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To Bhabhis via Basanti
08-20-2014, 07:38 PM
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Wank To Bhabhis via Basanti
The story begins when I was twenty years old and my elder brother Kashiram was contemplating taking a fourth wife. Yes, he already had three wives, hale and hearty, living under the same roof. Their only drawback was that none of them had produced a child.

Polygamy, in those days was accepted, both socially as well as legally. 

We were big time farmers in a small village in a remote corner of Gujarat, India. We owed about 200 acres of prime land, several houses and shops in the village and a small money landing business. There was no shortage of money. 

Kashiram Bhaiya (as an elder brother is referred to) is thirteen years senior to me. I was ten at the time of his first marriage with Savita Bhabhi (wife of brother). At twelve I lost my parents and was brought up, then after by Bhaiya and Bhabhi.

Five years passed and Savita Bhabhi did not conceive. Several doctors, vaidyas (indigenous physicians), hakims, astrologers and likes were consulted, tests were done, potions were given, amulets were tied on the arms of Bhaiya and Bhabhi. (I do not know if one was tied on his cock!) But nothing worked. Bhaiya got tired of waiting and decided to take a second wife. I was fifteen then and did not know why Bhaiya married second time. Unfortunately Champa, the second Bhabhi also failed to conceive.

The condition of both Bhabhis became miserable. Bhaiya was getting anxious by the day. This reflected in his behaviour with Bhabhis whom he treated rudely, though, I am sure, he did not stop fucking them in the futile hope of somehow fathering a child.

Bhaiya wedded Suman Bhabhi three years later. I was eighteen and had fully matured. My balls were the first to enlarge, soon followed by my cock. Hair sprouted in the under arms, on the face and on the genitals. I broke my voice. I started putting on muscles, wet dreams and masturbations followed.

I was a mere child when I saw the elder Bhabhis for the first time. The thought of fucking did not did not enter my brain even when I was vaguely familiar with the process, thanks to some of my more 'advanced' school mates. With Suman Bhabhi it was a lot different. For one thing, she was only slightly older than me. Secondly, she was quite beautiful, or let us say, she appeared beautiful to my teenage eyes. Thirdly, she considered me of her own age group and hence was quite free and unrestrained in my presence.

On my part, I could not keep my eyes off her. During the day I would have several glimpses of her rounded breasts and smooth thighs. At night their memory would serve as source of my fantasies of unveiling those treasures. My dick would then harden and I would enjoy slow prolonged session of masturbation before slipping into sweet slumber.

Suman was Bhaiya's favorite. The other two were openly neglected except when their husband took a fancy to fuck them for a change. Bhaiya strongly believed that a hard fuck with a thick long cock ending in filling the chut (vagina) with thick semen was sufficient for the man to become a father. It was beyond his imagination that he himself could be the cause of their problem. He never had his semen analyzed.

Another couple of years passed and Kashiram Bhaiya became even more anxious to beget a child and thought about a fourth marriage.

Those days a young servant girl of my age used to come to our house for routine work like cleaning, washing dishes, making beds etc. Her name was Basanti, I knew her since early childhood. She was not beautiful by any standards but she had a pair of knockers that would put any of the super models to shame. She used to put on choli (tight skimpy blouse) ghaghari (pleated skirt reaching up to midway between knee and ankle) and odhani (half sari, one end covering the front of chest). The thin cloth of choli could not hide her small nipples, which appeared tobe in a state of perpetual erection. Her body was emanating strong intoxicating fragrance, which would give me an immediate erection.

I could not control myself. One day in a secluded area of the house I confronted her and grabbed one of her breasts. Angrily she slapped off my hand, glared into my face and said in menacing voice, "Aayinda aisi harkat karoge to bade seth se bata dungi." (If you do this again I will tell Big Master).

Mention of Bhaiya's name was enough to dampen my ardor. Then after I left her alone. Basanti was married about a year ago. She had now come for a couple of weeks. Her body had rounded up nicely after the marriage and I had a strong desire to fuck her. However she continued glaring at me and I could not collect courage enough to try her once again. And then ....

Something happened during next few days, I did not know what. The atmosphere changed for the better suddenly. Basanti started smiling at me, a sweet shy smile full of invitation. I could not believe my eyes. A couple of times I could feel her gaze on me and caught her staring at me with hungry eyes. I was strongly tempted to crush her in my arms and maul those proud tits of hers. But then I was scared of Bhaiya. I did not respond to her messages.

I had my own study room on the second floor of the house away from the general hustle bustle. One afternoon I was there reading something when Basanti drifted in stealthily.

My heart sank. I felt like fainting. I stood up immediately and started pushing her out of the room saying, "Out, out, before somebody comes up. Go away. I don't need you."

She turned about. There were tears in her eyes. She said, "I will go away as you wish but please tell me why you are so mad at me, what did I do to displease you?"

"Displeased? Oh, no. I am not displeased with you, now go away." 

She did not budge. She said, "I know why you are so mad at me. The other day I slapped your hand away that is why. But, Mangal, what could I do? My tits were so tender those days; it hurt badly when you grabbed it. Mujhe maaf kar do Mangal. (pardon me, Mangal)

Right then her odhani slithered down from her shoulder revealing fair amount of her fabulous cleavage. I am not sure if it did so of its own or she contrived to slide it down. Whatever be the cause, the result was the same: her chest was uncovered for the benefit of my eyes. Her choli had low cut neck and considerable portions of her delectable breasts were visible. My cock jumped up in anticipation.

My mouth went dry. I could hardly speak. Somehow I managed to say, "Err...err...there is no need to apologize, please don't. It I who should apologize, it was my mistake. Now, go away. I am not mad at you."

A shy sweet smile lit her face. Throwing her arms around my neck she whispered in my ear," Oh, Mangal, I am so relieved. For a while I thought that I would never be able to make up with you. But you are so kind and forgiving. I am very happy now."

Unconsciously my hands had gone around her slim waist. She had pushed her pelvis against mine, which was not healthy for my aching lund. I said, "I am happy that you are happy."

"But you know? I will not sleep easy until you do once again what you were doing the other day."

Before I could comprehend whatever she was saying she grabbed my hand and pressed it flat on her soft breast.

I was terrified. I pulled my hand away but she held it fast. Down below my cock started dancing anticipating entry into a tight choot. 

I said, "Leave me alone, are you crazy? Oh, can you imagine what would happen if somebody comes up and catches us red-handed?"

"You are unnecessarily scared. At this time of the day everybody is sleeping. Go on, feel my boob, grab it and maul it. It does not hurt now. Tumhe meri choochiyan achchhi nahin lagti hain (Don't you like my boobs?).

I forced my hand away and pushed her out of my room. I said, "I will really be mad at you if you do not go right away. Now, go. Please."

At last she turned to go. She paused for a moment as if hesitating and said, "Mangal, Can I come back late at night?"

I could not believe my ears. Was she offering herself to me? To make sure I cupped her breast and asked, "Are you sure you can make it?" 

She did not protest. She lowered her gaze and said, "I am sure I can make it. You want me to come, don't you?" She covered my hand, which was holding her breast.

I squeezed gently and said, "Yes, I do."

"And you would like to ... to fuck me?"

"Yes, yes. I would rather now."

"Not now. Have you fucked anybody before?"

"No, you will be the first, if you allow me."

"Wait till tonight; we will enjoy then."

She ran away. At that time I did not know that somebody cleverer than me was working unseen to us.

In anticipation of the night, my lund remained stiff in spite of shagging twice. By about ten o'clock when finally she showed up I was fit to climb a wall. I grabbed her in my arms and started kissing. Forcefully she separated herself and said, "I am going to sleep here, with you. The whole night is at our disposal. What is the hurry?"

She had put on silky choli, ghaghari and odhani. There was a kind of sweet heady fragrance emanating from her body, which made my lund throb. She draped her arms around my neck and once again I crushed her soft body against mine. I murmured in her ear, "Oh, sweetie, where were you all these days?"

She held my head in both of her hands and started kissing me, pecking on my cheeks. The touch of her soft lips was very exciting. I tried kissing her in return but she would not allow me shaking her head this way and that. In this skirmish her lips came to touch mine. Suddenly all movements stopped. I pressed my lips on hers and stilled myself. She also stopped but continued rubbing her fingers in my hair.

I was a novice in the field of fucking. I only possessed theoretical knowledge gleaned from sleazy books and from tales of exploits of some of my friends. I did not know that a kiss could be this profound. For few minutes I was lost to the world, aware only of two things wet swollen tingling lips and wet slippery jerking lund. So, when she opened her mouth and ran the tip of her tongue on my closed lips I could not take it any more.

I pushed her backward till she touched the bed. I broke the kiss and pushed her flat on the bed and threw myself on her. I remember saying something like, "Pardon me, Basanti, I cannot restrain myself." What happened next has left only sketchy and faint memories in my brain.

I roughly stuck my mouth on hers and pulled up her ghaghari. Forcefully I parted her thighs and came down between them. A tug on the string of my pajama uncovered my rampant lund.

/ />

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08-20-2014, 07:40 PM (This post was last modified: 08-20-2014 07:45 PM by porngyan.)
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Wank RE: To Bhabhis via Basanti
I had some idea of what to do. I lowered myself on Basanti's soft and smooth body and pushed my lund in the general direction of her bhos. The lund slipped on the slippery surface and could not enter her choot. My hips had started fucking movements causing the head of my lund to knock around on her bhos. Surprisingly she, of her own lifted her thighs and held them wide, took my lund in her hand and directed it to the right spot. The sensation of cock head engaging in the mouth of her cunt was unbelievably exquisite. I could not hold myself. In one powerful thrust I pushed

If kissing was intoxicating this was killing. Basanti's narrow choot gripped my lund while her inner muscles gently milked it. The cap was pulled up exposing the sensitive head of my lund to the satiny walls of her choot. I however was not in a mood for fancy fucking. I gathered her in my arms and started fucking mercilessly with deep forceful strokes. She in her excitement clung to me with her arms around my neck and legs around my waist. She answered each of my strokes with equally forceful jerk of her pelvis. Relentlessly I pounded her bhos including her sweet clitoris while her choot rubbed my lund raw in spite of those slimy secretions.

I lost track of time. With pure pleasure dripping from the entire length of my lund I continued banging Basanti, I don't know for how long. The orgasm when it came, hit me suddenly. A huge tide in the sea of incredible pleasure engulfed me throwing me into a sort of spasm. All movements stopped, only the lund jerked uncontrolled in the narrow confines of her chut and spewed out load after load of thick semen. My eyes squeezed shut, my mouth drooled out saliva and perspiration broke out on whole of my body. I kind of died for those thirty seconds.

The tornado passed away as suddenly as it came leaving an afterglow of content and a sense of relaxation. Untangling our limbs I was about to dismount when she put her hands on my butt and held on. My lund surprisingly had not wilted. Keeping it pressed into her choot I kissed her brow and asked, "Did you enjoy?"

She pulled my head down on her breasts, ran fingers in my hair and said,  "Haay re Mangal, aisi chudai kabhi nahin hui meri" (Oh Mangal, never have I been fucked like this before.)

I asked, "Meine thik se choda tumhe?" (Did I fuck you properly?)

"Bahut achchha choda." (You fucked very nice.)

"Fir mauka dogi chodane ka?" (Will you give me another chance to fuck you?)

"Jab chaho tab, mere Raja." (Whenever you wish, my Prince.)

"To mujhe bath room men jaane de, mujhe pisab lagi hai. Aa kar fir chodoonga." (In that case, let me go to the bathroom, I have to pee. Then I will fuck you again.)

I pulled out my lund slick with my semen and juices of her bhos. Baasanti was surprised to see it. She said, "Look at that, it is still stiff like an iron rod. So thick and long. Go and wash it, Mangal, we are going to have fun."

I went into the bathroom, passed urine and washed my dick taking care of the head by pulling up the hood. The head was still very sensitive; I could not touch it.

When I came out Basanti was reclining on the bed. She called me in with out stretched arms. Once again I enfolded her soft smooth body in my arms and sealed her mouth with mine. My cock started getting harder. Breaking the kiss I asked, "Are you sleepy?" 

"No, why?"

"I want to fuck you again."


I guided her hand to my lund and asked, "Need more proof?"

She said no, and glued her mouth to mine. That was the day when I kissed and fucked a married woman who knew much more about sex than me. I realized that I still had a lot to learn.  The feel of her soft lips on mine was very sweet and exciting. It became tastier when she rubbed her closed lips on mine. Before I could do anything she opened her mouth and took my lips between hers. Then I felt her small shy tongue come out and lick my lips from one corner of the mouth to the other. It felt dirty in the beginning but the pleasure was so intense and kind of new to me that I just remained passive. For full five minutes she ravaged my lips and then reluctantly separated. All the four lips were swollen and wet with our mixed saliva. My lips were tingling.

Not one word was spoken, like hungry kitten our mouths sought out each other again. This time her tongue came out and pushed open my lips. The pleasure was escalating and I was curious too. I allowed her full freedom. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and licked around. It dueled with my tongue and gradually withdrew. My tongue followed hers till it reached the inside of her mouth. I also licked smooth inner skin of her mouth. But she knew more. Taking my tongue between hers and her palate she started sucking. Sucking like you do a lollypop. After sometime she released my tongue and gave me hers to suck. Mean while my lund was clamoring to invade her chut, spewing out copious amount of pre-come.

Basanti was no less excited. Her face was flushed and her body felt hot. She broke the kiss and sat up. She pushed me in flat on my back, untied my pajamas and pulled them down exposing my engorged cock. Taking it in her fist she gave it five or six quick strokes and said, "Mangal, tu ne lajavab lund paya hai. Koi nasibdar hi teri patni banegi, (Mangal, you have a unique cock. Only a lucky one will come to be your wife.)

She continued stroking at a slow speed, squeezing out the juice at times. She pulled up the cap and bared the red glistening head and then did something I had never ever dreamt. Suddenly she bent down and took the cock head into her mouth. First she ran her tongue all over it and then sucked on it applying negative pressure. At the same time she moved her head up and down making the cock go in and out of her mouth. My lund was at bursting point and I had to pull it out quickly to prevent it from shooting my load.

I said, "You have seen enough of my lund. Now let me see your tits and pussy."

Basanti was an ordinary girl. About five feet two inches she weighed not more than 120 pounds. Her complexion was dark but her skin was delicate and smooth like butter. She had a round face with big dark innocent looking eyes. Her lips were full and soft, her hair long silky and raven black.

A pair of perfectly rounded breasts was sitting on her upper chest. Each was topped by a dark knobby areola of two inches size. Each areola was conical, ending in a pert nipple. Despite having been married for some time Basanti's breasts were firm like those of a virgin with nipples pointing skywards. Once she uncovered her breasts I could not keep my hands off them.

I sat up and continued caressing her with my fingers and my lips. I kissed and sucked each of her breasts, one after the other and then descended on her flat tummy. She was very ticklish there. While she could tolerate my hand on her tummy, touch of my lips there made her jump and push me away. 

Gradually I licked and sucked my way to the final destination, her pussy. As Basanti's was the first adult pussy I was seeing in my life I could not compare it with other girls' vulvas. But I liked what I saw. In hindsight, I can say that her pussy was quite beautiful.

High cushiony mons and outer sides of her plump bigger pussy lips were covered with a dense forest of black, silky crinkled hair. She had trimmed the hair short enough to feel prickly. The bigger lips were thick and fleshy, they were touching each other in the middle, concealing the rest of her bhos. I ran my fingers lightly all around. She jerked her pelvis and pulled up her legs. It was easy for me to pry open her thighs. With that done her bhos became accessible. I parted the bigger lips and opened up the slit. The slit was about 3 inches long flanked on two sides with delicate thin smaller lips. The smaller lips met under the clitoris at the front end of the slit. At the rear end of the slit the labia remained separated because of the opening of her pussy, her choot, her vagina whatever. Her clitoris at the time was thickened and elongated and looked like a small penis. The whole bhos was drenched in its own secretions. I ran my fingers back and forth in the slit and pushed two fingers in her choot. Keeping my thumb on the clitoris I started to finger fuck her. In no time her hips started jerking and my fingers could feel the ripples in her choot. 

She could not take it any more. She sat up and pushed me flat on the bed. Taking my lund in her fist she gave it ten to fifteen strokes. Every time she pulled the foreskin up forcefully I felt a little pain. But that pain only increased the stiffness of my lund. Holding the lund up right Basanti straddled me and brought her chut on the tip of my lund. After engaging the head in the mouth of her chut she let go the lund, bent forwards enough to bring her nipples to my lips. She gradually lowered her ass and my lund slid in like a well-oiled piston. When her mons pressed against mine and the lund was fully engulfed by her chut she bent a little forward to permit me to take one delicious nipple in my mouth and suck on it.

As soon as my lips touched her areola her choot started throbbing. My lund retaliated with a mighty jerk. Unsheathing almost the whole of the lund by lifting up her hips she suddenly dropped herself down taking it all in. After five or six such pranks she got tired and laid herself down on my prostrate body. My lund was far from satisfied and so was her chut. Putting my hands under her hips I lifted and held them a little away from me. This gave me enough room for moving my pelvis. I started long vertical strokes from below upwards into her chut. As expected her choot was secreting plenty of love juices making my work easier.

She could not keep her weight on her arms for long. She collapsed on my chest but did not forget to glue her mouth to mine. After few minutes we changed position. She lied down flat on her back with pillow under her head and lifted both legs high in the air. I stood up on the floor and pushed my lund in her chut. As we continued fucking our excitement escalated. Baasanti could not control herself. She became frantic to precipitate orgasm that was eluding her. In broken words she told me something, which I could partly understand. She pushed me and I took the hint. Pulling out my lund I sat up. Hurriedly she grabbed me by my hair and pushed my face into her bhos. She gibbered something like, "Take it in, take it between your lips ... Oh, can't you see it?"

She had guided my lips on to her clitoris. At first I felt it a little dirty but then the smell that came from her vulva was so intoxicating that I said what the hack, let's see what happens. Tentatively I closed my lips on her erect bud and she jumped shouting, "There, there, right there, Oh, God...."

I ran my tongue along the short length of the clitoris and once again took it between my lips. Two tugs and Basanti cried out in a shattering orgasm. She bucked and jumped like a mad mare, pulled a handful of my hair and scratched my back with her nails. Her orgasm lasted for what seemed to be like an eternity.

After the tornado went away she flopped down like a rag doll, drained out of energy. With a feeble effort she pulled me over her and said in my ear, "I wish I would be your wife. I am sorry that I did not start fucking with you earlier. Did you come?"

I did not reply. I simply lifted her legs, pushed in my lund and furiously pumped away into a glorious orgasm. While my body jerked in orgasmic throes she soothed my back and butt with gentle caresses.

I did not know when and how we slept. It was late morning when my eyes opened. Basanti was gone without leaving any trace of her presence. I did not see her around. Suman Bhabhi immediately noticed that my eyes were searching for somebody. She cornered me and asked, "Whom are you looking for? Anybody special?"

I should have wakened up at that moment but like a fool I continued thinking about Basanti and nothing else. She did come again and we fucked regularly for five nights. Then she disappeared. I was hoping that she would stay for about a month, but she went away rather early and suddenly. She did not care for a farewell fuck.

Then started the real drama.

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08-20-2014, 07:47 PM (This post was last modified: 08-20-2014 07:48 PM by porngyan.)
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Wank RE: To Bhabhis via Basanti
Nothing happened for three days following Basanti's departure. Only I was feeling sad. I remembered her choot and masturbated.
On the afternoon of the fourth day I was trying to engage my mind into study with a book in one hand and erect lund in the other. In came Suman Bhabhi. I was taken totally unaware. Quickly I adjusted my clothes and hid my lund. But, my friends, it is not easy to hide a fully erect lund. Bhabhi had an eyeful before I could hide it. With a mischievous smile on her sweet lips she asked, "Kyun Devarji, padhai kaisi chal rahi hai? Mein kuchh madad kar sakati hun?" (Hi, Devar ji, how is the study going on? Can I be helpful?)
I had difficulty in speaking as, suddenly my mouth had gone dry. With a voice totally foreign to me I said, ", no, thanks Bhabhi. Everything is .... al...alright."

With a sparkle in her eyes she said, "You had something in your hand when I came in, which you hid somewhere. What was it? Where is it?"
I had recovered to some extent and I was not to be out done. With a serious face I said, "Ohhh ...that? That is of no use to you."
Bhabhi was adamant, said, "Very well, let me take a look." Without warning she grabbed my lund, squeezed it and dropped it. She said, "Oh God, what are you doing with a piece of wood? Are you crazy?"
"Bhabhi, cut the crap. Tell me why are you here at this odd hour?"
She smiled sweetly again and said, "Just to ask you a question."
"Which is?"
"How did you like Basanti's dark pussy?"
I was shocked. Shocked and excited. As such I had deep liking for Suman Bhabhi. I had never thought of fucking either of the older Bhabhis. With Suman it was other way round, there was no time when I ceased thinking about fucking her. That day it looked like she was adding fuel to the fire. First she grabbed my lund, and then uttered 'pussy'. I was puzzled but not my lund. It was in the process of wilting but now reverted itself and became fully erect once again. It did not go unnoticed by Bhabhi who said, "See, see your cock is saluting merely on hearing her name."
I tried to wriggle out by telling a lie, "What are you talking about, Bhabhi? What have I to do, if anything, with Basanti's pussy? I have not seen Basanti, let aside her pussy as you call it."
"I see, may be she came in here for prayer meetings every night?"
"Wrong. She has not come here at all."
With a sly smile she pulled out a female chaddi. She waved it in my face and asked, "This was found in your bed. Whose is it?"
Here I committed a fatal blunder blurting out confidently, "This cannot be hers because she never ... never....oh!"
"Yes, you are right she never put on a panty. But then how do you know?"

"O.K., I plead guilty. I fucked her, o.k.? So what? She came by herself to me. Did I do anything wrong?"
"That will be decided by your Bhaiya."
My heart sank on hearing his name. I knew he did not approve of extra marital sex especially with a servant. I threw myself at her mercy and said, "Why have you to bring Bhaiya in this matter? Please don't tell him. In return I will do anything you tell me to do, anytime, anywhere. You tell me and I will do it. Anything under the sun, but no Bhaiya, Please, my beloved Bhabhi?"
That was when she seriously told what she wanted of me and why. She talked for half an hour at the end of which I was convinced that she was right.

First she made me take an oath of secrecy. That done she proceeded to test my knowledge of human reproduction asking questions about lund, choot, semen, spermatozoa, pregnancy etc. 
Once satisfied, she said, "You know why your Bhaiya cannot father a child?"

"No. Why? Does he not fuck you good?"
"That he does and quite well indeed, with all three of us. Every time he takes us to the climax and deposits large quantity of semen in the chut. But there are no sperms in his semen. His balls do not produce the essential element, the sperms."

"What could be done?"
"I intend to give him a son."

"That is where you step in."
It took me a couple of minutes before settling in my conscious brain. Then it clicked. Bhabhi was asking me to plant a baby in her womb. But how could that be done without fucking? That means I will have to fuck her. Oh Boy.

Then I realized that she had deliberately trapped me with Basanti so that I would not turn down her proposal. However I did not feel bad about it, in fact I liked it. She apologized and also informed me that of her own she wanted to be a mother. With an expression of shock on my face I said, "Bhabhi, what are you talking about? You and me? You are like a mother to me. How can I fuck you?"

"Simple, become a mother fucker."
"Bhabhi, please do not joke."
"I am not joking. Do you wish I go to an unknown man or to a servant or to some nincompoop and allow his dirty cock up into my choot? Do you wish that?"

"Stop it. I do not want you to do that and you know it. But .... "
"But, let your Bhaiya know and ask for his permission?"
"No, no. He would kill both of us merely for thinking on these lines."

"Relax, Mangal. Our scriptures have recognized sixteen different types of 'sons', this kind being one of them."
Even though I was feeling tickled in my heart at the prospect of fucking Suman Bhabhi, I made a show of reluctant acceptance. At long last I consented. 

To make amends I smiled and said, "It was not necessary for you to take all this trouble, Basanti and all. You could have simply called for me and I would have fucked you anytime anywhere."
She felt shy, her face flushed but she said, "Do not brag. Fucking is not easy."

"Shall I show you?"
"No, no. Not now, may be in near future."
"You will give me a certificate to that effect."
Ignoring the banter she said, "We shall do like this: Whenever he fucks me, I shall come to you the next day. Say, he fucks me on Monday night, I will come to you on afternoon of Tuesday. In case I conceive, and pray God I do, he will think that it is his doing. This way we will maintain peace in the family."

Friends, after a couple of days Bhaiya went to another village for some work; he was to return after three days. Once he was gone, Suman came to my room in the afternoon. I folded her in my arms and tried to kiss her. Putting her finger on my mouth she said, "Suno, kal raat tumare Bhaiya ne mujhe choda hai, so aaj mein tera garbh dhar lun to bhi kisi ko shaq nahin padega. Din ke dauran aane ki vajah bhi yahi hai." (Listen, last night your Bhaiya has fucked me. So nobody will suspect us even if I become pregnant by you today. For the same reason I have come during daytime.)
Without speaking I took her finger in my mouth and sucked on it. I wetted it well with my saliva took it out and ran it on her closed lips. Once her lips were wet enough I bent down and licked them with my tongue. She opened her mouth and took my tongue in and started sucking on it. She steadied my head holding it in her hands while I was busy feeling her rounded hips. In the process I had lifted up her sari and petticoat baring her butt to my fingers. My lund instantly had hardened and was already oozing copious amounts of precum.

I stiffened my tongue like lund and started its movements in and out of her mouth not unlike those of a lund in choot. At this point Suman felt for my cock and untied the string of my pajamas. The pajamas fell to the floor, I was not wearing knickers, and she quickly grasped my lund.

I guided her to the bed and set down with her in my lap. She was holding my lund while we continued French kiss. My fingers unhooked her blouse and separated its flaps exposing her breasts overflowing from a tight little bra. I had some difficulty locating the hooks of her bra. At this point she helped me by unhooking bra herself. I completely removed her blouse and bra. She tugged at my nightshirt and taking her hint I removed it. My hands were busy caressing her firm smooth breasts and pinching her knobby areolas and pointy nipples. She had medium sized conical breasts that sat high on the chest. Firm like those of a fourteen year old, they fitted perfectly in my palms. I caressed them one after the other running my fingertips from wide base to pointed peak of a nipple. Goose bumps broke out on her body. My hands also felt itchy. I closed my palm gently over one breast and squeezed. She moaned and my lund started dancing. 
I continued playing with her boobs. Her erect nipples were inviting. I touched them with fingers moistened with my saliva and pinched them between my thumb and forefinger. Suman said, "Gently please, my nipples and clit are very sensitive, cannot bear the touch at times like this." 
Did I tell you about Suman Bhabhi? She was slim with a height of 5'6" and weight of 120. Her complexion was fair. She had round face with natural rosy cheeks and full lower lip red like a ripe tomato. Her most attractive feature was her eyes which had a kind of sparkle rarely seen. She had straight lustrous and silky hair reaching between knees and ass. She had a well-rounded and shapely ass leading down to long slim legs. She had a flat tummy and tiny waist. I will describe her pussy later on.
We were not in a hurry. While I was busy with her tits, her hand was wrapped around my cock, which was jerking every few seconds. She was gently milking out the pre-cum with up and down motion of her fist. The foreskin was sliding on and off the glistening head of my lund. There was a look of admiration in her eyes. She said, "Devar ji, you have grown up to almost like your Bhaiya. My devarani (sister-in-law) is going to be one lucky girl. But let's not talk. Do not tease me anymore, make haste."
She lay down flat on her back with pillows under her head. She pulled up her petticoat and sari way above her waist and lifted her wide spread thighs. Her bhos was fully exposed to my view. She averted her face and closed her eyes.
Like her breasts Suman's choot was also small, like that of a teenager. The only difference was in having hair; Suman's bhos had thick thatch of black silky hair. Also may be her clitoris was bit longer or it so appeared due to excitement. The outer lips were flashy touching each other and concealing the inner parts.
I settled between her smooth thighs with my pecker in one hand. She herself pulled open the lips of her bhos. I could then see the delicate folds of inner labia, her clitoris and the mouth of her choot. Everything was glistening wet with the slimy love juice. A heady aroma wafted from the bhos, which only made my lund jerk uncontrollably.
Having fucked Basanti I was now somewhat experienced. While she was holding her bhos wide open I rubbed the head of my lund all around her pussy especially over her clitoris. Immediately her hips started bucking. My lund was ready to burst but I persisted on spreading my juices all over her bhos.
When she could not take any more of this teasing she snatched away my lund from my hand and directed it to the mouth of her choot. I allowed her to engage the head of my lund in the mouth of her chut and bent forwards supporting myself on outstretched arms. Mischievously I asked, "Bhabhi, kaho kya chahati ho (sister-in-law, what is your wish)?"
“Don’t you know why I am here?”
“May be but I want to make sure.”
“Okay, put your cock in my pussy.”
“Bhabhi, I don’t understand these fancy words. Tell me the way you speak to Bhaiya.”
Her answer surprised me, "Mangal, ab tujhe Bhabhi ko chodne ke liye nimantran-patra chaahiye kya? Apna lund meri choot men ghusa." (Mangal, do you need an invitation letter to fuck your sister-in-law? Push your lund in my choot.)
This was enough for my lund and me. One strong push and all eight inches of my lund were buried in her chut. "Aaaaahhh.....", she uttered and wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. She was like a ripe fruit. Her chut immediately started throbbing.
Pushing my lund as deep as it could go I waited savoring the sweet touch of her velvety vagina on the length of my lund. I had fucked Baasanti's chut but it came nowhere near Suman's in tightness, softness and milking technique. I was scared that I would climax before she gets her orgasm. Hence I said, "Bhabhi, mera pani nikaalna chahti ho kya? (Bhabhi, do you want to make me cum?)"
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Wank RE: To Bhabhis via Basanti
She rained kisses on my face and said, "Nahin. Jitni der chaho utni der chodo (No. Fuck as long as you want.)"

"Then stop milking my lund."

"I am not doing it knowingly. It just happens. Don't you like it? Every time your lund rushes in, my choot responds with a spasm."

I pulled out few inches and pushed in. I could tolerate it. I tried again and thus started my slow rhythm fucking of Suman's choot. Both my lund and her bhos had secreted large amount of lubricant juices. Whole of her bhos and lower tummy and upper thighs were smeared with these juices. My scrotum and thighs were similarly affected. Going in and coming out of the lund was smooth and easy,

I pounded on her pussy for what seemed like an eternity. Meanwhile she had had two small orgasms. In the end she clamped upon my lund in such a way that foreskin of the lund started sliding up and down over the sensitive head. It was then impossible for me to hold the waters. Suddenly the dam broke and I was caught up in an earth shattering orgasm. My whole body stiffened like my lund and I stopped moving with my lund deeply rooted in Suman's chut. Only the lund convulsed and jetted out thick globs of semen, I don't remember how many times. Suman bhabhi helped me by pushing my crotch against her bhos with her hands on my buttocks. 

At last I came back to the earth. I knew that Suman had not climaxed and my lund in her chut was rapidly wilting. That was when what Baasanti had taught me came useful. Keeping the mons pressed against mons I rocked my pelvis side to side. Baasanti had told me that this maneuver does not need an erect cock to stimulate the clitoris. She was right. Suman Bhabhi immediately cried out, "Oh, oh. Issss... what are you doing?"

"I am trying to make you come. Want me to stop?"

She was in no mood to answer, her hips had already started jerking and her chut started throbbing once again. I continued the assault on her clitoris and within seconds she climaxed into a strong orgasm.

I held her lovingly till the orgasmic throes subsided. My limp cock had already slipped out of her chut. She extended her legs and I dismounted. She again lifted her legs up to prevent semen flowing out of her choot. She turned to her side; I wrapped her in my arms from behind and we both slept.

Friends, what could I say? Suman Bhabhi came in daily and we fucked twice every day till Bhaiya returned home. The lady luck smiled on all of us and Suman missed her next period. Morning sickness followed. The family was overjoyed. Everybody congratulated Suman Bhabhi. Savita Bhabhi tied a taavij (an amulet) on her arm to ward off evil spirits. Bhaiya puffed up his chest and twirled his bushy mustachios. Champa Bhabhi took over Suman's household chores. Savita Bhabhi and Champa Bhabhi were especially pleased because now they had a hope of getting pregnant and Bhaiya was likely to fuck them more frequently as Suman Bhabhi's chut was closed to him for nine months.

It was ironic that the person responsible for this achievement, namely me, was totally ignored by all. All except Suman that is.

After few days Bhaiya called in the local lady doctor for a check up. She confirmed the pregnancy and prescribed some vitamins. She was explicit in her talks. With all of us present she told Bhaiya, "Congratulations once again, Kashiram Ji. This is a very precious pregnancy you have been waiting for. Now you will have to be careful. You better keep away from Suman Ji till after delivery."

Bade Bahiya turned beet red and tried to restore dignity by offering tea to the doctor. Savita and Champa hid their smiles with their hands while I could not help tittering. Bhaiya glared at me with murderous eyes.

At the next occasion when Bhaiya went out, Suman Bhabhi came hurriedly to me and said, "Mangal, a serious problem has occurred. I am scared to death.

Her fear was infective. My heart went putty pat. I asked, "Wh ..what happened?

"I think. Savita Didi (elder sister) and Champa Didi have smelled something and are suspicious of our relationship."

Perspiration broke out on my body, My legs felt weak and I had to sit down. 

Bhaiya surely would kill both of us if he came to know the truth.

I asked, "What shall we do, Bhabhi?"

There were footsteps of somebody approaching. She had to leave. While going she whispered, "I will think about something, don't worry."

Don't worry. Easily said than done. Out of fear I lost my sleep and appetite for the day. She came in again in the early night and said, "I have given it a serious thought. There is only one way we can take."

"And that is?"

"You make them pregnant too."

I was shocked. I wanted to protest but could not simply because she was right. I complained, "Bhabhi, after fucking you I have lost interest in others. And how shall I be able to fuck those who are like mothers to me?"

Suman smiled and said, "Mangal, too ek Bhabhi ko chod sakta hai to teen ko kyon nahin? (Mangal, if you can fuck one sister-in-law, why not three?)”

With all of them now involved in the conspiracy it was easy for Suman Bhabhi to formulate a plan of action. Under one pretext or other all the three would take turns to come to my building. The one who had been fucked by Bhaiya on the previous night would slip into my room; the other two would keep an eye for intruders.

Within few days it happened to be Champa's turn. She had had her period before about ten days and was fucked thrice the previous night. She was feeling more bashful than Suman or Baasanti. As soon as she came in, I said, "Bhabhi, let me have the pleasure of undressing you."

I took her in my arms, gave her a powerful hug and said again, "Bhabhi, I know it is as difficult for you as it is for me. But why not to enjoy it when we have to do it? What do you say, Huh?"

She cringed like a schoolgirl. Lifting her face I kissed her mouth. When the simple kiss became a French kiss she tried to push me away. Slowly and patiently I guided her through the experience of sweet kissing of her mouth, her nipples, her bhos and my lund. Within ten minutes we were naked on the bed. She was still covering up her bhos with her hands. When at last I succeeded getting my fingers on her vulva I found that she was already wet and slimy from previous night's fucking. I did not have to wait for long.

Little nudging from me and she lifted her legs and widened her thighs. I settled between her legs and holding the lund in my hand I rubbed its slick head in the wet slit of her bhos. Her bhos was overflowing with her own juices and was swollen due to excitement. As soon as my lund touched her clitoris she sort of jumped up and gyrated her hips. Leaving clitoris alone I engaged the head of my lund in the mouth of her chut, laid down myself on her body and glued mouth to mouth. She wound her legs around my waist.

With slow steady pressure I entered her chut. My foreskin got pulled up immediately leaving now naked head to rub against the velvety walls of her chut. In spite of being fucked by Bhaiya all these years her chut was surprisingly narrow and snug. She had a good grip on the lund. 

All throughout she had kept her eyes closed. With my lund fully ensconced in her chut I broke the kiss and said, "Bhabhi, open your eyes and look down. Do you think my lund is as good as Bhaiya's? I will not start fucking you till the time you see my lund and reply."

Reluctantly she lifted her head from the pillow and looked at the spot where our bodies were joined. I moved out the lund, about an inch and made it jerk while she was looking. She dropped her head on the pillow and chewed her lower lip. I asked, "Well, what is the verdict?"

She said, "Chalo na, kyun satate ho? Achchha hai tumara, jaisa tumare Bhaiya ka hai vaisa hi. (Come on, please don' tease me. Yours is good, as good as your brother's)."

“Kya achchha hai (What is good)?” I asked.

“Tumhara lund (Your cock)” She replied bashfully.

I pinched up her pert nipple, glued my mouth to hers and started fucking her with slow deep strokes using the whole length of my lund. Champa started breathing fast with Aah and Ooh. Soon she was writhing and bumping making my lund rotate around in her now relaxed choot. As our excitement escalated my strokes became fast and irregular. Couple of times I pulled out completely to 'air' my lund to hold my cummimg. (I learnt this trick from Basanti).

After about twenty minutes of vigorous fucking, she said, “Ab nikaal do. Main jhadne wali hoon (Shoot now. I am about to cum).” She had a shattering orgasm. I was not far behind. The post-orgasmic flutter in her choot played tricks on my lund, and I swept into an equally glorious orgasm. That was only when Champa took initiative and kissed me. All four of us, three Bhabhis and me slept in the guesthouse.

Next day Champa Bhabhi, who usually served food to all of us during lunch and dinner, avoided facing me. Suman later on told me, "Champa Didi is very pleased with your performance last night. She has told me to tell you that any time you want ..... you know what, don't you?"

Of course I knew.

It was now Savita's turn. She had to wait for an opportune day. Eventually the fateful day came up. Savita Bhabhi had been a mother to me and I did not relish the idea of fucking her but we had no other option. Besides she was nearing menopause and was left with limited time to produce a baby.

As soon as the two of us were left alone she closed her eyes. I took her in my arms and kissed her lips. She bore it passively without opposing. I did not remove all of her clothes; I unhooked her blouse and bra and took her breasts in my hands. Immediately her nipples became erect. That prompted me to leech my mouth to the nipples. As I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked on it, her excitement escalated and she stretched herself flat on the bed taking me over her. Much later Suman told me that nipples were the keys to unlock the passion in Savita Bhabhi. (She, in turn had learned the fact from Bhaiya.) Savita Bhabhi herself pulled up her sari and petticoat and spread her thighs. My lund meanwhile had started stiffening but was not fully erect yet. Bhabhi herself was managing choot and lund so I used my hands to caress her breasts and roll her nipples.

Pushing her hand between our bodies Bhabhi untied the string of my pajamas. She pushed the pajamas down my hips and grabbed my lund, which was half erect at the best. All the same she directed it to her chut and prompted me to push in. I pushed but the shaft buckled and only the head entered the chut. At this point Bhabhi contracted her chut and squeezed the head. The lund responded by a jerk and increase in hardness. Three such squeezes and lund became fit to enter any kind of choot. Savita Bhabhi's chut was not so young and was well used. It was not as tight as those of Baasanti and Suman but it had strong internal muscles, which could squeeze a lund like a fist. Over the years Savita Bhabhi had trained her choot well. Once the lund was in, the way was clear. I fucked Bhbhi for half an hour and gave her three orgasms. 

Next day all four of us sat together and pledged that we will keep this matter a secret. Bhaiya had stopped fucking Suman Bhabhi, not the other two. All of them demanded fuck from me and who was I to deny their command?

Luckily, other Bhabhis also conceived. Bhaiya was ecstatic. The family astrologer claimed the credit saying that he had predicted babies by Bhaiya once the shadow of Saturn went away from the family. Good that he could not predict as to who was to father the babies. 

In due course Savita and Suman gave birth to boys and Champa to a girl. Bhaiya hosted a big feast, distributed sweets to the whole village, and donated money to temples and local charities. Festivities continued for more than a week after the birth of the youngest child. It was good that nobody paid attention to my activities and me because I was then busy fucking Basanti who had been specially called in to attend to the new mothers. 


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