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Super Chick Katrina kaif in Banquet Hall
05-07-2012, 05:55 PM
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Super Chick Katrina kaif in Banquet Hall
“Everybody down!”
Katrina Kaif stopped dancing with her boyfriend and watched as armed men surrounded the banquet hall.
“What do we do”?!
“As they ask Salman, I’ll try and slip out as soon as I get a chance, I have my costume in my purse,” replied Katrina.
As everyone complied with the wishes of the gunmen, in walked a lengthy white female, somewhere around six foot eight. She was wearing a spots bra and incredibly small and tight spandex shorts of which both were black. Her hair was also brown and she wore it in a knot. The woman’s body was incredibly fit; her muscles were well defined and slightly bulging. The woman was followed in by a pool of reporters from every major network and they like the gunmen spread themselves around the banquet hall.
“My name is Violator, and you shall all bare witness as I destroy Super-Chick here tonight right before your eyes,” she proclaimed. “As my prisoners, all you are required to do is as I ask, that means some of you will die,” as Violator finished her sentence the gunmen each approached a captive gun aimed at the head and fired. The hostages left started screaming and crying, calls for God and pleas for mercy accompanied the yells and the tears.
“ I have to get out of here,” whispered Katrina; “Violator is crazy, she must be stopped.”
“ How Katrina, there’s only one exit and you can’t confront her now without giving away your secret identity?”
“I know Salman but I can’t just stand by and let her kill innocent people.”
“Unless Super-Chick shows up here in less than one hour and faces me the rest of you will die,” announced Violator as the pleas and screams died down.
“Violator! Violator! Why do you want to destroy Super-Chick?” meekly asked a reporter from NBC.
“That fucking bitch thinks she’s all that with that sexyt body of hers. I’m going to teach her who the real Super-Chick is. I’m sick of seeing that little cunts picture everywhere I go. When I get through with her there’s no way People Magazine will call her the sexiest woman alive, not ever again. I’d be happy to take any more questions,” said violator.
In the meantime Katrina had been slowly crawling her way over to the nearest window, everyone had their eyes on Violator, making her venture possible but slow. She was almost there when one of the gunmen spotted her.
“Freeze bitch,” he yield gun pointed at her head.
“What’s going on over there,” demanded Violator, “I’m giving an interview!”
“We got ourselves a hero here Vi,” responded the gunman.
“Oh really, excuse me gentleman I’ll be right back, if you have anymore questions I’ll gladly answer them in a minute; I had a really interesting childhood by the way,” said Violator as she made her way over to Katrina.
Katrina was on her feet when violator reached her; the gunman who spotted her was standing behind.
Violator was taller by a fair margin and much bustier at the breasts.
“ Aren’t you a sexy little thing! Since Super-Chick is taking her sweet time getting here, I think you could help pass the time. What are you any way a model, you must be with a muscle tone like that cutie,” taunted Violator.
“Nah Vi, that’s Katrina Kaif, a bollywood star,” responded a gunman from across the room.
“Check her purse; bollywood star huh, she may be fit but I could take her,” said Violator looking into Katrina’s eyes, licking her lips as she did.
If he searches through my purse he’ll find my costume and my life will be ruined; the window is only five feet behind me, I can jump out and flyaway then claim that Super-Chick saved me, thought Katrina. As the gunman behind her moved to her side and started to reach for her purse, Super-Chick gave him a firm push, sending him to the floor and immediately swung a fist at Violator, hoping to use her momentum to get her quickly to the window, once she had knocked that psychopath to the floor.
The punch hit Violator squarely on the jaw and Katrina was now turning to face the window when the wind was knocked right out of her, collapsing her onto her knees, forcing her to grasp her abs in pain. Violator had not even been knocked back an inch by her punch and instead landed a devastating blow to Katrina’s mid section, winding her.
“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” grunted Super-Chick struggling to regain her breath.
“That was quite a punch little girl,” commented Violator as she grabbed Katrina by both her arms and sat her down on a nearby table. She then lifted Katrina’s arms over her head, restraining them with only one of her hands and pushed Katrina onto her back, with her legs dangling over the edge of the table. Violator was standing between Katrina’s legs leaning on her as she kept her hands restrained behind her head. Katrina had fully recovered from the punch and was trying to break Violator’s hold on her wrists but couldn’t, she was using all her strength and still couldn’t get free.
“How is this possible, she’s stronger than me,” grunted Katrina between her teeth.
Violator leaned further over Katrina until she was right beside her ear and whispered, “All this time I was waiting for Super-Chick to show her tight little ass, when I suspect, she was right in front of me all along.”
The cameras had moved in as soon as Violator had pinned Katrina down.
With her free hand, Violator slid her way down Katrina’s body, at first by playing with her breasts, joyfully squeezing them, then past her gorgeous abs taking a few moments to admire their softness and flatness.
Katrina could only struggle vainly as she was being played with, she was in shock, how could this be happening, how could this woman be overpowering Super-Chick.
Violator’s hand now found itself under Katrina’s dress and rubbing her pussy through her panties. She pulled Katrina’s panties down and freed them from one of her legs and then returned her fingers to her pussy. Katrina’s dress was short, well above knee height but not as short as her costume but long enough to conceal her pussy from the cameras.
“UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” a small pleasurable moan escaped Katrina’s lips. “Stop it, please, you can’t do this to me!” pleaded Katrina.
Violator then pushed her way inside Katrina’s vagina, feeling all around and spreading her wetness all over her thighs and vagina, then settling her delicate touch on her clitoris, rubbing and rubbing.
“ Stop it please, Violator, I’ll do anything you ask, anything, just please stop this. UHHHHHHHHHHHH!”
Her climax was approaching when Violator stopped playing with her pussy and slid her fingers through Katrina’s narrow pubic hairs, giving them a firm pull before moving her hand back from under her dress, to where both girls could see her fingers well. Violator gave the black hair she extracted a long look then whispered into Katrina’s ear; “how nice to meet you Super-Chick, what should I do with you? I could reveal your secret to the world, I bet you would like that wouldn’t you cunt? Superstar Katrina Kaif is Super-Chick. I could then strip you and force you to put on that sexy costume of yours before the cameras? No! I came here to beat the shit out of Super-Chick and that’s what I’m going to do,” said Violator; “take this little bitch to the back and take her purse I suspect she’ll need it, you boys can have her, I’m saving myself for Super-Chick.”

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05-07-2012, 05:56 PM (This post was last modified: 05-07-2012 05:58 PM by Sex-Stories.)
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RE: Super Chick Katrina kaif in Banquet Hall
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05-07-2012, 05:59 PM
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RE: Super Chick Katrina kaif in Banquet Hall
Violator then placed the black pubic hair in Super-Chick’s mouth and wiped her cum covered hand over her face, then gave her a big kiss probing every corner of her mouth, as she felt her pussy one more time. “ See you again my pretty!” said Violator as the nearest gunman took hold of her and marched her out of he banquet hall.
Super-Chick felt humiliated, tears came down her cheeks and she stumbled a couple of times, losing her panties, which had remained on her left leg. The cameras had caught it all, she was so ashamed that she hid her face as she left the hall.
Violator gave some instructions to the gunman who had Super-Chick’s purse, then let him go in pursuit of Super-Chick.
Super-Chick was marched down a hallway where the gunman kept her waiting to allow his compatriot to catch up.
Both men then grabbed Super-Chick by an arm and tossed her into the washroom, she put up no fight, she felt humiliated and her mind was racing to comprehend what had just happened.
“Violator says you have ten minutes to pull yourself together Super-Chick and fight her, or she’ll start killing everyone in the room. She wants you to come in through the front, not through some window or some wall, she wants the media to notice you’re approach, so get yourself cleaned up! Do you understand bitch,” asked the gunman carrying her purse?
Super-Chick looked up at the man and with watery eyes and in a shaky voice replied, “yes”.
“Good, here’s your purse,” the gunman tossed the purse at Super-Chick who was ass down on the washroom floor; “ your ten minutes start now super bitch;” the gunman clicked a button on his watch starting the count and turned to leave along with his companion, leaving Super-Chick alone in the washroom.
Super-Chick raised herself onto her knees and just looked at her dress clinging to her vagina and inner thighs from her own juices. She buried her head in her hands and sobbed, her crying filling the room.
What am I going to do thought Super-Chick? I’m no match for Violator with one hand she defeated me. If I go out there I’m just going to get humiliated again but this time it’ll be worse. She’ll be beating Super-Chick; she’ll probably rape me and show me off to the cameras. I just can’t go out there, I can’t beat her, oh God. But if I don’t go out she’ll kill all those people, she’ll kill Salman, I have to go out, I have to stop this self-pity!
Super-Chick got to her feet and removed her brown wig and dress; she then caught a glimpse of herself in the mirrors that lined the washroom. She stared at her cum covered face, her open pussy wet all around, as where her inner thighs. She then placed her hand on her flat abdomen where Violator had struck her. Remembering the force of the blow made her shiver.
“Who am I kidding she’s going to destroy me,” whimpered Super-Chick.
Then Super-Chick felt a watery substance running down her legs and splashing on the ground; Super-Chick was so scared that she was cumming. The tears started up again. “Some Super-Chick,” she murmured, as she wiped her eyes.
“So what if she’s stronger. I’m Super-Chick, that means I’m not only strong but I can fly and I have psi-blasts, I can beat her, strength isn’t everything!”
Super-Chick knelt down and removed her costume and boots that she made smaller by rolling up from her purse. She then grabbed her Dress and wiped the cum from her face, nether regions and thighs; she then slowly slipped into her costume, finding strength in its comfort and familiarity.
Super-Chick then entered into her familiar power stance and admired herself in the mirror, in that tight fitting blue top, then looked down at her cum covered dress on the floor and said; “Violator beat Katrina, not Super-Chick,” and took one last look in the mirror before she left out the window.
The camera crews outside of the building where Violator had taken up hostages filmed Super-Chick as she landed by the police cars just outside. But this time as they filmed her landing and her skirt flipped up they could see that the thin strip of her costume that covered her pussy was slightly riding into her vagina and a streak of wetness could be seen.
“Thank God you’re here Super-Chick some mad woman named Violator is holding New York’s brightest and most gifted youth’s hostage, demanding that you face her!”
“Yes I know chief, I saw it on the news,” responded Super-Chick as she tried to confidently walk towards the building. As she passed Violators perimeter guards they blew her kisses.
Super-Chick approached the entrance of the banquet hall, having followed all of the instructions laid out to her by one of Violator’s henchmen.
The cameras quickly shifted their focus from Violator to Super-Chick, who had just entered the hall and stood some 20 feet from Violator. Trying not to sound scared Super-Chick slightly spread her legs, placed her hands on her hips and said, “ Okay Violator, I’m here now let these people go!”
“I don’t think so Super-Chick, you see there my insurance against you flying away on me,” responded Violator. “They will be released after our fight is finished whore; their actually quite fortunate, along with the cameramen here, they will get front row seats to your humiliation girl. You know Super-Chick It’s a pity you arrived so late, there was a feisty little girl here, looked at lot like you, I’d say same age, height, build, we had some fun,” as Violator said this she picked up the panties Super-Chick was wearing at the party. “In fact these lovely things where hers,” and she began to smell them.
Super-Chick could take no more she lunged at Violator, flying with both fists in front of her and slamming into her midsection, driving her into the back wall. Violator was partially imprinted into the wall and seemed a bit dazed.
Super-Chick did not let up, she threw a left followed by a right and then again repeated the blows straight into Violators face.
“You’re a sadistic psychopath and I’m going to make you pay!” screamed Super-Chick as she unleashed punch after punch into Violators face. After around her twelfth punch Super-Chick backed off and delivered a spinning kick straight into Violator’s midsection, causing her to grasp her well toned abs.
Super-Chick had given Violator all she had and still there wasn’t a mark on her.
To Super-Chick’s dismay Violator quickly recovered and gave her a smirk; “not bad girlie but I can do better!”
The first punch caught Super-Chick right on her left cheek causing her to take several steps backwards. Violators second blow hit on the same spot but opposite side causing Super-Chick to do a 360-degree turn. Super-Chick was still standing but was clearly dizzy. Her knees were bent banging against each other; her arms hung limply in front of her and her head swayed, resting on her collarbones.
Violator approached Super-Chick and grabbed a fist full of her hair, which was covering her face. She then gave it a violent yank causing Super-Chick’s head to be pulled up and the rest of her body to move forward towards Violator. The cameras caught every minute, they zoomed right into Super-Chick’s face. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she screamed, as Violator lifted Super-Chick off her feet by her hair.
Violator then drew her free hand back and landed a punch straight into Super-Chick’s face, causing her head to snap back. Violator again drew her fist back, hitting Super-Chick once more squarely in the face.
“This is the mighty Super-Chick, The Girl of Steel, The Maid of Might, pathetic; I should rip that S of those perky breasts of yours girl,” Violators taunted Super-Chick as she released her to the ground; she landed on her knees and fell flat on her face.
The cameras zeroed in as Super-Chick lifted herself off the ground onto her knees and palms. Blood dripped from her mouth onto the floor.
“Please tell me you’re not finished Super-Chick, surely the great Super-Chick is not so easily beaten!”
The words cut into Super-Chick who struggled to regain her equilibrium. She couldn’t go toe to toe with Violator, physically she was no match.
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05-07-2012, 06:00 PM
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RE: Super Chick Katrina kaif in Banquet Hall
Violator then positioned her self so that Super-Chick’s head was between her legs. She then lifted Super-Chick by the waist and flipped her into the air upside down facing away from her.
Super-Chick’s skirt flipped down revealing her thin piece of costume that covered her pussy. The entire viewing audience in the room and at home could see the parting caused by her open vaginal lips in her costume, as well as the thin streak of wetness.
Violator delivered a passionate kiss on Super-Chick’s pussy causing Super-Chick to let out a small moan; “AHHHHHHH.”
Violator then delivered a viscous pile driver on Super-Chick’s head.
Not giving Super-Chick time to recover Violator followed up the Pile driver with a body Slam.
“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” hollered Super-Chick as her back slammed into the floor.
Violator who had landed on top of Super-Chick started kissing her on the mouth passionately, thoroughly probing her, licking the blood from her mouth.
“You taste so good Supercunt.”
Violator continued giving Super-Chick long wet kiss after long wet kiss.
Her hands encircled Super-Chick’s perfectly shaped tear drop breasts, deeply caressing them, releasing moan after moan from Super-Chick, “ AHHHHHHHHHHH!”
No I can’t let this happened thought Super-Chick, I can’t give up, I have to resist, can’t give up.
Super-Chick grabbed Violator by her hair, releasing it from its knot; lifted her head in front of her and released a psi-blast into her face. Violator grasped her face and rolled of Super-Chick onto her knees.
Super-Chick quickly pressed her advantage clasping both hands together and delivering a mighty blow again to the face, sending Violator off her Knees and landing hard on her back.
Again Violator recovered quickly rising to her feet before Super-Chick could strike again.
“I’m really going to kick you ass now bitch, I was going to be gentle with you Super-Chick but not anymore!”
Violator threw a right hook at Super-Chick, which the Girl of Steel ducked, landing a fist of her own in Violators abs. Super-Chick struck again and again in her mid-section, then delivered an uppercut, Violators head snapped back. Violator was still standing too Super-Chick’s frustration.
Grabbing her by the waist, Super-Chick lifted Violator off the ground and drove her into the ceiling and through two more stories until they were sky high out of the building. Super-Chick then released her and followed suit driving her again through the building all the way down too it’s basement, where Super-Chick drove Violator deep into the concrete floor.
Super-Chick dropped onto her knees, ass on her heels panting for air. She was sweating heavily and it showed, her face was drenched and her hair glued itself to her face and neck, her armpits where sweaty, as were the areas between and under her breasts and around her ass and vagina.
Out of the coroner of her eye Super-Chick saw Violator moving again. This can’t be she thought what does it take to keep her down.
Super-Chick quickly got on top of Violator, sitting on her midsection with legs on either side of her and released as many punches as she could, when her arms got tired she used psi-blasts.
“What are you?! What does it take to hurt you?!” screamed Super-Chick as she gave Violator all she had left. Finally she could do no more, Super-Chick needed to rest, she lay back and her arms went limp to her sides.
Violator recovered yet again, this time she showed signs of a possible bruise on the right side of her face and blood streamed out of the corner of her mouth.
“Seems you’ve tired yourself out cutie, maybe I can instill some energy into you!”
A terrified Super-Chick pleaded as Violator grabbed her breasts, firmly in each hand. Super-Chick placed her own hands over Violator’s wrists in a vain attempt to break her grip over her breasts.
“ Don’t do this please Violator, you win I give up, I’m no match for you please let go of my breasts!”
Tears were flowing down her cheeks as she begged; a look of sheer defeat encompassed the Maid of Might’s face. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, my breasts, stop it please, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, you’re hurting me, Violator please no more, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”
Violator only squeezed harder with each whimper that escaped Super-Chick saliva pouring mouth. She then started to turn and pull Super-Chick breasts.
“Scream Super-Chick, scream!”
From outside of the building where the police held a perimeter Super-Chick’s screaming could be heard.
Violator finally let go; Super-Chick immediately doubled over on the ground, her hands trying to alleviate the pain in her breasts, which were now darted with bruises and terribly tender. Her own incredibly soft and thin costume irritated and burned her tits, which felt like they were going to fall off.
“To bad the cameras can’t see you now Super-Chick, crying like a baby, pleading for mercy! How are your tits by the way, I didn’t hurt you to badly did I? They felt well rounded and soft.”
Violator then grabbed Super-Chick’s cape and dragged her towards the stairs.
She then lifted Super-Chick in the air by her cape and slammed her down back first into the concrete, then repeated the action slamming Super-Chick face first into the concrete floor.
“That was fun, shall we do it again?”
By the time Violator completed the cycle three more times Super-Chick was unconscious. She had multiple cuts on her forehead; another on the right side of her face beside her eye, her chin was also bleeding. Her costume was torn on the left side revealing her shoulder, upper part of her left breast and the majority of the left arm. Her cape was attached to her costume only by the right side. Further cuts were on her breasts, the blood dripping down her costume over the lower portion of her S. Abs, hips, ass, arms and legs also had cuts. Bruises where on her face, breasts and scattered throughout her body.
Violator hauled Super-Chick onto her shoulder and proceeded up the stairs back to the banquet hall.
The cameras focused in on Violator carrying the limp Girl of Steel on her shoulder rubbing her ass as she entered the room and dropping Super-Chick on the floor lying on her back.
“Ladies and Gentlemen that is the so called SUPER girl! I don’t know about you but all I see is a sweaty, bruised, bloodied girl in a torn Super-Chick costume but no actual Girl of Steel! Oh look, the little princess is reviving.
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05-07-2012, 06:01 PM
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RE: Super Chick Katrina kaif in Banquet Hall
Super-Chick was finished, her body ached, especially her breasts. She could see the cameras focusing in on her battered body and the faces of the hostages all in shock by her current condition.
Violator lifted Super-Chick into the air with one hand, holding her up by her S logo on her costume, which slid up her ass and into her nether lips as she was displayed before the cameras; her skirt which barely covered her ass and vagina normally now revealed her wedgy to all.
“Super-Chick how do you feel? Have you any comments?” asked a reporter from ABC.
The only response he got from Super-Chick was moaning.
Violator then held Super-Chick up against the nearest wall. She pinned her there with one hand pressed between and pushing into her breasts.
“ You know what I’m going to do don’t you little girl, I’ll give you three guesses.”
Super-Chick’s eyes meet Salman’s; she just cried and had a look of sheer horror on her face.
“ One would think a big girl like you would know better Super-Chick.”
Violator unleashed a punch straight at Super-Chick’s navel; the wall Super-Chick was being held against formed a crack.
Violator then struck her over and over again in the same spot. Blood poured out of Super-Chick’s mouth, as she screamed in pain and begged for mercy. Violator would not stop she just threw punch after punch.
The wall behind Super-Chick shattered to the ground and finally Violator relented.
Super-Chick was again held in the air by her S logo on her costume, still conscious but limp. Her head leaned forward and was concealed by her sweaty black hair covering her face, but blood still dripped from her lips onto the floor.
Violator then tore Super-Chick’s costume around her abdomen revealing dark blackish blue bruises, with areas of red under the skin revealing internal bleeding. She then let Super-Chick fall to the ground.
“Ah, poor little Super-Chick, all beaten up! Think of all the people you’ve let down today Super-Chick; all those little girls who you inspire, well there’s always Barbie right!”
Violator laid herself straight on top of Super-Chick, kissing her face and licking her wounds. “Is that better? Gosh, you’re still gorgeous, even with the shit kicked out of you.”
Violator slipped Super-Chick’s costume from out of her nether lips and inserted her fingers instead. This time Super-Chick ‘s skirt was to short to conceal anything and the media caught a full glimpse of her pussy and Violator’s probing fingers.
Violator’s other hand lay on Super-Chick’s devastated abs intermittently giving her equally battered breasts some tender squeezing. “Ungggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” moaned Super-Chick as she neared her climax.
The cameras caught every minute; each expression of pain and pleasure was caught on film around the world.
Super-Chick tried not to show excitement and enjoyment but Violator was to good, she touched her just right.
Tears continued to flow from her eyes and run down her cheeks and she continued to cry in between the moments of pleasure but she had long given up resisting, compared to Violator she was just a girl.
Violator past her hand through Super-Chick’s bush wiping off Super-Chick’s cum, the rest she licked off her hand, savoring each finger as she sucked them clean. Violator then lifted Super-Chick’s head off the ground by her sweaty hair.
“ Next time Super-Chick there will be no pleasure. When we next meet bitch, you die! Maybe I’ll come tomorrow, in a week, a month or a year but I can promise you a world of pain, followed by a funeral. So long Super-Chick!”
With that Violator delivered a punch into Super-Chick belly, knocking her out, leaving her to a swarm of cameramen.
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