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The Overlord
10-21-2012, 01:40 AM (This post was last modified: 10-21-2012 01:41 AM by Dexter.)
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The Overlord
Part I
The clash of love and lust is a predictable affair. Any sane person would promptly answer upon enquiry that lust is the sole contender for victory and none other. I was not unaware of this concoction, for which I would be frequently subjected to upon demand. At times in the tunnels while at others, through valleys my journey was an eventful hippodrome which ceased to excite only when its capstone was put into place. I’m a redhead although many consider me a pink-head (what’s that btw?). I’ve got a healthy body with large bottoms and although people don’t consider me a bombshell, I’m capable to explode any when put before me. You guessed it right, I’m Russel, The One Eyed Muscle and my friends call me a dick. I’m fortunate enough to have been erected amidst the likes of princes and princesses, wives and mistresses, valets and waitresses to name a few. I am the King’s Penis. Not only I command authority over my counterparts, I am far more privileged than the countryside’s laymen themselves who provide their assets, without the phonetic pun, at my beck and call. My ways are sagacious enough to make certain that the laymen get their share of fodder on my behalf before the winter sets in. This is the noble give and take philosophy in which my forefathers have engaged throughout their muscular age. Many of you might be wondering why I’m not peregrinating in a pussy or an ass or rather a navel or a mouth. I want to tell you guys, think beyond these things. Those places are the thing of the past for me. But stop underestimating me. Although I’m well past my age of salutation, I can still puke at them hard. This is a period of my life where I’ve been given space to write my memoirs and so here I am documenting some of my favorites. Memoirs are in the thousands, but the best I shall reserve for you, my friends. So here I go. It was a turbulent time for the Kingdom. The King was a in a sorry state. Infighting amongst the kin and threats from once loyal neighbors had reduced the Kingdom’s reputation to mockery. I had almost forgotten the last time I went for an outing. Those were the times, unfortunately, when I was in my prime, the golden age of 50. I was a seasoned campaigner by then and not only was I revered owing to my social status but also due to my on-field exploits which had gained fame across distant lands. In a dilemma such as this one, my inner devil heated up. I wanted to revamp my old habits. Nostalgia was pulling me towards it. The King’s lust for carnal desires, thus, overpowered his love for the masses. I knew he had his eyes set on the virgin daughter of the main rival King since quite a few years. He used to stir me when he looked at her in events of official visits to neighboring states. Now, when conflict prevailed throughout his kingdom, he sought to satisfy his urge to pop her cherry himself. By this time you all must’ve surely ascertained the physique and appearance of the King. Yes, he was an able bodied handsome man many a women lusted for. He himself was an aphrodisiac for them and resisting him would be as difficult as resisting air from entering the breathing orifices. Would this step of taking the rival’s daughter lead to his kingdom’s doom? Would it help his kingdom in regaining lost glory? Would this result in an alliance? Would I be the hero of love or the incarnation of lust? Read on. One month of turmoil was past us and the King decided to pay a visit to our largest neighbor and our fiercest rival. The previous night I could feel his hormones trying to get on and about. The harem had been denied single or multiple congress with him since two weeks and that night was no exception except that I had woken up to rule him defeating his mind in that context. He was premeditating his moves. Putting it in a better way, I was premeditating my moves for the next couple of weeks. He tried to mix my interests with the interest of his kingdom and the devil that I was, I coerced him to yield to my demands. It was decided between us that as soon as his official meeting with the neighboring King was done with, he would seduce the young princess and strip her off her prized virgin layers. They say when kings enter cities, they destroy them. How ironically it was true in this case. Although he was evidently going with the intent of seeking help and safety, he was a shrewd tactician in not letting his counterpart get better off him for good. He would destroy his daughter. On the fourth morning of our journey, we saw the Rival’s flag welcoming us to the capital of our neighbor. Our delegation was accorded due respect barring the occasional taunts meted out to the King by the rival peoples. Little did they know what was to ensue and had they known, they would have not only locked the doors of their houses but also the skirts their wives wore. We reached the castle gates where the Rival had disallowed his harem to step out fearing the King’s penetrating intentions which followed him wherever he went. I was surprised that the King brushed his hands on me. I woke up and saw none but the daughter of the Rival standing by his side, staring at the King trying to consume his irresistible resplendence. The Rival’s first folly was espied. He had not anticipated what the King had in mind. The Rival had helped the King accomplish his very first task. He had neglected to pay heed to a golden rule – Fresh flowers are always better than wilted roses. A little stare like the flash of lightening was enough to make its mark. The first nail was hammered. That day was spent in negotiations. Apparently the Rival wanted the King to recognize his superiority and pay him 100 thousand gold coins per annum as tribute in exchange of security and armed assistance, if the need arose, to our Kingdom. I knew what was going through his mind. I knew because his blood was gushing into me. I was gaining attention. The moment he signed on the parched script, the onlookers applauded loudly. The deal was struck, although a latent mistrust was manifest among those present. Yes, raw wounds take time to heal. A relevant antithesis would befit this occasion more – Raw wounds, when struck, make a mark for a lifetime.
Part II
That night was full of festivities in the royal enclave. Beautiful ladies took turns to dance with the newly allied King. I was having the time of my life getting rubbed all round – by soft thighs at times or by the tender graze of fingers at others. I was even lucky to have got to feel a couple of ass-cracks too. Pervert! Then the bombshell arrived. The Rival had relented as tensions were eased between him and the King. So quickly was I brought to attention that I couldn’t help myself from releasing a bit of my prized liquid from the Cowper’s Glands. The daughter was as radiant as the full moon and dressed in a graceful light pink ball gown which made her look like a goddess from the Ajanta Caves. As she came forth and gave her palms to the extended arm of the King who had gracefully bowed to her, I thought I would burst in ecstasy. Love dwelled in the King’s eyes but the reality of lust was hidden inside the trenches of my hardness. They both stared at each other. Her eyes were reminiscent of the first stare he had pounced on her with. She knew that her lust had awakened while dreaming of him, but she was yet to find out how lethal it would prove to be. A rendezvous was set by both to be met in the middle of the new-moon night. After the final pleasantries were exchanged by the Rival and the King, I was paid more attention than ever by the King. Back in our royal quarters, the King cleaned my head, shaved my base and caressed my balls. As hard as a metal pole, I was basking in my glory as if there was no tomorrow. The decided moment zeroed in on us. The King donned in simple attire set out with a white handkerchief to meet his prize. On the pretext of being a messenger approved by the princess, he gained entry to her suite. I was jiggling inside his pants like a serpent about to be released. She smiled at his arrival – and mine too. While the Rival slept, his properties were being ravaged by the enemy. As they both hugged, the long suppressed lust erupted like a volcano from the king and the princess sighed lustily as she hugged the man of her dreams. His strong arms engulfed her petite structure and she felt as secured as an oyster in its shell. He took her to the bed, gently removed her drapes and caressed her belly. She succumbed to his advances, opened herself to the barrage of lust she was about to experience for the first time in her life. My old life was back after a brief tumultuous interruption. I began to discharge my pre-cum and oil myself for her. Shyly, she glanced below at my enormous thickness and length and took me in her hands. The tender touch made me jump. It was a long time since a virgin hand had caressed me. She opened her eyes wide as the King let out a feeble moan. He rose above her and pulled her towards his face. They exchanged their oral hormones for almost an eternity until the princess pulled back for breath. Before she could pounce on his lips again he had her lifted in his strong arms and she tied her legs behind his back. I could feel the hot wetness of her vulva which had swollen twofold in anticipation. My own fluid began to intermingle with hers as I glazed the bottom of her Bermuda triangle. I was tapping myself against her tight resistive pussy wanting to plunge in and savor the warmth of the tight walls around me. Above me, she was pressing the King’s lips to her bosom, whispering in his ears to suck her nipples harder. He turned around while still holding her and lied on the bed on his back while now she was on top of his muscular contours. 50 years of passion had not dimmed the enthusiasm of the King. He asked her to crawl down to his pelvic borders and she obeyed. His kingdom was at the mercy of his rival but he was the ruler of his rival’s blood. He guided her to me and I took over. I groped at her lips and as she suckled on my head like a lollipop, I could feel the King shiver, trying hard to contain me and control me. Her hands were clutched tightly by the King and as she suckled at her newly found toy, he explored her soft flowing hair. Her tender hands were traversed by his long fingers and she was showing the gratitude by sucking quickly and forcibly. At the right moment he pulled her towards him, turned her on her back, got on top of her and rubbed my head over her swollen folds below. Mildly I began to thrust myself in her. She sobbed as euphoria engulfed her. I resisted for a second but the lust took over. Gently I began my journey to the center of my salacity. Her expressions were mixed – ecstasy, joy, sadness, guilt, want, lust – all mixed into one. Her hands were on the King’s hips as she forced me into her. I encountered the first of her six layers and burst it. As I advanced, each layer burst and the King was awarded a sensual moan emanating from her dry throat. Within a span seeming like an epoch, I reached the Promised Land. The beauty inside was such that I did not want to get away. I did not want to retract my way back to visit again. I want to stay there. I stayed put. The princess’s hands were biting into the Kings back. The white handkerchief was placed below me by the King while my penetration took place. It was soaked in her first blood…
Part III
We returned the next day. Upon our arrival, a large platoon greeted us. I could see the uniforms of our other smaller neighbors too. Following our platoon were fully armed regiments with our flag fluttering high. The feeling of victory was fresh in the air. I understood that the plan had worked. I had done the job, at-least a part of it, an important part. The King had sent his sons to neighboring principalities for recruiting support. He himself led the Rival into his trap by making a peace treaty with him. The Rival was unprepared for war. The next day, a platoon was ordered to launch a dummy attack on the Kingdom. As the platoon positioned itself outside the city walls, the remaining regiments were placed strategically at key positions within the capital. The Rival’s armed forces arrived to guard the Kingdom. While they readied to launch an offensive, a large battalion whom they presumed to be the King’s men attacked them out of the blue. The treason was exposed. Messengers ran across but it was too late. The King sent a package to the Rival. In it was the blood stained handkerchief. The Rival was beaten. As war ensued, the Rival’s forces were no match for the allied armies of the King. Lust was a mere pawn in a large arena of love. Yes, love had won, and I was wrong. The Rival, fighting for his honor, rode towards the Kingdom, his daughter with him. As the daughter ran across towards the King, beating him with her fists, wailing and pulling her hair, the King looked on. Soldiers pulled her and threw her in the dust of the battle. The Rival perished fighting while the daughter was seen jumping from the castle walls. The final nail was safely in.
The Kingdom not only regained its lost glory, it eliminated its threats too. The King’s love for his country was contained in his tactical lust towards the princess. The day of victory was ended by celebrations throughout the Kingdom. As the King proceeded to the royal bedroom, he could hear church-bells in the distance. A red handkerchief fluttered in the moonlit sky.

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