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Watching TV with Mother
11-28-2012, 08:00 AM
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Watching TV with Mother
Stan sat on the couch watching TV with his mother. He was back home from college for a spring break visit. His father, Wayne, as usual, was away on a business trip to Europe and wasn't expected back for another whole week.

Just then, his little sister, Wanda began to cry. Wanda was in a little bassinet at the end of the couch where his mother, Glenda sat. Watching his mother, he saw her get to her feet and lean down over the bassinet to pick Wanda up. Wanda had been an accident that had came along around three months ago. His mother was thirty-eight and having another child hadn't been in her plans. But at least Wayne made enough money she could stay at home and raise Wanda.

Picking up the little baby, she looked over at him and smiled, then sat back down on the couch. Stan saw her reach up and slowly begin to unbutton her gown as he turned back to the TV, feeling a little self-conscious about the fact she was going to nurse the baby in front of him. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her slowly peel open her gown, revealing her big, milk-laden breasts. They were perfect in his eyes as he slowly turned to openly gawk at them. His mother's eyes met his briefly, but she made no attempt to cover them as she lifted the baby up to one of her breast.

Stan had never seen anything so sensually erotic as a jolt of excitement fired off down inside his cock. He felt it slowly begin to harden and stiffen as he stared at the breast that wasn't being occupied by his little sister. It was exquisite!

The heavy udder was tipped with a perfect circle of dark, pebbled flesh and jutting out of its center was the most beautiful nipple in the world. It was a deep, ruby-red color; the color of a ripened pomegranate seed as it jutted out almost a full inch. It was easily as big around as his little finger as it proudly thrust itself out into the air. Just then, to add to its eroticism and hasten the erection of his penis, a big drop of white milk slowly oozed out of its tip. The stark whiteness of the milk drop contrasted sharply with the ruby redness of the puffy nipple, as the drop grew larger and larger, then finally dripped down onto his mother's gown.

What a waste, Stan deliriously thought, glancing down at the wet stain the drop had left on his mother's gown. Another drop began to form to replace the earlier one as Stan gawked on in a stunned daze.

His mother seemed to be ignoring his obvious attention as she lovingly looked down at the baby in her arms who was hungrily suckling her other breast.

Stan's heart was pounding, his mouth filled with great clumps of cotton and he was having difficulty breathing. He had never felt anything like it before. His palms were sweaty and his fingers were trembling. It was as if he had just taken an overdose of adrenaline.

Then he found himself slowly leaning toward his mother. As he did, his shaking hand slowly lifted up off the couch. It was as if it had a mind of its own as it drifted toward his mother's exposed breast.

As it did, he saw her turn her head toward him, her eyes following his trembling hand as it drifted closer and closer to her breast.

Amazingly, she made no effort to stop it!

Then, his fingers brushed over the soft, smooth skin of her breast. Stan had never felt skin so soft, so smooth, so warm and giving as his quivering fingers slowly made their way over toward the big, jutting nipple. She still made no move to dislodge his fingers. In fact, if anything, he thought he felt her ever so gently thrust her breast out at his exploring fingers. Another jolt of excitement fired through his swollen cock as his fingers brushed across the nipple!

The protruding pap was hard and swollen, yet soft and giving to the touch as he ran a fingertip across its milky tip, wiping away a big drop of her milk.

Lifting his fingers up to his mouth, he lazily licked the sweet elixir off them. He saw his mother was staring deep into his eyes with a strange look in her hazel eyes. It was the same look he had seen in her eyes as she stared down at the little baby.

Wondering if she would let him, he slowly leaned forward again. But this time, instead of using his hand, he lowered his head down. Ever so gently, he brushed his lips over the perfect smoothness of her breast as they sought out her exquisite nipple. Then, as they touched the swollen nub, he opened his mouth and eased his lips down around it. Closing them around the puffy hardness of her nipple, he began to gently suck as a trickle of her sweet, warm milk flowed out into his mouth. Sucking harder, he was rewarded with more and more of the sugary elixir as he felt his mother's hand curl around behind his neck and gently press him against the soft pliancy of her beautiful, milk-laden breast.

His lips became more insistent as he sucked harder, pulling more and more of her sweet milk into his hungry mouth.

Could this really be happening, he feverishly asked himself? It all seemed to be playing out like a well-scripted play. It seemed so natural and spontaneous. It was as if he had been swept back to his infancy. Back to a time when he had feasted on her delectable treasures, drinking down their precious, bounteous gift to him. But now the sensual eroticism of the act was nourishing other feelings inside his reeling brain.

Suddenly, almost without warning, Wanda backed away from his mother's other nipple. As she did, his mother turned slightly and dislodged her other nipple from his insistent lips. Not a word had passed between them as Stan leaned back away from her, staring down at her spit-covered areola where his mouth had just been. He saw that the beautiful ruby-red nipple was still oozing out a small trickle of her stark white milk.

Watching on through a fog of arousal and excitement, he saw his mother push up to her feet. Then she gently draped Wanda across her shoulder and began to pat her on the back as she padded across the room toward the baby's room.

When she disappeared into the baby's room, Stan quickly reached down and repositioned his now fully erect penis trying to find a comfortable position down in the tight restriction of his pants. Finding a somewhat less restricting position for the swollen monster, he turned his attention back to the TV. Although he was staring at it, he saw nothing but the image of his mother's perfect nipple that had been indelibly seared into his brain. Big, puffy, swollen and hard, its ruby-red hue would be locked into his memory banks forever, haunting him with its perfection every time he looked at her.

He waited, not knowing what would happen next...if anything! Would she even come back to tell him good night after his childish act of stupidity? Would she make him leave for stepping over the bounds of morality? A nineteen-year-old boy suckling on his thirty-eight-year-old mother's breast...why that was such sacrilege!

Several minutes later, he heard the door to the baby's room close. Turning, he looked over and saw his mother looking at him. Her gown was still unbuttoned and gaped open, leaving about half of her big, heavy breasts exposed to his lecherous stare.

Time seemed to stand still as they stared into each other's eyes for the longest time. It was almost as if she were trying to make up her mind about something...

Finally, he saw her shoulders lift and her breasts heave up and down as she took a deep breath and then started for the couch where he anxiously sat. Watching her pad toward him in her bare feet, he could see her gown rustling making its opening expand and contract, giving him brief snatches of her big breasts as they heavily bobbled under the thin material. Her jutting nipples could be easily made out as they proudly jutted out against the thin material of her gown.

She stopped directly in front of him, blocking his view of the television. Looking down at him with the same look she had given him earlier, she leaned over and took hold of his hands in hers. Gently, she pulled him to his feet. Once he was standing, she dropped his hands and stepped to the side. Stan didn't know what to do as he stood looking at her in stunned confusion as she leaned down and crawled onto the couch. Slowly rolling over onto her back, she scooted up the couch until her head was resting on its arm. Staring down at her pretty face, framed by her long, flowing black hair, he waited to see what she would do next. Then, as they stared into each other's eyes, she reached up and lazily peeled open her gown to expose her big, gravity-flattened breast to his leering eyes.

Stan was in a fevered state of excitement, but didn't know what she wanted him to do. Then, she slowly curled her hands around the heavy treasures and lifted them up toward him as if she were offering them up to him.

As he stood transfixed, he saw her eyes glance down at the crotch of his pants. There was no way she couldn't notice his obvious arousal as his big cock jutted out against the crotch of his pants.

Then her eyes lifted back up to his.

"Come...drink..." she whispered.

Like a man who had been poleaxed, Stan dropped to his knees beside the couch. Shuffling up the floor, he stopped when he was even with her beautiful breasts. Her big, ruby-red nipples were still pointing straight up into the air, hard and swollen as he leaned down over her. Still cupping her big heavy breast in the palm of her hand, she lifted it to him as his lips closed down around the perfect nipple.

"Mmmmmmmmm..." she murmured out as Stan began to gently suck on the jutting nub.

Gently flicking the tip of his tongue back and forth over the tip of her nipple, he felt it begin to issue forth a flow of sweet, warm mother's milk. Sucking harder, he swallowed down the first mouthful of the wondrous nectar that had flowed out of her bounteous breast. He was in an ecstatic daze as he gently suckled on his mother's breast...

As he suckled, he felt his mother's hand curl around behind the back of his head as she gently pressed him against her soft, pliant breast. Then, he felt her other hand on his hand. Clasping it in her hand, she slowly lifted it up to her other breast. Now, with his hand resting on her other breast, she released it.

Stan continued to suckle one breast while his fingers found the jutting swell of her other nipple. It, too, was hard and swollen and a little stream of warm, sticky milk was oozing out of its tip. Softly pinching his fingers around it, Stan began to slowly twist and tweak it between his fingers and thumb.

This continued on for the longest time as Stan feasted on the sweet nectar flowing from her breast while his fingers teased and torment the other nipple. His fingers were coated with a sticky film of her sugary mother's milk as Stan finally felt the flow of milk issuing out of the slowly he was sucking begin to wane. He continued to pull and pluck at the puffy nipple with his lips, trying to coax out the very last of its liquid treasure. As he did, he felt his mother's hand on his hand again. Then, gently, but forcefully, she pushed his hand down off her breast. Moving off her breast, he found his hand now resting on her upper belly. But his mother's hand didn't stop there! It continued to push at his hand forcing it lower and lower down over her heaving belly.

Lifting his milk-coated lips up of her milk-smeared breast, he looked down and watched his mother's hand push his hand lower and lower. He saw that her gown had somehow gotten scrunched up during the shuffle and its bottom hem was draped across her upper thighs, leaving her long, shapely legs bare from there down.

As she forced his hand down, he watched her legs slowly part as she opened herself to him. Feeling his hand transverse the last sloping slope of her underbelly, he felt it drop down between her legs. Now the only thing that separated his fingers from her pussy was her panties and the thin layer of gown. His fingers were now only a couple of inches away from the bottom hem that lay draped across her thighs.

Frantically wondering if he should really dare, he turned and looked up at his mother's face. Looking for a clue, he saw her ever so slightly nod her head up and down. Yes! Yes! His frantic mind screamed to him! She wants you to touch her! Touch her in her most secret of secret places! Touch her in the very core of her womanhood! To touch her at the very center of her femininity!

Looking back down at his hand, he slowly inched his trembling fingers down the last two inches to the hem of her gown. Easing his fingers under her gown, he slowly moved them up, searching for her panties.

Then, a searing jolt of electricity jolted through his cock making it jerk and twitch. His fingers had touched her...but not the slippery smoothness of her panties, but the soft, giving touch of bare flesh! She wasn't wearing panties! His fingers were touching bare flesh...touching the soft, bloated lips of her pussy.

Trying to recover from the shock of finding her pantyless, he moved his fingers higher and slowly ran them up the juice-filled vestibule between her gorged pussy lips. God, her pussy was literally covered with hot, wet juice! She was wetter than a country lane after a rainstorm! Why was she so wet, he feverishly asked himself? Surely he didn't make her that hot! Did he? There had never been anything sexual between least as far as he knew, but she was certainly reacting differently tonight...

Then, he felt his fingers find the juice-slickened opening of her vagina. Ever so gently, he eased a finger down into the clutching tightness of the little opening. He could feel the warm, moist mush of her pussy close down around his finger as her eased it down into the clutching socket of flesh.

"Ummmmmmmmm..." his mother softly murmured as he began to slowly slide his finger in and out of her.

Still slowly working his finger in and out of her, he added a second finger and leaned down over her. His lips found her soft full lips as he gave her a soft, lingering kiss...

As they kissed, another spasm of electricity tore through his cock as he felt her fingers brush down the front of his pants. She was touching him! Touching him through his pants! Touching his cock with her fingers! His cock was so hard; he could drive nails with it as he felt her fingers fumbling against his cock.

Then another jolting sear of excitement ripped through it as he felt her fingers find it and pull it out through the opening of his pants.

Her hot fingers were all over his penis! Touching, exploring, measuring, plucking, picking at it as her tongue stabbed into his mouth. Frenching him with her tongue, she clutched and groped at his rock-hard cock while he eased a third finger down into the clutching tightness of her cunt.

Pleasuring each other with their hands, they kissed for the longest time before they finally broke, gasping for breath.

"So big..." she whispered, clutching at his eight-inch prick.

He had always been proud of his larger than life-sized penis, but to have his mother's hand wrapped around it as she praised its size was beyond belief. Was he bigger than his father, he sickly wondered, dropping his mouth back down onto the big, swollen nipple jutting up at him? It was still oozing out a tiny stream of her sweet mother's milk as he tried to coax out even more.

After a few moments, he felt her hand lift off his cock, leaving it impatiently jutting straight up into the air. He felt her fingers on his hand, pushing, forcing his hand back and dragging his juice-covered fingers out of her drooling cunt.

Lifting his mouth up off her breast, he leaned back to see what she would do next.

She quickly dropped her hands down to the bottom of her gown and pulled it up over her heaving belly. As she did, she exposed the forbidden treasure that lay between her outstretched legs.

Staring down at her pussy, Stan ran his hands down to his pants and unsnapped them. Then, he quickly shoved them down his muscular thighs and grabbed hold of his jutting penis. With his hand wrapped around it, he forced it back through the opening of his shorts and frantically shoved them down, too. Now he was naked from the waist to his knees with his giant prick proudly jutting up into the air.

"Yes..." his mother softly hissed, spreading her legs even wider for him.

In a frenzied state of excitement, Stan lurched up to his feet, letting his pants and shorts go slithering down his legs to his ankles. Fumbling and stumbling, he flopped down onto his knees between her outstretched legs as she held her arms up to him, welcoming him down into the forbidden cleft between her legs. Welcoming him down into the place where no son ever had the right to go.

Then her hands dropped down to his jutting, bobbing cock, forcing its stiff rigidness down, and guiding its evil, tapered head down to the oozing hole below it. As she led the giant down to her own defilement, she gazed up at him with a distant, unfocused look in her brown eyes. It was almost as if she were looking right through him.

The moment Stan felt the tip of his penis find the opening of her vagina, he groaned and slid all eight inches of hard, hot meat down into her waiting emptiness.

"Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God," he groaned out.

He was in her...his cock was inside his mother's cunt...he couldn't believe it! He was actually fucking his mother!

Wallowing in the sheer perversion of the moment, Stan felt his mother's inner thighs rub against his hips as she lifted her feet up into the air. Then he felt the rounded softness of her heels dig into his ass cheeks while she began to hump herself up at him, begging him to fuck her.

Lurching into action, Stan began to pound his prick down into her pussy with deep, thrusting strokes. She gave no quarter, hunching herself up at him with the same ferocity as his pounding attack. Their bodies clashed together, their bellies slapping together with loud, obscene sounds. They were both grunting and straining as they fucked and the whole room was filled with the sick sounds of their lovemaking.

Mother and and woman, they fucked like animals in the street. Nothing was held back as they fought and clawed their way toward victory and the finish line.

Never had Stan felt such emotion, such passion, such fury as he felt now. And the gravity of what they were doing was heavily pressing down on his shoulders. He was fucking his mother! The woman who had brought him into the world! The woman who had nurtured him...and nourished him with her own of herself totally and without reservation...just as she was doing now, but with such a sick, obscene, unclean difference! And he was taking it...taking from her that which should never be taken from one's own mother, he sickly thought. But there had been no stopping it! It was just as he had earlier thought. It was as if they were actors on a stage...actors in a sick, depraved play...each of them following their lines and acting on cue as they rushed toward a calamitous final curtain call.

Stan's big cock was pistoning in and out of his mother's hot cunt, sending her juices flying everywhere. Murmuring out her pleasure, she thrust herself up at him, taking all that he had to give and begging for more as she pounding her heels into his bounding ass urging him on.

Stan was amazed by the sudden transformation of his mother. Soft and loving only moments earlier, she had changed so rapidly. She was now a wild woman...a hellion...taking more than he had ever imagined a woman was capable of taking. She was the leader...leading him down the path toward to the total destruction and devastation of the innocence that had once existed between them.

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11-28-2012, 08:01 AM
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RE: Watching TV with Mother
The burn down inside his flopping balls began as he pumped his peter in and out of the hot, unforgiving tightness of her cunt. He wanted her to come first, but that seemed doubtful, he frantically told himself as he found himself rushing toward a monumental upheaval of an unprecedented magnitude. It was as if every nerve, every fiber, every atom in his body was crying out, gathering itself for the colossal eruption!

Then, as he hammered his cock into her hot pussy, he felt its hot mush begin to tighten around pistoning peter. It clutched tighter and tighter, adding more and more friction as it began to clamp down around him in anticipation of its own implosive denotation.

Her eyes were clenched shut, her face contorted into an agonized grimace. Her heels were digging into his jerking ass, kicking him harder and harder as she grunted out with effort. With her back arched, she was thrusting her breasts up against his chest, painting it with streams of the hot, sticky mother's milk that was flowing from her swollen, puffy nipples. Both of them were covered with her clinging white milk as their bodies wetly rubbed together in sick tandem.

Fighting to hold back the impending explosion, he could feel her clutch on his cock growing stronger and stronger.

Suddenly, just at the moment he felt a spasm of electric pleasure jolt through his cock as it lurched and spewed out a giant gush of hot, creamy cum into her cunt, she began to quiver and groan. Straining against her, he thrust his jerking, spurting peter down inside the tight clutch of her spasming cunt as it furiously milked it. The pleasure, the ecstasy of it all, he giddily thought as his penis spewed out its milky, seed-filled semen into her hungry pussy. Her nails were painfully dug down into his skin and her heels were dug in beside them, holding him imprisoned down inside her convulsing cunt as she came and came and came. Hot gushes of her pussy-juice were spewing out around his cock, covering everything with its hot stickiness. On and on it went for what seemed like hours before he felt her finally began to relax down around him, her cunt loosening its death-grip on his spurting giant. Then he felt the searing jolts of pleasure ripping through his cock begin to weaken and grow farther apart until at last they stopped altogether...

Stan couldn't move! He was numb from the waist down! All the fiery electricity that had ripped through his nerve endings had burnt them to a crisp. Lying atop his mother, he rested his weight on his knees and elbows as he stared down into her lovely face...

"God...Mother..." he finally groaned out when his breathing had returned to some semblance of normalcy.

"My...Baby..." she murmured out, slowly caressing his hair with the tips of her fingers.

They didn't speak for the longest time after that as Stan leaned down and gave her a long, soft, lingering kiss on the lips.

At last, just as he broke the kiss, he felt his defeated warrior, now soft and limp, come slithering out of her cum-filled cunt. As it did, it was followed by a gush of thick, white goo that splashed down onto the couch between her legs.

Staring down at her lovely face, Stan saw her looking up at him with a soft, faraway look in her eyes.

"I'm sorry that I let that happen," she said, so softly that Stan was barely hear her. "But it was wonderful..."

"Awesome," he grunted, finally able to move as he rolled off her and inched back down until his face was even with one of her heavy, gravity-flattened breasts.

Reaching out, he cupped the breast and brought it to his mouth. The beautiful nipple protruding from its darkened tip had softened and shrunk down to only a portion of its earlier size.

Closing his lips around it, he began to tease it back to hardness...

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