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Why my Wife Cheat
07-28-2012, 01:10 PM
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Why my Wife Cheat

Living in wealthy Orange County, some things we just take for granted, like the sun will rise in the morning and set at night, there will be oxygen to breathe, water to drink and food to eat... but my oxygen was lacking at this very moment and my world was now turning black and white like a 40's film noire. I couldn't eat or drink because I was on mental shut down. How could this happen to me? I knew the answer before I asked the question.

Simple, I was not paying attention to the signs that I now unfortunately must confront!

If you are truly in love, why look for those signs? Where there is love there must be trust and honor. It's a given..... but then this crazy thing called life gets in the way. You see people, we do not live our lives in a vacuum, and we interact with others and therein lay the conflict.

Powerful men want what they do not have.

More money... of course, an estate style to happen, an exotic foreign car.... a must, another man's beautiful wife...... why not?!

So now you can see it coming, I am living in this fantasy world of love with my beautiful wife of ten years and totally ignoring the wolves. Oh I am aware of the attraction she gets, but it's just a validation of my conquest, she is my woman.

I am Michael, my wife is Anne, and we are both are both thirty something, in shape and every ones dream couple. I am a successful business owner, the company is making millions and we are comfortable in our means.

I am 6'1 and weight 200lbs, as some men have called me a man's man. I say this not to brag but as a matter of fact so you get the right picture, I am no slouch.

My wife on the other hand is the perfect woman to fuck for me, petite at 5'4, 110 lbs, small perky breasts with eraser size nipples, her tight ass and slim legs are perfection. Her facial features and stylish brunette hair radiates a room whenever she enters. We are no Ken and Barbie though, I am a black man and she is a white woman.

For those of you that have to know yes, god blessed me with an over endowed penis. It's the one thing that helped me get my wife, because when we first met, I worked at an aerospace desk job that paid a nice middle class wage, but that was going to change in the future.

The beginning: Long Island, NY twelve years earlier.

It was really happening in the club that night, good herb, good drinks and lots of women, yeah we were regulars on Friday nights, but we got laid more than most so we rode this puppy.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed this woman eyeing balling me, so I looked back and saw the finest piece of ass I had seen in a longtime, I had been waiting to meet a babe like this and I boldly made my way over to get her attention.

Well it was Anne of course, she was with three other women, but after exchanging" hellos" we never saw or talked with anyone else. We danced a lot hitting it off right away, she told me she worked for a Japanese camera company and was single and available. "Do you think you can handle this or am I going to have to beg you to fuck me tonight?"

Game was on, a hot bitch with a scratch to itch. "Ok Anne if that's what you want let's go", I responded to her challenge.

We fucked and sucked like champions that night and again in the morning before she went home. My roommate Tommy said, "That was a wild one, I could not sleep having to listen to you two making all those noises. Damn!"

I just laughed and said yeah I know it was primal, she's literally the first bitch since Mickie left that could stay with me." I boasted.

"Mike, it sounded like she was fucking you bro. as much as you were fucking her" Tommy said, "are you seeing her again?"

"Yeah here tonight" and yes he was right, Anne was a slut in bed, nothing was held back and everything was gladly received in every hole.... This was your classic dream pick up.

"I will buy some ear plugs today" he laughed and left for work.

When she arrived that evening she was wearing a white trench coat and black high heels with thigh high black stockings, as she entered the doorway she whispered in my ear, could we go to my room right away, she had something to show me!

After entering my bedroom, she opens her coat and lets it fall to the floor. You guessed it, she was buck naked underneath, and she had shaven her pubic hair and was completely bald. She looked like a nude model with her stockings and high highs still on.

"Now eat me good Mike, my pubic hair got in the way of your fantastic tonguing last night, when you finish I will give you the penis worship blow job of your life".

Then she continued. "You are the best fuck so far I ever had" I smiled in pride. "But I have had bigger black dicks than yours" turning my smile into a smirk, "but you fuck me like I want to be fucked."

I guess she likes me, but the superior attitude has to go, let me do something about that.

I ate her delicious pussy like a porn star. Orgasm after orgasm like one continuous wave of pleasure until she screamed and begged for me to stop, but I did not until I shoved most of my 8 inches into her wet cunt.

As I penetrated her tight hole, I said "I might not be the biggest but I will make you pay for your arrogance" she grunted and I pushed harder until our pubic bones were mashing each each other, as I was trying to maximize my penetration. Then I felt it, her pussy was like a hand gripping my dick as she came once more and this one was the best of the evening so far, it took all my concentration not to come in that tight pulsating pussy.

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07-28-2012, 01:11 PM
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RE: Why my Wife Cheat
I tuned her over and pulled her up onto her knees and fucked that tight pussy doggie style. After almost an hour of hard pounding and fucking she was a puddle of a woman, I said," give me that blowjob before I come into your cunt." I felt like I was back in charge.

That was my mistake, she got her senses back and she did a number on me, the tables were turned and she enjoyed the control over my cock, licking it sucking it jerking it, every trick in the book to worship my dick, finally after an hour my load hit the back of her throat and then it was her turn to bring me to a mind blowing orgasm, she would not let me push her away either. IT WAS MIND BLOWING SHIT!

Wow, we both said almost simultaneously, let's call it a draw.

We were inseparable after that, we moved in together and were married two years later. Our first child John came one year later and then we moved to Orange County, California after I received a promotion in my job.

After five years, I started my own company, and within two years, it was highly profitable, Anne was the devoted housewife and caregiver of our child, while I made the bacon.

With success came the wealth, a 5500 sq foot Tuscany home with pool overlooking Dana Point harbor, club memberships, designer clothes foreign cars etc.

I worked long days; 6am to 7pm with occasional late dinner outings with customers, but no weekends.

We had a small circle of friends and some close business associates and our family visited regularly from the east coast, but we generally spent most of our time with our son and fucking our brains out at night.

For some reason we never hit that wall, most couples do, our sex remained hot and sizzling, we added some toys for her, but that was about it.

Three days ago

Well, as you can see, we had money, a child, great sex and now this? I know she has a high libido, but she never showed any inclination to have an affair. No girls nights out, no late appointments, or any of the thinks you see in loving wives stories except one unexpected discovery.

We wanted another child, so why did she have a pack of XXXL condoms in her pocket book! No I was not looking to spy, I needed her driver's license number for our insurance man for a fender binder she was in. I discovered the condoms by mistake, curious, but again maybe she wants me to start wearing condoms for some reason. Again the trusting husband, I will ask her later what's up.

"Say Anne, I sorry but I went into your pocketbook without asking today, I was looking for your license number and I found some condoms, actually some XXXL size condoms, and you know I take XXL ( trying to make a joke out of it) so what's up babe? Did you change your mind about having another child and why did you not talk to me about it?"

I looked at her face and she quickly responded with no hesitation," they are for my new lover's cock why do you ask."

I just looked at her stunned and angry, and then she said realizing I was not getting her joke, "yes all of my rubber dildos have to wear condoms, I was getting little vaginal infections playing with them, and so my doctor told me to put a condom on them for protection. You want me protected and the XXXL size are thicker and makes sure they do not break or split when I really want to ride my lover, are you jealous?

I am sorry for the invasion of your privacy. It will not happen again, I deserved that, Anne.

"Well, should I start looking through your wallet and private things, but honey I understand your concern, no harm no foul."

Too bad that was not the end of it.

That night, she was in her private sewing room, the door was shut, but I could hear her talking on the phone, I was about to knock on the door to enter when I heard her say "I bought those special condoms you mentioned so you do not have to worry about breakage because of your size baby. My husband accidently found them and I had to think quickly, but he bought my story about using them on my dildos to avoid infections."

I did not get to where I am by not being fast on the uptake. I knew what this is, I felt like a fool, because I was always street smart as well as book educated, but I let my ego believe I was the only hound in the chase.

She was cheating with some big dick man, and I was going to find out who, when and how long and then make a decision on the future of our marriage, from that moment on, my life was no longer in living color it was black and white.

Two days ago

After over hearing the rest of the conversation, I learned they are meeting at the Ritz Carlton pool area on Friday and he has rented a room overlooking the ocean for the day. She has it all planned, I am at work till 11:00pm because of a dinner commitment and our son John is going to stay with a friend this weekend and is leaving school with his parents, so she does not have to pick him up till Sunday. She has all day Friday to "fuck his brains out."

I made quick arrangements at work with my Executive Assistant Claire, to reschedule Friday's commitments on my calendar and had Claire book me a room for Friday at the Ritz overlooking the pool and the ocean.

It then dawned on me, what will I do other than say aha, the cuckold husband who caught his bitch fucking another man, my reaction has to be more than that. I had to devise something, for that matter anything that will turn the hurt around on them!

The more I thought about it, the more depressed I got, because I had the answer, but I did not like it myself, I know it would hurt her, but that was the goal was it not?

The next two days were hell, as I said, I did not eat, sleep or function normally, I told her I had a bug or something, but I could still function, she better stay away or she could catch it. She was more than willing to stay away, not wanting to spoil her Friday fuck plans, so we did not have sex on those days.

I made my preparations for my response, I had to call in some favors to do so, but it was accomplished. Now let the games begin. I knew the marriage was possibly over, she blatantly set this up and I do not care if it was her first affair or not, it's all over but the fat lady singing.
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07-28-2012, 01:11 PM
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RE: Why my Wife Cheat
Back to the present

I left for work late, around 10:00 AM, I was still pretending to be ill, and I almost was going to stay home, but why prolong the inevitable. They would just reschedule, let us get this over with.

My delay at leaving at my normal schedule was obviously driving Ann crazy, she wanted to prepare her makeup and hair to leave and get to the pool to meet her lover.

I drove to the Ritz and checked into my hotel room well before she could arrive, it was a corner suite two stories up so I can see the pool and the ocean beach. Then I waited for Ann to arrive at the pool to meet her lover.

Sure enough, my heart sank and my pulse quicken when I finally saw her sitting down on a chaise lounge facing my room, she pulled out all stops, her white bikini was almost non-existent, and she had on heeled sandals and her signature oversized sun glasses. She carried a large beach bag that had her sundress neatly folded inside along with her sunscreen and oversized hat. My binoculars were extremely high powered I could see the small mole on her calf from my advantage point if I wanted to and the sound device I rented worked for picking up their conversations.

Less than five minutes after she arrives she made a call on the cell phone and in short order a man of about thirty comes and sits down next to her. He gives her a passionate kiss on her lips; she smiled and seemed to be enjoying it...

He was a white man, how ironic. Usually it's the white guy getting cuckold by the black guy, today it was going to be the opposite. They got comfortable; he rubbed the sun screen onto her exposed areas and then some on the not so expose areas, mostly her butt.

It was time for me to start my plan. I made my call on the cell phone and shortly thereafter, the most beautiful woman on the planet earth, walked by the unexpected couple and takes a chair right next to Ann's lover.

She was wearing all black, her tits are like cantaloupes a firm 38D size all natural, and they were bursting out of her undersized top. Her stomach was flat and her thong bikini showed her camel toe, wedged into her pussy. Her ass, my god her ass, was firm and round like a sisters, yet she was white with blonde hair. Unlike Ann she had some length; she was around 5'7-5'8 in height so her legs matched the proportions of her heavy breast...

Ann did not like the way her lover was looking at my decoy, but he said something to her anyway just to acknowledge her presence.

The woman got up and dove into the pool and then pulled herself up from latter, while the water clanged to her body forming little beads and clinging her wet tiny bathing suit to her voluptuous body, it was a scene even I had to admire in my state of mind, this woman was worth the $2000 I paid, let's see if she can do what I paid her to do.

Now my wife is attractive, some say beautiful, but this woman was unworldly and lover boy was getting interested from where I was looking.

She asked my wife if they were married and Rob quickly said no, we are just friends here for a some relaxation and lunch.

Anne really looked frustrated now!

" The reason I ask, oh by the way, I been rude my name is Joan and you are?

"I am Ann, this is Rob"

"As I was saying, I am looking for some action and if Rob is not committed for a couple of hours and his cock can measure up, I would like to fuck him in my room while you are relaxing and sun bathing Ann. How does that sound Rob?"

She continued to tease the man. " Come on Rob wouldn't you like to fuck my big tits and tight pussy with your fat dick, how big are you Rob as she rubbed his crotch through his bathing suit. "Feels like you got almost ten inches for me, because if it's smaller than that Rob, you can fuck the small titted bitch if you like", as she whispered loud enough into his ears so Ann could hear.

Now as I said before, powerful men want what they do not have, he obviously has Ann and now he wants Joan. Without thinking twice he tells Ann he is going to Joan's room and he will be back when he gets back. There is no honor amongst thieves or cheaters.

"Sorry Ann, but this is an offer of a lifetime and it was nice knowing you". Good luck with your marriage and adios."

Anne was just flabbergasted, as she watched them walk away arm and arm to her hotel room.

"Fuck you Rob, you goddamned bastard" Ann screamed!

A smug Rob, responded "No Ann you got that wrong, I just fucked you over, now I am going to fuck this beautiful woman for all she is worth..... you lose, I win "

My humiliated wife packed up her stuff and headed to the valet. Heads were turning all the way watching her tight ass tick tock as she walked away.

Now to attend to my revenge on Rob.

Joan came into my suite with Rob grabbing her ass and tits as he entered, real classly guy, what did Ann see in him other than a big dick I do not know.

But I know this, when he saw me, he asked Joan" what in hell is this nigger doing here and who the hell is he to you ".

"Oh Rob, I forgot to tell you he is the guy that's going to beat the shit out of you for fucking with his wife Ann and I am the woman that brought you to him so he can do it. He knew all along all you wanted was some good pussy and I guess you figured Ann is all that.'

" I am the paid decoy to get you away from his wife and in the process I humiliated her for ever wanting to be with a scum sucking dog like you!"

God she is good, I thought to myself.

"So, my job is done here, good luck trying to get it up after he is done with you."

As she left the room he tried to bolt but I hired two men to stand outside in the hall way to restrained him from doing so.

" Have a seat Rob, we need to talk, you can do it the hard way or the easy way it's up to you."

"What do you want from me?" he said.

"Just the truth and I will minimize your punishment, if you lie; you will be a big limp dick fuck for the rest of your life. Got It.?

Robs story

I got the information I needed about his affair with my wife, he works for the Republican Party, he visited our estate home during the day, to go over the election for a new congressial seat and he was the leading candidate. So he was canvassing estate communities for votes and more importantly donations.

Ann was sunning at the pool and was topless, she said it was alright for him to come in, she is not shy and he had a drink with her, one thing lead to another and he made a move, she slapped him hard initially, but then he challenged her by saying.

"So you want to turn this down"

"I want you to see this" and out comes the biggest cock she ever could imagine. Larger than her biggest dildo by a couple of inches and much wider.

"You can touch it Ann, it won't hurt you not yet it wouldn't." he grinned.

She moved forward and grabbed his manhood and it took two both of her tiny hands to handle it properly.

"My god, forgive me, but I need to have this cock" no other thought permeated her mind as she strokes it.

"I will agree to fuck you Rob only if you use a condom, I have none and I am off the birth control bills I am trying to get pregnant, but obviously not by you." She said.

"None are big enough he boasted for this monster, they rip or tear and they are no fucking good, take the morning after pill, it works."

He saw her reluctance and rather than lose her he suggested the following.

"Or you can blow me today and I promise you no penetration, I will just slide my cock over your vulva until you come and then next week on Friday, I have a day off, we can meet at the Ritz Carlton and bring as many condoms as like for the deep penetration fuck you want and need."

She bought into that.

For the rest of the afternoon she sucked and licked that massive cock for him and he rubbed his cock over her wet pussy to orgasm but no penetration as promised. She was out of her mind in anticipation of next week's fucking. When he finally came she never saw so much come all over her body!
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07-28-2012, 01:11 PM
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RE: Why my Wife Cheat
He left her his cell number and asked her to call on Wednesday of next week to confirm.

Mike now understood. "I never got the chance to fuck her cunt because I was greedy and wanted Joan, so cut me some slack."

"What are you going to do with me" he begged.

"Well Rob this is your lucky day, you can leave now". I said.

"What, no punishment, why are you letting me go so easily? Are you going to kill me?'

"No Rob, you are free to go, you are not worth going to jail for, your congressional bid is ruined, this is all on tape and I am sending it the RNC, you will never get financial backing for your congressional bid, and your wife in the next couple of days is going to see and listening to your confession via web cam video being sent to her computer, good luck with that, and last but not least, you leaving the OC or you are a dead man."

Maybe it falls short for some men who want revenge, but since there was no intercourse this will do." I paid a lot of money for a voice stress analyzer and you did not lie."

"Now go before I change my mind, and Rob, do I need to say it?

"I will leave Ann alone."

The then he left. And Joan came back in the room!

Suddenly, I started to get more oxygen in my lungs, I felt hungry as shit, and I could see colors again.

Now what to do about Ann?


I went home after staying in the room a couple of hours, Ann was outside on the patio staring out into space, in a world of her own, unaware of my backdoor activities surrounding her rendezvous with Rob and my revenge sex with Joan. I wore condoms by the way.

"I thought you would be home late tonight, but I'm glad you are here, sit down Mike, I need to tell you something". Anne said.

Was she going to confess and make it easier on me? I wondered.

"I had casual sex last week with a man, right here on the outside, patio, it was not intercourse but I blew him and he ate me and rode my pussy raw with his dick, but I swear he did not penetrate me. I swear Mike" she continued.

"I was supposed to fuck him today, but things got complicated and it never happened and I am so embarrassed it happened in the first place." I lied about the condoms, and will you ever forgive me for being so stupid? "

I sat there quietly studying her face," what happened that cause you not to go ahead with the sex, did you back out at the last minute, please explain that to me?"

The moment of truth, if she lied it was over.

"He rejected me like a worthless rag doll for another big titted woman that was staying at the hotel." It woke me up, that's what I was doing to you, rejecting you for a bigger cock, and I was as bad as he was, even worse, you are my best friend and husband along with being the best lover I ever had, you fill my pussy all I ever needed, I got greedy and wanted to experience more."

She broke down and cried like a baby.

At this moment, as mad as I was about her affair, I realized I truly still loved this woman and her heart was in the right place, there was no need to punish the mother of my child anymore than I have, she already was doing that to herself, more than I ever could. But I had one more question.

Ann, what if that woman never showed up at the hotel? Would you have fucked him?

"Yes Mike, I would have. I am sorry for that, but I cannot lie to you, thank god for that big titted beautiful woman. She saved me from making a big mistake. At first, I was mad as hell he rejected me, but when I got home I realized what a fool I had been, it will never happen again. I promise."

Now some reading this story will say I am a fool to have kepted her as my wife, but one year later we had our second son and we named him Jaime. Ann devotes all of her waking hours to our two boys and giving me the most incredible make up sex, if it's possible our sex life is even better than before her affair with Rob.

I never told Ann I set her up to fail by hiring Joan or the fantastic sex I shared with Joan that day for revenge. I needed to get my manhood back and Joan was the perfect woman to do so.

I am not sorry I fucked Joan, it made it easier on my bruised ego to go back to my wife on an equal standing. Some might say I even got more out of her affair than she did, tough break!

Sometimes there are happy endings to bad situations, I love Ann, and she made a mistake and I fixed it.
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