well, well, thought you were going to be able to hide this right? I guess you
didn't know that your principal called to talk to mom. I took the message but
haven't called mom YET."

She took him harshly by the arm and pulled him into her room. It had been years
since he had been in was strictly off limits. "Lay down on my bed
Glenn and tell me about your day unless you want me blabbing to Mom."

There was no way she could ever MAKE him do anything. After all, he had seven
inches and about 110 pounds on her. But she had him and he did as she commanded,
telling her what had happened.

"Spread your legs and jerk off while talking ok, your big sister would like

"Oh God, please Michelle, I can't have another orgasm."

Her eyebrows raised..."another?"

"Yeah, I've already had two. Please no more."

"Well, I want to hear about that...and I'm sure Mom does too."

"UGGHH" Glenn said but took his cock into his hand and began to do what has
become a practiced thing, jerking off. He did almost every day after school
before his mom and sister got home and before bed. Now he was doing it on his
sister's bed with her sitting a few feet away.

For Michelle, this was heaven. She was going to be able to humiliate him and
blackmail him at the same time. She now had video of him jerking off on her bed
but of course she had made sure that she wasn't in the shot from where she sat.
She would be able to edit it and give it to Mom at any time.

"And then..she chased meandoh GODDDD!!!" Again he erupted as cum flew out of his
cock and down the shaft, coating his fingers. How much cum was inside of him, he

"You perv, what a disgusting mess," Michelle said. "OK Glenn, here's the deal.
You agree to do this every day and become my naked slave, I will never tell mom
and she will never know about your little smoking incident and what you have
just done here on my bed. Do we have a deal?"

Glenn rolled his eyes, his disgusting hands still wrapped around his cock. He
nodded his head.

"Good, now go and wash your disgusting hands and meet me in the laundry room.
Today you are going to do my laundry."

He got off of his sister's frilly bed and went into the bathroom, dreading the
next few weeks as his sister's slave.

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RE: Surprise Assembly

Shannon's second naked day went very much like the first...there was the
humiliation of school, where she had her pubes shaved and had served as a model
for biology class and health. Again she had to stand in front of the whole
school naked, this time with the added burden of stripping three of her fellow
students as part of their punishments.

Then, at home, there had been the constant eyes of her brother Jimmy, who could
not get enough of her bare pussy. He was constantly staring at it. At one point,
as she sat at her desk, he came in and bent over to look, his face barely inches
away. Of course she was not allowed to shoo him away and had to withstand his
prying eyes.

Jimmy was less brazen when their father came home. This time Shannon was allowed
to eat without having to serve everyone's meal and she was able to partake of
dessert, unlike last night when she dished out the ice cream and had some of it
"accidentially" spilled on her by Jimmy. No, this dinner was more back to normal
except for her nudity.

At the end of dinner, Dad said," Shannon, Mr. Firgus called, from across the
Shannon nodded, wondering what the man had wanted. She had noticed him checking
her out over the years and had enjoyed teasing him a bit. Every so often, she
would leave her window shades up while changing to give the old man a bit of a
thrill. It was pretty harmless, she thought.

"He's looking for someone to come over to his house once or twice a week to
clean and cook for him. Said he would pay double the minimum wage."

"Dad, you don't mean that I should do it, do you? I mean, I'm you
want me to go to a strange man's house alone naked?"

"Shannon, you are being silly. Mr. Firgus is an old man and has been my neighbor
for 25 years. I feel like he can be trusted and plus, you're just across the

"Please Daddy, I can't. Don't make me do it."

"I'm not making you do anything Miss, but you can forget about gaining a piece
of clothing every week. If you don't want to cooperate with me then I don't feel
you deserve cooperation back."

So this was it...they would hold out her precious clothing as a carrot to
perform humiliating tasks for them. She looked at her father through teary
puppy-dog eyes, trying to get some sympathy. There was none and she had no

"Oh Daddy, I'm sorry, I think I'm just so confused by my constant nudity. I
would be happy to help Mr. Firgus."

"Great, that's my girl. You start tomorrow night after basketball practice but
before dinner. Say around 5? Just stay until 6:30, find out what he needs and
you can start whenever it works for you."

She cringed internally but shook her head yes outside. She could not believe
that she would be exposing herself in the privacy of a stranger's home. It was
more of a violation than at school or here.

"I spoke to Mr. Jones and he says your behavior has been wonderful and that you
even volunteered today for a class assembly. That is really nice to hear. Should
be no trouble earning back socks this week!"

Shannon nodded, unbelieving that socks would be considered a reward! But to a
naked girl, any covering would feel good. She wondered about poor Glenn, who had
been forced to cum on the bus. She couldn't believe how bold that girl had been
to jerk him off. Seeing the penis cum from up close was amazing...something she
had never seen. The poor guy had to wipe it off of himself and then her thigh
when some of it splattered onto her. She had felt the hot liquid shoot onto her
and was grossed out at first but then turned on. Luckily, as a girl, her arousal
was a little more hidden, unlike Glenn who had been hard since she stripped him.

"...and Shannon will be here so it won't be a problem, right hon?"

Shannon looked at her father with a blank stare. She had not heard the beginning
of her father's talk and was now wondering what she would be around for.

"Ah, I'm sorry Daddy but I didn't hear the beginning there, could you please
repeat it?"

"Sure, Jimmy is having five friends over tomorrow night but Colleen and I have
to be at a family function and Brighid is going away. Unfortunately, that leaves
you home to supervise the party."

"What? Me, naked, supervising a party of six 12 year old boys? Daddy, are you

"Watch your mouth young lady, show some respect for your father."

Her father rarely got angry with her but when he did, she quaked. This was the
second time in as many days that she had earned his anger.

"You are a member of this household and it is not too much to ask that you carry
your own weight around here. It would not have been too much to ask if you had
clothes on and it is not my fault that you are naked. Therefore, you will be
here on Friday night."

"B-b-butt Dadd, what if they try something on me. What will I do?"

"Jimmy, I want your guarantee that you and your friends will not rape your
sister. Is that clear?"

"Sure Dad. But can we have some fun with her?"

"Sure...that is part of the fact I expect it. Shannon you are in
charge of some things but you are unable to say no to Jimmy in matter involving
showing your nudity. Jim, none of your friends may touch Shannon, is that clear
to both of you?"

Jimmy nodded vigorously. Shannon had to be prodded by a harsh look from her
father before saying "yes Daddy."

"Daddy, Carrie invited me to spend the night at her house. Can I go on

"Sure honey, as long as everything goes well on Friday and there are no

"Thanks Dad."

"Now you and your brother clear the table please. I have some work to do and
then I have to pick up Colleen and Brighid at the dinner."

Their father left the room, leaving the two younger Malone's to clean up the
table. Shannon knew her brother would be brushing up against her and doing stuff
to get better looks at her and she was right. He leaned over her, grazing her
bare tit, touching her naked thigh. She wanted to strangle him but couldn't get
too angry...after all, what 12 year old boy didn't want to see a naked girl,
even if it was his sister.

Finally they cleared the table and Jimmy left her to clear the dishes off at the
sink and put them in the dishwasher. She was glad for the quiet, even though
standing at the sink made her top half exposed to the back window and any prying
eyes. She didn't think anyone could see in but never knew. What she didn't know
was that Jimmy had gotten his trusty videocamera out and was filming her erotic

She scraped the excess food off of the dishes and silverware and cups and filled
the dishwasher. Jimmy's zoom lens got her pussy lips opening and closing as she
bent in different directions. His friends would love this and especially love
his party favor tomorrow night. They were going to have some fun with a naked
girl and it was going to be the greatest party any of his friends could ever


This time, Mr. Firgus had set the alarm. He did not want to miss a second of the
show and he was ready this time, a wet towel in hand, he jerked off at the image
of Shannon's naked stretching body and came again as she walked out. It was
almost like having sex with someone, he planned it so well.

He had some humiliating things in store for her, including cleaning his
cum-covered articles from his masturbation. Let her take care of those items
that she had dirtied.

This time, he hopped into the car and followed the girls on their run. He stayed
far enough back not to attract notice as the naked runner made her way in just
sneaks and socks through the main street of town. He wondered why she would
choose to run in this public of a place but then remembered the punishment that
her father had told him about. This was probably part of it.

He saw the girl's leg muscles flex as she ran, the perfect body so graceful in
her strides. She really was perfect in every way. It had been a long time since
he had felt this way about a woman. His late wife had done this to him. They had
met in high school and, much like Shannon, she had been perfect. Athletic, at
least for that era, she had played field hockey and they started dating when he
went to her games. A few years later, when they had married, he had asked her to
put the uniform on for him one night and she had. They had made long, passionate
love that night and had conceived their only son.

He had a tough time concentrating on the road, paying so much attention to the
girl and to his memories. He saw her jogging in place while waiting for a
stoplight to turn green. This was a perfect opportunity for everyone to see her.
Her tits, small but round, bouncing a bit on her frame, her legs bulging in all
of the right places, her little lips, completely bare, seemed to be compressing
in and out. He was hard again, despite his cum earlier.

He turned away from the way she was running and drove home, wanting to beat her
there to be able to fully enjoy her stretching. He had just settled into his
easy chair with the great view of the house across the street when Shannon and
Brighid arrived home. As had been the case yesterday, they stretched, putting on
an erotic show without even realizing it. Again he came into a towel as the
naked runner bounded up the steps, removed her sneakers and socks and went into
the house naked as the day she was born.

Mr. Firgus got up to go and shower and get ready for work. He couldn't wait
until 5 o'clock when the very naked Shannon Malone would be his housekeeper.

Shannon ran into the house, another humiliating run behind her. She had seen Mr.
Firgus checking her out while she stretched and felt so gross. Most girls know
that boys masturbate over them...but few ever have it shoved in their face as
much as Shannon has had in the last few days. She had received 75 e-mails last
night from boys who saw her show on the internet. She hated her school and
wondered how they could let a 16 year old be naked on their site. Then she
realized that the only way onto the site was having an e-mail account and
password with the school so only the students could access her nudity and they
could see her any time they wanted anyhow.

She went up the steps, her bare feet flapping on the wood floor and went in to
grab a shower. She was in the middle of washing her hair when she felt a cold
breeze. She opened her eyes and saw that Jimmy had opened the shower curtain all
the way.

"Jimmy, close the curtain for Christ sake, I'm going to freeze."

"Sorry Shannon, but I want to watch."

"Jim, please just give me a minute's peace."

" I have to call Colleen and ruin your chance at some nice socks to

"You pain in the ass," she whispered in a low, mean voice. But she continued to
shower, getting the rest of the shampoo out of her hair. She then had to go
through the task of shaving her legs, armpits and pubes. Most girls can go a day
or two without it but for a naked girl, it was a daily necessity. She had never
shaved her own pubic hair before but Miss Kelly had warned her to keep it clean
or another demonstration might be in order.

As her younger brother watched leering, she lathered up her legs and went about
the task of clearing her long, slender legs of any hair. Then she did her
armpits until they were smooth and bare.

Now came the hard part, shaving her pubes in front of her brother. She had seen
his face looking directly at her pussy as she had contorted her legs in the many
different directions needed for a clean shave. He had stood there, wide eyed and
mouthed, as she did so. But now, he would have a great view as her fingers moved
her pussy lips this way and that to get all of the fresh stubble that was coming
through. His eyes never left her pussy until she was finished and took a towel
to wipe the remaining cream off. With that he took a step back and sat on the
cover of the toilet.

She grabbed a towel and dried off, being extra careful not to cover herself any
more than necessary. She knew that Jimmy would love to run to Colleen and Dad
and tell them that he had been refused a healthy view of his older sister. Once
she was dry, she stepped out of the tub and over to the sink to do her hair and

"Please Jim, haven't you seen enough? I just want a second of peace and quiet."

"Nope, sorry Shannon, I don't want to miss a moment of this."

She tried to hold back tears as she dried her hair and put on some makeup.
Finally, she had to ask him to get off the toilet so that she could pee. The
smirk on his face made her sick to her stomach as he got up and she sat down.
She was mortified as her pee tinkled into the basin as her brother watched,
sitting on the tub across from her. Finally she finished, wiped (he didn't miss
that at all) and left the bathroom and went into her room falling on her bed in
a ball, her head in her hands sobbing. For once she was alone as Jimmy went down
the hall into his own room to get ready for his day of school.


Shannon had been there crying for a few minutes when her sister Brighid came by.
As always, Brighid was dressed great, wearing a business suit that was a
tailored jacket, a blouse and then a short skirt. Her legs were covered with
stockings and she wore five-inch heels. The very picture of a sexy business

Across the room, Shannon couldn't have been more of a contrast. She looked like
a tiny little girl, vulnerable as she laid there naked as the day she was born,
as she had been for two whole days and was about to begin her third naked day.
This was part of her school's punishment that focused on humiliation and loss of
clothing instead of suspensions, etc. She was the first one punished under the
new rules after skipping school and calling in a false sick call.

Her father had extended the punishment to her home too and she was now naked
24/7. It seemed like she spent all of her time embarrassed and crying. She and
Brighid had just returned from their now daily running routine. She ran in just
her sneaks and socks through the streets of hew neighborhood, giving quite a
show to anyone out there early enough to see it.

Brighid had been rough on her and had some more plans for humiliating her
formerly "perfect" sister. But first, she had to gain her trust. She walked over
to the bed where Shannon laid balled up in the fetal position, face red from
crying. Brighid sat down next to her and rubbed the girl's bare back and moved
in for a hug. Shannon, surprised at this sudden affection from her sister,
appreciated the warmth of someone.

"There, there, sorry about all of this?" Brighid said.

Shannon nodded her head, knowing deep down that her sister was loving her

"Come on, I'll give a ride to school...I can be a few minutes late for work
today," Brighid said.

Shannon raised her head and looked at Brighid with her teary eyes. Finally, some
compassion, she thought.

"Oh thank you, thank you so much. You can't know how awful it is on that bus,
everybody staring and groping and I have nowhere to go. That would be so nice of
you Brigie."

The nude girl got to her feet, wiped her eyes with a tissue and grabbed her
bookbag, ready to leave. She certainly did not want to make her sister late for
work after she was being so generous.

Brighid smiled as she followed after her naked sister, admiring the girl's long,
bare legs and hard ass. She wasn't a lesbian but certainly saw that her sister
was built. She would enjoy the ride to the school.

Shannon didn't even notice her sister's appreciative stares, she was too happy
that she would be shielded, at least for the short drive to school. While the
trip on the bus took 45 minutes, the drive would be no more than 15 minutes. She
figured this would save her so much humiliation, from the awful groping and
exposure on the bus to sitting and waiting at the corner for it to come. It was
a terrible experience from beginning to end.

When she got to the car, Shannon realized it was still locked. She felt
vulnerable in the cold winter air, naked in the driveway. She crouched next to
it, shielding her from all but those behind her. Finally, she heard the door
shut and Brighid's heels coming down the front steps. She heard the door lock
spring up and she jumped to open the door and climb in. She climbed in, feeling
the leather of the seats on her bare ass and thighs.

"Here," said Brighid, tossing her a towel. "Sit on this please. I don't want
your wetness ruining my seat."

Shannon blushed but obliged. As she settled into the sports car, she realized
how low she would be next to other cars. Anyone passing by would be higher and
would see all of her. She covered her pussy with one hand and crossed her arms
over her breasts with the other as they drove off.

Brighid looked over at the nude girl, her little sister sure had grown up. Her
breasts weren't too big but she was sure a could see it in her hips
and her pussy. Brighid felt some jealousy in seeing her beautiful sister. She
had always felt like an ugly duckling next to Shannon and Megan. Sure she had
boyfriends and was long beyond her virginal days and many men complimented her
nice legs and figure. But she didn't have the same look as her sisters, that
drop-dead gorgeous look that makes men's head turn. Shannon did and part of
Brighid hated her for it.

For her part, Shannon never even saw her sister's gazing eyes. For once she
could relax on the drive to school, enjoying the safety of her sister's car. She
sat there, feeling the warm heat on her naked body, listening to the music,
feeling good for the first time in days. She closed her eyes and could almost
pretend that she wasn't out in a car in broad daylight completely naked.

She didn't notice when Brighid turned off the main road but opened her eyes when
the car came to a stop.

"What's going on Brig, I have to get to school," Shannon said nervously when she
saw that they had pulled into a Dunkin Donuts parking lot.

"I know, but we skipped breakfast this morning and I wanted to grab something,"
Brighid said, swinging her nylon-covered legs out of the car. "Come on, my

"Brighid, are you crazy? Have you forgotten that I am completely naked? NO WAY

Brighid slammed her door and Shannon breathed a sigh of relief. She had finally
won a victory over those who wished to humiliate her. She didn't even notice as
Brighid opened her door and pulled her out by the nipple.

Shannon screamed at the disgusting act but, to avoid having her nipple ripped
off, scampered to get to her feet out of the car.

"You little bitch," Brighid said in a low menacing voice. "I am here to do you a
nice thing. If you do not do everything I say, I am going to leave you here and
let you manage your way home or to school, whichever you prefer. Do everything I
say and I will finish the ride, understand?"

Shannon nodded, tears filling her eyes and rolling down her cheeks. She felt
more naked than ever now, her sister exposing her to the whole world.

Brighid turned and walked towards the door. Of course the donut shop was all
windows so that many had already observed the naked girl. She made her way to
the door, her bare feet against the hard, cold concrete.

Brighid was holding the door open, motioning Shannon to go in ahead of her. This
felt so wrong but the naked girl entered the cold store, every head there turned
to her.

This Dunkin Donuts seemed to be all male...only two women were there, a worker
in a Dunkin Donuts uniform and a woman sitting at the counter in an attractive
business suit that showed off nice stocking covered legs. Shannon would have
given anything to trade places with either girl.

"Well now," one of the men behind the counter said. "We don't normally let
barefoot people in here. You know, no shoes, no shirt, no service. But for you,
we can make an exception."

"Thank you for that," Brighid spoke up. "This is my little sister Shannon. She
goes to St. Mark's and is being punished."

Everyone nodded. There had been a report that some of the students there were
having forced nudity as punishment for doing something wrong. None of them could
imagine it happening but here was the evidence.

"Well, I'm happy to serve you anytime Shannon," said the man behind the counter
in the dirty apron.

Shannon blushed and looked down. "Thank the man Shannon," Brighid said, acting
like a mother would with a little girl.

"Thank you Sir."

Shannon could not believe that she would be forced to stand there, under the
full gaze of everyone, while her sister examined the menu board. It's a donut
shop for Christsakes, why do you need a menu board, she wanted to scream at her
sister. But she didn't, instead standing there fully naked, her breasts being
scrutinized by Carl, the store manager.

"I will have a chocolate chip muffin and a cup of decaf. My sister will have a
powdered cream donut with a glass of milk."

Shannon looked up at Brighid, wondering why that order. She didn't like donuts
and certainly never ate powdered cream. And what was with the milk?

The man went and got each thing one at a time. This gave him more time to ogle
her little breasts. It also gave the customers an extended view of her naked
legs and ass as. The only thing not on display was her bare pussy as she kept
her legs tight together.

The naked girl looked around and saw about 10 customers. Five guys in what
looked like construction outfits were straining to see all that they could see.
There was the nicely dressed woman, who didn't seem as interested in the
business section of the newspaper as she had been before they entered, and four
other men, mostly business men in shirts and ties.

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