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why did i do this?
07-28-2012, 01:12 PM
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why did i do this?
Why did I do this? What got into me? These are the questions burning in my mind!

I am 40 years old and a happily married woman. My husband is Jay and 42. We have 2 kids, a son and a daughter, 16 and 12 years. I was a librarian and decided to stay at home for the kids. We have a very nice and comfortable life. My husband is an executive with a nice job and we have a comfortable suburban life.

Our sex life was always been good and satisfying. The sexual urges have waned a little after the kids have grown as Jay has become busy and I am driving them from one practice to another. We still find time in the weekends to make love but it is much shorter and I am not always reaching an orgasm. I am 5'4" with a nice set of perky boobs at 36C and a butt which my hubby says is my best asset.

Last year we decided that kids have grown old enough for me to go to a part time job. I applied at the local 4 year college and as luck may have it they had a 3 day a week opening just right for me. I was happy to get back in the working world and felt refreshed with all the young people around me at the college.

The problem in my blissful life started about 6 months ago. I was putting some books away one morning when this very nice looking young man approached me with a real concern on his face. He said that he was Ted and was in a major problem and needed a book right away for a paper he had to write and reference to. It was an old edition autobiography which we had only one copy of. He was in a panic and needed to submit his paper the next week and could not find the copy or get it from Amazon. I found that the copy we had was loaned out for about 2 weeks and was due back soon.

I told this young man that I would try and hopefully get it back before the weekend. Without warning he just hugged me and kissed me on the check and said that if I could do that for him, he would take me to lunch! I did not think much about the lunch date but was stunned for a minute by the tight hug. It made me flush and that kind of surprised me. I made the call to the current student who had the book and pretty much threatened her to get the book back or risk a fine. Why was I doing that much for Ted? It kind of excited me to do something for this good looking kid. I called on his cell phone number he had given me and left a message on his voice mail. His voice was deep on the message and made my heart flutter a little. All this made me surprised. Here was I a married woman and I was feeling like a freshman in college.

Well the next day Ted came and got his book and this time I was expecting and got that hug again. As we separated he was trying to kiss my cheeks and I turned my head and it ended being slightly on the lips. He apologized but I was not complaining. I was flushed and started to feel the wetness between my legs. I could not understand my spontaneous reflexes and was confused.
That night I was horny and attacked my husband in bed. He was surprised but gladly obliged with passionate love making. I have never strayed in our marriage and never even thought of another man but that changed that night. When I was being fucked by my husband I thought of Ted and the accidental kiss. It made me come harder and longer.

About a week later I got a visit from Ted. He said he appreciated my help and was ready to pay up on his offer of a lunch date. I acted as if I had forgotten about it but secretly it is what I had thought about the all of last week. What he said next was making me nervous. He said that since he is short on cash, he was going to cook lunch for me at his off campus apartment. He said that he works part time as a cook at a neighboring diner and loves to cook. We agreed on next week and a day when I would not be working. I was getting the butterflies. Here I am, a happily married woman with 2 great kids with a great husband and I was going to a bachelor apartment. I even thought for a moment about letting my husband know but quickly put that out of my mind. Jay is trusting but I didn't think this would fly with him.

The next Tuesday as agreed I arrived at Ted's apartment dressed in a pair of jeans and a top with a V neck. I wanted not to show too much skin but at the same time not to be prudish to this handsome college kid. It showed a little cleavage more than usual for me. I had my sexy bra and thongs that Jay had bought for Valentine's. I had never felt comfortable in a thong but I had no hesitation in wearing this today!

Ted was wearing an apron and welcomed me with another special hug and this time a purposeful light kiss on the lips. We went to the kitchen and he poured me a glass of merlot without even asking. I drink socially but at dinner and this was too early for me. The first sip was actually a gulp as I was very nervous and my hands were starting to sweat. We talked about the college and our lives. He wanted to know all about me.

I sat on a bar stool watching him cook Italian favorite which he had asked me before. My eyes were all over him and I am sure he noticed. I could not take my eyes off his butt. It was filling his jeans well. We talked about working out and he was complementing my figure saying that he could not believe I was 40 with 2 kids. The wine was starting to work on fast on my empty stomach and I felt the buzz. We started to eat and he had a fabulous 3 course meal all done right. If not for anything I thought that the food was great.

During lunch our conversation turned more personal about relationships and wants and passions. I asked him subtly if he had a girl friend and he said that he broke up 3 months ago and I felt so much relief. He asked me if I was happy in my marriage and I said yes. After lunch we picked up our wine glasses and went to the front room. He turned on some very good classical music. I was music minor in college and appreciated that very much. Ted turned and looked at me as I was on the arm rest and held out his arm. I was confused and he said if he could have the pleasure of a dance. I was nervous, excited, thrilled, felt horny all at the same time and had a rush to just say thank you and leave. My mind said leave but everything else said NO.

I said that I am not a dancer but without much resistance held my hand to his. He held me close as we danced on the carpet to the slow soothing music. I was dizzy as I felt his body and hand holding me tight and rocking me. I gently rested my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes and said to myself that I was going to let whatever happens just happen. All my self control was slipping away. My husband, marriage and kids all seemed a distant memory and I was in bliss.

As the music ended I felt Ted slowly turn my head and the next thing I knew was a tongue penetrating my mouth and exploring mine. He had me in a tight hug and was sucking my breath away. I had no control but could feel myself returning the kiss with equal ferociousness. I was taken. Slowly he led me to the bedroom. Not a word was spoken then. He sat on the bed and I was standing facing him. He looked up and all I could say was "Please". He asked me puzzled if I wanted him to stop and I finally said....No Please don't stop! He smiled and kissed my chest and tummy. I just held and hugged his head as he slowly pulled my top out of my jeans and lifted it showing my tummy and lower portion of my bra. He passionately kissed everywhere and licked my belly button. I was so wet I felt that I had peed. He slowly pulled his t shirt off and I saw a muscular young body. Much more buffed then my husband. He was seating a little too. He then pulled off my top and for the first time ever I was standing in front of someone other than my husband in my under clothes. He then just ran his arms over my back and tummy and then my boobs. My hair was standing on its edge. Slowly he unhooked my bra and out came my boobs with erect nipples. I have small areolas but large nipples.

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07-28-2012, 01:13 PM
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RE: why did i do this?
He started kissing them and rolling them between his lips. He then unbuckled my jeans and I let him slip it off. He knelt down on the floor and now was kissing my cunt through that flimsy thong. With his teeth he slowly pulled them down. I usually am not shaved but this morning I had trimmed my pubic area pretty short. I held his head and asked him to take off his jeans. I had suspected and sure enough he was not wearing anything underneath. I saw a wet area in front of his jeans which made me feel hot. His cock was larger and thicker than my husbands. It was throbbing in my hand as I held it. He said that it was my time and not his. He picked me up and laid me on the bed. There I was naked and wet in front of a much younger guy with a raging hard on. He spread my legs and lowered his face to my cunt.

I enjoyed oral sex but Jay has never been totally comfortable and is usually a small portion of our foreplay. Ted on the other hand was an expert. He started at my knees and slowly licked with a wet tongue along the inner part of my thigh to the outer portion of the labia. He started to circle the labia with his tongue which drove me crazy and right then and there I had a violent orgasm. He then opened the labia with his hand and inserted his tongue into the vagina and reached deep. My hands were pulling on this head and hair. I was in ecstasy and never felt so good before. It was almost a continuous orgasm. When he came up my cum was all over his face and nose. I sat up and licked it off his face. As he stood up I sat up and held his rigid cock in my hand.

It was my turn as I licked the side of his shaft all the way to the end. I then pulled up his cock and tried to take his balls in my mouth. I have never done any of these before but I was surprising myself every minute. I then started to nibble on his end and rolled his cock in my mouth. I could feel his butt tightening and he was pushing my head into his crotch. As I started to go more forcefully he pulled away and pushed me back on the bed. He then turned me over. I started to pull my legs under me and wanted his cock from behind. That is the position I get most pleasure from and Jay's least favorite. I was spreading my legs which opened my cunt. I felt Ted hold my hips as he entered my cunt from behind and started to pump me hard. It was vigorous and my boobs were flying back and forth and I was rocking my pelvis as hard as I could. I was worried about getting pregnant but the moment was so real that I didn't have the will power to make him stop and wear a condom. I had cum a second time and he was still hard. As I arched back with the powerful orgasm, he pulled out and turned me over and kissed me hard. I then stood up and pushed him back onto the bed. I was not going to let the moment go and I sat on him and then lowered myself onto his throbbing hard cock. I was like when I was 20. I was riding like at the rodeo and he was massaging and pinching my boobs and nipples. I came at least twice. I am very orgasmic but this was new territory in orgasm count. I saw his face flushed and tighten as he arched his butt. I knew he was going to cum and I squeezed my thighs. He came with a loud groan and exploded into me. I could feel the semen seep into me for almost 5 minutes. We just collapsed in sweat and breathless.

We just laid there for 15 minutes holding each other and kissing. The cum was slowly draining out. The time was already 2 pm and I had to pick up my kids. I had another 30 minutes and I was a mess.

I picked myself up and went to the bathroom. Ted followed me into the shower. As I let the water over me he started to soap me up and clean my cunt. He had a finger inside and cleaned me. I was in my nth orgasm. He dried me up and watched me get ready while he sat there naked. I kissed him and said that nobody knows this and nobody will. He said that this was the best fuck he has ever had and wanted to see if we could see each other. I was clear that this was a special day and special days don't come along often but never know.

As I was driving to my kid's school I could not believe what I had done. Was I a different person? Was it really me or somebody else in my body? Was this a permanent change in my life or just a one day lust and excitement of tasting the forbidden and the unknown? What have I done?? Will I see Ted again or go back to my usual safe life? I will have to wait and see.

Jim and I had just finished our day shift at the plant and we were driving back home together in my car. We always commuted together whenever our work shifts coincided, and this week it was my turn to use my car.

As soon as we left the plant, Jim asked me to stop at a pharmacy on our way back home so that he could have a prescription fill. His wife Sally, had a bad cold and the doctor had prescribed medication to get rid of her stubborn cold.

Since we were driving near the pharmacy where my wife Rachel was working, I decided that I was going to surprise Jim as well as my wife and stop there. During all those years that she had been working there, not once had I visited her at her place of work. As a matter of fact I had never been inside that pharmacy yet, so I figured that she was going to be very surprise to see me there today.

I had never dared to visit her at the pharmacy since I didn't want her coworkers or her boss thinking that I was checking on her. Surprisingly she also never once commented about that fact to me.

She was working today and I knew that she was going to be surprised indeed to see me. She only worked there two days per week and I figured that it was time that I finally met her boss after six years.


Rachel and I had been married for nine years now. Even though we were not rich, I was earning good money at the plant where I was working and I preferred that my wife remained at home. But two years after we had been married she claimed that she needed to get out of the house and she wanted to go on the work market.

Since it was also her wish to have a car of her own, she was soon able to convince me to agree to let her work a year or two. At least until she had paid for the car that she wanted to buy. So a week after we had agreed about her starting to work, she found a job at a pharmacy on the other side of town.

Just over a year later she gave birth to Sandy, then for the next two years she became a stay at home mom. Later, when Sandy was older she once again begged me to let her work, even if it was only a couple of days per week. She claimed that she had already phoned at the pharmacy where she had previously worked and Mr. Clarkson was ready to take her back even if it was only two days per weeks.

I finally agreed and she set things up with her mother so that she could take care of Sandy on those days she was working.

She had now been working two days a week for Mr. Clarkson for over three years and Sandy was now almost six, and not once had I stepped inside her place of work.


I parked in front of the pharmacy and Jim and I both went inside. It wasn't a huge place but it had about everything one would expect to find in a pharmacy. There were four long aisles on each side of which were shelves loaded with everything from cough syrup to condoms of all brands. Then completely at the back was the space where prescriptions were being filled. Of course Jim and I immediately walked there.
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07-28-2012, 01:13 PM
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RE: why did i do this?
But instead of seeing Rachel there as I expected, there was only a middle-age man behind the long counter. He took Jim's prescription and started working on it. I was about to introduce myself and ask him where my wife was but since Jim was standing next to me, I didn't want him to know that I was ignorant about the fact she was not there. So I didn't say anything.

While the pharmacist was busy filling the prescription, Jim slowly wandered further away looking around at the different displays.

That is when I decided to give a closer inspection to the back of the place. As soon as I looked over the counter behind the pharmacist, my eyes felt on a desk near the wall. On it rested a framed picture of a girl of about seven or eight. The thing that struck me about the picture, was the fact that the child on it looked so much like my Sandy that it was uncanny.

She had the same long blond hair and blue eyes; even her smile was the same. I just stood there in awe as I examined the picture, I was shocked and amazed by the resemblance with my daughter. It was as if I was looking at how Sandy would look in a year or so. How was that possible I asked myself?

All of a sudden, I couldn't help myself and I asked the pharmacist, who was still busy counting pills, if the child in the picture was his daughter.

" No, no! I have only two boys at home. This is Kathy; she is the daughter of Mr. Clarkson. She is a lovely child isn't she?"

"Yes she certainly is."

I was simply too shocked to say anything, so I moved away pretending to look for an item on the shelve on my left.

But deep inside I suddenly felt sick. I kept asking myself how could this Kathy look so much like my own daughter, and where was my wife? I then had a very bad feeling, deep inside I suppose that I had a hint of a clue to the answers to both questions, but I wasn't ready to admit it to myself. All of a sudden, I felt a strong needed to get out of there, I walked toward Jim and I told him I was going to wait for him in the car.

While sitting there waiting for Jim, I began to think. Sandy looked nothing like Rachel, and she certainly had none of my facial features also. Rachel and I, both had brown eyes and dark brown hair, Sandy was blond. When she was a young child, all my friends kept making jokes about the color of her hair, some were even asking me if I was ordering pizza often at my house or what was the hair color the mailman. Of course these were only friendly jokes, and I didn't let these remarks bother me. But now it all came back to haunt me.

Was Sandy really my daughter or was she the daughter of Mr. Clarkson. The strange thing was that I had never once met or seen Karl Clarkson, so I didn't have a clue as to what he looked like, except for the fact that he had light color hair. Rachel had mentioned this to me a few times.

When Rachel and I were home later that evening, she noticed my quiet and pensive mood, she even asked me if there was something bothering me. Of course I didn't tell her that I had stopped at her place of work that day or what was on my mind.

But I certainly would have like to learn where she was when I stopped there, but I kept my mouth shut about doubts. I knew I had to be carefully and not accuse her of something that might exist only in my imagination. More important still, I knew that I needed to get proofs so as to confirm or infirm my doubts about the parentage of my daughter.

You see it was extremely painful for me to even consider the possibility that my precious angel might not be my biological daughter. I loved my daughter more than anyone else in the world and I would have walk through fire for her. I tried to convince myself that it was probably just a coincidence that the two girls looked so much alike, but deep inside I experienced a growing suspicious that kept coming to the surface.

Later that night, while I was in bed lying next to my wife, the full impact of the day's events finally hit me.

If Sandy wasn't my daughter and if Karl Clarkson was her biological father, this implied that Rachel had been fucking him from the very beginning, when she first began working for him over six years earlier.

I told myself that even today, it was more than probable she was still continuing her affair with her lover. The bitch, she had probably been cuckolding me during all those years. Even now, there was a good chance that she was still fucking him twice a week -- every time she was supposed to be working at the pharmacy. Once her workday is over, -- and after having fucked him to her heart content -- she is coming back home to me with a happy smile on her face while her cunt is still full of his cum.

Each time she is returning home to me after having had sex with her boss, she is probably secretly enjoying the knowledge that she had just cuckolded me, knowing I suspect nothing of her affair.

Yes, I had already noticed she always took a shower as soon as she came home, saying to me "I have to remove the smell on me of the different chemicals that I am in contact with". I knew now that she was rushing into the showers as soon as she came home so she could remove all traces of her recent infidelity within her cheating cunt.

The following day was Friday, since Rachel wasn't working that day; I drove to her place of work after dropping Jim at his house. I now wanted to see Karl Clarkson's face to face. Since he didn't know me, and since I had never seen him before, I felt that it was time I finally had a look at him.

After asking the woman behind the cash where Mr. Clarkson was, I was told that he had already gone home, but she added that Mr. Manning, his assistant, could help me with my prescription. She pointed toward the back, I realized that she was indicating the same man that had filled Jim prescription the previous day.

I told her that I would come back on another day since I had personal business with Mr. Clarkson. She then dropped a bombshell on me by adding that I should make sure that I didn't come on a Tuesday or a Thursday afternoon since he was never in the pharmacy at those times.

Of course I left without saying another word, I just nodded to indicate that I understood. What the hell was going on here, I said myself as soon as I was sitting in my car.
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07-28-2012, 01:14 PM
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RE: why did i do this?
Rachel had been hired to assist Mr. Clarkson on those two days. She was there to count pills for him and to help him with the filling of prescriptions -- at home she always referred to him as Mr. Clarkson -- and now I had just been told that on those two days of the week that she was working, he was taking the afternoon off. It just didn't make sense to me.

What was Rachel doing on those afternoons? After all she was suppose to be helping her boss. The previous afternoon she was not there but she was supposed to be working, was she somewhere else with him?

After the birth of Sandy I had been completely against her going back to work, but she kept insisting that she wanted this until I finally conceded. Now I had a very sour feeling about her job, and that child's picture that stood on the desk kept coming back into my mind to haunt me.

In my mind, the wall of doubt about my wife's faithfulness was getting stronger all the time. Was she cheating on me with her boss or was it only my over active mind playing tricks on me?

That weekend at home with Rachel was the worst in my life. Every time I would look at her, I kept imagining her having sex with her boss. Of course, I couldn't place a face on him since I didn't know what he looked like exactly. Therefore, with my mind's eyes I saw him with interchangeable faces and body features, while he was having sex with her in all sorts of possible positions. To make matters worst still, I imagined them laughing at me and making jokes while they were fucking.

Deep inside I felt that there was a good chance that Sandy was his daughter. Was he still fucking my wife behind my back? Could she even be working on her second child with him? All those years, she had been fucking him probably more often than I had. I now couldn't think of her without feeling my anger coming to the surface, I knew that from now on, each time I would look at her, I was going to experience the same frustration until I got proof of the contrary.

Saturday morning while she was still sleeping next to me, I quietly looked at her. She was a beautiful woman indeed. Her long brown hair was spread on the pillow and she looked so peaceful with her sensual plump lips, which were slightly opened at the moment. I even felt a strong urge to kiss them, but soon the thought of what she was probably doing behind my back was enough to discourage me.

Beside, I told myself, each time we make love; her cunt most probably still contained millions upon millions of these tiny little swimmers from her lover. Swimmers that he deposited in her cunt while causing intense illicit pleasure to the both of them. After all, doctors do claimed that these little swimmers can remain in the vagina of a woman for up to three or four days after having been deposited there.

This implied that each time I went down on her -- this did happened almost every time we made love -- I must have been swallowing an uncountable number of them. Worse still, one of them probably succeeded in making her pregnant with Sandy.

As these thoughts and pictures of the two of them fucking unrolled inside my over active mind, just like a triple X movie, I became impossibly hard. At the same time I got angry, the love I once had for her was melting away like snow under the rays of the hot summer sun.

Gradually, as the anger kept building inside me, I couldn't stop myself and I suddenly climbed on top of her, and before I knew it, I was on my knees between her legs. I roughly lifted her gown until it was above her waist, -- by then she was wide awake and looking at me with wide, frightened eyes -- without bothering to say a single word to her, I next aimed my cock between the lips of her cunt. In a single shove I pushed it all the way, deep within her unprepared cheating hole.

For the next fifteen minutes I fucked her. I don't know if she enjoyed it or whether she had an orgasm or not, but I didn't care. It was not my intention to make love to her since I didn't feel like loving her, I was just using the body of the whore I now believed her to be.

We didn't talk at all until noon that day, and when the three of us were sitting around the table, I mostly talked to my daughter. As soon as Rachel had done the dishes, -- Sandy was playing outside then -- I pulled my wife toward the couch and I fucked her again, from behind this time.

I don't know why I was doing this, but all that I know is that I felt lot of anger toward her, and for some reasons that I couldn't even explain to myself, I would get very hard each time I went near her.

I suppose that in my subconscious, it was my way to seek revenge on her for giving to another man what was rightfully mine only. It was as if my body was trying to even the score and working on getting more fucks out of her than her boss had.

In bed that night, I woke her in the middle of the night to fuck her. There was no kissing and no soft words, just straight fucking.

For some reason, Rachel never complained about the way I was treating her. That fact all by itself was telling me more than anything else. She had something to hide and was trying to buy herself out of trouble by allowing me to have all the sex I wanted with her. In other word she had a skeleton in her closet.

I know that she certainly wasn't enjoying any of my fucking, judging by the expressions on her face each time I would ram myself into her. I didn't see any love or pleasure there, but I certainly did detect fear.

Of course, I had never acted that way before with her while making love. Each time we made love, it was always with our mutual consent and enjoyment, now I was just using her body like a man use a whore. Why was I treating her this way? After all I had no tangible proof yet that she had been cheating. I didn't even understand myself why I was acting this way, all I knew was that I had that strong urge to cause her pain.

I suppose that her lack of protest from my treatment was mostly due to fear, but why should she fear me her husband, unless of course she had something to hide. She just wanted my raping her to be over with so that we could go on with our usual daily affairs at home. I could tell she was afraid of getting into a discussion with me, afraid to discover that I knew her dark secret. She was buying peace by being submissive to me and enduring all the humiliation I was imposing on her.

As the days went on, I became still more convinced that she was fucking around on me with her boss, I was now also convinced that her affair with her boss had been going on for years. The love that I always felt for her was just about gone now, it had gradually being replaced by a growing desire to seek vengeance on her and her lover.

All my life I have always been a gentle and caring husband, I considered myself a good lover with my wife, now I was simply using her body to satisfy my needs without any consideration for hers. I didn't feel bad about what I was doing to her since I no longer considered her as my loving wife. I suppose it all boiled down to the fact that I was trying to get a little payback from her by being selfish and rough while fucking her.

The more this went on, the more I detected apprehension and fear in her expression. One evening, as she quietly sat in front of me around the kitchen table, I watched her as she quietly ate. I could tell that she suspected that I knew something about her affair with this Karl, she was now probably afraid to bring the matter into the open and have a frank discussion with me. Why was she afraid? I didn't know exactly since I have never been a violent man. Could it be that she wasn't ready to break up her marriage with me? She wanted to retain the security of being married to me as well as the excitement -- or was it the love -- of her affair with her boss.
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07-28-2012, 01:14 PM
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RE: why did i do this?
Sunday afternoon I fucked her again twice on the couch while Sandy was playing outside with her friends. Later than afternoon, - while we were both pretending to watch television -- I thought of a plan to check up on her and finally try to get proofs of her cheating.

I made up my mind then that I was going to take the day off on the following Tuesday and follow her to her place of work. I was pretty certain that she and her lover weren't fucking at the pharmacy, so they had to go somewhere else to cuckold me. I thus planned to ask Jim to lend me his truck on that day so that I could follow her without being observed.

Tuesday morning, I dressed in my working cloths just like usual then I drove to pick Jim at his house. Once there, I gave him the key to my car and I took off in his truck. I drove back to my house parking the truck just a few houses away from home so that I could see my house easily. Half an hour later, I saw Rachel getting into her car with Sandy and I discretely followed her to Sandy's school where my daughter got off. She then drove directly to the pharmacy. I parked Jim's truck on the other side of the street and I waited patiently while listening to the radio.

I don't know exactly what I was expecting would happen but I just knew that something would. From where I was, I could see her red Toyota and most of the parking spaces next to the pharmacy. I was determined to stay there all day if need be.

Barely half an hour after she had entered the pharmacy, I saw a black SUV driving into the parking lot and the driver parked in the space next to my wife's Toyota. A tall, well dressed, blond hair man of around thirty five, got out of the vehicle and entered the pharmacy using his key on a private door that opened next to the parking lot.

The moment I saw him getting out of his car, I knew he was the father of the little girl I had seen in the framed picture. It suddenly hit me; this man was probably also the biological father of Sandy, this . . . asshole was my wife's lover. He was the one who had been cuckolding me for the last six years.

I felt a strong urge to run after him and beat the hell out of him, then go inside and beat the shit out of my wife also, but the time for expressing my rage that way was pass and gone. I was at least six years too late. It would have been fine to do this after she had fuck him the first or second time even, then maybe, just maybe there could have been a chance my marriage could have survive her cheating, but not after six years of fucking him at a possible rate of two times each week. No, now was the time to get rid of her as well as to make both of them pay for what they had done to me. Payback was definitely on my mind now.

I waited patiently in Jim's truck until noon. All of a sudden, I saw the same door swing open and Rachel and the blond asshole got out of the building. They both had smiles on their face and to someone not knowing them, they looked like a happy couple.

They both got into his SUV and they drove away. The black SUV was easy to follow since my wife's lover seamed in no hurry. Fifteen minutes later they were driving on a country road that led toward the lake. Another ten minutes and I watched them turning into the entrance of a nice logs cottage right on the shore of the lake.

I parked Jim's truck on the side of the road half a mile further, then I walked back toward the logs cottage. A tall, well trimmed, cedar hedge except for the side facing the lake surrounded it. I thus knew that I had nothing to fear from being observed by the neighbors since the tall hedge would give me plenty of privacy.

I slowly walked around the house until I heard noises coming from an open widow on the left side of the cottage. After carefully approaching the half open window, which came to the height of my shoulders, I looked inside.

It took my eyes a couple of seconds to adjust to the half darkness in the room, but after a while I could clearly see the shapes of a naked woman and that of a man on a bed. They were both naked and already enjoying themselves.

He was on his back and my wife was between his legs sucking his cock. The noises that I had heard previously, were his soft words of encouragement as well as the noises of suction and licking she was making.

As he enjoyed her mouth around his cock, he had both of his hands on her heavy breasts, pressing and rolling them together. Then I watched him holding her boobs, one in each hand as if they were the cups of her bra.

While my wife was pleasuring him with her mouth, I carefully examined his features. I could now understand why the bastard had been able to seduce her. He was about my age, tall and very handsome with a very athletic looking body. His cock was thick and while she performed her deed on him, he constantly whispered to her in a soft and deep voice, telling her words of encouragement as she eagerly sucked on his cock.

His thick blond and slightly curly hair, was partially covering his eyes, it was evident at this moment that he was experiencing much pleasure from my wife's lips around his erection, judging from the rhythmically shoving of his trim body. Looking carefully into his face, I could now detect the resemblance with Sandy, my daughter. He had the same delicate nose that she had, and of course the same hair and eyes color.

There were no longer any doubts in my mind now, Karl Clarkson was the biological father of Sandy; he had conceived her with my supposedly faithful wife. All those years, she led me to believe that I was Sandy's father and thus making a fool out of me. My wife and her lover must have been laughing at me. In their eyes, I was the biggest cuckold there can be since I was unknowingly raising the child of another man.

For all that I knew they were probably working on another child right now. But I loved my daughter. In my mind she was still my daughter and would always be, no one was going to take her away from me.

But it was still an enormous shock to watch my wife making love with another man. This is certainly not something that I would recommend to any husband. It made me extremely angry and sad even if it did turn me on somewhat, at the same time I was at a loss as to what to do next.

I watched them on the bed for a long time as she pleased him with her mouth. Before he had time to cum, she got on her back and they began to fuck in the missionary position while exchanging spit.
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RE: why did i do this?
Soon she began writhing beneath him, then her back began to arch toward him so that he could reach deeper inside her cheating hole. After a while, I heard her making a guttural moan as she squeal in delight while they both came together amid his loud panting. They both experienced a simultaneous long orgasm, which ended amid his loud grunting, and her long sighs and moans. I had never heard her making such sounds before.

They rested for long minutes after this first fuck. My wife was on her back, her legs still half opened while he remained, fast breathing, stretched next to her. They soon began talking in a low voice, but I couldn't make out what they were saying.

After a couple of minutes he mounted her again. This time she had her thighs pressed to her chest. He held them there as he took position once again between her parted legs.

As he fucked her that way, I observed her head moving from side-to-side while her eyes were pressed tightly shut in ecstasy. Soon she began to mumble incoherent words which gradually changed to moans of pleasure.

The bastard fucking my wife was now half bent forward over her while her legs were pressed against the length of her body. He was partly supporting himself with his arms as he plunged his thick cock deep into her juicy and squishing pussy.

After a couple of minutes, her legs gradually opened around the outside of his upper arms and her knees began to push against his shoulders. In that new position, I could now see her pussy being stretched and dripping with their combine juice and all the time he kept on fucking her hard and fast with his hard tool.

After long minutes of copulating that way, I observed all the signs that they were once again in the grip of an other intense orgasm. Even though I had an erection, I felt a strong urge to throw up. I had to move a couple of yards away from the window since I was afraid that the noise that I made while retching would reveal my presence.

I got back to the window five or six minutes later, he was now on his knees between her legs and licking her cunt. Then, much to my horror I distinctly heard her asking him to fuck her in the ass.

I became even more depressed and sad when I heard this. I had often tried to coax her into letting me take her rear hole when we made love, but she never would let me touch her there. It ripped my heart out when I heard her ask him to do exactly what she had always denied me. To hear her beg another man to fuck her ass was the final blow to my pride.

She got on her hands and knees even before he could reply. Then I saw him take position on his knees behind her. Using his left hand, he took hold of his erection, which he rubbed again a couple of time between her cunt's lips, then he aimed it against her rear hole.

At that moment, just before he got into position behind her, I experienced a strong urge to shout at him so as to make him stop. Instead, I had to watch him open her butt's cheeks with both hands and gradually moved his body forward while aiming the tip of his cock over her rear hole.

He had no trouble at all pushing the thick head into her ass; it became evident to me that he had often fucked that hole before.

I couldn't believe my ears and eyes when I observe her reaction to the presence of his cock in her rear hole. She kept pushing back against him while at the same time demanding that he shove it deeper. After a couple of seconds, she reached between her legs and griped his balls with her right hand, she proceeded to squeeze them while pulling as if trying to force him deeper within her rectum.

After fucking her a long time that way, he finally came into her rear hole -- judging by the spasmodic tightening of his butt -- and as soon as he pulled out of her, they both felt on their back next to each other.

They rested thus for a long time, then I listen to them as they talked. They were both making fun of me, Rachel told him that I had often beg her to let me take her ass, but she has always refused her ass to me since it belonged to him only.

As I listen to her telling her lover why she had always refused her ass to me, it took all of my will power to remain calm. I had to fight a strong urge to show myself, an urge to climb through the opened window and strangle her. She had happily and most willingly given to another man what should have been rightfully mine only.

The only thing that prevented me from rushing into the bedroom and creating pain to both of them, was the promises that I made to myself at that moment. The very next time that I was going to be with Nancy, I was going to take her rear hole, with or without her consent.

I had to pull away from the window for a while so that I could no longer hear what they were saying about me. By now I was crying and I felling sorry for myself, of course this further served to feed my anger toward both of them.

At that moment, I regretted the fact that I hadn't brought a camera with me and thus have access to proofs of her cheating.

By now I knew that I was going to file for divorce, I needed convincing arguments of her cheating in front of the judge and try and get custody of Sandy. Seeing your wife, the woman that you love, secretly having sex with another man is a devastating experience. I could no longer endure to watch them or listen to what they were saying, so I quietly walked back to the truck.

Rachel came home at her usual time after work that day. She immediately went upstairs to take a shower while I finished preparing supper for the family just like I usually did on those days she was working. We didn't talk much to one another but we both paid much attention to Sandy who was telling us all about her day at school.

That same night, while we were in bed I used her body again. She tried to protest and to prevent me from having sex with her but I simply climbed on top of her and didn't let her weak protest stop me. At first she tried to talk me out of it, claiming that she was sore from all the fucking I done with her recently, but when she realized she couldn't convince me, she gave up and let me have my way with her body.

After fucking her in the missionary position, I made her place herself on her hand and knees on the bed and I proceeded to fuck her from behind. A few minutes later, I held her tight with my right arm around her waist, then pulling myself out of her cunt, I used my left hand to guide the head of my cock against her rear hole.

The instant she realized what was my intention, she began to try to move away from me. But by now I had both hands around her hips while part of my body weight was pinning her down, thus she couldn't move away from me.
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RE: why did i do this?
With a single shove I felt the head of my cock entering her rectum. She was now begging me to stop, claiming that I was too big for her. But I knew otherwise. In my mind I still had the images of her lover taking her in the same hole I was trying to enter right now, and this barely five or six hours earlier. I figured that by now her rear hole was probably a main highway for his cheating cock, so why should I not use it also?

Another shove then I was all the way inside her shit hole.

It was a first for me and I must say that I found the experience very satisfying. It felt extremely tight and snug inside her bottom, I even felt sorry that I hadn't insist more strongly on fucking her there before today.

When she realized that there was no use protesting, she gave up trying to prevent me from using her this way and she stopped struggling.

I couldn't say if she was enjoying what I was doing to her, -- I didn't care one iota if she got some sort of pleasure out of it or not -- she simply remained still and let me have my way with her bottom. Therefore I kept pumping until I was able to release a huge load of cum in her.

The following morning was a Wednesday and Rachel wasn't working that day. She was in her gown and sitting at the table eating breakfast with Sandy and me. Once in a while, I caught her looking at me when she thought I was busy eating. She had a strange expression on her face. I suppose that she now strongly suspected that I knew something about her affair with her boss. I could even detect a hit of fear in her look.

That evening, while she was putting away the dishes in the kitchen, I told her about a fictitious worker at the plant. He had surprised his wife with another man the previous week. I told her that he has beaten her to within an inch of her life when he discovered her affair. I also added that his friends at the plant, were planning to give a lesson to her lover by beating the shit out of him.

After quietly listening to what I said, she looked at me with wide eyes, then she asked me if I thought this was the right thing to do. I explained to her that the woman had no business cheating on her husband, it was only fair that they both, the wife and her lover, should pay for the disrespect that they had shown toward the husband marriage.

Tuesday. Again I took the afternoon off and I borrow Jim's truck once more. After eating my lunch in the truck at noon, I drove to the cottage by the lake and sure enough Karl's black SUV was there parked in the driveway. This time I had my video camera with me and I was prepared to film the proof of their cheating.

I needed that proof not only to help me get custody of Sandy but also to show to Karl's wife. Yes it was my intention to hurt him as much as I could; he was going to pay for the illicit excitement he got out of his affair with my wife.

For a while I had seriously thought about having a DNA test done on Sandy and myself then use it as proof of her infidelity. But then, I realized that even if I did prove that I was not Sandy's biological father, that fact would also give my wife ammunition in court so as to take Sandy away from me. Instead, I opted to pretend to be ignorant of that fact and hoped that the video of them having sex together would be enough.

They were on the bed fucking again just like I had seen them the previous time. But now I got everything they did on video. While filming them, I heard Karl tell my wife that he was making sure that his wife would never get her driving permit, that way she couldn't follow him. Later, Rachel told him that I had been acting strangely for the last few days, but she was careful not to mention the fact that I had been fucking her ass.

She also added that she now feared that I might be suspecting the truth about their affair. I could tell also that this revelation was making Karl very nervous.

When I figured that I had enough footage of the cheating bitch and her lover, I drove home to prepare supper just like I usually did each time she was working. She usually finishes work at 6 and arrives home fifteen minutes later. So I now knew that on those days she was suppose to be working, she and Karl must have been fucking from 2:30pm to 5:30pm.

While I prepared supper for my soon to be broken up family that same evening, I made up my mind that I was going to make use of that fear they both seemed to have of me.

I am not a violent man, but I suppose the story I made up about the man working at the plant who had beaten up his wife because of her cheating, did scare the shit out of her. This, and also the fact I was now using her body like the whore she was, probably had a lot to do to contribute to the projection of that image she was now getting of me.

I thus continued to be demanding of her at home, showing her little love and fucking her a lot. I even took much pleasure in fucking her ass and mouth every time I felt like it. She no longer protested when I did this and I knew that her fear of me was responsible for her acceptance to be treated this way.

I figured she was now bidding for time, time for something to happen which was going to liberate her from me. She was probably looking forward to having me serve with divorce papers and thus be free to run to her lover permanently.

On Wednesday of the same week that I had film her, while we were eating supper, I talked to her again about the cuckolded husband from work. I told her that he finally had had his revenge against the man that had been fucking his wife. I explained to her that the woman's lover was now in the hospital and in a very bad condition. Of course he only got what he deserved I told her.

Then feeding even more the fire of her fear, I added that the cheated husband was filling for divorce as well as for custody of his children.

I could tell that Rachel was shocked upon hearing this. As she quietly continued eating I could see her hands trembling.

When she got home from her afternoon of fucking the following day, she seemed nervous, I could read fear in her eyes. Then, as we were eating supper I began to ask her questions about her work. Who exactly her boss was, how he looked like, how many children he had and so on.

I had never shown any interest in him before this day, therefore my inquiring about her boss had the effect of making her feel bad and making me feels good. I even asked her what she did exactly at the pharmacy and how she liked working there. Then, so as to plant still more doubts and add more fuel to her fear, I added that I might stop by and visit her at her place of work one of these days.

It was evident now that she was visibly shocked, but she didn't say anything, she just looked at me with a strange expression and slowly nodded.

That evening while fucking her, I asked her if she has ever cheated on me. Of course she immediately proclaimed her complete fidelity to me, but I did feel her body trembling as she cried softly while I fucked her. I pretended not to notice anything.

She never dared to deny me anything in bed from then on. I fucked her when and how I felt like doing it and also as often as I wanted, I never had it so good with her body. By now I knew she could tell that I had lost all the respect I once had for her.
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RE: why did i do this?
Still, she never complained once about the way I was treating her, even though she must have realized that the love I once had for her had completely evaporated.

That weekend. I took her out to eat with Sandy. We were acting like a loving family, but even Sandy could tell that her mother had changed in the last couple of weeks. My daughter now always came to me with her questions and hugging and never to her mother.

That evening in the restaurant, we were just about done eating when Sandy went to the washroom. Since we were alone, I took the opportunity to ask Rachel if there was something bothering her and if she wanted to talk to me about it.

"You know what is the problem Roger. I don't know what has gotten into you in the last couple of weeks, but you are not making love to me any longer, you are rapping me."

"When was the last time that you made love to me Sandy? I don't mean for you to tell me when was the last time you gave your body to me, no tell me when you really made love to me the last?"

She was now looking at me with deep concern written all over her face. It was clear that in her cheating heart she now felt a spark of remorse, but at the same time it was evident that it was not in her plans to admit anything to me.

Even if she had confessed her cheating and begged forgiveness, I certainly wouldn't have forgiven her. It was way too late for that now. What she had done to our marriage, to me and yes to Sandy also, was impossible to forgive.

"You know that I love you Roger. But for the last couple of weeks I haven't seen love in your eyes when you are with me, you have been abusing me."

Then I threw a knock out punch at her.

"Tell me Rachel, are you cheating on me? If you are, then we, as a couple are over and you will never see our daughter again, I can guarantee you that."

I had finally said it, the cat was out of the bag now. She looked at me for long seconds, too stunned to say anything and even as we both stared at each other, I could see the tears forming in her eyes. All of a sudden she took her purse and ran out of the restaurant.

I paid the bill and waited for Sandy to come out of the washroom. When we got outside to the car, Rachel was standing there waiting for us. Her eyes were red but she was no longer crying.

As soon as Sandy was sleeping that same evening, I fucked my wife on the couch. While I was still deep within her, I told her that if she ever cheated on me I would get even with her and she was going to pay for it for the rest of her life. She cried as I fucked her but she never replied. In my mind I could still see the images of her fucking Karl and I got rough as I used her body.

The next Monday I went to see my boss and I asked for two weeks off. He was reluctant at first to give them to me but when I explained that I had a family crisis, he finally agreed.

That same afternoon I drove to Karl's house. Once I was parked in front of his house, I remained seated for long minutes thinking about my next move. I didn't know exactly what I was going to do but I figured that it was time for me to meet his wife and tell her what the score was.

I could see her in the backyard near the pool. She seemed taller than Rachel; she had light brown hair similar to that of my wife.

I finally found the courage to get out of my car and after opening the door of the fence, I slowly walked into the backyard. As came closer to her, I noticed she was wearing beige shorts and an yellow tank top. She was an extremely good looking woman with long legs and a shape that any woman would be proud to have. She was busy moving the chairs around the pool. As soon as I stood in front of her I introduce myself.

" I am Roger Welden, my wife Rachel is working for your husband at the pharmacy."

She gave me a strange look for a few seconds then a smile appeared on her lips as she shook my hand.

"Yes of course, I have heard of Rachel. I have never met her, but my husband does mention her sometimes. I am Claudine Clarkson."

She was smiling at me as we shook hand and I could tell she had a pleasant personality. I then realized that she knew nothing about her husband's affair with my wife. Of course, what I was about to say to her was going to be devastating, but there was no way around it, she had to learn the truth. So I figured it would be better if I got to the point immediately. After all I wasn't there for a social visit.

"Mrs. Clarkson, what I have to tell you will causes you much pain, but you must be told about this. I am afraid that your husband and my wife have been cheating on us and this has been going on for many years."

She remained speechless with her mouth partly open for long seconds as she examined me intensely. Then I saw tears starting to form in the corners of her eyes.

As she stood there motionless in front of me, she suddenly brought both of her hands over her mouth in shock. But before I could continue with what I had to tell her, she finally asked me if I had proof of what I was saying.

"Yes I have proof of their affair. I have pictures of them together in your cottage by the lake and I am afraid there is much more. Their affair has been going on for over six years now and to make matters worse, I am pretty sure also that your husband is the biological father of my daughter."

All of a sudden she went into a fit of crying, I had to help her get inside the house. I made her sit on the couch and waited a few minutes until she calmed down a little. As I sat there in front of her, I took out a picture of my daughter from my wallet and I handled it to her.

"This is Sandy my daughter, can you see the remarkable resemblance to your husband? Look, she has the same blond hair, the same slim nose and high cheekbones. As a matter of fact she looks a lot like your own daughter."

There was a picture of her daughter on the mantel of the fireplace. I got up and took it and placed both pictures next to each other's in front of her on the coffee table.

"Look at the resemblance Mrs.Clarkson. They could almost pass for twins. We don't have to proceed with DNA tests to see that they are related. Anyone can tell they are sisters."
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RE: why did i do this?
By now Claudine had stopped crying, she had both pictures in her hands and kept staring at them. Finally she lifted her eyes toward me and said in a desperate voice.

"What are we going to do?"

"I don't know about you, but I am divorcing my wife and I want custody of my daughter."

"Yes, I suppose this it the only fair solution for you. For a long time I have been having doubts that Karl was cheating on me, after all I am the one doing the laundry. I will make him pay for what he did."

"You should get a lawyer Mrs. Clarkson. If you want I will give you copies of the pictures I already have of them together. But we have to wait a couple of days before letting them know that we are aware of their affair. I will explain why."

I then went to my car to get the tape and we watched part of it together. My wife was having sex with her husband. Claudine cried some more then after a few minutes she begged me to stop the tape.

Once she had calmed down a little, I went on to explain to her what I intended to do. On my request, she finally agreed to wait a few days before letting her husband know that she was leaving him.

On Tuesday I had a talk with my lawyer. He explained to me that even with the pictures of my cheating wife that I had, it would be very difficult for me to get custody of Sandy, especially if I wasn't her biological father. He explained that all that my wife had to do was to get a DNA test performed on Sandy and prove that I wasn't her biological father. He also added that if she did bring that argument in court, then I could sue Karl for all those years of child support. But I would still lose custody of Sandy in the process.

I certainly didn't want this to happen, therefore I told him to stop everything for now. I had to find a way to force her hand into running away from home and leaving Sandy with me. It was thus that I began to formulate a plan to do just that.

If I could get her to go away with her lover, even if it was only for a few days, then she would loose her right of obtaining custody of our daughter in the eventuality of our separation. After all, there hadn't been any DNA tests performed yet proving I was not Sandy's father, and a mother that went away on a fling with another man would look very bad in the eye of a judge.

When Rachel came home from work, she looked like shit. My daughter was in the yard playing with friends and before Rachel had a chance to take a shower; I followed her to our bedroom. As soon as she was partly undressed, having only her bra and panties on, I grabbed her and tore both remaining garments from her.

Of course she looked scared and she begged me to let her take a shower first, but her pleas felt on deaf ears. By now she was used to my acting this way with her, she knew by my habit of the last week, that once I had set my mind on having sex with her, there was no use for her to protest. I no longer cared for her feeling and for the last week or so I had been treating her like the slut she was.

As soon as I placed my hand on her cunt I detected the proof of her cheating. Her lips were slippery and dripping. When she realized that I now knew her secret, she began to cry and she begged me to forgive her.

I didn't say a word, instead -- so as to appease my anger somewhat -- I fucked her cunt as well as her ass for the next half hour, then I made her suck my cock. She let me have my way with her body and she did everything I asked of her.

As soon as I was done with her, she tried to talk to me. She kept saying how sorry she was, but I just looked at her without saying a word.

When she realized that I wouldn't talk to her, she finally told me that she was going to stop her affair with Karl and leave her job. She even claimed that she loved only me and if I was willing to forgive her, she was going to make it up to me.

It was easy to see she was lying. After having heard what she had said about me while in the cottage with her lover, I knew she had no intention of leaving him. No, she was only trying to gain time. It was clear that she had now made up her mind to leave me for Karl and the only thing stopping her from leaving immediately, was Sandy and her fear of my immediate reaction.

I knew that if I wanted force her to run away with her boss, I had to feed that fear. She had to fear for her safety as well as for that of her lover. Therefore, I told her in a very calm voice that I would never forgive her for cheating on me and that my vengeance on her and on Karl also was going to be very painful.

Of course I didn't say anything about the fact that I was not Sandy's father.

The next day, while Sandy was in school, I fucked my wife for half the afternoon. There was no love involved and she knew my fucking her was not an act of reconciliation but one of punishment.

Later that afternoon I drove to Claudine's house. On my recommendation she had retained the services of the same lawyer that I had.

She told me he had already completed much of the paper work for both divorces. She also said her husband had been acting strangely during the last twenty-four hours. She saw him placing boxes in his SUV when he though she was in the yard. She felt pretty certain that he was secretly planning to leave her.

I made her understand that this was the best thing that could happen to her since she would then get automatic custody of her daughter if he did that. Abandoning his family met he was going to loose everything. He was going to look very bad in front of a judge if it should come to that.

Naturally Rachel didn't go to work that Tuesday, she said to me that she had quit her job and she had no intention of ever talking to Karl again. I didn't give a bird's feather for her promise, for one thing I knew she was lying and also I had no intention of staying married to her much longer.

Later that day, I noticed that she had discretely pack things from her walk-in, therefore I knew that she was also planning on leaving me very soon. But I had no intention on letting her take Sandy with her.

So as to accelerate her already strong desire to run away with her lover, I decided to continue to feed still more fear into her sick mind.

I fucked her for half the afternoon then I explained to her that I was going to take care of Karl the following week. When she asked me what was my intention about our marriage, I simply told her that as soon as I had taken care of her lover, I was going to decide what to do with her.

I could see the fear in her eyes as she quietly looked at me for long seconds. I still can't understand why she took to the idea that I could be violent with her. In all the years we had been together -- before I discovered her affair with her boss -- not once had I ever threatened to be violent with her.

Of course in the last couple of weeks I had been having sex with her in such a way that no tender and loving husband should. I no longer cared for her pleasure one bit and I wasn't bothering myself to ask her, if she was willing or not to have sex with me. I was just using her body like the cheating slut she was. Had she resisted me a little more each time I took her against her will, I would never have resort to force with her.

I am not a violent man by nature and before these last two weeks I had always been very gentle with her, in bed and during our everyday relationship. But once I discovered she had broken her marriage vows over six years ago and was still doing it, the love I once had for her just evaporated and I became another man. Not a violent man but a sad and angry one.

The following day, I drove Sandy to school and I had a talk with the lady in charge of her school. I explained to her that my wife was planning to run away with another man and there was a good chance that she was going to try to kidnap my daughter. Under no circumstance was she allowed to let my daughter be removed from school by my wife or anyone else. I explained to her that each day, I was going to drive her to school and then later I was going to pick her inside the school where she was to wait for me.

As soon as I got back home after leaving Sandy in school, I had sex with my wife for a long time. I figured that she was just about ready to leave me and I knew that this was probably the last time I was fucking her cheating cunt. She didn't even try to protest when I pulled her jeans down. She even seemed to enjoy what I was doing to her.

Later in the afternoon, I drove to Claudine's house. I knew that while I was away from home, my wife was going to use the phone and have a talk with Karl, but I was counting on this since I was hoping that they would execute their plan of running away together. I wanted her out of my life and I wanted him as far away from me as possible.

Serving my cheating wife with divorce papers was no longer an option to me since there was a good chance that she would take Sandy from me in the process. Instead, it was my intention to force her to run away with Karl and thus leave her daughter behind, even if it was only for a few days.

I was my intention to move at the other end of the country with my daughter if she did that.

Claudine was crying when I got to her house. She said Karl had taken most of his clothing from the house and he took off without telling her where he was going. I now realized that he had been waiting for me to leave my house so that he could get Rachel. But I wanted to make sure that they didn't take Sandy with them, so I immediately drove to Sandy's school.

As soon as I got there I saw Karl's car driving in front of the school. He was with my wife, they both saw me park my car in front of the school and as soon as they saw me they drove away very fast. My daughter was still inside the school and I took her home with me.

Later I explained to Sandy that her mother would be gone for a while since she had to go away to visit a sick relative.

The next day I changed all the locks of the doors and later I went to see my lawyer to tell him that Rachel had abandoned her family and ran away with her lover. After that, I drove to see a real estate agent so that he could put my house on the market.

I explained that I wanted the house sold fast. Since it was in my name only I knew that there wouldn't be any problem with the paper work.

That same evening I phoned Claudine, she was crying. She said her husband had left her a note on her bed, in it he explained that he was leaving her because he had fallen in love with someone else. He also explained that the previous week he had talked to his lawyer and the house and cottage were now in her name only, he had also left a small amount of cash in the bank for her.

I felt very sorry for her and somehow I felt a little responsible for what was happening to her. Then I explained to her that my daughter Sandy, missed the presence of her mother in the house and since I was about to order a large pizza and salad, I begged her to bring Kathy and come eat with us.

Less than fifteen minutes later, Claudine and Kathy were in my house. I think that asking them to come eat with us at our house was the best decision I ever made. You see my daughter and Kathy got along extremely well together and Kathy's presence did fill in part the void caused by the absence of her mother. As for me, I found the company of Claudine very revealing and comforting, we all had a very pleasant evening.

From there, things developed very fast, Claudine and I soon became very good friends. She sold her cottage and her house and then she moved in with me after a couple of weeks. We were now a nice family and to anyone not knowing us, we were a married couple with two beautiful daughters.

As soon as I found a buyer for my house, I explained to Claudine that we should move away so that our respective spouse wouldn't be able to find us if they should try to do so.

Less than a month after Rachel had left me, I was living in Texas with Claudine and the two girls. Over the years, I built a nice house in a medium size town and I discovered that I could make a lot of money as a house contractor. I am now doing just that now, I even have five men working for me.

It now makes five years that Claudine and I moved in Texas, we had a baby boy last year and everyone here believe that we are a happy married couple and that Sandy and Kathy are our two daughters.

As for Rachel and Karl, well we have never heard from them during all those years and we are both hoping we never will. I suppose that by now they must have realized that cheaters always pay the price. After all, they each lost all contact of their respective daughter because of their affair.
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